Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 16, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1942
Page 2
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Two NAUdATUCK DAILY NE^S, TUESpA^ Y »* JtTNE 16, ,1942 BEACON FALLS SCRAP RUBBER TO BE COLLECTED IN BEACON FALLS Salvage Committee and Air Raid Wardens* Will Call For It Tonight, MOVIE l.M tlllUvl hili (l Illni, lodny nnd tonlfjht, HN folloWH Ut HlO I'ollOW- (lorn foil, Beacon KalK June I of Hie commiiinlly an make a (too chock-up l<"l-i>' < discarded nibhi-r nrllclr.H .that m;i> be given lo the rtihlxu 1 rolliM-llni which Will take place IhU evi in 'tho t'OWn, when m'-tnln-rH in' tin HalVflKV commit!' 1 )' u!' Hie C.lvilKu Defense unit, usslsh-d by srvrrn air raid warden*, will m;ike a f.o-hoiiso cafiva.'-H In culleet the e.'i.-*!- Ot'l's w)>th a U'\vn triii'k. All profits derived from the H;I!« of tho rubber will h" turned nvi to tho Civilian Mol't-nsi' I'uiul 'Ix-tv Tho committee will appi-eclalc re- celvliiH I'he oonlrlbutloiH () l' riili her, no mailer how Hmall, nr h«>v\ old, from rubbec IMINK pencil era.H<TM, old raincoat*, ruhbei hlK slliN, old lli'hi'n, nVfi'Mlic any otlie.r articles h m- h» on tlm .«t|ielve4 probably I'ur yeai UCAV much rlibbei- N salv.iv from Ih' 1 delve I'mm hen- and (ill .parlH of the enunlry will he a i point Id the rationing as a Uri' nm.-lervall 'Phe more collected, Ihe h.-ltor for more was. Joslah Kvun-t, chairman nf the local drive, h.n iv<jur."i!od that ,ill c<onIrlhll'MiHis be pl.ii 1(i 'J onlherxdc of the sldewalU.-H In cunlahuM's. nr on flic front Mteps ui' Ihe hnme.-;, so that Ihe colleclnrs will -n"t tm detained by luokliiu annmd hackyftnH. It' all jteclb'n-* arc collected Ilil* cvoiilnu'. lli |i y \v 'taken cure of Ummrrow It, Is at present on ii I'mir-day retreat, with other clur- M'.v of the dlneese. II' any sick culls are l<i tie made, priests from either SI. Tram-Is 1 church In N'aiigalucU, or SI, Augustine's church In Soy- mniir, will be pleased la Ih' making Iho call. .Mrs. Kruest Clark ol' Hiir-lori road Is a patient at the VValerbiiry hospital. MK-t hnrnlhy dlark, U. X., nl' Ifud- suii, .N. Y., Is spending a few day? at the home of her parents, .Mr and .Mrs. Krnesl Clark on Hurlnn omi elgfii yoiiHK Clubs. The bounty was $£1—enough now hymn boohs, for Iii lin.s done some! h Inn lo sud'erbifi -of medloino's less case— (he Hro.s'jMU They're Irtslnllml' '» I'ullnvn Hiu mosl, help- father, ' )0ol < in \vhleh Un» pnoinn pnpus are supposed lo Jot clown nottilioiKs on -Nil) jjreal oviuil, Tlir bleu Is to Inke I heir minds oil' wlinl'.S' 'jrnlitfr 'on and I'cliovo Uioii 1 tortured nerves, Wrote ou iv. modest fallior: "The hoy was lue.k. Tho swo- onil wn.s more luck, And (ho third momentum," Daily Chuckles 0 In (ll.v I'nitcd I'mss) KalaiiuiXoo, Michigan, Iho Jnhn \vere slttlnK down lo dinner, when <» visitor dropped In, .Nmv, the Units are hospitable folks. They Just Ignored I he imconveii- Innal enlraiice Mi' 1 visitor had made by Ihe back window—und thc.V ihtlled him, Al'ler all, .Ihei-e's nothing (jlllle e like sIlllTed i|tliill. Hi.- imt Some oT lluvsc modern mfordmnlcly ,urc not vri-y dr-imiM- iiflvr In .sbo\vlni; nll'ccllon (owunl lielr ptii'ciilN. Uul MIIMT'S tinllihifi \vi l tilc uhnut the nlfccMoti ln'lwrni Airs, .luntiltn llrllt-, of Siitnnnciih). (liillfoi'iilu, nml her mollu'i 1 . 