The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1934
Page 2
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PAGt TWO, PLrTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JULY 16, 1984 Social Calendar TUpSOAV'6 EVENTS Zast:m 81 ar meeting at 7:M pjn. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Bible study of Church of Christ meeting with Mrs. Elbcrt Alley. hall, Ctrl M»«ff To Furnish Hnk For Jorofccro Uancr. Carl "Deacon" Moore, who lived •mi' Jonesboro lor a number of ye*re before his orchestra bccann nationally known, will "come home" when he ploys for a dance at the Hotel NoWs's new dining room, El P»tio, at Jonusfcoro Wednesday • evening. • Moo;c and his 14 NBC artists advanced lo the radio afler having had engagements In Itadlnj hotels throughout the country. About 12 years ago Moore, cr "Squlr.ce" ns he was known by all his friends, had a Email or- chrstra In Joncshoro mid since that time has become more and man successful. CUsc Mwts. The eight members and seven visitors nt ths meeting of the Dorcas Sunday school class of the First Baptist church Friday at the home Of Mrs. II. L. Mnrshit! had group sinking during the social hour. Tills was led by T. H. Haynes. Mrs. fl, 1. Haley conducted Hie devotional in which she used the 19th Psalm and Mis. w. M. Crow, president, led 1112 business session. An Ice course was served. Jntcr-Nevbllt. Announcement was martr today of the marriage, of Miss Amberlee Newblll of Dyersburg, Tcnn., to Mr. Elmer Jester, of Dycrsburg and Memphis, which was solemnized Sunday, July 8. Mr. Jester end his bride made the announcement after arriving here yesterday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Galnes. Mrs. Jester has visited here a number of times as guest of her sister, Mrs. Galnes, •nd fimlly. - The Rev. J. W. Graves, pastor tit . the Church of Christ nt Dy- trtburg, read the service at lils home. . Mrs. Jester t ts the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. E, Newblll, of Orenburg, and Mr." Jester is the ton of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Jester, of that city. They will malce their home In Memphis where the bridegroom -has headquarters as deputy United SUtes marshal. DAN TKOMAS GEORGE GCARBO H C.J-Y .i v,H3 CV- r.'Cil.L.Y AllCFlU SAGrEP ii£fi snsc CMC''" 1 N A S^VlLLftQT I'J"7IJ£ WS-'a V.WCE /ILL G>tE I«D To iw v;.'S SJTON "in£ ROOT?. -I 1 .: S THE OUI.Y f-KHdEff. Or US IAJ .no.'tj \\cecit L ST/.1GG .'/SO. Bib of Neu;s Mostly Personal Baron Prefers Girls of Yesterday Demonstration Club News Notes The Tomato Home Dsmonstra It's Up to the Women BY MRS. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVKLT . Roosevelt'? Health Ri,!e; Sleep Is very necessary to preserve health. Borne p?opb icquirc mora tha'n others, but every one It seems to me ihal for the i.nirior ailment?, every one is uvt- ler u1 lo be cnrert fcr at home, should have Ihe amount which he knt In order lo do :l>is udciiuale- or she rErmlres. J a mother must learn lo te Eom; people as (hey ijrow older: also n (rained ntirs:. find It morr nnd nioro dltlIcuU| to sleep well. Of course, if they NEXT: Training; C.irK to Care have cares and anxieties, 11 is, for the Sick. h»rd lo pill them out of their j iCoprtlgh', !!,o:<, by Aiii.r. mtmls nnd coiniwse themselves to H.x:-evcU; 'Uislribiited py Unit- sleep, but if they can acquire Ihe habit of reading nol too cs- citing a book for n while; If they mao ~ kitchen. Mrs. J. A. Dodson gave a rcpon crciEC so that they will be physically tired; if they are a careful about the covers tlon club met at the Community I can remember to lake enough ex- Canning Kitchen Friday after- '" ' ' noon with Mrs. George Stages, president, presiding. Mrs. J. W. Tally called roll and the members answered by giving the amount th»t she would have lo preserve according to her family