The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE FOUR BUTHEVILLE, (AKK.) COUR1EU NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 13, 1031 TOE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS n« COURIER NEWS CO, FUBLIBUBIS O. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAUiKS, Advertising Muj4«et Sole National Advertising RcniifcnUtlvcii: Arkansas Da Hire, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, DaJis*, Karias C,ty,Mcmphl«. Published Every Afternoon Kxar.t Sunday. Entered ns second i-lchs mnlter nt (In. 1 past on Ice at )!:ythevllle, Arkansas, under net or congress, <X> lobcr 0, 1017. erveci uy trie United By carrier In tnc uny o: iiutiievlllo, llic pr.r irfek or 55.60 per year In sdvmi'.e. By nmll williln n radius ol M) miles, t3.W) |«r year. $1.0U ft'r six months, Kn: fc:r D.rrc monlln; 3y mall hi [XKlnl ronra Lwo lo six, Inclusive, 50.50 ]x>r year, in tones wen am 1 eight, *1".W> jx: yc-nr, paynblc In advance. InL We Can't All Escape jrom World A/fairs \Vliett yon l led sl:iU: ol" I li prelly o:isy lo fool Rockwell Kcnl, I ho iiilisl. Jlr. Kolil. is <'IV I'm 1 (Jrccnliinil, la.-s, wlioro IK- is i:"i»K 1" I" 1 ' 1 ' \vilh his I'lskiinii liii'inis I'm 1 ;ih (k'linili; prvii'il. Ik- li:i.-i ;i litllo i>i;nul up Iht-i'o, :in<l wliilc he i-; on i! .Ml 1 . Kont won'i linvo lo \vnrry iiliinil Ilio New Deal, UK- l)it:h cost nf livini;, I In: of Wai', or any of Uic nllu-r thai \vc slay-al-lionii's liitvo lo worry abonl. "Tho rojil roasiin I'm- my likitiK Grci'iiliind is nul tlio iliinc* il ha-, Intt (he things il liii.Mi'l Kttl." he oxphiins. "Up there 1 yiiii don't havo In li|:hl with railroiitls' ilioy Ivy lo disc:m- linta 1 sorvier on your hrain'h. Tliinv. are no pulilical inaL-hiiios with funny Ijosst-r. atul a airnipl jtarly .-ysli-tii that malios yon siel;. Tin- in-npk- k-avo you alone, ami when ytrn waul atiylhiiiK they Iry lo liulp." •» -•* * All of whioli snutuls prclly altrai'tivi-, in those piirliius tinu-s. Hoinj; :-.ur- rountkd by a sea Of tronhlus, tno.<l of Us have only I wo alternatives — In lake ll]l arms aj;ainsl Ihein, or In j'.rin doggedly iintl Iry to lioiir tliein. Mr. Kent has round a lliiril — lo j;t>l awiiy from Iliom and foi'BeL all alioul them, and his solulion looks uncommonly attractive. i Uiifqi'liniHlely, however, it .'is Hie Jiiiul (if tliini,' thai works only for Ihe artist. Mr. Ketil, beinn an artisl, is one of (hi: few geiinine individual- isls left in Hie world; as swh, he oiin hie himself lo ii lonely tiorllu'rn islaml and lei tbu world no by willi a eloiir conscieiu-c. * * * Tlie of us are not so lucky. We. may want to escape frinn Hie prob- leinti of every-day life, Ijul we caii'l. We Iry hard enough, heaven know.