The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX 1JLYT1IEV1LLE COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7. 19'la- nu c 3 •'' . Wolfe Defeated In Close Match Joe Welch Is Victor . Canny Takes Devault In Arena Feature Two wrestling points thai may or '• may .not have been under dls- 1 cusslori, received substantial evidence as facts Monday night on Promoter Mike Meroney's weekly wrestling show. ^ .First sheer science stands little chance against the slam-bam- tactics of the 'rnoHefn stylists, especially when engineered by a master workman like "Wild Bill" Canny. • Secondly, It.doesiVt pay to lake fiber ties with any • hicmbcr of the Welch wrestling clan; lake too DOPE BUCKET •X J. t, LEARNS ABOUT CRASH i aboard, . . . The veil of secrecy that shrouded | Nov. fj, 1944.' The black date was the plnuc crash In Dnkru 1 , North Africa, which claimed the life of Lieut. John Harp has been lifted. Mr. and Mrs. Harp, parents HAVK BRIEF CHAT It was my very good pleasure to know John, outstanding I knew him as an student nl the local much for granted seems 'secure. when victory of the fine young Blythcvlllc man,.high school. ... I recall when he have received a letter from Corp. 1 went away to school, returning dur- Verne B. Knutcnberger. of Ulchcy, Montana, tall gunner In the crew, who escaped the crash by a trick of Fate. Since Corp. Kautcn- -Fortified with two powerful fists that packed more than the usual amount of steam, Canny turned online mcanlc faucet at full sp«ed to defeat Jack Devault In straight falls to .spoil Ws return to local jing. haunts .after an absence of some monttis. t Jcc Welch, youngest of the Welches—the Oklahoma Welches who dole on winning wrestling matches—eked out a. close, .hard fought triumph over another fellow liamed Joe—Joe Wolfe—to bring bcrger was not vital to the flight overseas he was left to proceed by boat, presumably so as to lake more equipment In the plane. . . . And that decision saved his life as every member of the original crew ing the oil seasons to work at Mead Track Coach Says Cunningham, MacMitchell Better Than Hagg NEW YORK, Mai'. 7. (UP)— Vet- .stoutly maintains llicy could have crnn New York University track btsted HaSG- coacl) Emll Von Elllng hns nothing] This despite Hagg's 4:02 pcrform- JHCO when Arnp An(lerson beat him t,y a nose In setting a world record uf 4:01.0. Kmil says that with proper nien- tiil conditioning either MacMltclicll CAIiniN'AI.K CONSISTENT at. !,ou!s.—The Cardiimis \v\ve not' [lost six straight National League gomes since 1040. Clothing. He was on? o( the most manly and ' courteous young men I ever knew . II always was a pleasure for him to wait on He was so considerate me. was killed in the crash. Corp. Kaulcnbcrgcr's letter In part follows: "Dear Ivfrs. Harp: "I had a very lucky break by getting to come back to the States so soon. The group I was assigned with came back and every one came with "I thought It was best at the time not lo write ami tell you about during the business transactions. I heard others say the very same thing about him. The lust time I saw him was at the Blythevllle Army Air Field. . . He was with his mother and father during open post, commemorating the second anniversary of the field. ... He was Immaculately dressed In hU spotlessly clean new uniform. .''• . . His shining gold burs blended perfectly with his pleasing smile. . . John smiled so often, and It was liiost becoming, . . . He told lone and me of his plans to go to Barksdale. . . . It was of particular In- (rasted sharply. They and out. Then, they "oMcrTuT, I up "><! wliccls - Thc y lost ftmtmlc to throw nnd tho rl8ht wlllE " 1L a "' ec ' ' Ing back inl" against Sweden or Its outstanding product, Guilder Hagg. The shrewd little tracK coach thinks It's a great country and-the "wundcr" a great, any. But take It from Emll, the land of smorgaslxml has nothing on the United States, particularly in foot- racing. Footracing has been Emll's racket for 31 years. And It's something like a double-barreled, controversy when Von Elllng observes: American mllcrs Glenn Cunningham and Les MacMitchell both could have licaten Hagg when they were In their prime, and the four inimilc mile Is a cinch for the man with mental conditioning. Von Elling says: "Track Is a measurement sport and the athletes measure themselves