The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BI/miEVILLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 13, 1034 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS fOX COURIER NEWS CO, PUUUOUXRS O, R, BABCOCK, Kdltor H. W. HAL.NES, Adverting; Utatftt Sole National Advertising RcpnfcnUtlvcs: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New Vurk, Chicago, Oflrolt, Si. Louli, Dallas, Kan«>d Cily.Mcmplila. Published Every AIten;,v;n Exrcr.i Simaoy. Entered an second C)D:,S mutter at the |xvsi otllce nt Uivllievlllc, Arkalis:is. under act ol Congress, October 0, 1917. Sorvcn OY inn liiiiirrt ITPM lly currier In l:ic Cuy u: iilvinovLila. isc per Feet or $C 50 IKT year 111 advnii'.i:. By mall within n raillus ur W) miles, »U.OO I>cr year SI W fur six montli*. 85f [cr ll.rre inoiitlis; 5v liiall In poMnl -/ones two to six. Inclusive, $6.50 per year. In ami's .••even am 1 fight, $!U.OU pi-T yriir. payable In advance. We Can't All Escape Jrom World A/jairr, \Vlien you Imik arniinil at I lie Irotib- Icd stale of llic 1 nation these days, it is. r.retly ca^y tn feel a lot of envy for Kockwell Kent, the artist. .Mr. Kent, is olV for IJivcnljind, no le-s, wheiv he is KIIIIIH l<> hole up \\illi his lOskiino liiemls for an in- dctinilc pcried. He has a little island up (lure, and while he is on il .Mr. Kent won'l have lo worry alum! the 1 New Deal, (lie hiith cost of livini;. Ihe danger of war. or any of the other things thai we slay-al-humes have Iu worry alionl. "The real reason for my likiiijv Greenland is nol the Ihin^s il h:i--, hut thc llunjrs it hasn'l t;»t." he explains. "Up IhcM'c you don'l have lo llj'.hl with railroads liecanse they Iry lo disc;m- limie service on ynnr branch. There are no political machines with funny bosses and a corrupt purty .-yslem that makes yon siek. The people leave yon alone, and when yon want anything (hey Iry lo help." All of which sounds pretty attractive, in llicse parlous times. lieinj,' surrounded by a sea of tronlik-s. most of us have only two alternatives—to lake up' arms ajrainsl them, or to jurin doggedly ;nnl try lo hear them. .Mr. Kenl has found a third—to ^et away from them and forget all abmd theui, and his solution looks uncommonly attractive, i Unfprtunalely, however, it. : is (Im kind nt' Iliini; thai works only for Ihe artist. Mr. Kent, being an artist, is one of the few genuine individnal- isls left in the world; as such, he can hie himself lo a lonely northern island and let Hie world p' by wilh a clear conscience. * * » The rest, of us are nol so lucky. We, may waul to escape from the problems of cvery-day life, but we can't. \Ve try hard enough, heaven know.