The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1936
Page 3
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FRIDAY", SEPTEMBER 25, 193C BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Definite May Follow Nexl Meeting of FU! roll's Commission Rail Birds Walcli Horses Work-Oul on Local Track Will) (he first dny of mclng a mark of 2:01 1-2 and is eligible on Ihc Mississippi county full- for the frcc-lor-all; Vollona u program still five days off. n mini- Class '20 trotter willi a mark' ol bcr of Iceul residents lire to bo 2:11, and Trump <n,mi. Clarcm-.' found dinging lo (In- nil nt the Andei'son hn.s Plon-nu «".•"> nuv half mile track at the fair- yrcHinck-, tnucliiiig the dally work- onls. Those who liavc managed to 1 irmhor churches In the olf sionally to racing centers can shiike their occa- heads lly WAI.TKIt I.OOAN tfnllcil Prcsy Stun' CurrfSiiomlenl HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (UP)—The Arkansas Farm Tenancy commission will reconvene here in Ocito- lo hear Ihe report of a cotn- > of 19 who are sliidyln ! ivhcly or no<l their praise in '_'in- lilinllc fashion and will) a gesture of anthoiity. And they enjoy i; now. loo. even If some of Ihc novices urny inke ihcm lo a cU'an- ini! next week. Kul cx|i?rieiice<i „ , - , , , lllul inexperienced, they're all imllcc of 10 who are studying pro- < r . nslollslv awniiliiLr the opl'iiing of , to end farm tenancy in this | ijiy,i,evlllo's first racing. r ' 1;<1 1: ' nli;1 '" lllc • sl:lbu '-' ol ' ' AHhoii 3 h the two suggestions re-! .,., 2r> , '"""" Already Here vi.M.,.. *,,,..?i*r nrn i in,-, . i- i 1 ho four-day program, ou ceiving consideration \vei-2 fann .on-nershlp by tenants and a program lo end Immediately some.of the evils of lenancy, commission members were given 10 days to !""<' olher aiieecalloDs to the com- millce. It. was generally agreed In Hie first commission meeting that, , Wednesday, Sept. 30. and closing Saturday, Oel. 3, with purses totaling $2,185, lias already attracted veteran horsemen • will) about 25 horses and Ihe number Is ex- iJtcted to increase rapidly belween today and Sunday. Some have been here'since last. Sunday, resL- and training for the ruces to vast long range ownership nro"ram , - ' - ivas necessary nn<| It was pointed ° llcttl llc ' re ' A lolnl ° r sa ' iao '" nn.t^ I.,,,.*™, ^.ju ^ 0 ^ 0 winners in out. tenancy is a nationwide although the condition WHS more acule in southern stales. V. S. Aid Essential The proposed nankhcad-Jones hill to increasi- farm ownership was discussed by the committee as they I studied methods of makintr i arg c tracts of land available lo'tcnant farmers. Gov. j. if. Fulrell said tiiis problem was entirely up to the federal government. He explained that in many sUlos Insurance companies owned large lan'd holding which might be made available." He also suggested tax reforms and a means by which lands on which taxes were delinquent could lie sold to tenants. He explained, however, that this must be done hy (lie federal i;ov-' nnuienl "who would not new! to' Ios2 a penny." ' His proposal was tliaL the fed-i crnl gov2i-nment buy these lands nnrt sell them lo tenants nt Ihe ' Cinss 2i Duel Crane of Kcckbi Id'io 111 1ms Peter Wrljjhi, liotier;' Ar«u,! pacer; IVier lioynl. pacx ,-llgnl;> lor [he Iive-for-nll, Peter Hoiip- t 1 : 1 , pacor. E. F. Urockway of I'c- o:lii. II!., lui.s ui;k I-VlH-o, iroiifr -•i:d Su.mid llniTl;:, I'lyniDiuh. m.. :.»