against existing records on Hie theory that records arc made Ic tic brokbn," "In that way track records arc not smashed to pieces but are lowered bit by bit." Von Elling refuses to classify mil- crs of all time, but he does call the modern inilcrs In this fashion: Cunningham first, then 13111 Bonthron of Princeton, Gene Vcnxke of Penn. Chuck Fcnskc of Wisconsin and Lou Zamperlnt of Southern California. tcrcsl since I spent 18 years at Vlv ian, La.. Just some 30-odd miles to Lemon JuiceRecipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly IE you «ufler from cu/llfs ir Cunningham could have bettered four minutes. But he says they didn'l have to do It when they set their records. And Emll suggests: "When v/3 get Ihc lad who deliberately sets out to break that [our minute mark, then that's the day the skeptics will sec it done." CONSERVATION AWAIll) New York.—An annual cup . trllirllla or l>alu, try this simple Inexpensive lioino lt n^ tliut lljousanils (iro mlnK. (let a incline nl Hu-E* COEiyoimil. a lwo-wix-k aiii'i'ly, oilay. Ml* H ^tu a fl u:u l °l WAIT, ailil 11,0 tilce OT 4 lemoiia. It'a eiay. fi'i trouble al II anJ iile.ieaiJl. You licr.1 only :i tutjlMl>ooti- ' two llmca a Oar. Often wltlim 4& Lours soirtellmoa ovenilRlit — sijlenillil ri^uLts are obtained. II the palna ilo nt>l qulrkly leai'e anil II you <lo not Ice) better, reluru ir>e imply |»ackaKC ami Ru-Ks will cost you null Ing lo try aa It la sold by your dniBtjUi ijtidi an et»3oluu* uiuucy-Mrk tuaiuntiv. ltu-1 Cuinjiouuil El lor onto Llnl reeaumicuik-ij by Kill;; liiot]i</5 mi] dtnE tw*l mrywliere. llic outstanding conservation for accomplishment of 194-1 has been awarded president A. C. Glasscll of Bucks Unlimited. Average .animal net gain fn> \voi't(l population Is ]iiorc limn 30.000,000 persons In normal times. WHEN HEAD COLDS STRIKE the north. , lone lived several their seaU and got set for a beau tiful, scientific duel between the two clever giants, Wolfe and Welch. Expectations Fulfilled Both expectations were fulfilled. The villains went thro paces as expected, hcav thing but the ring posts until pcned so fast that they didn't have n chance to get out. KATEI) HIM HIGH "There Is ilttic to sny about tho great loss you had and I couldn't believe It mysell at first because It with a tremendous burst of ery, accentuated by positive power. As' interesting and excitingly rough as this match was, and the fans literally "ate it up", the rest of the crew. I • feel sure there to comfort but you ha sincere wishes Unit you may find comfort In remembering the fine character of your son." John was In school at Hendrix years at Haynesvltle, La., Just a short distance away, and we knew n number of people In Sluevcport, where .Barksdule Field is located. . . We gave him n number of names and addresses and he prom- look them up If he had the lime' and opportunity; ... 1 never knew if he got to meet any of them, .some very close friends of Ix>uisi- nna's governor, Jimmy Davis, a classmate of mine at Louisiana College. John was deprived of the chance to tight the Axis, but his name ami those who gave their lives, both on The gray-hatred coach leaves no doubt that he considers Cunningham and MacMltchcll, former Joint record holders at 4:07.4, as the all lime tops among rollers. And he Wolfe-Welch battle claimed the I College during his sophomore year major share of Ihc plaudits. These when he answered Ihc call to colors, mat Joes waged one of the finest • • • A member of the Army reserve scraps ever to be paraded before H>™u E h the R. O. T. C. at Hendrix. the local 'faithfuls. Almost evenly John chose the Air Corps with which and oft the battle field, wilt etched deeply In the honor roll. . They were real Americans all. be age, ' ° cast his service lol. He matched from every angle .-a-,.. , , ,, . , , experience, speed, ability, it 'was breezed through the various train a toss-up as to the final winner. ln S P» nscs - climaxing it at Geoigc .Wolfe made the last mistake and ™«' I^wrcncevul... 