The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1934
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Served by United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 101 BLWHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THl DO10NAHT NEWSPAPER Of NOKTHBABT Anjr»NH»a iwr. anrrr^w.^, U r Dc ^™, ^~* ARKANSAS AND BOUTfOtABT MI88OURI KC'/ ArSSSSSSf BLYTHBVII.LE. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JULY M IM \V — —~ , ^ „. ^_ ' SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS FOR POSTMASTER Federal Agents Fire Into House. Kill Mother .p ^-^ ^^^ j "Come On Oqt; John," Shout Federal M e n, Shooting into House ST. l.OUIS, July 14 (Ul'l—L»ar B. Re.ed. crack department of justice iim-bllQalor In charge of ihe St. Ix>iil< ImiTini, was arrested hy melrnpolUfln rrjlir-e here loday in conneclion with the slaying nl the mother of four child]en during a fruilfcss raid last iiit'hl. He was ordered held under S.T,- 000 bond lo answer any charge •svhlrh may l>e. placed againsl him. Reed, one of Ihe captors of George (Machine Gunl Kelly, was laken into custody Shortly afler- Jioon and held under hond for the coroner's invcstlgalion into tlie dealh of Mis. De.ssic Mcisicrson. Chief of Police James McCarthy, who ordered Reed's arrest, disclaimed any responsibility for his department. The raid was led by Reed and the ii»enl fired [lie fatal shots. McCarthy said. Reed, who forbade members of l\is staff from revealing details of "he raid, refused, tn talk lo newspaper men. Ask Censorship The police department, anxious to siied Ihe blame' for Mrs. Masterson's death, revealed ihe story over' the. protests of ihe federal men. •.'•-. Mrs: Mastersriii was fatally 'shot! the police report, wiicl. as she lay asleep on the floor of Ihe front room of her home. Rec-d and other officers, believing ihey had trapped suspects in a recent murder, surrounded Die house. Reed shouted, "Come on out, .John, we've gnl you." -..-•-- Tlie iKilii-e reported -..need' -as * saying thai, he then heard several shots from the house and believing (he officers in danger opened lire. shooting through the door. Alt-nipt tn Suppress Slory Ma.suw.on shomed. "Slop, you've shot my wife." The officers rushed the house and found Mrs. Masterson critically wounded, lying on a bed made down on Ihe floor. She died len mlnules after arriving at the hospital. The woman's husband t tempt was made to suppress Ihe story. Mastereoii today bitterly!" criticized the agents. '" A dm its BcMmv Paid Bv Germnn Consul OIIE5 IN •Queen Guts-New "Crown" Bewildering Trails Followed in Slaying o[ Local Taxi Driver / Spurred nn by the clcalh of C., A. Martin, 18 year old taxi driver,' from Injuries received when he \vas brutally henlen and knifed by unidentified passciiBera Thursday night authorities here relentlessly pursued ti bewildering • array of clues today. Two suspect* were held at widely separated jiolnts today bill a lip, given by u local store keeper r.r.d involving three men, not be-. | fore under suspicion, appeared to; i offer the befit, (rail yel discovered. The story; given local officers by thc -storekeeper .. here furnished wh'Ai .seemed to, te the besl clue. ' The proprieioiV whose nnme waj j withheld by officers", Identified u large steel lx>H, 'found on a side I road near Manila, .a short distance 1 from where Martin .was discovered ^^^ unconscious In a cotton field, as 'la bolt taken from a scrap iron Summoned to explain Ills activities ' P' 1 " ncn1 ' nis slore. by lliree men here on behalf of the Miller gov- I known lo him. He said Ihey were ernmeni, George Sylvester Vior- ; strangers In this-community, and eck', author and publisher, la