The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1931
Page 6
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RI.YTHKVtl.l.K. (AKK.) COUKfEU NEWS SATURDAY, JIWB 27. 10,'U Some of Der Maxic's Faces All Skcnlicisrn As to Champ's Ability Vanished wilh Knockout, BV wr.HXER I.AI.TCR CLEVELAND. June 25.—Ail '!;'.;i- llelon as lo Max Scl;mMin(!'s fr'fr.- ing ability vanished on th; nr:. • Feb. 1. 1923 when he ijclinic'illy knocked out Johnny Ri'k<>. t'-i: Cleveland baker boy. in uiii" rounds in Madison Sqii.ii? G.T;k': New York. The. one-round kncirhoul Max :>(!• ministered lo Pielro Coin in Ne.v- nrk some months before l«:;l i>i:>: • than mildly ilirrud '.lie Is'is' Interest, but after all Corrl n:vcr iurl been considered belt?! 1 lr.;m :i ill!' i rater. Johnny Risko, on'lhs fir: hand, WP.E at that time, an:! fill! i- for that mutter, one of the tcii;:\- est hoavyweishts in'the gam.--. Risko novel' had been km? out and heil'n t •? b;-.-.: m-i- in the division, lucl'.i'Ji'ig Shr.rkry, raullno Uzci dun atirj Gcsri-.o O::i- frcy. lie was the choice cf :uoc-t K Ib? fans ts- meet Gene- Tunnry when Tumicv defcnrt?d li!^ cro-.i-:, fov the "last time reams'. Tom lle?- 'ney. Why Tiinney suie^toppfd rai- ko'and hand-picked p.inr oH Tom was evident." Though It ts just like Rl^kr. 'forget nil about training for a fhht when lie is matched wl'h ri nifin wlio has not proven himself, Hi? Way in which Schmflin^ finished the Rubber Man left no doubt, In the specla(orr,' miutls Ihnl hrn> war, n natural fighter who lived tei fk'ol There later were sloric? of !'.?•- Rlsko, jusl having b^r-n jllicd by his boyhood sweetheart, «iu" Into the ring with his thrai;!it.-. 500 mil.r away from Music's «lov:s. I3i:t after that first po'is It's a P'l« 'ho? Johnny was r.l! business again. Maxie's fists made him so. ' At Ihe clang of the boll Mv:!'.' tore Into Risko with a savaw two- fisted at lack. Risko. awaken?:!, hooked lo hen:! and lra:!v ""'' fought back viciously. Max ni! : Rlsko 'with a short ri^ht l>5ri:l ii the jaw that brouqhl the bakrr to.- to his knees In Ills own corivr, b--i' he was up without a cnunt aivj ' they traded rights anrt lefts '.vMh tlie rhythm of two men sv.v!n~ down n giant tree. It was Schmel-Ing's round. Risi:« concentrated bis attack on the body In the second and in the course of fltthtiuc: sent 'wo or thrr'- low punches. He was warnn.-l bv Referee Donovan. So!im?llv.gvm:i"V.- ed back all the harder and th- crowtl. v:as on its feet scvcimln'. 1 when the b?ll rails. • •Afbr a initiate's rest Max wr>.r. out there again unrtir th: lights banking away ?.t the purictv Clcv?- lander. who ofien tucked hi- )i?v' behind bnth forearms lo war,-', of! the attack. g:lim;llii» wen tills round also by cleaner, • h?rd~:- punching and ceaseless assrrc." pcss. .The fourth went to Risko. when Schrnelhis pulled up, rating himself for the later rounds, wlion In- planned' hk real clama?c. Rlskr. puffed nnd Euorted and bwd thr\-:-_' lefts over in great style. He riiinch- ed often ?nd accurately but ^eeni- inrriy ciid not hurt the German. They slower! down during th? fifth. Bati: were weary from tlvi furious-pace of the first rc-uncis. Ri=ko landed the mn*r punches, but they lacked the slim of SchmeliiiEr's blows. The- sixlh w.-is ell Risko. It op?n- ed with a frenzied mixing of bo;ly punches and Maxi? was force:! t'i break ground. Risko pursued . Schmellng across the rin^ to purn- mel and pop JTaxb until the 1 Lvl!. Scbmcling leak a trrcat of punlshrr-.oni and slcc:i up its:nclv under it. In the seventh and eighth Maxif stalled his blasl of flslic fireworks. Shortly after b^itig dirH by one of John's colossal loipin? hooks. ^Tax cleared his head and lore in. A short rlsht Ibe.t trnvrhtl i;V. • more than a foot put Risko in Hi-resin for a ninD count. Max theri rained punches on Jotinny's head but coaltl not finish his man. Risko azain cams a cropn?r !'