Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 16, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1942
Page 4
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Page Four V , 1 I ' . , NAUGATU.OK'JDAILY NliWS, TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 1942 DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Filea of The News vopy vonlna (Kxuupl Sunday; l>y NAUGATUGK NKWtf CCWKMATION at II North Main SrU>ot ( NAUOATUflK, flONNMCTfCIUT By "Jerry'-' poheny 20 Years Ago HI'INNICK, I'roMlrlcnt s, CASKO, KDWAHD a. MNOKNflKM), AHslMlnnt Troamiror MlUHlKH HOLLAND, Sonrutnry. ll I month, . I months 1 \vnolc-l8o riUHSUWPTJuN MATINS Payable In Advanoo ,,,,,,.$.7n n month* ^,W I yoai' Hy OiUTior $4,0(1 ftorlo, K. AiiMonla ymu The United Pn>HM has l\w ox«»limlvu rUItt to for rfpuhlirnlinri In nny form, all HOWH orndlUxJ In LltlM pajxir, U IM alHo uxolUMlvnly on- lltkifl to uso for li'puhlhwtlon all Iho loiml or un- dalod nowH pijfolMioil 'horoln, SCRAP RUBBER FOR GOVERNMENT Nnngatiiok is known ns (.ho (< Rubber Town," of tho fact (hat tho rrwmif'aotm'O o|' rubixn 1 footworn 1 Is UK principal iiidnNtiy. .(tH rosidontH now hnvo Iho opportunity to provo tliat it in a good rubber (own i'or Iho M'ov'onmionl by Inrninx 1 in a gront: amount ol' fiorap rubber in tho drivo which in hoing conduc'tcd to increase Iho natioirtt supply ol' rubber, Most of oni 1 residents undoubtedly havo some old rubber boots, shoos, coats, atitornobilo tiros, walor bottlos, ott 1 ,, which 1 (hoy will bo very #lad to .n'ive, or sell, to the ^'ovcrnrnont, All (hoy havo to do is tfol their collections of this material to^olhor and tako it to (ho noaros( gasoline station, whcro it will bo plac-od in a scrap pilo and will lator ho'shipped to tho placo ss'hnro it is noodod, (,)no cent per pound will bo paid I'or old rub- bor. A United Cross dispatch says Mr. and Mrs. America will havo to work twice as hard as thoy thought they would in digging rubber out'ol 1 tho attic—because tho pounds thoy scrape together roally arc only hall 1 pounds, War production board officials ostimnlo that it takes Uvo pounds of scra[) rubbor to inako onu pound of good rubbor, The salvaged rubber is expected: to perform an important job in recapping tiros, Officials say live to seven .pounds of reclaimed rub- bor will recap a lire, 1941 PROFITS UP 22,4 PER CENT Tabulations ol! tho 'combined not profits of 1,087 producing and manufacturing corporations for .the past five years show not profits in iMl of $:i,'J71,(571,000, or 1TJ.4 per cent more than tho $U,(ifi7,- 910,000 returned in :l!)40, despilo a sharj)- ly increased rate of taxation, Those figures are taken from an article by Kenneth It, Austin and it is worth noting that, (hose profits wore made despite H tho Increased rate of taxation," One should not infer from (Itese figures' that all businesses have enjoyed in- croasod profits, or that "KMli will see a co/d-iniiafion of Iho trend, In view of heavy expenditures for war, however, if is-, probable that profits will be greatly in^nuufod Tormahy companies but, as a result at' economic shock in certain industries, greatly reduced for the af- i'oetoU cornpanioX Tho Moodyoar Tiro & Mubbor Co, nnnounend Iho r.ompl<!llon ol 1 Its 45,000,000th Urn Iho other day, l-'aolory whlHtli'M blow svi'klly In honor of Iho ovont. Tin; lire, will be taken from ono Lo I he other of Llio W agiuuilcH of tlio company anil oxhlbltod an u priM'loiiH trophy, o-0—o StiMlvan find thn ollloors of iNaugatuek O.. K., Initialed a U!