The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1931
Page 2
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•IT (ARX.) 'COURIER Society Calendar '-.Ttic Guild 61 the Piljrii'.i Uilli- Cfan church will iiiMt at tlic hc-mc pi Mrs. E. S. Wildy, al Ktowah, Et 3:30 o'clock. .•Hire. Ray Worthin$toj; ID cntcr- iainluj (he Tuesday " KonX chib. 'ihc New Tuesday Bi'Med club !s nicctinj wHlr Mrc. Sam ManaU. ...Mrs. Rllry B. Jones Is hostess (o the New Wednesday Brl.^e :l«b, ••- The Mallnec Contract club Is meeting with Mrs. Francis Car rkiilcr. Thursday Mrs. Otto Kochlltiky Is hiri'ii Uic Thursday Luncheon club. The auxiliary of the American Legion will meet at the Woman's club with Mrs. C. E. Crlgger and Mrs. Bernard Gooch as hostess. Saturday Thcro will be a.itory hour', at the Blythcyllle ilbrar>' for children of all 0505. Kalhleen Hobson Weds William Woods Crifton Anncunccinent. liu b«cn made of .the ' marrtafeYof. Miss Mary Keth'l«n -.Hobswij .»' Mammoth Spring?,;/to , Mr. William Woods Crafton,-' .The wedding Wfl's'sdiefnrilzei'a!. tht First Melhb- dlsf..';churefi'.oJ' Batesvillc, Ark., fjuriday': mprnlrig, June 31, with the-Rev. 1 . Harry King, dean of pallQway ''college, performing -the cirimony.. -';r : ' '"jhe bfid:'s attendants were Mrs. Herbert D. Wllta of .Hardy, who served as'matron of honor, nnd Misses Lob and Nadlne Traylor of Fort Smith.and. Miss.Ruby Wales, of Mammoth.'Springs, RS bri-ics- nia.ides;-Mr..'HerbErt.D. Walker, of Hardy, was'Mr/CMftdh'G test man. Miss'. E.ess -Maxfleld, of Bstcsvllle, rendered the -nuptial music. Allci'. a bridal .Irlp to St. Ixiiils Mr. and Mrs. Cralton will return h:rc next Monday where they will resid.i In the;Ward apfcrtnunts at 1»S4 West Walnut street. The bride, who is the daughter of Mrs. Janl? ! Hobson, .of Mam: niotli Sprinji, jraduatcd last month from Galloway .college at Searcy Ark., .wfore ; sh° received many . hcnpri. 8h'e';»»s Queen thli year. chosen May "America's Prettiest" at Home Girl Workers of Southern States Have S *|! *-sfe MONDAY, JUNK 23, 1931 Girls, you'd never suspccl It, but America's • most'. bepullfiil". young woman makrs her own dresses. Here yoii. see'Ann'c'L?o-.Patterson, whose shapely curves, classic features und lltian-hucd 1 imlr won her the title of "Miss United States" at the Grilvcstoh. btauty Ionic-si, seated at the sewing machlno lu her Ludlpw, Ky.| .home'. ' Local Christian Church Not Involved in Union Bits of News Mostly Personal Mis. W. M. Mi'Kcnzlc, who liar; been i|iiltc ill, i:, now uble lo IK ,ip. ; • Miss Virginia Terry Is vlslllns relative. 1 ; In Brownsville. Tcnn. The Rev- ami Mrs. Marsh M Callaway . and con, Marsh, Jr., will Icavj tomorrow for Houston ,inrt GalvcElon, Texan, where they will 'spend a month's vacation. Mrs. n. R. Allen, who has nei:i>. visiting In Greenville, Miss., has ;onc to Callus, Texas, for an extended visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Cliamblin an* sons, Jack and Don. spent yesterday In Memphis with relatives Mrs. Lon Bngg spent Friday In Jonesboro with Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Lesnwlstcr who are ill at the SI. Bernard hospital. Miss Emily Sue Stewart has turned Irom Jackson, Miss., where she visited her brother, Louis Stewart, and family. Mrs. John Deen, of Homersvllle, Mo., i['.nt the weelc-end here. She was accompanied by Miss Alice Mac Cannon, a student nurte at the Memphis Baptist hospital, who has been visiting .it Horners- vtlle and Dlythevllle. , Mils Aimlc V. Warden ;vut'.Buclc Smith, ot Osccola, visited here yesterday. Mr. and Mrs:. Earl Bucs^y spoilt yesterday hi Cr.iTlhcrBv'H?. Wesley Holllnmn, of \\ ikon, spent yesterday In the city. Virgil Greene ftsnt to Memphis last night where he met his daughter, Miss Ktillierinc Greene ot St. Louis, who accompanied liim liere The Rev." E./K. Lntimcr-lu a statement 'this ••morning declared that the Christian church referred to ycstcrdiy in Associated Press dispatches as Joining in a union with ; the Congregational church is not I the Chrisllcm church of while the 'local Christian church is a part. I The Christian church which ib a for. a visit with her I Edgar Dor'um, and fi:nl'y Mrs. BY SISTER MARY NBA Sendee Wriitr | p^y to tne urt[oll thc [„.,„, pfls _ One of the most refreshing waysi :or M i d| ls tnc old Christian de- to begin a hot weather menu for I nomination that -was the outgrowth luncheonor dinner Ls with a fruit of a movement started by O'Kelly soup. While many housewives.have ln -North Carolina about 1800 and teen using this nrst course for sev-.n nown „ o'kcllvltc! Mr, ' Crafting who Is the son of Mr." and' Mrs. L. G. Ci'atton of' this '• city,'.!: connected with the Aikansai-Missourl Power company!' ' , ..'.....' . • • » - * C»tuiJ«n Dunonstritkin Given. Proper methods for. canning vege- tables.and [ be oyWblted at-the Mississippi .-county talr h;rs this fall was ' demonstrated • by Miss. Cor* Leb..Colcman to mem- bcri of th? Woman's club at a meeting Friday afternoon. •In the'• bus!ness-session which preceded the diinons'tratiori, It WAS vbted to publicly thank the merchants who co-operated in giving the prizes and tallies for the benefit bridge party'gi?en last week. Other means. of ' making money through the.summer months were discussed. V': ' "; Have let Cream Social. The Woman's .Missionary society of-' tlic Lake; Street Methodist ' church sponsored an ice cream social Friday evening:on the church lawn. '"• . '•' •.'':. A neat.sum ntltcd froin this turhmer.project. . • - • • • AsTi-Mattin. . Ihe marriase ' of' Miss' Gertrude Martin, oi this-clty, and Mr. Floyrl Ash, also of here, look plac: Saturday' \vith tlic Rev. Herfirha! Couchman viierlorrnlns the ceremony. - . • Karm Women Attend simmer All Day Concil.- The 45 farm .women v.ho allcnd; cd .thn. monthly,-meeting of the County Council of Farm Women here Saturday represented the Wo- nien's Dcmoiistritfon' clubs at Proi mise LaiKl, New Llberty t Dogwood. P:hfy, Lbn: Oak, Carml','- Leoch- vilic and Liiiora. . • . Plaits were made for : lhe fair • catalogue • for" a,-w^ash dress con test .to be hcld;al ; thc next ir.eet- in's'.vthin-.trio";Promise Land club yvni bo : hosti-ss.'/ Miss Rosa Lcc Wolf of.Little"Bosk; state closhing hpecUH.'t, .will.'Judge .the entries. !S!ernb':rs' ot.the : Pcrry club icrv- cd'iri'appetiilhg menu at'the noon hwir.': ;•-.'. •'•••••.•:•:'••• • •'.'••'::.'-•.•. v %•*••• *•- IIavf Family: Sipiicr. . . . . Mr.'-and Mris r .vU.. W. Mulllns cn- 1 terlalhcd 27 .niombcrs of Mrs. Mul,. lins'.family with ».. supper, party Friday .evening,it !hbir'homc on ChickastwDa; avenue. Included In thoK prcEcbt ..were Mr. and Mrs, R.ibert Sniartcr Richmond. Va. ''o»nj*n ' Ho'wirs; ' arranged in *pf»y».'of ratnfxuf-colors, decoratei the .tities'.'irrtngecl for''a delicious ' tirflet!mtnii.'' '.-'.-•-••..