The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1939
Page 5
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BLYTKEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS • SERIAL STORY JOAN OF ARKANSAS BYJERRYBRONDFIELD 19»0, NEA SERVICE, JNC. Healher, nil In u, s Angeles was givei by Mrs. inwight a. uinckwood, who suoni several weeks In California tho imst summer. Mrs. 0. M. Ifnr- *ell lold of (He San Franalsco W.'r (I Hilr and showed many views oi tJic West tjulheicd white on mi extensive tour this .summer, MM. «• H. JOUES described three •s. Arthur Brlckcy Jr. Jean, of Grenada, Illustrated by Alt Krcnz CHAPTER I PAROL REID, president of Alpha Nu, ripped open the telegram flic messenger handed her, and read it will) a somewhat puzzled expression on her pi ; rl, freckled lace. "Sasay—listen io [his," she began. The dark, curly-haired youth sprawled on a glider looked up. "Good news, bad news, or jusl hews'.'" "You guess." And then: "ARRIVING ON 2:15 STOP PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE MEET ME AT STATION STOP FOR YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE WEARING DUBONNET TA1LOHEE SUIT STOP JOAN JOHNSON TRANSFER, OMICKOJSI CHAPTER." "Omicron?" echoed a cute sophomore from (he depths ol a low- slung wicker chair. "That's U. o Kentucky, isn't il?" - , Kay Granger, most beauteous o »!! Ihe .Alpha Nus, .tossed a pillow - - : 'kl ( A\ C isophornore. -."Alabama Chesbro. Forget your pledge manual so soon?" "You're both wrong," Carol corrected. "It's Northwestern." Keith Rhodes,. G feet and 185 pounds of tie luxe halfback, uncoiled himself from the glider. "Never mind the small talk ladies. Who's this Joan Johnson person? Inldresled, y'know. New worlds to conquer, and slulf." Carol studied the wire again - "You can't prove it by me," she - said. "Miss Joan Johnson is strictly a stranger. Funny, though—we haven t had any previous communication from her. She's certainly getting under the wire— I—with tomorrow last day fees informed h'ev with" a grin. "Of course, that phony job you have down at the bureau of motor vehicles doesn't hurt any, does it?" He registered outraged dignity "Whadaya mean—phony? I'll have you knavi —" They swung down College Drive and passed the ivy-covered home economics building. "Pull over, Keith." They were approaching Jennings 1 bookstore "There's Dyn Webber Beer can be paid without fine." "Maybe she's sent 'em in by mail," Elaine Chesbro miised. And then getting back to the. subject. "But what do we do about her?" Carol looked surprised. "Why, meet her, of course. Isn't much else we can do, is there? C'mon, Keith. You've got jusl enough lime before practice to run mo down to the slalion. Kay won't mind." * * « 4i l T Sefe me the 'way football players can afford to be like tin's," Carol observed, climbing into his convertible sedan. "Only the good ones can," lie' . . X.MUl.1. . .LJCC11 \VUll~ dermg when he'ct get around to stopping at the house. Let's pick him up and take him with us." "Oke—" And then calling (o a husky yoUtig man {„ ;1 ma ,. oon varsity sweater. "Hey, Web c'mefc!" "Look up and down both ways " Carol added, as Webber wailed for a stream of cars lo pass. "Don't worry," 'said Keith. "He will—that's just the sort o£ guy he is—dead serious about everything." •j "Including the way he bloeks lor you," Carol said under her breath. "Hi Carol! Hi Keith! Where bound?" He stumbled into the back and. stretched his legs He didn't have Rhodes' height nor the handsome features. Yet he was good-looking enough. His shoulders were