The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1941
Page 5
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1941 BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FJVB War Hits U. S. Children, Too Parents Must Soften Its Impact IJY EDNA DEAN BAKKIl Written for NEA * Service War is playing an important role in the lives of American children. The time has come when parents, as well as teachers, must learn to clea) intelligently with the impact that the strife abroad is making on the emotions, thoughts, and actions of youngsters. clined to be very appreciative of America, comments like these are 'frequently heard: "We can be thankful we live In this country where there is no war," and "we're fortunate to have so much good food here." CHILDREN ABSOKR IDEAS FKCM SURROUNDINGS Boys of this age continue to be interested in planes and submarines, though they are less inclined to dramatic play, and more likely to pore over books and magazines which contain pictures of war machines. Both boys and girls are interested in geography, economic and diplomatic prob lems, nnd the effect war is having on the lives of children in Europe. These older children hear, see. and absorb a great deal from the discussions, attitudes and beliefs of acluIUs. Therefore, parents who want their children to have a fnir and j intelligent view of current affairs' should try to provide such an en- ! vironmcnt in the home. They should stress a tolerant attitude' toward the people of all countries, I and promote a sympathetic understanding by talking over the historical, geographic, and economic factors involved in the present conflict. Where Japan Would Create Empire of Billion People UKUO 36,949,972 U. S. S. R. JAPANESE EMPIRE ! 97 L 697,555i PHILIPPINE ISLANDS 16,003,303 INDIA AND BURMA FRENCH INDO-CHINA 23,583,429 BRITISH ASIA 12,000,000 NETHERLANDS EAST INDIES 60,731,025 Prcwltl, Q. B. .Segraves, C. E. Sullcngcr, G> L, Wtddell and Ben F. Butler. Swift Funeral Home is in charge but due to repairs being made on St. Matthews Catholic Church icrc, the services arc being held in the Semmes-Perrln home. Will Attend Conferemce Farm Labor Survey' To Start At Okeola OSCEOLA, Ark., Feb. 17.—E. J. E-Iolcomb of the staff of the Division of Farm Population and Rural Welfare, Bureau of •Agricultural Economic?, Washington, was scheduled to arrive hero today to begin a farm labor survey with special attention directed to the problem of maintaining a proper farm lubor supply under the defense program. Additional typos of farm labor data of value to .stole extension workers, as well as to other agcncie.s, will be obtained. E. H. Burns, county agent for South Mississippi County, and J. J. Plclcrcn of filytheville, agent in the northern section of the county, will Mr. Holcomb. Surveys arc being conducted In selected areas in a number of states to obtain Information on the farm labor situation, Mr. Burns suld. Read Cuurlcr News wuni'dcu>. On 1941 Cotton PrognuB OSCEOLA, ArtC Feb. 17.—E. H. Burns, county agent, Coy E. Sctfref, county administrative assistant; Miss Inez Klncald, home demon? stratlon agent; and E. B. : Chiles, Pecan Point, chairman ofx/tife county committee, will jo to Little Rock Tuesday for the Agricultural Adjustment Administration : cbrifet- cn-je to be held at Hotel Marion. Charles R. Cole man of Oscebla and Fred Davis of Manila,, also members of the county committee will attend. * The meeting is lo be held for the purpose of discussing the l&ti Supplementary Cotton Program/.^. B. Daniels, Administrative Officer Of Little Rock, stated. '. I When children see our soldiers inarching off in uniform, they should be told that the men are foing, not to war, but to a year's training so that, if necessary, they will know bow to protect this country. We have found that children from the ages of four to fourteen are keenly aware of a world at war. Youngsters under four, with the exception of . a few who are unusually sensitive or alert, seem quite obvious to the war. Parents need to recognize, the varying reactions of children of different ages, and let their own attitudes be determined accordingly. Children from four to seven years of age, for instance, are going through a highly imaginative and expressive period when their ability to "feer' emotionally for exceeds their ability to "understand" and •'reason." They are the youngsters who sometimes awaken at night crying that "Hitler is getting them," and at other times become very nervous because they believe 'then* parents are about to be killed .by soldiers. • It is best for parents' to avoid talking about war and listening to war broadcasts in the presence of these '."young children: --Since '.they • are certain to hear of war events from playmates, however, their questions should be answered briefly and simply in a manner that .is free from either fear or hatred; Parents should make a special effort to give