!, Vlolu Axlien. and M:iy J.:. ' y. |:ar*i"i. Cranj h:is lid]' Us- ii-. ;\ lloHe:'. Arr.o'.i:; (he running horws already here are Ciood 'I'imc Maid I-:. .u.eii ol Ulycn, III. The riu'linj premium Is (is lol- '.oivs: Wcdni'-dny: 2:2!) Trot. S250; 2:12 I'.-™, ST>0: Half Mile Dun, S<i r .; 'llirec'-Q'.iaiK'i-.s Mile linn, $75. Thursday: 2:M Trot, $250; 2'25 Pace, $250; Fivc-liiiihths Mile Run, 515: Thrce-l'om-ll's Mile Kan, $15. Friday: '2:20 Trot, SMO: Free for All Kara. $300; Five-Kahilis Mile nun, $75; Noble Iloiel Dcr- ty, $175. Saturdny: Free lor All Trot, S'iOa; 2:m race. $2.10; Threo- Foiuths Mi!c Hun. $75' Mile Run S100. . is: < C n u s o o! I-'JS:i t:> Mississip- ilv S;ivs HaiTKion ilw earlier ilia case is found (lie ] mm i likelihood Hint the dlsjiise will j The new cowoKnilmw me lit ivueli n serious slnsje. Tlu> liner j Willow Unle, neiir Dym- lym'y '•o aisB is found the mm' e?niri i war Csotoln; Rocky, 'southeast nf no p:ii.ciii will Si'iWor In iln- com- i I.enchvllle. and I'leusiint Valley, » "iiHy, I am muuh Imer.'sL'd In I southwest of Manila, this project mill only wish (hat clinic sn-vlct) cuuld bo mo;-e con- linioiib in our county." Tin- (.'link's iuv financed by ih ( . sale ol Uibfix'iilasls ( ,'jeal; PAGE THREE!, ivhlch more than a luindrcd re- con.'-eeraled their lives lo religious wcrk ncxl year and a number v.rre convened. 'Ilie association CdSinty Judo? /,.il n. i|-irv|v-)'.i .'.l:il;'d lolriy Unit h^ is an-i-us tn hri' a < r ;coJ allosul.ini'i! ill t!i- In-"; whli-h ii!:> l-i b_' i pi '.'-.unly O?f:')L'i' 1 for whll.i's !i"-.l O.:- ls::n r.-ir M-";rci'-. by ill'-i Unit, ilia t.'j-.M- l:i''-;-!i'-jst'i <-l:i< svH In M's-il tt n'- B!yl!ievli:: li!) ; r !l at wi tlic c-jiiriv H" ly Tiib>rcul-:- Arlri'is:!-; Tn iii>:l:'i- tin -in The flrv. A. !•'. Whlto'ey, ( t , 'I i:e;:day in Xiimila, wits called us comity inly- .'Iciinry lor Ihe lliln! year. Of- runs nanu'd to lionil Ihe viirlons (!(')..irtnii'iilii wi'ic; ihe Kev. "I'd Kin-; of KilHT year on Oeto'jer. l meet at Ihc second '.•c.-oln Piislor Rcolccieri at Gjimly Associalio!i IV'1" hut; ill Aniiorol t>.e count/ ln'i-'Vcu ;-.!i ' Jirl-: • il'ir- l'M[lllr^S tltL 1 purse money the hniness races "and $715 to Ihe running race winners so of course it is the harness racers Unit arc attracting by far the crciilest Interest. Too, purses of he size offered attract a far better class of harness racer, those from the regular Illinois, Indiana and Ken- Modern Co-Erj UsCS New tucky circuits, tha-i purses of sim- D . , < i , o liar- size would nil-act in the run- r.UJC tOT A tirades ning races. ! Among Ihosc wl-o have been at the track stables several days is Charley Norman, IDn Quoin, III., j "A" negro, with his siring of himires j 1. racers. Norman, who 1ms been in I the horse racing game for 40 years, still has a love of the sport Hint contains the enthusiasm of youh. His wife, "Mom," knows her-1 horses and can give the records! and pedigrees or lineage of al- i most any of Ihe better known' racers nnd many of the lesser small ad-i lights without referring to liic books. purchase price plus .. „ mmistrativc cost. Veteran Racer Here Some sharecroppers. allhou?h i Among the horses Norman tfealisfiDd with conditions now I hcrc is Jimlnlc Strathmore, prevailing, contended that tenants! >' eiu '-° lci veteran pacer who would net find farm-ownership dc " mc "' k of 2:OS 1 " 1 ftnt! lws Eirablc because in the past niiinv lost farms they were buyiii" through Inability (o make the farms pay Kilitcalion Is Needed Tenancy commission members said that education of tenants was essential If any schemes were to work. It was generally agreed tfcat study remedies, would lake "two*, generations." amRthKt education.must b=- Gin now—aihqiij mlnlts as well as ehildreh."'