The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1934
Page 3
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MONbAY, JULY 16, 1934 no PIEHU 110 ItfiS Bi.iYTHEvn..i..E. u.Kr\.) NEWS PAGfi (Confirmed from Page II Administrator Hugh S. Johnrrin. there, blamed Ihe w?s( const lonn showman's strike on alKence of a shipping 'cole. Houston, Texas cleared the docks of longshoremen pickets uflpr three negro strike breakers were killed. New York labor loaders threatened to oil a (.'«n°ral shipping strike. Minneapolis truck drivers pre pared to slrlkr tonight, ihrfaten- Ir.f a 8 f iPial lie-up of all food- Muffs. Alabama was Ihreateiprl with n strike' of 20,000 textile workers who ire demanding higher wnjer. Ffars l,onK Bailie SCRANTON, Pa., July 16. (UP) —William Green, president of the, American Federation of Labor, believes .the 'general strike at San Francisco will l>r i i an g drawn out affair. "I SPIJ no prospect of any Im- medlste clearing up of llie San Francisco situation." lie said today. 'Arkansas Bad Girl* and Trusty Who Ended Her Dash l Is Final in Labor Dispni<i for Puorlo Rico s Allrtimllvp to! f»v K four!,.,- NVw, In the ditsly road near the Jacksonville, Ark., penal farm from which she made her fifth escape., Jfflen Spence Eaton made good, us shown at the left, the scrawled iHinst she left behind her that''jo'.'" 1 ." rhp '-would never lie taken ullve." A trusty, Frank .Vfarlln, right, sent In pursuit, shot her doiui wilh i |Yi',- ,,] ti shotgun when, he said, she tried to draw HIP revolver found Inter Inside h"r blouse. Indignation rous- ', ed throughout llie Mate at the shooting spurred an investigation ol DIP Arkansas penal system. WASIIINCITON •• KOO.-VVOII Hi Hi'- I'.u-ilH means wiilmui tellln:' lli'-ui wliat IIP hud nil hK slcevi' i l"i' ilii-in. j h'* si piugi-um of slutc sorl»: i in unn|iii< nnili'i- the , i'''' 'mil mi a while it pn" * H CUM American cxixuli'is nl j' •-< *ir,.flOO.flOO a ypur in dp- islnr.v,. Dut Hie aller- "msois say, h virtually *'lul rliui,-; l,,r Hope for Settlement WASH1NOTON. July 1C 'DPI — Tlie labor department mid presl- dent Roosevelt's new national labor relations board maintained n hands 6ft" policy today as a menacing general strike was called in Sen- Francisco. Tlie Washington aiiiiude. Indicated (hut ho]ip of settlement by tile special mediation board named by the president bad not Ifen abandoned, fiperetarv of l.anoi 1 Frances Perkins awailFit a repoii on late developments from Edward MrClrady. assistant s"crp- tarj r . He Is In San Pranrisco. The EcKtor'i Letter En fill: business. All the lin-gi 1 land fU: lar,,. louis mill many small ones and \_iniIlcSC i To the Kdilor:) Yon would have a good paper if yon didn't permit every pecker- *ood in Arkansas to fill It up with baloney like that letter you printed from Hie Floodwny in your paper of the 5lh iusi. How come, some bird always v.anls to put out that kind of Kluff about Mr. Frank Bai'liam making that spp.P.e.h down at the colony. Everybody knows lhat Frank calls himself tlie political bois of Mississippi County and claims lo lie tlie personal repre- seinailve of fiovernor Futile and Mr. Hyrss (py.