these small children a feeling of security. Som_e of them will need frequent reassuring that Hitler will not "get them." that our country is not at war, and that the fighting is far away. FOR 8-YEAR OLDS DISCUSS THE TECHNIQUES When they ask about military training, it is wise to explain that the men are not going to war, but only for a year of training, so that is -we ever do need to protect ourselves, the men will know how. | Children who are seven and i eight years of age continue to be j emotional about war. but . since | they read newspaper headlines and follow current events in picture magazines, it .is neither possible nor desirable for parents to ignore war. Instead, they should discuss it; brightly as possible to keep .such calmly, avoiding all stress- on' bru--j chiidrph "emotionally arid riervouslj • lality. human suffering, destine-" tion of homes and families, and Final Stages Are Reached * In Fight Against Cotton Pink Bollworm Possibility of Japan's "new order" in the Far East creating an empire of a billion people was .reported voiced by Secretary of State Cordcll Hull at a Senate Foreign Halations Committee hearing. Map shows Asiatic populations such an empire might Include. Total is around 1,037,000,000. i provided crop experts with their E orm( i r Mprrhant Of ; s> S ' Scmmes o1 ' Uli - s cilv - (llul A/T ATTP ' chier means of destroying the pest.- Im<l "•^•^"«»i- vi granddaughter of Admirnl Rnlhacl McALLEN, Tex. (UP)—A success- w) talk n burned or plowed Osceola To Be BuriCU . Semmes of Confederate niwolTnme ful three-year fight against one of umlej . nt Ulc eml of lhe . dnn 5ng <-*vCUW IO uc IJUMLU _. . .... „_.... the insect world's most destructive season thc !nid bv L] ; e boll . pests the cotton pink bollworm, is m mol , h cann()L halch rounding into its final stages. .}„„ hoc: hr>on thiq mnihnri that in !••—•" •""-"-^ -«• ..»"«..>..«.»».-.. --•-•• -- • - ,•' • - . The struaole to st/unn out in the S V molnocrtUat .m Gi , J5on 64 of Tampa( F if, M will Bond Gibson; Miss Mitel A Ut, ot/iUUrjlC LU O titlil U UUL ill L-IIL- * U r* r^/"n**M ic f^^^ »-ic* n n/1 r»/v* cjfntHtfM^fl ' » -1 » » ,», 11 11 *• * * Rio Grande^ vallev a brideeheid es-' 1 ?, P i\ i a aml coabtnl ,' 3C " cl be held from the homo of Mrs.! Miss Lulu Gibson, nil ol Me fii-1 j u i i i, - di.siilcts, a 30-day survey at the QSCEOLA, children. Plvc broth- 17.__Pu- i crs and i\vo • sisters also suivlvc: el j e ^" I neral services for Frank Guston Guy. Leonnrd. Eugene. Lc.slte aiul tablished by the boll worm in an Claud Pen-in in Tuesday "T^/^l^^^^ 1 "?^/ 1 ^ 1 -^ «W not produce a single boll- °~ ln 'Cist. Sl.ROn.finn. Arkit.mnnl hnn- . .' , ,, j DUiml In Additional thou ands of dollars will be spent before he pest is eliminated from its last foothold in southern Hidalgo coini- y. Cooperating in the battle against he threat of infestation have been field men of the Mexican and TL Departments of Agriculture, under the direction of R. E. McDon- ild. McDonald, with headquarters ;n San Antonio, Tex., is chie!' of all pink boil worm eradication work in the'United States. Worst Area Improved In the Brownsville-Matamoras sector, where infestation ha« been heaviest and results least, encouraging, the situation had improved by two-thirds over last year, D.-M. McEachern, in charge of the valley bollworm eradication project, i, tr, . of gin 'Ilisnow eyident- will be conducted by the Rev. J. J. KM to 11 Memphis, Osceola at ll' ; Active pallbearers will be W. V, morning, .with | Alexander, A. G. Brickcy, C. C, Dnnchowfir, John w. Eclrlnglon, S. L. Gladish, W. P. Hnle, W. W. Thonipson, |>astor of St. Matthews ., . . .... ... .......Catholic Church in Osceola nnd said m his report that the moth | Uu> h Jmmftcu | tttc C on- which produces the cotton pink.--„-,«.„ in R , v , hnvmil bollworm was wind-borne from Brownsville to the Corpus section last year. The cotton .stalk clean-up program which was prosecuted after the .IDSO'Crop is no don'ot' responsible for -the shortage ccption in BlyLheViiie. . Mr. Gibson, a former resident of Osceola, died at u Tampa hospital Saturday night following an operation. Engaged in the hardware business all his life, he was formerly connected with tho Dane- wnlks to town inuht every «hi.y" .sny.h Oklulioinii drut'L'ist.' "Used ADLEKIKA " said .in a report on "progress-. -.The insect may be spread {John Nance, Garner thorugh shipments of infested ginned cotton, shipments of cotton seed, or even blown by the wind. Breezes have been known JLo carry the parent moth as far as 150 miles, where it lays its eggs in cotton stalks. The eggs hatch and the young worm makes it-s way up the plant, boring through the boll and consuming; the maturing cotton, destroying its fibers and making it unfit ror picking, ginning and sale. The worm changes to a moth, mates, lays eggs in the stalk of-another cotton plant or even in okra .stalks, then dies. Discovery