The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1934
Page 3
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14. A-.JU-T O O O I E F» PMUTH SKIES All Time Records Broken During the Week Which EnHed June 30 DETROIT.-Climaxing a reeord- shatlering six montlLs of business, retail sales of Plymouth cnrs climbed lei another nil-time peak for- (he week ending .lime :l()ih, 11. E. Hinrtilmon, Chairman of the . Board of the Plymouth Molor Corporation, aniiomii'ed today. Mr. Hutchinson slatPil llmt Plymouth retail sulfs for (he week u total nf (1,29!) nulls, nn 'Increase of 3.2 per rent aboi'r- ilv- preylnitK record week ended April 7th. This was 8.U per rent ulMVf- •the previous wr-ek. ended .liuir 23, und '.'3.7 |x>r cent over the corresponding week last year. Plymouth retail sales for the firsl six months of the year lolal- ed 170.009 units, on increase or 60.5 i«r cent over sales for the Hrfit .six inontiis of last year and 1615 per cent above the hainc |>trlod in 1932. •June sales of Plymouth cnrs lolaled :i5.515 units, lu.f) jx>r ceni above Ihe Mny toiul Dud 4.7 per cent more liinu .lime sales last year. In Hie six. months' period, the Plymouth factory shipiKd a tolnl 01 235,215 units, including export business. This was tt Mews and Motes for the fttotori»t» O E New Gas Station Has Sex Appeal NEXT HECK at Blytheoilles Theatres rur idle, • ••Oiieinlof lit" which opens Sun- lli'ht lovliu; diul. 'filu' Erwln. pl»Jfi | day :it tin.- ItHy. Thi-iurc for nvo;|] u , (il |il:iy» imiM bo plnri'tl on rrconl us . | ni- nl tin- lxv,l historic priHlui'-' ^!' Him. Ii M-I-VCS us the nr-ur-st Mmrlny i ivhn-lr [nr Miirlini Dnvic.v, ihe •• Mar, Allli tlitry moUwr and MnyHhfart Nfury 0»r- llslfl, Thelrna Todd plays Mu Palooka's rival for the affections ot Ihe .vnlor Palooxa, while young Catjtify Is smi an Hie blustering lo wlicun [he fickle I,upc Palookn's when yniiiif; Iri'ky star wanes. Charlie Cimn, porinyM by War- Ktr Oland, solm another lilond- rlillllng mystery In the Fox picture, "Charlie Churys Courage," coming to Saturday. , the Hit? TI*alre on ,,.,_,_ *'"> threw Ihn deadly knife that Marjorle Ramt*»u| kjllcrt 'a fmihful ci.lwse. servant his incithcr und Arm- plays •Knolihy' Wulsh, light pro' i:ioler. who lures him Into llw life i/i, Tjir |i:riiuv |j;i.s hi-r-ii infirii ii'nni! 11 a- IUM :iml hi'si innc'l \\rinon li\ '. M:i- iii:Mi-|- :.|'(ll \-lill.T. IMlPII \\'.' ... _..,.. _ llonohe's -Olatllr night dull riilorlalner who .. : . tin (lu/'/li'.s him Inln forvclllng home,' 'I'lir-.s/i Wliy did a [wt parrot ficream, "Hclpl Murdcrl"? Who killed Ihe l)lrd, sliennliiR [lint wrcnm forever'/ Who hml Iwrn munlercil nt a mil- lonely dcwrt was the hixly? In- <|iicstlons forth from Hie slflry by part rvrr Blggers Hint have U> ho solved by the enigmatic oriental detective crrnlcd nn Urn .vrcen by Warner Oland. . •:..