that they were rough charuclers. shown as ha leslifiect In New York ,Two went into the business section, before a Congressional comraltlee.; having his slore, Thursday night, Investigating "un-American actlv- the other remained until a car IticV" He admitted that he had I drove up and Ihen jumped in with been paid $2000 by Dr. Otte Kiep, I me bolt, -the-'cfif-driving rapidly InrrnM-German Consul 'General, i away. The store'was oh (lie High- tor advisory servicR--" on nubile WBy jg rou ,. e Roy D. Garner, former convi. - , was picked up by SI. Louis police for questioning in the fatal beating of young Martin but indica- lions were thai he would be absolved of any connection with the affair. However. Garner had unsuccessfully sougni on several other charges and Missouri oTfi- cers said he would likely be held Ui answer them. At Forrest Ciiy relation* 0 f . u. L.. Whiie Penal Board C!i " wlls l " ull!r >'«"' giv- 01 | n Du n- rmn- LITTLE ROOK Inlv u nipi inve'iPa io, ' can was picked up at Forrest City try- :ording to officers (here. Authorities here .„. , . e Woman S Slayine lale yesterday in the act of _ ._ • 1 ing ;o slenl a car. accordin '™ lccl > Back-handed romnicius of fashion cxperls ulxiui. Queen Wnry's hat! are no longer in order. Afler wearing high, rnumU-d ioo.irs lor neail; a generation. Her Royal Highness has changed her style. The ha she's shown wearing at. the recent Wimbledon lentils matches Is sma and flai. In marked contrast lo thc model she's pictured with In IIIK That's King George at righi. the management of the Arkansas] ^ "^^ ^"-The ™ oannl svsipm v.rnm>*» ^r, K.. ii,,, I- ' M Jo lllns "cam. ine taxi Farmers Will Hear -Agricultural Program Discussed Wednesday The Agricnllural Adjustment program, improvement of tlie county home and a profitable system of farming will be Ihe principal phases discussed at an all day meeling of Mississippi county farm implicated in the I men and women to be held ai tiu The woman's husband was taken P3nal sys ' em ' brought on by Ihe .o Jail for questioning and an at-> v '" s of Hel(>n s I yMlcc Eatcn . lhc :empt was made to "suppress the 1 ?. 3 "' ' w ™' bonl ' d tcda >' ""'over 1 . A „ „ , ° a Brock """ warden „„„„.,. ,,, Jacksonville women's nriron. Reed came from Raleigh, N C i „ ' F ' Maddo:i of Tuc-ker Prh- ^ ' * • ^--' r\n T?l,-lll ^nn... »»** , ...... .. . , about six weeks ago to take charge" " here. He formerly was connected ion. New Orleans, and oilier cities. "<"""<i MlS • E ' :ockmDn imme - v.'hich Martin and two passengers left a Main street taxi stand here was found, blood be-spattercd, bc- Uveen Newport and Bald Knob late yesterday afternoon. Officers believed the suspect might have csughl a freight train near there and rode to Forrest City. in 1 county farm next WASHINGTON, July 14. (DPI—i fcrl0(l unmediately. The department of justice today' ordered a full investigation of ait agent in Si. I.miis. New York Cotton NEW YORK. M IUP> — Cotton closed barely sioaJv. , open high lew of Temporary Alimony Order abandoned the car when the loll ! officer pursued. Funeral services were to be held this afternoon at four o'clock at Ihe home of Ihe youth's family on Kasl Rose slrccl. The Rev. Novis Taylor was to be thc officiating ] pastor. Interment was planned at EIniwood cemetery with the Cobb Undertaking company In charge ol This will be a similar gathering at similar extension mcelings being held over the state which r.r:: called "Farm and Home Forum" meetings. I3r. C. O. Brannum. of Fay- eltcville, acting director of extension and college of agriculture. Miss Coniiie J. Bonslagel of Little Hock, state home demonstration agent, and J. W. Sargent of Lti- [ lie Rock, agricullnral agent of Pulaski county, will he the chief speakers. July . Ocl D«c Jan Mar May . 