The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1945
Page 3
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WEDNKSDAV, MARCH 7, 11M5 )lrecfor Makes ! New Song Relates True Story Red Cross Talk OfRodger Young ' Pacific Hero liLYTllEVlLLM COUIUKU NKWS Jaycees Are Given Outline Of Service By Organisation Directly or Indirectly, about 80 ercenl of the money now ex- ended by the American lied Cross ocs to military welfare services, itywt J. Jaeeard, field director of l." Red Cross at Biythcvillc Army •ir Field told members ol the unlor Chamlier of Commerce at iieir dinner meeting last night. At, all slalions at .home and » every field of bailie (he Red •Voss is at (lie side of (hose In tilform, (he local clircetor lold (lose present. He outlined the ast number of aclivilie;, mider- iken by (he oru.'inlzatton. At home, services lo ihe armed Jrees Include work willi blood lasma, various personal welfare ;rvices, recruiting of misses for otli tlie Army and Navy, prortuc- 011 of unreal dressings, comfort rticles, kit bass ami "armcnls long wiih famous canteen .service nd service In hospitals. Foreign war relief activities are ra- increasing and Includes reef lo llie sick and wounded and great clefil of assistance to pris- ncrs of war. In addition to services to the nhtary the Red Cross still ren- ;rs invaluable.service to the home out. The organisation still main- IIDS niirsiny services for those i need at home. Classes in first :<i and water .safety are conduct- 1 each year. In llie event of dis- ;ter Ihe Red Cross still main- ims its usual service of providing icdical aid and housing. A rc- •nt example of s»r.-h activitv was )inted out by Mr. Ja^arcl. " "Everyone has a place 'in the •eat war effort. Y 0 u can make >ur contribution to the armed >rces wilh your fellow in uniform -you can do this job by paitici- itiiig in the program of the Red ross," Mr. Jas[>ard said. CaruthcM-sville Society—Personal Approximately 300 guests attended rece])tion given Sunday artcrnoon r Mr. and iWrs. KjeH Nilsson, aen her mother. Mrs. S. T. Day Miami, Fla.. and Caruthersvlllc, itcrtaitied al her home. The reception rooms of the house M-C attractively decorated with >wls of Sprint; flowers. . The refreshment table in Ihe tlln- E room was centered with an ar- -ngemciU of gardenias and rose- ids. Mrs. L. H. Selnilt and Mrs. any fclklns presided at the table Mr. and Mrs. Nilsson and Mrs. ay were assisted in entertaining ' Mrs. P. w. Coleman, Mrs. Lilin Nichols and Mrs. Ralph Hullison. Mr. and Mrs. Kjell Nilsson were icsts Vf honor at a bullet (jiveii iturday night at the. Hutchison lit : when Mr. and Mrs. .'Ralph •(tchison and-Mr. and'Mrs. p. ,W-. ilemaii entertained. ' ' ; A .number of guests were invited meet Mr. Nilsson, who-is front mini Bench, Pla. Mrs.'James Key Hunt, who left mday for Washington, D. C.. for lining for overseas duty with the nerican ficd Cross, was compli- iiitcd Friday night when Mrs. W. Robinson entertained at a bridge rty at the home of her mother rs. Margaret Badcy. Tallies were "bon voyage" notes .d after the bridge games, each' csl wrote a personal message to Conloini II"* oltoKol- Plocionl ihcriy flavor. BI loitilitd lot ihol Expert Auto Body 5 Repair * * FLOOR MATS /c'vc jusl received a ^iHpiiicnt t floor nuts—front ami rear tsls for all ztukcs of cars, * *. Lee Motor Sales 05 E. Main Ph. 519 NEW YOKK, Mnr. 7. (UP)—Till Pun Alley's contribution to (ho Army. Pvt. Frnnk Loc.sscr, thn ccinpos- cr who wrote "Praise the Ixml uucl Pass Hie Ammunition." has written u new song, a ballnd, one Hint imps like this: "Oh they've BOt no time for elovy in tlie Infantry, "Oh they've uot no use for praises loudly sung, "But in every soldier's heart in all the Infantry "Shines the iinmc, shines the name of Hotlgcr