-'. The lending feminine role Ims been given lo. Jx-aullfnl Drue I^y. ton, talented 'slar of Hie Broadway stage, who intikM her debut In it leadng motion picture role In "Chnrlle Chun's Conragf." Dnn- nld Woods hns the Juvenile lend opposite her. "Charlie based on Chinese Parrot. Chan's Cmirase," u niggers' novel, "Tile Read Courier News Want Ads. . Il ilnrj iMlii-cnis I he liuv t-on- <'U'n-n Miss Uavii-.s. ii'i :\ Uiiliin spy, uml Cin)[ii>r. us n Pii:ulii-in spy. will, |h< civil Win 1 •i*. 11.1- l>.u'k|jrniiiiil. H'.-.-iii..s fiimmu in Ainc-i iciiu lii. 1 ,I'.iy mi- aiillicntlciilly fi'iiroiliirdl m (In- picture ami iii:iny ruinous Hisrai-im of the Civil Win- are Jil-iiin ;imiin ii|ym Hie .screen— Aliliiliain l.liiciiln. Allan I'lllkerloii, IViiMiic Cuslnnan, CieniTal "Jell" Si ".in, i.nil many oilier liLstnrlcnl , UM.S silMoimd- ASfiKSSMKNT t*Nl> SALE Noiliv 1.1 lir-rrliy given I hut 1. Ihe undfrsluned lljii'cli'.l <'<iiiiinl.ssinnr-i', will nn Thumtay, July I9ih, linn, tvlihln lnwliil Iwurs, at lli« Smilh door nf ihe Coiii'l lions,- In lilyllievllle. Arkaustt-s, sell in itii 1 lilghrM lililder. for each, llu: fcillowlng linicli lni'al«l In MI>-'iLssl])]il Oninity, Arkansiis. tn-vrli r RX1I111IT A lYEAIl in-j:il R. T. 11. A ?t ' tt Who woukUrt trad • SCIV "' C S'-' 1110 "-"'° * ''""' 11IS in ii sen-Re station with Ilir-se beauties on the Job! lint Ihls |ilic>!o Is lint of a real iJi'iui'I'miii Wninor ISros.-First National's dea ot how u model mis btnlion shculcl look und hou ! '''''d l!,.|,|y. months of last year and 217.3 ,._. cerir, above the rorresponcling per- ioci of 19^-*. Mr. Hutchinson pointed out that Plymouth shipments lor the first .six months this year were, two per cent greater than combined shipments for the (list si>: months of 1931, 1932 ami 10311. He said the shipments in six months this year wete only 9.9 per cent less thun shipments during (he entire twelve months ol 19:i:i tin is from a forthcomiiii; technicolor slioil, "Molcir O 1 Mine" hLs SBi-vice station Ixaiilies the way In |;lvn u inntnrl.M real picture Is ii new DeHixc- Plyinoinli Ccinvenilil-: dealers by owners of nlher covs ] o;' of earlier Chevrolets. I White Ihe accomplishment is Im- f pcji-mnt in llself. as .seltiiiy an nil- | time rerotil for railln .sales hy ; Chc-wulet offifiak ave os|>eeiully ' interested in it as an index ot the public's increased buying power. JRotarians Ride in Fords and Lincolns Instead fo Customary Mid- Year'Drop 12 Per Cent Increase Shown When over 7000 Hotarinns from all parts of the world assembled Detroit for the Intcrnalioniil Rotary convention June 2-Hh-:!9t!i, Ford Motor Company furnished us courtesy cars 200 ne-.v V-8 sedans md 10 Lincolus with J20 drivers. All expenses of operation of | these cars' was absorbed by Fmci I Molor Company and the itoiaii- IILS used them from early till late over all parts of the div tn Ijs- troit. DETROIT, July 12.—Chevrolet's rccord-lireakinn" sales continued their aiivam;* in June, shattering all monthly records since May. 1931,- and achieving the highest June total since 1929, officials of the Chevrolet Molor Co. announced today. 