The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 16, 1934 •LYTHBV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLAiSIf IED SECT ION - • s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION /ally ra«e per ve liuertloDt: ror eon»ecu- (Five »ver»se woios to • line) One time per line 1 Two times per linn per day .. Me Three time* per llui per d»y .. Me Elx time* p« line per d»y ..•60 k'Oflth rate per lin* Me Minimum chart* Ho Adi crowed lo* uire« or *u nines and stopped before exptra- t'on will be chargoa (or lite num< tar ot times the ad appeared ana adjustment of bill made. All Class!ned Advertising cop; •ubmitted by persons residing out aide ol the city n-iut be accom panled by casti. Ratei mar be " computed from above table Ed Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. H»rdln, ion W. 'Walnut. Call m Ic kit | Nicely F uuilsh«d B E D ROOM.') Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. JO-ck-7-30 CLEANERS, TAILORS Uwn HlU, hud fe«M4 awl UUar td tkafet an >ke anl cwl tbtae hot days. Phone 171. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE AUTOM011VE at p . ... ., lot portnblf sliurt-WMV raillo sets] bhort Wave- 5et$ to comljnl tin- worst timber tires A' J Ci C* 17* Li ^ recent years. Am atate Mre ngnteri) -^o sets \\-crc m-st u-wii in AI- cima Comity by lliv'Stntc Conscr- LANS1NG, Mich. (UP)—Rudla, viillon ncixirlmeiu. one of wlili'h :ii'incKls of Ihe criminal and housu i ivas established us n b.isc station •nm-itt'iu-y repair \roik nml Hie iiiomiK'iiir, of the relief crews were directed. Slitiit-n-iivu radio resulted ill hold "necessity" the country over, In die burning iire.i, ten miles Cdiipli'lc canlra! of one lire which now turns flrc fighter! |liom Hie nearest telephone. A soc- | n'vlshcd 7,'JDO In any event, n new epoch intend set was located 23 miles (its- Tnclny ib Michigim's fight lo preserve (nut at IMkc't Peak lire forest land 15 seen here In the use '1'he sets were In conunumis O|>-.MIS . .. |I)eii;ulnu'iit Stale, Consomilion appiovi'd poiluble Bugs Patrol Fields In New .York State PENN VAN, N. Y. iUl'1—Otii! million lady DIIB-H, impurU'il iirrt. Iroin Cnlilornui palrol I'.iu nu!tl.< c«.'*o«<! ami .iiM-Milm-i dcalii hl >« sni'vlvi'rt His vii- tin' civvly .leuson a ninnliiy roiiipaiiy to light the ajililds boeuurc ol -in c>:a's* Miiin- IX.T or the |ihuu dc-.'.royerj. It was fiMCd liuus inrllcvi ol llu IH.M, apple ITO[« which of YiUts coiinly ,'in(jiiG ;»|iliitu-. •^.ble vei;i'Ui^U OUR BOARDING TIOUSE Sate Time an< Jttmej by iul»( ew comfittf st*ck A»t» KvpUctBKBl Part* Ilkbbard tlartfwan C«. AutenwUve Ucpt. - - Pl»ue 47 B 6c k8-6 KUOM * BOARD NO TcspoiiMDllilv will be Uxen mr more than one Incorrect to MI I ion o( any clarified ad. Advertising urasjsa for (rregu- ikr Insertion* wki 1 the one time rate. GOOD Mtib and KooflH. Ru»D- abk- Drifts. Mn. T. E. W»tt»o, 112 East Cherry, FhoLM M2. 20C »7-20 PHILLIPS' USED CARS You On Killifr K.ivr a Better Used Car or Von Can Have Some Extra Money for Surmthinif Else, If You' Buy Now Insf«d of Next Fall. Ycm Also fict a Betlcr Choice (nr Our Collection Is Complete. •31 DODGK SKDAN. Runs (Icod, Looks Good ?195 •30 GRAHAM SEDAN. A Keal Good Buy 5 '28 CADILLAC COUPE. 4 New Tlrts, Motor A-l S '32 FOHU V-S COUPE. New Rubber, Runs Good $365 '33 FORH V-8 TUDOR. Looks and Rurs Like New — $ •33 CHEVROLET COACH. A Real C.cod Buy ? TRUCKS CHEVROLET 157 Inch TRUCK. CC DW. Bargain $36: •3Z 131 Inch D\V. Ncn •H CHEVROLET TRXJCK. CC Tiics SZ8 '31 FORD 1'. U. C. C. TKliCK. 