-— not by t'c.imr oil' to Greenland. Inil by interesting ourselves in other Ihinns. such as hasehall, races and suturner novels and camping (rips and jr,,|f. scores; but il's a futile fll'orl, and in tlie end the world force's itself on our atlcnlii.n whether we like il or nol. For no matter luiw abstract Ihese problems may seem—prohlcms like Ihc' virtues and defecls of Ihe prulil system. OUT OUR WAY or Hit iinnninciU.s rniT, or the a . lurnl depression, or (ho evils of IHililk'-il inac'liines—.^KIIMT or later Ilicy have u way »f Helling i^rsona! iiml itircdiniv Uii! niniK'.v we earn or tin: jirit'es we piiy Tor lliiujts or mu 1 right, to keep on liviiiu ;t mmk'i'iiU'ly happy life. \Vr can'l run away t'roin them, no inalti'i 1 how far uv j;". M'r Iliive I" slick aroiniil, worry inir heads oft ulioul tin-Mi, anil do our hit in (lie nival joli of Undine a Milulinii for ihi'in. —Kturi- Callnn. Relief at Last I'nsiilcnl Kmiscu'H'.-, (';iril)!)f;in visit is M uTk'i'iiii' I'i'iiiiiiilt'r of llic I'm-l lli:il llii 1 Anicriraii (jDViTiiiinHH is ;il l;isl liu'KliiiK I lie t:is]; >,( ruli:iliilil:tl- iii;'. ihr ci'Dilninic innili! inns nf I ho |ii'ii- Jilr \viln livi; on llii: ishunl of I'llirlo Kirn. Tlii'se i.sLinilt'i's ui'k'iiiiH'i.l Aiui'rii'iin iii-i'iiiiiiliun al llic i-liisi- of llu: S|i:inisli Aiiirrii'iin win-; ;unl yet, ii: Ilk 1 ,vu:irs silici' Ilini, lltt'ir iiiriiil)i'i':ilii|) in liic .Aniri'ii ;ni ci.iiiiiiiinily li;ts nul ilono us' miii'li I'nr llictii as tlu;y niiglil rtriison- afily luivi: (jxim-lcd. In rtTciil years, cs]u>uially, lliiii);s have lic'in prully ItniKli for many of Uii'in. Nn\v, in Uio \vakc; of tin: pix-sidcnl's vi.-il, a wiitiiniUw: of voprcscnlitlivcs uf tlic U. S. AuriuiiHmT, Inlcrioi- anil Tiva:-ury Driiai-lintiils, and lliu iVtlc-r- al iclii-f iiKL-iicii's, is in I'ucrld Iliai In li/i'iiHilali! a liiiig-rangi' program for I ho island's (Timiiniii; rosluralicin. I'nnsiilcrahlc: funds arc: al the 1-111111111 Ice's disposal; on.l nf its work sliinilil ciinie iiieasiii'L's wliitli will inaliu lliu f.'iiniuiK Aincrieiiii sljiudard o iiili a rcalily fur Hie peuplu nl 'island. liv- the An Alibi Exploded HtomiiiH' a foroiKii I'm. 1 for inlcvnal Ininlili'.-i is an old and frc.i[iie.nlly rf- fi'i-livc tluik;t: for a harassoil ruler. II is hardly surprising dial llurr Ilillur is explainitiK lo liis eon nlry mini Uial J''rcneli parlicipatinii in a gruul anti- Nir/.i plol \vas really Ihe iiilik'i'lyini; eanse for lliu recent lilnody llare-up in (il'I'IMilliy. lint lllis kind nl' slnnt can Iji; predy dani;i'i'iiiis. The l''retieh governnii'iil is not hiUinif kindly lo Hie explanation. The relationship lji>l\vcon llin two nations, already painfully strained, has Ki'own even tenser as a result. Suspicion anil dislike have hei-n aiwiilualcd on both sides. Thai Hitler has .-treiiirlheiu'd his position—for the niunioiU, at least—liy Ihe prompt way in whii'li he stamped onl rcviilt seems undeniable. But his slnry nf a 'Trench plol" may lie sloi 1 - iiiK up a lol of future trouble for him. I have ni>: i:rsi 10 Vi'ir licvitv 111. 