- — not by ( oil' to Greenland, but by interesting ourselves in other things. such as baseball, races and summer novels and oiiinping trips and golf scores; bill it's a futile ell'orl, and in the end Ihe worhl foreos itself on our alien! k;n whether we like it. or not. For no mailer lic.w nhslracl lln-se problems may seem— probk-ins like tin- virtues anil defects of I lie profit systrm. or the iii'innmetUs race, or the agricnl- Itiriil depression, oi 1 Ihe evils of modern pulilical machines—sooner or later they liuvc n way of gelling jwrsuiiiil and alfeclin;!' thy innney we earn or Ihe jirioe.s we pay lor things or our right lo keep on living a moderately happy life. We oan'l run away from Ilium, no matti'i how far we go. \\'e ha\r lo Mirk around, worry our beads oil about Iliem, and do our hit in Ihe };rt'at job of finding a uliiUuii I'oi- iticni. — Huiice Callon. Relief al Last President Koo..evoH's Caribbean vi.iil is ii u'ok'ojni: reminder of the I'iiii thai tlio American government is at lasl tackling Ihe lash of rchabilital- ili) 1 . I be economic conditions of Hie people who live: on (he island of 1'uerlo Uieu. Those i.diindei's \velconu-d American omipalion al the close of the American war; and yet, in Hie years since llu-n, thi'ir ineiiiliorsbip in Hie American rMiiiMiimly has not done as' much fur liirin as Ibey might reason- iibly have expected. In recent years, especially, tilings havo liein pretty lough for many of them. Now, in Hie wake of Hie president's vi.-il, a coniinilfee of representatives of the L'. !S. Agriculture, Interior and Treasury Departments, and Ihe federal relief agencies, is in Puerto Uico lo formulaic a lung-range program for Ihe island's economic restoration. Considerable funds are al Ihe eoni- m | lee's disposal; on"! of ils work should come ineastires which will make Ihe famous American standard of liv- .iliK a reality for Hie people of the 'Island. An Alibi Exploded Blaming a foreign foe for internal I roubles is an old ami fre<|iionlly ef- feclive dodge for a harassed ruler. IL is hardly surprising thai llurr Hitler is explaining to his countrymen thai Krench participation in a great nnti- Na/.i plot w;is reiilly the underlying cause for Hie recent bloody flare-up in Germany. Bill this kind of sluiiL can be prclly dangerous. Tin: I'Yonch govxTiimenl .is noi taking kindly (o the explanation. The relationship between (he Iwo na- lions, already painfully si rained, has grown even tenser as a result. Suspicion and dislike have been accentuated on bolli sides. That Hitler has strengthened his position— for Iho moment, al least—by Ihe prompl way in which lie stamped out revolt seems undeniable. Bui bis story of a "Krench plot" may be storing up a loi of future trouble for him. evr-rylxMiy. -Waller I 1 . ChlyM'. r. SIDK GLANCES liy George Clark "Yeah, my wife is that way; she would be out. dancine I-IT.V nigiit if I could lake her." Good Blood Supply Gives Skin ihe "Food" il Requires ,.,, , om ,,. HV IIK. .MOKIilS l-'lSIIIilJN ,j,|e.