broad and hinted of power—the could blast tackle right into the stands. kind of. power thai an opposing end or T)AN WEBBER could hardly remember Ihe last time he had carried the ball for Tech. Ifis was tlic blocking post nnd when Keith Rhodes started off on one of his celebrated oiT-lackle slants or wide end sweeps it was Dan Webber who usually led the way. The wind whipped tousled hair into his serious brown eyes. "Well where we bound for?" he repealed' Before Carol had finished ex-' plaining (hey were at the slation. Carol gripped their arms siniut- .aneously a minute later as passengers came up the ramp. "Over there," she nodded, "and do you see what I see?" They followed her gaze. Keith - ••-. ttai.\., I\UHH et go with .i whistle. "Don't look ..V Je , UULL !, ilJUJl but it's an optical illusion.' 'ccpers," said Dan softly, "call out the guard. Walking slowly 'to'.vard them. looking to either side as thougl she were searching'for someone was tiie most beautiful girl ;mj of them had ever seenVn Ihe Tecl campus. Slender, dark, her ease and grace of movement wna t direct contrast wild the excited milling groups criss-crossing through the crowded station They walked up'to her. Carol said: "I believe you're looking for me—or rather I'm looking for you. I'm Carol Rf>id, president of Alpha Nu—ami of course you're Joan Johnson." Joan Johnson smiled and extended her hand. "Right, and thanks for meeting me. . . ." And then as her eyes swept deliberately over Keith and Dan: "Quite a reception committee," "Just a couple of porch lizards who infest the terrace, back at the house," Carol offered banteringly. "One of them, especially. j oa n this is Keith Rhodes, ami ..." Before she could get any fur-' Iher with the introductions,-,Keilh. had taken Joan's hand. "I've heard of you, haven't I?" she murmured. "The great Keith Rhodes-. . . you play football or something, don't yon?" He grinned, holding her hand a couple of seconds longer than usual. "That's right," he admitted breezily. WHENl _.. v hand, Carol continued. "And 'HEN Keith had released Joan's "And noihet this is Dan Webber varsity man." 'I'm doubly honored." She looked into Dan's rugged face, saw none ot the eager challenge thai had been so visible in Keith. "And what position do you play?" she inquired, almost too politely. "Right half." He was very brief. "Keith ploys left." "Your bags," Carol cut in. "Lcl's get 'em and dump 'em right in Keith's car." "Sure," Keith said. "Let me have the claim checks." "Thanks," J U ;m replied, "but I've already arranged to have them sent out lo the house. I don't think it would be very convenient to pile them in a car, anyway." Keilh opened Ihe front door for her, and got in behind the wheel. Dan and Carol climbed into the cllles which she vlsltdd this yi'nr, namely Houston, Texas, Oklu- honm City, and Allanlu, Gu., as well as Indian reservations nnd gcvcrnmenl Indian schools of Oklahoma. Mrs. G. B. Seemves told of Hi o Arki.nsus Educational Tour to (lie East Including Washington, historic points In Virginia, n ulghl steamer ride in 11 slorjii on Chesapeake Bay and the New York World, Fair. Mrs. Harwell was assl-slcd in entertaining by her sister, Miss' Nell Rhodes, and Mrs. Susie Reiser, Mrs. Coy 13, Sclfrcs was a guest.' Mr. and Mrs, Watson Hosts Mr. and Mrs. c. W. Watson were hosts io members of ihc board of directors cf the o.sccoi.i notary club for a turkey dinner in their home on Monday night. I'lans nnd programs for Ihe cowing- year were outlined. Guests present were H. J. Male, president; II. c. Bryan, Den