The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1952
Page 10
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PACE TEN' BnfTHFriLLB (ARK.) COURTRR JffiWt Canned Ham Ideal For Backard Meals 8ac/cy< By CECILY BROWNSTONP, Associated Prw* Food Edllnr Want an easy-do main course for I porch or backyard supper? Then choose a canned ham; you get & lot of boneless meat for your money. you can prepare it. quickly, and carve It Info attractive, uniform slices, Practically everyone likes ham, so you're safe in serving It for a party. But one precaution: After you buy it, keep the unopened canned ham In the refrleerntor. With the ham serve scalloped potatoes or potato salad; in either case add a tossed green salad for texture contrast, Rolls, relishes, a frosty beverage, frrsh fruit and cookies can complete the menu. Here's a special recipe for the ham: BAKP.I) CANNED HAM FOB A CROWD Remove ham from can. 'Save Jelly surrounding ham for soups or sauces.) Slice ham into one-eighth to one-quarter inch Mices. Tie slices together with strinp to form original-shaped loaf. Place on R shpct ,-i B ,;r .,„ „ racx in n roas'lnB par of aluminum foil and brine Ml up' fucfe narrow end of tenderloin un to cover sides of ham. Spread or- der - to make the roast an even ange marmalade over top surface, thickness Place ham on a rack In a shallow baking pan. Heat in a moderate f350 P.I c*en l',4 hours. Remove string and serve hot. Plan on 4 to 5 servings per pound; one pound will yield about 5 slices one-quarter Inch thick, 10 slices about one-el(rhth Inch thick . If you vant more delicious recipes for ham and other meats you'll find them In a new publication, "M»rlh» Logan's Meal Cook Hook," by Beth Bailey McLean and Thorn HeRstad Campbell (Pocket Rooks. 25ci. Because the am hois of this book have had years of experience both in meat, cookery research and home kitchens these rerlpes are utterly reliable. In addition there nre all kinds of Interesting variations of basic "including poultry) recipes and all Ihe Information you need to buy meat* economlcallv and wisely. Hero's one of the most ' . tnteres'tinp recipes In th don't try to .substitute a fancy cut of beef for the low-crarie bee! railed foi — It Just won't, work a 1 well! BKEF TEN'DKRI.OIN ROVAI.K Ingredients; ] beef tenderloin (low grade) 4 to 6 pounds. ", cup Apple, Celery Tops for Salad Combine Wifh Nuts To Moke Any Salad Fresh, Enjoyable Apple, celery ana mil «,i.'sd. (, r <re. coll summer salad ntld cnlp slaw ith buttermilk rlrcwbiz ,->rp Just lev fiiBKMllon.s fur mt>kins> jiim- mor menus morn r;i|ry/,iblo. Cote Slaw Wilh nutli-rmllk nrprvsin? Shred a head of crisp cabbaee paper W, n . AfM 2 umall onions, sliced thin, fi Muffed B reen olives and n few .Srtlt t/> taste. nrrsslne: Use 1 ( ra s|wun fnme freshly crnund pepper, a of timiirrir. a pinch of cnrrv ;>l»s wiper Juice. sail itirli pow- Wholesale Food Prices Near Peak NEW YORK Mi-Wholesale food prices, as measured by Dun <k Bradslretil, this wwk cllmb«d *]• nirut to the year'i pfak. At 3fi.«3 the Index compared with «.*» last week; and was Just one cent below the 1952 high to date, established on January 1, This wee.ks' level wa* 4,1 per cent below the year-aso wcek'i »6.B1. The low so far thlj year was «63i on April 22. The Index repre*entlnz Die lola: cost Bl wholesale of one pound e«ch of 31 foods In general use. salad nil or bacon drippings. Method: Remove surface fa I. and connective tissue from Innderloin. rack in a roas'lntz pan. rtcr. 1 teaspoon WorceMrrsllIre • sauce. ,lmi H ™ n imynn noise. To' this mixture adrl onourh buttermilk to rnnke rnnftslcnry of thick cream Pour over .vilail materials and u>« .- until romplctely bkwlrd. book-hut -ma,, rw , ipp ,, omcs from (hp n(>w "Elsie's cnnk Book." one or our favorites of this year. So do the fol- lou'inp j'wipc.n- llroccoll Slimmer Salad Cut. tin leftover irc-cold broccoli Ulln a bowl. Add fllcrd tomatoes and c^rvrtat sausnue. leftover cooked ham. chicken or jrork. diced Mix l«f>p|hcr in R PYench drr-Miup; in which n clove of carlic has been roast . Brush, with oil. Insert a meat thermometer Into the center of (he thickets part. Roost In a hot oven M5n F.) 4S to 60 minutes or to an Infc-rnal temperature of HOP. Serveh ol ^1th frl rings or browned mi, „.,.,„,,,„ Yield: 8 lx> 12 slices II Inch thick). Meat Balls Fixed Die Danish Way Copenhagen Meaf Hoi Flavor that You'll Never Forget Copenhagen meals are bountiful. are still reducing after our visit their you to Cwnrrurk. We'll ne^er forget m««t balks— nor wlll'-you when h»w tried them. I**** • good r«etp«. n UBM i Httle monosodlum ghjtwnatf to bring «t the flavor. DanMi Mrat Baft* Meat Ball*: One pound ground beef, =4 pound ground pork, H mip fine, dry bre«d orambs, 1 egfr, well beaten, !4 cup «old a-ater. 