«HH of i?0 oandldalOH in i«Hl night, Stale .J'i'iwldent Johnson and SUitu Chaplain \VIIHarn Kelly InMlallwl thn olJIuors, ; t o—O—o llonnany IliuiH Americans, Uuntmtlng tlio dopart lire of Iho Amork'-im troops, Ihn mayor of lloblon wild: "I would ralhur havu rin army of oooupatloi of 100,000 Aiuni'limns limn a Hlnglo i''rmichinan, 'I'll population of IhlM HOIK- IH bidding faruwoll to thn HOldln'H wl'lii I OH I'M, Tho Americans, In "showed human umlnrHlamllng ol 1 thf • people's wants, and I wiled UHMH 'nn thc.y woulr llu'lr own t'itlttOMH," o—O—o ,'10 VIOAHS /UJO Mr, nnil Mi'H. A. M. Porlc.r aro alU'iulInK Iho graduation ol 1 I Mo PolyU'rlmlr InHllliitn, Mrs.- William (.1. lilngf also allc/idi'd. 0—0--0 Hcnnof. Schmidt, n Hludunl at Prlnnnlon, IH Hnond- Ing tin- HiirniniM 1 vacallun with hln pat-outs, Chief of Pulluu and Mrn. John H. Si-hinldl of City HI'll Htruof, In \Voroostur, Mass,, Ihnlr son, Man I, from NOTES AND COMMENTS You t-.nn go to thn fnds of tho narLh and llnd no hrltor people Hum thosu In NaiiKaUu ii k ; inn'kc It your lo K' 1 ' along with Ihnm. [n 1ST I Colorado Sprlng.H had a revolving ootjtrap- Llon called a "HplrHnal whncl," Thn mislornoi 1 plaonrl a coin on II and piu'-nlvmi a glass of llfjuop from a harlunder behind a pal-tltlon, It IH possible from mile,-hlgh Donvnr to view the panorama of Ihn Moeky Mmmlal'n fronf. /'ange from hong's Peak lo IMUe'n Peak, a dlslnnno of IfiO milns. Tho (Irent Salt PlaliiH.-of norlhwnst Dklnhoma im-astin 1 six by olght mllon and aro believed to he the. desldlnm of a groat prohlHtorle Inland.sna, I'lltHburgh olalniH Diu only skyscraper unlvorslty hi Hie world—the Unlverslly of I'lttHburgh's tlalhn- dral of Learrdjig, W stories, 5.'U"i feel high. The port of Now Horlford, Mass., roauhocl Us prime as a svhallng oenter In ly-'iTi when Us Moot brought, In barrels of spcrtn oil, More ihnn 'JO tribes live on Ihe llons }»» Oklahoma. Thirl per -Indians Mve In Oklahoma, reserva- oent of all U, S, The University ol' Colorado at' Houfdcr owns Us osvn Mlonn ((uarry from whioh Its more, nuiont bulld- / Ings havo been constructed. The llrst Hiihvvny In tlu* United Stales was opened In Uo.Hf.nn In IHU7, BOMBING JAPAN PROM CHINA lie Japanese inn iiuFac luring ceulpr of Na^aMuki IH (Jtijy a three-hour High I; from (Miokinng, where (he ('hincse have built an air iwwv Major (lonoral .C'liu Shih-ming, (.Ihinowe military attache to tho United Stalxw, beg-s the Utiitcul Nations to act Ciuickly lo strike at Japan •from ChlnpHO liases now threatened by (lolorado rminufaoluroH stivle In the Union,. be/H sugar tlinn nuy We The Y T v^y JL XJLW People Congress In The Crisis By MY History records Mint the .most-.fatal adv-lco . ever given a'ruler''was Mini of Ihn nTOthor who told George i II: ''Now, CJoorge, 'be king!" Ooqr#e (Ill tried lo bc'Mtlns, in the',old 181,11 riontury absolutist senso ,ot' king- all I p, tund as i\ res u M 1 OH I, !.-h o' A ni o r- ,1.011n colonJus;-,, lost 4 .a ' wnr wl th Franco and foal ;h'ls /r'paBpn. lie died Insflno. . ' : ' . . Thesn sources of pownr and interest which are urs- n g Congress , l.o "(isMfii% ilsnlf"--nro in clanger of sun- Ing 'history repoal; I nasniu (ili- role •- or a •o, body LI mo has: ilofJNOd by a• . . '•'oal.; 1 . sa't'irisl, .-as"to do nolli'i'nff In parl.icular and do It vory 'wi)ll." ' ; ' Tl i o r'os u II; 1 H ' a';«' trri n go : -.'s p;nc tad c of llirnrilehlng? fjongrasslonal siil- oldn, conrblnncl WMi'i' iYio,i ; l)id n.