Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 22, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1942
Page 1
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Women s NAUGATUOK DAILY!NEWS, MONDAY,. JUNE 22, 1942 Page Three ics :. MINNIE T. AHERN, EDITOR Apron For Busy Women / ^— y n Awarded For Attendance ) \VI\H MOhOOl . \llllo MM'li Hi,, church In Hull,,, children's 'IKiy ;muUy. ''n"" '''' IL „.,,,!. Miss Virginia i pin for -, nnd tho In uddl- is<ly pub- 'It'i 1 , born i ., born .itiiio 1-1, and May Patricia and A'"' 1 t .'d dross 'h sh-ee-t. i, d I' I'he Will spra i;|nlhlug. Miss Stale k on til- nit) AT MI'.D CUOSS UK and Nili Irs have been lU'd Cross ilrnls who have I'm* -In any of \\hn have mil fl.Mli-ji are rr- ,- diapli'i' house In obtain lli'Mii. PUITY ,,' \S'. Hrlslol nl' ivliirm-d I'roin \\lii-ri' she at, n'lv-Mi by Miss lor a uniup of r r.iili'wi' elass- wllh hur pnrouts,' Mr. -UIKV Mrs I Hi n Ion P, Hydo, at 1 'AI lor ton Farms IIIMTII .ANNOUNCIOI) uMr, arui Mrs, -l,oo T. SmlWi- ,ol •N'urth Main 'Street tvmvouuoo ti blrlh ol 1 -a son at 8t, Mary's hospital, Water bury, Saturday evening, June 20, , IIOMM IHOM IIAHVAH1) Dnnalrl hut/.e, a student 1 at •Harvard unlvm^lty, Is visiting- his flatli- or, James M, Lutxe, ol' Cliff street, o , 0 Suspender \Skirt and Blouse \ISITI \<i Mll'ATS ll\,|i- lu.« junio \,-,V ' Ml' I' 'I INDUSTRY DEMANDS I \1617-B yyiTH lodoy't high spc«d production and ikillod work- OM becoming mo/o and more in t/omand good vision I* moto Impo/fonf fhan over. tot Q workor'i offlcloncy li doilroyod on<J hli iklll loiitnid whon hh viilon l» poor. If you oro a dolonio worker/ you ow« if io younoll and to your <ountry to bo of oflk.lont 01 ponlblo, Move yowr oyoi «x- today and bo iur« o/a not holding you bock. PINKERT OPTOMGTRIST EYES EXAMINED GLASSES ON CRt IDS \VIIKK Ili'lllns 'lime POST •fUMOU STKAITON'S RKSTAUttANT 1H I'AUK OOOKTA1L BAR PATTKHN 1017-11 Tlip contrast of light top and xally embruldered suspenders makes thin a lively exciting frock of especial eliarin for those who llko young and plcLure.s(|iic stylus. .The skirt and blouse olTered in Pallorn No. UH7-H has not only Youthful charm, foul drama! lo smarlnen.s In Us combination of sheer and heavy lexlure. Knr you can make the round nrek, billion I'ront blouse of voile, ehllTon or light haiiclkcr- ehlef linen and the skirt of a sll IT material sueh us Ilium, pique, poplin or faille—Ihe effect will bo ever so smart, Thus you will wear the froek with the most sublime through the hot summer on into full, Decorate and wide sweeping skirl with a p'misant embroidered bruld. ,,,„!•, Hai-bara Hell Pattern ^o. J()17-I3 IM ili-MlKiind for sixes VI t M, 10, 18 niul •21), Correspoiullng bust measurements !l(i, H'^, .Vi, .'Ki and MB. Slxe l'i •\\-li skirt nuiulres 2 :i-'i yards ,'J5- li,,,!, material, blouse I 3~'i yards 0 yards braid fm 1 skirt, 1 1-2 yards rulTling to Irlru blouse. Send I'or the new Fashion Hook to' aid you wllh Us numy olovor MUKgi'sllon for summer sewing 1 Path-rns In all sl'/.es from 1 lo - r )t The Fashion Hook may be ordered for ir>e or, l-OKi'lln-r with a U.c pul- (crn for Wu-jtl-ja In f"' 1 pnstngo. |,< ( ,|. this attractive paltei-n Horn! dus to for -poHlugo, In uolns voiir name, address, pattern -V and slx,e wanted to Barbara Naiiwnluek Dally News, Pont Box 7f>, aiulion U, New \or-k, li; r , wllh HHI, orflc N, V Demonstration Of Canning Here Thursday, June 25 , ot PAUL, INO, TIHIK. CONN, Mftnufaoturoro of BolUng and OHBWINQ OUM8, A imiinliiK domonstrntlon, featur- thn ooiiHorviillnii of sugar, w II glvn.i by llm Ne.w Haven County w/u'Vn Hill-can In thn uudltorhim |o"u!mi.