The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, February 14, 1941
Page 5
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, : *941 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER tfEWS Locals Seek 8th Win In iors The Sports Spotligh t By I.AYMONO CRUMl» rJmiT ?!" 5f r?' WCl8hi " B ™ ^"^ * M >» U « fl »<^ ^*^ (.oiicuvion 01 nis life, left New York Piiv'*; HH i i i?- i . J! 01 ' 6 J?J o-- V< l C ' nyS ° f U8ht trftin!rig Wore* retiirhlri* to SeiflS'itor the Mid-South Golden Gloves tourney. The Mid-South classic has or the Leuchville;s basketcers will become thc eighth consecu- ^ • victim pi Coach Joe Dildy's Blytheville Chicks tonight, 21. v ** uu « v 4»CVO fcJ^-UJ 1 rescheduled to start on Peb 19 !! e> l L W ednesda J'. «»id will be a '" """ Jimmy stop the Diid\ high school quintets gymnasium court here. in almost a the high the two Mississippi county schools, a return engagement that follows a 25-21 licking administered the locals in ah earlier 'clash. Bly'the'villes hard-working combination had Its toughest assignment in many games against Leachville earlier in Ihe winning streak of the Chicks, hosing out Leachville by a 36 to 27 margin on the Leachville maples. Center Bo Coppedge scored 21 points against tonight's visitors to account for the triumph ,and tall H. A. Scott, opposing center, was held to four field goals, a poor night for the six foot, three-inch senior. Coppedge, currently is far ahead of all teammates in scoring with •a 169-ppint total for the 12 contests played, having earned 18 points 'without playing even a minute of the final period last Tuesday night as the locals were trouncing Armorel. 77 to 27, to inark up a new high in basketball day, for Chicago and .... „. AAU-sponsored Golden Gloves championships. It is probable' thai—if LUIIS- scoririg for a .Blytheville school aggregation. high The Lineups Bly. Srs. Lloyd SpradleV .. Gbppedge Mosley -(c) Besharse Ely. Jrs. Stone Warren Hpuchiti Thompson (c) Rotish Leachville Nelson Pace Scott Ray (c) Leachville Lovelady (c.) Bearden Cartwright Scott Owens Monk Mosley. Sonny Lloyd, Hugh ilozier. Hays Spraflicy and Hefshei Besharse'are next in order in the scoring picture. Tlie -iocals"^.have captured eight irt.riripc <in V) f^io<- r^V. ^-u.* ~ir iut; By DAN McLAUGHUN .NEA Special Corre.spondenl . NEW YORK, Feb. 14.—Professional hockey is going through the humiliating experience of being soundly thrashed-at the turnstiles by its young and lusty amateur counterpart. Tii such metropolitan 'centers as New York, Boston and Detroit, bases of the major National League, simon-pures, playing on the same rinks as the money men, oiitdraw their foster parents at a ratio that sometimes is as high as two to one. The same is true in AA American. League cities. Pros Worried Tlie ultimate outcome of this upward surge of the upstarts is hard to predict. That the pros are aware of the trend is evidenced by the .assertion of Frank Patrick, tlie hockey pioneer. "If the amateurs at the prices continue to give fans the kind of hockey they are playing, tlie professionals can't stay ih business very long," says the Montreal Canadians' front man and member Of the glittering game's Royal Family. " The amateurs spill blood. Young- pocs to Chicago—lie will return home after the close ot the Feb. 24-2« tournament and remain here a day before *ohip to Miami, FJa., \o join Promoter Jack Kcarns—and it also is probable that he will start his professionai fight career at Miami not Jong: afterward. Its an eventful year for Jimmy. a * * •AARON BYRD, HAVING DIP- ficiilties over a cdhtract he is alleged to have signed with n doctor at Corning—who sold a half-interest, of the paper to a Litllc Reck promoter-manager, who demands that Aaron fight for