The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ^ ;r , Geor- Wels Have Cause for Worry in Ancarent Revival of Dry Sentiment This ir the Iir::t of tliroc sto- ilrs tcllingr of lh- vigorous renewal of the. 100-yea'-uld InCle ever Hie liquor aiiesfioii. willi I In- results of renr-al from liulli wet anil ilry pninls of view, By W1I.US THORNTON . NEA Servie.i SUIT Cnir;'-.-| The "prolnl>Uio:i iji : :st!an" is back again! The \vuts wbo tliouelit His licinr hsue was settled iir 1933 arc Just as wrong as the drys who It was settled in 1020. Revival of tile' dry cimtMlw ilir- ipg recent months lias boan sa ty us to throw n nroiioiinro-l s"r': ; into the liquor and Ixwr Industrie. 1 ;, arc! to tie n cloud, parhaps no Eer than a man's lni::l at •>:>=;? —but, ai'vw:r . " p "r? r 'i~ '• .'-•-• — av?r the nllUni ?|l— ; '.'i- < 1" the n-t phre. ili»' country l"Vt n-arly. i>vivel ns l':o* nlc- tells vo \vlib h"ve r-i-' 1 until ing about I! since. Hi: e'e:'b-i >•;• turns of 1931; Alabama is Inn-- d"y— ' Kansas, okblio^n. >!<*-'-•••, Tcnnrs™e ij-T'nil. .• gia. heir unrt V-l>t But, in •nd-Mtio'i. tiri'i an •vo's within 35 oilier states under lo?al option, and Uiev're s-ircadln?. Wets who remember how Ihls hnp- lx>ned in the rears just before national prohibition arc worried. In O'.n'o, for Instance, a wet Mhte. more linn half the t<vii- .•hins have already voted [o outlaw Honor, and tlure will be more tins fall, when 100 additional conimiini- llos vofe on local onlion laws. Antazrd at Dry Gains A magazine devolnrt t« l>i" I"- tercsts of liquor dealers "is amaz- cd to discover the wide Inroads which have been nmde in wel. territory' through local option victories of the professional temperance forces." .•. "Under the jTcneralsiilp of experienced lenders." it laments, "lem- pcraiicc workers in almost every state, have steadily closed hundred's of counties, towns, and villages to alcoholic beverage sales." According lo this authority, even wcl' Massachusetts has 118 closed ..(owns;- one-fourth of the people of Missouri' live in dry counties, and one-fifth of the people of Minnesota. Even New York, pooularly regarded ns the wettest slate, has 31 bone-dry towns. Two-thirds of all Texails live, .in dry counties. \ '•• Strangely enough lo dry ears, tilts journal laments that, liiiuor Interests are not organized as are the drys. A later survey by the United .States .Brewers' Association confirms this trend. II indicated that in the 1835 elections 183 counties and GH towns In 32 slates yot;:l .dry. Thirteen states make no provision for local option, but two of them will vols on option laws this Jail. Campaign Gels Hotter Tims, aside from the 'campaign for "Prohibition again In 1945," local option laws are gradually withdrawing more and more people from ready access to beer and liquor. But the campaign for national .prohibition is on again in full swing. The dry organizations which carried their drive to victory in 1320 are all active. True, the Anti-Saloon League is not the power .it \vns when it was able to put hi the hands of the Issuc That to Slay Setteled for granted also with eyes in his that any man head must see trial the rejical of prohibition did not solve our irobleni . NKXT: Three- years an t „ nf rep sill have Inillt up a liu"e in iltislry, brought vatt revenues to fi'ileial anil slate Kovmimunts What Is Ihe stale'of Iliul Industry, M'lial are those revenues, anil whal c-f Ihe IjootlcKKer? Bulbing Suits Adorned j. V/iih Tarpon Scales MIAMI. Fin. <UI'>— TiixIdenniM-, are threatening lo usurp llic rotes I of couturiers as tlic first bathing .sulls of u new resort season put in I an niinince appearance. was a suit made