budget. Mrs. Jessie Batcmon le't the discussion on room improvement. Mrs. Ollle Hastings, gardening chairman, urged each member to plan for the fall gardens and to also plant fall potatoes. Mrs. George Stftggs, canning leader, announced that she was making arrangements with Miss Cora l«e'Coleman, home demonstration agent, for the temporary use ol the canning 'equipment until the state tends the retort for the to- ed F'eft'.urc Syndicate, Inc.i little under | which they sleep— they should bo: warm and yet not too h;nvy— ' I think Ihe nvernsc normal person observing these rules will b; able to sleep an adequate number of houis, even though he may not, achieve: ns much sleep as he v.'ouM like to have. People who do not sleep should not worry a tout it. They should lie there and rest and think about, pleasant things. They will cither fall asleep or. :il the worst. Five Plan Scaling of High Peak in Alaska SEATTLE. (UP)— Five daring nd experienced mountain clinirj- TS. arc enruutc to Alaska to at- 1'iiipt to scale Mount Foraker, icrttoforo nncanmisrcd by man. The party includes Carl Ancler- :nn ol Anchorage, Alaska; Osc^r il. Houston ol Now York City"; ;'rol. T. Graham Brown, of the Jnlveislty of South Wales; Chos S. Houston, Secretary of the Harf>rd Mounlaineerliij Club and ! harles Storey of Harvard. get tip ne:?,t, morning less refreshed perhaps but still quite able lo do their dally tasks ' and retire early lh? niglit usually lo sleep. Recreation Is a very n:c;ss:ir> on the clolhing arid urged Ihatiparl. of health, for the ttraila each one study the bulletin "He- stele enters In here. No one who moval of Stains." Often times the does not have a certain nmnuiv children's clothing Is discarded bc- CCUEB they arc covered with fruit Etaln.5 but these can be removed if instructions from this book arc followed. Mrs. Lewis Malone reviewed the score card lor bread •nd cake and conjratulatcd the Tomato club for having won in the bread contest at (he county council. Mrs. Mike Exccnsicr. home management chairman, asked the clnb to study the arrangement oi the kitchen, and to study the standard equipment ol the kit- chtn. Mrs. M. E. Buchanan, poultry chairman- .gave the outline for culling hens for egg production •»nd urged that every body civ? their culling demonstration this month. Mrs. Savana Shoemakr. ' "of LeachvlUe, and Mrs. Oleaster Druroeri, from Barr, Tenn., were thttors, ' Dnrtng: the social hour the club Ifcekted to have a dance and Ice Kcad Courier News Want Ada. Find Marriage Pact Is 'Grand' of recreation, let us --ay, can Hv healthy mental life One Miaul' lave as many Interests in thr j ionic as cue poisihly can. Hv- sidcs a vocation, whatever il nv.iy I be—^ven If il is that of houso-i wife—try to have sonic avocation, | something in lito which occupies! j'oiir minu or yin.r h.intls.l v.'iirl will change your trend "1! when you v.-kh to cbnnco! it. I If a woman is on her fc'.H :i jal deal performing household | tasks, she should leain to c.o | soir.;lhing which will keep her | sitlinj und rcil her. for in Ihnj rcsllw nss. evni 11 It miut K-| dene by artificial mran;. il is n~ccispiy lo acquire a:i atmoj- ; i'hrrc ol r.c^c: | 0r p n ,i O j CV c:yl day. It is n?cc;sary not cn:y 10 cnc's o^'ii hralth tut also to !hr hiiHplni's of IhC'.i: in UK hoiilp. n!|ht: July 30_and the proceed! from .the 'p»rty and suppoi wtll'be Hied-lor equipment for'th- Utehtn.