.;in the eighth after abforbin; a Oi , . of and when the bell cam? to his rescue it was clearly evident that he' would not survive ar.o!h?r roini'J. Which was correct. ,' » • a Ti-.e end came early in th? ninth V round. All Risko's rin<? craft rs-iVJ -, . not save him from Iho 1 :? th-rHini fists. Lightning lefts and rights brouglit Johnny's hands dov.p.. A terrific right-hand smash sen', him spinning across the rin? anS a left .and two more righls knor'sH him to the floor. He rose at t?i» conn' of nine and gamely stajnered Ir.'.o ;'• two more flashing f sts that aaain j deposited, him on the canvr.s. ;.-. . • Risko came up once nior; and th- 1 •,.' blows fell like hailstones on his '•• face and head. The crowd ycllsd Defends Title Claims Here r^filESTODAY Washlncicn at Chir-.ife-. ncston at S'.. Loiil.'-. Philadolphh a! Pcti> v .:. Ne-,v York al Cl''vc;..r.-i. CLDSE ONE BRUSHING UP SPORTS Robins I riuniph In fcst: Macks kiln As Senators Drop Back. Tlie Ai-nerlcan leaders, the rliam- ;iV,n Athletics were held Idle bv rain yesterday, but the cliallciuc- i iuo Seniors wur" set Vu-k bv 'he ':blcai!<> White S-i>:. In the Nn- lininil circuil. 'the Si. l.ouls Cardinals ran itilo Ihe Docifi3rs and oaf" sc-iters losl. I'al Carawiv limited H" 1 in r. to fl".. lids am) thr- V/hit^- Sox v.'on a close t-'ami- from the Nats. 4 In :i. The wlnnbiy run wcs s:orcd in the i;lyhl>i inlii-?. Oarriwav not three of his trnm's hit^. Kuliel vvitn (wo lionieis I'd the Washliij;- Icn attack. Thi Nats resled n Game and a half back of Ihe Ath- I'.-lirs as a result. The lirowns made their winning •:tre'tk r'-ach five slraipht l)y di- fcallng I'll- Rosi'jn Red Sox at SI. I nuis. The Score was 3 to 2 with Rip Collins brsllnu three Boston nirlcrs. Rotlirock hll a homer for Hesl/in. The Urnoklyii Dniif.?rs noundcd out 15 hits off Orimcs. Hallahan inti Umlsev and counted a 1G to 5 vlclorv. I-'redcilek O'Doul. Thurs- ion, the Robin hurler, and Herman led the assault with home runs. Grimes was the losing pilch- r. Bill Walker gave Ihe Ci'.icinnall Reds but four hits and the New York Giants won, 2 lo 0. Ogtlen liurled a good game for the Red- legs. The Cincinnati hurler was poorly .supported. Fiillls hit a licmer for New York. Selbold and Cantwell combined lo hold tlie hard hiltlng Cubs lo four, bingles and the Boston Braves won a t to 3 decision al Boston. Shcely hit a ho:«r for Boston. Malonc was the losing hurler. Poimdiii!! the offerings of two Pirate hurleis, Ihe Phillies defeated tlv; Pillsburgh Virates. 13 to 2. Wall hurled steady ball for Philadelphia. Davis lilt a homer and other Phillies hit the ball hard. What Dn They Want? There lias l«en some uproar about Ihe rotten state to which boxine has fallen loduy. A great many phoney tights have tern foisted upon the fans. Frills without number have bieu peroetratcd. There have been plenty of dives and all that. Recently Prinio Camera was matched wilh Pat Redmond. Tu order tn circumvent a small malter of contracts and a suorcme court or two. Pat was advertised as a pnlo- nh!c 1mm. Sports writers in New York and Brooklvn made all sorts of fun of the affair. It was nnde olain to the fans that Redmond an obvious nushovcr, bv all cxcent nil? N»w York writer who fnceltous- Iv pirkrul Redmond to belt Priino out of Hie™ in a few heats. Artmiltedlv Redmond was a bum nf tlie lowest ranklnt; in Fistinm Hose Drop Second to Seaporters HELENA. Ark— The Helena. Sea- orters made it two straight over he Blytheville Red Sox by wln- hei", yesicrclsy, 5 to 3. The ocals won Thursday's game, also y n close margin. The Seaporters got to "Spot 1 ' leid, Blythevllle hurler. for 10 lits. The lilythevillo hitters were ittle better at solving Helena pit- hing Friday than they were Thursday. Oakley and Tinsley limited the visitors to five hits. Oakley was eplaceci because of a sore arm. The two teams play here a»ain Sunday. Score iclena Blylheville L. Delony, Trustee, were Plaintiffs. | suction lo the highest and best bid- No. 4914, and 'Jack E. Wilson. Grac | Wilson and Daley R. Hill were Defendants, will sell at public auction Ci:iri:in,'ii ."I Nov.