The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1967 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 10, 1967
Page 3
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fcrymevffle (Art.) Courier News - Monday, Apffl ». >«*•• The Gyro-X is a unique two-wheeled car which is stabilized by a gyroscope. It's experimental and port of the "Wonderful World of Wheels" exhibit. AUJOMANIA'67 Although the American auto industry announces its new cars in the foil, foreign car makers like to premiere their newly minted dream- wagons at auto shows: There will be plenty to sigh over at the llth annual International Automobile Show which runs April 1-9 at the New York Coliseum. Here's a preview. Triumph's new fcstback, tolled 0 ST-6, sports o six-cylinder engine end o sleek Italiwvdesignea skin. Toyota's 2000-GT is the , Japanese version of on Italian-British sports car .that is ex- peered to steal o healthy chunk of the enthusiast market. It goes on sole in late spring. made the country., .man made le town., .but no one, not even ie devil, seems willing to ac- ept responsibility lor the sub- irbs. Like topsy, they seem to have just growed." And they are still growing like mushrooms — or toadstools. America is well on its way to reating one of the world's first uburban civilizations. Some of my best friends live n suburbs, and for the life of me I can't figure out why. Ev- erytlme I visit them and return safely to the city I feel like kiss- ng the first skyscraper I meet n gratitude. Aston Martin's new Volante convertible is a four- seater ond is capable of J50 m.p.h. Note the rear- end spoiler. (Lamborghini) The Miura P400 by Lamborghini is another of those superb Italian Gran Turismo cars of the Ferrari class. This, too, can top 150 m.p.h. Peru Eyes Jungle For More By DEAN JOHNSOS LIMA, Peru (AP) - Peru's president sees the jungles of Peru's l,000,mile link in the|nected with the airstrip area, South America as one answer to finding more land to meet the hunger of exploding populations. It can be done, President Fernando Belaunde Terry says, by making the most of such things as a new highway skirting the western fringes of the Amazon basin. He considers this a top- priority project in what he calls the task of our time — development of the "South American heartland" on ttie east side of the Andes. He is bound to push this idea, whenever he gets the chance, at the summit meeting of hemispheric chiefs of state next week in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The new road, called the car- retera marginal or marginal highway because of its route, will connect with similar highways in Ecuador and Bolivia. The Andes Mountains, Borne of their peaks dwarfing anything in North America or Europe, run virtually all the way down South America's west coast. They extend inland about 300 miles, and have been a barrier to commerce and development in the tropical interiors of the countries. * * * Belaunde, in a statement to The Associated Press, said the highway will help create on the east side of the Andes "a new environment rejuvenated by modern medicine, energy and transportation." "Along the east side of the Andes," Belaunde said, "from Maracaibo to Venezuela to Santa Cruz in Bolivia, energy, fuel and oil for industrial purposes, refrigeration .and dehydration are assured by large water resources, natural gas deposits and oil fields. "This is the area which will be tapped by the marginal highway." lighway is scheduled for completion in 1979. The planned cost if $172 million is being put up by the U.S. Export-Import Bank and the Peruvian government. Peruvian officials say expenditures are constantly rising and the final cost Will exceed the original estimate. While emphasizing the highway, Belaunde finds that air transport should be promoted in underdeveloped areas initially: Under the philosophy "the airplane before the truck," the Peruvian leader observed: "First, we build an airstrip in the jungle. "Around the airstrip we the trucks will come and everyone will realize new riches." Belaunde said that tropical regions of the world ar "changing from unhealthy ai eas to places for mental an physical rest and relaxation." He singled out Miami, Fla where he once lived. As an example of a "swampy and uninhabitable area at tSie turn of the century" that was transformed into a garden spot. This was accomplished, said, in a climate "not superior !o our high South American jungle." With modem advances in technology and medicine, NEWS BRIEFS LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Aft- >.r Harold Rathfoot of Lansing retired as chief maintenance engineer of the Michigan highway department, he planned to move to his retirement home at Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Before he moved he received a telegram from Rolf Mickler, assistant Florida highway engineer, an- ATOUUU me emaujp we WJCllIiuivgy eui« iin,ui*,»..v., ~~ create a viable economic base launde declared, "Hie phenome- by taking out products by plane - -"- 1 - J ~ ' u - ' ' and bringing in tools and machines needed for expansion. "Later, when a road is con- non which occurred in the 'mag ic city' of Miami can and musi be realized in all tropical regions of the world." Would You 0 BELIEVE I Breakfast w/Hot Biscuits & Crame Gravy A la Carte Service 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. Special Lunch Daily Meat w/2 Vegetables Never Over Plaza Cafeteria Claudine P!