The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press E COIMER MWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NCRTI1EA 8T AHKAN3A3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVIII—NO. 89 Hlythcvlllc courier, Jilytlieville Heruld, Bljlhevllle Dally News, _MlM!sslppt Valley Loader. i;r,YT)l|.;VJi;i,K, ARKANSAS, MOXDAV, JUNK 29. 1031 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO' ies Claim Another Beauty Winne Fascism or Communism Alternative to Success o[ Hoover Proposal. RY United I'li'ss Kt;i!T BERLIN, Jmio ^D. Kt'II lUl'i—Cabinet > <lnvor:>. \voi-- licd cHrfct'ors of liic HcU-liib::nk aiul humble merciiants. Indimtrlal 'outlets anrt p*»My shopkeepers, dt i alors In sled nnd dealers in ma'.c^i'Js. high an;l lov; await word froin Paris nnd from Washington that Uio test otsinrln io Herbert Hoyvor's ilebt moratorium proi)0.>al has b^r-n icn^ovc-d. Upon HJ?.L word rests Ihe hop? of national nnd individual economic stability, or tho fc:u' of nti^r economic demoralization. Today, Germany is legion us; between ihrijlea anticipation of res- rne ficin what, for months, has yeenied certain social and eronomtr: collapse, and the gravest Of fer.r I hat French opposition may yet bbsL the hopc 1 ^ aioused by America's mc^sasc. And, captiiivi Ihpir phario\vs over this conflict of,national and p?r- sonal ])sy^l:oloj?y, arc tho antagcn- istic political apeneics ol Hit!-:riMn and comtuiinism. waiting oil the one hand to take advantage of a new stimulated German morale, or. on Ihe oih*?r. to seize (he oppor- . limit y offered hy a complete and final crash. _Strustle Is Imncntliiig- All Germany* appreciates—as tho j rest of the world might well consider- that if Mr. Hooker's cfTort' to establish a debt moratorium should fail. Germany's (ate will rest -upon tiie struggle that is bcimd to ' follow between these two contend- j f imj armies, car.h seeking tn seize —rontrol of fhc' re"ich, co t-MabU^i nn Iron rule, nnd thereafter, dr.innti- caUv. to repudiate forever—in their | minds—the nation's oblisations arising from the world war and the post-v:ar flnanrin^. Three roatis lie before the Germanic peoples today—the Hoover rdad to 1101 mal rehabilitation as mapped out by centuries of rapi- talistlc experience: the fascist road ^f?i - k^gi^-:.^ ASON'S RECORD Park Becomes Bedroom as Chicago Bakes Hope Is Mold a Definite Dr-j cision. Mav Bp Rcachc: hv Midnight. PARIS, June I-'irnch cibini't 20 ( mi't in n ] lair nf ihf. Ilorkver ttrbl nhin, lifv.j- ins ,1 dclinilo decision ml'jht br renrhcd trlove midnight. < The rj«!'itiet niertin^ rame nfic r'Oi'Cit'ii MHil.-TlL'k 1 Aristide nii:t:^d Imd confcnvd with Cirrninn At»- hnxsnrinr Von Ilorwh \\\v\ after livbnii nnd Premier Uivoll* 1 Finance 1 Minister Lrmdhu hail fmrd wllh Secrclavy Mellon. unil V..., nB n, !hj is. halo Earbe, CaMc,, * Vicnun. ,,a S .earned thnt mo n« cc::tracts generally are tlw of wininn" beauty contests. Not I I lov; ago the fair-hnirril youn-.