-.. :diler. journal nf lln: Ami-ruvin i 'dm: vv.iy .lledieal A!..Miriatl«ii, and of tiim/i ivlfiji. Ilj-Sfia, Ih'e. lleallh .llaRa/im- J/aikliead.s , s !„ i. m -om'l|J!'" aeUo'-i ^oiir .-.kin Htls the iioiin.sinneni o: U- |L - bowels, ami m iruxary for lis life from yoni ; lo keeji ihe |Kii.<onoiis hliiod. e\ae.lly a:; do other (issui.- Iroin ii-aehiii" ihe sUn ol jour Ijwly. . -...'lull- [hnr' niv ,',o sjveirnj :on Vim can't (ml ilii- .skin very \M-;; Ic.m!::. the lu-aUli ol yoi:r ;;kin Irciin onisjde. Foi this reason. e\ -' lie impnnccl L-v hniii'ini; !!ie iiiijn- •UniiK t.illeil ".skin loud" i.-. l.vr of ixia-.Tia ilia' live 01- '•' ui-uii-jly iianuii. . rhjs. o l course, is "ucamiplkX-ci Then- are ii'i moie :.]ieiial skin by finpient ballniv. IciKl.-. Iliiin llu-re lire .MICCIIII brain | 'i'lu- bath, parlieldaiiy \she:i a "'' :l1 '- ," : <d •••»-il> suitable to yutir :k::i i., II is (me dial sonir foods eonlani uniiloyid. i-.uep.s ccriis.-; "•'• •>> • more of rinani iii:;r«lien[,s of th • biiiin than du oltu-i's. hut. il is up 1755= Philade of aCUni- ' charterai. Booth first acts in the United CHURCH EXCUSES «T <icu. W. Kaibani THIS CURIOUS^WORLD By William Ferguson H"AVE nyfs THAr FROM OND : MEAD OIHL : R/ BI:CIN uri; WITH NORMALLY PLACKD tYtS, BUT ONC OTON TRAVELS ~:0 THE Oil ILK, SOME THE HVE HKAD, WliiLE IN IT TRAVELS TUB ItCAO. HISTORIC AMERICAN TREES /ARE UQUIPPED I : IGURE V AVERAGES A6OUT4I PER CLNT AMJSCLE AMD v 18 PERCENT l r AT/ PEMALE PROPORTIONS ARE ABOUT 35 MUSCLE ANP2& FAT. Well, it is j:i.;l a-, I exr.eaed. • olh<T v.-jile.s :.iie i^ either brinu- | u or .•iendin'4 Si'ter and Jm-.ior huuie. She .-;,ys hlie look tin-in to tlie Station [o ^ee il I IK-IT was any way she could Mii;> them but (he man said inid-jr [In- Code or ivhalever it i.s Uicy could i.ot help her out. She- says Mir will bnii!j them. She fays I sim- ' 1)1 innsi'iuninsp lo lake' them lo! Ar ' L ' rth( ' fll ' st fow " ecks "I life, Ihe fbllishe; hejin tr, IK- Sunday School and Chinch, to yon i °n- --i-de. Nat only do the CJPI clianse IMMIJUII, bill she eoli.i pine while and the' upix i !il)!es the lone of ilu- ,s.ea-Ur.iom. can .sm t have my irouble.; as I j of ihe bottom side ol Uic lish faile.s in •:eem to be unable to act ln;n from niy Clinrrh. It seems Ic. me Unit if Ihe Clmreh v.-cimen v,x-ll as the t'astor wanted to iil. ti[i the Church as they nil they do they would tend for.lornd XK.YI': Ihiiv ctlcn do flnmdui-.storms leeiir :il the earth's them to come in contact Bister anil .Junior in- al least ]iel|i|wilh any but Ihe people Inr me find .someone to tnkc them nnd-I love my ehihhcn and my Church I wiinl them to understand that -and 1 nil! mil do or nllo\'.