. "•" : ''"-' ' ' IVh r- r ''n" E2]) t. dn- edi'calioiij nmoii'j tenants and croppsrs has ll-l clov. has __„ won 510,705 in purses. He is eligible for the free-for-all pace on Fri- dny. Others incli«le Wallace Worthy, three-year-old, pacer; Jimmy Aroin, three-year-old, anil {•"rankle Arlon, filly. Eslcs Hros. have the ciglit-year- old pacer, Louis Maxey, who has FT. IOUIS (UI>)-Tradl(ioiri!lv. (he ccllesi! Kirl that rates slraiglit decs all Ihcse thiiiijs: Wears hoi Li-rhivred ula!-s3,':. '.'.. Eludics mornini;, noon Klgllt. :!. Reads Shakespeare in preference lo cnthi'!. 4. Hales man like pnisnn. lii.'l si recent survey of Rirls at .'Mjiliii XI nc't-i. winner nf the liMC scrcrlly scholarshi[i at Wns!i- im:lon University hcrc, revealed they: 1. Wear the latest styles and have never heard of horn-rims. 2. Study lira than t'.vo hours a ji-d'i' d-:ei h-).v I'm.:' we hr.v.' In Hi;. c:i:nty >.-'n •"tin. i\- x who inns', go to i: e i-inilo'-hi'ii :it HjOiii-vlH" inn v.lio or^ unabli' to pay. Kicli susli I-.-IBS co-its Ihs county 5:1 .si a week. The stale PIUS dill of 111.' sujii., ilK-jMy^r,' |io:l;i;s riv'-c lhat <:im. j ls t June ! ', nine unlinils \v.-c- in t:ie sink I ;' .••anltc.rliim at lh.- ospjns? of Mis-I ;',' slssipjii county nl :i c':sl of $'.n.50 I • per v.-ei'k for [he group while liv ' ,| cost lo I'.is- .slut.- wi'.s m-iro tlvin ! ..... double that amount. Three patients il were there al thitlr own expense J . und how ninny WITD on tli? wnll- Q hi» list of the snnltorluni I linve no idfli. In any event all nspeii:!)- tiires for this nurpos-j for (h^so pa- I tient. 1 ; came out ol th:- tii:;p:iyor'r. j ini'kel. In oil? firm or another. All social life suffers when expenses of I his type have (o be met. by any msmilier of society. "Tuberculosis is spr^iu; so subtly "nil that families on b_' Infected before they know It. In the home, i'.i the oil ice, the workshop, any.vhera there is clove association with an active ens:' of tuberculosis, there Is danger of coBtnictin;- llu d.'s- OAS" if the patient Is careless. "My imderstandln!; is thai l!:o clinics are held for (he purpose of examining persons who hare bten living around those who have tuberculosis or around chronic connh- ers who have never hart u dla^iio- • J " ^- ll ' p ' I'. 1'. Cole, pastor Ihe I'aj.llsi chiucli at Os''. W"s re-elected moderator ()•• : 1<:-.s!raipp| County Ilu|illst :-i:..:tio;i In the closiin! ses- '• i'l 1!;: iimi'M-il meeting held 1 M'!i:o:c! Wi'dncsday und yi-s- ''"iy. ether neneral ollleers :.!ii<-d \-n,': H|.j i;,, v . T. II. Horn '. M: nila, vice moderator; the 'V. W. I,. Tlioiii|)son, of Mini': -,. ireasiirer: Hie liev. II. I,. .iJmcs. ill i;H»i.r i.;, clerk. "lie :TJ|) pri'M-nl yecterday vot- frirr ne.v cliuriilies Inln UH. Si'liuol; Mlllon Ciralmm ol 1)1) ilinnlc. llniitlst 'Untiling llnluns; Mrs. K. II. Junes of Osccola, Women's Missionary Unions, Hi'iioils of the sinle. home and n ff.n-lsn u-.ii'iicli'.s weiv ylren and in |M'j;!ra:n uliiiinocl for I9J7 which "111 be niiii'h mine far rrachlni; than in Ihe piM. nccc.rdliig thn crr.nnto.tlonVi ollicfrs. In I lip closlnij .sessiiin lust lilislit Huiry I'lll/i K |,i"d <••• ni' , •li'y Kchool ol Hie First church h'l'c, spoke r-f uii ..ui-,. ,, ,>, ilii' llov. Alfred Ciir.:ciilcr. |t|-| |.!i!lcr, nave mi (Mi's: rated tnlk on inl.viloiuiry work in I'nniimn. The convMitlon was conchid'Jd with u Hplrliuul service In 1.tuns Arc E-linbarnissi'd ANTIOCH, Oal. (UI>)-..Tlis. local .. branch of tha Lions' Inlernntlomtl Sundiy wns^bllstd to relrnln from enler float In the annual Uons' parade owing to their Inability to lln:l a Ton skin with which to mount let cNitral (liiire. They refined ihe offer of several bear skins. Boy, 7, Climb's Peak * OGDEIN, Utah. (Ul>)_Husscll A. Oliccketts. 