-ptcr \vns selected by a cummiitee oil I'ARiy. Jiinc 23. (UP)— 'I'hp ond rcnrorpnco in U:c Franco-Aniprlriin nexot^lh>ns nn Prr^I^rnl. Iloovrr'.s \vir dobt rcp^- ralions holiday ended nt noon to- riiv without rc^cliinu a UcfinHe con- clnsion. Preink'r Picrri 1 Lnvnl nnnouticcd a! 12:^0 p.m. Iliat llin convei'sn- tlous Imrt "ended without conclo s ion" en rr^tic?'s stand 0!i tho Hoovrr plan which Ihc cabinet IKI« jLtf £%£^* dc' b?en renchnd. With the midwosl bahlnii under temperatures ol 100 degrees, Clilengonns In bathing suits nnd varl ous italics of undress are shown iibe-ve. seeking relief in Lincoln park near tliq Onk street bead Mnny spend the sultry nlghl.i Mici'C. anists ns th< prdtte and most typical Austrian child N'ow =he has been cirjasi'd by one of Ihe largest movie companies in her country Io p!;y in a forthcoming production. .Inne 29 (UP)—Otio Kill! 1 ; and Holwr Holm's landed-, their trans-Atlantic inonopbti™ Liberty at Teiu^fJhof ;iEr;!ro:iie from 3 P. Hoover Hick in Washington \ . WASHINGTON'. Jinn 2:1. (UP)- President Hoover returned lodr; from Can'.p Pinidmi and imme- jrtiately resumed consideration :ct j nrrbleir.s arising from French n°] Io ticreiii v;itho«l niodlfl- 1 cation his plan for a i torhnn. Son's Illness and "Business I (jr:y ai leiu^fnioi ;iLr;iro:iie ircin •• "™ • — .. OciT?"T ll iriT i i nt 3 P Af ^*n P\n DfT!O?ltlonS Trl! of Alleged I Tl '" cnme for a visit Io Germany, j ill ill n 11 T r» i i I Hilllu's uirlh place. 5 i\ "«!' rou lax Purchases by | ww Poll Police Chief. Affairs" Reasons Stay. • :or CHfCAOO. June . (UP1— Altor- DeiMXsUions of vYitne^s^.v for tlie ' plaintiff in the circuit co'.ir! suit filrd by A. n. Kairfleld oontcstlna as defined by the Hitlerites, which i the validity of Mayor Keill Reed's means debt repudiation, and a re- lebctmn in Ibo niuriicipnl r^c'lon in vival of the iiRlloiialUtic sv.-ash-1 Ajidl, \vcre cnsnplrSert Saturday, burklinj. Imocrial spirit: nnd the I Piml rtep^itions til:ei< in thn route In thor.tjsjh communism. jnlai:Min's b'half incliifff-d tl'n-c of leading down the red Rnvian rnad i]!aym?nd Eoniar nnJ T-uninn At- COPENHAGEN. Denmark. Ju/,f 29 '.UP> —Olio HilHg nnd Holger'n.j Hoiriis. Irnns-Atiantic fiver?, plan, • to Mil bark Io Hie United Slater, ' Julv D. Iravin? Le Havre. France, on the Liner Paris, they said today. FIND FIB II leading down the red Rnvian rnad il!aym?nd Eoniar nnJ Tl-uninn At- n in I I to ccinplele collapso of the uxistiug \'su\f. foniicr pn'.ice offlro:.=. and &!- | K 11 I j Germanic ?cci:t! onler. id:e B. D.ivid. deputy shcrirr. ' fl I n [1 You have here the picture of ai Deps'itisns of the two former pn- cvs for Scarfwc Al Onnonc went I before Federal Judge Wllkerson-to- and Rained n 3ft-dav delay in Fenienclntj (iie BHIIR tender Io federal prison on charrjci of evatlinjj .income tax and violating the pro- |hibilion law. Cfljxin-? was scheduled to anncar tomorrow for Kcnlence. Michael Months Aon Fr.nnrl All " ar " Cnnonc's attorney, pained I.IOIUP* ncrn i ounci , he coMnmra . e m nw ])lcn Cn . pone's ?on. jr.. is ill of nnslPldllls. that the ani- nlTnlrs I Osceola Stores to Take Thursday Half-Holiday OSCEOLA, Ark.