The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1936
Page 5
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THURSDAY, SKPTKMBUR 2-1, 193(5 S " Crete (ARK.).COUK1EB NEWS ru^Ltr FRIDAY'S EVENTS Ehmvood Cemetery Association j having call meeting, 3 Mrs. U. W. Millllns O. 15. S. IwviiiB stated m iii». 7:30 1>. m. Woman's club mecling at hcuse 2:30 1". M. SATURDAY'S EVENTS Executive board. Woman's Moimry Society. First Methodist church having meellnu at home of Mrs. Charles L. Wylie, 2:30 1'. M. Son Bern ' A son was born yesterday to Mi p . anil Mrs/ Vli'iiil Shepherd at (lie at. Joseph hospital, Memphis. Bits of News Mostly John JJiidicttc is now employed in Porlagcvillc, Mo., Ijcing connected with the railroad. Mrs. R. !•'. Kirslniei- and Mrs. Byron Morse were in Memphis yesterday. Mrs. Evercll B. Gee, who has teen ill in a Memphis hospital following nn operalion for appendicitis. will be broiighl home Sunday. Mrs, Donald Acock was taken lo the Memphis Baptist hospital yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Dake, of Charleslon, Miss., arc guests of Mr. and Mrs. \v. .7. Fnught. Their son, V. T. Uukc, of Mcinplius, will motor over toinorrow and accompany them home. Mis. Duke and Mrs. Fnuglil lire sisters. Mrs. J. W. Hill, of Bassctt, was admitted lo the Memphis Uaplisl . liosplal yesterday. Aim and Edwin Wicdman underwent lonsilcctomies at the Memphis Methodist hospital today. Their mother, Mrs. Hurry Wiednmn. accompanied them. Mrs. C. G. Henderson plans to leave today or tomorrow for her home in Dallas after spending several days with her son, Doyle Henderson, and family. Mrs. C. H. King spent Tuesday in Gideon. Mo., visiting relatives She was accompanied home bv her nephew Robert, Jackson, who will visit here .. • - Fislt Crop !s ' nuinp^r ;:- • Tf ST.-: LOUfS (UP)— Missouri^* nslr crop i s due for; harvesting next monih, according lo Superintendent E. M. ko'pplin, of the' State Came and FLsh department. Ha believes that 150,000 fiugcrlings will be available here to replenish (he -slock in rivers and lakes throughout, the state. Hralti Under Tractor Escaped COTTON WOOD PALLS, Kas. (UP)—His ,ight foot, pinioned ,, n der n tractor whicli overturiisd 0! an cinbankuicnt, Karl stubenhofe was held prisoner until ncHibar- attracted by his cries for help released him. it rcn.inrc<i 20 men to lift the tractor. His only injur. wns a. brubcd ankle. UNCHANGING!^ By Ik-leu Welshimer G'SrclSiid,*. Trrr™ 0 ^ 1 ' 11 * Anil I mm Mm IK • ,' * ' U l! ">' tmic ll >g s "^ night; ;,;, ! llo "2h the world is ancient As surely as (here's darkiu'41 ilic tirst while.moon al)U!c=,. 'Diere is'lhe luoruiiur 'unlit* CO love must be unchanging. ^ Us roots must reach so deep No tempest can unearth them. If it is ours to keep! Twenty - Two Mississippi County Clun-ches Represented at Armorel • The Iwelfth annual session of (ha Mississippi comity Unpllst Association met at the Armorel church yesterday and Uxlay. There were about 150 reprcsentalivi'.s from the 22 clnirchc.s in Hie county present at Ihe opening session, presided over by Ihe Rev. E. L,. Cole of Osceola, moderator. The nmuial sermon was flcliv- crct! yeslei-day morning by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the •Mrsl church here. Mr-niters of tha Voman's Missionary Union of the uxora church B ave a W. M U Miiouslration and Mrs. U, u. Jones f Osccolu, president of Ihe Wom- n's department of the nssoclallon. ave her annual report. A pro- ram by Baptist Training Unions Mtiired last niglil's program. The election of officers and other •iisiness will come bstore the group n Its closing session this nfljr- ioo". The doctrinal sermon is be- n? delivered by lh c Rev b p 'leming, plu> lor of the Luxorii hureh, ami th= missionary rjrinon by the Rev. M. R Ciallni B ht, p: ,s- »l Manila. ' ., Pass, Technically Correct, Gives Opponents Advantage Revokes Proclamation Granted George Neal LITTLE ROOK, Sept.. 2-1 (UP) This is the second of a series (if articles dealing with changes in the CViltcrtson Syslcm aii- nnunccil recently in Ely Cul- bcrUon's lalcsl book, "The Ciold IScck 'of liiddliij a'nj piaj." * • • HY WJI. E. McKENNEV Sccrclary, Amprican Bridge I.cafue In today's liand Sonlh's opening AlfkfcWv' a minimum, and North, : .feaririB';£iicli n minimum, wiis jlachiij^all}'-'- correct in passing. Ho.w,e>'er, Culbcrts.on advises DSainsi, following the rules wood- only, and shows in hi.5 "Gold Book" how North's pass made it ?asy for East and West to make i game. South led three rounds of dia- ol clubs was led from dummy and, whcii Norlh played low, East finessed. The nine won the trick, and East made his contract. Demonstration Club News Nolcs - - - - - . - I Fisliwife's ,Voice? :OpensOperaDo<Jf There's iiol)iiii( fishy atout Mrs. Mary Witlc's operatic voice, Giaconio Bour^, insists, even Ihough she is a lish merchant, so lie plans Jo bring her lo New York lo coacli ^ her. The 2SO-poiuul Sirondsbtirj,', ! Po,, niollier is picluretl singing st her fisli slall, Ihe vicissitudes ot operating which, she says, gave her Ihc "soul" for song, AKQJ V Q 6 "1 3 * 875 * A08 * 0 7 4 2 V7 AKQJ 10 Uubher — None vuJ. Soulh West North Ea;l I * Pass Pass Double Pass 1N.T. 1',-iss 2V Pass 3 » Pass t V Opening lead—* K. r.i mends, East trumping Ihc lliird. Bast then led hearls until North Icok tlic ace. Norili returned a spade. Wilh Ihrcc rounds of trumps :lr:nvn mid all Ihrce spades casli- ?ct. East could count Soudi's hand for five diamonds, one heart and .U most four spades. He knew thai South could not have only i four-card (Humour! suit, for if North had held four diamonds inrt an ace lie would not have Hissed the opening bid. Therefore, in any case, South must have no fewer Ihan three clubs. Likewise South must hold the queen of cluhs. for North would not have passed the opening bid with an ace and a queen. East Ihcrcforc knew dial, it he Finessed for Iho rtucen of cluhs, he would lose it, ami llml if he i'lnycrt the ace and king, the queen «oulrt not drop. Having lost Dogwood Club Thc.Dogiroocl Home Demonstration club met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. W. J. Faught with 2(i members and six visitors present. They were: her sister I Mrs. \V. T. Duke, of Churleslon, Miss., Mrs. Logan Perkins, Mrs | Marie Singleton, Mrs. J. F. Ep! person, Mrs. E. H. Crook and Mrs I Wheeler Epperson. L. H. An try principal of the Burdeltc school also visited Ihe meeting diirin" the business session. A committee was selected gather the exhibit articles for Hit county fair on Monday and cacl member mentioned her arliclcs This Committee is made up of Mi- anil Mrs. Aulry, of Burdctfc, Mr and Mrs. P. B. Jarrclt, of N'CK Liberty. Mr. and Mrs. Mcltaffcy of Shady Lane, Mr. and Mrs. D Giirrclf, of New Liberty, Mr. am Mrs. Fituglit, and Mr. ami Free mont Scrape, of Dogivood. In Ihc social hour Mrs. Whcelei Epperson was given a shower, Refreshments of sandwiches, cake and drinks were served. The next meclinp will be held October H at Ihe home of Mrs Garrelt. Today's Contract Problem Using the Culbcrlson System, if South opens willi a hid "f two spades, wlint response .shoulct Norlh make? 4108532 '•' V8G 402 (Blind) N (Blind) S Dealer * A K Q 6 4 V AK9 « A K Q AG2 None vul. Opener — A, K. Solution in next issue. 