\hlbl- : UoiilH-in, -Hkp. Ih-oaq' poor soul* who stand for /hour's - on., a. skyscraper's ^Mndow-lodgo or (jornloc svhilo a orowd wal.chns'un^H Uio IVUal Jonji to tlui sidL^yallv • • • Thn n-eupiU • bill of ( paiM,inulars about Congl'osH is not'particularly purtlnnnt, sj.non' tliny are .only symptoms of. tlVo paHiologhjiV], m'6'od! of n Inglslal.lvo ho'dy wlr'ltili-is trying to assert its prm'Oga.tivos • and -control .by ox-wirl. motions <|;|iq split- la Mve pi'oocdu-re, .should bo record voles', so .Hi a |, -him c-ons-ti'buchls may, ,j lulgc ' . Co ng;res,s m en ' on ' a p u b 1 i c .record, 'Too liiuny'rn'ojor 1 issues a/'O ullowod l,o liingtv on -a; voice- vo'l.e,-Va toiler-vote' or., in secret. commitL.6 i I. soil'!' .-Mihcn,- I/op, 'bhe idoa of Dlie "man- dale" should' ruin Congress; 1 Tew many -qf-'our.- IcgislaLiors ' have run oh'rl "siippor-t-Rdosovel 1 !/ 1 basis and; then : • have .-•' sloadi 1 y vo'Lecl agnin|L' every part, of his -'ploclgecr i>Dlic'y. ! Cainpalgn pl'edges" must, bo t.nkon 1 inaro seriously 1 'and all -the 'camouflage SNVbp I a way . Tl i e co u n L'r.y , saw. Congress wiibc/'/Jc 'tlid election -re- kirns after 193(> and M, soes the. mnn/qldcled, In 1040 on a \program. of national unity ' and' courage t,ur'n; into cbonp Jil,t,le ••cowards 'tho ino- 'meiH' tho; hca-l- was '.turned'. on by ; tire 'pro's^tuio : graups^nd lobbies. %:t - ? T'iic;;pi.Cy. '•6r. I il'.:-'j3v v iji ! iiit tho purge of-. Uon^rqss, .Js .conilng anyhow, al the.. hands :pf the vol.ers, and all ef- fo-Hs .-to- --survive sp. Tar ' has simply m'ado;.f,he (fanger worse '.for .the in- f,livickj : als who renli'xo liow completely '..they .liayo failed to do Uie job ''(.hey' were elected Ho do; • '. ' • . • - ^ r ' • • Ferdinand {Rug-gieri of Goen street is slated to enter the U. ;S. army sobn^ we hear. His friends know he has i likeabje personality and considerable mechanical abii. ity, •.• -C We hear Louis Schultz, former chef at HaH's res. iaurant who has been in Brooklyn; N. Y., for more than .live•.••years, is back again. Louis still has quite a fe\y Mends in Naugatuck. . . We can well imagine the plight of a friend of ours who went to New Haven recently \\\ a .'riend's car, to take the latter to the railroad station, Our friend returned alone driving- his friend's car, which was •unfamiliar to him. He was proceeding leisurely enough in New Haven when a cop stopped him and reminded him ,hat he must dim his lights because of new dim-out regu. ations in that area. The car didn't have any dimmers ,n it. Before he got to Bethany, six other policemen had stopped him for the same reason. He confided to us he *vas never so polite to a policeman before. He had left his icense in a suit at home and expected each time he was topped to have the cop ask to see his license! The breaks were with him, and none did. "Well," remarked one local resident, heaving n sigh of relief Saturday night after an aviator had- stunted here within 50 feet'of "the ground at times,-."at least he did something nothing else lias been able to do today, make us forget the heat for 15 minutes." And-there were many who would, agree with this. Hundreds viewed the various tricks of the aviator with mingled feelings 3ut as he dipped close to the ground, and pulled up to safety time and again, all agreed that lie had plenty of skill to operate as he did. The concensus was among those who'had seen Bert Acosta try to fly under the Nan- gatnck bridge that Bert put on a more daring act, but ;hat Saturday night's aviator did it more often. . . '•TIIE-MAN'-VVHO NIHVISK HAD TO TOIL The man w.lrO never had to" toll, \Ylio never