The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 5
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FRIDAY, SKt'TKMHKR 25\ 1930 (AKK.) COUKIIOK NEWS "Baltic of Argonne" and Scores of Aerial Numbers Will Be Seen Here The fireworks spectacle, Ihe mitlc of the Argonne. seldom Keen except al Inrge slate fairs will be one of the attractions of tlie Mississippi County Fair, opening next Tuesday. Tlie fireworks program will be the main attraction at the lair Wednesday night, September 30, and it will be repeated Saturday night. October 3. It will be presented in front of the yrandstairJ. PIvery detail has been \vork?d out by pyrotechnic experts of the Illinois Fireworks Company to giv: the audience as nearly as pos-lub a reproduction of the great battle of November G, 1918—the last great battle of the World War. The scene opens showing a region of tlie battlefield where Lhe Germans liave planted machine- guns and everything is quiet, when in Llie stillness of the night the American soldiers move to the attack and a desperate battle ensues Kc:ir anil Smukc ot Ualtle The sctting-np will take Severn hundred feet of space all made i! lance work, using many muske. shots, liquid fire, flares. smok2 pots rockets, whistling shells, cannon de tontions and many other combustible ingredients that will represml a battle in real life, and the roa; of atificial artillery laid out in the production with Hie smoke of thr muskets and the action of all those devices, makes it very realistic. In addition to this great battle the fireworks program will include fourteen mammoth set pieces including such numbers as The Temple of Flora, The Mammoth Ferris Wheel, The Arches of Paradise The Eclipse of the Sun, The But of Mystery, The Famous Shfba's Brooch, Sensational Whirlwind, The Monarch of the Air, The Dazzling Curtain of While Fire, The Oriental Man, The Geysers of Yellowstone, The Whirling Dragon, The Butterfly, and Old Glory. KJ Aerial Numbers There will also he eighty-five big aerial numbers including such shells as the Devil's Fork Shell which it a three-break shell exploding hundreds of feet in the air, thirty long fiery prongs appearing and extending out and downward three hundred feet, forming a s;iganli< fork. At the end of each fork.s, -imall shell explodes sending forth ,a stream of brimstone fire which, ''changes' to a fiery white light.';' The Transformation Parachute -Shell breaks with a report, aftsr •which a chain of lights appear that change to red then to a beautiful green, then blue and finally to a perfect diamond color which floats through the sky for flvs minutes. ' The Hissing Serpents Shell produces a swarm of magic-like serpents with emeratel lined bxltes that writhe, squirm and hiss in true snake style when ill great ra'ic, as they soar into the skies and disappear in the darkness. The Giant Bombardment Shell when bursting produces a gnlaxj of every color. The bombardment is intense and at each explosion a new tint appears. This bomb repeats thirty times and at each explosion a new color of brillianl hue appears distinctly. Flanders Fields And the greatest of all shells The Silent Flanders Field Shell which is a transformation of gorgeousness. Every detail has beei perfected to make this shell a masterpiece that will never fade from memory. First.' a flash that is intermingled with the rapid flre of the machine Bims, then a silence that is impressive with the dark- Pioneer Radio Entertainers! With Barn Dance Show at Fair mm m Chnel: and R^mcmher way back when you ised to wear earphones and tinker vith your crystal radio set? Then, remember when you installed the first loiiel-.speaker on your radio. About tluU^llmc, chuck ilaynet ind Ray Hiiynes were appcarlnt is two of the original Three-Man Minstrel show of radio on a Chicago station. Gene Arnold was the I'red man. This is the same show :hat has developed into that popu- 'ar NBC program, "Greater Min- trels." ,: ,iJ Chuck and nay, who were heard coast-to-coast for live years with tl'.c "Greater Minstrels," will make personal appearances with the WLS Barn Djnee Show at the Mississippi County Pair next Tuesday. Known as "The Ole Harmmiy Slaves." Chuck and Rny sinj; old- time ballads with "sweet" harmony. They have a real talent for comedy, too. and are saving their best gags for their appearance i:i Blytiievillc. less of night, without a sound I night and continually irrigates the i blanket of green clouds form, in I rrws of plants. During the worst which can be seen, the bright col-1 of the drouth he set his alarm of the Poppy Fields. As if at clock every two hours at nijint. I i given signal a small cloud of rich j when sufficient wind was blowing iolden butt appears faintly distin- lo turn (he vanes, and watered ruishable, then becoming brighter, his plant rows, md brighter the Heavens turn into In less (han five months Mc- blaze of glory, through which Mecn has netted more than .