1287 1311 1327 132!) 1338 1343 1287 1287 13lfi land 1337 13H IW1 131!) 13-12 1327 1347 IMG 1233 tMO l:ill 1320 1323 1.13li S[»ls closed steady al i:!05. Closing Stock Prices A - T - * T 1H 1-8 Anacono'a Copper . u 1-5 Belh. Steel 35 Chrysler '.'.'" 4 ', 3 . 8 Cities Service 2 l-B Coca Cola '.'. ._ General American Tank General Electric 201-4 General Motors 32 International Harvester 33 7-8 ^.fontgomery Ward 59 1-4 N. V. Central ' 2 8 Packard 3 5-ft Phillips Petroleum ..... _'. ' r);iclici ji . Simmons Beds Standard of N. j. Texas Co U. S. Steel U. S. Smelling .... 6 3-4 15 1-4 « 1-8 24 1-8 39 7-8 153 Chicago Corn open high .low close July 001-4 601-4 S9 1-2 593-4 . ul funeral arrangements. Thc deceased is .survived hy his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Martin, and a brother, Buford. Chancellor J. F. Oautney Jonesboro today refused lo modify an order for payment of S20 a month temporary alimony. nUor-l ney's fees and costs assessed ijainsi Ir.-i Crawford, local co'.ton nan, pending final decree in a divorce action brought by his wife.j Chancellor Gautney ordered im-1 .uediate payment of S20 now due' and derlined to modify nn order fnr future payments pradm<: final disposition of [lie case. ; Claude F. Cooper, local attorney. I ippeaied for Mrs. Cr.iwfoid. mid! W. Leon Smiih of Harrison. Smith \Vavlimp Rafinnc and Taylor for Mr. Crawford. Illt1e KatiCmS A habeas corpus hearin? slated io be held before Circuit Judge G. E. Keck was not hold. I Mercury at 100 Sets Year's Mark Friday Yesterday was Ihe hottesl day here ihLs summer, according to local government weather records. The mercury reached a maximum temperature of 100. Thc previous high mnrk was 99, which has teen reached a nnmbre of limes during the pasl moiilh. Yesterday's heal was alleviated, however, by a good uree?.e thai prevailed moM. of ihfi day. ||j Sliakespcare or Mendelssohn? •arm Boiiixl Members Named Ainony Dufenchiutsi In Coiispimuy Charge WILMINGTON. [».. July 14. UI'j--Sull for une billion iloll-n luuinui'.s wns brought tn U. S. dls- ricl couri by .lohn M. Ijindlwm. "•liil.idelphlti nttorney, nn behiilf ol he fi-ilr-rul government mid flob- eit A. Ullrhrhl of I'htliidelphla. lnsi aa defenduiit .slnvluillng live. iii!>inl)<»-s uf I he federal f.irm board. Oilier defending me grain and imirkeiliie, ugrtillro. holli private and governmental. The court took tile Mil Hinder advisement, but refused In allot 1 . 1 iidta-f to lile u -II! |ifige bill nf complaint wlilfli uimrges Ihe do- fondnnt.s conspired to defraud and did defraud the government, and Ihn federal faim Ixmid o;it of $!ifi-I.WG,!)00 In violation of Iho ng- rlcnlliire markPlliiK net of 11)2!). The bill also asked the court to enter judgments against the defendants In [nvor of the plaintiffs in the amount of 5l,ll!U,, r >:t3,- Oflfl as double ludemnlly for the alleged damages. anuer, a]i< allorneys, A 1 i \»- .'atlornev. Arkansas and Missouri | by ciiarg ch Truck 'I Coilll' l'OVei'SV LITTLE ROCK, July 14. (UP)-Truckers of Arkansas ar.d Missouri iri traveled in both slates again wiih-; '!" :t "., I*'™" l>.v!out fear of reprisal from officers j;'"" I|1 ™ I S"° 1 " The meeling will open at o'clock with a welcome addict 1 •rint, . «>»^ uiiu.,,^0 ... UML , iuill WJ n-ujja,\i nujll iJ.iii.fl.- Zai B. Harrison county judge. Th,-: who have vied ivllh on- another In Agricultural Adjustment, proaram | Ignoring reciprocal (ruck license and Ihe responsibilities of women : agreements. Caruthersville Magistrate Dismisses Charge Growing Ou! of Slaying CAIIUTHERSVILLE. Mo.