• era 1.years, fruit soups are far irom common, and this novelty adds much to theii attraction. A clear pool of rich color Is distinctly pleasing . to the eye, anl ! known as O'Kcllyltcs. The locil ChrlstUin church Is tha product of -the union of the forces of Alexander Campbell of Pennsylvania and Barton-Stone of Kentucky In 1829. the Rev. Latlmer dc- comblncd with tha faint fragrance I clared. The official title of the un- rr 1 U V li" 1 " 5 dC ^ b i y ' , llon " DHolPies of Christ, and lo- iMt fruits «e best suited to a C al congregaUons are called Chris- chilled soup which above all must be plquunt and stimulating. A combination of flavors -is also good and aflords.a variety ot effects, Must Be Cold Any service which would be correct for either bouillon or n frull cup can be-used lor tha chilled, fruit soup. Bouillon cups chilled in the before flllln;', sherbet glasses, glass cups, ecckUll glaises or grape fruit sets all are pcrmissable. The soups are eatan with .a bouillon or small-bowled soup sixwn. Thorough chilling Is essential, for half the charm of the soup lies in its temper a lure. Tlic thickening agent may bs cornstarcli, arrowroot,- tapioca or eveii flcnr. The utmost cave must be taken not to make the r,uup too thick. A 'firm, .ttk'ky concoction !.•: for Irom iiwitlns but n slightly Illlck. syrupy conslslcncy Is cc-jl- ing and appeiizing. The following recipes -nuy in- pirj ycu lo. work out some combination for yourself. iCnrr.ini Soup One quail red currants, 3 water. 3-4 cup sugar. 2 labb^mi minute lapicc«. fc'.v Brains sail. Stem nnd wash fruit. Crush and vyatcr for ?i) minutes. congregations are called Christian churches. Driver Grove Tlis Rev. Buck Wallers of ' main will 'conduct church services al Driver Grove Salurday night. Henry. spent' Saturday night With Charles Springer. Mr. and ..Mrs: , Larson. Cruinf left Wednesday for points In Mis- sissippi'where, they will visit i relatives. ' ' " ' . Mr. and Mrs. Bill Robertson motored to Parkin, Baliir.lay. Mrstlatncs. Mitchell Russell, Kan Sweat and t'aflord White rloilcd Mrs. Minnie Russell. Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. .Chni'llc Springe ami Shorty Alexander were guests of Mr. iintl Mrs. G. A. Hall :\ Clear Lake, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. • Claude Jnncs ant \V. A. Alexander visited relative: ut Lcachvlllc labl w:ek-end. Mcy-rb. Henry CinliUF. Waite: Boles and William Hillings attend rd church services'al Blytlicviilc Sunday evening. Til? Hcv. W. H. S|>r!ncer of lily- Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Rosonthal re in St. Louis for a few days. Sam Orgel, of St. Louii, passed lirough here yeslcrihiv 'nroute ionic from Columbus. Ga.. whsrs ic had accompanied Mri. Or^cl md son for on cxtciuod visit vltli Mrs. Orgel's parents. Betty Clifton Blair, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Blair, ins as her glirs!; htr cousins. niuJwn sanitary living sl;ould be. illic- school teaches them hcilth The school's program is not cs-1 habits they never have known. T^C. tl:3li'.', nor does It Ivy to make pleasure of living in well-kt|)t Jor- ;ia-Jie.s out of tlie girls by leaching inllorles, the company of otiK-r cirh jllu'in manners. The whole ixrojram in wurk similar to theirs but in cllf- ib an effort tJ give-the girls a birds- fcrcnt towns, three goal meals a ' I eye view of industrial America, Us: day. sieep, exercise and balance.1 : basic industries, the organization of 'rations of study and recreation ;jlv3 ' big business, tlie problems of pro- • these soutlv.n s'rls a junction and distribution, and In:'new- Idea of life as it s^uld b^ • part they, as laborers, play in til? lived. of things. i unlike most summer s:hooh, M-IIM ttorkniff IVoklcnu ] which educate slutels uu> of ;ss bojin with UK- girls tic- ll:cir rank, this woi'k?rs' .\lncill-jn isfriuing their ov.