'J'Jie last lime .Mi'.s, llrlll ombi'ticed her mollirr, Ihe motlun 1 \vent to Iliu We'll have fo null Uirt hero of this story "IUK Swede." Ho hiadu his catch out of season. And vu! dniiU want to get iilin la any (rouble, HlK Swedi! was (IshlnK on the hanks of Uniterm! Ik creek, near Cadlltae, Afloh., when a rabbit ran by. lie lashed out his line. And looped II, neatly around the IninnyAs nook, WK Swede put his oatch in the trunk of his car as proof for the hoys back at J/otflon headquarters. NVhen he. Kol bnclc and told his Klory, Ihe boys at Lctflon Jiead- r/uartci's, \\'hen hn .not back aiut told his story, Ihe hoys at Legion hnadquar- lers lauKhed. Hlg Swede must have uded something to his story, they said. Somolhlng had been added, nil right, When Hlg Sworlo opened the trunk IIP didn't Jlnrl one bunny—lio Jound'ii. 1880 Scrap Rubber i k. V * .Nil.. ^< . the iH.iri'l-aive ski, daiiM'hlei septi Jaslnskl seph ^ fxll Si ', lleae.ori place on enu •took III lias been made of of MUs Jennie Jasin- of Mr. and Mrs. Jn. of tinlon City, to Jti- , son of Mr. and MrM. ski "I 1 MlKhland av- l (> .ills. The ceremony May -j:», at Vlrxl-nla i\ol heeniiMe of the .smhlen shoek, hul of a possible friiehireil man army , Va,, where, Is stationed \S'I local i the .lorome Conk, fn Holt. Missouri, the Assembly church of tiod Jieeded /H'W Jiytllll bonks. lillt Iheiv Jusl didn't seem to he miicti hope, Frankly, Itie wolf waM at Ihe door. Klnally Ibe pastor, the (lev. KCM- H'-lh Clark, decided to do snmethlnK HAMLIN LETTER REVEALS STORY OF WILD Sulton,...\v t l\ or years, ago In Swahili a, -two »y,ear .stay HI fstlllfflUlf.!,, .l" 1 *»JW u»»1iW UI*W >5 «.l IH J H3 considering -J Ws ofi'eiv&eriously. .He points out ;Y~iat \hti language Is spoken by so «io ISO',000 000 persons In Africa and Vvalesi seventh as the most .\yidcly u Ved, .language In the world. .<--., .;..'>.•; «,.•,-•', :;..-•' . , •'.'.', - , A oaptaln in MTV -tank- corpsin: the last 'w t ar :sv 4 h,o '|i'u. ; ^v a HPlied for .service ag'ain\ JSutl/on V already /has s : ot- •len-.up a complete V.-course of 10 lessons ', containing »irme 500 words— or ' about', .enpugli \*.to -get -a , man from- one end- : of tiWfr' coiitlnont to the other', if:. fhe;,;h'a«' any ingenuity.' He thinksvth-a-t'a,V 700-800 word Swahili ~ vocabulary j& .all that 'a vyhite man needs.. v . Wont l,o WashlinVlon t One of Mie (bettor ,kno\yn public roaltlons'cpunsellors ' in, N ew York, Suttpn \ws relainc.d.,by., tUe Japanese ;-of .GommeVce for tliree .mbntlis in . 1937-38' to\ advise thorn, on ;'how'.to •fmproyc, AnT>erican r Urges Home Guard Betty Mancil, University of -'Pcnn-: eylvania co-ed, is shown-ripping'thpt tire from a 1880 high wheel, bicycle I to donate to tho National scrap rub-f bor campaign. The wheel is-a'relic in the Atwater Kent. Museum.-in f: Philadelphia. . , ' \ —^ : -—"- (Central Press >; (fe I'mind Ihe wolf the church dour, And to a slraw-Htack, Thcro Icac.k 1 1 far d tin-in dlMC.OV- , III., ,lunn .10— (UP)— A wild r.liii.Mo by s-taKo-ooach, a pok- or ganic for high stakes, a lottery ticket worth !W;i.OOO ami a unnl'es- slot) to Kraiul larcnny niadp up a slory tM^vcakMl In a JO.VytnU'-oliI letter found rrjeenlly In the archives vault at Spi'lnK/leld. The Idler was written In 1880 by Orfn Ilaintln, soon after lie had stolen $11,500 of .stale funds, lie (old Judgn nixon of llm State Hoard of Dorninlsslnnors iiow ho had fled on a' river hoat and