The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JULY • 14, : BLYTHEVILLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FFV1 €14*511IED SECTION - s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION /ally r»ve per one we caa»cu- jve Insertion*: (Five average woi<J» to • LU»> One time per line < .......... 10 ° Two times per linn per Jay .. OSc ihret time* per llui per dtjr .. oie Eli time* por lint per <Uy .. Oto Vontb rit« per line Minimum elurfe He Ada orcerea ro> uirce or ill nines and stopped twfore c»plr»- t'on will be clmrgco lor the number o! times the id tppeared mno) adjustment ol bill made. Ail Claimed Advertising copy »i:bmltted by pcrsoii* re&kUiig out- •ide of the city trust be accom- ptnled by cash. Rates may be cully computed (mm above t*blt No responsibility »'U1 be UKCD m more than one Incorrect tn- tertlon ol any deified ad. Advcitlsliisi ord«)ta for trregu- «r L'jserUoiia wki- the one time rele. 'Nicely .Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. -Noleh, 310 WfEf> Wllnul. 3Q-CV7-30 CLEANERS, TAILORS Expert Seeks|^'^a,"' Linn nils, hud frowd u* Ultor- tt atuped an ok« an4 cool time hat teyt. Pbww 111. UNIQUE CLEANING SFnVlCF. AUTOMO1IVE Have llMe auid Money by mint our complete stock Auto RcpUcement Part* Hubt»rd Hardwire Co. Automotive Uept - - Fhgue 47C tic kS-6 KOOM & BOARD (1OOD Meals and Rooms. Reasonable pricrs. Mrs. T. R. Watson, E»sl Cherry, Phone 602. 200 kl-20 New Specimens in Idaho HAGERMAN, Ida. lUl')—Houiiij o unearth siirdmeiLS tluil wll! supply the mlbiliii! ;ink In tte rc5sil histciy of hoi'scs, u resiMi'ch c.xjxHlltion headed by Dr. C. 1*. zln, usslslnni curator of \vitc- brate pnlcontoloBj 1 of the Sinilli- h;is i-MnblkluM i ;iko Hlvi'i 1 in-ill- , dazin •; aecfl ri'iHulo,;iM rl iliu Km I lluyes Suite iolli'j-1- of KrniMis. mid U. II. IllTl Previous t'.\|]i : duiu]ih, headed uy tliu lull- I):-. J. W. Gldlt-v. louml' 1 ' t ' il "' 1 '' Stu-ntei-B's vh'miblr bnm 1 TieiismiT Will II. lliullcy tcrnpcd , together i'jum};]i inoiiry Ui nu'tM to llu- iK-niiy ii H6,0011 IKW bond issue wlilcli imiturcd July 1, but (IHIIcully inuy Iw cncouiitcrcil lu icdrrniliiK » 85-yciir-iiM nolL- lor IX'fics lu ini 1 pnn: 1 region during tin- .summers i>: 132S lo 1D31. lio:ics ol preliis- lorlc horn\s wore (unmt wlili-li I «crc ik'fhiiod lo DD dilTeii-nl' irojn any uninil I'l-sf-wlu-io. Paid 16 Million Dollar Bill D i Dill Tllc !l " (t I 11 I10 ' e . July 1, bi-urpi 1 Mnct! Issued rt D I !l " (t I 111 !' 11 "' 1 ' to t'l UnC fUZZUS July 1, IfttU. was pu'.scnlwl for . - ' j redemption by Ili-nvy CMiiipiiian, I'llll.AUKM'lllA IU1 1 ) — Cuunly rteiiler In ohl coins and nupcr money. (Jhiipumn asked 'for the iiifincy to upply nniilnst Ills taxes, llndlcy told him 11 spcclul aiipro- piliilloii Ijy the city irouncll piolj- ^lly would IH? nccL'Wiiu'y to jwy the $J nuto. WARNING OKDKR Merchants Ciroccr Co., ol lllythv- vlllt, 1'lalntlll, \'s. IiicorponiU'd, ; The di'fcndaiit, Mnrs Incorpora't- wl.. Is wuninl lo appear in'-tlio Munlclpiil court for Hie cay' p( niythevllle, Arkansas, w^hln, thirty tlnys und niKiver lln; complaint-of (lie plnlnliir, Mcrclianls Grocer I company, of Blylhevillc. Oalcil Mils 7lh dny of July, J93|. FIIANK WJlITWOfi'l'H, Clerk. Held, Kvrnul & HcnAcison, Atlyji for Plaintiff OUR BOARDING HOUSE FUKN1TUUE lawn Chairs TJnpalnled tl» THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. 