- i hey n-.tisi send a res-jieciable per- ihinj; wi as I will not .siand lor just ,:nyi;ne, as I have never yet al- reproach or I •Want Ads. SO/V//J KERR'S SUPERB LOVE STORY • .^-—-.———» W W f-y Sopliic Kcrr minee o( Hie body Wim ,, : , wi(h ; b ..... I have nut the dcinbt lhal wnhin (he i:rxi 10 \:':ir:. vvr- rhal] even r.reat-'r pre^- penlv \vc lia\e klujv.r, as a nailon — nnd pn«-i«-ri>y of the real kind thai henctits .stiinc-i-f lo your blood .supply. They au then carrk-cl lo Ihe |);n(.s ot (h;- buily lhal need (hi-ni. Conuilion uf your e.uon. iMi-ti 1 - lo ill? health ol your skin. It ;;u- i.s ci-'ih-ienl in red cnlniii!^ nnuiei. ii ii is lull of (X)i.s.>i,i:a.. wa.ste I.V'-'.IIKIS lhal Flituild -,e elminiaied. llns conihtini! :s |:!L'ii- Plly iclkvled in eofidilion o! '.:.,• skin. If the liver falls pri)]:i-tly ta . :••. 11(1 cf llr.- bile, the biic ;:.'| , mi : lie.- l.liKid. Tin- ;.iiin. as a r.-.-il;. ii'.-.\-!i!|!% a >i-]|inv IILK:I'. MM:. 'H.Y,', an e.\ee:.,s ol biY is I,..-.even itching. In diab.le, Ilieie i- Km ::. .a .s.i'.tr whieii rann'il \" jn,.,..;-,• iu.-d by I lie body. A., a U.MI! ;., i.' layered ill it.; -, .-. .; ! : lid l:',i| : . iilll!li])lv. 'ii:i- i^-r.-.iniatina i; m:-iii j :i j ••; ll:a' il lavors tin- cnuvili nl '.:- -.:. »T!il:un.s ol' (lie l:r.ii-, air i' •.-..-is to the skin with wha-it -;- : y illlr 111 CIMll.U-l. As a tcMlll. Ihe :-tin liri-'-'.'- . : - ; • r.-l-ll ami is e.'-ily mlei T i i .., II.'. li-;,son. p.iila-ulaiA. ay , ••'.-s ol [];. i dlafci-lic. ll'.li fuiluw.s Ihe ii.-c o! .saap. 1., tii.-se use ot a dciinsin; ucam is warranted. If you have nn cxcri'dinjly f;:-i-a.iy :k!ll. however, you fllimld avo'.'l irlr.ins-ini; tivami. Your fkin u i U.-1 n::•;;:! for by regular washin:; v-illi snap and liot waler. I' i 1 ol cold nal;r allei 1 ho: w.i- ler has a loiuu elkei on Uic skin iu:(;ix iciain TODAY MM: TI:IIUV ron,r« i« I,, ,!,,,„- l,rr .s,irrl;,lly AMY i- fun KKiliu- » Am,- h:,il I, mi iulil l. - i^VAUI> , :,,,,! ,l, r^r ll.c ,i» Ho Innghcd nloinl: "Amy — l|oitt for iicrsclf. a iiciilous iirnrccrt- don't lielievo you!" ing for one w(Ui only a .;m.iii ur,;le "But I linvc. It's (ho tnilli.jnf fricnd.i ami aei|i!.uiit.iin-c.-, titiro Come nlong and look nt her." ]tlic real cHlnto bif-in.^5 emmls fin JIc followed, holding her ami isnrely nn sncli roncicts. Vet .lano tight, still laughing, but. at (lie I bad done faiily wvll. .\'»-.v arel The Editor's Letter Box iih ii»i:i-:n TIIUIIIT:. rl,.