«rc«, Mgr. Look What's Just Arrived! i* I T^ ' -»— . BOUNCY JAMAICA SETS far the Platter-chatter cnwd From sprightly flora] prints to boldly striped shirts, this gala collection of Jatmioa sate spoil the "In" look fix T to 14 go-go gHW A gfcruui variety of eoton end fabrics as en eys satcb *'" Oofy »00 CAST MAW5t< nouncing ment as Ratrifoot's appoint- chief consultant of snow removal in Florida." Mickler said, "the work will not be heavy. You will not even be asked to submit an expense account." SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A panel of children's doctors at a meeting of American academy of pediatrics decided that school difficulties are childhood's chief occupational hazard and that success or failure in "compulsory labor in school" can have tremendous consequences for a persons self-image as an adult. BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts is ending segregated vot- ing lists. Under a law enacted recently, male and female vot ing lists. Under a law enactec recently, male and female vot ing lists must be consolidated. ST. LOUIS. Mo. (AP Police say that when a rnai armed with a pistol walked hit a bar recently and announced holdup, the bartender and waitress ignored him. When ih gunman again said he was holt ing up the place, the bartende disarmed him and sent him o his way. ^•r "w^ ^r ^r ^^ ^^ ••' — Hal Boyle NEW By HAL BOLE YORK (AP) - God all around unpaid hired m»n. B anything breaks or goes wrong, he generally has to (ix it himself. -' '•'• * * * Although his aching musclei rebel, he must grow tomatoes in his backyard, even though they end up costing him a dollar a tomato. '..'," Why? Because Ws neighbor does. Everybody in the suburbs grows tomatoes or loses caste. If you do you're "in," if you don't you're out. i... Each Saturday from now until October he must get down on his knees and dig crabgrass from the front lawn. ..;.« Why? Because his neighbor does. In the suburbs green i eiauLuuc. aoes. Jn me auuwro gi«u People throng here from all|] awns are altars, and it is':not parts of the nation — from Osh-1 - • • — cosh, Wis., Bygosh, Ga., Corn- proper for crabgrass to grow, on , . - . . '"I altars. cob, Neb., and Big Heap, Mont. . - to carve a career in the big) Bu( compassion is waste t <j n city, the city "that has every- the typjcal suburban j te . If you hmir ' express sympathy for his plight, he replies indignantly: thing." One out of three of them im-1 "what do you mean? Why I wouldn't live anywhere else for a million dollars." But what about his kids? They've seen what the suburbs lave done to their parents. As soon as they grow up, they want to move to the big city, where conformity is not a hammer.and crabgrass is no problem as It can't grow ia concrete. mediately tries 10 rent a pad in Greenwich Village, hoping perhaps for a little Bohemian revelry. But what do most of them do after they land a steady job? Move out to a suburb. If a man works in the suburb where he lives, he can have a tine and happy life. He is probably a native there, and happy in its folkways. But if a man only uses a suburb as a bedroom and a weekend resort but still has to go to and from the city each day to earn his bread and butter, he is a pilgrim in eternal shuttle, a prisoner of bus or railroad timetables. He is thrice enslaved — to his job, to his transit system, and to the inordinate demands of his little green and wfiite castle cramped on a quarter acre plo in the suburbs. His home makes of him an unwilling carpenter, house painter, plumber and genera Bear'* Diet A grizzly bear may eat anything, from ants to whales. It relishes meat, but devours more vegetation. A grizzly, to break the winter fast, begins on new grass, grazing as contentedly as a cow. Knapp Shoes Send name and address i»: MALCOLM JOHNSTON 1104 Lanrant ED 3-1876 CaruthersvUle, Mo. FROM HAYS FASHION DEPT BUTTE KNIT, *©! \ -*\ Non-stop Spring'.,. continuing OB Aroug'n summer. Butte Knit's 100% Dacron* 3-pi«ce sort. Belted jacket boasts mandarin collar and top stitch trim for a military look. Matching skirt and shell. A first class traveler that flies away with compliments. In zoom-ahead colors: Banana, Peach, Bluet, Navy or Hush. Sizes 8-1& BUTTE KNIT * -*;! --01 » Color magic—3 beautiful colors on a 3-picce suit. Predicting a long and busy life from Spring through Summer. Butte Knit performs the sorcery on a fantastically whisper-weight fabrie of 100% Dacron*. Takes a white double-breasted jacket—splashes it with tri-color trim—adds. a navy skirt precisely pleated and completes the picture with a pineapple shell. Only in White/Navy/Pineapple. Sizes 8-18.' Hays Fashion Dept. STORE HOURS: Men. thru Thur.—8 am-7 pm Fri. & Sat.—8 ami9 pm Lay Away Your Selections

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