had siihsefiuont- ly lost s?8,000 of the money In a search In Canada. Eventually they; )lekud up his trail Jn GonijeotJcut, llo! evaded J.hcm, however, and they gave xip the search. , When' they 'had returned to Dixon, III,, Oixoji jGHi-nocI ((Kit. Mamlln already .had raised-.the amouiU stolen and 'Ivad repaid !thc state. • Some time latoi 1 , Humlln-won $25, T 000 in ,a lott-ory and roturncd to Galena, 'III., Where >he set up a «toro; Ulxon then fiiiud il-aiiilln'i'or $1.1,500 and hUcros'l, ami won the suit. Jhim- lln had to soil everything, lio owned lo pay -tho slakr'Ior the cost of •the search. - Al thp'Uffh notv-req-uIred;,. to \do ; so : a-t .-fli'G '-time, Jie \venl, 1 to AVas/hfng- tpn,.' Vconsulted , tho- State rDcipart- .mojlt, and, kqpty, it'.-Informed \oon- stantly. of his relatlon-s <wHJi the.-JaJp G, of/:\€. ,No QUlbbler with wards, Button also bluntly; Informed ythe J-apanesjo , thait. their..-, methods A- in Asia ilwid^nonc-oi 1 -his sympathy aj.'d 'ho hoped ,the ,,Ghhiese^yould driv^e t/hcm into t. 1 he.,sea. . / V' , \ : "There'-were rumblings of coming events even then, 1 ' Sutton said, '.'Jii; pqr(I(vuJar the Japs seemed to b o shookc'el 'by a private poll I made of editorial opinion, showing that ,98 per cent of the American public was against\'tliem.". Nn/i Means Coconut • • --...•- \ •••:-.• '•-• • • * • '., Getting back \to.' Swa>hilli Tic explained U is a completely phonetic laagua-go 'and words ar e spelled- ex- unit, mny )Hv,folkr\vcd, J)y others. He, ani)0i4n<?cs llml o-txher war tend ovidbnoo soon wJJJ bo licard 'by, grand .juries in Newark, New Jersey; Was.'hington, D. C, ; BaHi- morc, I/os Angeles, nnd in Virginia. v Biddlc declared Llialtiic Albany in'dietme-nt, s'hould' not. be construed' as an indictment of labor, lie noted Mint the- International 'union denounced the practices' charged, in l.lie true bill. T ii e specific charges -brought, •against the defendants we're' against the permit oard 'employment sys- toj'n. The; indjetmeni declared -bhal'. ilje Albany opera ling , engineers local 'uni-on ' Jield.' a Closed •"; shop •agrecmen t wj tli , t'h>-. con tractor on t'he anny project and agreed Ub supply union l-abor. When l/hc union labor ran 1 out, non-union -men were recruited and required to pay from $1 to $2 a day ... Tor the privilege of working without -being allowed to join the union., The indictment charged conspiracy lo violate the /so-called kickback federal statute. -relating to public work. r.andldal^. Sen> Wulli Doxc\ Hoss Collins and Attonicy Kastland, did not ans\vei ately. Extended use of HCWSJJ radio appeals- so far is feasible alternative to n >, village "campaign, Meanv citizenry gleefully awaits sib!lily of two to live mixrng it up verbally same platform. the n 10 -by. Uic jv oni actly ; as t'hey are pronounced-' us "c l -spoken with "i a-'? as, '|ah." Dlxon aiirl a companion immodl- alely star led a pursuit by slngo- (inach that. (»«rrlnd thorn Ihrough most of Iho Kasfcrn states. Unablo to looalo H n ml In, thoy ronawod tho SWAHIir OFFER IS CONSIDERED Here are some samples from one of Suttoh's lessons* •headed': ,"War SLiiff; 1 ^- - - •-. . '• Gun—Buhduki.. Gahn'Oii^Miiingu'. * !"