$000 in feeding and selling ho^s and has bought all his feed. Since feed costs 3 cents a pound i Jhines forth a 2KOh'3 in memory GLISTENING of our brave :)oys who are sleeping in the Pop>y Fields of Prance. Eighty other aerial numbers will )e given, winding up with the grand Hope Next Congress Will Admit Territory as 49tli Slate of Union ! HONOLULU. <UP>—HnwHtl will renew l(s eflfoels lo b-.'comc ilu- i -19th state in the Union on Ilif opening day of congress next January. i Samuel Wilder King, the lerri- ! lory's debyate lo congress, Iri^ announced that he will Introduce the necessary resolution the .first day, asking for the appointment of a jDlnl commutes of the senale and house will! euithorl/.atioii to ho!;l formal hearings In Hnvvall on -; its .request for statehood. : "Ilawnli, we believe, is entitled lo full .statehood, having passed her 38lh yoar of successful .self- .government as a lerritory." declared Kins. '-Whil'. 1 previous cliorjs tc ;tiain slalehood have not been sue- 1 ceEsfnl. they nevertheless have pav- ! cd Ui-? way and have brought mon ; recognition of Hawaii in legislative i matters," lulim-s Time Orirjorlims Kins Insists that in asking UK appointment of n jalnt commitlc? at tlie comln^ >:cssio:i of congress, the aims of jlalcliOD-J will bs advanced. He is convinced Hawaii is ready for statehood lodiy and Uiat it is only justice to th; people who 3S years ngn voluntarily annexed [heir Islands to lh-o United States that their claims should receive consideration nl the present time. "We ask now," King states, "that members of congress visit onr ter- litory. delve into every phase o! social, economic and political life, study the islands from every viewpoint and see for themselves the- manner in which Hawaii is prepared for slatehocd." Wants Committee of 24 : King's resolution. Us announced will ask for a committee of 2-1 lo be divided equally between, the house and the scnato and thrit ii visit the islands next summer. He will suggest that the chairman and senior minority member of the following committees bo included in Ihe parly: territorial affairs, naval affairs, military affairs, agriculture, appropriations' ana labor. He will also nsk that the committee remain in tha islands for two weeks to a month, that members visit each island, and, thai their hearings be public, 3>-J?*''" lie will suggest that iiii^ex- PAGE al appropriation of $10,01)0 (o end will be backed, lie eleelaic.s, a (territorial nnurourlnllon ot $15000. Wintry Blasts to Be Studied in Far Norl!: WASHINGTON 11)1') — Tlu cause,of wintry cold wnvos will bi. studied for (he first lime In plain, llltjhls to be miulc fit Fairbanks Alaska. Harold aillnni, commercial pilot, will attempt twice dally until nexl March 15 to soar liircu mlli uljove (he earth to make obsi-ivii- llons that arc expected, to throw new Hunt on Uie .structure of polar ccmtliu'iilal nlv. in his pliiiu 1 , Cilllam will nmy aeiometeoioBiiiphs, Instv u in c n t's which automatically record U'm poiatiuv, pressure nnel humidity in thn air tliroujih which they pass, A contract willi the- gavrrnmem provides Olllinn will be paid fliO fur each Jllslit Unit he Is auln to make aceordlui; to spccillcatiwis. Hie funds will come from immey pproprlntcd by the liankliend- Jcmr.s act, passed by ennui-ess lo further re.seavch In the lield of agriculture. 'fhe uppcr-nlr observations will !:e telei-rnplu'il to Seattle for use in milking (he dully weather fort- casts. Analyses of the obseivalions •ire to be nuidc In Washington. finale, consisting of 50 shots of electrical storms,. 50 shots of can- nn • L T 1 L non detonations, 12 9-inch 7-break Marriage by telegraph national color shells, 12 5-inch 7-1 CC Vpav- Ann Rrraliffl break peacock plume shells, mak- OD Ieals fi ° IVCCaHLO ing 214 individual presentations in this item alone. he supplements it with "lio»! Penses ot the investigation bt weed" which he pulls every morn-1'shared jointly by the territorial; anci the federal government. A' ! t|der- ing. Amciicn spends about $2-1,060,a year for pcrfunu's, tolH KENTUCKY STRAIGHT WHISKEY UNITED LIQUORS, WHOLESALERS Distributors S-l! Kifih SI., liiitl. II W. .Vhirliliiiu ', Sinllli.' Art. Mule Hnrk. Arli. ;., 1'ffmil 111) KinUi 11-7 Texas Garden Nek $88 From $2.20 In Seed DALHART. Tex. (UP)— Depres- lion anel drouth hold no fears for Ross McMeen and his wife, farmers living near here. The McMcens have lived well during the worst drouth in the history of this section of the country and have never asked for relief. "The w-ife and I have done that by gardening," saiel McMccn. "Garden surplus, sold to merchants or direct to customers has bought all the ntuple goods we need. From the garden we canned enough to last us and also had fresh vegetables and fruit." McMeen said he bought $2.20 worth of garden seed this year, planted a quarter acre. So far he has sold $88 worth of vegetables. A windmill furnishes the water. He leaves it running all day and LA JUNTA, Colo. (UP) —With publicity stunt marriages of to- j day being performed underground, j in the air and underwater, Lee Gillaud recalls that he was married by telegraph 55 years ajo—and it was not a publicity stunt. GHtanel and his prospective bride were awaiting the preacher at La Junta, Feb. 2. 