bad. to .win Jils share Of sun and .sky and light and air, Never, became-fi manly- man, • • But lived"'-and died as Jie began. (rOodMJnibcr does not grow in case; Tljfj -• stt'ongcr -'wind, the tougher trees;-, '• : f y • .: ' , ,:. The 1 t'arMicr sky, i.h'e greater lengf/h; The more-.the storm, the more the • strength ; ••-•". By sun and.'cold, by rain and snows( : In tree or man, good tlm-ber grows. Louis DeCarlo of 547 Soutjb: Main street, employe of he Lewis Engleering' companyi will celebrate his birthday today. He is well known and. popular among local residents, Sergeant Joe Curtin, home for a few days from Land. gen, N. H.; looks as though army life is certainty agreeing with him. . . Naugatuck residents who have to drive through New Haven a.t night these days v teU us you get a mighty weird sensation when you first drive through the city where dim-out orders are in effect. They say it is quite a strain and that it is good to get back into a section where such dim-out orders are,not required. In' the movie sat, spellbound bouse t-h'o while a Tom Saunders informs us ;that^ shells for tra;p shooting will be pretty scarce inside of a month, due to a government freezing order. , .-.Private Al Kievman, way out audience I in California, writes friends that army life is mighty thrilling From Other Newspapers Briefs, Very Brief expan.Hlon of merchant nHirlne (mining In lit'loii lr(<nd to remain labor rovnalH inanpownr National hank*' nol prolllH In 11)41 roportod as Washington annouiieus that 8,(»lf; (led by nir from Hurma. ; - ' . • ,Japan Htlll barn neutrals from some Arnorlcan cap-, llveH. l-Vu-ry pllolfl of warp ('anew, put emphnslH on tho nafo (Jertainl t y ? tho. people ol 1 the United States- would lie (hriUod beyond measure by the news '"thyik. Important nurnhcrs of 1 bombing /"pfifitK^'lrad 1 been located in China and worn undertaking the routine bombing oi' Japanese manufacturing centers, Impatient .Americans, who probably have 710 idea of tho difficulties involved, can take it <w«y, T t may be /issumod that such a plan i,q i| ( p((er development, and that not 'many clays will elapse boforo American bombers will ('In plica to the feat trffmm-mmnifo'uml his volunteer band of airmen, f'.oehran big game, named manage of norvloo All-Stars I'or HrlllHn general HHCH A, 15, K.- In action "noon. 1 flljonnniill prcdlolH air olTonsivo agalnHt' Japan' In snnonci tl-nilng .roquirod ',.by / Vtotti'l war. . • ' ' ,, : . . .' The attofiipt lo throttfo• T- 1 V.. A. :•• The 'attempt to dosl,roy4hr. C, G. CJ. and N. Y. A. . ; :;• , : . / . Thn r.ofnmil to. pormii,' plpnljnns or bai'gos or. bargn-,i>anais'' io/'brins 1 gasoline to Iho -industrial ' northwost: . ..'-•'' Tho rpfusol to Iniposo: laxos ex- (jftpt on 'tlio /ll-tlo fe.llo'w.. . Tho attempt ,to'destroy tho Farni Security program. ' ;' Thn I'ofnsal -to pnrmit sales of governmonl.-'Ownod grain cxcpp.i,;al, p'rhifls a'boyo parity. : . /•; The geiuinal 'atmosphere of moss and muddle, panic and'suspicion. ' Ihlhg-s'-nrn only sVnip- toms of a despernto .effort to please everybody and .to play, a 'hQld/vVioVi- spituious and sl.atesmanillv'e ; 't'oj,6f nvon If It Involves iniorforin.g \^itll •tlio Presidehli's c-on,stltuLjonn'l flu'ticX as oo,nvmandor-in-uhlef, ' t ov.un ,:U'-i/it Involves the loss of American wars and waste lion's of Ainorlcan dollars. : ". '.-', .Congress Is not to b.lam^ 1 hoarly; as mtiob as are .tlio; groups—;in- el'iKllng newspapers, lobbies ami pressure-groups — Which 1 play on Oongro'sslo'nal «norves and incite th;^ logislative branc-h In-to ' M inclei: J enee" la ardor to fry i'lsh for faithful fo\v. • . ..,'. .