Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 18, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1942
Page 1
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by BILL COR UM A Famous Adv, Exoc, Rucontly Pronounced Newspaper Adv, Beat. Wo Strive to Please, 'So Here Are Some Ads By Our 'Copy Writer » ?»** »fth Gmes Th WINNING CUB By Jack Sards Yoslarday's Itosults Detroit .1, New Yp-rk.O, St. '.Louis (!,->'Boston fJ. , Philadelphia 4, Chicago 3. Gluvekvnd 5, Washington 4. ,«,»»* OUR OWN ADVERTISING COLUMN Kit FANS! mid \Vnrnln}j Iht' Hrooklyn- liiiiiir on WcMlnt'.sUny, all llckrl.s In umiirN ut rl<| will IIP ol' dubious I,,,H ,„, i u llii'in from brokers, In Ihr hnpn ol' j llic Dixlfp'i's roiillnuo nimiwii.v run- In Iho Nn- cluh will not i'(>- ihi> price of admission on ,uiv llrKi'ts nllVi'i'd for refund In ,.(isc iiu- Cunlhwls ciTpp up uiui ui-i'sl /hi 1 Inul I'i'oin Ourochpr's old mm hrl'iiiM' I he Mine sel Tor Hn< iinitii' mi u dn(r herenl'tei 1 to St. l.onls iN'iillonnl l,(ui()ue, Chili, (no, Mill t.'orum, I'msldmiL JUV Sn.MK IIONDS AND ST.UII'S TODAY (Mil siiiii- .shoulder (o (ho \vlnMil,,, \iul lirlp lo run down IMI tho llcci: M.ivlull fails who attended the. .KIN.1; inlhiah iramf at Ihn Polo •nijiuN Ni'siri'duy paid a lino ilni[.> In (In 1 King of Ui'eef.i* who .villy Nll<>\i'd Wltni'SHlhK OUt 1 1UI- iii.i! (i.'i-Ulliiii 1 UM (In) KlloHt of •.•Hi'.h'i.'l Slnni'ham of Ihu ,i-k IMilliHIon Co. I'll's ;j irnod filing thai Ihls tf ;i/i'f pupil And It' my friend, .George, didn't e u good munagur, it wouldn't ho iH'oaiiMU he. didn't spnnd enough llino In (in upper grandstand box ill. Sportsman's Park whgn In; round out ahoul baseball und became a Tan. Unfortunately, Alexis KumpoiirlH, HIM only (irwik .now iicllvn in big I linn hall us far 'as I recall, IH no longer u iiuMiihiu 1 ol' the .Polo (JroinnlH patrol.. .The King should huvc oomo to HOU u,s when London \VUM tossing all wrestlni'H ui'ound with his tional airplane spin. The Jimmy those sensa- |inpiil;ir monarch ol' llrsf. democracy .Unu 1 , '•s sound paradoxical) >• nation thai ' has won • in of the elvill/i'd world in,' In S(><- Ihu I'llillhtH, Alll- In that ca (il'KUIllX nil'- i»r hc'i tcain, I.'IIIU.KIT, and irnnant races prob- niiiki (MllOl ncxl ONSTAGE VAUGHN <v MONROEt OTHER nia ACTS OH MEXICftH SCREEN SPITFIRE AT SEA TOMORROW tke year's must ravishing role! MKI'71 1 OF ALL I 1 MISS IT, Tho iM'eiilest trnck nnd field meet over hold in Ihi.s seel ion, and the {(iMMilesI anywhere ,si.m:o tho Olympics, will be. put on. at. Hiuuhdl's island on Frldny nnd Snturdny, i,s tut event Mint no lover of sport e.iui ull'ord lo miss, Th« event ol' n lirelhne, Positively, absolutely, nnd beyond doubt, ilwr.v Obriineh nnd his nssoe.inlos Imvo spared no expense in rounding up virtually every fjiTUl star in the counlry for this super show of speed nml nlhlelie prowess. In trutii, I hey have spent even more than they wouJd luive hud to ; spem! in expense money lust to make sure nobody wns missing when Iho lli'st IKHi iinrktul. Nobody who is anybody in trnck 'nnd Held will be, You can't alVortl lo be, either, Sec Doit (Dad) Uurnhnm, (he, \vlhlrl whuf from (he WhilcMn^in- Inlns! See (ill Dndds, (be .Mr. (toston of (lie spiked shoe boys! See liny Hid) (ihui, of Nebraska, a cocklnll lo [Mil lir<? lulo jiny h-HOlv meel! Sec Oni'Melons Wnrinonlam, (be Flying Dutchnnm from (Inlil'ornia , who rides the clouds \vUhont whins! See fireji Uiee, already n tract inunor(a), nnd fjeeatcsf of 'em nty from Noire Dnnie, or where do you \vwif 'em from/ Sue our own Leslie MncMitchcll from (lie Sidewalks of New York! Some folks have been nskhifj Avliul \vas wi'oiifi. with illnr.MiU'.hr.ll? Nolh- If/n n( nil, my friends, nollifiif/ at nil, A 'fltfle love/drd has wbisperod (o me flmf kid Cupid bn.s winf/ed mi UTO\V Jnlo Leslie's Henri—(be heart the Achilles' Heel of every VOIHMJ man at (bis season, of the, your. Hut Ihut doesn't make aiiytbiiui vroiifi wlfh him, That makes ev- cydihif; I'Jfiht u'lll.i him. Don'l tell lie a .vounf; mnn, can't run as fast ever just because he's in love. course, it may depend to some e-enl on the direction in which he is New York , Boston .... ('.'•Jove, kind , Do Iroil ,.,, St. Lou Is .. Chicago Philadelphia Wash ing Ion Today's (iames, I*Jtfbui's Now York .at- Detroit—Chundler (7-1) vs. Truck's (4-2). . \ViiHhhigl/on at 'Clevoland—\Vynn (5-a) or Hudson (44))' vs. Dean (52). Philadclphla at,Chi.oago.—IvnoIt (2-(!) vs. -Ross (0-2). ill, St. Louis—'Hug'hson (52) vs. •Galu'h'ouso (^i-G). .NATIONAL LEAGUE Ye.stei'day'.s Clnwlniiatl /i, 4, - Hoslon Cincinnati 1.1 Innings). SL. Louis 3, New York Brooklyn 5, Chicago 1, Pittsburgh 0, IMiiladclphiii 2 (first). 3 (second- 0. The Hrooklyn .. St. Louis ., Cineirnui'tr . New York . Chicago .... Pittsburgh Host-on Philadelphia New .Haven, .Hi ne 18—(UP) — J o e v lannqtti's. schoduled 8-round star bpu.l with Gurlcy Nichols didn'i go the. limit at the New Haven, arena last, njght. lann'oUi, .Now Haven fpattier.\ycigh.t, finished Nicholas on" Jn .the ,si)vtb round, and was .awarded n technical knockout after 1'loor- ing.., Nicholas' twice with rights to Ihe jaw. . • In un, eigbt-roiind semi-/lnal, Ted Lowry ol' New Bedford, Mass., New g'land . light-heavy champion — won : by a technical knockout over Hilly Grant of Orange, New ,1-crscy, In the Hnala'ound. . Gray$ Hay Fulton A. C. * * ' ' '•'.«.' Here This Evening At 6 WILL IN MILE YORK CLUB CRAFT 1WRCO" .542 .rxio .288 Louis Must Complete Today's Games, ' Pitchers SL Louis at 'Brooklyn (Twilight) LaiiicT (;KJ) va. [prpnpli (4-0). (inly gmno scheduled,. '.' NaugAtuck Fire Alajrm Boxes • ; ; — ^ N'o. Location J2 Htibbor Regbnoratinff Co. . J.'J Scott Sti'oet, ooi'ncr Lewis If) G.M.U. Shoo Co., .Rubber Ave, and Water- 'SLrcci 10 Rubber Avenue and Cherry St. 17 Town Kami, Rubber Avenue IS Rlsdon Mj'g. Co,, Andrew Avc. 21 Church Street at Park'Plane 2,'} n. I. R. Olovo Co., Maple Street 2<1 Town Hall, corner' Maple and Church Streets 25 Meadow Street 20 Salem School 28 High School 'U Johnson Street 02 May Street, at Phoenix Avc. corner Munlo SI. corner Hotohklss Road, corner Hig- o May Be Eeipnitte^iT^De- fend His Titl£> When Course Is Finished, ; Tin Plrtitt Slrt U Mi| A GAL LIKE SAL! llowever, I repeal there is nothlnn vfonjj wltli one youiifj man from be sld(!\vnlks of New > York. AIM) f/ohif; lo be out (here rooth for him lo win, Hnlh for his sake and bis "sweet Mosle O'Cirudy'.s," I'd have, lo buy pane space in the ilonrnal-American lo (ell you the whole story of fbese area* National A.AC cbnmplonsblps for the bene/lt or (lid Navy Uelief. And wbife I'd like to do Mint, I can't afford it, what with (he way my horses ran last Saturday LOST AND POUND, A hoi-si) wus rounrlori.