1, recently climbed the treacherous alopfs of Ihe peak of Ml. lien 1/imond, amid llircatsn- weather conditions. Read courier News Want A0»:' WASH aii<I Job i Standard I'sso Sfrilcp Sla. Main & Division Raymond Si'lnmick. l^asco' , -no. 1-Liiuu n UiitL.i SlrC llul- Wall CO I 3 Novor rend Sli^kpsuciro ifo » •-"-.---i mi. uui- ii^nui.^i, rciriii" "N;o Nice Girl Swears" mid'a"^,. sanitorium 1 'inThave'»n'' l ', [ r'- -y^,(y Thousand Years in Sins r , slc( | C11SC vvj]1 „„ rcex!1 ,,,,„,.:; ' r j r e ' '" "''"" " "-- : - condition.-'riii; 4.-Think me,, are Mrst tf them think "necking" is all right. Their tastes range from lee cream and pickles to hamburgers and filet of sole on bun. :s are a . figures presented by Dr. C. O. Brainier. University of Arkan- | sas ajjricullural dejiarlnient. "Tqij;jni,' including, croppers." hc 1 ^£aid; "is conmionly more prevalent the south than elsewhere in point?.-! rut was tbut "Sharecrop- IWr children nre misfits in rural schools "because they are made to Pick cotton until late In November" and "awkward, oversown children arc thrown in with youn<»- er children who have had the advantage of being In school all fall. These children resent the fact they Know nothing and the younger •children ara more advanced." . The committee was expected fiRAGOJSt CALL THE n. in Lnv. ojiiiii mail L'ibewnere in CHILDREN OFF TI-lOS£ is the country. The holiest percent- RUGS- THEY'LL preventive service, for Qiii'Mlinn About CARDUI I'l-MilODICAI. I'.MNS "Why do sfi ni'iny women take Cardul for functional pains of iiuiKlruullun?" ' Esich dose of Cardui contains a |:i'ir'y vegetable sedative and iinll- srrismcdic—Mint Ls. u pniii-reli'.'v- !u<; and crairp-tellf-vinj; mrdlclue that is especially directive at mo-i- ihlj periods. 'this hicl about Cardul (that is helps to relieve many of the or- diiiiry Innctlonal paint!oltucnsti-ii- nilrin v.ilh a beneficial plant ex-i nact, not habit-forming, not ob- i ri'ctlcnatle to lukc) Is ureally up-{ iniciutrd by thousands of women.! Ttiey i-eronnnend IL lo others. Cardui is purely vegetable, !it|iiid In form, and comes In 9- cunce botlles. with full directions fcr use. Try It! Of course. If 11 docs not benefit YOU, consult a jhjsicinn. PICKAKD'S (•ROCKKY TIIK SAKK'ST I'l.ACK TO II11Y YOUR MKATS *t DAIKY I'itODllC'IS \VL> v e c c i v o Swift's I'riMiiiiiiii Huof twicu weekly, (iiven'.s t'lrrtdi; A 1'a.sluiirixutl twice daily. \Vc I ho most niiideni iilairo iiionl Variety of Cold Mpcls ;ui(t (Jhetso. Kresli VcBclnl)lus Daily. Wo I.)e1iv,oi-. 'Phone (i73 Chickasawlm ^ Tliese Wrtisl<ies are 2% Vrs. Old Made as it was a generation ago wderi it won world-wide fame. Full 2'/2 years in charred oak barrels brings the flavor of (nis straight rye whiskey mellow perfection. 90 Proof. __ -.8OURBONJ Strjijhl wr,i.kcy, 90 Proof, tnd full 2Vj yt«i In cnar;«d oak bsrreli. F. STRAUSS & SON, |.'ort Smilli age state rate in 1935 was 70 pt. cent in Mississippi which is followed by GG per cent in Georgia. GI per csnt in Alabama and Louisiana, B2 p2r cent in South Carolina, 61 per c?nt in Oklahoma, (M pr C3iit in Arkinsas, 57 per cent In Texas. 