The Gazette from Cedar Rapids, Iowa on April 21, 1957 · 27
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The Gazette from Cedar Rapids, Iowa · 27

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 21, 1957
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- ' V it 4 qa- W ' W w V1 qe rr ' '& f t i ' $ ' w r Ttr frrA Am flATETTFl Ban, April . 1077 S Television Quiz Shows Rigged? r r 'w y -ijf Nzw vomc-Are um u ; giveaway program on , trie vlaloii rigged to control tho outconti it) favor of jiro-detcrmined wlnncrif , The answer, says Time mag fine, 1 this: The producer of many shows control tlx out feme 1 closely (f they dart without follualon With contest fit, rl far more effectively than, moat Viewers suspect," Tlx current (A(rl 2) mw of Tim reports that rmitlualon a tlx result of national cur VV iif former Cnnteatanli, TV officiate amt producers, $60 At lllloa Queatluu. With foo million being plunged annually In giveaway ahowa, tho tolevlslorr Industry ha tickled the curiosity of million of TV watchers, The question of control ' seemed more pertinent than ever when 10-year-oht Robert Strom pushed his' winnings to 102, loo on CJPio fiU.tlliU Question" end Theortore Nadler hit 1193, 000 on $04,000 Chellrnge", With huge audience et stake, Time eaye, the blg-money ehowe go to extreme to appear beyond reproarh. They- know they cannot afford to risk col luslon with contestant. .Yet, ay one Veteran of such hows, tU have 70 percent or 80 percent control of what happen." . Tk technique la simples "To keep a eenteslsnt wlnnlnr, all pee have te da la figure eat haw not to hit questloa ha doesnt know. That's the hula af all gala ebrte." The producer handpick their contestants lor personality, occupation and gcograpiilcat apread as well ae specialized knowledge, then arm thero-aelvct with a shrewd, thorough Insight Into the contestant strength and weakness, and hvo full control of the questions ho will be asked. Who lias tho KeyT" Tho show takes pains to create an Illusion that the questions have been hatched In an Ivory vault. Sponsor Bevlone bank, tho Manufacturers Trust Company, perform- a weekly ritual on Sixty-four" fat the,, trade calls $84,000 Question) by supplying an escort for the questions: Two armed guards and two bank officials. Includ ing tux who won a vhe-prasl (Iniuy at ilia bank a month after tlx show want on Ux air. Thera la ell It. I rigmarole about locked vaulla," sag Important Inalder. but who has the hey to Ux lorhed rautlT 1 ha producer, of Mam, When cnnlrat raaihri big-money luvala, tlx producer da Mall queatkme eaih . week spaclally earnxiked fur the contestant, If a ruiitrilanl Is unpleasant, or If tlx ehowi Tremles rating ha not been peaking prop I, qurDtloo may be devised to knock him off tlx show, hornet i rnca, say Time, a loeer Is needed to give Ux program twychulnglcal and economic balance. Questions Made Easy. Tlx art of writing quls questions can make lethal one seem ho tougher than easy ones. Tf a producer knows that a con-tcatants favorite opera Is T.urla dl Lamrpcrmoor, and that he knowe more about this opera than any other," explain one old hand. a very difficult, multi-part question on Lucia would be apple pi to the contestant, but a mnliUpart question involving difficult details in severel different operas could be calculated to defeat the contestant while seeming no tougher to the casual Viewer. When a contestant reaches the biggest payoff on $84,000 Question, audience psychology virtually demands his .victory. Times survey reveal that most, big winners have been blessed by crucial questions right lip their alleys. Marina Captain Richard 8. MoCutchen, the eeoklng expert, whose specialty la French cuisine, got his $84, $0$ qneatlea In French rulalne, net tn Canto-pee er Neapolitan fare. Shoemaker Glno Prato, the opera expert. Whose knowledge of German and French repertory Is not up to his Italian