from silver tar |:on scales, this lisli having the largest scales of any denizens ol the deep. more ,if . °" a bra " 1 f "'»<l<>Uon of silk ' J erse y. ll 'c wales, covered with a natural phosphoresence which elves the original owner the litle Silver Kins, were applied row upon row from half-inch slues near Ihe neckline lo llirce and n half Inch ones which formed the bo-iy 01 the suit, ^FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER. 25, 1930 Telescope _Peepe Keeps Police Alert PHILADELPHIA organized a (UP)— Police search for "telescope pi!t[:er r ", reported to In- nil lll.yumit: appeill allCe. I '^•^•'-ul'L [irL'lJl'l , ,le|)OlU'tl LO ni- nu reptilian deni/.cns of Uic' duljs<! iu lol 'B-™nge petting from 1'loriilu Kviirijinde.s. and finny resi , ' n '° rs of '""Willys, ill ills of ilw nearby Gulf of Mc'x-1 P "" CL ' i " TCS '«l one siispecl, but ico ire yielding un skins ;uid' '"""' to rilltl lhc leU-a-opc. <tihs for suits thai arc forerun- „ , rn-is nf wlim it™ i, i, n .. „- .,_ . Hoail courier TOiut"; u/i»-.t ft,io fi>y c;nif of Mex ire yielding un skins am •elks for suits thai arc forerun- „ , HITS of wliat may he a .sensational _ _ _ Conrlcr N| '*'S Want Ads. • i^on. tartorlally speaking. i Skins of the harmless but dcco-' ralive Florida lizard W ere n«c<l lo fasliion om> suit. K Cut on lines wlik'li follow the tiuiid In evcninij dccnlli'laijcs, the suit was skin I nslil, and onc-plcce, ; AnolhiT suit which caused n UwM Ta] . lcU jOnor wrs fashlonc,! of t | lc ll!( | 0 of s !"'"' Illl)lcts n yituiii: alligator. This also was ' ' | uii'-plcci>. cut on similar linos' | and wllh scalloping to finish (lie' ji'd^cs. 'Hie wearer of tills Icrl a I liabj' (!aiur on u guy red [md veil leash. , Cni> of Hie most ornamented' checks MALARIA In :i days COLDS lirst day Headache, SO Nose Drops ininules Try "liiili-My-Tism"— World's Ik'st [.hiiinenl The Wets and Ihe Drys ap at it agnt,,. 'I'lie )l:i -or ( ,,,c s ilo,i. which was "selllcd" in w>o and a-.h, m 1033. refuses lo slay settled, and drys are already conduct!,,:,' a campaign comparable to that which brouijlil about nullonnl prohibition. Strange But True late Wayne U. WhcKcr such n persuasive bull-will]), But Ihe women's Christian Teuipcrnncp Union Is extremely active, find the Methodist Hoard of Temperance, Prohibition, and Public Morals Is In lhc (ighL again. Membership In nil these brgunl- Katlous Is growing, and treasuries .wliicli were depleted after the rout of IMS are beginning to clink once more. Fifilil Shifts In Slates P. Scott McBrlde, long superintendent of the Anti-Saloon league, emiilmslnes that "iho battle lines in Ihe war nguiust, the llciuor evil have shifted back to the stales." It. must be remembered lliat this Is nil Hint was done by Ihe slsl amendment repenting national constitutional prohibition—to turn the problem back to Ihe states. North Dakota, Oklahoma. Maine. Texas, Montana, and California all iirc voting this year on various proposals regarding local option or form of, ]!f|iior control. No effort «as inndc to Inject prolilbillon as u national Issue In Ihe platform of either political party this fall, nut arclenl prohibitionists have llicir own candidate for president., Dr. 13. Loigh Coiviu. Coh-ln takes Hie unique position Hint lhc 21st (repeal) amendment Is miconslilutloiml; that the lath (prohibition) is really still tn force and Hint there was nothing wrong with it but the lack of a Prohibition Party prestdciU and Congress to enforce it properly. No candidate of a nmjor party hns discussed prohibition, but it is known that Roosevelt opposes national prohibition, since he cngi- ORDERS TAKKN PflR "RFRNAT" YARN (NRTRUOTtONS FREE