Young." Chances arc (his Imllnd, which \\-cnl on sale In music stores today, won't be the big lilt ol the year. Bui nirendy It's In n class by itself for it's the first song to tell the real story about n real American .soldier in this war, Pvt. Ilodgcr Young, n native of Ohio. You see, Rodger Young was a little jsiiy, but a big hero, llio kind of a hero, says (he ballad, that men can identify themselves wilh; the kind of n guy (hat might be any guy who loves his country. Hodgcr Young probably would have been <1-F if he hadn't joined the National Guard at Fremont Ohio, in 1938. But the National Guard membership put Young in the Army, despite his defects, lie wore glasses, mid he'd hnd trouble wilh his hearing ever since a high school basketball accident in Green Springs, Ohio. Strangely enough, it was this defect in hearing that first marked Young as something of an American hero. He was nude a sergeant, but was busted from the rank, at his own request. Soldier Young was afraid llinl he might not hear an order some day in a battle, and other men would die. But it was on the evening of July 31st, 1043, thai Young displayed ail the earmarks of a hero. He and Ills buddies were lighting to win the Mimda airfield on New Georgia Island. The Japs were unloading everything they had. And Young's company was ordered to make what is railed a "limited withdrawal." The going was tough. Ttie Yanks were under fire from a Japanese machine gun. It was about 75 yards nway. None of the Americans could see the Jap gun position, none except soldier Young. And he went after it. He was hit once, but he kept on going, and firing. He was hit again. But Younjf picked himself up and he got close enough to knock out (lie BUD n-itli hand grenades But a third Jap shot hit him. and he died on the spot, at 25 years of age Young's buddies, members of the 148th Regiment, never forgot their hero. And they told his story frequently. Harmonica player Larry Adlcr heard about soldier Young last year during a USD tour of Bougainville. Rodger Young had been a harmonica player too. and he hnri strummed a yuitar on quiet nights in the Pacific. So.'Adlcr told the story of Rodger Young to composer Locsscr. It was the honorce to be read during her voyage. . The hostess served a dessert course with coffee. Just Ihe iheme the SOUR writer had been looking for. Ami lie put llie story to music, nnd he appropriately called It "UortBcr Young." Already the ballad, set to » stirring tune, is oil lo n good shut to popularity, Lawrence Tibbcl and Nelson Eddy sang it over coast-to- eoasl networks Sunday. And many Americans will buy tlie sous today. Bui, regardless of how the public accepts "Uortger Young," 11 probably will l» sung the most by the 148tli Regiment, the outfit that recently Jed (he 37lh Infantry Division into Manila. Voting was one of Ihcm, iitiri now he's (heir inspiration. Manila Soldier Dies In Battle Of Philippines Pfc. Lloyd A. Modgliu of Manila was killed in action Jan. :IO. relatives have been notified by the War Department. The 19-ycar-uld soldier was a member of (lie HHth infantry in the drive toward Manila in' the Philippine Islands when killed. Entering (lie Army in I9i:(. lie received his induing a( Cump Robinson and Fort AlcCleiJand, Ala., nnd was sent to Kan Francisco fiom where he sailed to llie Hawaiian Islands and later lo Ihe Philippines. Prior lo his enlistment, Private Modglin lived wilji his family m the Red Store community and later they moved to Monctlp. He is survived by his father. John Modglin now of Monctte; three .sisters, Mrs: Ira Wess of Manila, Mrs Uelbcrl Potter of Monetle and Dw- othy Mudslh) of Mrmetlc. and two brothers, lieryle Modglin. now sta- llonecl in Texas and awaitim; overseas orders, ami J. l{. ModiiHn who is reporting to