* \ Senator James Mead of New York proposed that a modern Home Defense Army be set up immediately to guard against : ppssible attacks by enemy parachute troops or Commando raiders. He suggested that members of tho home units could ,bo obtained from the ranks of World ,'War I veterans,'men rejected from\ armed service because of some slight Vphysical defect, and from sports\ menfs clubs. •• \. . (Central Press) \ • ' r j?otal—30 passenger Lircs > two tulxjs. Local Nation Board No. G-S7. !,/ . MARTIN T. LYNN, Chairman. I- Soldier— Askari. General— Jcin-ada-rl. • , Bayonet— Upanga .Wa Bunduki, "Funny thing," Sutton sakl. "I've learned- and forgotten French three •times but, 1 know now all the Swahili I knew. 35 years aa'O. And by Iho way, the. word for coconut Swahili Is— In New York, Juno 1C—(UP)—Goorgp.F', \V. Sullon, Jr., l-hc man who kept * the si A to clcpiir-tmon-l, In for mod of Jivpancso aoUvlty in this country a few ynarn n^'O, lm« i)Tndc;an offer lo loach t'hc Bwn'hlll 'l-an-guiiffc to U. S. troops destined for./. African' snrvlcii, . ••• ••-. - -: ?•'• \\ < ^*\^$>^ ^C^j^^^^/^% >• \ i tiAi&i£«&* /^J^^M^if^-M New Bedford, Mass., June J6—, A former convict and private detec- tive'who allegedly abs-ounded with .SfU.OOO In Dlghton dog. track funds has pleaded guilty .to larceny and been sentenced, to prison. He is, Alfred A. Bllgh, 45 : >years- old, of Fall River, and he was sentenced by Superior Judge -Felix. Forte to three and one-half,years'to live years in state 1 prison. , A similar charge against his brother.— Elmer G. Bligh, 32 years old,-also a Fall River private detective—was nolle, pross- ed for lack of evidence. • Tho elder Bllgh was arrested in Reno, Nevada, June 4th by Police Sergeant. Joseph L. Andrews of : Fall River, who had trailed a. woman fi'Icnd of Bligh's to the West on the chance, thut she was.,going to .joiif •the' fugitive. Bligh hud .$10,000 in ,h'l.«i.' pockets when .Andrews arrested ,h-im a's he stepped off a trainband' most of the remainder-of. the missing .funds was later recovered in his is AngpliaJs,'; Galifonnia, apartment. 'Martin T. Lynn, chairman of. the NfiugaluoJc -Hatlonin^ coninilil-co, announced today -..that. ; four recap i'jii.-:l or rul.retic|cti; truck li'res, 3U ro- capped or 'j-qtrbadcd ptiHsenger car tires and IAVO tulies were allowed to local rusidcnls, on cerU,flcaU!s 'the p'erJoVl ending June 8llv The rciiorl Of thu board follows: Juno 10, 1042.' Daily JS'ows, ,• . Naugutuck,/ Cdnn. ; ' . .. Tho Local Ha Uonin'g, Board .has Issued certiflcalos i'oi 1 . the pui'diase ol' 'rccap'pcd'jOr .relreade'd Hires' and .for ...ftct'Iod": ending. June. 8 " , tubes, 0, corLMicatcs; to: ,Th'e Pouress: Laundi'y. / ' . .Pa^scinier .iircs-rrall recaps . or. re- , treads: y ' ' •• " ; • .. , . Gcrti (Icate ip .pi'.v, Ar B, ( , four Lires. ;'. . / ClqrUiicat.e lo Hovvarj* Alirons, t^yo '' ' ! ' ' ' , . to Abner Morgan, Jr./ . .. . . jlca te -to , Joli n . Th omaa S lion . four tires. •'•'•••^V '••: . ' . . .,'.--. „ Certi ficate to James H. Parcchan-; ian, Uwo"' tires. -, - ' '.. Gdrunate ;Lo ohn -J. Sheridan •? -to Harry J'. . : — J. Hocinor ; Oortiljciito IAVO'- tire^! ;. — Cet'tincate .to-.\y!llititn "four' lli'e&i" V; ; ' . . • . Gcrti-iiqate to William J. Pllkaitis, foul' tfTO's. , Goi'UflcnliO to ^Gluirlos Wasoka, foutt tlrc4; Gertiilcate to Henry Klies, two tiros. Gcrtlflcate to. Lewis Ji Carroll, one tiro, one- tube. , Gertl'nuate to John M. Kloly, two tires'. " M ' , Gerti ficate to Edward V. Muvca- vagc, one tire. Gorti'floate lo Jambs A. Baker, -two tiros, one lutto, • ' , INFNMCTMENTS \ OF ALBANY MEN Albany, N. Y., June JO—(UP)—The fedoi'iil 'government ha-s obtained its first imlictmcnts in 'a drive to stomp out war .frauds. Four Al-baiiy officials and. em- ployes of. the- A-F-of-L union of op- er-atihg engineers are -accused of collecting $50,000 in kickbacks from W'ar workers. Tlicy 'are charged with forcing .