-plantatlon lioss. le- any bull j price for ginning was high. Gins sol a big profit out of the seed, | and another big profit out ol the luiippins sold llie fanner, nnd then there were other profits. So there came to be 15 thousand gins in lhe south. All these gins could Sin a 17 million bale crop In 30 ilays yet tlipy all made money by' charging big prices for ginning, j and taking big profits on seed and wrapping and oilier profits. Now when tin- price of colton dropped to 8 nnd 5 cents a pound these gins charged the same big i prices for ginning and wrapping! while Ilii; price of seed has come l.o be nothing compared lo Ihelr' VHlllp. Price flslnp lins been wholely Hold Him Captive vr-p builrter etc). Then, everybody i In the hands of the glnners nnd knows all fellows down at i (: a one.-stdPil affair as the Carmine colony can't vote, down there, ev K not (irnanlzPil lo make any because lots of them live in the. rf.sUtance. As usual, Miss Perkins declined to coinmer'. I north flirt of the county and only. Now what? In this year 1534 High official': ot ihe Ameiicnn E° tnfrf lo work - Tllfn they hire ! when llir- collon crop Is reduced nr-Jemtlrin of r.almr likewise were silent. William Orecn, preslrti-nt. and Pran 1 ^ Xforri'-'nn. seev-fary, were reported out of ihr clfy. V/ASHJNfrj'OW and. fire ;..o fast too. and besides to 10 million bales this iremcn- lols of tliose. fellows cannot evenldous overplus of yins ni-p asking be. legal voters. Of course. It wasionr Kovorimmit to them a I io Portland Jtil" 1(1 (HP)— Senf'inr f?ol"-n P. Wa™er (Fleiti., N. Y.) b«ai) of tlie . NJ1A labor board, .will Ipsive, \'ew York ihlt aflernoon for 'Portland. Ore., (o act as a special advisor in Ihe taieshor^iup.n's '.'rlk.- ihere. the Wlilte House said todaf. Thfi war dpnarlmcm. denied anv P 1 ^ thai, steps bnrl been taken loot-In-' 10' Then lhal stuff about Mr. Ben- Lhtirdim Plll'ltO ItH' I'-.-'lniulInn in hliindi'i-s. Indir.liiiil l"r a -M-ipiniiic" .-.chcmc of l)inii ll "'- s( -' llll «' inlcjhtY ppnr-rous of Mr .Prank to. : ri^e in pile.-- of ginning until they: toll tlie toys that ho wouldn't fire' can make a profit on their over-' them If- Ihev didn't vot« tin: way i built and mismanaged Industry.' li' 1 wanted thPin to votp. But ev- ] They want to penntiw tlie. farmer f-rvbody knows there are more waysK'y charging him more, for ginning , hve j . ,,., (s ' tjove) ; world of slilnnin? a cat than one. Maybe, his cotton in order to pav divl . famous Sweilbli explorer, fell Into he wouldn't fire them, but it might <l™ls on colton gins not needed.!' h « l* 1 " 1 '" 1 .^ 1 ^^''" the "t last accidentally happen that their land which stand still the. equlva- j Swnirh«d^ini"«dTi m wl" budgeis would be worked up orient of 11 months 'In the year.! lO^Linntou. In Turkes tan ti« they would be found to not IK I Now wouldn't everybody like lo: hnrt , el om t£l , urv6 , the arictont desorviiiE of relief or something I''avis the government guarantee: -ill; caravan trade route 1:1,- 11.-; • , ,!.„!.. investments? ? " the nsn v f>f rpderal trooii-s in the ninth corp.^ (Ran Francisen) area. Actin" Recrftlnrv of War Harrv H. Woqdrinsr oolnterl out thai the (rpvetii'nr'"Knd]. matte.