Little Rock this month for examination for Armv service. Home Demonstration Notes Members of the Dogwood Home Demonstration Club met Wednesday afternoun at llie clubhouse with 12 present. The meeting was opened with u sons, followed by the devotional bv Mrs. Ruby Lutes, and a prayer by Mrs. P. S. Parker. A contribution of S r > lo the Privett Memorial fund was voted by club members. The nest meeting will be held the second Wednesday in March., and a politick supper will be given on the night of the fourth Wednesday. Mrs. E. A. Craig was hostess at the meeting, with Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Clarence Davis to be hostesses at tlie next session. Chickasawba Lodge No 134, F. & A. M., will meet "tomorrow 'niBht V:,'IO o'clock, at the hnll. The n-ns- ters degree .will be conferred, it Wiw announced today by Fl. H. Aikin, worshipful master. Amazing results shown in Improving the LOOKS —boosting VITALITY! —Promote the flow of VITAL D/GESTIVE JUICES -Energueyour body with RICH, RED BLOOD! THESE TWO STEPS may help you. So if you arc subject to poor digestion or suspect deficit «d-blo 0 «f « ,hc c u c of " .- --£-•••*. wnn-iii.tiiiuu or local iniccttoii /1\ , . J n" Wjwt y° u nccd ' h is especially (fcsicncj (0 to promote ihe flow of VITAL DIGESTIVE 1U1CPS in the «,and (2) to buiW-up BLOOD STRHNG/H when d t These arc two important results. Thus you net teh vitality your work better...become animated. ..more attractive! SSS Tonic has helped millions you can start time stores in 10 and 20 <*. sizes. OS.S.S.Co BUI1D SIUJJDY IICMJH > Si* I • SlEADY . SlROHC rp helps (mild {^ STURDY HEALTH RECAPPI and VULCANIZING A" Recapping Strictly Guaranteed. Quick service In Any Size Passenger Car Tire. Our Molds Will Handle Up to Size 700x16 Tires. ALL SIZES of RECAPPED PASSENGER CAR TIRES FOR SALE- RATION FREE! SERVICE STATION 12 Years At Main & Lake Street Call 965 For Pickup & Delivery Service LARKIN Huge Transport Plane Crashes Eight-)Persons Dead And 15 Others Hurt; Hangar Is Burned 1WTON, Ohio, M;u-. 1. <U1') — !-:l|!lil persons were' killed mxl 15 Injured wlion n C-GO irnnspurl plime on :< ti'sl Ili^lit crushed Into a Wrlshl Held liangiu- Monday The WrHtlii Fid<l public rehilions office liiis estlnmied (lulling nt SJ.000.000. All those killed were mlH- (nry porsmmel. Witnesses say (he bin ship \vns only 11 few feet on the mound when H crashed into :i luinBiir on the south sid ( . ,,f (| U , lu ,i,|. Th( , ,,| |IU(; exploded nnd burst Into Ihuues selImi: (ho h:iii(jar nitre. Three of the dciul were memlx-rs of the CTCB-, which Included Uvo o Iicers i,nd three enlisted men. The oilier live, JUKI most of Ihe, injured, were working in and lucniud the hiinuar nl the Him. of the crush Ol the injured one | s listed us critical, three m-Joiis tmd (oiir In mil- TOiiditliin. Seven hnve been released. The only clviltoiis Itivolved received minor euts and bruises The Army planes destroyed W J R > a new Ii-32 supertxmiber an experimental plane, a l'-i;:i, a H-'lb u c-n transporl ami iwo P-M tluhl- crs. The C'-OO Iriinspoi t was taking oil on a rilslit lest under the supervision of the personal equipment laboratory when it faltered in tlie air and veered Into the hanyar. The casually list could nol be. noun'"' l '" m " ext of u -" havc teci1 Licnl. Gen. Williimi Knuclson who is chief of the Air Technical Service Command, says prompt rescue work Hi-evented an oven hiijher dealh loll. Keeping Up With The Men the past 20 months, with 20 months oversells servk-e. In France S | 1U .,, i). m , V| T .o gli-mitl has Hera in and wu.s sent hack to the slates tor hospital treatment. • • • LeHoy ivtty. steward's male l-e n Ihe Mi'i-diiiiit Marine, Is spending His Im-lomiKii In Canilliersvlllc with relatives. Ill service slni'e Allj'.nsl, 1944, Mr. I'olly hn.s seen active scn-lco diirlnc the past several weeks. He rormerlv was eomieeled wiill l,n<m<lei> flro- ecry mid Market in CiirnlhersvlUe, In Service T-5 Robcrli Slrmid. son of Mrs Riiyc Slroiid of G'aniihersvlllc, hns nrrivcd nt home for u visit, will' n-liilivp.