- ; cretm supper 'at the kitchen on I £cmc of tn ; men 1 know she, —"-•--- -. . cat! a most Eclh; ircntal ...e\ If I icrrcBtlon nt a carpenter's' Uu:ch, ond some business nun iccl stamp all through iheii •s. or make collection-, of r.o'nf: icr kind which require uvt.'n- catalofiucs lor saK-s nnd Mudy whatever particular thins they ar.' l:it;iesleil in. Ami added lo thei? l.;icr:rU which can tc developed it homr; t-very oi't r.ho'.ild kct-p Notes Pilleotj admitted to the Bly ttwrtllf ho»p(Ul: Edwin Halslend. ettjr; i.tonsilectcmyi Mrs. Oscar MMkeubtp, cHy, operation; Mrs <. .;4-- B«ile>. Hermandale, Mo, tttitment; jilles Edna Vanz«nt, JUnlln, operation; Kenneth Doug%,.;St«Je, tofecled h«nd; Mrs Ruby Rcuner?»ll, kelter." Ireat meat; Jirs.. Ab'rior. Perdew. clly tre*tment; Mfca W.inda Smith V Dfsmtsseri: "A Steele, trealment A»ek up. the third _ ptaee of Ihi I'ilgrims They flrtt boded at . Ftovlncc- town, Uxn at CUrk'i fcUnd «ni «B|*r to ~ interests ontstrtc the home: 13 which will take Ihvin ouulrte nf thc;nr.c-lvo", and which will moke them tal:*- a wlilv view cf lllc. \york with some civic group. wV icmc active piece of work t nitric community Uill r.vak? ih, wotld a far more Interesting |-lac: to llvo In. r ^ AM thss". ,t;;^<;s have lo Jo with '.':•.-. mrl the ktcp- 1 Ing of iiiiCfcH in kcu-l ir.rntr.' :.,,n; physical condition, but, to M al( VF r.o matter how careful v;c cr^,' the.'c comj periods cf Mr. and Mrs. Berry B. Brooks id daughter, Virginia, ol Memphis, spent the weekend with W& Allan Wallon. • Mi:.* Wanda Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Smith, underwent a lonslleclomy at the Bly- .evllle hospital. O. n. Moiillrle, formerly of here ami now of near Wilson, underwent a major operation at the Memphis Baptist hospital Saturday. Mrs. Hugh Henry Is seriously ill from colilis al her home on Davis :i venue. Mr. and Mrs. R. I,. Dailies have •is their ei:cst.s Mr. and Mrs. El- nnin Jeslcr, nf Memphis, and Mrs. Frank New-bill, of Dyersburg, Tenn. Mrs. Jack Wcnzlrf of'Memphis,; was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.' liinmlc Fossick over -the week- nil. Mr. and Mrs. Everett B. Oee lave as Iheir Ruests their neplv: ews, Billy and Tom Pay ton, o 1 ! lemphlb, who will be here three '.•ccks. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Knothc and laivjhlor, Patty, of Memphis, were i of Mr. and Mrs. Everett H. Gee and Mr. and Mrs. Jlmmle k yeslerday, having come .up for Hie golf tournament. Mr. and Mrs. C, G. McKlnney. of Washington. D. C.. arc uues'.s of Mr. nnd Mrs. Theodore Lo^tin Ihls week. Mr. McKlnney Is connected with the Walter Herd lio=- pltal. Miss Mamye Louise Edwards, Waller Logan, Bill Crihlleld and ]!. B. Goodman visited friends al Hughes, Ark., over the week-end. Mrs. C. H. Boss has been 111 at her mother's home for several days. Mr. und Mrs. s'. R. Webster hart is their .guests Sunday, Mrs. Web- ter's brother, Joe Ross, and sister. Miss L. E. Ross, of Omaha, Neb. Mir; Virginia Blomeyer, who travels for a cosmetic Company, spent the weekend at home after having been in Marked Tree and loncsboro for a week. R. N. Hill jr.. spent the weekend in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Jackson and daughter, Marilyn, arc visiting in Hot Springs. Miss Isabel Brandon lefi yesterday for Oklahoma City, Okla., where she will visit Dr. und Mrs. E. L. Mlley, who lived here a number of years ago. Mr. nnrt Mrs. K R. Cumberland and daughter, Jacqueline, and Miss Sclma McKlnnon returned Sntur- from Columbia, Tcnn., where they visited for a week. They were accompanied home by Mr Cumberland's sister. Miss Evelyn Cumberland, of Columbia, who wil be their guest for two weeks. Mr. Hiid Mrs. Thomas E. Frcar and son, of Hollywood. Cal.. were Siicsls of Mr. and Mrs. .1. Nick Thomas over the weekend. Mr. anc Mrs. Frear went to Memphis today and '«'ic son remained here until lomorrcw. He was former!} In the movies for several years when a child. Elaine Anderson has returned from a week's slay al Ihe Olr Scout camp at Hardy. She wil leave August 1 fnr Miami. n.