-tTiic workers to pay to ilnold- jdhs on an a-rmy supply station project near \ 7 orhecsvilla and refusing to let Wic workers join the unio-n, .In Washington Attorney Gcncrnl Biddle, says ' the government will crack", down -on dollar 'patriots wh-erevor it m-ay find them. The I'irs-l .Jndictm'cnfc, wiiicli was obtainc'd J^y .Tom. Clai'k, head, of tlaa Justice departmenl/s war frauds JOINTDEBATE BY (UPDATES ISPOSS1BEITY Jackson, Miss;, June JG—(UP)— Tho rubber shoi'tage may bring back the old free-for-all political debate. - ' Because of slick automobile tiros and prospects of extended gas'olinc rationing, one of Mississippi's Jive spnator/al candidates already has suggested joint speaking, engagements. Roland Wall, former state \VPA administrator and one aspirant to the position of the late Sen. 'Pat "Harrison, wrote the other candidates tlyit joint rallies would save cars, tires' and gas of the politicians and the public, Douglas Smith, local florist, taking -his Jlrsl fling at public o/Ticc, accepted Wall's proposal. The other In the first quarter of l!)',^> monts of General Motors \var ucls.. amounted to l\vo-Uil.rds entire jl)-U output of wa Us Ey£GlASSB FINEST LENSES MODERN FRAMES AT NO EXTRA CHARGE BYES n. By A. W. WALKER Re.fjisiercd Optometrist nl 68 BANK ST. at CENTER WITH THE 60ARDIAN COLLAR FOB SAM; AT Open Sat. Nile NAUGATUCK, CT ^»J=3P5P55=5W«M3=3^^ We do recommend our pew number of the Hummingbird Rayon Hosiery * * * .*..*..*/. NEWEST SUMMER SHADES The Kennedy Store Lady Elgin. 19 jewels. 14K gold filled. Lord Elgin. 21 jewels. UK gold filled.. Lady Elgin. 19 jcwds. 14K rost gold. ^ AMERICA'S FINEST TIMEPIECES . .. FASHION-RIGHT, SUPREMELY ACCURATF G RADUATION! Magic day when dreams come inie. A day for recognizing the achievements of your boy or girl. Let a handsome new Lord or Lady Elgin do the honors! Here are timepieces thoroughly American in character. Their beauty is the work of leading stylists. Admiration for a Lord or Lady Elgin rests alilce on its outward charm cud ils'"superb thnctclU ing. There's proof of its cxccp- tionai ability in the Observatory Certificate awarded each watch. Wcarc now showing many smart new styles. Elgin watches arc $27.50 up,mcludingFederalTax. JEWELS DIIUTANTI IN WAft SIRVICI Lovely LbriMaricb is now in defense v work with Ainerican Women's Vol uiitecc Service in New York. ft My star-timed Elgin ineanfe more to me lhari ever," says Miss March, "it's so accurate and beautiful." : . ' , *; •"-•- " • • 4 • • • • . . • . . . i; 19 JE\VELS . MANY MONTHS TO PAY LofdEIgiri,21jeiveI$.Lappedl4Kgold. h/-/; '$,!? n, 'i»i- 19 lends. UK gold filled. mOrA. ",'• *t ), <^, •;*. ^!'^;:,:'^^^^^ >', ' ,"- ': 'I, l ( ' ' r '>',>,,' "'*'.!'«>,!' "ll '', ' ' ' 'if'fi ! ,'', ! "•'','-,' 't " , ',•.'•.''/'// /' / ,', ji;^..^/^ijt J i^Iiju ul i i t,^yi J iji,iJ,/i^i,.tf,WWu (Lluj,t'J/'^ t L'tJ , ,'!'l.L,,i! fa' t '(.JiIl.,.t..,p <, & ' t'''t ' ' '' ' , > ; ' '! o V " ' ~"* J ' '' ' '' '•.*«!• »^iiUi.^i J UA^i^i J .i.<i fa 68 BANK'ST., WATERBURY

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