-n jobs, j:isi ho.v experiment .shapes iu whab task ! thsy make: cloth, shoes, cigars or ID sending its sliutails rii-hl back whatever their product is. Thuy to lliclr old jol:s and llrir CMII l.un- ilifruss I'.ow Inn;; they work cjcii ilics |jp!ti-r equipped t , unr- liu day. ILUW much money they yet,' limit of llirir condition-- lw.v much they pay [or lent, fwuj,' The u-adii-r:,, all men an 1 nojrn c!i,<.li.'s, doctor's bills. They 30', ruiuicctcd wllh coll-jses (luring the ists vJu> teach them, ol conditions : dcnls aware of the forcjs f-i-.i i'sn- i an;! wagM of workers in llicir own i tro! their live.?, as workers liiu |bne in ether pai-t-i of the country; they may do they iv.n lu get j and in other kinds ol work. I a toller life for thenisclvis and . Euuiiili dasse.s are offered which j Iholr families during" t:V r~u!h's do not b;'i-ak the lhre:i:l of thought ' transition from agricultural To in- bcrau-ic they taka up the mutter of dustrial importance. j writing simply and speaking; clear- '. I ly so that the girls can use this : Marquelle Stnr Gel* 3 I/.Hers """'" ""'" ^| MILWAUKEE'. (UPl-Gone Roll"" ' " Mich., njpli- , -- letters diniiu; ney know, tor imtar.c-, scenes m . the 1930-^1 scliool year at Marllie L'inploymi-nt office c; any mill. ' mir-tts University and to-ame tlv Excrclsa such as tennis, swim-; Hrst hilltop athlete to gain this ing, hiking and corrective work : distinciion in 30 years. He played is new to all of them, and delight- football, basketball and track. ful. Each day they have sup:r-; — ! ised plays selected as best suited : to their needs. Health educalion is emphasized, diseases of malnutrition and induslrial disease, as: these play a large. and tragic ro'.e • in mos: of the students' lives. ! A New Kind of lifo. Their very program of living at" • knowledge in their own trade i | when they get bT.-k. In dramatics ; zani. Iron Moniita<n I they work up plays of situations iomcro, earned three' rnal the top is a. typical group of students at the Southern Summer Scliool for Women Work en. Below Is a view cf one of th; open-air classes In session. By NEA Son-ice | lories. Some have known the 12- AKDEN, S. C.—The Southern I hour working day. Snnv.ner School for Women Work- I This is the first vacation many cr's. celebrating Its nflh anniversary of them ever have had. For others with its 1031 session hero, dr.-ima- it is the fust chiince lo study tizes Ihe changing south in its very leaving grammar student body. i pnys her own 5175 tuition. -Non? Loo;'.! Every cue of the-enrolls J girls j groups, interested in workers' cdu- is :i mountaineer once-remove:i. | cation, send Ihfv yiris for •.:>: desccndanl ot the tenant-farmers i wc;-ks study and community living of the hills who finally gave nil j where they get wholesome m?a!3. their losing battle to get a living j (heir first" leisure, their a;>from the soil nnd moved down In- prcciatlon of what "carefree coll:se to the villages to get jobs in mills ilnj's?' mean. Many of ihem get. Don't suffer from lltal—Let us Clean, Oi'. or Rc'izfr that Old Fan. Walpolc Electric Shop I'hone 311 DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOl'ATHIC PHYSICIANS Hemorrhoids (PILES), VaricoiCd Veins also SWn Cancers and Maliynant Moles removed without surgery. Weal: anrt Fallen Arches Corrected. Clinic 514 alai.i I'honc 33 nips i Ihovlll? si.x-nt the week-end h'.r. oc:;; Mr Charli? .Spt'ln-jer and family. Mr. Charlie Wicker of Ulylnc- )— Toe .Way . tloi}' of '«h6ih«s;thi; right of way In the studded '-.street cro&.iiigi i ' ' • " ' . . Paito. the' pcdeitrla'o. • or the" !r.&'- ' toitjsj', 'fi«4> :S !tt:.:J bv Jftn Chltpiie, • perfect •:( pallco iftijiireyprefnenccvto th3 pedes- trtor «nd \iSjji, • '•If'-tTe p3dcs- trt«u. and .''