|l. l.alrr sin- <ir>'S uFit-n Tif olTtTM ri, hi'nr <,C chilr vlitlJ klic ilis- ,-,imcnt|,Iii«iisly. -sinTiue iili^ht J:ine . ml.,- Itir vliflit vilcli ihi- liiulrr- ninliii^ ilmt J.IML- ncvrr Khali vlnlm lirr. sight or the cradle anil tlio inji cliilU lie. stopper! amazed. '"Well, I'm .1 son ot a RIUI! It is tlio truth. A littlo i;irl? \Vbafn her name?" "She hasn't any yet. I waited for yon to chooso one." "Cooil; we'll call her Axolina aftrr (be wife ot (ho c.iptain ot the fhi|i. Kite ivas a grand old Xcmvei;ian dame Fix feet two, voice like a fog-horn, hard enough to be in tlio Kllert Museum, bossed tlie \vhrvlo works." Stic watclied him for somo B!BU then she aelert r'lliliilentially f[-r Kandels'. ,-nid Mr. Kaialcl liail ijrscd her lo co:no liack to his oflk-e, lint slio would not do (hat. "r nrntlually and jiersistciilfy slip hail v.-orkcd up a ilciinile liu=- !nr liersclf nmoiiy the -^.nall nud ber progress had l:ceu slcaily. her iiro.Hs flight, but fine. Il liail jiieauL \vcek nflcr ucrk, moatb after inonlh of hard p-ind 1". 1J. 11 hoar.s :i clay. Not ilial Jane ot>- ccltd lo the. qrind. She wauled to bo sn lifcd at ni.dit sha ot disaiitiroval. "You ilnn't mind. I wcmhl neither Ihink nor romfmlipr. Hnw.ird? You're Euro you don't Sim vvekonieil an ar.ndyiie fc.r re- your OUT OUR WAY . Williams -THAT'S ALL SHE aor MARPJUD FER— / -115T TO GIT OUTA WARSHIP TDlSVlES— • TH' HULL RKASOMf sl | E ' LL JIST H AND MEAL °WHV nr^ AND A SPOOM F - VLV p'lti^L-. WHY, J-lfr-S SAPPY T^ Mr> t lAw ~i"r-> EAT OUT OF A MOSt BAG ™£ HAFTA WARSH DISHES- OH,BOSH/ \ L SUPPOSE- \ I GOT MARR1ED\ TO CiET OUT j CF VS'OKk', / TOO, HAH? r\tU'(hiT riMutUi IFofls tin- .'.km Onst[;:;Ui,>[L If i clUriinnit' v.;i ilv-i:uir.v- in-f (ii ood anil. (>n i •I Mil -1'h..r: il ,nn :-onLi[fil \viih upf 1 "ANNOUNCEMKNTS Tho (.Vunrr Kr-v.^ ]ns liurl7.cJ It) aitiiviinii th-.- cnntlldiilrs t n r I.'.I.MC n tct to the LX-i.y.vKitlc L Aui;ii5t.: I'nr K«iirr\nit.iti\r IVV \V. CKA\vrmtii ruims ,i. LI; v KerU'ciion io; Tor (.-oiiTity ZAT, H. GKOKUL; \v. IJAUHAM l.ikrs la ilrrs 'Tu tlN- L-:uilur:> [.'••i Jiir Miy I invc n-:ul I:;I|KT loi' .'I'v: uil \r;ir:i ;'iiti tlu 1 i:.:n.- ut July 0 is i he hc:;l ol all. Thai- wcx- MX lun i ; U-Llvr.'; 'o Mi.- Li-it i-1 lii>x. iiLici tiu-y VVITL- r.l! iiil! of i.H-p. IL inn tit 1 .^piey VC:U:.LI::. 1 ti II yr-n Ci;imic K. Cccil'.vr, H. N". i-'.i!i,iL\ Arthur ijiiib'ns. Siiu- "n E 1 . L;M' auti Uo>: ll.ikcr .-mv Jo knu-.v lii: I]- onions. Why don'i pru];U' \v; He nion 1 ' j I Sir ],«-lter Box ;uul pi!1 ;i ki^'k iti llir ii'-w.s. HVi Einniy ro i - r;ui the- li-iu-i^ In --j-c wh-il Uitlrivnl Jimpir .nv tliinkitu- :ilj;ii;! W. I 1 . Jlltlcl. •He'll Head 'Arni-v .'•"_..... . .» *r] iKh mill slu- lu'n o n.v \\\ i n TIII: STUIIV CHAI'TKK XX jiniiut?" 1 IlnL 1m only look" her npnin in bis anus. "Amy, sweet, anything in tills \voflil you want Lo do ij rieht ivilh inr." j'\VKK lliu tclp|ilinnc lloivanl os( :;tii!n] It nil in Amy. lie anil Thorpe, Innnillatlon and TAXI-: read llio leltcr from Miss F'nr Stfm CLINTON Tor Sherilt CLAHKNCK For He-election J'or t Diinlr 'I irasuiT JOE S. DIU.AHUSTY UOI.ANU CiltHEN irt Clerk lor riinill Ci IIUCH AUDIKON SMITH F!. !). (KKKKTl STOUT Tor