The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1949
Page 11
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WOKDAT, MARCH T, 1»4» <ARK.) COURIER NEW! FACE ELEVCT UT OUR WAY Bv J. R. WiUiomslOur Boording House with Moj. Hopple ZIPS OP THE SlOe BUT THE AMD COLLAR OO^'T C*E^ HOVJXL IT GO OMER 0\Y COX? -•".YOU'D SETTER FIND OUT THE M&A.D- HUNTING TRIBES USE TO SHRllJX SKULLS GW6 A 6OTTL6- OP n VJITU EACH ME.ST.' EGAD BUSTER.-i&U'Re A BUILD — vsJiLL. SOU TRV OJ AVUS M65T<'-»-l' v ''t DECIDED : 'O P£R.F£CT IT, BUT MUM'S /'046 WORD— i OONVT '••• "THE COARSE: SUFFASSS OF TMOSE. BOFFOOJ SOARDE.RS.' I'LL BE WITH FELLERS AS SOOJ AS I EMPTY MY SHOES I BUMPED TH' CAT'S AM' 1 DOW'T LIKE THAT SLOSHIM' SOUKJP IN WY SHOES.' FLIGHT PLAVJ — IT WOfVT „, GO WHY N1OTHERS GET &RAY By Bob Wade and Bill Miller .,k.Mj b, NIAJUVICE. IKK. Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election Anril 5, 1949 For Mayor DOYLp; HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON For Alderman First Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C. DATES J. W. ADAMS Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS G. NASH Fourth Witrd (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE .d At DREIFUS AWtRICA'S GBtAIEST 4lJLO'VA & >4 THE STIIKV n Comivrr, TncftllonlnK »' • vnnk rrnurl ownrtl bjr Mr. Hnr- •lou, vtltnt-Hi thr drnlh o( IKimrr n^lln. l.nti-r Ilivlr coltBK«- I" uf- Ililril by Knyr JorJnn In • "rmrr- IIElull lltUup" and tliclr lUKKBK' MirrlicU when ll 1» niovrd. A clpkrr mrhanicr i>ut !• J..!»MB]r'» I>ofke1 l»y AiiKlIn liefore hr dlrd !• hlddrn lit II nirrli JMilcnl rr-nrll niid not Imjnd br Ike *eNrchrr». jKl.tiny U druKKoJ In • Kanibliujc ritnck, whcrr lir KUf* with Fayc. Sin. .DJint un t.u>vr. cut kotcl clerk, folluw* him to thr cnfc whcrff AnKlIn dlpd. In thr ottlrc • he d!*covrrji nin|i* nf thr nr-nr I hr rr»ort. Whllr »hr nmin«» thrni «hr I* MUr|irlnrd IIT a minute." The Irio stopped. Gayner eyed her inquiringly. Sin did her best to look lough and confidential at the same lime. "Suppose," she said, "1 was lo spill it lo you torpedoes and not to Barselou." Vernon asked, puzzled, "What's torpedo?'* Gayner said, "Yes?" encouragingly. high-pitched voice colled, "Yoo- uoo! Mrs. Conoverl" 'You don'l hear him," Guvnor muttered and i|uicl;cned his steps. Mrs. Conover!" Tires whirred on cemenl and Mr. Trim appeared alongside the trio, perched on n bicycle. Coming up behind him was the chunky flRure of Thelma Loomis. also pedaling energetically. The Bry-Ter representative all his bad teeth in a waggish grin. "Ah. Mrs. Conover—you were trying to run away from mel" Not from you!" Sin choked. T^KRiMON and Gayner pushed 1 * against her from either side. corn m» iv XA srnvtcc. IMC, T. M. ma, u i PAT, wf. FRFXXLES A H18 FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO88ER Like* to Travel "I wish you wouldn't humillntt your father by asking; him such intelligent questions!" t-w-TAYtow, I V* HW llA PINE ST.- / OlSKlM- GOSU. MR.KANTZ. / (:RS ML OVER EH — IS TWIS WHERE MRS A.YLOB. FOR 'tie FCXJRTH SMITH--NO,WERE is IK1& fAORE Tb 66 O6LIV- EREO TO MRS, TAYLOR'S TODAY/ On. AND YOU WEP PLAY TACKLE ON I. HAVE llS DIP FOQTBAIL JOB---10 KEEP TEAMV ^/W SHAPE Off. SEASON f THE r'lNSClLLA'S 1'OP Don'l Suv K By AL VRRMBER »Well " Sin groped for words. Gayner said hurriedly, "We're in "If you got there first, you \ quite o rush. Mr. Trim, so if—" Vc.a and I wouldn't have to split with the big | boy." She hoped it meant more to i'o.r. I them than it did to her. Sin wriggled forward I ly. "Don'l wail for me, Mr. Gny- XX /^AYNER motioned Sin courteously loward the door. He followed her out of the office and down the wrought-iron staircase. The young bellboy threaded a path before them among Ihe empty | diamonds." tables and pushed through the | Vernon saiif> swinging doors into The hiss of hinges and their toot- steps were the only noises. "Where's the car?" asked Vernon. "I'll bet we don't have any keys." "The usual place. 1 have keys," Gayner reassured him quietly. Bc- ceruunly wouldnX" ner ruminated. But, Mrs. 