1 Retail sales tor the month jjs compiled from dealers' reports, were [he basis of the announcement. The showing Ls considered especially notable in light, of experts' predictions thnt automotive volume in general would fall off some 12 per cent during June. Instead of receding, Chevrolet sales showed a gain of more than 12 per cent. Dealers credit Chevrolet's new low prices, which took effect June 2 With upsetting the prediction so far as Chevrolet is concerned, and paving the way for this substantial Increase. Lands in Ditch When Truck Blocks Highway Returning from Memphis Wednesday afternoon, Russell Phillips, made a right angle turn at Ci miles per hour and landed head on in ihf: ditch right side up. lo avoid .crushing Into a truck ana" Iruilcr which, without warning, had • suddenly turned squarely across Highway 61. Sales for June Nearly Dou ble Those of Same Month Last Year DEARBORN,~Mich._ W orld sales of Ford passenger cars and commercial unils in June totalled 101 Ml. the largest June sales volume since 1930, the Ford Motor Company announced today. World Ford sales 5S.543. Ford 1933 ' totalle(i . Kiilhc-iliip Ak-xiiniler. Uiis'ioll llardle. Henry and here Leon , """'.wririh, Slrtiu-y Tctcr, nnutiluK ! Diiinlirllli-. Willard Uolicrlson and i<^- J:)ni;s of rjullo entettaiiieis r.ini' Mil|., Hvnii, r . Mi W |, 0 ,.„„. "Hi- MM- plantation melodies. Ncni:i!iil." nil iiclrcillly- [i:iidiii-i-ii miinUr niys'.nry-rnini'd Illlll lli.[ltHH]s ll|^u Sjloecl line] r-lei'rnir.'.s nithcr limn Imrrnr lm- lls i'fff.ctlvcne.'.-. is roiiihn; nn TiiCMlay mill Wi-cinosiiay to Illc Hllz Theatre. The is composed of /aSu Pltls. Phillips Holmes. Mary Urinn. :-(e<l Spark anil Lew Crxly, with Olive Tell. Jed ivnuty, Charles II : Middleion. Rollo Lloyd and Hale' Hamilton heading (he supnorllni; players. The story raises tlie mtirderl .suicide question when Lew Cody I., found dead l:i his real estate office. Ciniuht in the market crash In which in; loses Investors' funds, he realizes thai tin- onl way out is .suicide, niakliiL' a appear like murder .so i ;,iit his Insurance policies can repay the Investors. To Ned Sparks, sour-faced dc- Uelivc. is given the task of un- ravelling a complex tangle of clues Ihal first point to suicide, (hen liirn lo mi hitherto luviiispntlcil plot a»nin:,i Cody's life. Name pi nf See M 1) Cnnp>i- W 10 A NKNW M B Onper NW NW M I) Cooper \V 10 A SR NW M 13 Coop?r SW NW If I. Wray NK HK ! H I. Wruy NW Rt: M 11 Cooper KW HW Ciarnei iV ClirfclumN K 15.4-2 A Lot 1 NW Garner & Chrlslmnn Lot !i SE Amanda Taylor S'i W •J4.70 A SW NK Amanda Taylor SF; HW l.ouls ijpiiclennli! NW .SF; Oxford Mea- 12-U-H1 l'J-H-10 12-14-10 12-14-10 T2-14-IO 12-14-10 diiw. 1 ; Ira Crn«ronl Ira Crawford Damon Mclyod D.imun Mclx;iKl Firsl Niillraial Bank Pirsl National Bank : Soiilh'A-est Ixl Bk. L W Colling I< \V Callings I. W Collings I. W Colling 1. W Callings 1, W Colllnas Dr P L Tiplon Dr P I> Tipton Hr P L'llplon Dr P 1, Tlplon Dr P ,L Tipton SW SR NW NE SW NE NE SW SE SW 1-14-11 3-14-11 3-14-11 3-14-11 :i-14-ll , 10-14-11 10-14-11 10-14-11 10-14-11 Lot 2 NE n-14-11 10 40 10 40 40 40 40 40 If..42 32 12.35 in.n:t 