Mrs. Leslie Hooper M*s. A. O. Haley 1139 Ohlckasa-.vba , Phone 192 nccnvl repeal. LtAidon, the Kan- snn, ts known as a state dry, though not necessarily an advocate of national prohibition either. ICntlnislusm of - dry speeches at the Townsend convention, however, Indicates that to a large body of voters prohibition is the chief Issue always. Center on I'Min-atlnn Dr. Ernest Cherrington, head of the Mclhodlst li. of T., P. niid l>. M., says the board's work will be confined lo educational nativities and to campaigning in stats wet- dry elections. Edward IS. Dunford, successor to the mantle of Wayne U. wheeler as counsel for the Anti- Saloon League, indicates that il,s activities will be similar. There arc nbont 30 dry organizations In the country, united for action in the Notional Temperance and Prohibition Council. All dry organizations are supporting a bill of Representative Ulysses Onycr of Kansas to dry up tiic District of Cohiiiibin. The W. C. T. U. has been especially active in this, with a call to "rid the capital not only of beverage alcohol, but of vice and crime and gambling." Foremost activity of the W. C. T. U., however, Is its educatlona cami>alsii, for which It plans ti raise $1,000.000. This is belli.* car- lied on in the most widesprem manner, and with a slraimltiiK technique which is fur ulicaii ol "Ten Nights in a nnr Doom." Tactics Have Cliiinseil Two thousand delegates attended Its latest annual convention in Tul- sn, Okin., .and many attended "School of Alcohol Education" tc train leaders In the educational fight "against alcohol. A series ol newspaper nds featuring Amelia Earharl were evidence of l.hc advance In this kind of work. Radio, signs, animated exhibits, lectures, and study classes have taken the place of old-time anti- llciuor propaganda. / Even the Stale Liquor Authority of New York Is engaged in a broad program bj Tlie attitude of many w lio are neither rabid wets nor drys was expressed by the Rsv, llnrry Em r erson Kosdlck of New York's Riverside Church. • when he said, "J nm taking It for granted that p hibltlon was a failure, and lliat ... any such form as \vc had il. it will be a failure. But I am takin» it temperance education pamphlet and radio. MYSTER10UJ surra Roxy Theatre Saturday - Sunday, Sept. 26 - 27 Plus Kcguhlr Picture Program Admission— 10 £ 25c— With Ic Tax Here's the smartest shirt you've seen in years THE RODNEY Of course-tailored by ARROW the greatest name in shirts This Kail (he colored shirt, with a while striped body and a white foliar and cuffs is afknowledtfed lo be (he season's dressiest shirt. The Rodney is nol only Ions in style, hnl if is also blessed with (he Alitoga form-lit, and Sanfori/.ed- Shrimk (a new sliirl if one ever shrinks!) Complete wi(h (wo separate starched Lord Kent Collars. The size< are II to !5'/ 2 . As usual the best is always at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 31B WEST MAIN STREET Blytheville's Shirt Headquarters MYRTLE ANt> MMOORIE PIED.E ARE BUT HAVE BIRTHDAYS SIX DAYS APART We Nail We are prepared to spike with prices that talk the fallacy that is ..expensive* to build u home. A home really, is not an expense it's an investment. We can furnish lloor plans as well as build-j ins helpful service. I EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Plant Winter Legumes Increase yield 250 Ibs. of seed cotton per, acre by planting Hairy Vetch. We have the only planter equipped to plant Vetch in colion and corn middli-s. We can furnish Duplex Hoppers and Legume attachments to convert your Shawnce Cotton and Corn planter to Legume planter at nominal cost. 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