him—will try to clear up the situation this week. If he can get things straightened cut so that he won't face suspension by the National Boxln? association, he'll »o East soon under, the same setup that gave Liinsford his opportunity to secure first-rate ring atmosphere. " * * THE COUNTY BASKET- BAI..L tournament for Class A boys' and girls' teams will he played at the high school jjyin- nasiuni here Feb. 27-28. The Clfiss B tourney goes to Shaw- ! nee liiph of Joiner Feb. 27-28 and ends March 1. BJytheville, Manila and Leachville will enter "A" competition. Schools entering the "B" tournament will be Osce'ola, Luxora, Shawnee, Dell, Wilson. Keiser.' Burdette, Missco, Black. Water and Dyess. - Keebe Wins Again, 65-43, Over Champs From Jonesboro BEEBIB, foatcd in 22 coasecutive 1040-41 Ai-k., Peb. U.~Unclo- basketball games after swamping Jpnesboro's slate clmmpjon.s, (J5 to •13, here Wednesday nlglU, Beebe's Badgers engage North Little Rock at t.hc stale capital tonight. •loriesboro's fail was the fourth straight l«ss to Beehe, ami no other (earn has been able lo defeat Ihe champions. niythevillc goes to Joiicsboro for a contest Tuesday night. An earlier game went to Jonesboro, 75 to 32 Today's Sport Parade By BENRT McLEMORE Air Base Five Fliers To Meet Distant Teams SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. H (UP) ^Snlt Lake City's 5th air bastj bns- ketbull team is trying to line up a few games — nnd officials don't much care where, ^ In the old clays the San Diego Marines used to take n week off and Jaunt n thousand miles or more for a football gaine. It was always quite a trip, and required a good deal of unwinding of red tupe Things.arc a Hltlc different now! For instance, the squad took oh UIP Moflat field five tho other night. At 2 o'clock in ihft afternoon, the' Sftjt Lake c'Hgers climbed into n bomber nhci soared nway They landed at Moffat Field -' almost j.OOO miles away in California— nboiit 7, played their 8 o'clock Angler's Delight '"'•t^^*^f •' •- Lw^iw^-^y^ v LOS ANGELES, Feb. H. (UP)— This is positive proof that Robert Burns was right when lie said the best laid plans of mica and men go this way. that way and haywire. Explanation: Thanks to Leigh Salmon's secre- ry, who talked to Leigh Battson ! who talked to Charley Strub, who talked to a groom, who talked to j Jerry Oiesler, permission was grant* eel me to .stand with Red Palmer at the start of Wednesday's $50,000 Santa Anita Derby. A very unusual grant. Why?. Because Red Palmer is the man who and then flew back and went to bed. Games have been scheduled with teams in Texas, Illinois, and lu- dirina. But Gapl. J. G. McKlnnoii. tho po«t athletic director, isn't anxious to widen the scope ol' operatlo>uj too much. "We'll play anything in our own circuit — the continental UJBA," be ssiy-K. "but I don't think we'll any weekend grimed with Golden Glovers s Parade Joe Gordon, New York Yankees' dangerous wilds . braves most vnpids In Oregon A very unusual grant. WhV> Be- YORK, Feb.- 14. (UF^-Asn. cause Red Palmer is the man who p'T n "-' k i 0 ?>^ ba!1 f "^ Rdger -sends the horses away a San n r?» ?^\-™*' tlinn ^ e ^Hhb Anita..He is the cold-blooded' rtn- S evclttnd In dmns ( .-*»! pilot two of iPt-.-ovori ™,>< ...i... .. ^V ' fe'" 1 .. the vcrv nla'vfcr's—.rc.iiy M&tfj- »i^i Anita..He is the cold-blooded; pim- lei-eyecl gent who stands In the httlc stand by the stall galas and jets 'em get-away quick or 'holds Infield Duo Turns Tables Ori Old Boss-TlieyVe Tops Now Favorite flghtors from fiaai .week's Golden Gloves eliminations tourl nument i-cpresenting Arkansas and .southeast Missouri will box tbnfe on an cight-bodt proKhun presented by Promoter Joe 'Craig at the Ugion Jlut, beginning at: 8 o'clock. raiff at «« Feature nghl of the evening,!