Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 16, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1942
Page 5
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Page Six NAUflATUCK DAILY •o.e& NEW "IRON-MAN" ARRIVES IN THE LEAGUE nrrlvi'd Uvn d»y Iron-Man .Vfn'Olnnlty na> In lihe Nallonal leunuo !i (\\' mi-yt-ar old hay of. -the Clnolnnatl Heds, To wiy. lhal, Ihl'M atflriK rookie i< sensational- -Is one of Ihose Hollywood understatements. Al'lor P years of upM-auvl (\OAVUM In IKHH ball, Starr /it la.qj. appears to h.ivi reached hta.-pcnk MM a hurku 1 ut UP. ago when most pi tellers lu-ive hi' NOTICE LEGAL '•t Of NMUKaflK'-lc MS. Pi Court, June 1(1, l\}\'4, •I'JSTATI'l OK Maria VVehde, of IV'iiuon Kails, In said lal< Tho f Jour I of Prohate I'or tho Din trlc-t of Naugatuek hath limited am allowed six montliM from dale here o,f for the erodilor.H of said eslaU to exhibit their elntiiiH for HuMlc- numfc, Thoso who neKleot tn their ae,<u>imts, properly Wi'lhin Hald lime, will ho debarred n /recovery. All persons Indebted d nald lijntal<» aro requested lo maki •lAMI'lS M, WH'UKK, AdrnlnlMlraUir Cdntury Avenue, Unaeou Kails, Conn C.-UUIt the long trull luwk |o >Uio mlw\i'«. So far, Mils season, S.tarr Is th'.; mo of Mio Olnolnnatl mound stuff— >ul-r«nklMK iMioky Wallora, P'.uil 'H'.rrlngei' and I'HtwM 1 Hitldlo, Sla,rr has won H K/UHUS a*nd lost only 2, And 'ho appears to bo gottlntf-hot- ter all Urn 'time, In IJ.IH butt throo vletorlos, ho Allowed a total of only two rims a,nd tn average of six hi Is por nbotOHt, The only fault Manager Hill Mo- Konhnlo flmlft with Starr IH that ho roodkle wairfs to |jM.(!h ovory .Hl\oc day. l^nhullovablu an If Houucln, Shu luw pltohod a 'total of more Ilia MO double - he-aderrt In hlH tlmu ymi, -'b(»Wi Komca of tho tsvl Hay olaliim his total IH. onl il. Itul, ohHoi'vm'H nay ho e.oiml inly dou : t>loheaderM In whlo fit? started aiul wuu. So fur, 'thin .suanou, SlaiT ha walon I'he HUVOII other ttuuuH In Ih .N'atlonal IOUKUO at leant cmoo oaoh HlH only det'eatH — whloh ho Into ivcnxwI-T-NVuro-nl tho handH of llu Vow Yoi-H Mian KM and HID lllilnn lubs. The dlant.M knookoci hUu on of aim -box In tho futh •Inning anc thoa wont'on .to wallop tho lu-dn _______ Collection: of Garbage Snalod pro|)oyaly on blankH from hln ollk-e wll'l'liu iWolvutl at rioom <o, «'), '('own Hall, until five p, m, Thurwlay, .lime vf», iPVvf, for tho ool- eollon of (larbaxe In the HoroiiKh if iNaiiKaluek, for tin. term of Three yuai'M. Boo'un's Pipe Tim right IH ru.Mers'ud to rejoet any or all bldM. 1.100 ,/, IJIIOPIIY, VS'anlen. . familiar to all nautical men ia the jhrJU sound of tho Bos'un^a pipe- that short whtetlo -. cupped - in the hand which gives oiitorderg more potently than «nylu3ty : bollo\vlnfrpf tho old se» cnpUin. Horo is an U n- ohiirftcter itudy-of m U. S. Co«8t Guard bo«t»wftin's mate nor- trayinif tho determination in Amor- 5 -to /i. The OnhM iio.