'ii SIDE GLANCES By George Clark f f r jS|^f,5^|?f <f?/ -ft '\tiK/^*$m wmtitim "Yeah, my wife is that way; she wmiltl he onl ilandii' every ni^ht if 1 could lake her." Good Blood Supply Gives Skin the "Food" It Requires American and <if IIV :.liti:r. .xnniiiii i,f M,,. Mnliral A'.s,,ci.,(l,,,,, ;lllll <„ . [,i,i(,, ivlicu-., ,-..«•;. ,,l plmules llyi;,,:, II,,. l!, ; ,lll, ,M;, K1 ,,i m . ,l,:.H k |,,,,,k i.s in r,,eoni;mv action \rnir .skin yrls the i.oiinsli,, u .,,: .o: the |jo«v!s. ,,,,,1 in ' ltlLs Vl .. iv niLT-ary for us life hum you: lo keep ihe poisonous isial-mi" t.-lnod. exactly ;K i\a other lissin-.; Horn narliin.' (lie '.kin nl jnur body. , v.'lnli- \\v-n are no n::'i"i>c You can't l'::i-cl Mi.' .skin very svr . ; Ir.ei:.. the health ul yo:ir skin Irom (nubile. For iliis nMSnn. cv- !:, improved l.-y liiniririi; lii-j ,„:„','"skin loud" is l:,-i- of nact-.Tj:, Uial hvc •I'h;s. 0 [ is accompliiX-d I Here are mi more i.pecial .ski:i by Iiniiicni hatliin?. fiiKh than tticic are .vpcciul Inain '['lie liaih. p.miciil.uly win-1 ., fL ' i:i1 -'' '!.':<••<' sui'P .sintaWe Iu ynnr :k.:i ,'.. II is line nial Mini? fiffids cnniain unployid. keep.s yernu ol! i\:s more of ci-rlani Hi'jncheiu.s cl lii.' of the txjdy Inain Hum do ullu'rx Imt. il. ,.s .,,: Wo n,en willi ah,ur,,,.,llv d-v ti, yiun ..mjnai'h and inlvsliin-.s ,,-j.. kllls L ,, miul . !„,..,,„/;' " J ,, \\.. disc:.l and deliver the c.ssenli-il su!:- i t called naliu-d. PhilMeljlll(Um. versify oFRponsyl' Booth first acts in the United State?. fqfiotm-ls Qhwiitift over ttffiO (OOK ttich'S early. CHURCH EXCUSES Bi (Jro w. Uarh>m THIS CURIOUS^ WORLD B C! AlC OF THE FLATFISHES H'AVE cyts THAI" AAIGRAU : FROA\ ONC ilDE OF THE HEAD IO THE OTHER/ ,y^wr, te^DS^ A*" I3F-GIN LIFE WITH NORM ALLY PLACED EVES, BUT OH I; LYE SOON TRAVELS 70 TUG OTMLR, SIDt/ IN SO/W1 SPF-nilS, THE 11VE PROGRESS E Ht;AD, WliiLt: IN' OTH'.PS IT TRAVELS TJlli Will. il is jiu.i KS I exprvlcd. Mother svriics ?!\e is eilhcr Ining- sciuimq SWer and Junior tioii'.e. Rlii- says she look them lo Ifailro.ul Station to ;.co il there \vn:; any way Kho cnnld slny Llicni but Ihe man .said luid'.'i 1 ih.e Ci:de or whatever u la llicy could i.ol help her out. She says .she will lirisii; llii'in. She :ays 1 sim- pl mint arrange lo lake them in iiunday Sihool and Church, MI yon jan .stc I HISTORIC AMERICAN TREES ARE EQUIPPED WITH FIGURED AVERAGES' ABour4l PER CENT MJSCLE 18 PERCENT FAT/ FEMALE PRC: PORTIONS AUE ABOUT 35 MUSCLE AND 2& FAT. Aftc rtlie flral few v.eck.s of lit;. Hie fhulVmcs l : c>;in i» 1 on;.- .side. Xot only do I lie eyes;e iKBilion. bin th c jan «u I liave. my ironic.; as I ;of Hie bottom side of llic fish fado.s to :; pure white and Hie'mrai •.m,i to be unahlc 10 get cooper:,- ii{i( . u ,, nnWl , s ,, lc loll(! ,„ , Sc:l . bo; i 0!11 (nun my Church. It seems' \K.