.two •'. iutom :t41« are . iqttilljr.'pttactUfpr titnf, 'lh« ve- • Slrain through a jelly ba? and add sugar. Bring to the boiling point nnd add -tapioca nnd salt. Co:k until, tapioca is clear nnd mixture Is transparent. Chill and serve. | Two cups of red. raspberries.and two cups of red currants makes a delicious combination. Strawberry and orango Is another good .combination. Plums make an appetizing soup and provide an excellent way to we this fruit in menus. Plum Soup One niiart plum?, 4 cups water, stick cinnamon. 2-3 cup sugar, tablespoon arrowroot, lev,- grains of salt. Wash plums thoroughly. Put Into settle with water nnd simmer mill skins arc crok'cn and fruit Is fender. Slrain through Jelly bag. Add cinnamon and tugar »nu brln? :o the boiling point. Add salt and stir in arrowroot mixed ID a smooth paste with ,\ llltij cold water. Cook-until-mixture thickens slighlly. chill and serve. "Arrowroot oflcn -Is'used in place of eornstarch and Is especially desirable for .children, since "it is more easily.digested. Salt Is always used lo take cave of the "flat" taste of. whatever thickening agent is used. Cherlcs and grapes also make delicious fruit soups as well as all the berries. villc spent last week brother, Mr. A. J. Wicker of this place. Mrs. Wiley Wiseman has been very 111 for several days. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kcslcr of ncecc spent Sunday with Mr. aim Mri Clifford ' Oaines. Mr3:.B6ulah Watson visited Mrs. Lula Haskln 'a'l'Half-Moon. Tin day. --,•-• I Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shancyfell ol Half Moon spent Frld.iy nigiit with Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Springer. Charles Springer, Elmer Brock, Waller Boles. Henry Onitscs. Mar- lin-Sackridcr, William Billings ana Mr. A J. Wicker attended the ball game al Lone Cak. Sunday afternoon. • ' .• • Mrs. Clarence. Jewell spent the week-end with her sister, Mrs Bart Richardson al Blytlicviilc. Mary ORlncs Is spending a few days of this week with her Mslii. Mrs. Kcslcr al Recce. Richard Hall and ijoulh- ard of Calumet visited in this vicinity Sunday. Elizabeth Dcrry and .liilin Miirit- son. of Abluttuerquc, N. M. Dr. A. M. Washburn returned yesterday from Chicago where he spent tt two weeks vacation. While away he visited the city health do- lartment and look part in other activities pertaining to public health work. Miss Willie A. Lawson has gone :o Hamburg. Ark., for a vacation. She was accompanied by her mother Mrs. S. E. Lawson, who vlstled her [or len days. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Phillips and Mrs. Phillips mother, Mrs. J. W. Mcore, were visitors in Memphis during the week-end. They visited Miss Effic Moore who is undergoing treatment at Campbell's clinic before two operations. Miss Cora Lee Colcman and Mrs. Z. A. McQuistion arc in Memphis for Iwo days. They met Miss Cora Lee 'Godcsy, of Greenwood, S. C.. niece of Miss Colcmnn who will spend the summer here as her guest. Mrs. Harold Bnkcr spent Ihc j weck-ciul In Memphis where sli; met Mr. Uakcr who relumed from Morrllton where he spent the past two weeks. Gordon Wright is attending lo business in Carullicrsville icctay. Guy Butler, who is connected v.-llh the state revenue department, is attending lo business here today. Mrs. Jesse Brown of Luxora. accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. James Driver and daughter, Poscy Broun, of Osccoln, shopped I'.nc tcday. Clarence Vollmci' is attending l'i business In Cape Glrardcau today, ills Miss Gladys Barham return;:! home today from Osceola wher: she was the guest of Miss Prances B.\r- ham for a week. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Barham spent Friday and Saturday at I^armingtou and Hal Hlvcv. Mo. Tticy accompanied Ihe male quaitel from the Blythcvillr negro ^chso opening ihere. These summer school studenls, ranging from 18 lo 35 years, com? 