The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1945 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1945
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT liLYTJIlOVJLLlO COUU1KK MOWS TUESDAY, MARCH G, 19-15 • N. Y. Gamblers ,., Intentionally Misses Free Throw To Avoid Seven-Point Victory 'NEW YORK, Mar. C (U.P.)—A player of the college oi the • city of New. York revealed -, yesterday that he had been approachd on tossing a game against Syracuse University. -.The player, was BUI • Levine, an honorable discharged veteran of the !,Army Air Force. Irvine made his testimony at an opcivlicaring of an investigation of alleged gambling that was reported lo lisve enveloped city-owned college In New.York. Levlne said that n week before the'. Syracuse game he was ap- proachd in a New VYork hotel by a well-dressed man that he had never seen before. The''stranger bluntly asked the City Collge player if he wanted to make some 'money. Levine said "no" and walked away. On Ihe night of the City College- game Lcvine said lhat he had been ordered to miss a lasl- second foul shot In order to fall the gamblers. Tlie order came from Nut Hol- nian, coach of Clly College. "We were ahead by six points when I was fouled and offered a free throw. The coach signaled for me to take the ball out-side. This I did and we won the game by six Ijoints." Gamblers had laid a 0-8 point swing on the game favoring City College. Had Lcvine made the free throw his lenm would have won by seven points allowing gamblers to collect belli ends of Ihe bet. together. . . "Pete", former Hubbaixl Hardware employee, shared sonic of ills Couriers with Charles Thomas and that helped , . . And speaking of Ilaly, reminds that Capt. James Ace Puckett has been (here re- ccr."y. ... He penned a V-ninll to our family "worry wart," U. A, . GIFT ARRIVES-Some time ago Lieut. John (Wimpy) Burns indicated in a letter that lie was making me something during his spare time while convalescing at Camp Swift, Texas. ... It arrived today. It Is the most handsome, all- leather billfold I ever saw 'iwlmpy" not only made It himself but engraved the initials, J. P, F. on the outside. . . . The only tiling he neglected was something green to go In it. ... He says Hint's my liroblem. . . . And he ain't kldclln', HOPES FOR PEACK Sergt. Udell Newsom scut me u souvenir menu of San Francisco's well known Pig 'N Whistle and takes rosne// Teams Win 'A' Titles In 4-H Basketball Tournament jwalcr 42, Promised Lam[ 21; Yar-'O (forfeit); Ixjne Oak 21, Recce ID. fealcd Gosnell 9 to 4. bro 37, Box Elder 24; Gosncll 24, In llic" final game Lone Oak de- lx)st (jaue 10; Yorbro 34, Black- DOPE BUCKET time out to ponder a bit on the coming DIG event at Frisco nest month. :". . "Dear Friend: As I look out of my hotel window at this great city 1 am thinking of the meeting all the United Nations are lo holt here In April, hoping there will be a great world peace to conic out 01 that important session, and that we all shall be home soon. "Sergt. Udell and wife" . . . Yoi can say that again brother! . . RINGS THE BELL—When Mrs. L G. (Pete) Thompson told me thnj "Little Pete" was nil excited ovei receipt of 17 letters 30 Couriers am two packages all at one lime In had every right to Ire. . . . But Lieut. Clarence Webb topped his total considerably. . . . Clarence wrote his sister, Mrs. Charles Short, that he had gone several months without any mall. . . . But. when he arrived on Balaan he really rang Ihe bell. . . . 