40.83 40.112 40.13 40.1:t 41.03 41.04 32 r pii t>r P L Tiplon Gazing stonily ahead. Oluria Marsh, film is shown here in Los Angeles court, where she i.s cn-defendnni in a crowinc out of morals charges leveled :u the nwnag-er of a Hollywood casting bureau. Testimony before Ihe grand jury that extra girls won ing the front notorists who sav,- iliel accident, marveled [hat [],p car' to the road and did not over several times. s " stain ed ; other | forced- to have affairs with studio executives to get wort- ami ' The largest collection of stellar Inlent ever recruited for a fciuure comedy Is represented In "Pa- Inoka." the Reliance film which comes lo Die rili? 'niin.sday and Friday. A hilarious clue-ma concncllnn. .suggested by the diameters in the frunoiis Ham FLshcr cnmlc strip. "I'alooka." tells the story of a. IP: 3 NE Joint Slk ' Lot D NE NW NE SW NE NK NW NW NW SE NW SW NW NE NE NW NE SB NK SW NE - NE SE NW SE SE SE SW SP NR NK NW SE SB UK SW NE 12-14-11 y> lovable bin not-qiiite-brlght whose niothrr I toitii; Ihe held Ammonia Routed Trio of Pantless Men SHREVEPORT, La. CUP)— Ammonia fumes from a refrigeralor Pipe in a meal company plant drifted into n pressing shop next cioor. causing employes and patrons of the pressing shop to flee. Among those who flew were three men, who had been havln» tl-etr pants pressed. They ran into the street in their underwear, reeking ,rciusp in ihe back end of a nearby, grocery store Their pants were brought "lo them. Montana Youths Capture shutters and wliirrin;;. movie cameras—ma the crowding linbils of piople anj^ous to gel a "map" of him have made him rebellious. Photographers have been warned by rangers to retreal a safe dislance an rtnot to try Inking close-ups. Pictures of "Bill" arc at a distance now and he Is re- his former composure. lad. Dr P L Tlplon Dr P L Tipton J P Tompkins J P Tcjrnpkiiv; J !•' Tompkins J F Tompkins W H & Walter Anderson SF NE M H Robinson NW SE Bankers Mori Co NE SW Bankers, Mort Co NW SW Bankers Mori Co SE SW Bankers Mort Co SW SW M II Robinson Ex 2A in SW CO: E'.-i E DO A NE Hankers Mori Co NE SE Bankers ilort Co NW SE • *.. In prevent htm — --- — --'- •— way of Ills lirlghl- i Bankers Mori Co SE SE •• Hankers \fort Co SW BE |C A Rogers Lois 1 &-3 NE Helen Frances Buch- : . aimn E of L Frl NE I Rolit C'omiley NW SW jW M Taylor" Esl, NE NW I W M Taylor Est NW NW | W M Taylor Est SE NW W Nf Taylor Est SW NW 12-14-11 15-14-11 15-14-11 15-14-11 lfl-14-11 B-i4.-ll 15-14-11 11-14-U 17-14-U 17-14-11 17-14-11 17-U-il 17-14-11 17-14-11 17-I4.-11 18-14-JI 18-14-11 18-14-11 18-14-11 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 5-14-12 5-H-12 5-J4-1? fi-14-12 6-14,12 5-H-12 e-14-12 7-U-12 7-14-12 JOYNER & BONIFTELD Huge Sturgeon MALTA, Mont. (UP)- Billy Arm- uiglon is responsible for (he fish story classic of the current, sea- He says some boys caplured world sales for the a M-poiiml stureeon in the ML— river near here barehanded, I -- ^. , c .,^ .„- lllini « 'nckJe. i ;,m."