—Beginning July 1 nnd continuing until early fall 45 Osceola stores and hiLiturss houses will close at noon Wednesday and rcinnln 'closed until ths> usual opening hour Thursday morning. The agreement was critcrd Into to give proprietors and employes nnd their families a weekly half- holiday during the hot months of tlie year while business Is relatively slack. W L P 1 WhO LS'-anerf in Poinselt County. Joe J.IITPU. convict who rscap- W! lshofl mere Urn" to vis ' Break Up Parade, Tramp! Flags, a t Pennsylvani Town. ennntv thrvt hi.s nalioir that has tasted oppression and defeat. It hns also tasted t!ie >"" I I lie? ofTic»rs nnd Dcni;!y David rleslf . I urincina'.iv v.*kh the al!e??.ticn of' thrill of "sood limes." of luxuries. JFrirfHri thai M. G. Goodwin.'ps- I of an- imprnvnrt social order, of ex- • li( ,« ch:cf m f, f - ( 1 1= j;»cd nfc'.in-1 pansion: It hn- seen, on the one j i slmt ;on. pnrcha?-d roll (ax re- \ hand, the promise of standards like j ncip i,; llul of ^-^ fcj 1K 1 O f "rcwar-i .those of America. A:K! to the cast ;f lm ,|" viiho-.i! rnthoritr of the cit- it hns heard tho promises of social !| 7 « n V fCT v i, 0 -, n dipy v.ere purcnris- etiunbly and justice through a ne-,v L.| Dsvi(1 i^tin-xl to til" unrchnse economic system ' ing. As a result the Gorman now in the mnk-jbv ococ;\vin of certain poll tax re- ' Tnirn nlnre roar Cov™->.ci-'s Tui-v HoMs lim Wilson Vio.lim of Accidental Drowning-. MANILA. Ark.—TJw body of .lim Wi's-n. 3<>-vcir-oM farmer on the t!v> s'lte lin« will no longer cat ijlack breet' and ! and ,i of laid down hv Presiden! Hoovt-r. Tropic Look In U. S. The thought, aione, tl;at The tvo former nolice ofTiceri win nolire nrcl'.'ction for certain illegal j their cis:!i]s?nl. , The election scheduled to I be heard here Julv 2nd before a ! jiidje. At that time, how- ! ever, thp (!efen?e v.iil object to Ih? ' trial nnti! tho Janinrv. 103?. tern . fro-^i !iI- hr-'nt on nf'r-noon. V/ilscn 15 Fritinv. His from (ho nrlson f^rm, ncnr l.uxorn, nhant| m)|C| b= arranged beloro he goes to Hvo months nnn wnp roc a P lured i P r 'son. ; Pntur^nv insht in n farm house j i near Tniniaim bv TTnnr-* J.'ii.cs, « j farm ofTip^r. and R PotnFctl roun- 1 | ty ofrirr-r. i Jarr^tt discnvrrrd n$lcpn in the nKIp "f thr honsf* with o shot- nun by his side, nrrnvdinrr !o cf- Pccrs. ?.r r p!liers of -the farm fiin- ilv vifh ivlioin Jarrelt r'r 11 - intr imd nrovinnslv denied tn ofTic- cr^ that lim was in thn linusc Tli n rF l -r^^^t:]^cf^ convirt -yn^ hrnne»it ( 0 Jji^tirp R. i,, MrKniTlifft conrt hnre Miis mc r nin rr a^d rn'fed for iKjtt 1 . hivrenv ho v^s vvorkinR r«-t P On- rf S'JO. riouHp th^ firm r"«f on the f^rni - ni tl;p tin:r of i rnm-icls. il is staled. M « 'i D-Vs Under WliPels While Rovs Perish in Water Below. Exjension Division Specialist Visits Mississippi Co. Farms. Satisfaction and surprise at the cxccllon* condition in which he found Mlsflsslnpi couutv.crops, nnd parlicularlv at the iarpe ncreneej women. orlhcrn Cities Hottest,''-? With Week's Death Over 300. With nil records broken-for this f car's heat In thc.pnst- three ilays.