\I : Haw urten iln llii)ii<lri-stnrins im-ur al (lie I IL that if thu Church v.oiueil •.ij well ai the Pastor wanted U biuli! ,:p the Church as tliey al! ! •— : fay llu'.v do they would .semi for Sowed iliem to come in cntiia-i Kisli'i- and Junior or at least hcip will, any bill tin- best people, icir ,ne lind :;nmcone lo lake ilic-in and I love my children and my Chnrcli 1 waul them to nuclei stand thai and I will not do or allow any- ihcy must send a lesiKctalilu per- Ihini; d:.'ir.- 10 brnis reproach or mn as I will not stand lor just 'disgrace cm -.•illu-v. timonc. as t have never yet fil- i Cupyri'-jlilcil.) Read Courier News Want Ads, SOPHJK KEkR'S SUP£8B LOVE 'STORY • Their Ekins *I.,.K.-S to your blouil supply. Thvy •,,,.[, r»llo,v.s thc :iu Ilicn cair.'vd lo I tie parts of !tir ,;. ^ e budy that need Ihi'in. Coiiiiition of vonr c.oo:l. ir.n-'. for. . is nf the ifr-uii-M inip.-iy'-i':- to Hi: lu-alMi of your .-.kin. If ihe. tilcra! is (ieliiicnl in ml tuluiii:,; muttiM. il il K lull of,••;!.: wii.sir lAodnci.s Iliai slur.ild i,e elmiinati'd. Itns londiiion is p:i u- I'.tly n-lliTlrd in tupdilion ul :.._• .skin. It Ihr livrr falls propnly In :.r: l ill ul Mi? hill', the bile ;;-l . r.' i 111" bkiud Thr ;.i;in. as :i r. . ;':. cl:'v;-li"i'.. il ji'llnw liii.jc'. .V'ir.-';., [Vi :ili i'.\n-«, nl bile is lullmird ;.,• icvciv Hrllilij'.. In dial. 1e., theie r. loo n.. . 'a s.i' \vliirli caimn: Ij n:-vd by tile b;Hiy. A:; a skin i:. Eiiurtvd m u.: I : nil l;-i||:. multiply. .MM: l<.rk rli ii.v iiinir. TOJJAY 'I'cuitv cnnu^ n, -lrrniliM il f., ,.ln,\v time li,- .,t t.r ,t frli llfo -nil ulir i- ran lilnkc II AIIIJP h:ul l.rrn illil I."S\VAIU> ll.v of ?:i:ip. I. eases ,Lse ul a ck-alism cuani is warranted. K von have an r.xoci'diiijdy !;rc:i...,-! •km. however yon slio-.itt ,ivu:;i I cluiiisin;,' eivnins. Yunr skin ,.; j la. I c-iicil lor by regular u-iushin:- v, iih soap and hot \vaier. | I'-- of i old wiii:r iifn-r iiot v.a-' UM- has a Hum; died on Ihr skin nnd .sliinulaies it. the J:i:u. 7.rre!Ml ,m lilm nnil niarrli-il An..,. I n:il,lc- to lu-ar Ihr KluTil ,'f AIIIJ'.^ ti:i|,],;tivss, J:iii c i.Siinin* :i Job In n .\i-xv Vurk ri-al €M:ite , lil.i'. .l:ii,,- fs rlrvi-r :inil fumn IH tiink- III^ :in r\v|.]]i-NI i-alnry. She li:i-* :TII rnralr \vilh IUM;i:K I'llOitei:. ^in> is UKirrlnl. I.nlrr hill- Itrc.s . : him and \vhrli hi- ( itriT?i I,, l.rar rlir i..\]trnM- ur Ihc-ir rtiild slic Ula(I.'^I-N hi,,, viiiil|.|ii|tnn,iisl>. <Jrsi>i.f-:ilc plight ,, fy Sopliic Kcrr Mo lanshcd aloud: "Amy — I {out for Iicr.