-\., to spend six weeks wllh her Cecil Anderson, and Mrs. Anderson. J. Nick Thomas Jr., and II. v Strong, of Memphis, spent (he weekend with Mr. Thomas- patents Mrs. J. Y. Turner has Efliir- to Buffalo. N. Y.. lo: relatives Hot summer noons or evenlr£">- Highly seasoned, it stimulates tue rppctllc much as the. hot soup does. Jellied tomato bouillon is. ap- pfalins with its tart piquancy. Il should be quivcringly firm but not .slid enough lo hold its shape. A too-stiff jelly is unappetizing. Crisp wafers are a good accompaniment for any Jellied soup and tadislics and celery can be served with anyllilne but a mixed vegetable soup. Canned soups, bouillon cubes or freshly made stock can be used for jellied soups. Instead of long fusing over meat bones In order la make the soup jelly, try usln? pelaiinc for the thickening agent. This makes a Jellied soup very easy to prepare. Estra salt and pepper are need! for Iced bouillon, since very old foods have a tendency to dull ic nerve which is sensitive to isle. Don't Rrpral Flavors There's one prccaulion lo keep i mind when planning lirst cours- . no not repeat flavors. If you 'rv* a tomato Juice cocktail or jellied tomato bouillon, do not serve a tomato salad. If you choose firsl course of fruil, don't serve i fruit salad or [he same kind of mil for desserl. A jellied first iciursc precludes' the use of a jcl- ied salad or jellied" dessert. However, if you plan thougli!- ully you will make full use cf he season's Iwunty of fruits and ,'cectables and serve varied and iitcresllng meals. A macedoine of fruit combines several kinds of fruit, each in a separate layur, in a tart fruit flavored jelly. This is molded In brick form and cut in slices to serve. Pictured In the full bloom of youthful beauty, Mary Picklord tupper left , ELfeie Ferguson Uip- per right). Mrs. Ournce Muim (lower right) and Kltaibeth Ar- dcn (center, below) are Baron de Meyer's choices as the loveliest women of the screen, stage, society and business worlds, respectively, In "yesterday's" generation. )eciares Women Today Lack Real and Lasting Loveliness Who's beautiful? . . .The girls Jew women anywhere have It. His todiy, maintained Harden Hay- . c |,i c f coun i Against American wo- •n, famo« artbt, in an inter-] old. then, is not cw granted to the. Courier !\e\vs; '" - ' ' visit will- She will be gone lor the remainder of the 'summer. Mr. and Mrs. O. p. Moss wen tmesis of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lcccl yesterday. Miss jidjji Carlctim Sims tJike Villace. Ark., is Ihp Kur ^ Mr. and Mrs. E. B. .Woodson. Mrs. B. A. Lynrh and sons ant daughter have arrived home from Chicago where they visited th lair for ten days Mr. and Mrs. Horace Gulp o .Pine Bluff, left last ,,ig| U ' [0 points In Texas jtler a brief sta v.'ilh Mr. and Mrs. John F. I.enfi They came over especially for (h golf tournament. Mrs. W. M. Crow has (,„„,, t Shrevenort, La., where she will vis I it her mother. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. I rn-is 3r vidting In Helena. Ark Miss Dorolhv Goodrich an Charles Ray Newcomb have re turned from n vjsii _u-|ih relative gmi O r nt ir.uriago for .nn;i <;[.Mij<;ii. sci ecu r'jmc- 'niip. I.i;i jilmdi. ami J. W. H'l'i. !r, S.lh Dif-KO. Cr.lll., H^T. ^h',.vn l.r-low wlili her, i 1 - ' ju^i crriinl" under their iliii-h Hie actress rouhl >•• :ili nuy unallaclicil iir; .-rm'M Iioiiif. Ko c l.oei.ilU<-il (he- UKI'PP- as lo linurs and predict ".ore happiness in tiio of Mr. Newcomb In points of Km 1 lucky. Miss Mary Alice Thompson o | Memphis. Is the |Iienc Crowrter. j C. R. Maddux wns bio-.i^hl horn ! last ninlit from the Memphis l-'i Eye. Nose and Tliro.u hcv,pl'( where he undciw eu i im rve op eralion and Ls now al (he horn ol Mr. and Mro J. Cecil Mr. anil Mri. Lowe and ton Jim mle, and Mr. and Mrs. M T. Moo motored down where they mot M fowe's parents, ol Mill Trim., nml his .Msler, Mi s . J-'Kr^rant. atul Mr. S;irn-a Mcinphis. fm Ion Turk. Till-Ill tVvIl Alha I'irnic ;il Ovc-l Thr- moon was brltrved lu made of glnsf, Lx-toro (he Invn lion of telescopes. Thr; dnrk mark Ings on it wcr= tlioucht lo be t icRcction of land and sea are cu earth. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Baked apples, cereal, cream, minced ham on • toast, milk; coffee. LUNCHEON: Iced bouillon. Mel- • ba toast, macaroni baked with : cheese und tomatoes, brown bread, berries with sugar and cream, milk, tea. DINNER: Macedoine of fruit, casserole ol peas and eggs, broiled- tomatoes, corii-on-the-cob, stuffed pepper ring salad, chocolate cup cakes filled with mint Ice cream milk, coffee. nd NEA Service Thursday .™ Inuc1 ' thelr l3ck - o{ he (tlrls of a pait yoang genera-; their lack of balance. He resents un, believes Baron de Meyer, not- j u, c [ ac t that they lead what he d photographer anil designer— calls "such a rtelapidated, sloppy na hb contentions appear in the ', existence." from 20 on that they rtlcle below, the second In a ser- j never build up permanent resist•s of three. • ' ance against the ravages of time. KITCHEN BY MARY E. DAQTJE The mission of the first course in any meal . is to stimulate and ivhet the appetite. In 'summer, particularly, bach a course 'is needed because Ihe heat tends to take "They "stay out until all hours, | nway our .<j es j« for food . i nnniiT in frier, mntnr rnr*: nf "» • • , , . .,. - .- , ,V MARV MARGARET McBRlUE! go about in fast motor cars at :KA Service Slatf Corrcspomlent; breakneck speed with their hair NF.W VORIv, July 12.-America's'lying and Iheir complexions burn- ounser generation of women is Ing in the wind and sun," ! he de- ice cold bouillon" of jelly-like consistency is a welcome dish on a hot day. Fruit' in the form: of a cocktail, soup or appetizer is their muscles at strenuous games.],, nd - veg et ab le 'Juice cocktails -all in general, they thoroughly .unfit make lnvittn - B beginnings for hot themselves for graceful, gracious wea ther menus. - Impeccably sea- old age." " - ... ..'..... ital, healthy, animated—but nol j dares bitterly. "They lie for hours.popular j or summer meals. Chilled wautiful! lP".:l h ^°L. E i l ^ r ^-^.°™ rci f-'f. 1 ??i risn cocktails, vegetable appetisers That's the verdict of Baron ' iayne de Meyer, who for years as been photographing the bcau- iful women of all countries and icsignins clothes for them, bc- idcs. "Ah. ljut certain nf the younger generation's older sisters — those t'ere beauties!" rhaj>sodizes the Uaron. "Motion pictures had Mary. In the Arctic regions, conversation has been carried on over water by persons separated by distance of 6696 feet. fee icklont—Maey the skin of ,. toned arid thoroughly chilled. these first courses' invite one to Another fault the Baron has to tmscl, the weather nnd with the woman is her whatever she • ion - ' iform of service is not convenient None of the women he named \ ktfp lno r cod on ice until ready Old Folks Like This Laxatjvo B*ctm» of veilcened (Ii"ieitiv< etga'tir,. o'd p-oplt nttd « thoroufS lixiiiv^, bci >' c?n:!a one. D.liciaui Fc«n>«-mini. the chi^irij g t:nt (jxitivi dijtcibuto tht lixi^ive inBtniient by cEi*«rin«, unifo/mlr into tKe »yi[«n f ihu» aiyins » full" comply .ctJon that U ciort TianirVl •J —and g«ot!t. Doctoifc muhdy pnictlbi ilr Iwiuve itigc»difr.r in drlitiom F«r,-a mi c average American whenever it is possible to servei Su r VSK^ • slavish imitation of a colrt concoction in a well of ice r i « •ck«J«i. »d my ib.». Ch«w infilw, thinks is the fash- M much the better. But if this f "» m * *«"-•»«''« »n«i Pi H«,. - ' i cliilci. i>crfcct nose, winsome mouth, adorable he stage was i ft beauties, he declares, has over ^-f-^irv' sr.