—fn preliminary hearing Friday afternoon before Justice A. Elliott, Willis Owens. Cooler marshal ami Oak Ridge deputy 1 sheriff, was granted freedom from a charge of murder growing out of Hi? slaying ol Charles Roberts, who was slain on the Mrccls of Cooler Sunday night. July I. The hearing was started in Ihu morning at. len o'clock, and the slale ir?cd 10 witnesses. Assisting In Ihe iiroseculion, besides Prosecuting Allorney. were E. E. Alexander, and Ed IJ. Cook. Diythevlllc and O. K. llonkfr, locul attorney. Prosecution came about gra preferred by Mrs. Hazel j Roberts, widow of tlie deceased, mid D. B. Roberls. a brother. Roy Harper S.lccle citloincy. represented Owens. The hearing was held in Ihe circuit couri room, mid several Her iiiiibitlon co lend a njieait'an coiniiany hai. taken lic.comi placo In. the ihouBhts at .Kvelyn. Voiinble,\ wlnsorao Jllni. ict'ress, »hovo, ' i(SS .irWffe mony la Iho Imniedliito roal,.!^ iinllywnml rnninr Is to be. nedlieii. JInl ^lohr, camora- maii, Is reported lo bo I lie miin who'll march lo MIC altar wltli Iho TSOIIS were in nlicncl- l (he day . Most of liese were from Ihe south end of the county. Tlie Male tried (o prove the In the afternoon (he men r.nrt women will have separate meetings. Thc women will be told 01 home Industries need?d e i" the Missouri sccrelary of slat SI. Louis yesterday. Friendly velalioivs of Ihe |u.~ by Ownis. he using a revolver, then f-1-.ot Ihrre times. The d,-- Uncle, Aged Riverman, to Buriy Girl Convict "In Her Own Country" LITTLE ROCK, July 14. (UP) — From the wild, sparsely settled bottoms of the White river country—where news travels slowly by word of mouth—today came. Blaire E. Spcnce, aged rivennan, to claim Ihe body of his niece. Helen Spcnce Eaton, who was shot to death in an escape altempt from the Jacksonville prison form Wednesday. "They hadn't ought lo killed the gal." he mumbled as he sorrowfully viewed the botl>\ "She hadn't done nothing to deserve klll- l«g." , Spence BOS bitter against the triLsly guard Frank Martin, who is charged wllh the murder as result of the killing. Rpence is going to Insist on a thorough prosecution of Martin, he said. Spence plans (o return the sin In girl's body to ..-li'iise uglified ihni Roberts nia-J: ial. Recommendation, Equivalent to Appointment, Sent to Farley Today Congressman W. J. Driver of Cjurola today recommended to I'nMmasler General Fiuley the appointment of Herman Cross as act- iin poMmaslrr for Blytheville. Confirmation of a report. • tliat rained circulation here today was received at noon when the Courier News conlactsd Congressman Driver by Ion? distance telephone a', his Osccola home. Congressman Drlve.i 1 said thnt he had forwarded to Washington today his recommendation tcqulvatsnt to appointment) of >,1r. Cros.s tor the pass here. First Democrat Since 1921 Announcement of Congressman Driver's recommendation had .been availed with unusual her«, carrying a5 U dees tl|c elevallon of a Democrat to the position for Ihe first lime since 1921. J, H. Elkliis, who has served as postmaster under" three Republican presUlo/ils since Ihal time, Is (he out-going postmaster. Ho has bsen holding over pending the appoint- • inent of an acting postmasler since expiration of hLs commission April . Mr. Cross was named by Congressmen Driver ns lil.i choice from n Held of three ccrllfled by the civil service commission as test qualified for Ihe poslllon. Included In lh« group, besides Mr. Cross, were Roland Green and • Ross Stevens, Prior to certification of the trip, a large ..field of apglicaticns hud s6ug«l 'the' local^pottiSiiter- ship which carries nn annual salary of $2,800. , : President ^ralm Appointment Postmaster