-i. nc has been in sett-ice f PAGE THREE Save Some Duties For Dad To Make His Welcome Warm u.v itu'i'ji AIII,),I-:TT When one shoe of her Ohrlslmas doll riiine ajiart u little slx-year-oid tJlrl In liansas (,'lly Insisted thai her h Had, a shoe repulriimn by hade, MX H tor her. And so her mother sent U overseas to Dad ami due time it eam lndiTs tlmt a Uatl Is a pretty liiH«>Hant iierson. And no child Is going to resent Is homecoming If his Mother completely laken Dud's '.')''• Jl >'»''s Cirady flanifian HlyllH'iille, son 0( w 1>11( | M ,. kS j W.^FianlMi], has arrived In Hawaii, nccoidmt! to a letter received yesler- tlay Uy h[ s w ir e . ( | u > former Miss ietty ,io Munis, who is inaktni; her Home her,, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. i,. Hums. Afler entering me Army lust beptemliir, private Hanluan spent (wo «-(vk. s at Camp Chaffee, Ark., iieeiore lw|n K sc ,,t l() Clllnl) Homl Ip.vns. ulierelie eonipleted Ills uaslc (ralnlni;. ]| L , Wlls i,,^ | 1C)| ,, ( , „„ ( , ]r . loiiijh in Jamiar.v. * • • Sluff Kcigt. i,(. 0 n Hums .son ol Mr. anil Mrs.'j''L. limns'of ll|y- Uievillr. i, m ,. | s sta(| 0 ,u,,| |,, ch , v ', S| «• »'•. "Her a year's overseas .service. He has bi-rii'ln tile Armv for (lie past Ihrcc years. Mrs. linrns and their son are In Clovls with him. Lonnie l-Mll M lu,m. .seaman 2-e. In he Navy, has arrived somewhere in the Bonn, Pacific, aceordln,. In a inewaac received by his wife in l!lv- tlicvllle. Mr. Pulyham lias hern in service (or (he past einhl months. Tlie.son of M. W. KnlaHam of llly- Iheville, he has n, rcc ul - ol i u .,.,, ,„ service, inehidiii K .Homer l-'ulnham of Ihe Navy, wllh « service record of 15. .yours; and who now Is In the acillc; Lawrence Ful^liam, scrv- iiif! ivllli HIB Army In Prance; and Otho. KiilKlinin, also In Ihe Army nnd HDD-stationed In Ncwfotmrtliind.' Staff R C |- S [. cliiirlcs 'I'liumas Hum, of the Army Air Forces, who has completed 35 combat mlsxlom In seven months overseas duty In tlie Euroiiciii! Ihealer of war. 'has ar- rii'ccl al h| s homo In niythevllle (<) visit his wife and son. An einilnecr-ijiinner on a H-n 1' lyliij! IMrlrct-s, HcrBcant llniin ( buck "llxed" by a father or: s l»'iM!liiB his day* some of the B oo ( | „ ,. chillis life ili'iiciul on Dad's prcs- K'pilll'llHl Ci.l. shoes for the (Jiiarlennaslei- Ooijis. Perhaps there Is a him hi that slory lor other mothers of small children whose lathers me over- sens. Tim him, Well, nol lo lake- over all of Dad's jobs, but ( some for Dad. Ill an ellort to keep ilielr children from misslni! their lathers loo imich must service wives have tried lo do everything Hint Dad once did /or the kids, That's understandable, lint carried lo completion (hat almost pushes l);ul onl of (he pli-l S'l'dltl-; IIP TltKiVlS Maybe Jt woiilri I)C Ix'lter lo put aside nu occasional broken loy-~ Itll Dad jiels home h. nn'iid H. Anil to save soiue B|ieclal lienl like noing lo Ihe win until Dad enmes home u> manage the trip. Or to postpone biiylni; a don a child Is bi'i((;h)|( ID, with the promise: "Dad says he will buy you u don us suun us he eel' home." ' No child Is lioinii to f (11 |;et Dad jf he has such cl"wn-lo-e:irlh re- served wllh the Kljjhl Air Hirce In IF RHEUMATIC PAIN HAS YOU DOSING AND HOPING Thvn /mm- tt, y<n,ri<-l/ trlini a/fee, llvv ri'inlfs joii run ni't itoio in'l/j this mnlicino a Oiion your own vtny toward deliverance others have rnjayeil. Make up your miail you're twii'K m »« Miinnli'ini; dial ^tts to work on rhi-iiiii.