^ofl-.him out, to I, In I'4 hillings on i\l ; iy 28th. 'wo days later-^- Uron-'Mun twice 'tills soa,son amU.on "both o,e(j slons ha« .sliiU-oiit Hie' Billy Sou-Ui-'' wortli \s-ar t-kirs. .The: i'irsti, ; nie Starr llokod "em, >l fe O. v ' Aiid^Mib' sooond iimo ,'lie ^Viiite- was lied • the- S t . J ; o u 1 s ; ol ub ,- ; , ? •. ,io i • '.(),' . 1 u rji ing; i n ' a 3-hltlor in t)ie process. ~\'\\ •'-'' After I h a in I n o,r s~ an f i '$. ro\v h ijipf - tr J a I s •' \\' 1th -m a j or 1 c'q gu'e,, o i lib s -r'.'- S ta i- r.' j ?<h •{• ,,: of Thomas llui'ke. :f /-l 1 !;^.f|.inpual:,or/;Thomas. Biirlce, a foj^iei' ro^Glcn'l of Wil'ugaluolf who • y.este.rd.a-y- iiiounln.g at, SI, . broke inl,o''thu'i>!g'" ilmo for 'good Ins I, -season A^ieiv-tlm. Reds called 'him -up from 'IhVllmiapotis'' oiV.tha J\mcrlwm- nsaoolnlioh;';' He 'ijiad 'won 20 games nnd Jos! J5 Tor -the. Jn- (jlfvns.. And ;; 1>.ol'orc -".the '194i season olqsod, -he- .|\al. 3 and lost 2 J'Of tho Ttods.'-. Two-of Uho;so",vic- tprie.s.-\vore ^'Ivut^outs. The probably -wllj.'y.-'.'.Ha-vo to .-.•conskler or Sta^r ..-p.f-'tho Ginalnnati Rod^ whon -l-hoy star.rhan'ding'out, tiia't' most .valuable-' plnyer award <thisv IHaphaePs hospital- bi ,^ew" Haven will be held* tonVorr'ow-morning at 0 o'clock from the Hugh Keennn a! ho'ine : on "-Howard'-'avenue. Now Haven," to:. St. Pe,ier'<v church- New .Haven,; Avhargrvhis brother." HOV-. John . ,r. Burke, is paslbr. '- V : Interment will- be hi- the family ; plot in -St.' -lames,' cemetery, Nauga- tiiclc. Friends may ca,ll at; the funeral home th is n f i.ernoon -and evening;" ' ino bul -to- help; train. 'nieiv tio^per- ate aha inaiatain that eaigiue, lo tindi out ;•' t<h r'dugh' 'pbservat,i>ori In Ilia field liow -we can. build a : better, engine, and t'o^ee; t^a,fc spare purls ' are any parli of .'..thai ; eaigine, ; are ed, n — Gi" ,L/ ; :Muen;-::;vJco - president of ' FIRST TO SIGN DIED AT SKA London, ,) u n o I fi— (UP) —Th q-"'-slJfe: •I 1 of. the giant ooonn*'liner- Man/ •elunla has- ninrto ,his;.,la,s(,-..YO,y;ago/ I. • hnn Just been re,veald,d /tlVaj; ? ;(W 'onr-ohl Captain Arthur > ! Brqv><ri ; Hod at soa. .Hb-'-conipirih^ 1 d the no\y'Manrotanja-.ori h'oif^rnalcU n voy^gd to the Uhf'tcd.. SI a tos In, Washington, June , IGr-(UP)— Bel- glum v has become the first of> the ! liftie;'-countries to'sign the master Jend-le'qse pact. The a'greernent was ^sl^'npd^orlay .by Secretary 'of'• Stale the ambassador. "You can slioot. a. ihole r th r o ug'h ft 1 enkp i-o of gaso 1 i n c Dor ainplanes: and .-i<t won't lealc. If'.of our ideas: \v, ihat., they.:.;;would ;, perhaps 'be . bet-ter,"— Chnr.l-e.s p. Kef.le.rjnig, v.ioo president of General..Moilors; , ' Wife Preservers '.warsi-a oontrncton's re- fended .when he turned rsos at'n ciuaitormaslor's , .,. -, T , -..---/a Aye.