25c AUTO ACCESSORIES USED CARS When You Think of nuyirg a Good Used Cur, Reconditioned anil Guaranteed, 'think of Vhillips Mutoi Ccmpaiiy Usril Cir lx)t. Nou- Vou Can Buy Ont-l!:ilf Vear l.iecnse! rhoim for Dtmoiilratiou—Ask for 0. O. Graves, W. M. (Jruw or ' Hoy Calvin '31 VK SOTO SEDAN. Looks and Huns Gouil $295 '29 DODGE HKDAN'. Motor A-l. Real Buy S155 •30 WILLYS KNItiHT SEDAN. New raiul, Good Motor .. $145 -30 GRAHAM SEDAN. A Heal Buy $145 '33 FORD TUDOK. 16,000 Miles. Mutt Sec This CMr to Appreciate It §111 -33 CHEVROLET COACH. 15,000 Miles. Heal Tires. Mo- tcr A-l S 4 * 1 TRUCKS -22 FORD 1 l>. TON TRUCK. New Rubber $235 'Z9 CHEVROLET l',i TON TRUCK. StaVc Body $12i •30 FORD PICK-IT. Closed Cab. e-ply Tirer, Motor A-l S Gct ready for summer driving at bargain prices you probably will never see again. Come In. Compare our prices on auto parts, lires, tubes, motor oil.. 5 gal $1.50. .WOLF ARIAN We Sell Whok-sale and Retail Phone 176 - - 128 E. Slain FOR SALE OK TKAOE Good CUT-OVER LAND 111 southeast Missouri, about 7 miles from Blytltcville. Will sell cheap ov swap for good second hand car. O. E. Frazcr Filling Station, due north off 6J nt Yarbro or Box OEF, Care Courier News. 3p PERSONAL Maklnc, Re-Woeklnt & Trimming Hats We can m»ke your old hats like new. Steam blocked into anj new Stjle. Mrs. II. G. Wicihara - Bess Hall At Our Residence 611 West M»ln - - Phone 280 lOc kB-10 MALE HELP WANTED MEN — Interested in making far - above average earnings operating route of cigarelte and penny gum machines. Exclusive territory. Small Investment required. Redco Products Corp., La Crosse, Wls. -31 FORD PICK-UP. Closed Cab. A-l Condition —... 5195 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY ~~ USED CAR LOT Corner 1st -fc Walnut St». DIOM 810 - 811 FEMALE HELP WANTED TEACHERS—We have vacanci&s, rurals, grades, high schools; all departments. TEAtJHEHS' EX CHANGE. Kansas City, Kans. Kaiser's Old Yacht Now On Mediterranean Cruises BUSINESS PUtECTORY j CALL 127 For hiRhesl qirality Kentucky, Southern Illinois rad Red Ash Coal. Lowest content. Good dry ccoi and heating wood and kindling. Corn, hay. mixed feed, farm seed, table and stock sail. Home of liigh quality products and low cash prices. FARMERS CASH FEED AND SEED CO. A Home Owned Business Wholesale and Retail LONDON (UP) — A luxurious white steam yacht which formerly carried the ex-Kaiser on hi: j sea trips, now transports ordin mortals on Mediterranean ruises. lie. The "Hohenzollern" is now jus hs S. S. Norman Star, but th ecorations recall to Ihe passeng rs the glories o[ lire former .Ger nan ruler. On Ihe walls of the ono-tlm uile of the empress, decorated nauve silk, arc numerous famil pholographs. One "To dear Wil ; from Mamma." Seized uy Hie British during th •ar. the "Hohcnzollern," after be ng laid up in Ixjndon docks fo ears, now tclongs to a Swcdisl Keep Kool wlh Hunter Elcctrk FANS. Uncontlilionally guarantfffl HUBBARD HDW. CO. 6-ck-8-6 FOft SALE Wonderful bargains in sood used clrclrin refrigerators and ice boxes. V«ed and new electric fan: CHEAI 1 . Also fan repairing. plant Bargains In uscii Dflco l and balltrfts. E. n. GEE SALES CO. 407 M.iin St. REPAIRING Furniture repaired, rcflnisbol. np holsttred. PatricK at Parkharsfs Call 57. O-cl-8-S Factory aathorliM) KRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Factory Trained Mechanics Day 67—Phone—Nijtht 38Z E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 Main SI. Free Home FxKin F.slimales Hoonn^. r.ihilinp. Repairs TUB ARKMO LUMBER "CO. 10c k8-li TdrfKENT APARTMIMTS: FURNISHED room upstairs; UNl-'URNISHED 4 room downstairs. 