-rasw-s.ii nawlcs, enchain^* ^"j^^ ^^SSS ^ '"-yihas made of herself a personality, . *i Ihns enhancing the charm of her vas Ihc peerless Mrs. \Iniiii. who stnnds out :roup. In the hnsiness world was 3ll7abclh Ardcn, of clislinguished ovclincss. + * * "Hcanlifnl as yoi:ng girls, Ihcsc lovely features. lo cerve. Always chill the con- laincr before filling il with the mixture. Jellied Soups Fniil is refreshing and zcstlul ccrveil in one-of its many forms. Jellied consomme is delicate for DELICIOUS Hot Weather Specials Served Daily BLACK CAT COFFEE SHOPPE Prices Reasonable TOMOHROW: Who's beautiful? . . . 1'crliaiw YOU arc! . . . llaydcn Haydcn sketches and dis- get older. They always bc|i lllras . >eaiititul. for nge cannot destroy i _ i _ ________ he real [hills, which is what they :ave. And by the real thing I nraii. not merely perfect features, but thnt and much more— line. distinction, a way of dealing with x-oplc. charm, individuality." Search xs he may among (he younger women of loday, the Ba- •j unable to find any trace of the will r>' the wisp by which he '.ct.-, such store. Where has It ilown? tic docs not know. It is, the great, mjslcry. The Uaron is 1 'wo Ihings. (I) Destroy Ihe inft-c- snrc. Ilioiich. Ihal what (las gen- : lion in the blood. (Z) Ruild up the ci'iilion calls bcauly is only youlh ! blood (o overcome the cffecls and and abounding KU«| health, plus i to lorlify against, further att.ick. at limes, a pleasant prcltlness I There is one medicine lli?t. docs none of which. arcorrtiiiB lo him. these two things and (hat will lact Hindi after thirlj-. ! tirove's Tasteless Chill Toni-i The » • • 'nMeJrss qnitiine in Grove's IVsi-- As a m;iUer of fact, the Ameri- i !css Chili Tonic destroys the mal- cnn woman a.; a rule wcms to j ari.-,l inlection in the blood while the Uaron distinctly lacking in the ! the iron buildo up the blood. Thou- qiiahtics which make for lasting : sands of people have Get Rid of Malaria! Banish Chills and Feveri To conquer Malnria. you must do Kxcopl In a lew cases, Malaria with aid of Grave's Tr.!.lclc5s Chill Tonic. In addition lie fays sh? ha.s no personality, that «hr sit.-, like a lump, sinok"- lr belli" a nolcd remedy fc-r Mal- '.oo much, cats evcr> r thing Alic • aria. - it l.i also an excellent t'Jnlc •vants. ririnkr, loo many cocktails I of general use. yrove's Ta-teless and is consequently passe at 45.'Chill Tonic is pleasant to tal:o and For real smartness., he chooses the'contains nothing harmful. Even Italian woman ol pood 'oirlh and children like it and (hey can take breeding, the ty))e who never loses il safely. For sab by all stores, her fiRiire. who is always perfect 1 1N ' OW Ul ° sl'«3^50c and $1. Thy t! of clothes aurt . matters manner. "French women ed nnrt pretty." Ihi "bill they haven't Italian nristorral. 'Miry keep lliclr looks, vitality and interest in life longer, though, than ihc American woman. "Take Ccclle lioicl for Instance. Past CO. she dances as If she were eighteen, carei tor her body meticulously, and drcr-rcs beautifully. Italian nnd French women alter forty know thnt they must work to -kwp llirtr charm as Ihe.y would work at a |>rolc. l; skin. They mako ;i full time joh of il. And Ihc rc- snlls are worth il." * * « I'inncd. down, the Daron finally admitted Hint bcauly in the sense ilhat ho uicaivs it Is so rare that sire contains 2K times as i.vjch as Ihc 50c size-'and givej you 25^' arc well-groom-1 '"»»' (0 - >'° lir ' lno ." c y c Baron admits.' the air of the -Adv. 4 HHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEFT. HEAT IS HARD ON CLOTHES The heat and dust of midsummer reduces their wearability. Insure longer service from your clothing- and smarter appearance when the mercury is high with QUALITY CLEANING. Barnes' Nu-Wa Cleaners Phone 180 Farmers Ask Deri Proteclicn MANOR. Texas (UP)— Farmers '. near here have appealed to state;", rangers lor prelection from deer. " Several, escaped from private preserves, are damaging crops. Btale..: game law prohibits- the farmen"]- killing [hem before Nov. 16! •;

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