P. Under, E. H. Biivns.'o.'p. Manley, E. s, Shipped, c. W. Watson, and the Rev. I'nu] Galloway. An abundance of fall roses 'decorated Ihe home for the occasion. * » • Mr. and Mr. and daughter. „ „._ Miss., spent, the weekend with his erandmolher, Mrs. G. R. Brlckcy. Mr. nnd Mrs. E. H. Reid nnd her brcther, c. D. Wright, of Dlylhc- vlllc, relumed Monday night from Jacksonville, Aln., where (hey were called on account of the dentil of Mrs. Reid's uncle, Marshall Brown, 55, who died at his htmo in Hint city Saturday following a long Illness. Mr. and Mrs. Juke Tlunilkill were in Memphis Monday nttcrnoon to visit Ills mother, Mrs. D. W. Thrall- klll cf Wilson, who Is » In Ihc Baptist hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Jots Lindsay ol Tuisa, okla., arc here for Severn days with Mrs. Lindsay's sister Mrs. Clarence Orlgsby and Mr Orlgsby. Mrs. Edwnrd Tea-ford Jr. re- lumed Monday, nigh' ' Smith where she has visited he. mother, Mrs, IXuglns G. Rogers for the past week. •Mrs. o. W. -Knight, is spending several days with her mother, Mre T. N. Donaldson in I'cntotoc, Ml* Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Thorne mid children, Eugene and Elizabeth, ipcnt Sumiday with his father, J. B. Thcrne in Lake City. Mrs, Thorhc nnd children also visited her sister, Mrs, James Carlwrleht i Memphis Friday and Saturday Janet King spent Saturday nnd Smiday with her grandparents, Mr. ami Mrs. J. D, Smith, and with Mrs. o. i'. Goscwlcli nwT Miss Walker. W. E. Johnson arrived Sunday from Lexington, Ky., for a visit of several weeks wil-li his daughter, Mrs. W. W. Prewltl and family. He will g; later lo Florida for the winter. Mrs. W. D. Ftannigan ielt Mon-^ liny for McClesnsboro, 111., on account of the death of Mrs. James S. Campbell who, died in that city Sunday. She will remain fcr n visit with her daughter, Mrs. Va! Campbell. Mrs. O.. B. Scgrnves, Mary Virginia Segraves, Allen Scgr'iives and Marlon Cromer drove to FnycUcille Saturday lor the football game between Arkansas University and T. C. 17. Mrs. Snm Coble was tnkcn to he Baptist hcspltnl Salnrrtny af- crnoon for an emergency operation or appendicitis. She is improving. Harry Mntlock spent Sunday with lis parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Matlock in Gilmcre. Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Slaughter of Uttle Rock were guests of Martha Jane Cartwrighl Friday nnd nltpwicd Ihe football 6>>mc beU'cen Lltllo Rock niut Bty. licvlle In (he laKcr city Friday '"gilt. Miss Cnrtwrlglit iiud W, 0 Mason Jr. were In Memphis Biilur- «y attcrncon nnii evening, Charles Mastln of Dallas, Texus Hie guest of his uncle mul aunt, Mnslln and Mrs. Uwru rs. wru OEMS. Charles is employed with Unllus |»slof!!co department., •[• D. Ditnii returned from I'cny- ille, Ark., Monday night where no went to aeocmpany his ftitlu-r- "i-uiw. R. A. Uow'cn, to Gsccota for i> visit here, They roturncd through "'"•• fLD.. (To Be Continued) Osceola • '! j;:.-:vty—Personal f Mrs. J. H. Mrs. Cramer used a color note f 8rncn <";<< Pink at <linn cl . ,,;„, .Methodists 5<udy Pioneers "lTicrc Were Giants in the Land" , was the subject of Ihe program arranged and led by Mrs. Mary I •Spann at the Methodist Missionary! society Monday afternoon. The life' and work of Peter Cartwrighl • George Whitcfteld, John II. Peek and David Brainerd, rjitneer missionaries in the United Stales, were reviewed by Mrs. Spann, Mrs. Paul Galloway and Mrs. W. D. Kelly. A message of service was given In- thc so!o, "Speak to Me That I Mav •Speak." sung by Mrs. Roy B