- no '-,The-: -law DroKibll.« _ oul:: rcJiilar 'army trno'p:! Unless ^rcitie.ilwl 'hv 'the novernor of.iUie: U-itoi in- Bltlch ^ihey are to-' .Ixi'-u/ffid: .-..';••:! ,- -.-. :• ..;.•-. •fci; -, a • serious •. emorpp.noy " tlie corns. .flre.a commander- is anthor- ized to mrive troops .into .n troubled . area .to prolcct federal property / j>uard . federal courts and bulidiries. nnd matntotn the movement of the mails. .He mav. act in such . instance , without coasuH- Inj the .war. dehartmenl. but. it Is MTslomary to obtain, sanction. REX BAKKfi, Blytheville, Ark. ola that 10,000 people did not see'I 1 ° n '", an > P ">ln« !«t it be llie iedlrated. There j lL st Isn'L anv Ogs and lhe frogs ">"'' p3 - v nfr - JOdv so dumb ns to believe that, 1(y ' mly ' |lnor fan «"i thousand keg.s of nails could go| ntf> Iliat hpiise. mavbe it was jiisl : i hundred kegs. Anyhow, what's r. thousand kess of" nails among j-iends. especially between Mr. Benny 'and Mr. Bill. Why don't 'hey talk about things : like drag Ines. tractors, or Eomethln? that really means money? Some bird (alked'about government mules ft few days ago. Why, shucks, rlidn'l Penguins :Seal vows'! W |||, a jjis beaks tpgrther.- their "marrlaBe ; || lf . y rilll , hel| . Chosen to Head St. Paul Police G. Jamie, »howfl here In » new picture, famed as a director of Chicago'* "Secret Sit," tloi durlnt the Capon* relfa at>4 U t f«d«r»l »|ent, DU CMS tomlbited (or poltc* eh let In 6U Piul, Mlia., wh«r« ton police loot h»T« b**a • Urgtt At tingtUr link tcciMtloni. . eilj council j«t ma* tonlrrc L" -' p - k^k J V- - - • • . ^i~ These. "Gin Cry Babies" want j v | s: Apprise lhe motorist, lip. » ua " -•- their bad luck on lo thel,, ay | nB t), c same tax as Missouri cause him to wonder ny and thai thousand kegs of , -- F»J... B •» nails for thai dance hall-at cae»-'. mers a " d thc ri1ri » CTIi rall 't l»ss has and conij-o;. WOllldll'l I;- socially HI.-CllVC III .stundiirds of ilvliiu uml l-uei-ji] Hli-an's or i.wpn iilllty HIP liuprovi-il. »l:>l'-it nil 1 llmllnl ,,,,,111 IKI likf imlilli- iillllilcs. .is pan '•> ).lan (in- IIK-U larilK in n li'il ill,- J.N !l i,,',rl,|.|v Hltli lin-nmc (nvfs wilnlil tic I i^laliiMinl, Hill, iil,:il,-iiir.nti 1 Mlu'll lllf liiHiiajcr'i. innnry ids IllVfMftl In Kiilciiiiiif'iit->-||)M-c- llsul II iluslrlr*.. 1'iiii the ciili'i" piiuM> 1,1 [he plan ciilk fi,r public iiiircli.i.'.e and nji- erailini ol sugur mill..-, nnil cane- land, citrus iriilt 1,11.1 rnlli'i> lunil —the lunil to i;,. di-,tiihul.'d among lens nl tl".fiii.-:nn,|s of liomr-' I There wilt In- |,iil,]icly-owurd j t warehoiifi-:.,].- .sho,^, coin- inunity and M-Inu,! ),ous,,.s. homr;i and duiili-s lo :a-ll milk to yuv;. ris nnd Islvireva ai 10=1. fiV, nankly ailmliied Dim. proilt- fliiiriii!; |irovlr.ions fur iirowers uml IjilJOiY'i-s Kill lore.-- a ivdlstilbiiCiin of Income and :i .'.harp nut h protiLs now drained froiu Uic islaml liv Atii''i Ir-an sii^nr eoiixir.i lions. Anil If lunil uml mills can't I* lioughl ai reasonable prices. Pnfr lo Rii-o will (like il under in right of Piniuenl domain. Ixjard, »Ji!