~,'i rJ ' r 1933 total for "IP Tllis wns " ol (ionc . "cording to S, P cr 'o<I. which: was 223,727: Bill . v - by .cornering i( in shallow I ,,i!ri'r S n, Jlm< L l )r «l'lc»on In ilj;j iv «'«'' nnd bonchirtR ii. The' fish plants throughout the world was nwertpdly was more lhan five feet J8.-1*) as compared with fil 912 a M°"Byear ago in June. .1 W °j' d , l,e hair f lal of P rod ™tion total million mark in tor thc first ^x ycar and 53663? nlcln II S w »l' 228.117 unils In Ihejamc period last year. Car Radio Sales Show IncreaMdBuying Power 12, _ Chevrolet _ DETROIT, July ['?, M ^ ave sold ' au tie radios to purchasers of new Chevrolet cars in tne last 90 days, M. D. Doughs, parts and service manager of Ihe Chevrolet Motor Co.,, announced, her* today The reporl covers only the sets installed in nsw 1934 Chevrokts. It does not incluae the additional thousands purrli»£ed from Chevrolet YELLOWSTONE PARK, Wyo : (UP)-"BI11," an old elk, who has : been pliotogmphrd more lhan any j nlher park animal, has turned camera shy all of a sudden. ' He d| d"'t mind the clicking of ~~' ~——— Special Vacation Accidoni Policy Principal sum ?5,000 Medical and hospital attention tip to $3,000 COSTS ONLY ?5 Plione 797 for full details Caudill's Agency SAVE $40.00 or MORE NEW FORD V-« COTJPK Recent Reductions In I'rice.-; Without Lessening of Quality Enable Yon to Now Own The New Ford V-n For Considerably I/"* Money Than Any oilier l-'ull fiiwd cm-. An Example Of What You Save: I'UU, SI/F— KUI.LY KQUIPPE1) CAR New Kord V-S S-l'assenxcr Ttirior Scd:tn New Straight S S-l'iisscnger (!n;ich -_. New G-Cylinder 5-l'fissonKcr Cojich ... Now fi-Cvlinder ri OEI.IVERKD [N m.YTHEVII.U-: 8825.20 sen SAVING: S17:s.riO—SI1-.00—S.'iT.OO Uifi'ht now—(lui-inR llio hot xvciithcv—you'll appreciate anil on joy tlie New V-8 more. >0,1-11 man-el ami be thrilled at the New V-8'.s nci-formancc. comfort, salPty and economy. Ailnw us lo hi'iiirj a ucu- V-8 to your home—Phone 811 today. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO Anthon>crl ^^^^B Dealer "Watch the Fords Go By" . I/wrance rancc ixwrnncc rancc Lovvrance ranee 7-U-12 25-15-10 25-15-10 25-15-10 25-15-10 40 Low- NE SE ft Lo\v- NW SE ft Low- NE SW Lo'Arance ft Loiv- r.ince SE SW M L Neas E 02.37 A S of RR SE i M L N'eas NE NW I M 1, Nras SE NW M I, Nea:; .SW NW M L Neas NF, SW M L Neas NW SW M L Neas SE SW M L Ness SW SW Harry Wade s 3.50A Lot 2 SE NW W M Lendcnnie W 34 A ot E'i SE W M Londcnnle E 16 A Wlj SE J H Clark NW SE O W Miller N!i SE SE Amanda Miller SH SK SE J T Forganon ft Co NE NE .iTFargason ft Co NWNE J T Fnrgason&Co SRNfi _. ._ .. J T Fargnson ft Co SWNE 30-15-11 J TFarcasonftCo NEN\V 30-15-11 J T Fargason Co NW NW M-15-H J T PargasonftCo SE NW 30-15-11 J T Fargason Co SW NW Bankers Mort Co NE SE Ncr.i McKinncy NW St' Bankers Nfoi t Co KB SE Bmkers Men Co SW "E .1 T Fargason NE SW J T Fargnson NW SW J T Farg.iRon SE SW ,J T Fargason SW SW ;L?e Wilson ft Co NE SW !xv Wiiron ft Co NW SW I Lee Wilson ft Co SE SW LM Wilson ft Co SW SW Lee Wilson ft Co NE SE Iff Wilson & Co NW SB Lee Wilson ft Co SE SE t*5 Wilson ft co SW