-up In Iho (ironx ynslerdny al'toi 1 Ica/llng thn poli(5(.» thi'ough • a rnnrry 10-mile, chasn. Thp pupnr.M ,sald < tho horse's nanu) wa«HfiJndiHir. I 'doubt it, My gin-sM is that It was Whlrlaway M'n- is'hlng oil hh» run In the Garter Uatidloup. | id -ITU Or«/t*f'| $'** Cithlt with I'MMH IrtH JWh CIMTURY-POX NCTUM 2nd smnsif HIT STHALTHH PfCTUKE FROM THF GHOSTS/ MILTON BERLE tn , iGr 'o/p/i.,0 a nit ftonc/* //•r« nmJ i.*iM p<;op,t<s ool.s WHS u Nobody Shor, . H» ball «»uno mistook, hint wtnr uliui' y«s- for Annapolis Md,, Juno .18— (UP)— A N'lsw Jlfidford, Mass,, cadet-rrlV.. 10. I-' on l.a I nu ..... hns hc.nn (dec-ted .on plain ol' tlio Nuvy.'s HalllMK f.nam. lle.wjis (UK! of H^von ''academy cadets cha's- (Mi to load sports for the iW,-i sprjng ' ' s p E N T OIV|t YdU rLOQJIfTH NIW•IAUTY TREATMENT F LOR LUX fAli /'Wr'/Wl.' A JO UGH • DURABLE ELASTIC FI'M IS H' t N C 6lo RSi T HAT WILL HARMONIZE AND, CAN TAKE .REPEATED ABUSE '..'.. .',.&' 'li>n(s .(loi'iiitr, 1 ) \Va<oiM>Mi'.v . , .^ - • • » , >t . • - 1 i •• * t —' \<i 'Toll.'llhiu'fiii i\ JMnoc .'Jl'o tNirk- Main Slroot, U5 Main Strcot, 30 Now Haven. Strcot ;n Carroll Street ,'i8 fflgh Street at Ilili .St. HO Corner Hfgfi and May.Streets 4:1 Ilignlancl Ave,, cornor Galpin SI 42 Houdlcy Street, corner Aetna M Aetna Street, corner Cliff St. • 45 Walnul. Street, corner Cliff St. 4(5 Mlllvlllo Ave.,, corner Park Avo 47 Cliff Street, corner Pleasant , 48 Grove Strcot, corner May Ave 40 Goodyear Avenue ' 51 High Street, corner Orchard St 53'Main Scroot, corner .Linden St,' 54 Coon Street 50 lll/, r h Street, corner OaU St. 0.1 Bridge Street near Lumber Yard (12 Scliool Street, corner Anderson StrccH 0,'J MftJleabie Iron Works fi4 Sprhiy Street, coi'ner Brennan Street 71 Prospect Strool, corner. LTnoj Hill 72 North Main St., corner Bridge street • 7(5 Locust Street 74 Woodbine Street, corner Golden Hill Street 1() North Main Street and Golden Court .• 112 Koot of Ward Strcot . I!.',! Ollvo Sireet, cprnej 1 of Cherry 114 Spencer Street, corner of'Chcrr.v- 1-10 Dunham Mills 117 Melbourne Court 115 0. M\ n. Shoe Co., Rubber Avo. •121 Corner Andrew Ave. & Scott St ifii G. M.'tl, Shoe Co,,. South Watc- • Strc.o,t ..'.;. \\\% MUy Street near Ice House 412 Millsldo Avenue and Milivllle . . Avenuo .- t . . . . -,-•..- 4J,'J No\y Streot ,.' . . ; . 414. Rockwell Avenue, at Sulcm street 4JG North Chui'cji street. ;; • Sifit'inls ''"-'. '2 Blasts .n't 8 p. m. Tpil alarm. : 4 Blawta'at 3 a, .rn;-12:J)0.;.p, m; Wo Hoh op I, "grades ;1: -to ^5'.,. ''. G Blasts aL 8: a, ni.-:l2:ao' p.' rri, No ' ' schqoli ^raclcs'.i-to 8., . . -'. tO. : I3lnHts at ! 7;45,,a. ;nV-NoVoJipol in i\ Washington, June 18 — (UP) Heavyweight Champion > ,foc .in List co m p 1-ete .b is basic, ar.m y irain ing before the War Department" will allow him to take part, in any .ring fights "I'o r Ills own benefit. ' , Secretary Stlmaon, In'. ' miikiJis.,th.e announcement today, said he. .did iHJt know when '!.!uH"'- > \yi.jl- be ;•;.;., But, lie. left the -impr.e.ssion!'wi ; ib rliport;-/ ors thai the army will allmv' Iht chocolate soldier to defend his title 1 once he has completed, his basic army course. That, presumably, would bo 1-ulor ' this simunor— io .Mrno for an outdoor bout'"jin:.a L']S arena, • •'•• ..Army spokesmen said-- . :; :T,ouls would 'be permitLeil to ma;lie .a lim- iti-d number of^ appearances "Cor strictly army purposes." They declined to 'amplify on the meaning of .Unit phrase. . Presumably they rofomsd 1,6 the three und Tour-round cxnlbltitnis Louis has bee'fr- maUl'h'A at army camps for the •entertain- nionl of posi, personnel. , y.s.