1831, when it was learned ,1 flood had washed out a bridge at Las Animus, preventing the minister from reaching the scene of the wedding. The chief dispatcher for the Santa Fc railroad permitted Giliand to use his office for the nuptials and the entire ceremony was performed by telegraph messages between Li Junta and L'is Animas. Regular Gasoline 10 8-10c Plus 3c tax Anti-Knock Gasoline 11 l-2c, Plus 3c Tax Special' To Farmer ii( Barrel Lots Regular Gasoline ..: ........... 10 8-IOc, Tax Paid Kerosene in Bbl. Lots ............ 5 9-1 Oc, T«x Paid Kerosene 1 lo 25 Ga) ............... ;.:. 08c Steele, Mo. Governments Play a Part —in strcnslhtninir the hanltim; slruclmc. Fj VKRY stale charters stale banks com*-i prisinjr the Slate nankin;; System. Tliey are xtinerviscd under slate laws that supplement and enforce accepted principles of £ouml banking. Similarly the Federal government cliar- ler.s ant! supervise.') the national banks of which there arc many in each slate.- It uxalrxl the Federal Reserve System, oom- I":S(H| of all National anil many State I'iinks, designed primarily to co-ordinate and strengthen credit operation:? ol' banks; and created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. White the basic soundness of banks; is created by the honesty and efficiency of ; their own management.,-;, these various pov- crrmenl measures brace the financial structure uivinjr it added resiliency and usefulness to the public. Deposits Insurer! Ky riie Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Washington, I). C. 85,000 Maximum Insurance For Each Depositor Farmers Bank & Trust Go, Blythcville, Aik. British Rail Traffic Doubles 1934 Volume (Ul>)—Client Drllnln's indiislrlii) recovery Is illusiMlo:! by thu raihvny stiitlstlw for Inst year, Just IssilKl by Ulo Ministry ol Tnin.s|iovl. Ooiiiiumi ivllli loai, pn.woiifi'r JouriK'ys Incmisnl by 58,01)0 000 to l.US7,(WO,CCO, mill freight, tmf- tlc; Ini'i-ciisccl \>y 858,8-14 tons lo 270.877,072 Ions, • ' : . A L'rait. extension ulso Is iccoid- c<l M (lie ill)- services opemUxl on iK'liulf of or by nrnmgcmeiit with railway comrnnies. Passenger Jour- iioys rose from 2,194 to 13,117. M. Doff Warns of |,'| r c ST. I,OUIS lUl')-E(lwnril Vntigh, 17. wns nwnkened by the bulks of Ills ))H collie dig, I'nl, jusl In llmo lo jump from n sscond story window and escape flame* which tad penetrated' his Mlvlrig (lututcib. Pal ufis rescued by, flre-' men. fl -, TALENT, QIC. (UP) _ Walter Engbcrg 1ms a lieu that might be nil asset to Republicans. IIo.dis- played an egg on which was a perfect rcpllen of the Republican campaign cinblcrn—n. sunflower wllli 15 ixslals aiid even a raised center. ; . • : ; FARM LOANS In Drainage District No. 17 We arc imw in position to consider IOHIIS <)" well ini|H'nvci1 farms in Dniinano Disiriit No. 17, iis well as in 'other suctions ot tlie county. Long Terms Low Annual Interest Liberal Repayment Privileges * : . • Wilson and Worthington Authorized Mortgage Loan Solicitor • FIRST NATIONAL HANK 111,1)0. liLYTlMJVIU.K, AKK. CLAKKNCK II. WILSON - HAIIVKY •B10UHIS - HAY \VOH'1'H 1NGTON VERYON I! MAY USE OUR ORIGINAL { UDGET PAY PLAN A That's Right! Everyone can use ^ _ our liberal credit plan because we ' fit it (o your particular needs. Even though your car is not entirely pai for and regardless of your past experiences elsewhere — your credit is good here. There are none of tlie usual delays, red tape and long investigations and \vc handle all of our own accounts. This is the basics: Credit in the Cily! HERE'S PROOF! v On our plan, 97 out of every 100 customers complete ihcir purchases and our easy credif requirements In about 9 minutes. WORLD-FAMOUS AUTHOR RUINED IN HIS SEARCH FOR £*P%f *p&|^ « «f SEX SENSAI THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE NOW PRINTS NEW FACTS, NEW SITUATIONS Iff THE DOWNFALL OF THE IDOL OF LONDON HE HAD EVERYTHING that normal man could wish—fame, fortune, success, a fine home and family —but he cast them all aside to pursue the degenerating practices of sex perversion in its lowest forms. EXTRA! Beautiful FULL COLOR Reproduction ot Painting dramatizing THE VOLUNTEERS' CAMPAIGN SONG, with worefg and Read this new and startling revelation of the inglorious downfall of one of the greatest literary figures of the gay nineties. STARTING IN NEXT SUNDAY'S THE WORLD'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER Bnrums Drug Slore Tliornton Dnig S(o Disliilmloia. Clikaso Tji ON GUARANTEED Goodrich ,TIRES You tooj am enjoy safe, (rouble-free driving on Goodrich Silvertowhs with the Life-Saver Golden Ply or a [Xiwerful Goodrich Buttery. Just select what you need, show us your license identification and tell us how you can pay. if our purchase is installed at once. BATTERIES L t ^x»v.» c * tttci< . F. B.'Joyntr Corner Fifth ami Main. Phone 711

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