•-'•;;•• /lllie end -of ;; Mi.l c s process js clear}if 'not ohookedv'in W'nio ;fco prevent) tlio leap, the soroam, Jjhc .squashy' ci'iiok as -tho body;; bits : . tribi^avc-' AND WE ,( Hartford: Times) , Busing, the old rule ',o'"f '.'thumb that an airplane motor uses half n piiit of gasoline for 'every •'•" horsc.-powor it operates, and. taking', no account of thu fact that some, of ,'tho" .1,250 airplanes tbnt participated Jri-. the raid on Cologne were ;four-motore'd pursuits, it appears (,1m t ; the R A. I* 1 .'.. burned a" little', more than. MOO.OOI)-. gallons of gasoline Saturday' • n i g hi. . II, m a y - Ii a y e b o c n considerably more, for, : tho". raJdcKs flow fi-om many (lelds some o.f tale of love' and romance was un- •foldo'd' on tiie screen. One of the bigli' points was a scene where the hero slapped the heroine vigorously on the face and stalked off. In the tense silence following tbis bi.t of•-drama',' a 'child's' voice piped up from ^ somewhere in the theater: "Mama, why doesn't she hit him, back like you do?" good and that the food is beyond compare. Buy Defense Stamps and Bonds! Conductor—How old are you, little girl'n' [jittle.O-jrl-^-Tf the'railroad doesn't object, I'd prefer to pny full fare "rind keep my Own statistics. . alilo'' c.rnok as -tho hpdyV-hUa' nient. Tho po6plo ; ;ab' a wh'ble" wiH : war: Jn;spi:te of Uuhher OI ( |H|>( mny load fo nar roqulHltlonlng, Nol-' son warns. ; Admiral "I'nnlasllc" Hhlpplng ; goalwill bo war HftyH worrion oan do HO per cent of Jobs In ImliiHtrluHi dncldo to Ooiigross and- ilve\'-g'ovprnrijcij"^ |io\vors -of ;.tl)e..'Presfc!erii f 66-^ de- ppwprloss" .to lnlerfor.0 1 with c'ithei tor Congress• «baok:\frpnr..ihc^ dizzy" hblght oh ; vvlii(i|i : !•(.'.'JsV now^-perf- lously balancod.;.Th-at,Js. ; a;rc|Uf-n'lo' 1 --' ' 1 -" : '""" ' '' '' " the •I I vi voles, i.whioji -were probably n consider' distance from : thd. \coast. the /lgt?re Vnnkes) no a'liowance for -the th'ousarirls of gallons' that were burned while the mo.tqi i s were : beltig wki'med irp and by !)m automotive bcfuiprnent that Is : usecl. to service hlie planes. In a single raJd; then/ line R. A. R, --..uAofl more than' Mi.irty tank : cars. O-C: gasoline;- Jvvcry, drop of it. Jmd tq .,' be brougl) i. .'.0 -the •; Uni ted Kingdom 'b/y. tanker, over .the y long. 'and- perilous sea lanes., of • th'e. Atlantic. iSome''' oj'j it .may have come from pur own ;gu 1 f coas t por ts .. o IT wli i ch ^submarine's imve . been .operating.,, T,|iq bulk j)rp|}ably cam 6^, frotn , the r'o/brerles on Ariroa and 1 " Curacao, of .. ; wh i ch' have- ' : Ji'card ". tit e" . of ; enem yv- shtllfi.. All .i f it' 'pa.nt<T'6rr'-' tjiosc '.dirty,.;' deep-laden ',y,essdls whoso operation i^ Jiazar .dous even in peace. Lime. ••'; A- she! or ,a : toi-pjido turns tliem into flani- Jng colTjnSj -'but' thcii! crews 'sign up far voyage-, after y^oVage, .for without , th^.-tanlcers.v- .not,., a .propel lei coul^?iii^n."'bn' tin;' English 'airfield. I ;];t7l'Js'?%4ciiiise.\- v thor.-- tankers thai oil > and- gasoline, to jfu'el. to Kingdom, ^an<--Au's,Kalia . that .. c'dih^Hed 'to reduce ^b 1 u j^djii feo^ojl j j I e ! ; ;-i;i r avdl;';so.., c l' l< asti'Cal T Jceep the and Just what anyone might want to bori'ow isn't clear, -but a sign, along a roa.d .bordering an O.blo farm iteclarcs: "We don't lend nothing.: 1 • Difficult To Diagnose "Today, salesmen are just as vitally necessary to any healthy industry,, wl!,h or without products l.o sell. A salesman seljs not only bis prbilucts, 'but himself and bis company. Proof of. this will bo forthcoming amply. 