Criinlj ( nurt (Inh J'llKM l''I,l:KM,\N Tor rtr.KlrrtliMl tir Jnd Term CAKKY WOODUUUN I'or A.ssr^Mjr H L. iIHI.I.V, ciAH.T.S U. (J. tllOil HUDSON Ice C^iuj<-iblc or Glllc)li3clH>M TflWIuhlp JiCK rn':V:v»r Kllcrc h-:ul suiliicnly iiinn-j" M^n with a frown. IL was .:.:-'il TO t;ri pii:>-:i^c on n i roii'liter j i>lnS»tivo. qumilniif;. qullo unliko — -iow atnl *;ii:ill ntul [ivitnilivc. Mi^ Ho~a"s usi:nl rohnst rnTninunl- v.ltlmui. a winiiv.-s. Ttipy liai] jnpt | fation?. Khc iIMii'L fed well. Stifi landed rmil be bad raced to tlio ll'Mresl trlrli!m;;f-. Vrs. In; had SOIlt l:<-r .1 cal-h 1 when Ibey left luit bail bail ti mriiiit it lo a stupid chap. was tired all the than. Rlie didn't slrep mnre Mnti two houra a nUht. This war over in Kuro^x; was very U|i?rltinir ntid no\v H looked as ln-'d r> ck<led (lie money Itmnch Anirric.i would liave to Join n t!ie liie.^sa^c h^tti well and tie was ail i«'.d I'rnfe.-.-ur Kllcrt In lh-- :'[atioii for tile \r;:. iier nnd l.uniiltalinn. EtL.L;rcl fcjoliill surrender to Hn fur of ("nii£:rrsi CALmVFCI.L ami ("dll.'clir ir. \vuroN for Socor.d 'Icrtn iComriander c( tt,o m-; flieht "nt ^lO-nnuy Marltn b::abcis lo 'Ala?V.a will to Lieut. I'nl. Henry ;H. Ar-^e!'l. ?;-.:iv\- t > - ; :c-:o in i now- >sil:v".'. .'. -:'. ,-,:••- ••• il-.-.'3 .most raite-i ^,r;r.ea. :? :.ntin-.ted ,oi M.irch Field. Ktvcr?t<5e, Call!. i» ami a firm nirss Mint would he! Hor nffiiir^ UTro in Ii^<l ordrr, too, ami shn ilidn't trust the advico of (hi? now younc parlnor Mr. Maspcy ;lKi'I tnkrn hi. onr of flm Trainorf i;l 1 lii>l to liivir y.-i;r voice. j-ii"l 'fit 11 'I'rafnnra w^ro trash 1 n".:!.:;i't «::ii. I'll :-'Mnl n ', 'lirnimli :inr! ll:rinml!. Pirn \vlFlicd ; - if l ; :c:e\i lirji- I l:inl tn'l° r^^iln^.^" .l.Tnr> xvniild coinc nnd M:; l.i >--.! :ii..t." And ihen : ' ir lp *IT dorhlo wliat lo do. Blic .1 • "Itniiii" il;i:-li:i = l" j'litln't want In eml licr clnyn in tlio A';-: <\:c h;nl |*ni tlrun tlio lolc- ' pnorhrtuFc. hut :;Tm foil slio Tvaa •••:^ :-*io ipiiKinhriTil Tint ]-,o ! -nr^ly liradM fnv:anl it. l".'l \Pt kn >-.v ;tli-.nt tl-n hahy.' -^nc put tho I^itrr down "n hnr .; ih.iL il m.ili' •• >K Ho \\;is li.irk. : fl ^ ! ' nT ' rl r ^">-M^rrd. H was nl- uin;:i f^vir vrjarp -inrn phc Tnd tiron in MnrlinM:. lU-r bst visit Micro W.T; wh^n r-Tif 11 lind innTinir^d In prt hrr Iiiltrrilnnrn out of MJc> Ilosn's ;in'l nM Mr. ?iinr.:nv'ii linndy. "Tim nl«t rlian wn.^ pnca then." •the ilinnzlH, "nml If lir'n taken in :i smnrt voting litr*K (horn's no loll- int roiiM Imppon lo Aunt inojiry. money ruiptil fur havinc, a» she saw ii. alsi-ril IKT- self lo Amy, jicrmiued Aiuy to insult her. Amy had told her ;o r'.ny mi! r.f her life, never In try In lake ih? child. Jane haled tlie riviillttikii nf it, the snbrnis-:-inri In Aiily. S:-.J should have b*-en as Inli'-r w:'".i Amy ng Amy had l:ceu wiifi iior. As for staying nut of Amy 1 ? lif- 1 — why, il wan Amy who liacl l>«-f.