^; -••• Joe was,, inducted in the ^jfiy on January '14th — m.orc. yiajj' Hvc months ago. The full basig^ Lraio- K period takes 18 weeks.;". But Uic champ's army s.cliedult has I30t3n Interrupted freci.uenUy with furloughs to pcrmiL/hlm -, to i-niin for a Hirbl, "or niako public^ a|> pcaranccs. So be has put' Jn '.only part -of the roq ui red , i# \vceks Slimson said that, tho .War . .n«- inrtniont considers that, these* In- .ei'ruplions are unfair both to Louis ind the arrnyi and -.that's Ih6';rcuspn' or tho ruling. .'/ The dark . do.stroyer . is .anxious ic iinkc at least one more ti tl-o defense o he can pay off some of the $. 1.70,000 bo owes the government >n in- oino I axes. ' He already has deienrled hls wloe lot 1 nolh'lnK— onco lor the 111, 'ol 1 the Navy HoIJtiiVFund gain for army cmprgoncy rcjk'f Among (ho possible oppononls fo /ouis nrn Billy Conn, Iho PdK-, burgher whoso .ring stock took a tumble when ; he lost a decision lo •hi's fatbai'-in-iaw, and Lee Savoid. currently hearing: the peak of a long comeback trail, • : r,Vanc'6'u'ver;V' ''BMsii^'-^ Columbia, June-. 4«-^(UP)~^li(3••-.-proiil- motive stijll ;o^,.taJiis :^.in-;Xahadian boxing circles. •.,: -.. ." : ;•' •-'':.' "Prom-otcr;; Jack ' Price .Jiiis announced .the cancellation of the .scheduled world's- bantamweight championship flg|it on July- : 4th between ."MtfclioJder Lou. SaJica' .and the-'Canadian king', Kenny-- Lintlsay, The -reason? Price sa'id he.Avas unable'Lo iind a site at a rental low enough to insure him a .prolH-after meeting Salica's guarantee,. ' ' Gororm, Gal., June 18— (<IJP)—Mar- ble balls of l;he Noj'coninn Club, fornier .rende/.vous for the wealthy and famous, now resound wM,b the tap-tap of erutcihes of sailors wounded during the ^ap.anese at- ta-ck on Peai'l Harbor. • 'J'he one-time -exclusive counlry club on Lake. Norco in Southern California has been converted into a .hospital "ship" for more Wian '100' victims of the Pcai-J Harbora Hack. To its new staff and guests the palatial shotcl ds known as the "U. S. S. N-orco." All "-bands" cat in the "galley," which is the. huge Spanis-h dining roo-m. The beautiful, ballroom is, in navy jargon;, a prosaic "deck." A luxurious Life Mornings, convalescent sailors and marines "leave shiip" in wheelchairs and on'crute-hes *to explore the garde.ns and golf courses of tho seven-acre estate. For after dinner diversion there are recreation 'rooms, indoor swlm- .'rningpools, Kixurjous-loimgcs, movies— and an occasional Hollywood personal appearance show—for Uic wounded heroes. Then, w-bcn the "night watch" takes over, the boys retire to their "quarters," rooms that brougtht cx- hortailan.1 rates during Wic-mUlion- aire era. title, bot-h con- The New York, June 18-r-('UP)—The bumper crop of sensational infers —new and old—will provide the highlight In the National AAU track find- Held championships at New York's Triborough stadium this week-end. Bobby Ginn, the flve-foot-six No-, brnska junior, who detail tod both Les MacMUche.ll, the NYU flash, hnd Leroy Weed of Southern California is winning NGAA will resume bis rivalry with In the 1500 meter race. Other j tenders will be Don Durnham, -Dartmouth speedster who handed MacMitchell his