- t'Uirn In 1,000 'hors•69.^^4^ A'ii'. Corps :"-ln- the fowl of •aw^aJnpilario^^engiine, wo i'col l))iat's « 091). And 1 he-had uo.xmbaHd';of}^^^ of oiir jolv.' Wo Id'-Maurt'tania until .she was hrbl'ioiY^'i^ of "our t \o\i l< '0 aii^l ke' c^VQiof-' thQ''(*lothes yo.u : ha% oh' . W.efc play clothes should' never be Take hand tef flying in a heap Pick them.up . as soon as they are U3keo-,onr..-and hang: them, up. to dry. ."After a. f,ew, we'afinga, ' ' . . . ,, , they' need ^ thorough soap' and wntoi cleahinpr. This will Di-olV their )if« <; ' FOR POSITIVE RESULTS - - - READ CLASSIFIED ADS REGULARLY. lek from Mint lough sllnt ) .hurl a H to 0 vie.lory ot-ei 'i'tlshurg'h Pirates, ; '••Starr has bwn poison to the pen naavl, hopes of .the St. Lmils Consult Classifications Below For Profit. Watch Them Daily Announcements Spnolal W, HUIIfAIU^ on All VilO Tel, M87 Ho, Main St, A (;0,>U»rj«;TI«; I.lno of llnhy'.M rriliM, high (tlialrs, maUri'HHtJM und nu 1 - rlaHP>(, k/wf^t prim-* In (ho otfy, Tho Itudlu Shop, IMU (Jrand Mtrocl, \Valnrbury. (i-ll-b.r, Ho I'atriotiol Fiji vmir turn! bin NOW, Bl/l'T OUAIN AND VUKli 00, Coko —l« 1 uol OilH — QrainH Merchandise f.mvl.s Hott'hkl.s.s A IJA«(-IATN J' 1 KVWKY BUYJOR J [\M\ Kord Kordor ,,,. IIMI Chevrolet Tudor • lOlfc'l Plynioiilh (.loupo MM l-'ortl Tudor ' ,, IJ>,'H Chevrolet Tudoi KM Ponllao 1P.T* Kord Tudor .,, l!U"i Plymouth Tudor Diet Tudor I'ordor , IMilok l<'ordur , nr> or. Merchandise fl room floor .sample $i>t ( J "RT.FI KUHtflTUHE l J3LJEJ { JOM MAN Y- Main, Cor. Colo, \Va,ti'.rbury ' - l/o 'build an By PAtTL ROBINSON ETTA KETT , BET SMES Fir TO SIZZLE/ MERE'S MY BUS -FLOP JM / NO-TELL ME .^ P/CTUI2E- ME WITH IS JEALOUS F720M BEHIND THEM SMOKEO (3L ASSES By ROBERT STORM OUT— ^«s look of now hom.o and aulo radios I A bargain I Oi'fWHOifii Sims, 280- jS'oi'tli Afnln stlnu.'l, Watorbury. pliono a-SyOrj, G-3-U. Coal f>7 Church St. ToL 3070 KAMO HMHV.IOK . --HONM UY I'JXI'KHTS fJ. VVOUK .f LOVJN.W PJ(4H.(}TnifJ 00, 8 O'liuroh Htroofc Dial f>GM Kop Prompt Horvloo Coiling Outtoi'H, hdnrtortir Tinning, lloollng arid Fui'naw) SVork JAMI'iS 2r^0ra(tloy St. NauKatiuik, Conn, 9 Autos t\mt Tnidk.s For Hale Tudor .,.,. riM.W Kord l>ol ( .uxa Uoupu, 12.000 rnllnH ,,,,/ $7^00 'Mnoo'ln Xnphyr ' rlodan , HUWfi.W) Htudobakcr Hodun,, ,Wri,(H) Ford Plnkup ,,,,,,, *<!7fi,W- 10''iO Koi-tl 1-Ton Kxpi'PHrt *ft7l4.fl() U«JU Kord l-Tori Slnko,,,,*ni(MH) 'IVIany qlhor Kxoopttolnal, l^ow ' Prlood (lat'H. ' TIIR N/UrCMTl/CK VVKl (10. 