-, Uielr llndlngs In conlrovci-slcs final, mot In Washington lo l;;ke up u of vilnl Imixirlaiu'c. lo the caunlry, «s lhe strike crisis IntL'iislllcd. Sliown lit their first session, left io rlglit, ure Harry A. Millls. econom!c-s deimrtincnl ciialr- 1 J': Chilli-man Lloyd Onrrlso:i, Wisconsin University lav; .school dean, Branilf.on of illonlsl; anil r-lrlwln K fimlth, i'X-lnlx)r cfiminlFAloner of Mnssachus^tls. ""' Tliat Hijf Mayoralty Uan; how we did it. \Tj- neri letter will be on federal control of lilBhways. • R. N. Farrar. Blyihevlllc, Aik. >-oi. ever hear about folks having , , lnc: "J'" Ls n , ow llxe<l more, intestinal fortitude than I V,™ !!™ "? l "f! government mule? That's what Bennv. Frank and Bill have: boy Ihev "Jel what thev want, and why pays Kit as long as Uncle Sam lhe hill) The New'Giu Zoi* (To the Editor:) . We have finally' received a liltle relief .from the oil companies by having a pasted price as follows on regular gas, Gas 10.5 cents. 1.5 cenls tax.- total 18 cents. The: price Is now fixed so 1 am on Highway Cl lo thc Standard Ons Zone line within 300 feet of HIP Missouri line. When we arrive at lhat line. we. scp a big sign, gnn 12 cenls. tax 3 cenls. If a slatlon cents, lotal IS located UOO i line and How come thai Floodway bird •vanled to accuse Benny of belntt , , n ., >i.:-nesl? And how- come anybody i* 1 r ' on '. t: '•ants lo kick if Mr. Bill gels a lle m ° 1l ° r ^ t ,. r cw good mules to work on hlil llc wolll(l "* nvnr thl> linc ""' farm. Since Mr. Bill eraduated ! Str ' P " AfA l ° Mtf - Wl "' n while was nvnr Read Courier He.ff.s Want Ads. Tt \vould co::|. £110 all aeve lo i-elm-n to Oklahoma soil llie ni- Irorjrn Ihtit has Ijeen loken fioai II, acivirdln}! lo esllniiites. Head Courier New. Want Ails. Peniiscot County Gets $219,000 For Fanner* ! CAIllITHRnKVIl.l.l-:, Mo.— Government rniion renlal checl^i In tlie Sinn of {lilO.OOO were rfcelvcd - lierc Halurdny adernoon, accord- Ins lo County AKPIIL M. D. Am- Imigpy. . The checks will (otal ap- jjM-uKlmnlely 'i,mn. and are In |jay- ment. nf 45,000 acres ot cotton land rented Die government in line with ffdetal requirements this 1'rar. Ainljuriicy wild every effort wrnilil lx> nmila lo liiive nil checks ready for dlstriliiillon Monday, He said nil farmers to ];ct checks, ; must tiring llien- entton conlraci. I'urd:; In when fomin? for their ehecks. ' 'll)ls iiiuoimt is HIP iiuik of gov- prnmr'iit collon mr,i:ey Ilial will come Into Pemlscol comity, he d. Koine lew checks were elayed, which IIP. expeds lo nr- ~lvc here lit ail early date. If Mayor Iji Clunrdla of New York wus pnfflnp at DIP end of the fat man's rar.e it wan merely because ho had a I'lg black clear In Ills mouth. Tluil's hmv cosy n wan for him lo bent lib tildrrmeii-coin- |w-(Jlor.s ul thcln nnunal onlln^ on Travers Island. You fu-e him iM-coiiil fifim rlBlit) slr-iiplnj ulngorly' over the llnlsh Hue. Hull Headaches Gone Simple Remedy Does It Headaches caused by ronsllpatlon are gone afier one ilnsc of Adk-r- Ikii. This cleans |iolsnns out of HOTH upper nnil lower towels. Eiuls bud sleep, nprvoiisnes.'.. City nrilj! .Slore and K.irby Bros. Drli» Coinjwuy. —Adv. I.