SE I Lee Wilson ft Co NE SE Lee Wilson & Co NW SE Lee Wilson ft Co SE SE Lee Wilson & Co SW St 1 Iff WIlMrl ft C« N* *W 34-15-10 J5-15-10 35-15-10 35-15-10 35-15-10 35-15-10 35-15-10 35-15-11) 26-15-11 27-tiVll 5T-15-11 28-15-11 24-15-11 2S-15-11 Sd-15-11 30-15-11 15-11 M-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 3U-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-U 4-15-12 4-15-12 4-15-12 4-15-12 5-1S-12 S-U-12 5-1S-U 5-15-12 «-lj-12 «-15-12 «-15.J2 +mi 32 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 4ft 40 41) 40 40' 40 40 40 * 40 40 40 40 40 43 40 40 40 40 48.04 33.03 40 40 40 40 46 40 40 'Ills 17,34 18.84 0.12 1.32 11.55 1(1 .20 17.31 14.40 U.30 63.37 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 31 in 40 20 20 HO 40 40 40 40.40 40.71 40.40 50.71 40 40 40 40 40 50 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 W S a.30 32.10 31.38 24.24 24.24 24.24 24.24 11.48 11.48 11.48 11.48 14.72 14.73 14.73 14.72 12!<X> i I1.S5 11.65 .84 .7& 11.29 ia. no .48 12.60 G.45 17.06 17.M 17.M 17. M n.40 14.37 0.00 5.94 5.94 5.94 3.94 13.BC 14.40 7.35 11.52 23.40 .33 10.68 l.M 13.80 13.80 13.80 13.86 i.oa 12.24 4.32 11.C.2 7.20 6.50 2.01 2.81 2.61 15.93 15.93 15.93 IS.93 20.52 20.52 20.79 20.79 23.0? 23.02 23.02 23.02 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 11.38 18.38 11.38 11.3* 11.73 11.73 11.73 11.73 It.fe Name pi. of Hi'i'. \ff WllPln fj. Co HK SW Wilson ,t Co Ki-1 nil W'j HW l,ee Wilson ,V Co NI-; NK 1« WllsOll ,V Co NW NK Iff Wll-on f.; Cij HK NK li'f Wllsnu ,t C'o HW NH Iff WIK'in Ik C'l NK NW I/v Wllscm fi Co at: NW lite Wilson A: Ct> Frl (ill Wli NW !/!(• Wilson .t Co NH SW Iiee Wllsnn ft Co NW SW l^e Wll.-x>n it en RE .SW Iff Wilson ,^ Co SW SW 1/H 1 Wl!mn ,V Co HW KK Iff Wilson ft Co NW HK Iff. Wilson ti f;n SW KW \.ff Wllwii ,t Co NW NW I*r WlUon ,t Co NW 3K Iff Wilson ft co SE SB Iff Wllvm fi Co SW SR !."C Wilson ft Co NT SW V Wilson ft Co OrlR Suf NW SW ci> Wilson ft Co SB SW If.f Wilson ft Co RW SW Joo R linker E 24 A NENE .Ico n Daker E 24 A HR NE Iff. Wilson ft Co NE SK Ifc WiLun ft Co NW SK lx;c Wll'ion ft Co SE SE IKK Wlliwi ft Co SW SE LP« Wilson ft Co NL 1 NE Lee Wilson ft Co NW NE Iff Wilson ft Co SE NE I/;c Wilson ft Co SW NE Lee Wilson ft Co NE BE Lee Wilson ft Co NW SE Lcc Wilson ft Co SE SE Lea Wilson ft co SW SE Sugg ft Maker NE SE Sugif ft Uak'ir NW SE 3W Joint Slk L'l Bk !*.« 1 A In NE Cor NE SE SW Joint Slk Ul Bk NW SE SW Joint Slk. Ul Bit W of L SE SE SW Joint 3tk Lcl Bk' N 34 A SW KB Louise s 0 A SW SE Louise chapman s o[ R SE SW Iioulve chapman S of R E 5 A'of S 6 A SW SW SW Jt Stk Ltl Dk Prl NW SW SW Jt Slk Ixl ni: Frl SW SW l>.vce Dlst Krl N'.i E of L I/onLw Chapman NW NE LOHkc Chapman NE NW Louise Chapman NW NW LoulM: Ciiapman SE NW Louise Clmpinan SW NW Jolni M Tnylor W ol L. I/!vep District Frl E'.' SW E of R M A Roy E'lt NE NE M A Hay Esl • NW NE M A Ray Bit SE NE M A Ray Est • SW NE Alma E Crowder SW SE Alma E Crowder SE SW John M Taylor SE SE John M Taylor SW SE Mrs W M Taylor NE NW Mrs W M Taylor NW NW Mrs W M Taylor SE NW Mrs W M Taylor SW NW Trios E Thompson RI Lot 5 SE SB Thos E Thompson Est. Lot 4 SW SE Orlena Hires SE SE Orlena Hirr.s SW SE Orlena HUTS NE SW Orlena Hires NW SW Orltna Hires SE SW Orlpnn Hlrc-j SW SW J N Tlwmnson NE NE J N TY.oiiiason NW NE J N Tiiomason SB NE H. T. D. H-IS-12 l!