111., where he it W-him the match. It easily I recclvcd llls wl "B s nn " commission, could have gone the other way. Spotting Canny 12 pounds in weight, Devault was unable lo cope with'the' "Wild One." He tried to win via his chief forte, science, and it wasn't enough, especially when Canny is. pretty ring-wise himself, and rates one of the'hard- est hitters in the wrestling game today. Bill actually kayoed Dc- VEult with-a series of haymakers May 23,1914. . . . Assigned to B-2GS, he was sent to Barksdale Field, La., where the crew was formed; . . . John was designated as co-pllot. . . After the crew was assembled they proceeded to Savannah, da,, to pick up their plane tor the overseas hop via the southern route. . Ev- to lake the first fall utes of fast action. In 10 mln- erythlng went according to schedule until Dakar was reached. . . . The untimely tragedy followed that blotted out the lives of everyone He used the same general method to make it two in a row, utilizing just half as much time. Body I slams, aided by right handed pokes' set the stage for the usual body pin. ! , W° lfc Takes. First i Wolfe broke aw ay. to a T. winning start by downing' Welch,''for'/the first fall that consum'tfd! 20 iiUhutcs of first class aeJivilvV Th£jformeji. Olno State University "grid' star called on his plunging ability to soften, up Welch. Five successive flying lackles laid Joe low and made him an easy target for the body pin. Welch, working more cautiously, blocked* every tackle attempt and al the same time cut Wolfe down with attacks on his powerful arms. He maneuvered the ex-griddcr, let go with violent kangaroo kicks that turnd Ihe trick In 11 minutes. The finale was particularly fast Leo Durocher Again To Try At Shortstop NEW YORK, Mnr. 'I. (UP) — Brooklyn Dodger Manager Leo Durocher lins received a green light to try his 39-year-old legs at shortstop this season. In what is becoming as annual a routine as groundhog day, President Branch Rickey says he doesn't believe anybody can beat Durocher out If he really works hard to get Into playing condition. ; Brooklyn seems better fortified In the infield, discounting Lippy Leo, than in any other division of play. Three additional inflelders signed their contracts today. Meanwhile, the New York Giants announce the receipt of signed contracts from four inficlders. They arc first baseman Phil Weiiilraub. sec- 32 High School Teams To Play State Basketball Mcc Opens At Little Rock Auditorium Tonight LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 7 (U.P.)'- Thlrty-two of Arkansas' classics high school basketball squads wei due In Little Rock today to bcgi play In the 1945 state high schoo basketball tournament, at 7 lo night. At the auditorium tonight, 11 clnss "A" tournament gels unde way with Little Rock nicelin Greenwood at 7 p. m. sharp.-At- Van Bur en takes on Siiiackov and an hour later Pine Bluf meets Jonesboro. Wynne is slated 2 drops in each nostril work swiftly to help you brcotho freer neain. C:iu- tiontUsoonlyaadircctctt. PEHETRONOSE DROPS NOTICE Swift's Slaughter House will be closed until March 15th, for {luinliii? and screening for your protection of goml Quality Meats throughout the Spring and Summer mouths, Leo Swift CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts ls« Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Son. Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "Footlight Serenade" with Belly (Iralilc, John Fayue ami Viclor Mature "ALMOST MARRIED" with Jane France & Itobert Page IN THE STRATOSPHERE 01- I' STETSON lo battle Mansfield at 1C p. m. In the class "B" tourney, to be held at the tittle Rock' Boys' Club. Ihc opening game v.'lil inntch Hartford against Lakeside. Grady takes on Marked Tree at 8, Old Union meets Elkins at 0 p. m. And Ihe 10 o'clock tiffnir will see Nettleton clash v.'ilh Formosa. Tomorrow morning play in both clnss A and B lower brackets gels under way al 8 a. m. Wan'c'n lakes on El Dorado in the first game oF the class A morning scr- ies. Plmncrville meets Norlh Litlle and thrilling as both giants sought to outwit the other 'and .force him to err. After 11 minutes of fruitless vtrics .Wolfe started what appeared to be ' the finishing touch. H6 'secured i'-.'H -••painful., short, ijrm .SC'ii'sbr'v; arid "' began • rolling '•''•'•''ciS'cli time popping Welch violently on the mat. But he did it once too often. Welch cleverly trapped him In the middle of a roll, turning It into a donbis jackknifc, and at the same time converting apparent defeat Into a brilliant victory. The large crowd exploded with a vociferous roar of approval as Wolfe gripped Welch's hand In token of Rood sportsmanship afler ond baseman, George Hausmann, third baseman Napoleon -.Reyes and shortstop , Roy •!Ni'ehb'lsvJr. : .