->r stay out of tiers. Jane's— lintln't sv.i bCKiin t>y taking Ilrr.v.inl .l.irk-'-i away from her? And now. >^r child? ..^ .^fo. ]n l . I-", \vilh lu-r i ' • iii-iUm ^1 l;i:->vJr.l::" •A :-1in cvrr ariMirr f i, iy ho N'nlliinc. ii'-'th- il Ii- ;. "ii 1 iliat anrl rN|irrl.ntinn. col thrini^Ei Hip i siio fniM it..! t'-n. si;o; •n<"t nml w.ns trlrpliorinl tn.' sl;o l.;irfl!y Kur.v \vlint she , ;in^. Sii-- 1 rl^ t inp<l nnrt pel- ' nnd arianrc'! nii;i re-ar- j' ' -1 lo IniM.'r;, Sl-,0 r : ;un_ . , '-..- u-rri^nmr nnd panli y wkh, h:itl Fnil '° nf '"'- nn '- 7 r<lr lllTs Scn ^ i ' -v ral.iM^ f^r \vJiirh Howard :? -' 1 ' 1 ''- * f w ™'ld b^ tiandy. I snp- !,.'.d "vcr pli.-^wn thn plJ^Mc.-t prof- I P n:n 1<l1 nnv<> t rt ^°and look intoil." t: : c. S:i^ fillrd tlie ronnis willi ! Hr-r litlV^ nf\\--r> was .n neat and ;. vr;.-. S'.i'' pi.iyc:! \iv.:i\ trinripli- p!c:T:"«iit plnrn ovfn on t3iis rlnnrly :.:i; :r.-:.-i-- :!i^ A Flat Po!.iH:iiae. Mnrrh mnrniac. There was nolh- r!..- (;tl;irzy >!a!-[-:t and tlie hUar-'inp femtnin'? nhniit it oxeopt Jane t t ;.; "A'^xand^r'a l\a;:liTr.c Il.ind" [ lior^Mf, Flcmlcr nnd pmavt !n tier - hut p-vi^rv rr.'irncnl wa.i nn a^e'drrs^ of fiio dark perco wilh (!;in .TH: :-t:n rnriKd rnn.;r.nilly In watch "wliiln rnffloj; arr^ss Hin nnrk ami i!i^ * I-r\. A tripmmii e.nnr. loll- | arnund lir-r wri^ls. Tlin ronnn: MK itittn. the hour of his ar^Hast F-us'ffl h^r. Her F*-n?r> rf n-.-il. :n:d :U la?! limo rrhiclantly ! drama was nr.ifilied by ^or>d rlothr? lita.ucril it.='lt lo (he fulfilment of ami cond cronminc. Phn w.ia flinj^ tno pr.Tiilre. I siirressful 1i'i-inr*s woman, Me w,->^ Uierr. nrMially. brnwn jsolllnt; and ro*lumr> ronuilctp. H-i', an-l 1-cird an-t Ftron.c. itis avms Uio plain pcltphod thn rn?«- n^IMI-: and Mnvr^.l an-1 iYvIM Tnlo the- hnrKm nimil, .J.iru-V n ;--:r- HTKC* liail rrt'.inKd \vi1 r i fi^r . .; j t . lishnd hir-incf-, li--r ^rouirr: !«••'!< acrount nnd IHT r:\vn mivnie ih- •-- (lin. Rlic h;»il (nk--T annlhr-r T;•'••* ir.rnt — with rlrvsi'or.- nnd ::n r>'< ; hnll fnrrn. S!in ,l-!;rrl cnp:« r-f '-. r I'pr-t rTtr-nrn (n fliiuKr im-.v .-.-•} (lien ai:«l u-;. ; :i4.- f ] hy n..* m I-, -,-.. Inni. nii° vv-ir m [3-r rh^iif; .-i In nn <-.-. . 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'-n-s.-,1,> *r.v = b.ibr- A I 1 '-'-''--: sn'" ' HiVc- -'-.: i-l'ili'. J•«-•.• n h«[! r'.MM:! •'lin-l appeal. Ml:. Ko. i W.T^ ,-ni on" to m.ihoa fin; -il.-.iii nr.-ir.n.:. "Sin's not rc.illy nM." dmiif'n .lane. "P'.is never foil? v,<, r n c «. bi,i she ran't. Iw rnero tb. 1:1 r,] nr f)2 . So s ho surely n-.i^t bo si,-k. And tills Ma«cy p.,ilnrr r-,^i l,,,vo bntbercd - (Cop-, r^- 1 -- r) ' % lo'l?- Kcrr)

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