Dawson and accompanied ' by Mrs O. Hartsill Banks. Mrs. Harry Jcnes reported the progress of the Spiritual Life meetings being held each Thursday morning at the chinch. Airs C M Harwell, Mrs. E. w. Packard and Mrs. Paul Galloway were named a committee to plan the all-day luncheon meeting and season of prayer program on Nov. 6. Prayer by Mrs. Segraves closed the meet- Ins, i . ,' s " «»«r holders and n centerpiece cf silver >.' >ig combined with verbenas. Bowl, of silver king. Baby breath and rwcs were used in the Hook home where AdoHeaml Aciajr H o:k twta ,^tor and brother, received the Award winners were Mrs L W Mrs. J. f, Wnr( , .^^ H.iptist Cifctcs Meet Fitly members and sneilv vnrn present nt Ihc four circle or th Baptist W. M. U. en j noon in the homes or Mrs > m . Scifrcs, Mrs. Tweedy r nr «,i,^ O. Howlon and Mr ing tlie sccial hour. Mrs.. A. F. Glascoc- was devotional Icaiier at. circle three in Ihc home of Mrs. Coy E. Kcifres where Mrs. R. H. Jones talked on Evangelism and plans for the c'liilns revival at the Baptist church. Five neiv subscribers to the Arkansas Baptist, state paper, were secured. Mrs. B. E. Moore wa.v a!so on the program. Members of circle four in ihc h:me o! Mrs. 0. Ilowlon .studied Women of the Bible led by Mrs. Harold B. Tfltmau. Mrs. Smcy Meats had a part on the prosr.un. A misncllaiieoi.x food shower w.i.s Kllectcd at all circles to Ire .wnl to Ihc Baptist State Hospital in Suppfr Club Mccis- ,~»j Miss Emma cox, Mrs i, w Walm. Mrs. M. v>. Alexander; Mrs. M. E. Pope and Mrs. H. C. Davidson wire gnesls playing with the .Monday Night, Suppe'r club iu 0 Mrs. C. A. Strange and' Mr i w' McClcndon. . ' ' Members of circle n,,,, , t: roll call with currCt r? 110 , 11 ^ 1 ) denominational 0 • r cll ion l "• , est gleaned from vario , ,7Ji ° r " tlonal periodicals ot 'I, ' program were JVfrs w n!( ? " Mrs Maucle Travis Driver and Mrs Webb ers were oifered by Jaclcson, Mrs, jettl« Mrs. F. E. Tompklm iVSiss Lola where Mrs. « , , first two = chap «s In t f h lh , c . Fannie E. s. Hec'< u Jo • iw ?,' 0. leader of Mrs. Harwell Hostess Thirty-one membcis and guests of the Literature Department ol the Progressive chib were enter- • talncrl in the home of Mrs. C. M. i Harwell fcr their first meeting of the season Tuesday afternoon. New '•eirboofe containing the varied programs on literature, tr.ivc!. architecture, and bo:k reviews were distributed by Mrs. W. B. Colbert, chairman of the yearbook committee. Attractive hand-pninted covers were the work of Mrs, E. H. Burns id Mrs. Rcbert Stunner. In a (ravel program bated on vacation trips made by thf members and led by Mrs. R. H. Jones, a description of (he Forest L;\wn r, the Little Chutch of His and the Wee Kirk cf tlio tf you want a perfect, mild, penile vviiiskcy, we ask yf.ii to try National's l;AGI.!:. /\nti we ask you to compare its price, its body, its aroma and its taste with any blend at any price. NATIONAL'S Ul II ' , liock «hcre Mr. liunn took In laying the corner-stone of - »••*•£> i"«v. u\<* in;^(iivJiii: ui I ic new Helen Keller building at the Arkansas School for the Blind. Governor Call Bailey nnd Miss Helen Keller also took purl In the program and ceremonies. Mr. and Mrs. John Mill,. SiUiirdny nnd Sunday in Oycrsinir'i; is fiiests of their daughter, Mrs. '• l'iu.1 liaird and nr. Unbd. Mr. and Mrs, Ira I'litle of Madl- JoiH'llle. Ky., arrived Sunday for n visit with her sister and brother, Mrs. Ed Plltmun and n. 11 Join's Mr. and Mrs. E. w. Packard were ulcd lo Memphis Friday on account of the serious Illness of her