-«l..iM.t Light, noiiiliMiiy on ThurHclay, Juno ^ tit 14 MlHH'KrnoHUnn IMany, ft ornpotonl Instriiclor In the ,1''™°' nr foods wll pr« Tho pultllo IM- oorr ftl vlhul an.l II IK- liopofl . l,,,ml lioiiMMWlvuB w I ftkn agnof UilH oppoi'UiiiUy to Ho P i horn ,[, numhiK Lholr frulLs and vcgo- llilH Hummor, '! n o Local Wed Waterbury Girl Outing Held At Rock Park The'.annual outing of the Super>visors <club of U.'S. lUibiboi- 'company \va« held Saturday at 1 Ugh Hook park. Among I'Jioac .present wore: Sop'hio Cornish,' 0. Wendell, lierrvupcl Sullivan, S. Cook, Anthony A, Mbirtagnp,: ( 0. iBarkilli, Michael Nolan,. Allen Pcttermftn, V. Cook, MllUird' Broelii'9,' 'B. I'Morpslc, Miles bong, A, TureUo, James MoKcnna, Anna Gannon, H, Giilt, A., Pawal- oliak, V. Garyaroll, -anti A. Sei-gcrlst BOA Hi) OP THUSTEES MEETING 'IMio hoard of 'trustees-of tilie Sale m Lulliera ii'churoli will moot to- norroW evening in the parsonage at 8 o'clock. Members of I lie.'board are Arthur Poniwn, Idoli't Olson, Aclolph, Nelson, Hat) or I V. Anderson •and Carl Salmonson. MtitiTINCJ TONIGHT An iinpor-bant inoetlng .of the St. Francis' T. A. B. society will bo held llils evening 'at 8 o'clock in tholr rooms in the St. Francis school bu.H'cl'ing. HEAL RST/YTE DEALS ,|iolm and Dorothy Dailuis have sold a lot on Norlih Moadiey street to Sidney mnd Ann <M. BaylKss, according to a lecel filed 'In the of- I'l'CC' '0.1' the -town .clerk, R-ay/m-ond ,1. St. John. T'n 'Other recorded. 'Lrans- nctl'Ons, Edith A, Wllm-ot lias sold 11 acres .of land 1 on Ru'bbor nvtmiie, Ml-Hvlllc, to John and Dorothy Dai- kirs, and Victoria Slwanowlcz JMS solcl -vi : house 'and lot on. Prospect street, Uwion-tllty, <to Wanda Pto- J-o-wskli , •. , , ' • , HAMONA; COUNCIL MEETING lla.mohu! Council, D. of..P.,' 'will moot this evening at 8, o'clock in Goodyear hall. Officers' for the ensuing year .will,be o too tod; VISITING I'AIUCNTS. Miss Ml hired Baldwin of Wallham, Mass., is visiting her parents, Mr, and Mrs. . Harold 'P. Baldwin of Hoadley street. COLGATE STUDENT HOME Kdward Gerber, a student at Gol- gtUe university, Hamilton N. Y, V( is visit!UK his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Edward G.ei:ber of Millvllle-avenue. ATTENDING -TIUFFIC SCHOOL Sergeant -Thomas Lanclon and Trooper Thomas Smith of the Gon- noctiout slate police barracks in Holhany, are attending the national traffic school which is being held at. Yale university , . . , HETUHN Flt.OM PUINCETON, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Fitzgerald have returned to their home on Millvllle avenue, after attending the commencement exercises at Prjncoton university, Princeton, N. J. Their son, Leonard KlUworald was a member of the graduating class. T.MNING GUESTS anil Mrs. Hans" IL 'Grlcsbach, T British parachute troop conccntra- IS.NTI Dr. of "May street, arc entertaining Mrs. Orlesbaeh's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Green of Baltimore, Md. ^ Copyright 1942,8. P.O. ELKS NEWS, FELLAS -JUST 'GARDEN BEAUTIFUL' ASKIN' DO I WANNA RENEW MY SUBSCRIPTION!" Germans Blasting Way Into Sevastopol (Continued from Page One) -I/he desert No- Egypt km i'ron- .Uvo-h.our battle, wJtli,one-slaot down and two others damaged.. In Hunan pr'ovince, •north of Kiangsi, the Chinese are reported to have surrounded one enemy force, and repulsed repeated.assaults by another which tried to storm a mountain -pass near the Shansi province border. There-are-also reports-of Japanese troubles with their other's strength in Mans-Land near the Her. British mobile columns clashed ,vlth iin Axis .