-,',', J ;'.V : v \ T}iey.>ft'dvnnKitllcX^amlHFi''-'of;;dt-) ants ready for duty to 13.' The team will report to Lnkcwood, N. J., Friday for training. the opening of Spring RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7: IS—Show Starti at 7:39. SATURDAYS * SUNDAYS Cox Office Oneni 1 Show BtarU 1:11 Rock at 0, Scarcy at 10 matched with Just where he wanted him then Referee Merouey declared the fall. Police Chiefs Sponsor The three Brooklyn players just signed arc Tommy "Buckshot" Brown, Mike Sabcna and Eddie Stanky. all inficlders. Included In Rickey's worries for the coming season is the stand some Oxford takes on and Tcxnrkana is Springdtric at 11 Class B lower, bracket, events will inateh. ,.• Pa 1 estinc;'-: ,b'g:a'litit;>.' North' •Hei^li.tJi.Sof. .'Texarkaiia;'. •'ceril'ei' Rid<ic iigainst Deaf School; D'cr- mott versus Marshall and Clover Ben versus Emerson. draft boards have taken towards players. Rickey also indicates Ihcrc may be some holdouts, though he refuses to name which ot the Dodgers may be angling for better salaries. Last Time Today "THE DEVIL AND MRS. JONES" With Jean ArlHur, Kobt. Cummiuj and Charles Cobiirn KKO NEWS AND COMEDY Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Wednesday & Thursday 'Beautiful But Broke' with Joan Davis, Jane and John Hubtaid News of the Day Short More men clioosc this famous "Stralolincr" than any other Stetson slylc... and no wonder... for it combines top smarlncss willi lop comfort. Yes, it's light and soft as a cloud luil no "softy". It'll lake rough landings aplenty because of fine craftsmanship and llie exclusive Stetson Vila-Fell' Process i i i J S?50 New Theater Manila's Finest OPEN 7 EACH EVENING MATINEES SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AT 1 O'CLOCK Buy War Bonds (In pur Lobby Anytime) Alia.Keep Them! : '' Thursday and Friday "NOTHING BUT THE «TRUTH" u'ilh Bob Hope anil I'iiuleltc Goddurd PARAMOUNT NEWS i COMEDY Wednesday & Thursday "FOLLOW THE BOYS" Will! George Halt & Vcra Zorina Fox News & Short Nation Wide Brake Check It's mighly comforting to know you can slop your car according to need . . . smoothly and slowly—or quick as a wink! Especially in view of the nalion-widc brake check planned by the International Association of Chiefs of Police to lake place soon. Come in! Let us inspect your brakes. (Juick adjustments by skillful brake specialists. If needed, \ve install factory engineered and factory inspected Mol'ar brake linings. We'll be looking for you. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler and Plymouth Dealers .121 E. Main Phone 2122 "fe BACK IN STOCK (Formerly Very Scarce) STEEL WOOL IN 1-LB. PACKAGES. Alles van die beste... Have a Coke (ALL THE BEST) Pure Shellac. Night Latches, Padlocks / Hawaiian Wigglerj. Aluminum Paint. Electric Churns. Electric Solder Irons. Shannon Spinners. —All In Plentiful Qualities At PLANTERS HARDWARDE CO. IW W. Budmn Start PhoM 515 Smartly styled and beautifully finished—famous J for llie way il keeps ils smoolli-llowing lines even | after long, hard wear. Fine fcllmadeloiuj-laslingliy ', the exclusive Stetson Vita-Felt* Process. Bound edge, medium width brim, Kcnlly tapered crown. ...or giving the good word in South Africa Have a Coke is a simple gesture of good will that says the same thing in Afrikaans that it Joes in English, It's an easily-understood way to let people know that you wish (hem well, In Capetown, as in Columbus or Concord, Coc»-Coli turns refreshment time into friendship'time,—has become a symbol of good feeling among friendly-minded folks. lOUllO UNDER AUIHORITY OF IHE COCA-COU COMfANV »r COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYUEVILLE "Cokc"=Coca-Coin i You nalurally hear Coc.vCoh L c.illcd by ils friendly olAircvialton ko'. Both mean the quality prod) uct of The Coca Cob Company. .G!.«431ti> C-C Co,. A winner over any course n>e STETSON f ; Clean-lined and gracefully proportioned as a thoroughbred hunler, this dislinguished bound- edge Stclson is designed for men who insist on llic nlmost in slylc and qualily. Keeps its smart contours because it's made by the exclusive Slclso\i Vila-Fell* Process. MEAD'S 322 Main Street

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