* expected to be the re-match between Rdwarci aids, 176. and Frank Ma-+ .... . J tlicney. 176, both of Blytheville "" Edds dut-puhchc() and oht-boxed MiUhcny last week to wih the cimmnlbnshlj) over tlic well-known local performer nnd Mathcny asked lor another shot nt the winner. a SCIIKITKI,S Press StaJT NEW YORk ; Feb. H. quirk of baseball fhtc Rdger ' er and less experienced than their DID WE-'KILL-BASEBALL IN-!' em up ' Movo racc -s are won at-the professioiiai brethren, the amateurs TEREST in Blytheville with our start . tha " at • thc finlshJ .Don't take the game as a'piatter of life and death. ' ' They sling fists at the slightest j provocation. Free-for-ail battle royals are commohpiace in the lily-white leagues. The 'customers ,, -, ,- 1 ' - • - t.'. , - c- w M . »^v^ O r * w *• -^-«i- i %.».«. ^ *4-v^»]. A * n; OLI*>L\JIllti j victories5,1.113,12 .tr^es for-on^e of, th f e occasionally take a parfc ih 'the pro- best records ever held- at ahv tinie-ceediiigs. _i e . x. T-- • --''.-: • ,-..*' *, _ c . - . . of ; the season .here. With a shot at Joiiesboro cpmihg up next Tuesday night on the Jdriesborb hardwoods, the Chicks are going to be out tonight '.with full intent to keep their consecutive record intact arid add. a hew vScaip~No. 2 for Leachville— to the list of victims, Coach John - Ed James' juniors have won crijy four of six .starts . and have a revenge motif in the dpeiier. Verrioh Houchins, center and chief o'fTensive gun. for the. Papooses, wus held to three points in previous meeting with Lte'acHviiJe. and Center Lovelady of the invaders will be watched closely. too. because he accounted for 10 points. RAFF A IN ARMY .FORT-THOMAS, pa.. Feb. 13.— Mik'e Raffa of Newel!, W. Va.. lisl- cd as one of the five best featherweights in the country, has traded his thinks for 'an' army iinifofm. Raff a'; who has served one year in the regular army in Hawaii, will be allowed brief furlough's to fill ring engagements. Part of this discrepancy in styles can be laid at the doorstep of the National Leagiie if.seifi or more directly, .to the body .check .which Eddie Shore put' on Ace iBailey a few years back. After Bailey, wit iifiis head split- hovered for weeks on death 's doorstep, it. was decided to abandon tlie premiuiii wllich had been placed on roiighhduse hockey.- .With drastic penalties provided for outbreaks of fisticuffs: the pro version of t-he game settled down to th'e scientific get-a-goal-and-sit-on-it brand. Fight, fans would rather see a pair of unknowns batter each.other than watch the two best boxers parry for 15 rounds: Thc same principle applies tpjibckey. The amateurs' offer a price scale averaging from 35 cents to $1.10 as compares lo [lie 85-ceht (6 $3 30 , f 7 lUl ° 111 . comment, we re, raii^'of I He pros ' letler rcceive d today from s The amateurs plav a wi'de-dben c Vh ° s ' gns his ep1 ' st ' lc ' "' high-scoring, chock-full-of-act on- ^, rU Ffln -". 5l »cc he didn type of game kfiat is 'a -d^L Wltl . <Denr Bum - ^"c's th. »•*- '• a .. *. i v_ v-k iuu 4v3 o. VivLilU-CU contrast to. tlie consei-vatiyo. defensive style featured hi the National, ami to a lesser degree, the American. League. A Chip Off the Old Wood recent column concerning the prospective entry of this city in the Northeast. Arkansas league? We think not. We simply expressed an opinion that has been voiced by many others here, that for Blytheville business men to risk $3,500 might'-be asking too much' of them. We are told now 'that several other towns have "pledged the necessary. $3,5CO'and want thc St. Louis Cardinal franchise." We are told that, several men here am willing to pledge substantial sums to : aid in the backing of a Class D baseball club here. We arc tdicl thai; the league MUST' have a S3.500 guarantee before baseball can be had here. There's only one thing missing —no one has stepped up to take the initiative in the project. When end if an organization or responsible citizen offers to get out and sponsor raising of the monies with which to compose the $3,500 guarantee, then the job might be ac- co'mplishe'd. Who'll be first? •Without comment, we reprint a someone . . .