'mere were 100 letters walling. ... That was worth waiting for, hub? . . . Lieut, Utho Barnes, son of Mr. und Mrs. T. J. Barnes, also Is on Bataan. ... He and Clarence arc both members of the crack Company which made history cnroule to the historic Bataan. . . . SUBTLE MOD- esty—House Harp had a subtle way of informing his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hnrp, of his most recent promotion. . . Without mentioning a thing about it in his letter he simply wrole: Capt. Rouse Harp, and his outfit, 9th Air Force in the left hand corner of the envelope. . . . They nearly ovcrlookc it. ... These modest heroes! . . ENROUTE—It probably won't be long for Corp. Buddy Boycll. Thirty-three 4-H Club basketball | cams Irom North Mississippi Coun,y have completed their annual ournamcnt at Gosnell. One of the jest games of the entire season was played Saturday night when Ihc Oosnell A girls defeated Black- waler 32 lo 10, Ruby Cain, captain of the Gosnell team, and all of her .caiiimnlcs seemed to be In their jest form and played classy basketball nil the way through lo defeat Ihc very strong and determined Blackwnler girls learn. "A" OIUI^j Gosncll 32 Blackwntci 10 Bevill 7 F 2 Caery Cain IB F Whitney Grimes 8 P 10 Waddcll Knriics G Patton Cain G Lnsntcr Overman G Wilson Substitutions: Blackwaler—Wad dell, 2; Snider, 2; and Whitney. fllackwnter automatically won second place In the tournament by playing the final game with Gosnell. In the consolation finals the Box Elder A girls defeated Lost Cane 34 lo 22 tor third place. The Gosnell A boys upset the favored Yarbro team by defeating them In a thriller game 23 to 20 "A" BOYS Gosncll 23 Yarbro 20 Perkins 4 F 7 Manic; 1111 F 2 Hol'worll Dorrls 10 C Krccl Subanks 0 G 4 Swaii Harris ..G 1 Johnsoi Substitutions: Gosncll—C. Harris In the consolation finals I/is Cane defeated Blackwater In a clos game, 24 to 20. These leams were led al Ihe end of the flrsl three quarters. In the B girls finals a superior Blackwater .team defeated Lost Cane 32 to 8. Lnvcrne Price led the Blnckwater team In scoring with 16 lolnts, However, everyone or llic Blackwater teams played excellent laskclball. "B" G1HLS DlackWiitcr 32 Price IB VllUums 13 .. Gardner 3 ... 'Jillllp.s Bennett Lost Cane 8 . Vflstblmlcr 4 Brady 3 Brady Stun fill .P... .F... .F... .G.-, .G Parks Robirds G Hollis Substitutions: Blackwaler—Bo/.nrt ind Parks. Lost Cane—Rhoades and ^utcs. In the consolation finals a very good Box Klder learn defeated Gosnell 17 to 11. In the B boys division Blackwator put on n lasl quarter rally that defeated 'a strong Nuinlwr Nine team 24 lo 10. "B" BOYS Number Nine 10 water 10. Then Gosnell defeated Yarbro in the final game 23 to 20. In the A toys consolation bracket Armorel defeated Recce 21 to IT, 'romlscd Land 2, Box Elder 0 (foi 1 - 'citi; Blaekwalcr 21, Armorel 15; xist Cane 33, Promised Land 11; Ixjst Cane 24, Bluckwater 20.- In the B girls division Gosncll lefeatcd Lone Oak 27 to 4; Black- 6y J, P. FRIEND I had a card today Vltli his new address. ... It Is A. G. F. Rc'pl. Depot No. 1, Fort George Meadc, Md. . . . By«now he likely has looked up his former coach. Captain Puckclt, who Is a convoy officer at Fort Mcade, and may be assigned lo the convoy which takes Buddy over for a crack at Jerry. . . . Joe LlnUciilch, young brother of Captain Leo (Little Dutch) Lint- zcnlcli, who Is in England, also has been sent to lhal P. O. E. Blackwaler 24 Parks 10 F Jolmson Anderson 2 V Teller! Robirds 2 C 7 Scribner Wilson 4 G 2 Hooper Brigglns 6 G... I B. Scribner Substitutions: Blackwater — Bnl- lard and Smith. In the B boys consolation finals Lone Oak defeated Gosnell D to 4 for third place. The Lone Oak team received considerable praise during the tournament because they improved a grcal deal each game they played. It was reported that the Lone Oak