General Farley will In (he usual routine of an ap- polnlment i-ccor.imend Mr. : Cross for tlie postmnstcrshlp on :con- gLessirjau UiteirS'_ endorsement. Farley's recommendation will bo made directly 'to President Roosevelt, who will make the appointment. Mr. Cross will serve 03 acting postmaster until the next congress formally approves appointment of a ixistmasler here, which Is generally regarded only as a necessary formality with tlie acting postmaster practically certain of tiic postmaster's commission. It was anticipated Hint Mr. Cross probably will take over Ihe office here late next week with post of-flee Inspectors checking out Mr. Elkins ami conducting Mr. Cross Into office. Unless unexpected delay Is encountered, Mr. Cross proT>- nbly will receive his commission as • acting postmaster within five days. Mr. Cross Is well known in Bly- thcvllle. He has lived for many years and at one time operated the largest brocery store p.iH meat market In this city. He had served lately as one of the executive officers of the county CWA administration, being time keeper for nl! country projects. i:o\Vitl. her former home, fnr bur- New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. July 14. <UP) —Col ton closed steady. open high low crofe July .... 1294 1294 128S 1285 Oct 1308 1314 12117 129S Dec 1324 1329 1313 1315 Jan 1328 132S 1318 131fl Mar 1323 1327 1323 1325 May .... 1330 1330 1330 1333 Spots closed steady at. 1300. ofT'.!. Chicago Wheat V open high low closo July '01 96 • 08 QG O7.l-f July (n) 957-8 971-8 957-8 97 1-4 Sept (o) 971-4995-8971-4983-4 ..... .„, ..... _____ 61 7-8 CO 3-4 01 1-8 Sept <n) 99 1011-2 383-4 Oul As Strikers Beseige City's Markets li:e,year will continue, il was learned | •: "•- nome canning barter;; upon Wiseman's reliirn tcdnv. . for 1934 and accompllslimeni.sof j Both stales were represented ;,,' '"i" 0 ';-' home demonstration clubs mulri j eager lo avoid iiiisimder.tandisii °^ r ^ the improvement ol the country j and avoid trouble (hat has been , e ', ,. ; reported in jome border comuii.v In taking up ihe discussion of • Private trucks hauling (he own- a profitable system of farming. I liter's own produce and B ooc!s nr,- men will hear late on lu-vuoel:: permilted lo travel in Ixith stale.-i farming and soil improvement, to- without buying separate sta;-< operative niarkelmg of farm procJ-i censes nets and accomplishmenls of farn improvement clubs. his SAN FRANCISCO. July 14 (UP) —Wartime radons were meted out lo San Franclscoans today as grocers ordered slriclcr limllatlons on all foodstuff purchases and Ihe clly prepared lo withstand a •.irlke felge hy land and water. Near panic had resulted In rapid depletion of food stocks which grocers had earlier predicted would 't 30 days, but now seemed scarcely sufficient for two weeks. Retailers were reported limiting sugar and flour pi'^-hases to five pounds per buyer. Union labor went into conference once more today to decide whether It Is to wield against San Francisco employers Us most violent weapon—a general strike. Between 500 and i.OOO delegates representing San Francisco unions gathered at Ihe labor ttmple, A meeting of all revenue commissioners in Males bordering Arkansas Is expected to be held ->oou as the resull of the moetlns ?• St. Louis yesterday. Cotton Futures Down After An Early Rise Colitis, Whooping Cough Fatal to Infant Boy Billy Joe James, 15-months-old f.on of Mr. and Mrs. Richard James of the Promised Land community, died al 9:20 o'clock this] morning at the General hospital in j NEW ORLEANS, July H. CUP) Memphis. —Colton futures slipped off after Thc Infant had been 111 for sev-1 En early rise of about .150 cents .1 en weeks, suffering from colitis I bal <> and closed S to 3 polnl-s down and whooping cough. ' * Funeral sen-Ices will be hold t( the Cross farm southeast of Blytheville. The L. O. Moss Uiid.