-, 'A Real Sports Fan,'' Since he didn't.- open with 'Dear Bum.' here's tho letter Verbatim: Dear Mr. Sports Editor: This Is in reply to your column of February 12, 1941. where you ask . question me, please. That's-' the truth. Good Slorv the Idea Now, my aim. when I went up with Red Palmer at-"the start _of the Derby, was to give you a hair-' racing story of the start of a. rich rdce.-crnosc . closest to-' -the races had told me nothing equaled Hin start-ior drama. They gavo me this sort, -of ; .thing: Jockeys get - mean and lough for the 55,0011 cut. in the stake. Old jockeys' working on the young ones with all. the angles this side of a pagoda. The 'horses arc nervous, as if sensing a superior test. The starter is on cd°o because he must, not fail to gel a clean break when $50,000 is riding for the owner and over $200,000 for the bettohs. Well, here starts the decline and fall of my story. From now on it goes downhill and i can't Help It. The horses minced up to the stalls. I turned.Lo Red and this is what I .said: "Guess those boys coming in on those horses are pretty nervous, huh? Guess you're kmda fidgety too. aren't you Red?" While i was saying this to Palmer, Transfigure tnfcw Loneden off bis back and Fairymant tore through the starting " gate and brwgeci Moose Peters against ihe side of the contrivance, "take your lime geUin' on, Johnny." pnimer said. ''Walk him around ''Ml you lecl right; Moose." Harry Richards .,. ° Sr> r ,l?^br6-Rfly MAC* iind I.nil T-lrtlirli'ntiii U~ .'.... r"...'.- _i <_ ^ ? all sport fans .16 write you. I think you j mode ™";: £t i' & :x*,; ILI s ^~^« ^ : ^ which every minor league learn has (o makc\ So' much for that. BIylheville can .support- a team more now than they could a few ycaj-s back. CaruthcrsviUe has stepped out and they could give us their support, ond \v<: always will have our friends .--oiith and west i»f Biydirvillo. Kavc you ever . r-nr of our neishbor^ fail to help put ;i .six>rtins event over. Did you ever hear of o. haseball team starting a .season willioii! players. No. well iicither did yo\i cvr:r w a. baseball t-cam .start a your whip dowii, Harry, arid take U easy." • iiusj- |Jut calm Palmer tiirncd Lo me aiici when I say turned to ijic I don't mean tnat because he had one eye cocked on the J6 horses lined tip in the gale. "The old jocks take it quite jjasy." h c saicl . .. An(J thc young O7ic.s are , so scared they aon'i even make a chirp." In a .space thai n midget's breath is ncki Palmer forgot' all about me. "Gel. hi.s head m.^ lyjim- dcn." he called. ".Siraigiitcii him up. Balaski." Lou Boiidreau—lie rcf'used to nc- on option io New Oriemis when lie managed the Pelicans in 1939. Peckinpaiigh had a chance lo acquire the players for lib club when Oscar Vitt. then manager of Cleveland, decided to ship Mack nnd Boudrcaii to Ihe minors for seasoning. Unfortunately for the Pelicans, •Peckinpaugh intimated that New Orleans' fans desired players who were better '.'known. Today baseball men credit Mack and Boiidreau with a large'share {» the remodeling of Cleveland's infield into one of the American League's strongest sliortfiold defensive imiU. Mack; although now an established player of ability In his own right, is the leaser known Played His lust football gains arid cither would bo an migih'Ofr or a ina'jdi *-'--•-- % -- • nirijcji' league lioli pjflyor. . 