firs!, mile defeat, in two years; Gil Dodds, l;be bespectacled person; Weed, Ed Gulp, Earl Mitchell, Paul Kendall, Jim RalTcrty, Phil LeibowiU and Andy Neidnig. Ginn won the NGAA mile, in four minutes Jl and one-tenths seconds. But the J'28-pound Nebrasknn and Mae.MHcbel] both liave done better I ban J.hat and a new record may bo set by the crack Held in the J500 meters. Other arrivals who worked out in ,lhe Triborough oval'today were Arky lOdwin, -Louisiana Stale's defending champion in the -'jOO-mcler hurdles, and Archie Harris, the former Indiana State star who seeks a repeal, hi t-he discus. Harris has been throwing the platter 177-fcet in practice—two feet beyond the world record. Bluebirds Play Overlooks afc Pulton Park, Waterbury. the Naugaluck's t\vo entries .in Pomperaug Vnll-cy lyiseball \ Jeagv.^ will play Ibis evening hi prepara- lion for regular scheduled loagut- games on Sunday; , 7?he ; Bluebirds will play the .Overlooks "of Wal^r- hury.-al Fulton Park' -this evening at 0 o'cjock nnd Ihc tirays will test theJr abiljly at realioii Pieid at the same hour 1» a 'contest with .-Ibc Fulton' A, .G. -ol XN'aterbury. . : v The Bluebirds wW meet bury ' tomorrow o.vo.ning In a ppraug league match hi MIddlebui'y tomorrow evening. Milt Wcisman's Highlanders \pt Mie Central League 'of will j)lny an exbjbitlon game >vith the Washinglon Hills of WatcrbuVy at Recreation Field lomorrovv evening .at <>:15. , PITCHER CY OtMiERSAT illr and Fort iDcvcns.'Mass., June 18— (UP) — A: -military eurt'cw ihas been i>m- •posed on Kort Doyens 1 , 'soldjcrs. 'llh Is .order '- -req.u ires '. Wiat they be .out . of . six,.-ncig'hb,oring cities and Lowns • b'y 1 o'cl.ock in the morning. • .Officials gave no reason for the pr.d'cr •• aMilip-ugh- ' it; was Known 1,'hat some soldiers involved 'in several early distil i<l.)anccs. , The to wns^nd 1 cities PJtcliburg, ^owc,f!,.Sliirle stcr, ^ r orcoi,tor ,uifl Ayer. had been 'morning Leomin- machin- of .com- of Navy his posi his left Corp. Directs Show There Is bale Lyons, u ist's mate who /has'a letter m en da U on from Secretary Prank Knox for staying by in'., a 'burning: hangar until i'oot was blown off. Corp. Charles Crawford, w-ho saw .sjx Miipmates killed at his Pearl Harbor 'battle station and who suffered, a serious Jeff injury, is already kicking around ,in one of the outdoor swimming pools piped \vjlTi surphur. water from, near-by natural springs. He is directing 'a r/how "The Alistar R e v u e," organised .among the* patients and medical staff aboard the'hospital ship. Most o-ccupanls of 'this unique hospital .came.from, sh'ips that got the worst of the Jfap. raid—the Ari- xona, Utah, p.klnhoma, and oUiers. Aibout 20 arc cmnmissloned officers and a few arc marines. ( Manchester Guardian) The German papers are now publishing- many advertisements such as those: Dental treatment and false teeth offered in exchange for bookcase, rustic and upholstered furniture, carpels, oil . paintings, standard lamp. Lady's motorcycle, onJy travel- led .105km. in exchange or part exchange for modern bedroom suite. • For connoisseurs! Man's gold watch, heavy aold, (hie specimen for sale. Price Km, 1,01)0. He- 'quired, electric refrigerator. Stamp collection in exchange for diamond jewelry. Typewriter in exchange for round (lining room table. (Caucasian walnut.) Ladies 1 dress, now, woolen and sillc, size -'r, value Rm. .500, for sale .in. exchange for gas stove with grill, eJecf.ric refrigerator, carpet, and two. new eiderdowns. T.hese show clearly bow the shortage of consumers 1 goods in the shops is leading to private barter The tendency is noted in all fields. Last month the German government issued a decree imposing bcnvy penalties on every form of barter agreement in business on the ground that barler is .closely allied to tho black market. UK? Tl> Aimi IJP HIS TROUBLES CODIOK. forme June 18— (U P) ..