3n the next few years. ,.'•'•'..' :T3lbya and our -'o^.n- /plants bam- mei'fng v jvt the ' ofiyn^.'vft; ,'Iapan'i Xhe gasoline burned.;;0vcr! Cologne Avpulci^lj^e nlled'-tliisitt'finksi "bf,some 20,()00 cars "on ,the ;oasli;coasli^,W.ho wil begrudge the '' it vvas used? ;"%pp1ih : olnii;. JlUn'e .J^^^UT? j^Tddai for the 84l;|i,.. birlihday anniversary JCing'-Ojjstaf, -the'.; '|firjli;.; ; ()f : :;s\ve- : Thn "ic'lng- hS:"ro(j6yer;p(l ; cohV* ; two ^!; logls- Osp.uth of,;St^cIUi6Jni, ; / ^ ^;; ?';; V -••HAPPINESS "Wliat 'is this thing called happl- " ness?" I bear-so many say; • •Ms it something tha-t you purchase, or do they give the' thJng away?" So 1 asked an aged neighbor if be knew-just what: it meant, And he .very, quickly answered, "Sure •! 'dp;' it means content," But' his; w'ife,. a dear old hdy, pi;ompte.{l: : ;"Now . don't be .in a hurry," '-:... \ ITappiness is besl described as free, dom fjrom, ; all worry," Tben up spoke Tommy sagely, as be rose fro in off his "stool; "Oranrima; : happiness -is how you feel when 'there 'ain't no more ' school?" : - - : ^ • : -f-Norman I. Schiller. .• ' A map b ad a cello ".vith one string over- which y he drew 'the bow for ; hours' at; -a-' time, holding his finger in,. one place. 'His wife- endured this . ;f 01? .seven mon tb s. One nlgli -. .she, "said' quietly, "I Imve observed that: when -others play that magn'iJi- .cejit . in'striimeivt there are four "strings over. which to draw the bow arrd ; . : tlfe playel's • move' their tinkers about continuously.. The man 'stopped -playing a moment, looked at'hiis wife wisely, shook his* head, •and said: "Of course lire, others-' have four., strin'gs and move their fingers about- constantly. They -nre lookiiig ; fpr the place. ,Ive found iC By LOGAN CLENDENING, M, I). "WR -POINTED out' v yesterday that the gallbladder Is a sorl, of reservoir for the accumulation; of bile but thai/ M, is riot .at all necessary to life because it can be re- o— : — o . Dr. Clcndcning will answer ; questions of general interest only, and then only through bis column. 0 ~~—; — ~ 0 moved without any physiological changes and, in fact, many anir riials do not" possess a gallbladder; at-nil. ,;. '.. " \"'>" "• Structures of this kind which do not play an active, necessary port in life's processes are •',very subject to disease, and derangement and the gallbladder is no 'exception to this"rule."'It'Js probably as commonly dis'eased as any other structure in the body in the persons of people 1 over 40 years old. Most of its' various , derangements are duo lo infection ; and this is not surprising since all of the blood from the intestine, which is loaded with bacteria and toxins, goes through the liver and is excreted in the bile and comes to r,est for a while" in 1,'he gallbladder. After this has happened for 30 ,o'i v 40 years, there are very few people who escape some degree of gallbladder infection. Effect of-Childbirths ; As we also polii'ted • out yes.ter- day, pregnancy cause stasis in : -the gallbladder and prevents its normal emptying so if is not This nerve supply Is. of great importance Jn> explaining the syni- tomatojpgy,.in gallbladder disease, for the symptoms arc often referred to -Uie RtoinacJi or to Ihc heart-; Qi 1 - lower chest. In fa^t, in a study"'df several llrousand pn- tienLs, .it was found that gallbladder disease causes dyspepsia of some type in 20 per cent of Jill .cases. ''This.,1s a higher percentage ; 6f dispepsia than would be found in an equal number of people who had ulce^f, of,..Uic^-istomach, cancer of .the digestive tract .of appendicitis. >v '- " • -; Most patients with gallstones,', therefore, do not have a frank gallstone colic or attack, but ;ire bothered for years With dyspepsia; and gas which they treat with bicarbonate of sorla" and other r^me-, dies without.