7 Church HI. IMiono fiUJHI •K SKIMIV e.lean, Kxoollont throfiKhoul. Kino rubber, Jet Hlaek with Whltewall Tlrnw flfCQK Only tHUc/U — Open MvoiilngH • -• PAokurd-Watovbtiry, Trie, - "A .SAKK-I'f,AOM TO HDY 11 482 WaUirtown AVOJIIIO Hlitl 4-filOO A}> hnatliix Htovn wltU Klo •oil burru-r, alwu kllhhon Met, ply «t 1,'wi Mubbor ftvunuo, IWMi Konl Tudor JjH^R WM I'onthu 1 . lloiiv, (Joujiti 10r> 1-U Ton Miuiul iVf) liit Kordor J75 iU.'K! TyprapUuio l-'ordor ., H'.H lO.'H Kortl • Tudor ,,.. IW»7 Plymouth Kordor I!','I7 (Jhnvnilnt Mantor U>.'I7 I'aokard f-'onlur li>.')7 Plymouth Uoupn li'OII S.AIJO—Gray enamel k lichen Hlovo, gas and oil. burner. Ajiply Hi.Jii Rubber avenue. SERVICE Go .all makes ol 1 rofrlgcrators and - svashors, mode.ratn prices, NljJW 'ION(\LAN1) MUSIC SHOP 103 Grand St, 10,'W Kord Tmlor U'.'JH Plymouth Kordot 10,'W POM Mao Kordor jUft 'TrWmusV^iNS,' 184'i RAST MAIN ST., NS'al.erbury -• Ihied, Cur Lot •— WJ. WKST MAIN ST., Wutorbury J{ ROOMS BRAND NIOW FinWlTUIU'l. , , , $l. f «) KASV TKMMS Here IM the (iiitHtftiulInK value In town, Almost unhellevahle; M rooms of rurullurii for only )JM•'«>,. lnol\ides Hedroom nut Ml., l.lvloK Uooni out-V and Kltehen. We liavn only n fov; outdb to sell- at this* pclcu MO early. "IJF.KKNSK" l\ linOM IIOMK COMPLKTK OUTFIT Are you movl'iiK Into one of I lie new iloTuiiSM homesY If HO, Hue this "Hefen»e" M room oulllt, Wo liuvo care. hilly prMpareil and seleotud a lovnly rooms, especially for "clefensfj work- ni-H, M I'JvopylhliiK complete--M rooms —Uudroom, Living Itoom nnd KlU-h- on. KUMH STUHAnK— ANH DKIJVI'IHY Albort'H, Kuni, Oo,, Wthy, ir,8 South Main St. Phono 4-;U<U Ciui'i Ti'^ln" or lUis exponso refunded, on pureluiMM ^f ellher mitllt. niVlTO'S MUSIC, & IIICCORDING / STUDIOS ( All Instruments Taught,, Hooords Made As Low As OOo. ir,7 Sri. Main SL Tnl. 4-1057 MiscHlunoou.s For Sale FOH H/U<tt—Mupl» kllolum .set, llv ing rflnrn nultf!, orPam and black . 'Phono FOR 8ALK--Whlin iiteliil top kit oh«n tahle, vlolrola, M jileoe par'|ar .HUlte, Mimt be sold ut onoo, I-'OU .I-^-l-'.Hod bath fub, sta/idard flail «t 7'i Carroll Htrcdl, TUESDAY VAhUI'JS COTTAOIO SPWOTA'LS Oil Oas HrldgV Odd 'Kltpfu'ti fihalfH ,,,,,, 4,(>f> 'MI (UUIpd. HOfMJ OOlUlltlOM, Ih'uH, Tolephonn Naugatuok .•i.-,v.-.uffli."--^t-^i<-.y.''.'.- Employment Men Wanted CASII I>.4l|>—Kor used Klooti;lo I'rl^eralors. Uravoson' iV;. Sims, 2 Nnrlh iV(ahi St. Dial 1 .t-2r)(ir>, \Vfttoi 1 - hury. __ Bi|sin_ess Service •4/i Wn'nttifl to llRiidor Service I;M:CIIUCAL AND lOleotrlo'lans If) rJhuroh Struot NOW l.s the timo to storo your fur coal, IMck up and dnl Ivory survko, Also Tor the host dry olennituii KIKVMAN'8 78 Chin-on Str^il, NuMfintuok I,KT IN IMiL Voui 1 , Ln\V» iMovvMir in Tor tho KuaHon. Mowors fMioil, -riiimlrod, ot«. dill Tor, and dullvnry Horvlun, MoM>qurno's Snrvloo Station, lluhljior av.onuo, Tolophono iim. 4-7-tf WANTKIK- VoiUMJ mnn or woiiuin for full time work In local drug •e. Adill'OflH Hox M -X" In ofire of VH office, c.