boys were not able to locate a basketball this .season mid had no practice previous' lo the tournament. They did a splendid job of working their zone defense, a plan which they had learned the year before under their coach, Shcl- >y McCook. Other games and scores in the A ;lrls winning bracket were as follows: Gosnell 22, Lone Oak 12; Box Elder 42, Armorel 14; Lout Cane 'i\ Slmdy Grove 0 (forfeit); Blackwaler 30, Promised Land 21; Gosnell.39 Box Elder 17; Blackwater 20, Lost Caue 7; Gosncll defeated Blackwater in the final game 32 to 16. In the A girls consolation finals Lone Oak defealcd Armorel 24 to 10 Promised Land 2, Shady Grove C (forfeit); Lost Cane 14, Lone Oai 13; Box Elder 28, Promised Land 18 and Box Elder defeated Lost, •Lain in the final game, 32 lo 22. Games nnd scores In the A toy. division were: Lost Cane 32, Ilcecc 13; Gosncll 35, Armorel 19; Black- water 25, Box Elder 18; Lost Cane 18, Promised Land 12; Blackwater jl, Gosnell 21; Lost Cane 44, Number Nine 14; then Blackwaler defeated Lost Cane In the final game, 32 to 8. In the consolation games Box Elder defeated Ixjnc Oak 33 to 2; Gosnell defeated Promised Land 10 to T, Dox Elder 42, Number Nine 12; Box Rider 17, Gosnell 11. In the B boys games Promised Und defeated Box Elder 29 to 14; Shudy Grove 12, Lost Cane D; Promised Land 21, Reecc 15; Blackwater 2, Yarbro 0 (forfeit); Lone Oak 18, Shady Glove 10; Number Nine 10, Gosncll 5; Blackwater 31, Promised Land 13; Number Nine 15, Lone Oak 14. In Ihe final game Blackwater defeated Number Nine 24-10. In the consolation games Gosncll defeated Lost Lane 10 lo 9; Recce 10, Box Elder 4; Gosnell 10, Shady Grove 9; Gosncll 2, Promised Land The Gosnell 4-H Club awarded 12 basketball trophies lo Ihe first, second, and third place winners in each of the boys and girls divisions. Also, the Gosnell Club paid to the County 4-H Council $40 as their bid for Ihe tournament to be played at Gosncll. Sponsors of the Annual 4-H Club Basketball Tournament said the sportsmanship of all clubs was very good, 7200 YEARS OLD London.—Egyptians took up bowling 1200 years ago. Sets of pins and balls that old were brought to llghl in excavations by Sir Flinders Petrlc, English archaeologist. 13 Travelers Sign Contracts For This Season LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 0 (UP) — Business Mnnngcr nay Winder of of Ihe Llltle Rock Baseball Club announces lhat 13 nifn have signed nnd returned 19M Traveler contracts during tills week. Already signed arc pitchers Wll- lard Brill, Luke Hamilton and Bill Jacobs; catchers Vcrnon Blasl and Andres Pascinl; inflelders Harold Carney, John Gianclte, Dutch Prather, Billy Watba and / Maurice Conner. And outfielders Frank Howard, Gilbert Kcrchuvc and Harvill Jake.s. Manager' Willis Hudlin says he plans to begin spring training on April 1st. TIE I'OH SCORING I,KAD PHILADELPHIA.—Par the first I time in the modern history of I Pennsylvania basketball, players I tied for the team scoring leader- slit]), Capt. Howard Dallmar and | Bob Carkon each accounted for 114 points. Piles! Ow!! —But He SMILES, Now lo w!so as Tie was. Use same formula used by JiKlim ndjunclively at noted Thorn; ion & Minor Clink. Surprising QUICK palliative relict ol pain, itch, soreness. Hell** soften and lends to shrink swcll- InK. Get tube Thornton &. Minor s Rccln Olnlincnl-or Thornton i Minor HecUl SurniosHorlcs. II not dellBlited with this ? OCTOHS' way, low cost 13 refunded, t all cood drug Blares everywhere. At all drug stores everywherc- "A Better Place To Eat The New PALACE CAFE —Steaks, Chops', Seafood, Chicken. Vegetables cooked just like home. (I ON HOT SPOT ' Pic. Mayfield (Sonny) Lloyd, one-] half'of Blythcville High School's famed touchdown twins of the 1931-1 1940 era,:who saw plenty of action with the tribe and the University of Georgia on til e. grid iron, is rcport- .edly In the thick of the fighting on ilic current hot spot of the Pacific, Iwp-JInia,".' .:. Chief Petty Officer Joe'P. Pride,' writingfrom Guam, toldjiis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe P. Pride, Sr:, Hint the former Chick luilback had pulled out ol Guam with his tough Marine outfit and were doing their share of the successful though tough invasion of the tiny island. . . . Pfc. Jimmy Allen is another ex-tribesman nnd former teammate of Lloyd's who is believed to be In there pitching. . . FINALLY . CATCHES UP—Lady Luck, which has been dodging Sergt. . Charles Thomas Purtle, former Chick manager, .when it conies to 'meeting someone from home finally .'exchanged glances':,. .'The carrot,- Ito'npcd 'youngster who would .follow 'in the ,«.thletic-;step5 of •his '.Illus- 't rious % -''bf o'tlie rV-vj.y; \fi£>'. bill '--'did n't tiuite make the grade In football, excitedly told his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Purtle, Sr., that he met D. J. (Pete) Lorio somewhere in Italy, and they. had quite it lime THE ICE GOT US DOWN BUT - - - EXTRA-TRACTION RECAPPING WHEN CONSTIPATION multes you led punk BS Ihc dickens, brings on stomach upset, sour taste, gassy discomfort, take Dr. Caldwell's famous medicine to quicUy pull the trigger on lazy "innards" and help you feel bright and chipper again. DR. CALDWELL'S is the wonderful sen- na laxative contained in good old Sjmp Pepsin to make it so easy to ta*e. MANY DOCTORS use pepsin preplrl- tionsin prescriptions to make the mtdi- cine more palatable and ag<ee»tle to take. So le sure your laiitive is contained in Symp Pepsin. . INSIST ON DR. CALDWELL'S-ttie fl- vorite of millions for 50 years, and feel . that wholesome relief from constipt- .tion. Even finicky children love it. CAUTION: Use only as directed. DL (IDWEIl'S SENNA LAXATIVE CONUWtolN SYRUP PEPSIN .iX-iriX/'-^r • . _ ..', •'. .. ••'•'•, K••."'.::•. '- .' .'^83HKr™T'.as5^S3£s»;iKSH (Actual pliolo of tree on Blylhcvill c School Grounds pullctl down by severe ice storm t'cbr. 26 & ?.l, 11)15). UP AND GOING AGAIN! Thanks to a bunch of electric utility people, who know how and who braved the weather continuously day and night until the job was done, electric service is restored where lines were down. I realize and regret that a few of my customers didn't find me ready at the snap of a switch but I assure you the best of human effort was busy restoring your electric service. It is also to be regretted that human effort could not save the many beautiful trees that were also over-burdened. REDDY KILOWATT AKTOOWERCa fsOttrSusiness (oSerre 1/ott- CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Sal. starts 12:45; Sun. starts is45j( Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Gpt. and Sun. Tuesday BUDDY NITE 2 Tickets for the Price of 1 "\ WAS FRAMED" Willl Julia Bishop & Mitchell Ames Musical Short Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature Footlighf Serenade" with Betty Gnible, John Payne ami Victor Mature and ALMOST MARRIED" with Jane Frazee i- Hubert Page RITZI THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAT NIGHTS '. Box Office Opens 7:15—Show SUrtol at 7:30. SATURDAYB & HONDATB Cox Office Onens 1 Hbnw RUrtl"l:IB Tuesday & Wednesday Tuesday Night is Opportunity Nightl "THE DEVIL AND MRS. JONES" With Jean Arthur, Rnbt. Cummingsl and Charles Coburn RKO NEWS AND COMEDY Tires smooth, slipping, spinning? 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