-V- :c officlnl thermom6ter -showed,;;^ 02 here thl.i iiflernobu at-. JjSO^ijj 'clock. Yesterday . the Oicrm'omV/'j ler climbed early to, 102 nnd're-^*^ mined there, most of tho day. and'.';; ialurday (ho maximum was .'M.Jg euiees. For the past week- the. 'fa, uixlmutn wns 97 on severnl days;:i(^ The minimum temperature, late^ asl nlelit \vns 18 degrees.. ... -.^..'• ! . : c niemphls Mercury Up MEMPHIS, June, 20 ~~' ' anther records .were broken i-hcn the temjwrnliire reached '100 s ;;; dcRrccs at I' P. M.. -the .hottest «£ June <iay In the history of " lovernment bureau. • - V :-'C : ] Weatherman"Bflst'sald the ther-'£' :iiometcr may rencli -IDS degrees ;(H jcfore dusk today. . ::-; 105 ut BlrmlnRham '•'•" ••';•:'& . June 29..'(tJI*)'.-^;..^ Tlio nil time heut record. for.:Jufi(»?'i vras shnlterccl tor the sccpnd'iuc'v^ cessivc tiny here when the'ternDGr>V5 nturc renchctl 105'- dcorees. Sun'-J;:"- dav tlie mercury reached. 1M de-"'.JS B' ccs. , • . " ' - :'• : ^ : j Over »0 T>rait OHIO AGO, J(im!! 29 . (UP)— a., .Time 20. (U —Twelve deputy 'shcrl.Ts, -swlnjli Oielr clubs vlRorously, 'today, -hri! up n prnjtcied mine strike pnr.ii nt Eilsu-ortli only after American (lasts carried by tile strikers hurt lx:en trampled Into the ground and tenr gas bombs liad been exploded. One striker was benfen severely nnd left lylns on the road when the parndcrs departed. About 100 men nnd women nrriv- ccl at Ellsworth from Charlerol. Tliey hn:l plnnncd a demonstration jinrade over Hie conl strike now In cflcct, but Hie hvclve deputy slier- lives . . .... . . Weather forecasters pave' onl^i dlelil nrotaise of relief .during -tniy;.: next JO h*ptirs niyi Predicted' 11 mSy''..\< . lemp-rntnre returns to normal.'; ^. ' A United Press survey shows the.^j heal, death list between thn. Rocky; i'\ Mountains end the Atlantic.' sea--:; board Imd risen over the weekend.-" to 325. of which 123 'were due;>' tn 'drowning anrt 202 'to .pros Ira-lion- ' v - ..-'.>';. The heat wave centered -In the.' mlilwpst with nil Hie nation shar-. : in<r It excent the Pacific ' coast; Temperatures In the mld-\vest. were : — .... ..._ __,...... MV!--li>e Howard todav to marks-: Iffs and Inriiislrlnl police cnmc un. "' '• " !l) or nwe. The high of. 1 1101 ordered the parade cancelled. IT. : <'eprers>tit Pierre. 3. D.. stood as - slnrtcd (liBtKrylnu the crowd. Wlt-jtlie hottest In tho country. '.'.'. nesses claimed the officers swim? .... ' their clubs ns thcv mnvcd through ! the crowd, belaboring both men nnd . eve- nf n the , I,V U=bi, nr^d over mimuimnii 1 !; O'l^TRICT of cc;ut on srounris that i^e introduction of a -p'V cin^2 of ac- I'niled Stale. 1 ;, richesl and most [ R1 - ) " Clamorous nation in the \vorld in tiie eyes of the averaee German, has interposed n hand to .=tnv t':; demoralizing influences wiThins; him Atrsn. has a trcinendous nsychoIoBloal. elTort fhroiiRhndt Iho .nnii. II hns stirred, as notlihii; ,-•'.?