-r-. taking company Is in charge of funeral arrangements. jlhiviitening motions toward pockets as soon as Owens ap- him. intent on arresting 'or rtrunkcnntss. \v~en lloti-rls thrust his hands into his i:orkcts. iiitnefsses Mid. Owens fire. Of Ihe eleven defense v.-Unesset. -ix sv.-orr; Robeils had made threats ajiilnst Oivens to (hem. Defens: ,vitncssc.s slated thai Robcru' hr.'at was "Owens has locked ne up 'he last time." One wilnrss, Walter Clilmer. said <cmc time before thc fatal ihODt- Rolieris exhibited a Colt special, saying he Intended to u^ ;i. and (hat "Owens Is my meat." The night of (he slaying. Owens had gone to arrest Rol>?iu; on :':np!.ilnl of two Cooler women •,Uin said Roberi.s and some com- :::i*i!on.s were creating a dlst'jro- "I'in going to bury Helen in her own country." said Spcnce. "the country where she grew up and where she has friends." Local Youth Succumbs At Booneville Sanitarium Funeral services were held at Houston, Miss.. Thursday for Em- mstt Seay. 18 year old son of Mr. and \frs. T. I. Seay, of tlus c " J ' ' vil ° dlcd atthe Booneville, night. t ,, x , k ". sanl «<m"n Monday n . ICCS m ' e hcld *>- « his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. ion the New Orleans exchange to ciay. Traders were disappointed In Ihe coiton consumption report for June and sold. Legion Meets Monday There will be a meeting of the American Legion Monday evening, 7:30 o'clock, at thc armory. .. ' Silver, Sugar Up NEW YORK. July 14. (UP)—Silvers and sugars featured a dull rhort session on the stock exchange today. These shares had gains ranging lo more than 3 points, while thc general list was Irregular in n narrow range.. by Jack Worls four years ago. Work was killed in the DcWitt coi.nty court room by Helen while on trial for the murder of hcvi father. .'anltarlum two months ago after 11 was found he had luberculosis Ills parents were unable to reach him before he passed away WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy to unsettled with local thunctershowers in the extreme north portion to- nigli lor Sunday. Continued warm. Memphis, loci! thunttershowers to- nljht or Sunda;-. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 100, minimum 76. clear, according to Samuel F. Hor- 'rls. official weather observer. Chihuahua Woods Filled With Redheaded Parrots) ?i os . ofhere , and three £lsters - vi DIC^ T 7,<™ „, j !' VIaiy Altce ' Ivn Louise "and Ruth EL PASO. Tex. (UP)-Woods In 1 Viifrinla, all of here. He was a member of the Second Bapllst church. northwestern Chihu^ua, near Ma- ciera. are full of redheaded parrots, according l<3 word reaching The parrots' favorite nesting Charles Stuck. Speaks at e a ad SP in r e C t^ lhe lops "' Wgh Methodist Church Sunday Specimens of the wild parrots can be seen In Juarez, where many .ire taken to be told. The birds reach the size of a Charles Stuck of Jonesboro, lay leader of the North Arkansas conference of the Methodist church, will address thc church congrega- small hawk. They have bright red :t ion of the First Methodist church head feathers and brilliant green Sunday morning, 11 o'clock, for body plumage. l tne annual Laymen's Day sen-ice. U. S. Consul William P. Blocker.jMr. Stuck Is also a well known nt.o recently made a trip through'business man and a leader in Ihe Ihe lerrllory, said the parrots Lions club. :ould be captured with little dim-1 There will also be special music r.ulty. I by the choir.

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