-iiic pa'ui. 'i'on w.-int hclj) yi)l| can {«•!. So B « C-2JJJ, if you Miller from rliciinulic |>nin iir IHIIICII- lar aelits. Don'i lie pm nti with its nr 'bills. C'uiiiiiiii: Uso only a>• ilirrclril. 1-irjt liniilc imrcliasc price refunded if nut satisfied, doc ami $1.00, gtt C-ij DON EDWARDS 'The Typewriter Man" ROYAL, BMITR, COIIONA, AND RIJM1NC1TON POHTAHLE U8 N. 2nd STREET rJIONE Transaction Musi J)o 8alfsfne.tory) CHICK ELECTRIC Safe, Efficient, Uniform Heat An i(ii>;il clcclric Ijnu.dt-r, slrongly made of moulded masonile. A nun-comliicliir (if heal ;nul a vcrv niiuil insnliitor. Kijnippcd wilh ii 200 wall annourr/il ring clcnifiil, rcgiihilcil by water coiilroilcd snap adinn swildi. iMiiinliiiiiH an oven brooding Icmnurutiirc. I-arge sixe; 100 day-old tliitk tapacify. A bif; value. • MOULDED MASONITE STEEL REINFORCED 0 200WATT RING HEATING ELEMENT • EVEN BROODING TEMPERATURE # ECONOMICAL TO OPERATE ' • CURTAIN, PILOT LIGHT AND THERMOMETER INCLUDED Only OTHER SIZES NOW IN STOCK BROODER WAFERS. Only 29c Dnuhlc unit l>[ic, niaJc of linucJ brass, J incli din. lor nil coal nnti oil brootlcrs. JAR FEEDERS lOc FatnlcJ nnisli, 6 mch dia,; screw lop lor liolJInft nny size mason jar. GLASS FEEDER Only lOc saucer, uiih kraft hoard top (vitli. six fiolcs, 6 inch ilia. FEfDIKG TROUGH 25c slccl, Id liolcs, 1 i I'/i in. diomrler; 12 indies loud. SJiJi'nS Incli lop. JAR FEEDERS lOc !-'ils »ll mason ]'ors. iVnn- . liasy in fill imj keep ^Ican. KimnicI Hnisli, FEEDING IROUGHS Only 19c Mccl, 32 liolcs 1 * I',', in. iliiirnctcr, 2.i inclics long. Sliding lock lop. lanters Hardware Co 126 W. Main Incorporated Phone 515 let, It be known Hint 1,1 Ihe tlcls JTiTiferjVfJnU- Jfctck HAOEHBTOWN, Ind. (UP)—Wilfred Kiwpirp va s Jiappy when lie Jicnrd he could have his fingerprints back, Judge Gustavo. H, Hoelscher ruled ihat Knapp's retiuest ue Binnted. After Kmipp svas proven Innocent ol a grand larceny dmrge, he asked lor hte fingei'- prims, since he was not, n law violator mm didn't want them on file. DON'T SUFFER ivJ Ii col.V i/i,w;| 0 ad,cs n,,,l wro tj, rm t • !f It's HARDWARE Wo Have It or Can Got It If It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years' Continuous Service" GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Alw— Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING I'HICES Phor.a 2291 J. LOUIS CHERRY 1 KeprtMntlnx ! NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. HIjlheTlllr, Ark. Now Open In OSCEOLA! (Jiisl Ntirlli of Courlhoiisc On Old WILSON TIRE SHOP Guaranteed RECAPPING & VULCANIZING. of I'nssciiKcr Our, Truck nml Truclor Tires. TIIKEE TIUKS, TUIiliS nnd UHI.INEUB (No CeiUflculcs Jtcijulrcd) DRS. KltS & WES OSTf OPATHIC PHYSICIANS Rectal Diseases a Specialty CANCER; OFFICjE HOURS: 8:00-li:bo and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main IHythevllle, Ark. Phone 2921 iot CASH PAID USED FURNITURE Any Amount—From $1 to $10,000 Worth! ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE CO. 301 K Main "\Vlicrc Lake St. Crashes Iiilo Jliiln SI." I'lionc 2302 SEE... CALL... or WRITE me for your STONEVILLE COTTON SEED Swift's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers . . . Also Seed Sacks J. L. TERRELL DlytlicvlIIe, Ark. ph. 2631 111 8. Biiwy. Expclj wrbon. Improves ignition. Civet mor< power by eliminating friction in tipper cylinder walls and rings. » •' U f V ? S _ Ptrccnt Ex''" Mil« in Every Gallon" ' F B JOYKIFR SERVICE „.' *?' ™l. nC1 ^ STATION Corner Second & Ash Sis. I'honc 2611 NOT/CC TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call me to check up without cost or obligation. BATS, MICE AND ROACH CO.VTKOL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP i 309 E. Kentucky Fhone Z3J«

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