-elr. a perilous prw'ecd- don't hclicvo you!" ing for one w[l!i only a small iirc!e "Hut I have. It's tlio trtllh. lot friends and acquaintance?, since Come aloiiK and look at her." jtlie real estate, lui^iuess counts RO He followed, holding lier nnn i surely on such cuntai'ls. Vet .lane tight, still laiiRliiim, hut at the. siylit of Hie cradle anil the sleep- Ing child he slopped amazed. "Well, I'm a sou ot:, sun! It is Ihe truth. A little, girl? What's her name?" "Mho hasn't any yet. I waited tor yon In choose one." "Clood. we'll call her Asclina after tho wife of the captain ot siiip. Klio w.ns a grand old lurii- t., Am v for lirl|> Iliin-iril ' ' bi.iiiii um MOT prolita alight, llirt Hire. Hliacl I nils <:rrni:iny ' \i,,f j N' iliunc sii feet two, voice meant iveck after week, uinn-h lmii"ii!" ir.Vy il''T,!!'m S ,m'l "ll-n" i'' k ° '^ ! "~' lla1 "- ll!1r(1 ™ m '^ ln llc aflcr inoillh of hard prlml 10. u. I! li.-rriii.-ii i,.-',-;,,,,r .i:mp I'n.iM. .m in " 10 K1 Iert Mnscillli, housed thcjiioars a day. Nnt that Jane oh- liad done fairly well. Now and then she acted roiindenlially lur Kamlels 1 . and Mr. Kamlel lurl ijrKcd her lo conic linck lo his ofliuc. hut slio would nol do Uial. f CJrnihially a'ntl iier.^i^tently she had v.-orkeil up a delinite line tor v herself amon:; the -rnall Inndloi ils /^ and her [iro^icbs had been steady, lier prnfits fllicht, lurt pure. It had . I '" '».':•The Editor's Letter Box pr. ihllluli li-r r rlillil ^llh tlir lhat Jnnt: nui . ilrp'iniii: ii,,ii» :"nl stir l whole works." Ijectrd to tho criml. Klio watched lilm for somo sign j i 0 ], 0 sr) tired at ni Like: OL': 1 l.n mi- l.rllrrs 1 I tlavc ll'.a" H luvurs 111 S<r:((.ons of lll In liic skin <il il:i- h-ast diuilit. that within the .; we ;liall :.ce even i;reati'r pios- ;<e liavr kiumn as a nation— iy n( the kind that bcnclUs — Walter I'. Clnv.-1-i. Bv Williams ' THATb- ALL SHE GOT MARRlHD PER— " I 'UST TO GIT OUTA WARSHIM' PISHES— W'HULL REA^OM! SHE'LL JIST HAND THAT GUY A TAKI AMD A EAT " OH, BOSH/ L suppose i GOT MARRIED \ TO &ET our CF WORK', TOO, HAH? J-l. & 3 ^ f\ i u 1 IgBT GRAY. PI •y road your »r .i-,; M -;ii.. ;'inl UK- ,hih- o is ll-.i- ro.,l of all. \u:t- .six loiv; li-u-.-rs iu !ii Hox, :ni(i in-.y \\i-T.' <ir p.p. 11 [iiiun- spicv nil-, hU srouv <;n fix u'triT TIM ClIAPTIlIi .XX the telephone Howard ex- of (lisap[iroval. "You don't iniiul. llowaril? Vou'rc suro you don't mind?" Hut ho only took lier ai:ain in his anus. "Amy, K\verl, anyUitng in Mils ivoflil you want to do is right, with me." Him sho would neither thttik imr r Sho welcomed an niiddvii srot mid humiliation. [; her fooli-h surrender t Tliorno, biiinillalion nnd fur 10- rr[ Tor I'.iinnJ It nil to Amy. EJo and JAS*K roatl tho lotlcr from .Allss :--::-'>r Ivllnrl linrl sntiiipnly man- [ wilh a frown. It \vns «l lo ;^t p.ij-s;ixc mi a frci^lilor j H-nnUvo. qiirrnlonp. fjnKo unlike — :-]mv nrnl f--«inli nml primitive, i v. Itlmi'. :\ uinit-.--. They had just \ cal I lid! yon Ci:iii(lr ]•'. C'co]>cr. ^- H. N. K; Aillinr yinlilt . Rini••' M JI I 1 . 1. 'i- mill Krx Jlnki r .iiivi 1 .'• -.K> t'l:'ir Olllon.s." \Vl:y diin'l iiroplr \vrilc IIKI:I- :;t tin 1 !.<•!!(•!