of this life cycle has Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Crcomulsion relieves promptly because It goes right to thc scat of thc trouble to help loosen nnd cxpe' germ Inden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with thc im derstandlng you must like tho way I quickly allays tho cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION only two have later, become vice I ^ Caught or'of -the late Caotuin for Cousjhs, Chest Colds, Bronchiti m mtesta ion ths year and the . TT , „ . ,, . r ,. • . • . ,. •- howcr Hardware Compiuiy m thus movement of the worm toward the '- ' - 1 Hidalgo area." - ;; Speaker to 'Vice President " Of the 41 men who , have held city but hnd engaged in the .same business In T»mpa for the past ten years. Born in Brownsville, Tcnn,, he was it son of the late, Mr. nnd the important office of Speaker of , Mrs- R< w G ibson. pioneer .settlers the House of Representatives /in | of Haywotori County. He leaves his the 76. United States Congresses. | wife< presidents: rSchuyler^Vx-Jplfax. and r. - ~ spencer emmes Gibson, FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Muny wearers of false teeth have ulTcrcd rcnl cmburrnssment be- ause their plate dropped, slipped ir wabbleci at the wrong time. Do not livo in fenr of this hnppen- >IR to you. Just sprinkle a little 'ASTEETH, the alkaline <non- >cld) powder, on your plates. Holds "nlse teeth more ilrmly, so they eel more comfortable. Docs not ,our, Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at uny drug store. • Adv. 2 FARMERS WE HAVE SEVERAL Blue-Ribbon Rebuilt Tractors and Machines of All Sizes GUARANTEED LIKE AND PRICED TO SUIT YOUR POCKETBOOK DELTA Implements, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Phone 802 PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET FKKK DKIJVKKY 1 SOX IMALFFeCK BIRD'S EYE FROZEN FOODS Fruits — Vegetables Fish nnd Shell Fish Kepanlless of Season you can Kriict: your table with delicacies with Fro7.«n Foods. WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS We closei promptly a( «):00 A.M. Sunday . liiMitivos for r|itii:l< bowisl. itclion, witl. 5 carininntivL's to relieve pus pains. Otit ADLKIUKA t.oUny. Kirliy BrotV Dni'j: Co.. mill Uobiiiton's Drug Co.. Adv. 9 Yonng children are ; apt to become very, nervous and emotional about war—even to the point of screaming: in fear. Parents should discuss war clamly, avoiding stress on brutality ami human suffering as well. guilt of individuals or people. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM'SEJS" Boys.and girls from nine to fou'r- The emphasis'in such discussions | teen are well-mfprmed about the should be on the technique of us-i war - and are not especially emo- ing tanks, boats. • and airplanes.] tional - The > v show J lttle e v ^ence of which-,is a natural interest ot this j fear or hatred of W . people _or atre ' | county. As most of them are m- SONGS, GAMES ! —, n . a o /.j» T~ AND STORIES i 1 istula ouiterers! Parents should see (hai t.hese -• ' V>T-I »"-pv "rrTTTC seven snd. eight-year-old children r\.li;_/YjLJ "J.:l"JLlo have-a variety of interests, os that such war conversation and war piay does not become the center ,of attention. Project? and activities liiat parents and • children car- share are particularly necessary at. The Thornton fc" Minor Glmic. Sulie 1?1P-B. 926 McGee St.. Kansas City Mo., has -a iiew ; 'illustrated book thai should be carefully read by every . person'• suffering, from Fistula. Piles this time. Special effort should be [ r;r an y other rectal.or colon disor- made for the family to find pleasure together in. simple home pastimes, whether .-these are building creating out or concrete materials. singing old song? together. or reading Blond some of the t.hrfll- ins old stories. In other words, parent* should "keep home SrpS" '-burnint;" a" d-r. Tliey will'be glad to 'send it to you Fres—without obligation of any kind. The Thornton & Minor Clinic has treated more than 52.000 cases with their mild institutional treatment and will also send you a larir reference. list of former pa- r'irnts if .you desire it. Use .eitehr 'i IcUor t:r 'postcard... At All Times Good Beaiity Operators! ST.AWT YOUR TRAIMNG NOW AT OIJK BARGAIN RATK nURTXG- FEBRUARY- CASH - - .......: . - ... . 'Usual §65 Rate If Paid in Installments! ONLY (j MON 7 THS TO FTNTSH COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Minimum .1U Tears of Age PJus Z Years School or Completion of Nelson Test. E £01p ^^hfirj nf Rp^sstv Ciiit^xr^ .. R|Cav V^?-3/vl VI VVftlllJ VHi&UliV Phone Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 r II like the woy You" ||IC _ * wr/r. 39 l>v Sinclair ndining Company (f Agonf Sinclair Rafinlng Company (Inc.) B.J.ALL NEW! OVITAM OKlNG By Weslinyhouse WATCH THIS SPACE TOMORROW ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CORP.

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