•column J2 miles to ,he mirth west <ol' Fort Gapm'fco—ou the Egyptian border. The Ciermans have'not yet made move to S'lorm into Egypt, They appear to 'be'g up la the captured' fortress of Tobruk. The Axis now claims 28,000 r prisoners, several hundred pieces of arti'liery, lOO.'La'tTks and vast st-ores of supplies have been captured. Britain lias no, further'word from Tobruk, except'a report of heavy explosions heard .by naval forces off shore. It is believed, that they heavy blasts .were caused by-the d,emoli- —. •• ••-• lion of harbor installation 'by, the 1 Barwick, 42 Walnut street, assisted fearrhson. . ' '-i- ; J)'y Mrs; Philip E. Rice; Mrs, Eclmond 1627-B colony of Korea. An official of the Sino-Koi>oan people's league jn Washington, says one thousand Japanese were killed in an uprising in northern Korea, last February. In addition, he says, -many * Japanese 'military installations were destroyed, ..- PATTERN 1G27-B Can't you sec YOURSELF in this excellent apron, ready to tackle conquered"! a big job of summer canning? In it Local Homes Open For Bridge Party : (Continued from Page One) The Axis, however, contends To- hriik was taken intact, and . that five small British vessels were sunk and three others captured. , Tobruk's collapse, and the. swifl Axis advance to tigypt, is expected to open a luujor campaign in the Eastern Mediterranean. Axis planes, apparently on & icouting mission, Hew over the British Isle of Cyprus—near Syria- yesterday. Merc.iless. air attacks on Matta lave been renewed. And Cairo is ••oncerned. over reports of powerful PATIENT AT HOSPITAL John Somors of Good.year avenue, Is resting comfortably In St. Mary's hospital, Wntorb.ury, whore he recently underwent an operation. Colorful Caps lions in Crete. Meanwhile, on the western front II UllU « (I VUMUU, Brl-tish plHiins- havo resumed Micir. rSchaffer. daylight raids on the Nazi invasion coast. • The attacks, for the second day in a raw, cento 11 on tho Dunkirk uroa, During tho night, light .British and German naval units fougnl a brier 'skirmish ii( -tlio. Kngllsh Channel. "*" •• 'The Nax-i radio claims.three British motor gunboats were. sunk> and several other units damaged. London has not yet .made public Its version of the skirmish. , The Japanese have captured .another Lowii—KwelUI—on. the Ghok- inng-Kiangsi railroad. That shortens" still more the Chinese hold on middle-section. But heavy lighting still, rages around Kwangl'cng, near the railronrls, where Chunking says tho Jap drive has-been halted. The Chinese also report a victory for their air lighters over Japan OH o p 1 a n es w h i o 11 tried to ra i d Hengyang, in Central JIunan province.- Thirteen enemy planes, says Chungking, wore dispersed in a 0. Hess, Rarnor avenue, Bristol,Terrace, assisted by .Miss Helen Moroney; Mrs. Henry C-,-Erk, INe\v lin- veil road, assisted by Mrs; William J. Noble, Jr.; Mrs. Joseph Little and Mrs. .Frederick ' B. hollinson, 2'i8 Hillside avenue; Mrs. Donald Mo Cullum, Summit road, assisted by Mrs. S. Lewis Hol.ebkiss; Mrs. John E. Robinson, 28 Spencer street, assisted "by Mrs. Ciarence B. Fennl- man; Mrs. Morris Rosenblatt, % Cliff street, assisted by Mrs. Law-. ronce Mat/.kin; Mrs. John H. Scbmuck', 583 Church street, assisted by Miss Winnibel Schaffer: Mrs. George T. Wigmore, 40 Rockwell avenue, 'assisted by Mrs. Leda Rev. T. B. Longstaff Welcomed To Bbro (Continued from Pago One) pastorate on May 18th and liis first sermon here on tyluy 2/it'h. . . ' .The reception was held at 4 o'clock 'and 'on excellent program arranp-ed 'by Miss Pearl Ad'ki.ns and Mrs. Ralph Floyd, was enjoyed. Assisting Rev. and Mrs. Long-stuff i'n r'eeeivi-ji-g guests were Mrs. Earl W. Valentrno, president -of the Ladies' Aid society and Marshall Long, super in tendcrd, 10f -the'Sund-ay school and' Mrs. L-dng. During the reception a duct was rendered;-by Mrs. n« Floyd and 'Edgar Wya'tL William Boy'd song .two sol'Os. They wei-e aocompan.ied by Mrs. Raymond W. Pa-u-I on the pi-ano. Mrs. Pa.ui pleased her audience with -a momol-o-gue and Mas- you'll look well dressed- and ready lo,enjoy your hard work! The apron in Pallern No. J027-13 is cut to give almost complete coverage and can be. worn wiUi the utmost com for I,. The front Is