• Uo\ and pill a kK-k ill th-' n-'M.s. ll'.s fnnny lo ri-aii •IV UlC lr|| c .;,s |u ; .re « llUlfmtl i- pn-plr .ur ihiiikin:; :it:unl. ."I W. I', .hulil. ,i- itjQ'llEcad'Ariny n iy i'A.V" ^l^^'.^-.T71!^i^£:i' ANNOUNCEMENTS Tim Conilrr Nrvs liar, brru nil- horlv.c'.l lo anr.oiinn tti. candidates f"r i.-.ijiic CCt to llic IX-I,UK-Mil text An^itsl: I'nr IVY \V. <;i;.\wi < (MJNTIS J. l.trn,;: I'or Hcrl.-clwii !'>: ,^ r'ur C'nm;[y .rim-f UAI. II. IIAIli:iKcix OLOKC.t: \V. HAIili.'.M F'or Mrinbrr of ('nn;rrvi CLINTON I. CALWVKI.l. I'or Shrrdl and CLMirN'CE II. V,'lt:ON For iie-clcctlon for ficccmd 'Icrm i'nr ( dimly 1 rcascnrr JOR S. DII.l.MlliNTY UOI.AN'D For ('in nil Cnnrl Cl IIUCiH UliAir; ADDIKON SMITH Ii. I>. (bKKl.Ti STOUT I'or C'riinly Cniirl ClrTii niKn n.KKMAK Tor ni-.KIcrllnn fnr Vtirt Terra CAKKY W<J()DBUi!S' Tor Awsvir H t. (IHT.I.V. (JAiTiF-S VI. G'. (IKEi HUUBON Inr Constibl-: c! C-lilcK^sawb.i To^iuihlp JACK HOBCRTUO.N sa's n^ii;il rofni^t rnininutil- Rho rlifln't Iccl wctl. She ninl lie tin*! rnrcU to ihe'wnr. tivcrl all flic linm. Slic <Iiiln't ir.ivrst tHrplifirin. Yr?. l:o hnil Font :<M ,1 c-it'!-? wlirn they left hnl lind fleoii more I Inn two Iionra a nichl. This war over tn Kurnne was very tn fT.lin;l il in a Mnpiil chap. npscftiiiK ami now it looiicd as In-rl j'ivkilnl the amney ihnimli Airinrira wonhl have to jnin ttn<«\*n llTi inc~?a;;e au-ay. Jin anil a fhto mrps that would ho! .-nya; seK In Amy, pcnniUed Ainv to i KiiH her. Amy bnd I old her tn r-lny nut lior Life, ncvor t«j try to n]»e il child. Jane Laifd Ibc icrrdlnt fi of it, tlio submission to Aaiy. SJ should have hocti as UiM'T ivi Amy as As Tnr why, it Amy who b;nl l:^ Kl:iy oist o[ hrrs. JnnoV— Jiadn't Amy had hern with bfr. liiyin™ nut of Amy's Hf-? — well nrnl tic was i ohl Viofcs^or l-',llcrt llio Maliiiu llor were in had order, too. 'ciiiid? by t from kini: Tlownrrl .Knrk~nri her? Ami mm-. >cr LCommantlor of the mi?5 night oC .-,10>r.riny Martin ti.-inbci^ to ''Alr.ska will to t.k-it. C-^I. Henry ami Rim didn't, tntpt tlin advico ot lur llic'"''' " n ' v yonnc ]urtnor Mr. Jlassey ,hnd taken in. one of tho Tralnors .n'lr voice. • ni "l Mi" Trninor^ vero trapli .•-.:• :f Jl:cie.= line Inn I hail tn ' l n f:nndue" -Tano would conic and :]•-.!'.; l.i >.:i lii ..I." Ar.d Ihen i help lirr deride what tn do. Pliff .• i • "Ii n lini:—d.ivlin^:" j'Jiiln't wanl to end her ilays (n tlio .'..::'!• :hn h:\d ]>n', dmvn liie tele- ' pnorlmnsc, hut she, felt slio was [•'.-•:•': s!ie ied lhal lie ! ^iifly lieadcd Inward it. .: 'i=-.'l i :•{ l,ii i-.v nl.-iit Hir? l,aliy.' Jane put Ihf* IMIrr down on hor X ; il He w.i? h.irk. ' d«-Fl< r.lid rcn-ltli'red. It was al:.,. v. 11 ..if.-. lii .in-iMiT .lay iin ! most vcarF :dnrn slin had ln-on v.-i.-il I I- v;il!i I'.-r! Noiliiuc. ii-lti-!'" Mnrlmre. H"r Inul viiii (here • • ; ,: . ni.i>t'-ird l>,'.ynnd that j" ns wtKii she hml nuinrmcd lo cct ::•.