-ir,-!2 7-18-13 7-15-12 7-15-1;: 7-15-12 'MS-13 7-,ifi-12 7 : ')!i : i2 8-15-12 iJ-lfl-12 9-15-12 O-ui-12 14-15-12 15-15-12 15-15-12 ir,-l!i-12 15-15-12 15-1B-I2 15-15-12 15-15-12 1B-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 17-lfi-13 17-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 20-15-12 20-15-12 20-15-12 20-15-12 20-15-12 20-15-1! 20-15-12 20-15-12 21-15-12 21-15-12 23-15-12 23-10-12 23-15-12' 23-15-12 23-15-12 23-15-12 23-15-12 0 A. 40 0.5:1 40 4U 41) 40 40.3d 01.43 40 40 40 40 411 411 40 40 40 40 40 40 ao. n 3(1.04 31I.04 24 24 41) 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 34 24-15-12 . 24-15-12 20-15-12 28-1B-12 26-15-12 26-15-12 26-16-12 2G-15-13 16-15-12 26-15-12 27-15-12 27-15-12 27-15-12 27-15-12 29-15-12 29-15-12 30-15-12 30-15-12 31-15-12 31-15-12 31-15-12 31-15-12 20 75 20 40 40 20 40 2fl 24.07 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 Tax 10. fill 23. Cl 11. K> II. K 11.85 11.85 4U.M U.42 n.42 !t.42 9.42 i:i.B<: 14.40 1.11 12.00 1.35 5.52 7.20 4.41 7.17 7.17 7. an 7, (HI 14.13 14.13 14:13 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 13.Su 14.40 4.41 7.20 (1.12 1 08 421 ' 4 Cr> 5.76 11.23 11 23 5.62 11.23 2.04 8.88 '065 20 65 20 65 20.65 11 52 10.08 7.20 6 84 7 IS 7 16 7.1G 7.16 31-15-12 2.93 1.2 31-15-12 33-15-12 33-15-12 33-15-12 3.1-15-12 33-15-12 33-15-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 3M5-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 J N Thomnfon Frl SW NE Ike Want NE NW I we Wfirrl NW NW Ike Wanl SE NW Iko Word SW NW Ike Ward NE SW Ike Ward NW SW Ike Ward SE SW Ike Ward SW SW CITY OF MiVTHKVII.LK I. It. Clark Sub-Division J B Chi): Lot 3 J I> Clark Lot 4 Mrs. Tucker's Snh-I>lvi<U«n SI Louis San Francisco RH Main Line from E & W of Ir Sec Line of 27-15-11 Joncsboro L C ft E RB (St Li S FRR) Main lirw E of Ely from tile E Sec line of 27-15-11 to the E Sec Line ol 16-15-11 23.00 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 38 32 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 10.18 20.16 19.65 22.72 22.72 22.72 22.72 14.27 , 14.27 14.27 12.00 20.65 20.65 20.65 20.155 12.64 12.64 12.64 12.64 2.M 2.83 5.00 18.75. Said land will fce sold for th« purpose of satisfying a decree rendered by the Chancery Court of the Chlcknsawbs District of Mississippi County, Arkaasas, on June 23rd, 1934, in the case of Sub District No. 4 of Grassy Lake and Tyrortja Drainage District No. 9, Plalnliff, vs. Certain Lands and M. B. Cooper, el a!., Defendants, against said land for a special assessment due tliereon, together with court costs, penalties and attorney's fees, said assessment being set opposite each tract of land. WITNESS nvy hand this 2nd day of July, 1934.

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