'i ten- spoon ndltun salt, H , ?lufama*«. toaspooni . teaspoon pepper, 2 table- «poon« baron ch-tpprngB or other lat. dripp4r,9«. Shap« ki*o balls Mw 8h« of iff** ma»M«. Ifftnt. btcm ijrlp- plngs In large, heavy jfclllp.t-, braim balls nicely on nil sldm. Bwnova meat balls from skillet and pour off and reserve drippings. Prepare «*uce in s*iHet M follows: Sauce: Three tablespoon* drlp- plnas from meat balls or olh«r lal,, 3 tablespoons flour. 2',t cups water. 1. <l ! .i-ouncel package dehydrated oriion soup. H cup creatn or undl- hiUd eraporated milk, H nnp sherry, V4 -teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, H teaspoon monosrdium glutamnte, salt, and pepper to taste. Blend dripping* and flow In skil-, let; add water and cook, stirring constantly, until mixture bolls and thickens. Artel remaining Ingredients. Return bolls to sauce. COT- w and simmer very gently ^hmir, stirring occasionally. Serves 6. (Dish may lw prepared ahead of time and rehMted gently before serving. If sravy thickens upon standing, then with a little »d<Jitional water.) Supper Treat Here's a quick supper dish. Brown thin slices of ham in ymjr irylm- pan. then top with a corn bread batter. Bake fnr about .10 mis- utes in a 400 degree F. oven. Serve with a tomato or cheese sauce. Read Courier News Classified Ads RED CROSS MACARONI PRODUCTS Guaranteed Better IN 3 BIG WAYS- OR YOUR -MONEY BACK- H«r» h Our Ovbrantct r« Y»» Buj inri try sny Rt<i Cross M«caroni prdducl. II ro » fo a > t find it superior in flavor, l&xhne tnd unt^onnitT to any oTheryou h«« «v«r used, return the uti- nsed portion ol ihe package lo your dealer. Full purchast prkt wiU b« refunded promptly. Plan Dinners To Use Sales To Advantage What's for tomorrow's dinner? Answer that one. and you can save money. If yon plan dinners days fn advance, you can take advantage of market upeclals, abundant foods and left-overs far better than If you rush Into planning a men I at the last, moment, Take a look at these budget men- UB, planned, to get the most food Jor your money inte Uw family's 1— Brofltd chicken, mantled turnips, steamed dandelion greens, tomato werige* with dresilnj. butterscotch bread pudding, coffee, milk. J— Broiled ham uteakii, rfcs, with raisins, grcnn benns. lettuce wedge* with French dressing, chilled peach halves, cookies, ooffes, mirk. S— Beef-sno-sauertrmrt „.„. twtted potatoe*. pickled beets ryo bread, bnttw or forHfled marga- «, loe nrentn with crushed fresh str»»berrt«ii, eoffe*. standing for some lime. Serve as n main dish ofr luncheon with Lled- erkranz cheese and crackers and Iced lea. rilrumW. Onion, Kadlsh Salad Slice cucumbers and radishes very thin, as many as you. want, Slice onion and separate Into rin?s Place IliRredienls In a glass or pottery dish, cover with sour cream flrossinK and refrlecrate until readv to serve. This is an old-fashioned salnd but still one ol the best AJUISTITUTt FOR MEAT yow 94 Mamphts PscUrtq Co., Memphis, Tsnn. WHIM rr RAINS IT ,^_H POURS Fine quality, fresh, pure GROUND BEEF Lb. 49 c Country Bt.vle, pork SftUSflfiE 3 ,,.,1.00 Rib or briskcl STEWING BEEF ........390 For rcnl crnnnmv PICNIC HAMS , "~" •""' y • n.8. Good (')mrk BEEF BOAST ,,59g Nahiscn Rilz CRACKERS ™ Jlrs. Bell's pure Strawberry PRESERVES 2t69j J. nvely Ice Cream POWBER Red Triump POTATOES 1Q,, )S 690 C'nlifninia Iceberg LETTUCE 2£27g Olrl Iliilrh Sea Swell SALMOH 2^4918 Vsn Camp's, ,\o. 300 ran PORK 8 BEANS 3 ,.27< Nn. 2 ran Rlvie Rirrf pure ORANGE JUICE 2 for 190 CLEflNSER 3, ..270 IK 21 1! Snnp with rhlorophyll PALMOLIVE ann si/.e KLEENEX A'o limil Dinmnnd Soflex TOILET TISSUE .. rnll 90 It Pays To Shop at Mays' MAYS' SUPER MARKET South 21s» PET MILK 2 cans 27 Old Judge COFFEE Steed's Creamy ICE CREAM Fab WASH. POWDER Giant Box 59 •Mi^lHiB^B 71 Old Dutch CLEANSER 3 Cans 27 LEMONS - • doz. 39c RED HAVEN PEACHES --ib Ik GOLDEN BANTAM CORN- ear 5c ICEBERG BELL PEPPERS ea. 3c YELLOW SQUASH --.ib,15c READY TO IAT PICNIC HAM - ib. 42c ALL MEAT FRANKS - - - ib. 45c IDEAL FOR FLAVORING Bacon End pieces ib 12c Chicken Backs ib 29c STREAK-o-LEAN SALT MEAT - ib 29c Did You Know? Liberty Cash Sefi th« price and others follow,

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