— in bunches for Cy " Philadelphia' Phjls _ ,i sprjhg 'Nila'att'd' ill- Troul)le Blanton, pitcher. Cy was injured during training game at. Miami, P had Jjeen plagued \vitJji various nesses all .season long. -La'sl day Uio Phils gave the, 'veteran iils imoondiMonal release. He had .been in the hospital for four weeks. Last night 13 Ian Ion NVIIS .operated on for an jihoess on his right side. But, Cy doesn't glye up .easily^ As soon as he came oui. of I/he ej.ticr the old war .'uino.uncedv'ilval he will l.i % y l.o line up with a major league club m JD-i3. CAItlHNALS C5KT CATCHER New York, June .18—(UP)--The St. Louis Cardinals have bolstered their catching staff by calling uft backstop Sam Marron from the Roches- tor Hod Wings of the International league. KILLED IN London, June J8~-(UP)— The 'son of Britain's poet Jaureuie, .John Mas(3rield, lias boon killed /Jri action. An announcement says' Mini Mie poei.'s son, Lewis'' Groiniijcjln- M.-isefield, died Jn recent flghl'Inj* far from home. Young Masef-lpHI was a2 old. .. Oncnflcld; Mass 1 , June J8~(UP)~ V 44-year-old Groonfield man ha? boon 1ouud 'in Denver, Colorado Police bay that,/JJroo Ormsby was suffering from .omrlesia when JocaJ^ 6cl, He had v been missing nine monlhs l Long Term Patients 'The commanding officer is Capt. Harold L. Jensen, "who was in com- iiand of .the hospital ship Solace in P.ea.rl Harbor when the attack came. Under his supervision, the leavily draped banquet halls ami thick..carpeted guest roms are be-- •'ing'remodeled into ..pleasant hos- pjtal words, Jirsl aid stations, sur- gories, 'therapy rooms and dispensaries. Ramps are being built so wheel-chair pnli;enls •can around more easily. A large stafiT of iinrve, bone and •j) Ins tic- spec ia lists, all naval re.sei'vc officers, minister to the patients, wjj.h iJie help of '2() nurses under Supervisor Nellie. Jane, DeWHt. "The 'hospital is for long term palients, men who are to be on the sie.k'list for months," said Captain .Jensen. "J(,'.s going to .-he "a" permanent service for the personnel of l,he navy and marine corps." PRIVATE BUCK . . By Clyde Lewis'] PACING YANKS AT THE PLATE ALCAZAR TODAY- FRIDAY SATURDAY Ann Sheriddn and a great cast in Special G ' : C' t No Movies day or Fridays Coming Saturday "Small Town Del "Road "Well, you told nie to diovfr liiAi wfio\^y:bo^"didn't you?" ' S J •• » • li ' ^ , w »t v 4 r 4 .tf?****^^ •v 'V ; ; ' ' ;l| ? > N V icrnas . ^11 <v ^ tr^* * ..<?•, i^ l^ \ ^? .foo v, * ^*J < ' ::-s» Gorc'fon, suir Ynnkrc wconil' ha.srinan, ln-oke his hnMhifr «<"TnU whon ho foilc<l (o conned for a hif /ofler siH'cossfnlly connect- Ihe hnll in 27' successive flUmes." -...''-' , _ ^ SZ sajg- jea. J^^^ ^^^ ^^^* ^^^-J.' , ^^^^ , as ;• let-' ~^^W __ .JBWP-.. ^^^. 'S Water Stmt ;•''DAILY DINNfcRS »nd >. '.-nwolttiB v -A ..; SANDWIOHM OT 1U KINDS A fuU^iftnpr

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