'rom the industries of nine different southern- states — Maryland, /Irginla, North and South Caro- ina, Alabama. PlcriJa. Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi. From Many Lines One girl has worked in a cplton mill since she -was II. Olfccrs rnnke overalls, shoes, cotton dresses,' hoi>'. Bill! others work 'in rayon njills, cigar factories, cotton textile factories. 1 cigaret factories, coat lac- iheir inlroduclion to a balanc'ii diet, and tlicir first idea of wiia) S kj RADIO REPAIRS Phono 121-122 Louis Gvc'iii - Julius Shide KEEP COOL Tcmfirrow's Menu ' BREAKFAST: Clnlaloup;. cereal, trtam, crisp broiled bacon with cress, pop-overs, milk, coflee. LUKCHEON: Cold . sliced, meat : crr»:r.E^ carrots, tread .and lla*. Wi' .aiid.\.tiicrgy b,ut lhc ( butter, frull.puddinj. milk. Ic-a lAditstriaru '• r&t : thtlr lives •: ' | DINNER; turrant 'soup, Tried lo Fiat River -\vliere they gave a program for the Lions club. Miss Wilsie Phillip*, of KcM'b:i-n. Tcnn., is the guest of her sisler. Miss Winnie Phillips. Mr. nnd Mrs. Frnnk RuUcripe. of HaHlesburg, Miss., have moved t'.crc to be with the VolU Construction company in Ils work In this city. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Blmil and daughter. Rose Kllen. accompantsd by Mrs. Ulunfs moll:cr. Mrs. II!K Vrslai. of Halticstur?. -Miss., auiv- cd here last nlglit to make their home. Mr. Blunt Is connected with the Voliz Constmclion company. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hnrlia have as Ihclr for n Mr. PARIS, .France, iUI')—The historic mansion at the Place dc la Concords Is being demolished to make uay for .the new American Embassy, Construction of the new building, which will honsr the embassy, .consulate-general and offices ql the commercial attache. Is In charge'of Captain Richard U Smith of the Engineering Corps, who 'has b'teii .named assistant military attache to? the duration of the work. Barham's cousin. Nick Phillips, of Pasadena. Cal. He will also visit in Farmlnglon. Mo., before returning home. Miss Anne Galbreath relumed n her home In Memphis yesterday ?[- tcr a visit wllh Mrs. William O. Pqltcr at the home of her pivnils Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Stevens. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Fcx hjvr K. their guests Mrs. O. U. Fulfccrson and son, of Sncramcnlo. Cal.. ar rpring clilakcn, potatoes Julienne, creamed • cauliflower. -stun:d beet salad, chocolate souffle, milk, col- Miss Pnulinc ie. of Djxl:r. Mi Mrs. Lee Armstrong a;id jrand- daughter, Marjoric Rimer, nho ro- turned Friday froiii Brinklcy and Helena, Avk.. lc!t Saturday [or High Point. K. C.. 'Jhcro ll-.ry -,'l!l HKiirt the reiiuindcr ot thc'iuin- ' IN CLEAN CLOTHES When I lie mercury hiis Hie tailing ;i!!ii ils lintk'i" lliitii ;i siin-slriick Arab . . . v.-u eisivt help vhat! ISiil when your tropifids ar.d linens ;uul stuiitnei' frocks fiill victims lo the hunt of midsummer, when they lose their slmpc und tidiness we LMII tevtiiinly <!o sumuthing about that' (live us the la E k of ruvivinjj tliose Mtmnii:r log*. A Iviji ID Humes' »iul they'll tonic home ;intl lit for hours of hot weather ,sm; We Gi»c Popularity Contest [/o/e.s OF DRESSES Beginning Tuesday, June 30 Crepe, Shantung, Gcorgelle and Chiffon Special Groups: $2.95 to $3.95 Dress Uresscs ? 19.75 Tlii:, group U. priral from Phones ISO - 730 ass HATS ilalai, Ko'.iph Hair Uraiiis aiu! Panama.'; and SUH) Hub 81.95 SjXH'ini Group HATS lor 81 Ail Cash -TAIL SISTERS

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