••> miihl stir. t!-e minds of millions of sullen and hopMe-s ix^simisls Acc'ordimly. nlthcugh' .ncrenianrc . of the ulnii will moan ro:lnc(i-,:i or j ~ a hovy tnx r.ile by onlv 7 i> n - r II- . D • ^ T ccnl. (he very costure l]~. n n;.-- ! <-0!!iers to rriHl I WO en ns n presage of rescue from the i flough of economic desuor.d in I which Ihe whole rintlon has been al-ni? Ihr river b?'I tn tl^ i dro-.vninq, but thr* he^v Tlloplnson-Hov.'^r-] ch IV nh'e. V-- was ninble to r" torbo.its -.ver? n!'li»r--| in l-r.-o I'l" l-o:'v un i^r di'.cb "Is^i*. r\r] n - t n tion tv thr pbiniift after the c3-,o ^"™f, M;'- Th- )xjrty will b ; had oncnc-ci ir»vc:)H trill until (!»-, 1nt " rpcl I1l!s »»t-««">n neM (nr:-i or court. T!;o July 2nd ' d.ito -Ail] Er on a-i!onr!i r {! driv of Ihe ' rru'ibr .h":: l:ri:-. v.!i:r, the cs = ? I first canic i:p. Fprlr; Mai 1 ;1 ^ Co forepr" ^unrlav Va'tr/h- t>n xn<] Dvivnr Soea^c. ! ALBANY, M. Y.. June TraprKd mldwnv on n briilr><' at Kpn^-mii. nnar here, by a fast ap nroachin" west shore Irnin. four tiCTsniv nerlshe-i. one when struck hy Ihe flyer and the olh'rs in Ihe : ivnter of the Normansklll creek. The party, relnrniiirr from ; flshinrr trin. was n .shorl cut over tlie bridge. Thomas .T. Tiur"C5.s. 7. Jiis ^o 45. hurl n. nnd R j Hurr in Auto Accident] Arlicles on Arkansas Out of a rmv.ilallon of GO.OM.WO. more ttwn .4.0M.OOO nr: n-x with•out work in Germany. When yon fubtrael from this population tho need, the youns. the incnpaciKted. yo;i may roconrsto what •>!! ppiwll- LITTLE RCCX.—Two special ar- tic^.-s relatlns: to Arkar.^s will P^ar in Colllprs W»c ri'irin? tho next few weeks tho Arftaims StJt^ Chimber of Commerce Iws been advised. The first, n sicry on Ihe state in $vn:r,il. will appear It] tho ir^uc iv.c dearth of work exists through- ' or Jl! 'i' ^- T ' !0 s -"nd. nn J cut the German republic. relating exclusively to Hot Springs n " d sl " s?! ''B Thc"whi:e-collired"cbs.sofGer- n " d sl " s?! ''B ^ advaniaccs as a mans comprises millions. Thev arc rc . ( ;™ i 'l ! '-» 1 '' *<* P'sysroin-.d rcnlcr. men and women who want to work '"" "PPf"'" lfelss "- '•"• Amust 8. Mrs. A. D. I.alimer of AMsriiiti.! |) a., who vi r -;!cd hrr ?on. the Rrv i K. lalimrr. and family here Irw'd for tl'e ini2 drpjrtmi>nt ccn- for six weeks dtiriiiT Ihe snrinir. v>nHon. md II is ex"eclcd nil WPS sll'Mlv in.lurcd In an niilomo- nosts in the district will Instruct bile !>ccidrnt .ic.-ir Abbeville. Fonth; n,«i r deleeaier fo Ihe 1931 tfin- Crrolinn. Friday. v^ntlon ^l Monllrcllo Io support According Io renorl.!. Mr?. Liti- Parngmi'.d. mer. who was driving sr.d her | About P5 out of town Lenlon- romrjsnlon. sustained inl'ir!»s whr-n, r.nlrcs. Inrliirtln? delegates from Micir car s'-ilpMed nnd turned over I Trmnnnn. Hnrrlshnrp. Ij'OTnto. in the | .inncshr.r.x > r nrkpd 'r'ree. E^rle and ocd Wllllntn. Solomon .8, aixl Charles Solomon. II. Into the rrcek. nppftren + ly l;ellovinir (hev would lir> sivcd. and tlteu Tnced Ihe tr^in. il wai believed. He wns killed ln=iinllv i>nd his bcdv fitme. from tile span. A 22-foot I 'drop. \>. was Kniij. u-ns too preat for the children, and Hiev were drownc'l in 10 f^^t of water. Rus- .nt K-irV. vis e'^'M com-|s'll Polnnion Inndrti h n ad first In •Inr r\r ttin r.