6-ply Tiies ••- i •3D FORD STATION WAGON. 6-ply Tires S13S We Arc Open Nigbls. Come Afle Supper and Make Your Scleclio; PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY ~" USED CAR LOT Corntr 1st fc Wahmt Sis. l-hont 810 - 8U FURNITURE Lawn Chain Unpalnted $l-*5 THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. AUTO ACCESSORIES jet ready for summer driving at argain prices you probably will] ever see again. Come In. Com-j arc our prices on auto parts,: res, tubes, motor oi^ 5 gal $1.50. | WOLF ARIAN We Sell Wholwalc and Retail Fhone 17C - - 128 E. Main FOR SALE OR TRADE Jood CUT-OVER LAND In southeast Missouri, about 7 miles from Blylhevillc. Will sell cheap or swap or cood second hand car. O. E. Frazer Filling Stalion, due north ff 61 at Yarbro or Box OEF, ;are Courier News. 3p kit destroy .... s j.e'o an- ^ e tleslroyctl. ia!ly. rhc lady buga Tlie, liuly uuijs sveru lni|»ru'il uy s.s "uplils lions," \voulil nio kno\vn here lormlnuU; (lie clcitrucilv; us "nplils" ']}K-in. be:aiuso they ex-'back lo Juil. t'onUnHfd Arnonmt 1MNDURV, Conn. '(UP)— Hobcrl Jasmin Isn't dm; to leiive nn argument unfinished. Afler serving .60 dnys In jail for a domestic s|uu his v,'irc, he ittnmcd to continue where lie lc!t off. He went WHAT WOULD UU IK) WITHOUT FOOXV? By PERSONAL Making, Re-Mocking t Trimming Hits Ve can make your old hits like new. Steam blocked into any new Sljle. Mrs. H. G. Wickiiam - Bcsi Hill At Our Residence ell West Alain - - Fhone 280 IDc U-10 sin HIS . KING GUZZLt. WANTS TO SEE VOO ALLEV, fA'ecry, Y'OONE JUST TMORRC5W HM UP roa A HEAUING, ' AVJR\GHT, KING-AH, ER, 'SCUSE ME, NOW? GOTTft BE GO\N'- JUST WEP,t BNCK IN SHkVt, I WIRE—— "WILL ARWV6 HOME TUESCV^T" v^/t —DON'T BOTHER WOULt> BE FITTIN&-V.OOWNG TORyVA"RD TO A "WNNER OF CHICKEN AND PORGOT ABOUT YOUR — HA<=, THE ASYLUM CAUGHT UP WITH THEtA VET?-LOVE 'BOJT VOU DOOTSV 6O6O THROWN INTO TW PIT p ME MN3E SOME SMART CRACKS ABOUT PRINCESS AN'ME.J SO -K AWAV TO f HI M -—x_T H v / GOLD /- MUSI' A> WHITE rAAKS-3 ) <SOT TlUtD / WAITING FOTC EAKTHGJUAKU AVJAVy OKAV -. /RUN -( OVER AN 1 SUE \\ WHAT'S THEN WE'LL ONE IfA TlV WORKS- '" - WOULDN' TO HOY NOVJ \ ArA IN VOR IT.f FOOZV.' tXXJTSV BOWO GOES ON TRIAL T'fAORROVg.' WHAT \F HE TELLS 'EM OOOLA SMACKED TH' PRINCESS AN' \ HELPED HER GET AVJAV VJITH VEAH, KBOV, \ TrtCXJGHT OF THAT, AN' SO I'VE GOT GO GET TH' CARCTFF GIANT AN 1 8WNG HIM NQW, SCRftfA f BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WANTED STK1> White HOUSEKEEPER; to alEj care for small child. Good home. well. paid. Call 333. 16-ck-19 SALESMEN WANTED A REAL OPPORTUNITY We arc hiring part-time and full- time salesmen in your territory. Earning possibilities in our work range from *15.00 a week for part- time salesmen to better than $30.00. a week for full-time salesmen. For particulars write R. L. HARRINGTON, 4801 Capper Bldg., To- pcka, Kans. OU -3Ny,ASMiy\'. ItA NlOT WOTc\i\N& -\fK> ^,VTESNO >\OW A?,OOT ^ if\0(« OUT \V4 TWt COOVKRV —Pt«V\M?6 A TOWW OP -\\\t W A CM-iCt , PiKiO T\\KV OF TvWitb ,%rt f BUSINESS DIRECTORY CALL 127 For highest quality Kentucky, Southern Illinois nnd Red Ash Coal. Loivesl flzn conlenl. Ooort dry coox and heating wood and kindling. Corn, hay. r.iixcri feed, farm seed table and