smartly shaped with plenty of gathers at the 'base of the shoulder straps and darls at the waist line to achieve correct bodice fulness and a slim, trim line in the, middle! The aprin strings attach at the midriff darts. The two interesting tulip pockets arc pretty as well as practical I Even the sewing beginner can- follow this pattern with complete success for as the diagram shows, there arc only two main pieces to be cut out and seamed in this useful apron. Imagine how cheery it can be, in bright, checked gingham hound with plain color bias tape. Barbara Bell Pallern No. id'27-B is designed for sizes J'i, Ifi, J8, 20; •'lO, 42 and ! \-'\. Corresponding bust measurements, .'32, 3-1, 3G, 38, -10, -i2 and V\. Size 10 (3-1) requires 2 5-8 yards 32 SOP 35-inch material 7 yards bias fold to trim. Why select, patterns at a crowded pattern counter. Stay at homo and choose leisurely from the Fashion Book, our helpful catalogue of pattern styles. Order your copy 1o- dayJ5c each. Of n copy may he ordered wilh a dGc pattern for 25c plus Ic postage. For this attractive pattern send iGc, plus Jo for postage, in coins with your name, address, pattern number and size wan led to Barbara Bell, Naugal.uck Daily News, Post Office Box 75, Station 0, New York, N. Y. Home iMado Hye Hi' Tea Riiiffs Danish Pastry . . Tru niscuHs Ilnisin It read tJellv Donnhntils BUCK .-.By Gl^e Lewis IIAPLE ST, TEL. 3678 Ovenproof liulividnnl Casseroles- Set of 4 — $1.25 Ilio duurghtor, -Ml»w Mlwmo .Imiiiii, lo -laninM Morrlssoy of Mr, and Mr*. -I»n«"» of llti'bbnr avniuio, Naugauok. Of Kirsoh- ,Ir., »on at in has Mm 10K>ct -Boat oo mpany ornri Is by noil of 1 sirbinarlno Mrs, OharloH , It wna ^ In -'Lhroo- weeks tlii, 1 yardw, PATTRHN'NO. 1740 No matter, what your outfit may bo, one of those colorful caps will be suitable and attractive to wear with H. Hand embroidery adds distinction ,an<| (jolor to the hats, which can bo 'made inexpunslvoly . from loft-over-, piocos of drcsss and suit .materials. r ^ho.. pattern comes .in s 1 '/.OR ' 22 -. h bad s i HO , •b u t 1 s • oas i 1 y adaptable'to'larger or similar head- sixes. • , , ' , , Pattern ..envelope- contains hqt- Iron transfers, for 2, flesigns; color oliart, 'stl toli'f-i I lustrations' and ,lull dlrootons. * Sorid 1:1 c '(coin) for above pattern number 'to' Naug'atuck Daily Nows, Koocllo Arts,ITop't,'. Pv'-.O.: Box 172, Statlon;D, New York, N. Y. '- iij' F.Miurcj Syndlia'ir.' Inc.. WoilJ'riiiliiy rcjcn ST. DIAL 3-27fiU *Thc message is late, Sir,' but the carrfcr-pigcoh.rah into an .Axis, propeller and had to WALK 2,000 iiiilcs'to ect here!" Kvrryl Minn's under control' 1 when flli.ed to your n>''I\\K by our «.vporl cors(Mici'(;s- at the aii'-oonditionod Sport Sliopprrs Find- Mm Doris Shop n Mocr.n I'or Drossos. Tci'ins. I DORIS MO. AVc, Still IinvcKloelrl Tonslors - Irons - WafTlc Irons, liny Before They're All (lone. CCHNEER'C ^^ CREDIT JEWELERS ^ 162 South Main St — 4-2206 ler Kenneth 'Barratt ployed a piano solo. Greetings of -weJcopio !,o Nouga- Luck 'were extended by Rev. Arthur P. Lewis, rector, of .St. .Michael's =K-pj«copal oliurc'h, Rev. Edward R, J-kMioe,' roc tor' of Die Ocmgrcga- tiona) church and Ro.v. William tt. Frcnclberg,' rector of the Salem Lu- 11} mm clHirc/1]. Rev. Longslaff briefly responded, Uwnlring the gathering for their splendid- welcome «. n cl assuring them. Hi at he was certain Ural his stay in Naugalu-ck would be 'most enjoy a-blc. Refreshments were served by members iof lh<> Epwor-Wi league of the churc-h. nails. The place — in. , police station. front or the Daily Chuckles o o (Hy UnHnd Press) The Erie county, Now York, rationing board -has a .tough' problem oiV its hands. "~~ You see, it's this way. Seems 1 here's- a woman with 10 "kids" up Mi at way -and she wants a ration book for every one of tli cm. Tlhe kids, she says, earn a living for 'her, and they've jus I. go-t to have their sugar. Sugar, it iseoms, is a necessary part of t'he diet of a young goat. Dan Gifford, of U(jcn, New York, thoii(|li( lie knew jusl, (lie man (n sottlc tho probl<Mn for him. So lie \vro<e Ihis mim: "^a.