-ifn, ( i|e'r| r j Ar-itl'e clnv on 111" boltnm or tho 'as dwnrtirnnt. AmTlcan If- rreek pud \vas firmly tmbc<ldcd. Brad- of feed crons, were exnrcssed by W. M. Muldrow. livestock spfciol- ift of the extension division, college of nsrlcullurc. who visited Mississippi county last week. Mr. Muldrow spent several davs with Countv Aeents J. E. Crltz nnd C. D. Carncnlcr. vUlling farmers who are rolslne hoes or other livestock. Ho commented particularly noon the herd of ?no pure bred Hnmpshlres which he saw on lim L. P. Barons farm, man- aird hv E. A. Havnes. soulhcnst of Rlvlheville. Mr. Haynes shipped about 300 head last yenr and will nrnbnblv have at least as many tills year. Tn view of Ihe increase Mini latclns rtlnce in the number of hinli qnnlilv ho?s on countv farms County Aeenl Crilz is honefiil of mnkhltr nrrmiPcments for nubile, auctions nt rcgnlnr Intervals. He hones to mnke the first a feature of the annual countv niliv T r <* rnrrced^ rl l Of .V.l'cst'oro rim ro T1f rr-T''" ofjlovsed Para- Meanwhile 300 other strikers nl- plnnnlnir 'n demonstration wnlk- «t to tho Cokosbnre Junction road where officers dispersed them. pnii mil) WTTY W*- I I HUM W4 I • mr>nca n Aivm^'i M^ke Their Next inp, on American Soil. fair, end to have on^ in Fehruarv and one at fnlr time each yenr. Will HoM {or Little Holland Girl Funernl sorvico.s will be held at Holland. Mo., this afternoon for "elli" Am Northern, two yenr ^ld dnnchtrr of Mr. aud ^.^rs. Jeff Northern, who died at the family home nt Holland ve-sterday. Interment will he made at Unpor Cooler ccnieterv. Funeral plans rear of a fimcr.u rro-e'.slon nnd .Marlon nit-Med tho conference, arc In charee of'the Cobb Undcr- the acclnrnl was not discovered un- j R A Pie?, commander of th» Io- taking company !" ct ^ r . molonfls lol " :a tn!> - cnr i"' P^t. welcomed the victors, i The deceased'is survived by her .*..,"• , ,, . : Rnrt ' 3lks v:er ° plv ' n bv Onn narents. three sisters and one bro- Neither Mrs. Lnllmrr or her com-1 Vanehan of S«arrv. dcnartmr-nl. |hcr. U^es Axe on Fellow Inmate of Farm Jim Povd. n r »rn convict, struck Willie "Penr" Grren. nnolher ne- "ro ronvlct. across do orm wilh a hand nx. cutting Green's arm .sev- erelv. wl'.on an altorcntion nro c c between the lao while they wore rldine on n Mississippi countv nris- on farm truck Friday. It was learned today. According to reporls a ?roup of nrisoners were enroute to the farm near Luxwi after laboring 0:1 Iho counh-. An areumcnt start 1 between thi> Iwo nesrocs and Bovd nltackod Green with the ax. Green was al- roadv cripplfd In the left arm nnd physicians said that results of the , jh-.i!;r.:i was !nu,.chcil. is rn: of th Icwmtry's best known writes. , . mn-.Oot,-, Ins heon deve!e-;)cd at Tho "tubs" were carved out of solid cow ' (lie I'nlvcrsily of Cnlifoinia. [ rock. Ilijnth nnth and Phil i nii ax blow- would probably cripple i wn his rlsht hand. Boyd was fined $25 nnd (riven a 30 dsv farm sentence by Justice Oscar Alexander this mornlne on a chnrgc of asfault pnd batterv. Tlie 3d dav srnlcnc?, It Is understood, wa*: mpted out in order that Bnyd nilclit Fcrvo out the remafn- iiir prison term of (ho other nearo, KHAWATTOVSK. Rlberln. Jim^ 5>0 'UI'l—Wile" Post nnd Harold Gaily, world flvfrs, left nl R P. M for Nome. Alaska. S.3IHI m'.'os' distant, in their monop'iuio Winni-. 1 They timed up the motor v/ni^b. hnrl und^rfone n lion E. Z. Newsom Cnmnletes r ; Evangelistic Meeting/; The evangelistic- meetintf at the . Second Bantist church closed last evening' nftor two week^ 1 of .wr-. vices hold twice dnilv. -The Rev.' K. Z. Newsom. formerlv pastor of. IWs church and now pnstcir of the Illmo. Mo., Ppolist i ch'irch. waj In ehnrsro. O'sist'-d bv Ihn pastori" his brother, the J. L. Newsomi' There were 12 nrnfesslons of, fnith nnd nine additions to the church by baptism and two' by' statement. .' A feature, of lh» services 'was , Ihe music lod by tjllc-n Ray Mor- [•nn in which tho Deli quartet, rendered several selections. -^ Dunne the mpelintr th^ two roin- fslers worn enio.rtatned by a nnm- • bsr of hostesses. insnre- 28-hour f.lov dnrln<! their ihe inn"est v left New York last Tuesday, a^d taxied inlo- the witul. soTriticr hor- lownrd Alofkn ovr n nrriloas course. I.IIM" in>'n K i*?d iii-prln'i' >-n.e'ps I-- befor? Oiem "ior to 'heir iournev ovrr se.i. -ho,, linnet' to make Ihe flight to .',-!"'« in about 16 hours. The fivers wer? off Io n irvd fnrl and were cheered bv a tarsr^ ronn of Sussln'i spectators as they hcadcxl eastward. to Quell Strike in Spain; MALAGA. Sonin. Jun<! 23. (UP)— - te^av l^ ou"ll d^fiirbinfos during killed when civil Hiin.rris rh^rT^^ a Trnm in FI nubile mrk. The .".triko was nroclaimrd .ns in nft"rmath to : a riot at yesterday's election. Russian Writer Hiads Protest at Execution Chirk Fwid. SMnpcrt From u! S. LONDON. (UP)—seven hundred . nnti fiftv tons of crushed ovslcr shells nackcrt In 15.000 bags were: brought l^re from the United Siales for chicken food. Einstein'* Rlnckboard FramM OXFORD .En*.. (UP) — The MOSCOW. Juno29 (OP)—A eom- blackboard O n whkh Professor, inttleo hpnded bv Maxim Gorskf. Einstein illustrated his lectures on novelist, appealed to Ihe world's workers to prevent the cxeciillon of ciaht negroes sentenced to death I,, Ala " "relatlvttv hns been framed for: preservation at the university here. nn attack upon coilcnarinn Weds From 'Cot j MELBOURNE, (UP) — Robert "J 0 Stevens. 101. en Inmate.of a beno- ., ., ,,. . ""T volcnt home, was carried Into a' alistc while (error, and referred | wilr( , on „ cotto marr> . a s| , InsUt , to it as another Sacco-Vanzetti 1 9W( ] 53 WEATHER The appeal characterized sentences ns an instance of Prison sentences are longer In Ihe 1'nlled Stater than for corre- ARKANSAS-Gonerally fair Ui- pponrtinif crlmw In ' '

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