47 per c 'lit in North Cir- olina, 4(j per cent, in Tennessee. 37 per cent in Kenlm'.ty and a somewhat smaller nci'eulagc other southern stalls. BEAT HOLES , IN THEM 1!,— r BLAME ME. ffi»-— --==^-1 XOU FED THEM THE PEP PRODUCING MILK FROM CRAiG'5 DAIRY BEAN PICKERS WANTED Free Ricics-TiHicUs Canning Factory The niersmii!; Fncd clement of FHKSII OKAKi'S milk jives most v.-tlual.Ie iicurislnncril for Eiuihliiv? s< Id llesh and musrlcs-. GKAOK A HAW MIU( Q»'''rl me I'inl -lie Itiitlermilk, (Jt (i c Bakery Specials AM. DAY - - KKinAY. SATURDAY ft SlIN'DAY •'•Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake, ea 19c Cream Rolls,'each' EC', (Filled With 4c Butler Cream) Large Fruit or Cre'am Pics, each 18c Raisin Bread, loaf 7c Large Oatmeal Cookies, doz. lOc Special for Riderey Hour, 5 to 6 p. tn. only, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Pineapple Rolls, doz. IQc Carmel Sticks, dcz. : 12c (Like A Donnt) Ging-er Snaps, {[,oz. ParkcrhoiiEe Ro!!;-. <!cz, Plain Rolls, c(oz 8c 5c Vs Slake Tlmsc Sr.ocial Cakes cr t'L-.s - - I'liniic 110 Blytheville Baking Go. HISTORY OF W/tTKk SUPPLY Modernize Your Home You may wnlcr in with the P. H. A. suit your full delni! install city your home nld ol an LoMi...con- plnmlier Tor The Roman Aqueduct HONK, tlu> |r re ,il i'ivili/or n f I lip undent , 11 knew (hul a pure und iilmmlanl supply ol' wiilsr is neci-ssiiry r<ii'..Uie very oxislciife of-ii- (ily. As t-iirly i'is", : il2-l!. a',"the eleven mile' li)i« Aqua Apiiiit icHs'hnill (a• sumiiy her eili- xcns will) pure wilier. Us ruin? sliind todsiy; nnd (hose (if jiiiiny olliers in Kul'ope con.'-iti-iit'tcil in Ihc w;tke of Jior coni|iicrinrr iirmics aro elo- <|iienl Ic-yfiriiiiny to (lu- civili/alion lhal Uome iniiii'KKi;:! on ils conquered peoples. Alf!it)ii K li (he Itnnmns had ndyanced ideas in puhlic \valei- supply, which were not lo lie im- lirovcil upon for a thousand years or more, their inctliotls were crude in (he 'light of present water works practice. .Today before cadi drop of water is delivered il is iniriltcil iind Kterili/oil and 'then carried in sciik'd pipes, which keep il wholesome anil free from all conluiniimlion. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Rvenj Customer 'Q ' 111] S. Broadway - Oct. 4 TUESDAY: WI,S HAHX DANCB Feature aUrnction of in."G fairs— \G aiiisl.s, direct from WLS ami ?| lill nn l n £l Tlle!ltl ' os > bringing he Old Hay Loft direct lo |{|v-, thcvillc. AND NIGHT Special Price—10 and 23c DON'T MISS THE BIGGEST HIT OK TUK YUAK HAKNKSS AND RUNNING —ALSO- MAMMOTH KIRKWOUKS D1S- 1'I.AY AT NIGHT "UATTI.K ARGONNir A Stupendous Firey Picture of One of the Hottest Pigi,i s O f the World War. RACES- AGAIN 2 HAIWKSS - 2 KU.XNING HORSE SHOW AT NICIIT —Special Ken I tiro— A LICK S1STY World Champion Rider and Jump- er—liomati Jump Over An Automobile—Don't Miss This! FRIDAY: More Races IIOHSK SHOW 1)I!I'MCATIN{; 1st TWO DAYS! AI.ICF, SISTV AGAIN! KIDS FREE! MIDWAY Sl'I'X:iAI,S! JUDGING KINA1,S! ONE ()!•' TMIO H1G DAYS! Still More Races RUNNING FOU TUK MONKY! WHOA:— DON"!' FOHGRT THAT MULE RACE THURSDAY SUNDAY: Horse Show '.J 15ICGINN1NG AT 2 P. M. AND CLOSING AT fi P. M. CHAMPION RIDING CHAMPION DRIVING' ids Free Again! HIGGfJST RVCNT OF THE SHOW! Onjhe Midway All Week - Sol's Liberty Shows -- 12 Major Rides --12 Big Shows

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