4 '1 never really cuijed to play fool ball,"'saicl Mack. :1 BnHeball was tho spoil, i loved. • "When i entered Case, r was ftfter ihy cHglhcerlhg degree ritul wished tf> jjliiy ! n the sbihhier. Biit the. conches, niid M tellow sl.iklchtfi fjfbt after mo nnd I turned out, for fobtbnii. ' Itookic In Aftoi- grndUnl.ioii. Mack fo try bapebnll for oiie yhfir a'iVd If he whs -»i nbp, to tfik_c' up oh : uinecrlhg a« n career, He sighocl with the Pat-go-Moorchcud team of thc Novihern -League In 1938 and batted n tongue- leading ,38. He wnfi jiurclinficd by Clevelahd uhd taken lo thc training cump at. New Orleans in -1930. Tiicrb. he met. «o»- drenu and the. two college boyn be- cnme inseparable friends. When Peckinpaugh passed them up. Buffnlo'K Steve O'Neill stepped of the Uv °.- . " in and .sald'he ; fl"be gl'h'd' tTliavc . AH-Ohio Fullback the two collegians. TJint wag a Engineering's bss turned out to; lucky move for O'Neill for his two baseball's gain in Mack's cnsc. He slarrcd. in football and was picked as all-Ohio fullback for three successive years before hc was graduated, from the Ca«e School of Applied Science in Cleveland. . When lie received his diploma. ncwcdnVcrs' burned lip the Inter- nationa) League- with their, rapid- flro. work afield and wore so sensational Uiat Cleveland 'recalled in mid-season. Fans atfended Cleveland games jiist to watch the two cooperate ih double plays, to see Boiidreau make nr> iiVdc? /-I. n ri i \ t, , '— J "wv. ^juitui tjiu B^ hf Vl E?r y . r 9 licfl 8° bl* nlmost impossible pickups fnofh 0 ,? ° N , allonal Professional; Muck pivot most skillfully Ins' football league, but declared he had ing the ball lo first Smoky Joe Wood, -Srifbld'American League pitcher and outfielder matches form with Joe, Jr., Y a ie ? s baseball captain, m New Haveii page, This is the elder Wood's 10th' year as ba^ebaU 'coach oi Eiis of baseball witn SL,.._ and economical running, and with many willing backers and real feU lows as we have we should do our j best to get in the Northeast Arka'h- j ?as League as soon as possible. Lets Go. Blytheville. "A REAL SPORTS FAN'." "Our '~" For Arkansas Derby I HOT 'SPlttNGS, Ark.. Fcb 1.4 j r UP) -'Our Boots", voted the' oiit.- j standing two-year-eld of i.940 by Racing Form handicappeders arrived- at Oaklawn Park last wcek- etid and was placed in the light trainer stcvr Judsir Thf« chir* „ • . i MI?» vnniy you'ng'.slcr has been^noir.ihated for ihe So,0« J J Arkansss t>erby and is one or th_e first *lltib!- s for the 5tak€ to go ihtb training. He has the distinction of never nisvltig nmsheri out of the money. Present plans' call for him to make his first start in Oaklawn special, after which h e will be ship- ucd to Kentucky for | r ;s en«agr- >neut in the ke'niuckv Dcrbv w 'n»e Arkansas will bo run on MaJ-ch M. ihial dav of uie meeting which -24m. • ton that sounded the bell that .sent them off. In one line 16 fidgety, runny horse's jumped out head to head. legs driving. An assistant starter iookori up from the _muddy track and said: "Red, that's a good one." "Thanks, Jim."_ Rod said" and climbrd flown That's a pr'fiUy poor punch-iine j lo end a story on, isn't it? But j that's the way it a.U happened and i I thliik that's Uie way t 6u«ht to I tell It. If you think I ^iouW v lir - ' nisb Lb.e truth wire me care of;- fihenvin-Wltliams. vr . r V .IAWAM "A | clut)h P use ^ steel r ° r an1vin ? been erected and nev/ grandstand is .the grounds. The track . i is in the midsfe of a $1-000,000 con gtnicon Proram. , HARRISONS AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SRRVICK S^'ATTON ; Batlerj Rechargin? Repairing, \Veldiug r .SP a Hi'' \ I j? . t}\ :^>" SULLY DISCOVERS HOW TO SIP EACH night aftef work Sully would drop in