peclalty, got Ills tough ques-on on Italian opera. Jockey Billy Iearsoit, whose art expertise does not extend to. Chinese art, says: 1 studied like hell on Chinese art. But I never got a question on it." Hew T Groans Winners. How do' producer determine contestants' strength and weaknesses? On "Twenty One", reports Time, candidates cannot Jh i MM i j ' Now Lost 3 DoysDoer Opeu I P.M, berse your Ttxrumv nzs m a MAM DtRlK5f..SBfn..T me girt er a unr I T h Gey Madlion Patricia Medina THE BEAST OF HOLLOW MOUNTAIN A MONSTER EETOXD BELIEF! STARTING WEDNESDAY X NEW FEATURES Sms Haydes IVL jfffGp&P C ,c iMaaaae owna aensTS 2ND NEW FEATURE "THE IIALLIDAY BRAND" JOSEPH COTTON . VIVECA LLNDFORS . WARD BOND qualify Willinut taking a four hour t"t glial rangri Bilu-i tlx apouimn of ul)Hts lord ml tlx aluiw. Co I km lurry iui fmlgiit began burning tlx tri pu m i a aevaial Work ago to avail simple Imi that they waie bring im( (u study tlx con-trilBiila knowlrdg patterns. Charles Van fkiien, tlx show's snort famed eluninus, foil certain that no questions War a being form-fitted to hi ptxnomenal mind, Certainly." ears 1 tma, nottody In the quit busineae euggxts that his da-(a at on an May queatum (Who I king of the Belgians?) could have been (trailed, let alone da-signed by thg show's producers Netting "Stacked, Some producers, such at Steve Carlin o( 84.()0U", Insist that alt strqias of stalked question "art ridiculous." He explain that applicants merely Srt a brief, Informal acreenlng, ut former contestant say the test questioning la much more rigorous. Ssya Rfmlo Trofessor Richard Gore: Th questioning was comparable to tn oral exam for Ih.D." On applicant. Psychologist Joyce Brothers, a 88-ytar-old blonde, was anrouraged by $84,0()0'a priKlucere to apply her photographic mind to boning up on boxing. By the time the was called to appear, Pr. Brothers had mastered the subject well enough to win the top pH. Rare Indiscretions. Only rarely do quti producers get caught in Indiscretions. "The Big Surprise" is being sued by Showgli 1 Dal Logue, who complains (hat the was deliberately fed question that the muffed during a warm-up session before the show. In their growing desperation to check falling ratings that have knocked six quiz-panel shows off tlx air sine October, tlx programs may be taking greater risks, especially In trying to woo celebrities as contestants. Ona bakebtll star who waa approached by a quls shew says that he waa asked for a commitment that he would go for the top prise hut w$e assured that his questions would be betting -prteilre pitches. ( Connecticut's Vivien Kelleme was billed as an expert on msm too av teao wxdnssosi CINKMASCOrB COLDS ' , ANITA I ' ISSU8 ZAHAR" CfUlt XIOITTAU." a Impmw Turet-PBI OAT ABBOTT AND CO ATI LLO "DA NCI WITH Ml HENRT" , -LEB I. COB i Pisa PATB1C1A SSEOINA , ' -Miami ixrosr taaas, laid down llx HHullIlnn Dial hef qurationa lx Ituillail to If .1, Imoiix tax. 1 lx pi (td in eif Ollllgrtt, On hon eelrbrlty eandldal far 111 "fnt.OOO Challenge Sayf that six wss sutured that we tailor qursliuns to IIm r hind nf mind we are wurklng' with." i iiirmiou Netting in. Today, Time pioduncrs ace in hrlpteas term a major allmmit effllrling their show. 7 lx sum of $(14,000 m longer Inaplrc audience aw. 1rodurms aihllrailly rliangrd (heir rule to rnalil fiihiHd-txiy fltrom to win as muih at $296,00(1, Mora Impoitant, a kind of Inflation ha alao hit the contestants: Instead of Hx kind of ordinary pqopla Wlx struck a rexponalve rluird In viewers, they now run to narrow siNH'lullstg and photo-graphlo mind "freaks," si the trade calls them. Time concludes that "Given a margin of error for the eon-teatante human fotblee, the producers seem to b able to control virtually everything except their own feere of losing their audience. Keith's Problem Is ' Thot He Can Sing HOLLYWOOD (AP) Keith Andes spent 18 years studying music for a singing career