-in-dax. Delivery Service Hoy, Woman for (hworiU oi'rice work. Apply to the ttaugatuuk Kuol Oo., 87 Clluiroh H tree I. il-lijcll), UANI>;n-lloy lo work in /\u(o Supply store. Steady Job, good pay i Apply Cut halo Aul-o Supply, Sloro, OH Water street, ly Inellned, lo work Itvautomf)hllV> supply storo, Cut 'Unto Auto Supply Store, t>8 Wnlor Hl^oot, __ Odd LfvliiKroom flhnlrx lllgh H Wicker ., Only 12 Kiul Ta|>l«H , M ftHp naoh (O/io to A oustofnor, Want your ANNWX 103 Meadow Strout 8 Hit' nnd (<» loodini Id rep- nnlma| nhow, |')x- mjHsnry, 'Must ho fruo to' travol, Exool.lnht flnnnolnl •oppoi'tdnlly. Apply Oh'lof Danoo, Kaus SltosvH, Ili'^l^o Hlrwtt, _ ^ ' ' ' 0-13-dnx, PARTS & SEWIOE KQU ALL MAKKS Ofr' Washing Machines DOiNJHSTlCI APPLIANCE COUP, Uti Qi'unU St., NS'uturbury, Dial 0-8348 HAVE ARRANGED TO rHE "CHATEAU BEVONP. A DOUBT THAT HE 15 AN FBI AGENT* TELLING MUM youFIND our ALARMING PRINCE CRO&&ING CLAINGE GRAY I JUST CANT LETTHAT GUARD CATCH ME/I MUST GET (NTO 'THAT COURTROOM/ BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH BILLY DE BECK - HEl5 BEEN RUBB\M ( T KNkOUJEDTVA\S BREAK HIS \.B6 *TR\ED TO CUT V\fXV)ES\CUROSV JAWS, ^ PURTN EVE M TD.OF RUBQBDTH 1 GOOD -^N' fl \SSDOT\OUCVAOSEF? GOOD U3CK\\ \SS DOT VOU CUOSEF I^SJ^J^ BIG SISTER FORGRAVJ6 THAT'S STRANGE,HE LEPT.HE^E, AS THO HE HAD TO 6ET SOMEPLACE IN AN ALL-FIRED ; "NOW THAT'S" JUST ODD : ENQU6H^J6 GET MY UNDIVIDED ATTENTION-,FOR.A'BIT. NOW HE STANDS ON THE f CORNER, AS IF HE HAS ALL TME TIME IN THE WORLD. I'M WORRIED ABOUT VGU ARE • GO! NG TO EXAMINATIONS: NEXT';WEEK:H' rf-tf ARE: THEY; G>rNG TO BE'vTOUGH? ...TOUGH! ,..\A/HYHF YOU STUQY NIGHT PAV, yoo BE READY. FOR -THEM, IN ~ TIMEt! MY COM IN *4 ,IM FDR A UTTILE llliS'KSS SK Kkujlrolux Oluancr. Sorvioo pah'H, Cflllorl ' for ' and dolvcrccl, Phouf) (, rsiHSon, .\&>2. G-9-lino.x Real Estate For gale roil SAIJC— An II-room '(wo-rninily IIO.UHO, onu-uar gnrago, uxtra largo lot, A-1 uondll(qn, located 1 In Union '(Uty. Prkuj $(5,000. Also a boautil'ul building lot with all Improvoinenls and cellar already dug, U bargain at $700. Located on North lloadlny stroot. If you want to buy or .soil or build, sco Patsy Labrlolu, iuuiltor. Pbono U4M or WKM, I OH SVIJ;— 8 roo/n U fumlly all ImprovunifJiits, 2 car garago, largo lot, Prkui $4,800. J3oaoon Kails, J2 room 2 family houso, all JmprovomontH, stoam h.oat, 3 o(i Kttragu, (jo n,t rally I o bated, For a ((tiluk salo, prlop. only .^,'1,000. A, Sluipioy, Tol, 2433, 4-23-t.f. C—liUllfJHl<>>V Of 5 nil Irnproyomp^ts Including hot water 1 heat find onk Irlm. #4.500. Now 'l-room modnrn Jjungalow, $5;(XX), HranO iiow modern .'i-room hotiso with 2 oxtra rooms ,' un- tlnlshocl, ^I.OOQ. Klvo-ropm niodorn ono-famlly' houso, 2 lots, jfMJ.GOX), 1 •.Ifl-cooin i'f-fa.niUy 'houso. A-J. uon- dltl'on, Gontrally lo.oatcd,. #9,000', A, ForJRent Real Estate Apnrhnmils nnd Toncmonls TO IHONT—•l-'qur rooms, all Imp.rbyo-' muntH, so(5ond lloor. Apply, at 1.1. Hlir8f.rool, Union Oity. C-i5f|3x TO HKNT—'riir«« fui-nlsluMl I'or uoupiu or single girl, Tolo- 1 phonoT^X'ii, bdlwoon'5 and 7 p, in, G-J5-U3X.

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