'I'he streets Eire too crowded today for what you had in mind." Vernon's hand strayed under the (nil of his tunic. Gnyncv's eyc« OH, I'M NOT SAVING ANYTHING AGAINST &OYS.' AFTER ALL, I'VE GOT A BOY ^_-x. MYSELF/ Sin nodded emphatically, "Play "Oh, we wouldn't think of RO- without you, Mrs. Conover." I've been wanting to talk to - . Mr. Trim, anyway." Sin put a long with me and we'll all wear | | IIIIU | on Vernon's arm, pulling Iho lillle bellboy's hand away from I'm rlglu lor I his hip pocket. "II was nice of you the kitchen. I once." A smile nearly encroached to offer me the ride." on his freckled features. Then he] Thclma Loomis got off her bi- confrontcd the other man bitterly, cycle and grated. "I'm glad lliat's You'll probably claim you've been settled. You take this machine, thinking that all along." young lady—I'm not built for it. I •No " said Gayner "You win." shouldn't have left the hotel at He prodded Sin toward the street, all, but Trim here talked me into . any- it." She shoved the bike at Sin. Barse- "Here—or don't you think thcs« IOW TAKE MY PR1SCILLA. : OR INSTANCE.' SHE'S JUST .LIKE A LITTLE BUT THERE'S SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT UTTLE GIRLS.' THEV'RE SO PETITE...SO DAINTY... VIC PUNT Reach for tlie Camera Hy 1MICHAKL O'MAIXKY and RALPH LANE 1 new twist to an cM proverb: locking the Mm door after the lock has been stolen. thing, Mrs. Conover. Mr. £* *v/^ JV>e'*tAr fore he opened the back door, frozen moments by the aviary I ly put it. he's the big boy. when the white-haired savage had "But I really don't know any- threatened .her. The men walking thing!" Sin cried Desperately. 1 ,n either side were not strangers. | was just kidding!' They were prosaic everyday per- I "Come on," said Vernon. sons—the assistant manager ol her | supposed to be on duty. h' b V' "I'm shake her hend. Gayner smiled frugally. "Some other lime." He jerked his head at the open-mouthed Vernon nnd the two got inlo Ihe Buick. II slid away from the curb and turned «S3I '3975 •tt. f,i. T« Ind. >pen An Account IIIIUI I !, 4% HOME LOANS Elbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society A total of 3375 tons of rouge Is | Furriers sell sheep skins undc used annually by American women. I 50 different iiniuca. MAIN OFFICE- Handle Your Health With Care When Sickness Strikes, See Your Doctor • • • scorr ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE Rothrock's For Prescriptions Phone 4451 • Better Signs • Belter Service 808 North Franklin Phone 3203 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS -NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 THE GRAVES COMPANY I\L Yl.I.OI\S Real F*tatr - Morlnonf foanv-Insuianrr- r>v^tr.^A BLATHI \ll.U 'All FINISHED WITH MY>X^ I HOPE YOU'RE AS KETCMING, VIC, AND THf /HUNGRY AS I AM, DOTTY. A FtfUR ORK31NALS AKf REiMEMBSR, THIS 15 OUR WE GEHIND THIS PdD-VlMT DINNER ON SOAR P. LOCK.' LET'S EAT/ THERE'5 THE U ftfUH COLIEC1IOH, HASH. NOWGH TO WORK. THE DRESSES ARE 5A!E, AIL BIGHT--BEHIND ova LOCK! WHAT IT WOWDN'1 DO TO THEIR OIGISTION TO SB EDS HOW, MY/ By LESLIE TURNER WASH TUBRS / SNIXPOUT OF ITi V6 NO USE,SHORTY. WE / Q10 1 . LIS6M TO THISM BEHEtPUr 'IM TO BED 1 . I CABLE...IT 6EZ.TO V (kN NO WOKDER SM O1TTIN' IMPAT1EMT TO COME OM OVfR AllVWRY I CIXTrW, EIU MLH1T M TH' SABE IHEO.RO sis MMSRIED WHEN 6TMIONED IN PROR'LV 6EEH WMT1N 1 fOR HIM TO 5SNDFOR.HER SIWCE TH' WMll WILTY'S CRONIES REAP THE CABLE UR61WO Wt LET CiTWY COME TO M1W NOW... BUGS BUNNY It Comes Out All Kij?hl By FRED BARMAN I'D SIQN UP FOR \ THE MAGAZINE* YOU'HE SELL1N\ / BUT YOUR PEN YJON'T TUDEBAKER. Here's Your Truck! „, There's a new kind nf Operating Economy m every size and wheelbase of the New 1!H!> Sludcbakcr Trucks. Come by lotiav and look over our complete line of MHers. in Sales Co. "What—You're worrying over o few bills? Brother, you don't need this rope! Get a persona/ Joan from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION!" "Your Friendly Sludtbaker Healer" Railroad & Ash 1'hune 2195 S TUDEBAKER ANY WAV, ^ «U - ONB ^MMM... MAYBE TH' FRAWUS WHAT LA.TCHES OMTA POUT IS AN IS _ LOOSE..' UEMME SEE IT... I'M A CXPERT ON FOUNTAIN PEN* THI5 15 A TASK FOX A MAN Of VISION. HIGH COURAGE ANP IDEAL6... /VND I KNOls' JUST THE SDZ 15 A NICE CHAR BUT HE'S INSENSIBLE TC> THE THREAT TO WCWLD PEACE AW, IPUNNO NOTHIN ABOUT INTERNATIONAL POLITICS..WHY DO^T TOU TAKE IT UP WITH K1N<S (3-UZ.T PRINCESS TEE. UEMIAN POLIT'. CA.L REFUGEE, PUTS THE: BEE ON ALLEY COP TO AID IN THE OUSTINd OF HER. BROTHER. FROM THE THRONE OF LEM. EDGAR MARTIN MOOTS AND HER BUDDIES T M. BEC. U. S t »' OF*. rii v ***" "* '" <KL l|rt -

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