••••! l.iiiiwlr.l':.: and exprrtatinn. | IIT InllfrllniK" mil nf Misa flosa'E -cy'n hands. and blnrrrd an-1 -.A« ever i'1> .ii'-l and w :!i sh" !-.:,rdli -1 and Mr ( |ri|". Si'.O ; " Tll ° n ' fl c ci'l^nrd tn. - ?nn Hmnthl. "ami if bo's taken In -.v what she ' a F;n1 - 11 '' >" n 'm^ nlrk fhore's no tell- ird .ind pel- ' in!: wlial rn "lf' 1w[»prn to Aunt av.d rr : ar- j Iln;:;i ' s n^f.ey. Tli:it money niifiht m rrammcd ' fn roni ° '° mf! Ronif; day. T intn the Mr'rcrfiri aiicn had rrtiinivl Ushcrl hirinr::^. b accoiint ami lirr f".vn ^rivain t: : . -• : ••- tlon. Php had l:ik--ri anolbrr a: Tiicnt — with Pi'-vn'fr.^ and ,:n .?;. : TinU form. Mi^ n^rd poiii" "f V r lif-t rlirnfT lo cTfnnnr nnw n- i Ihrn and v,a; n^^.I i.y Hiorn Ii: :<•-. i' to the tli'Mtf-r .ir; 1 nl rn(ir<*T( nr i-t wi-m.ifi f n'r-tnl. M 1 =< : i '. or r-r>ine n'lif-r turn, i'l: to an f.. i i,ii-nj show wilh n w.-rn; Jardino p r rl-..-;v-. cTinsen fi'r r>-.|iii- i work wa^ l i.-r lii: nntliin" pi:- 1 :'.! if al-onl llo^r Tlnri-" and cvra Arny. U:- i • •1 i!,n hnn-^. Slii crammed:'" rf)m!> lo "^ ^^ '>^- 1 ™» ' ot nnieaRv s-. f i. ...V,,.. ,,.,.„ u;r!=.-ral"7 and ]-n:-.liy withj 1 "' 1 E " mc nf '- ""'^ for (llis Scnr! I could nev-r have ! ,,, ; V..,.~i .„ |,,'.'. ^vcr shown the pll-htcJl prcf- j P n -"" rl1 ]m ' f - ( " "" nTI ' 1 >mk illto jt -" (lived FO s.ijpil'i!:.-. - ^'r^'.'dv ^'^. tlic roo^is wilh Si-.- til.iye'l t-ii:il uiiimph Urr lid I pica-ant wns ^ neat and | even on this rlnudy | March raorniair. T[,crc was iia^ nli.nrl it cxrept J.inp r en=or rnni y..\:c'.t ami thc hitar- :ins ider'B Kasiitr.e li.ind" ! licr?»lf. flcmlor and smart In her mor.icnt \v;i-? an ace dress nf Hue <Iark sercn with lliin >-il ni:>.-,lan!ly lo walch ; white riiffle.i nerns.^ the nei-k nnd A Tr-l^craui r.nnr. arniinil her wrists. Tlio con- M:o hmir <if hh ar-.traft Miilrd her. Her sruso ot li-.a!. :'i.d al hot lime reluctantly j drama was cr.illfied I.y itncd elnshr.-i . dui;crri Itirlf to llic fulfilment of.and (rood crnnminc. San wan Ihe j ll:i> jiro-nbc. Isurrcssfnl yonnc hnsiuess woman.] He wos Ihcrc. arln.illy. brown , ?oltlnc and costume romplclc. Hat j ani hard a'ld fttmt. ili^ nrm? ! the plain polished walnut, tlio cn«. fore like hinds of steel aiound her. Iment elntb curtains, tho dark ni!;.=. "I we.rVil a? an alilc seaman oni" 10 rall-hnlton. tclcpnone, letter I'-." li^murd I'.'ii" ho 5.ild. "Ii h^sksts—Itics" n;!?lit Just ns well <<-.v;M In!" Ken f;ri if I iMda'l !lrlv(> brinnc^l in a ii. i nun. Tn mako ! i I nnl nr ; v..1-. the fir^: •- ir.; h-r mrifs 'I', ni' 'She's e-.i . March Field. KlvcrMde, Cjllf. | r - t 1 ^- * yonns bnsiae? • A rTEP ' ?' not re.illy C M." tlnnpln .lane. - ... never tclh i- fr a!;n . b,,, p h e ran't i f-1 CT Ti2. Ro she surely Ma.-;cy ' pri=t. ' CTFT -inrt A-i'.y (To "- Conlinucd.) I sliall Kcvr)

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