but he's sung only a roup! of songs in eight veer In Hollywood. And look at Presley he hits every note flat and sella a mil lion record. Im not knocking him. I think Its great. Im just mad that I spent Jil those yean trying to learn how to sing on key. So I wind up an actor In non-muslcala," the tall actor laments. Andes starred In Broadway musicals, and was hired for Hollywood musicals but wound up as go- a i ITALTS SOPHIA LOREN shares screen with Alan LeJJ In "Boy on I Dolphin, It opens at the Paramount Thursday, BARBARA STANWYCK AND STERLING HAYDEN teem In "Crime of Peulon", which comes to the Iowa Wsdnsidey a eerlous dramatic star. However, he eaya, 1 Ilk It," Lizaboth Offers Tips on Weight HOLLYWOOD (AP) lJu heth Scott recently returned to Paramount after an absence of three year to tlx amarement of th wardrobe department. Her measurements had not changed oven a fraction ol an inch, i Iter secret for a trim figure: 1 eat fantastio breakfasts. Steak, roasts, ham and aggs.Then 1 work It all off during thM)ay and eat light for my other meals, Her favorite exorcise Is deep sea fishing. This Is the greatest figure control excreta in th World, especially if you hook a marlin or at least It waa until 1 got In my present picture," Currently she la co-starring with Elvla Presley In "Loving You", "Trying to keep up with Elvis ifW rail wweel Inna la . I u rock V roll gyrations is real exercise I advise It foy any wom an who pound." wanta to take off Reviews of the New Records Community Theater Is in Training for "Teahouse". By Joseph IL Kllchln. The Bertok "Mosle for Etrlnsa, Percussion and Celeste" has, within th last few years, become one of the few staple Items in the vast array of modern muslo and ia Included in th repertoire of almost every orchestra of professional standing. It hai had many recordings, the latest of which la that of Eduard van Belnum land the Amsterdam Con-certgebauw for Epic. . I The work li not old enough to have developed tradition! of performance, but the newness has disappeared ao that it la no $utchw longer necessary for conductor to stress the more strikingly original FOR YOUR HAPPY EASTER ENTERTAINMENT NOW! Pteturvl Entertainment! mwtnm SB Fp AelBMa- Harbor 4Booof8$e nooat 123 DTcuiri Isrnin! face 5V TUflMWnN-..r- KAY THOuiPSONikui unq imr wat-itaxae," aodxs CAer castoov am mil koiriTf LAIL8T KKWS "Li : ., . Kf fjCx DSIffiQSlLX: jWcWBWLi IfSKASCOPE - tout a itum SINIDICI SOOIAUI fiMhKMaa . 1 PLUS 2ND BIG HIT! s, u N. Twlxt Town Drive-In Theatre Old Merles Rd. - Opa t:1l 1 Skews 7-8:38 HEY KIDS! EASTER EGG HUNT! Coma Early Separate Hunt For Little Tote! FRIZES PRIZES FRIZES! 0 2 1st R4i Driv-li Hlt$ 2 HIT NU 1- tUix wa& iaP -HIT NO. 1 MtoMiottn JDfSIMTn ft- taics$ n Frt KIDDTE e fvfnn RtM$t Ritko Fewer Merrf'fO'RwwM! HEW RECORD RELEASES THIS WEEK From Eaitera lowo'i Largest Record Seloctioa L6NG FLAY 33V$ Steady Date TMMiy llil This Onee for Basle B-44r SOI Teresa Iwaaa Brw A Childs Garde SUa rnt-l Areond the World in 8$ Days c Mad hr VMat TaoM The Sleeping Beauty IiWkmkr (wealet rewSlas) Coneerto N. S In C Miner laakiMaaiaad Dane Night WSmm Ml An Evening with Belafont ShitW sad Lee Ut Ux IM Tax nan The Adventures of Kin Tin Ha' " WKh Ska Oriitaai TV Cart Souther Gentleman faaar gaxaa 45 R.P.M. SINGLES 149$ ItiUr MrmR Shlsh Kebab RaIM Hwteri . Poor Butterfly Sul Vaaaha True Leva Gone Battr MaSItaa My Leva Will Never Die OU, Ink Out In th Cold Af ain The Tm-Ason Frsulelu , B-kkr nahaa Equator Saw Batara I Need tour Levin Caawar Twlttk Please Dont Leave Me Star frlat Three Way Kiur Walla Missouri Drag mu WUahortr and individualistic passages. Van Belnum aeems to realize this ahd gives reading which la devoted to the searching out of the musical substance of Ux work and, in so doing, places this among the work very top recordings. The reverse side of the record contnlns Stravinsky "Song of the Nightingale another Impor. tant