slocfc sail. Home of hia and low quality products cash prices. WARNING ORDER lerchants Grocer Co.. of Blythe- vi)l«l PJaintifl, V5. Mars, Incorporated, Defendants Tlie defendant, Mars Tncorporat- rt, Is warned to appear in ' the lunicipal Court for the City ol Blythevilk, Arkansas, within thirl; ;'.ys and answer the complaint ot he plaintiff, Merchants Grocer Co.npany. of Blytheville. Dated this 7th day of July, 1934. FRANK WHITWORTH. Clerk. Reid, Evrard A: Henderson. Atty.s lor Plaintiff 0-18-23-3C FARMERS CASH FEED AND SEED CO. A Home Owned Business Wholesale and Retail Elcctrk Keep Kml with Hunter FANS. Unconciitionally ^uara IIUBKAKD IID\V. CO. 6-ck-8-G FOR SALE Wonderful bargains in good electric refrigerators and ko boxes. Used and new electric fan CHEAP. Also fan rtpairinc. Bargains in used Dtlco li|ht »Un anrl batttrlts, E. B. GEE SALES CO. 107 Miin St. REPAIRING Furniture rcpairrrt. reflnished, »p liolslcrcd. Patrick »t rarkn«rst' Call 57. O-ck-8- Factory antboriied FRIGIDAIRB SERVICE Factory Trained Mefhjnfcs' Kay 67—Phnnc—Night Mi E. B. GEE SALES CO. <07 Main St. Free Home Ix»n Estimates Roofing. Palming, Repairs THE AltKMO LUMBER CO. IOC Ii8-l H)K RKNT APARTMKNTS: IireNISHED room upstairs: UNFURNISHED 4 room downstniis. 1013 W. Wa' nul. Phone 303. 6-30-t MOUKHN 3 room furnished or un (urnislicd apartment over Klrty Drug Store. F. Simoa Call 30-ck-tf. r !! voo Off COGRSt — T YOWGOT! 1M &OM6 TO COMt p W\\.V CWOWO ANVO BOTTOM OF MV VvtAKT ¥\Kit ?A\0 ME ^f nj« vr »tA>mvx:t. me. WASH TUBBS New Yorl?c Mayor Tells the Nation >W >~ '•*'!:, WHY, EASV.' YOU 01D HERO.' IVE JUST HEFM READtNCj HOW YOU SOWEOTHE THE MURPER. f HOWEST I THINK f YOU'RE SIMPLY SWEU., WILL VOU 1ELL MB V HOW VCU DID IT? EXPLANATION IN OUDKR! /' BUT FIKS.T LET MF.'OIVE VDU THE BIRTHDAY / PRESEMT VOUR DAP BOUGHT. BUT NtVER HAoV : OIVlMG YOU. r Cram lABE CHANOND. VOU SJiE^ AFTE.R SliOOTffJ£j VOU/? BAD SHE TOOK TUF: [JIWQ TO DIVERT SUSPICION. SftlD H€ CAVE IT TO HER AS AM CWOABEMENT RINfi. WE BELIEVED H6RSTOR/ UNriL THE VEf?V 1AGT. SALESMAN SAM (GOOD 6OSH,CHIEF, TRY!«' TP. KETCH 'pETEa PIKER, TH'POCKET PICKER IS TOUGH I ALL t KNOW IS THAT HE WEARS' A CHECKERED C/iP .' HAVEN'T EV/EN 6OT ft PICTURE OF Htf-lf YOU'RE TELLIK ME! SPY, CO GI*Je FWE BUCKS •ER r\ c3coo OME! ,- - :«—^ ^S- -^-orX-P FWE BCJCKSjoEE" I COULP O5E 'tM, B9LIEUE ME, Voa/ C SAM "TOOK" HIM, HUT LKT HIM CO! HERB VA ftPE,CHIEFV,. OL' KEEU.' TAKH A LOCK AT TIT.S. pM 1 HftNP O>.'ER THAT f IU(5R BOUGHT A CAMERA AW 1 SMAPPED MR. PETiR PIK6P. RIGHT (M THE ACT OF PICWN' R POCKET' MOW IT OUGHlA BE A CINCH Tft K6TCH HIM? PRECKLKS AND HIS FRIKNDS "Our non-rollllcal, govcroment ... Is working 0111" . . . Emulating President RonEe- reU't fireside chati on the slate of Oe Billon, New York'i Miyor LaOnsrtla too* lo tlis »ilr to vtll th« :nunir« IB * co*iMO-<o*«l broiilrtit ih« ictom;1t|t>nent8 ot tli«3r»t ils noatlii ot t|> u« im «iij el Ht'j aboTn studylns bis ,. SPY'S, GOT ' AV/AY DEAirriFULLV ' TWEIR ALL RS AMD WAITIWG AND SO.. ..... DOWN FRAZER RIV6R. 1 MiND ABO'T KE You JUST STCWGHT AHO MIUE'LL TAkET CARS CF- ITSELF .' .RIGHT INTO TROUHLK! ]}y Blosse SHORTY AOVI5ED STOPP1NC AT HORSE SHOE BEWD....HE SAID THERE: FISHING AND A PLACE TO CAMR. NMINDFUL O -: TWE &">YC P vv r; '•:-• vr ; LOOK OUT, FPECKLES -r^au'v^r^;^^ i.B»»»"«*"WW&.>iein...-._^

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