-even 'knowing thai • the real .cause, of their distress la-; in the gallbladder. GhillsV. .fever, jaundice, lack of : app'etite, loss of weight and »no- 1- mia are all possible signs of frill- . bladder disease. Melancholia sim-'_• ply'mean's black bile and the old physicians thought that when a,. man was-melanch.oly liis black hilc was in the ascendancy. So lh e diagnostician must consider carc- \fully Jjefore..- pronouncing judgment on. what kind of gallblndder "disease is present. Kortunntoly ^yRli the Graham dye test AVC li« vfi ja-.£more" J "reliable,- positive sign for !ga;|lbladder disease than we over .had before.; /Sentry— -Haiti Who goes tlrere? : ; Voice N i IT .. Uie * DarK— Gook, wi th dougbnuts ..for .breakfast. ;Sen try^Pass, -'Cook. Hal t, • dough- nyts. • -• •'*.'... '. • • '• .-.' ' . v "• '.' ,.Qrff;'. des.troys r machinery, iia'k'es -nien.'. it •Ano ther njcc th ing .about tills sea-f v of. th 6 '--.y ear /-is -th at a .f el low oxciise; :his iulllng 1 1>; spring laziness by Ing to find that women whq-.;lijiyc' gone through .two or three 'chikI-7 bivths are nrore. subject to gajlr bladder disease than men. The changes which a .gallbladder' may undergo are bewildering >v -iri their variety;"-They- pVogress;,'fi;.on> stage to stage or., they' may stop' at any stage and become quiescent, but they produce the whole gamut of human symptoms and illness. The early stages is a- mild catarrhal inflammation. At this time bacteria and mucous \vill be found in the bile which will be thicker than/normal ih the gallbladdeH This may go on .either to'pus formation or to the formation of'rgaJK- stones. After gallstones occur, they may,be ; silent >pr they -may .begin to move down'the duct; causing colic, jaundice'and indigestion. - T.hc {nervation of the gall- 'bladder is , mostly from '. the a^C malic nervous 'sys.te'm which has J a connection with the stomach. •:;;'!QUESTIONS AND .ANSWERS ; W. E-.:—What is-a systolic heart iifijurniur?-. Would exercise bo b.i (1 ;foi ; ; it and would it be possible for .a: -.heart doctor not to discover H -fluring an examination? ;|;.Answer":. A systolic heart nuir- is a murmur that comes witli con-traoiloii -of the . lieart. H ..occurs in all sort of conditions and )s,*Mn fact, tho»commonest form of, heart murmur. It usually doos no -Harm* to take exercise \\\\\ n R>'S- ,tolic heart murmur. It would Do ,pqs,sibe. for a heart doctor on -'in "oxaminatiori ; .to miss anything. \\ EDTTOR'S NOTE: Dr. Clcndenjnp 1 «• \seveti panipjileis -which -'can be olrtaine<l w fretyjors.- Kach pamphlet sells for 10 rents, For' any one pamphlet desired, send 10 ' cents in coin, and a self ; addrcsscd envoi- ope stamped with a three-cent sttwp-!" '$%;. Lgi^aa,;Clen<lcning, in care of ij"' •paper. The pariiphlets are: "Three Weeks Reducing l>iet", " ^^ndigestion and (.on- slipalion," "Reducing and Gaiir'ng", " In> ; IfiaAk Feeding." "Instruction* for y' e : rTAhtmeiit- of .Diabeles," "Feminine 1')'* Kiene."-^id -"The Care of ilu Hair and Skin,'-' * . , . •

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