Item of modern music. Here there Is the same muateslity and excellence of performance and recording. Capitol has a recording of the Barb "Concerto N. 1, In A Miner" end th Mosart "Concerto In A Major", as played by Violinist Nathan Mllstcln, with the Festival Orchestra conducted by Harry Blech. The performance of th Bach la exceptionally fine in Its full, vigorous tone, breadth of style and clean technique. The Mozart would be enhanced by more warmth In the slow movement and delicacy in the first and third movement. The accompaniment are routine rather than sympathetic. These recordings are rsmark able In their reproduction of the violin tone. e London Kathleen Ferrler Me mortal Album" contains an as. sortment of songs by Schubert and Schumann and arias from H a n d e la "Rodelinda" and Xerxes", "Orfeo and Eurldice" by Gluck and MendqUsohn1 Elijah". During s career that lasted barely ten year, Misa Ferrler rose to the rank of England's foremost contralto and achieved world fame. She possessed a voice of warmth and purity, an unsur passed vocal technique and a mastery of style in the performance of song, oratorio and opera, All of these are exemplified In this memorial album. Though Benny Goodman Is one of our most prominent exponent of jazz, he has always had an Interest In serious "long-hair music especially that of Mozart. Victor has Issued new recordings of Goodmans playing of the ! Clarinet Concerto in A with thel Boston Symphony and the "Clar- inet Quintet in A" with the Bos- . ton Symphony String Quartet Goodman innate muslcallty Is evidenced in every phrase. He hasi" an unusually fine sense of pro-'g portion and balance and he hai a technique equal to that of many a top legitimate" player. His most serious shortcoming is a B thlnnesa and dryness of tone! which deprives th music of much of Its charm. Ceear Franck's Symphony. In J Minor" has been recorded for Decco by the Bamberg Symphony orchestra, with Fritz Lehmann conducting. Th llamhergers are an adequate group with some bet-ter-than-average aolo instrument players. Lehmenn's reading Is on the Germanic aide without much subtlety. coloration or projection of mood. Reproduction ia first rat. Two of Aaron Coplands moat Interesting ballet corea, as played by the Philadelphia orchestra, with Eugene Ormandy conduct' lng, are among Columbia's recent Issues. They are Appalachian Spring" and Billy th Kid. In musla as well aa story, the two ballets stand in contrast to each other, Appalachian Spring Is a story of love and religious faith in a Shaker settlement in the Pennsylvania hills, "Billy the Kid is concerned with signifl cant moments in th life of Billy who, at 12, becomes a bad man when his mother is killed by a stray bullet during a street brawl In a frontier town. Ormandyi understanding of the Copland idiom and the tonal and technical superiority of the Philadelphia orchestra result In a topnotch perform anca. . Harold Lloyd, Jr., Tries Show Biz HOLLYWOOD (AP)-A son of a famous father la making a local name tor himself in show, business Harold Lloyd, jr. But as a singer, not as comedian. "Ohatvo , , Sayonara , , , A no, wa-tashl nlmo ano booihlo now, everybody together, keep the vowels short and the consonants crisp Thursday night la Luchuan-language class at tlx Community theater aa the cast of Teahouse of tho August Moon" preparei for the opening May 17. With only five of total roster of 29 characters speaking EngltJh something more than Ux usual training in acting techniques faces th 20-odd local actors Involved In thla comedy about the benevolent assimilation of democracy by Okinawa." Th only guide to the Oklna wan dialect is a rough phonetic transcription included In the play's script. To meet th problem. Director Don Teacher ha enrolled the services of an authority, Mrs. James Bath of Cedar Hills who Is a native of Sendai Clt northern Japan, Aided by ! Rath and a tape recorder, the