24 Jumping Bean Is Ohnl SANTA CHOZ, Cal. (UP) -Santa Cruz has gone the Mexican bean one better. The new bean, whicli will bear the name of the Santa Cruz Wonder Bean, i s 12 inches long and grows on a vine 23 feet long. Tile bean is eatable—in bites. hrcc tricks. Enst tried lo avoid he loss of he selling rick by use if he backward finesse. He led Ihe Jack of clubs. South overed willi the miccn and dum- ny took the ace. Now the nine New Coiffures Designed lo lie in wilh the new trends in fashion. Let us make your hairdrcsr, ;inarl. bscomins and attractive. 11INSES FACIALS MANIC UK KS ITKMANKSTS JACKSON BEAUTYSHOP I l'honc 70S I Norlh Second St. I Ni«r Legion Hut I Baked Beans and Brown Bread I'AGE Add (he well-beaten sour milk or ercam. egg and Mix until smoolh nml add the melted bullcr. 1'our Into a woll-nronswl pic plate nml bake In n moderate oven (350 degrees) 30 minutes. Secret Police Radio For Montreal Near Iraccd Die vlllnce stockade. Fire l)lts contained Wls ot pottery, a»l- ninl bones anil flint 1 specimens. The village Is bclluvcd lo bo one described In old documents by a tiavclei who visited the section In 1701. Tokio lini inoic Ihan 6000,000 Inhabitants Satin-day ntelil smiitcra nil Hie New Ungliiiul eoasl never ini-anl any. - t! Inil l^iki'il limns :iii(l .steamed iiToini liivait. Today (ln> i ilil- uii la as popular us ever, ami wlirn MmM In (hi! im-dal i-rork ;li':iin(in- (ray fur brown Urail it Iwromr.s almost a luxury. New Englumlers ulwnys make It wllli the yellow corn meal. The ii'clpe follows: Vrrmunt .Inlmnyciikc fur Six Thtec-[|U[irler cup Hour, ;M * .1. M. said iu had revoked his procln'mntion 'f 1C days ago to George Neal, -state land commvaloner, authorizing him to exceed by 50 pel c , Cn ! llis .. a l ) i;™p' l ' | nlloii of $1,250 six montlis ol whh Us Uy \KA si-r\i«- A combination more thoroughly Ainerlcuu llian Boston baked brims and sleamed brown bread would be <iilli«:lt io name. A New Kiigliuul chicken. Virginia baked" hum. New Orleans crcole dlshus, nu<| Texas barbvcued Ireef. Most housewives have their own favorite way of preparing baked reins-some liking Ihem sweelen- <•'<! with molnsses or maplu syrup, nlhei-s pveferrlng to add lomnto sauce. On brown bread, opinions 're less arbitrary, lieri; is n rccl- e thai has been carefully leslcd. Nll'amcil llron-n lircail One 9-oz. package dry inlnce meat, 1-2 cup water, 1 cup flour, 1 teaspoon sail. 1 teaspoon sodn. 'i cups cornmeal, 1-2 molasses,' 1 pint milk. Urcnk mince meat inlo pieces. Acirt cold waler. Place; over heat "ml slir until all lumps nn! Ihor- onshly broken up. Bring to brisk boil. Coiilinue boiling for llircc mimiles. or until mixture Is pmc- iically dry. Allow to cool. Sift flour once, measure, add sail mid soda and sift again. Add c-orn- 1-^ lcas|KX)n salt, i-a teaspoon lilt! soda, 1 teaspoon baking H>wiler, 1 e«g, t cup sour cream or Ihk-k sour milk, a lablesixjons neltcd butler. If you can't buy sour cream, sour your own. It's easy enough. Shii- iily leave it on the lop ot lhc stovo lor 11 day or two until H yel-s nice and (hick. Sift (lie Hour once, measure and sift again. Then mid Ihe salt, sugar, sodn mid baking ,,oivder l<j the flour mid aid again, Add the cornmeal and mix well. meal and mix thoroughly. Add molasses and milk jjrailiiallj- to drj JuriiiB the lasi his term. 'Nenl's prociainr.'