-I o the rnnte of pollllcal boss- is bclni nut in his car by thc • operator of thc station, therefore . they tell me that he Is acquir- ., , - i in? lois of good farm land and Is 1C P, a >™ ent -? wo " l(1 ^ c place in •ol,i<r lo need lots of .food mu'es (he Sl " tc yet "' a red l' ced " rici ' ! '" work It with, so if heTanTsto 2 V ° r - ' " °' 'P n few mu'es on his farm whov J Drd , Z °" C11A( ' 1 - . , , "»«ne« is it. and b^Irtc, that I,-.}" "f.f" 1 " "™ mb lho lovrlv -nl there lo* of mules so le i"" !e vlllR3e of Yai ' br0 ' T notlcf '' 1 1 """Hi do the kickin" '."very gas pump emnlv. This wns] ,,„,„ . , , .' '' . , "xplained before the Standard Who M M Mr. Dress had done 7 onc Ac,, neople were toleraihii:: < inr usceola than for Blvthe- ollr hi?n tnx nn „-,, bllt Mfr : •V'^nrr'the^merLn f^gion M^^Vv^^rd 6 V^™ ! !!!l "'i nl1v "' nvtll(1: wl) V "'e-v arc.nrice commodity (ax in ArlranvK I om- lo dPdic.ilP i, on AvmWIcp.on MS. so (hey just decided in' 0-n 1045 with Ihe Rons of Vcl-, let Missouri have (heir i-as lax MI A ln . n "'; i / r nf lllc rtcdlcnllon. j bv driving across Ihe. medal Stan- All thn Irouble is that HIP Legion dard Zone line into Missouri. Ttic! rnvs (iidnl have Mr. Frank or Mr. .more \ve thinlc of Ihis linp the I g-nnv •vorkiiig for them. I more serious It becomes. I think! _ i Rimia bfep that Hale Jackson it Just as wise lo sugnesl In our -How down there and T don't, we legislature at its next s»sflnn •H" ihis Floodway bird had lo'io allow a sufficient appropriation; 'ini.- nini up m ii, Bennv. Frank for the nurpose of surveyin" this- j -"id Bill, cause T never heard of line and placing markers 'along; 'nm beme one of the triumvirate I same with tho following Inscrip- : vet. T bet he didn't like it very'tlon: I •iii'--'! himself. i "Between thc« lines we meet! All in all. I think that fellow's | all gas ; Ux-compclltloii of .Ixii^- M.lei- was ii]st co^keved. \Vhv did • dering-. .<tatCfl.":' ' •• '• ''.' : ••• ', lip have, to talk about Charlie •—••'" Colpman. and those levep board mle,<;? \\-hv couldn't lie have let -'"eninir docs alone? Just because- ^lii>,-lle cot some mites of pravel mads for n few nlttqpr vote. 1 : In a 'pvpn bourtl election Is no reason in drag him into this mess N'exi lime von (ret a teller from "•erne bird like, that whv don't yon sfiid It lo Osceola. and IP[ Frank censor it for you? Honine to sec this In your pa- ocr. I am NOT A FRIENn OF THE POLITICAL SHYSTEHS. •••'• "•". • '•••:. A-fK- caii cause no i ills s. This would rjr\-e two purposes, ' 'T" the editor:) There are twice, as many gins In the south as Is needed to gin the cotton crop. When the farmer was getting }?i nnd 20 and 25 cents a pound for his cotton, and from 25 to 40 dollars a ton for seed, and raising * crop of 16 and 17 million ball* there «« tots ol money Jn the Chilled By Frigldalre Saf« . Sanitary Ptnt - 7c Quirt - l?c CRAIGS DAIRY Phone 74 fewftf gives you • * • Y - - " "'' C-y*"" y '' ^*a lot of pleasure, ^ ^'-J- peace of mind •*• '.•':-' -m if x» cotnfort ' •• .'. *S We say that Chesterfields are milder — that they taste hetter — and we believe that you would enjoy them, that's that MILDER TASTES BETTER , ti«uT & Mriij TOIACCO Co.

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