Cedar Raplda acton are gradually going naUve. Mn. Myrlo Shover, in the role of Gelaha Lotus Blossom; is receiving instruction In dance and movement from Edna DIeman of the Dieman-Bennett School of Dance. Instruction in th ceremonies, posture and rouUnes of judo will be provided by Jack Canon in addiUon to hi chore of playing interpreter Sakini. Canon ia the holder of a black belt" awarded to experts in Judo. He achieved the award after two and a half years of training and compeUUon In Yokohama. Crews Also Have Their Headaches A collapsible cha-ya (Japanese teahouse), 29 pairs of gets (wooden sandals), a like number of Japanese kimonos, a jeep and a goat are among the items to be begged, borrowed or built by the technical staff of the Community theater. These, of course, ere Gomenn-asel for the forthromlng "Teahouse of Ux August Moon". Typical problems that make th job more Interesting ere the fart that th gnat should be an unmarried lady goat with an unflagging taste for native brandy, end that there Is no door la th theater large enough to admit a Jeep. Undaunted by such complications, crew chairmen organized Inst week under the direction of Technical Director John E. Fisher and Designer Gordon MiKsv. Committee heeds for Teahouse" will be: Production director, Joan Ruml; costumes, Charlene OBrien; stage lighting co-chairmen, John Stewart and Thelma Loeck; make-up, Daniels; properUes, Betty Freberg; set-painting, Rachel Herat; sound and Incidental music, Jat Judge and Irving Hickey. Promotion is being handled by Mary Groeltz, and Elinor Spacek la In charge of ushering and box-office. Personnel la still wanted for all crows. Persons interested in volunteering should call th theater at EM 2-7632 or Miss Ruml el EM 2-7681. Tk. CREW CUT o.. m "' . , j-r al qSf PHIU1M W-U.UB t.M ajL-- .xa 'laUUrf , , wpi .fe. -.a " "j5sst- 9' AOUY KLOP Halts - Suisdass r OPEN 1! a.m. to 10 p.m. Dally THEATRICAL MAKEUP Complete Slock of Great Paint, Wigi, Mustaches, Clown White, Minstrel Wigs end Gloves. - . Writ (er Frte lliS P.O. lex Mf HALDY'S Phone CM 1-2601 112 1st Ava. NC WEDNIJDAY Let'g Got Acquainted!! OVIR 2$ NITI" Jlfeefe Bwoet mrllk m Burnt . D023Y LIIIDEMAN OrtheoSre a FRIDAY Staling H-O-Yi! Here's tk l-I-N-S-A-T-l-O-N f Wutlurm Sir leg BlIRft wTza rUU rtxraors SATURDAY Music that toy ' Lin DANCE Mr. Bkgtkm UKl DIXOHS Greet New lead . B FRIDAY. MAT I RAT fRICI Tee- May 14 Wheepe Joke nr SnmiUx con EM S-tXtl hr h nnnfl New York .Sirloin .. Char Brelltd Belied Idaho .Potato with Chef s Salad, Roquefort Dressing Garlic Bread k Gonulno Aged Armour Stur Roof MONDAY AND TUESDAY lillOiiUjli' llllp.l' 1. S f Dr a MAIL ORDERS WELCOME , ALWAYS THE POF TOP 8$ ead COUNTRY TOF II BlFl Phonographs Tape Recorder Radio Sheet Musle Fhene Needles Record Currying Cases and Aeeeeeeriee The Kenny Ilofer Music Hart Ilf 2r4Avo.SI Fhauu IM S-1345 .VWVWVfVWVWWWWWWaFXWWVWWWWWWWV'e ilmuuwww TBE HOUSE OF PLENTY All You Cou Eat Ur $1.00 Chlldrou'o Portlouo 4S Bring the family Com ea yeu a re. 10:30 AM. 4 7:30 PM. . , Cream of Celery 8op or Tomato Juice moo 11 - Each SAxro eiv m 'vwgrf roni x SRUO irsiNti iHKki SUED a WINS ST SAX BABSKCI ID BIBS enun max raors UANBt BOrX STZAK raize races uvek ... st.ts bakko pomistio xabbit si.i , rSEMCH-ntllD SRBIMV SI 4 OAIT SIBUMN or BSir. BBOWM OBAVr .... sue oMra4 final m. foaatoOla SaiX rmk MM Bam, IOt P44la US Oaaa OME-MAOE rue IS CHIU SO II AID XI TX I H MAIDRITE SANDWICH SHOP 72$ find Street W - SU11DAY SPECIAL Soup or Juice BAKED VIRGINIA HAM STEAK . . $153 (with Flnespple Ring) . I i FRIED SPRING CHICKEN . . Complete Dinner ! . Potatoes, Vegetable or Seled, Rods, Butter, Beverage end Dessert CHILDREN'S PORTIONS ' 1 AMPII FARIIN SFACI DIAL IM 4-9271 FOR RIIIRVATIONS - ; E & R MOTEL and CAFi - , WES ead AtTA MOOD, Mr-Ji Mile West ef Drive-la Theater ea Highway $ ii , e t ssc mOmmtm I

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