.ion was re- lngredicnls. Blend llioroughly "It w!v 'Titlf ","" W "! Slay Foltl in " w " aral ml '«* ™c B l a «ay until lie and the Pour into prer.wd mold* or ink ccmp roller of the stale bringing powder cans fi h B 2^3 nil actual figures lo show hoiv the Cover tighliy and S V, ' " money Is spent," Putrell raid. | having bulling wale, halfway ," on mo!:ls. If additional water i: i understand that Bailments r,f, the sUite, de- govcni- incnl 'arc planning to ask for ndditioml :i|)pi'ij)iiations.- Tl>, must bring itemized iiccoiinls of'' tlicir expeutlitiires and shoiv that additional fund:; are necessary before I will consider their requests." Futrell slated. Thomas Young,' English , scicn- lisl, was a prodigy of the rarest type. At an age when most children read Mother Goose rhymes, lie was absorbing foreign Iniig- uaees. At Ihc a«c of 14, he could write in H languages. iiecde:! during sleamlng, it mils be br.iing when nddcd. ^ Vermont, Johnnycake is another New England recipe worth copying, ft Is liglit, moist, cnimbly mid rich—ideal as a hot. bread wllli any simple dinner. , (UP) - Motilreal Police Department radio experts are experimenlhiK with n device- which prevents anyone bill police Irom picking up broadcasts Irom the police Mnlloii to squad cars, Din-dor Feniuri) Uufrcsnc rc- 'I'he dircclor refusal In (ti'lalls, but admitted Ihc new apparatus will be used us an rutrtl- tion lo the- current shorl-wuvo radio rrcolvei-s In use licrc, and-will n»l require u complete change of equipment. He said Ihu Hp])aratus will 1 bioiidcnst calls In mich n way! Hint Ilicy will sound like static to llslcners willi ordinary short-" wave sets, but will come In norm-' illy on ixillco receivers. Jmlian Village Ruins Found in North Carolina CAHKAWAY CKKKK. N.U.(UP) —Hi'iunaiXs of un anelent Indiiin village nud burial ;;rouncl have been discovered in a whcut, licld near here. , s - 8 j,<l (> Arcliacologl.sls uncovered sonie crumblltii: skeletons and blls of bend onnimciits In ;I5 liuvlal pits. 1'oslholcs ' LEAKE'S ANTISEPTIC LINIMENT K»»p n noltlo Handy Cold! rens wolds . . . Best treated wiihouV'dosing." YOU WILL LIKE OUR Beauty Service We cnn help you to look your very l.rsl at nil limes If you will visit r>ur shop rcguhrly mid 'lake adviintaBO of our bfiiuly Irealmenls. They ni-u rcniionnbly priucd. Modern , 1'rop. -in \fcu'c jwtftite, 7!)t- (o SI.25 Spoi'l Oxl'orcls 'ey, t;rcen, brown a . $4 to ^?6.5 fn jp'ey, t;rcen, brown and blue Bucko. W i^a-ovo A. IHSIlflE X . « M O E X - ' t-tO S IE FiNf—TO O/ You con'l sec the bocks of your fnc-t, walking... but overscan. Avoid I io danger of on awkward gall. The Flarc-FiHnnersolc, exclusive Slyl-EK feolurc, gently holds your fool in Iho line of grace and comfort. Fashion joinswllh good sense In recommending Ihisshoe.The price is refreshingly low. ^loilcl nl left. !* slwii-n tn Crci i HM-II, Hirst am) lilack Sncile. NEW ECONOMY GASH GROCERY PHONE = SO3 FRANKS l>tirc JMeal Large Si/c I'oiinil BOLOGNA Whole Slk-k PIG LIVER Krcsh ,,, NECK BONES Meaty LI). ( 2 BM ROAST PORK BRAINS- u,.2f SALT MEAT SAUSAGE 1 '" re " u '- k u. PIG EARS FrMh TAILS &• SNOtlS BACON Nice In I fit I'irjcc I'uund 20c BUTTER Gulden lend .,,42° r, Tie. Kach Jumbo Stall; 1/1C Kacli IU "nppy Vale irC No. 2 Can lt> VINEGAR Gallon Jure P1LLSBURY " a " c;ikc .fe W LI). .GREENS ' r " rni|) - r r& te . If CORN Standard 1/)C No. 2 Can 111 WASHING POWD1!R , .-us. 10 C LARD Ifcst Grade Shortening Pound I2lc No. 1 Kdi I'cck Sark Holl 3 Hollies Special 5 L!is. m Fon( BLACK PEPPER 01 " J S°35 STEAK K. C.'Hcef Konnd Prmnrl 20c

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