hither, s. p, Austin of Alnnio, who was a patient in the Baptist hos- illnl. lie Is Improved nnd able to be removed lo his home. John Andrew EOrhijjton, p. E I'ompklns, Jnp Wlilto nnd Locse Williams were on n b» Irlp lo Harrison, Ark., three days this wok. C. Bryan is in Lelnnd, Miss., yesterday nnd Uduy on business. Basselt News Miss Xiul 1 0 Weil Oils Granl Mr. nnd Mis. A. L. Sinl, of Basil, announce tho • engagement, of heir diu.jdilcr, Mary Howard slnl, o Otis 13. Grant, .son of Mr. nnd Mrs. E. j. Grunt of Greenville, Miss. The wedding will take place in November. Miss Sinl attended Hemlrlx college ami Is n member ot Theta Mu sorority. The young couple will live i\l Ferdn, Ark., where Mr. Grunt Is employed. Get direct relief from I Ulscomlorts.. .rub Coddled Dog in Pound Enjoys Morning T«a UELMON'f, Muss. (Ul'J— Thdligh confined la the clly do B Dotiutl for having bitten two persons Put a wire-haired, fox terrier owned by Mrs. Jnmes Dover, Is not dolirlvcd of his Sjicclnl dally diet. Clislodinn Charles Iltvcou ing of of«»(e or lomtto Ju(««, . porllon of Iniiwrled cheese, v/eak left itostw erackeis and corcal >vllh half milk and half cream I'nts nfteriioon meal cwwisls ot a bon6 and hi the evening ho fed one q.mitcr pound or choice ' hninbiirger and several doit - severa oit biscuit*,- twice ft week h« get* two lii'cpnrcs Pnt, a brcaktasl cohslsl- nearly » 7 ,000,000 a year on horse r»clne, J. L. GUARD Optometrist nufMt, Oftttt*. In What Part Do You Play? fz=i==^-~--. — -.'-^7,,__.i_ ._ . ~—••"- - • -. . .. . • You alone give, meaning lo the part you play on life's stage. Great are your responsibilities. One is to bring security niid happiness to those around you. Then the show will be worthwhile. You'll gather friends who will understand you, respect and stand by you. You'll find added happiness iu hospitality ... splendor in sim- pie things ,.. fresh plans and idca^ in your momenta of wcH'earaed leisure. Remem- her—each dawii on life's stage is your "cue to go on." *' * * You honor your friends when you ask them into your home. To serve them beer' is simple hospitality ... but to serve them Budweiser is a gracious-compliment. Maktn «/ I/it I Vamtui Bier Budweiser 'Ot MAHK •(«. U, t MAKE THIS TEST DRINK Budweiser FOR FIVE DAYS. ON THE SIXTH DAY TRY TO DRtNK A SWEET BEER. YOU wiu WANT Budweiser's . tT.'lQVIS, AGAIN i ; CADILLAC T\VO NEW USALLES FIVE NEW CADILLACS p, rfcfivcm! at Ur/rml. Trnn^norlnllim I, F I on A co.Mi-i.ETi', riCTUiiii of nil dial's fine in rnotor- inj.', Hnil nil tliul's new for WIO, conic ,«<:c (lie new l.aSallca and Cadillacs—DM display lodny. flYoii'll sec Iwn new LiiSiilles—largi-r, more (wiM'.rful, and more crononiical.' You'll sec a vogiir,-seliin« ncii- Cadillac— Ilia item-si rur in tlir n-orlil. You'll sun four new Cadillac- Hcelwoodi—including tlic Si.xly Special ami a com. plclcly uciv /oi«<r-/>nce(/ Flcet^^•oD<l. <iYou'll sec, in slum, ibu leader iu luxury, safely, ucinfort and perfotin- am-e. for every price group above a.ttidusand dollars. Tl'liis l.ricf (Icscriptioii of llic 19 W Cadillacs and ; l.a.Sallcs merely suggests llie tremendous pr6grcs3 lliesr, snpcrli cure reprcscul. U leaves out entirety any. discussion.of tlic iu;w';ride, tlie new handliug case, and of llic tHigluy Cadillac V-8 cngiucl\vliicli ppWer.' llicin all. It doMsodclibcralcly,bccatisoohlyaiook and a ride can demonsitale tlic Iruogrealilcss of ihesfc cars. 9 Why not liiakc a' personal mvcstigatiou—today? 117 E, Jlain «t. SERVICE MOTOR CO. Phone

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