1013 W. Wai nut. Phone 303. G-30-l MODERN 3 room furnished or un lurnlslicd apartment over Klrb Drug Store. F. Simon. Call 164. 30-ck-t furnished. BEDROOMS. Mrs. E llardin, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 10! Ic kU ?trcys the Bastille. Perry arrwesm Japan.. American autho*, , po ,.i^inU.|. --US. wonders EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS PhilEps Motor Co. Bj Horace Wikerleld Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance none NO NEWS TO FOO/Y! 1.0 VA Set. OOOl.ft, CVtRVTHIMG'S Oi-AV/ NOW, IF AMVGOOY 6CT5 IKOUV31.E ftGOUf 7MOS1 : I PRINTS, n'l-t BV. MC rorj IWOBIN& TlltM OUT' NOT ANOTHER WORD/ ! JOS' FORGET ABOUT IT.' JALLEV.' \ OlO I KNOW VOU SMACKED i HOT THROW TH HABIT Oh >_.•_.,. ir H-. i A T^QI i MP OFF TRAINS WHtN THtY I V! . -Ir.- ' 60T t N TO TH' CITY /_AD u= v^, ,r,ci — -=,0 YOU'LL 1 CAR ^ V °y US1 TO ^ ) —WHERE 1 HOtt) We BA.CK \^j&j( COIV\E VOU CANT GET A TRAFFIC TICKET THAT CHEAP/ TOR US TO LEAVE TONIGHT ON THt I 60T DPAWIN6 'BOOM TWO t3£CK«S OF CARDS, AND Ax HALF CA-SE I TH' PRINCESS-AN THINK IT WAS-- THAT MELOM ftT TH' PRINCESS YOULU TAKE: AN "POCKtT KNIFE YOU Di«-.'T.r VELL-UR- HOW COME VOUR TOOTPRiNtS VJtnU TliEQU Ol-l TH' CUIT.THEH BECAUSE I WALKED ALONG THE CLIFFS . 1VIAT MORNING OUT I VJAS \N rAV CAVE WHEN TI WELON THROWN UH HIM',, I THOUGHT BOOTS AND HER RI1DDIFR TAKE IT EASY, HOOTS! WASH TUBES WELL, BOY, IT'S ALL OVER. WE'VE WIPED OJT A MOB OF GfiNGSTERS, SOWED A MURDER MYSTERY, 'AMD RUIJ UOWN-AN UNDERCOVER HOSPITAL FOR CROOKS. WE OWE EVERVTHIMO TO VOU- S~ I LlJCKV,f,UH. 7 NOMSDMSE! AH! HERE ARE THE / PEPOWEKS MID CAMERAMEN. COMt Ot-1, BOV. I'LL SEE THAT VOUR PICTUPE 6ETS IN tVEBV PAPER IM AMERICfv HE'/.' WliERE'D V MV STARS.' HE MUST OF SKI?PEtlN ( J = QO? WICRE'sl HE'S THE. FIRST GUV I EVER S^W ' EASy? yVWO DIDN'T V^WT TO BE A HEBO. ASV RIDE5 TO TOWM WITH "IHE DKTRICT ATTORNEY AND THE CHIEF OF POLICE. SALESMAN SAM UiELL|WE'LL WftWTA HA.VE PiUL TH' M'CTIMS AS WITNESSES AGAIMST TH'CROOK, WHEN KB N^B HIM? DO VA KUOlO WHERE T'Dftvt; VICTIM UWES? MUP:HE'S STILL IM TOWM , CHier-' I'M POSI- TWC OF THAT! WELL, P.KWTHING TB R.C-PO«T ow PETER PIKER, POCKET PiCKER. HOVWY? OH, SOME MOP.C COMPLfllHTS 1 OMLV OMB T'DAV! HE OF POCKETS BEIM' PICKED, / WALKED RIGHT UPTO fl GUV AN 1 TOOK HtS UJ'MlEr, •SUCK PlS A WHISTte! ' I'D BE A DUM3 DICK, IF ( DIDM'T! cops RdsTiMG- Roon THIRD OF DOUBLg- |tEf>OE«.' SCORE O-O FRECKLES AND HIS I'lilEMIS OK,Y MEAN SHOMTY? HE'S BEGN OUT LCX3KW' AT HIS TRAPS...OOCHTA BE IM,IM A DAY OR SO...I GOT You? WIRE.. HAVE EVERYTHING ser- POR Yotl.,.CRUB AKIt> MELLO,80YS A LOT OF YOUR STUFF IS OVER BY THE RIVER....ALL YoO GOT TO DO, IS PILE INTO THE CAWOE AMD SHOVE I'LL HAVE SHONTY CATCH COUPtE OF BOYS THE STATES ....CAMPIMG I RECKOM...OCDEREP A LOT OF STL'f- r-, AHEAD 1 PLAK'NIN' TO GITGOISJ, AFTER LOAD THEIR CAKIOE.... HERE COMES THS OLD >, BOILER, ^ Now. 1 . 1 ABour ^E IMDIAN GUIDE ? ISN'T HE AROUND IN OM NUMBER P>JR, SHORTY -7 HATE TO BUST INfTO STRANGE COUNTRY TUB WAY rl t\ss Yo). BETTER CETCOiij' A LOT OF TROUT E EXPECTW' You I. 1

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