at th6 dub arid say, "I'll have a whiskey!" Then he'd just "toss it off." One day, Hen ricks suggested Gibson's,, and said, "Take "it easy I Gibson's - is too good to gulp, 'fastc this whiskey. Sip Jt a little at a time!" ' f .Siiily sipped and smiled "Man, that's the smoothest, cheeriest whiskey] overdrank." Now Sully sips his Gibson's Straight Bourbon. Tonight cx- periment' and discover why Gibson's is "Great from the PirstSip." Memphis sext week, Wednesday through Friday, from which winners will be sent to the national Gloves championships nt CiiicnE'o I ; t?b, a4-28. Troy Scott, naei't-'s-sivc 109-pound Manila boxer, will engage ."Prank Nations of Garuthcrsyllle in thc flyweight, championship boiit, while the featrerwetBlit final*, will be decided between Jini wisdom of Blythevlilc and Ray Simpson -of Tun-ell. .Other bouts win be between qe'orljc Pru'ilt, Armofci. and Cnr- thcl Hyde of Blytnoville, welterweights; Roy Graliahi, Cnruthei'S- vllie siiloothlc who woii over Jaines Lonp of Blytheville in a close bout, vs. Cieatus Neal of Leach-- vIHe 1 ; Atisel rtob'lnson of Cariith- crsvlHc In n lightweight match Kgftih&t ,)ittik>R Long. Promoter Craig announced UVAt Jesse Goolcy, jiopiilar Blythevllle novice entrant who lost, In 'the tdiirnameiit. will box Stanley Han- crick, jr., of Lenohvilic, winner of (.lie flyweight championship in the ©peri division find one of the best fighters representing this district Jn the Mid-South. ..•''., Another bout will be arranged ii> complete Ihe card. ' v Admission IJs 21) cents. , RECORD NEW YORK.--A record tUimbcr of 0394 fouls was t-egl.Hcrcd with the Jockey Club during 1940. •-.••• t)F APi'I.tCA'TlON FOI 'ij»feft Wit '.•••••:,••'•::... '':'.. HERMAN WALPOLk, 138 EftKt Ash Street, has nwdc ttpTillcrttib for permit to build K^ fffinio buHcl- Jng I8'x,10- oil i-ear of lot 20, Bloulc 27, Blythc Second nddlUoh. to be iJHpd ris n grocery and inrirket, Per- mii, will be issued for this .building In 30 clnys if ho objeciibns lire filed. , . , Jon Cftnicy : Building:. Inspiictor. ( Cornell Caf er$ Point \ For Cuba Exhibitions ITHACA, N. Y., Feb. 14.' <UP)^Cornell University's basketball team Will iilnu fh?-*** nvKiui; (»,; _ i.. Marliic, director of Hie Commission, rtici'patc in the -- sports carnival 'me Red bnsketecrs will be the only ted States quintet in '" vnl and will meet thc island on three ten lop ranking Cornell players nt the close of the regulafr season, as well tis Coacli Blair 6ul- Hon. Trainer Frank Kavanaugh and Manager Dick Holtmaiv will make the trip. The squad ts iched^ uled to thivel ns fr.r as'Key West Pin., by train mid the rest of the way by bortt. - ' 4 Anhuftlly. 1,000,000 kahgarbo skins arc made into athletic shoes ih tne United States. Fifty yeara ago, tlie same hides were considered of no cbmmercSlH.1 vniue. IT'S i lift! THMHS, utsm m im TOW '« OVK'OWM tot m caw A. M.'S AM m ftlPHfST HtiHJS. MAKE A DATE WITH ESSO PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET •§r nt.'» »^r».'».^' . ^^ PHONE 113 BIRD'S BYB FROZEN FOODS FREE DELIVERY Fish ami /she'll Resarillcss of Scasoit you c;l» fracc your table with delicacies with Frown WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS PT, Qf, [20 $233 Gibson .. This whiskey is 4 YJBARS New Vdrky N. Y. TAX ASSESSMENT NOTICE This is the year for Assessing City and P'ersOhai Property awl it must be assessed by April 10th li* you fail 16 as,?e;ss yOuf 'jiro'pg'rly the Jaw requires me id assess it for you. You KiibHr Utc vaiuc of yoiir property tetter than aii^Ofic ete Pltasc Kelp we lix the proper valtic oti; your* property. * \ w ASSESS TODAY AND MAKE SURE IT'S RIGHT W. W. (sop) Watson ' " ' '. '-,.''•''''; '••'• J * v . v Assessor

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