The Gazette from Cedar Rapids, Iowa on August 24, 1981 · 10
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The Gazette from Cedar Rapids, Iowa · 10

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1981
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10a The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., Aug. 24, 1981 A lesson in the tragic death of Audrey Good It is one of those eerie, unexplain-able ironies that seem to exist only to teach a lesson. But the lesson is hard to find. The magazine is called Byline; it is a quarterly put out by journalism students at Northwestern University. During the last school year, an issue came out with a cover story titled 'Tragedy: The Story vs. Sensitivity." It had to do with how reporters handle accounts of sudden death; how, when a person dies, reporters carry out the job of contacting the family to get details. The story was written by Audrey J. Good, a freshman at Northwest-em's Medill School of Journalism. It covered with great sensitivity the topic of the way journalists report on other people's personal tragedies. Audrey Good would have had reason to be proud of the story once it came off the presses. SHE DIDN'T GET the chance; several days after she had finished writing her story about tragedy, she was killed in a one-car accident near Beaumont, Texas. Her parents found the completed manuscript, and delivered it to the editors of Byline. They were impressed enough to put it on the cover of the magazine. Byline is distributed to professional journalists around the country; and so working newsmen were receiving a message from a dead young woman, who was admonishing them for their ghoulishness in the aftermath of sudden death. Miss Good had quoted the family of an 11-year-old hit-and-run victim; the parents said they had lost whatever respect they ever had for newspaper and television reporters. "We felt we were being exploited," the mother said. "They were stopping my husband for statements, taking pictures at the worst possible moments." ONE THEME kept appearing in Miss Good's article; that reporters, in their fervor to get a story, can add to the grief being experienced by families who have just learned of the death of a loved one. Miss Good seemed to be making the point that reporters ought to be humans first; that while they should not forget that they are a part of the news business, neither should they forget fl Greene IBifc F td New6p6per that they are a part of the community of man. Alfred Ames, who teaches at Northwestern, instructed Miss Good in a writing class. "She was not your typical happy, complacent freshman," Ames said. "Most freshmen in college don't think about the possibility of death for anybody, but Audrey did, and she obviously gave a lot of thought to how people in the press deal with death. "WHEN HER PARENTS came up to school to pick up her personal effects, they called me and asked if I would meet with them. I was anticipating it with kind of a feeling of dread, because of the circumstances. But I came away from it more lifted up than ground down. They knew that I had known their daughter, and they wanted to hear what I had to say about her." Miss Good's parents Dr. Dan Good and Nancy Good live in Beaumont, Texas. They told me that, after their daughter died, they were subjected to none of the callous press behavior that had so concerned her. IT WAS at the offices of the Enterprise that her parents found the story about tragedy. "I don't know what sparked the interest in that subject," Mrs. Good said. "She was a very sensitive girl. She was very conscious of other people's feelings. "I remember, one of the stories she had to cover working for the paper in Beaumont was about a boy who had become paralyzed in a diving accident in a creek down here. She wondered about where a reporter should draw the line when it came to asking questions about other people's tragedies." MISS GOOD'S PARENTS believe Theater Times IOWA "Eye for an Eye" (R) 7:30, 9:30. 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At the beginning of this column I said that it is hard to find a lesson in the death of a woman as young as Audrey Good. But perhaps the lesson is contained in what she was trying to get across to other journalists. This is what she said in the final paragraph she wrote: "(A) reporter dealing with the fragile world of emotions finds responsibility hard to define. And mistakes can cause heartaches." Thought for the day How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child. William Shakespeare, English playwright (1564-1616). T Mr. Bill's MOM., TOES. I WED. 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