«k Fnhcy. a boy of my own ane, says Mie Japs (ook Pearl llnr- bor, so will .von i])ic,n8C wt'ilo. to me telliiiff me that (lie ,?nps have not {)<>*•• Pearl Harbor and I \vill .•sliow it to liini," In due course, Dan oo( a letter in reply. It rca,d: "Dear Dan: The Japs have not ffol I*earl llarbpr and arc not (jo- iii(j to net it. Yours, Doujjlas Mae- Arthur." In Coh-oos, XfewYork, Albert Rainville has -closed his barber shop until after the funeral. Albert, y-o-u.-'scc, has joined tho army. And on his &hutl/ercd shop is a -sign reading: "Closed until Hitler's' funeral." In Plymouth, Indiana, 5fi\s. Pearl Drmnniond told police every time slie p a r k o d her cur, someone sncnkcd up mid drove- nails in the tires. She parked her car everywhere in town, she said, and the nails were drivon in her tires just (he same. Hn< police had n different idea. There was just one place, (hey said, where she could park ami not have nails driven in her tires. Mr.s. Drnmmond parked in (his new place, and sure enough, no In San Diego, Detective Lieutenant Ed '•ple'c'hmann. writes short stories CMI the side, and does very weU-at it. One of lite stories. Her instance, was named "You Can't Live Forever." You can iimlgine how Diochmanh fell wben. -Paramount, decided to buy "You Can't Liye Forever." And 1 offered to pay $12.50 a word for it, l/oo. Twelve dollars and a Oialt a word for a short story adds up to quite a lot of -money. But not for Die-cbmann. All -Para-' sent was .1 chock for $50'. They bought "You Can't Live Forever," all right. But that's all Ih-ey wanted. "You Can't Live For- over." Four words. The title. When the alarm sounded in En- ulewood, Colorado, Fire -Chief Geo. Wood roared t.o the scene and oot busy with the fire cx(iii(iuishcr. Chief Wood was so hnsy iHiUing. out, (he fire Uiat. he didn't notice until it. was all over tliut the Kn- jjlewood fire (ruck was conspicuous by its absence. finally, after the fire was out and (he crowd had jjone home, Kirenum Charles Frizinfleiv c a in o clanniiiff up in (lie (ruck. FrJ/inj|cr has(ily explained that he'd gotten lost. Then he asked: "Shall I HO hack to the station?" Uenlied the chief: "Sure. If you think you cnji find the way." o- WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, JUNE 22,1941 and de- (By United Press) Cunnany declares war marches against .Russia,. Italy dares war on Russia. Churchill promises aid to foes, of Nazism, Croatia orders closure of U. S. consulates. Slovakia severs relations with Russia. That odd nfccc or furniture might flnd n buyer If you use tho Classified medium. NOTICI3 Beginning Monday, June 22, the Lo Glair bus \vill leave Rosenblatt's slore on Maple street at 4:20 p. m. working days for New Haven road, Cross road, Beu-con Valley road; to New Haven road, returning via N*ew Haven road to Naugaluck. This is an additional trip to the morning trip, which now operates at G:50 p. m. •••6-11M16. * * * * * * We have a splendid assortment of t'~. GIFTS FOR GRADUATION, SHOWERS and WEDDINGS Beautiful Cards For All Occasions. SWEENEY'S * * * * >. Life-saving Suits are giving torpedoed sailors another chance. SAVE A LIFE — CONSERVE RUBBER - United States Rubber Company Naug'atuck Footwear Division GET RID OF ME, SIR, IF YOU FEEL YOU MUST! f I'll admit I'm just a classic bust. But do it right . . . I want perfection, '«>; Sell me through the want ad section. No matter what you have to sell, use the News' classified ads for sure and prompt results! Naugatuck Daily New*

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