- V'-nrk. Plllfbui-jii at Piiiladc'iphb. lv\ nil ni/p in h!H!\3 111 Dixie Trains ! T}-.;:i U;n;oii. nh'.heulle !i-:!itv.rirTii;. who lins [pined prcniinence ;hl.s I j-i-ar v.i;h a nn-.iib. 1 ! 1 of vici-.n-i-M Iu Ihe' riiv! lopp^l oil with a doi i -ii-r. CAW 1 Tori-. ,r. s:. l.r-ni:-. will mr.i-t Sjinice Gib:is. above. j<r r;! P.,: 1 .. c.i in thf n\::' : .\ ;:-i "! r.,r Al:!',oly car<l lu'rc Tucs:1;iy nlglll. ..•<! r.-.u' ot .;:.• '.;-s'. p;;-:iis!u: prospects ever tumid out 'n the V.'n^dci :-j:a!c- Oitl:r. sy Endurance Sl'ter Roosts in AuSo POr:SV!t!B Pa. ili|-i-.Jpr.'.-ph (lurn.nre .Mttrr this \~ j ., tn earn r liTC:u!-l:an i .^il^nicM):!^; ^-'*-'.h',- i vir-!ir.!n '. n nion:!'. i:i an old! : nnt f v.:ipbi!i' u^rchrd o", ;• role Ti5; •P ' -el v hv rl,- nr.?i Lc^kr.ut tr 3. Harrv KcPv Holliai:<;i:er n .osiiiic run v..-,? tent'-, innins- w : lh on Ilra7iil's double. Tlv Sashviiii; Vo r. Rock Trjvfbis S ill 0. 7.umbro w r:-.ihrr (i on Junt'- 1-1 \v.-s t!-r w : ."-rii!- le !c?hv: Ivrl.-r.' v..-,? r.c->i-,'(i in Gi'Hs rr.i::itii>si brat -.t !.:! llio I.'.i- r-if tr whirl: li- ;i|-_is ovdiii? to liit rnnlracl ,| 10 -)-,-rchcd <i".rr fo:iw. r.:!cs pud liri'.-s t>f the . A )I!<WR cf „,., r , : - n . frmK . , (rro-« : .l;nr^ rl til- ' S ill 0. 7.umbro was llio vvir.tii:-.t :' n , )rt , jl;r 1 -., r . 1 , , s osr ,...,..i .„ , slM pitcher and Pence the lo-cr. The I rlomcll i s (.„,„> m av Ix- in the vari- Vols hit Ih? ball hard, er.rnt-ring aWp WC j t i, rr r or ' n ., r,..;o. rc b ! 'e i>;n vou K\OW THAT— triblin? is Hie overwhelming choice lo beat Seluuelit-.^ . . . but Sock wh.u they dl.i to corn* 1 !! . . . good biq m^n (~u:ht to able to beat good lilile men . all right. KO r.nd find us tome food tig men . . . Car- nrrn't fijlu . . . Mirlsry W.i!l:cv would murder lum . . . Albi'rt rinU-y is riding winner'; on Canadian tracks . . . he's ru!y 50 . . . and Gr;y !,ng is only 13 ... nnd has liirrr less fc'.ii knows oxiictly wii.-ii to (To M !tii ihose ihroe ic;s In ;l:n ol.-i .strrtc.h . . . One-Eye Connolly has arrived In Cleveland for the fight . . . lending some le ti:-iacy lo Ihe affair. 18 hits. !'.c:ne he ivnipics ha> no : ny Thai fo«-t was broirehl out in tesli- ninnv n' a .wjnrcme court liearln-; before the fleht. '» * * irniim's Veracity. And what liaunomwl? Well, the' H'Tht to not iul^ E'oliels Field t 1 " iho I hi [IT. The show trw" «41.CW1 and left a n;t of S35.595 CMC of in? three larwst ?ates re corded at Ebbets Field for Ihrei v?ire. earners was pail M0.9T7 fo "••ciijTio PcHniond ^nwn in twi niinut^s nnd 24 seconds. R-dmond the man advertised bv bis 0"--n inqnnirT as a bum. got $5488 fa h>i; end. Promnter and Bov- Bandit Jamc "•'ni' 1 . ""mberl Fuga7,v. realized f "t urnfit on Ihe rntirtaiuincnt •riiey nr» plannln" further atrod li"s. Who wouldn't? If "°onle wi not- ("r Hull kind of folderol. »•*»• n rt t flv 1 'o:n sonir mnre of th? sa^'r? N T ivlx? il'«! wbat th"V win*. Give them Camera »itli WUli? •Tickknif' 1 or T. Swan. Tt ought lo dr'-.- well! What do von sunnose P. T. BII-. -n> ronlrl rfo todav w-ilh some bi" ii-eion di^hvynsher with ~tV,ref hands? N'ot anv more than a nlc- of million dollars worth of ,i:ieis aiinuallv. Or. let us sav ••chtoi- wllli ciohl tc^s rvn m-^ I ind ? bi^ toe on bis heel' Wouldn't that be sometmns? F-v. how about n n>ht between a SO'illa nnd a cannibal? If mielit be oblectcd thai it der, ,011 a credit of three inoiillis, at the front door of the Courl Hcn.>e. betcveen the hours prescribed by to the highest and best bidder, on law. In the City of Blylheville. Ar- 002 010 200 000 Olx 020 Oakley. Tinsley and Berry Inlow; Reid and Ileuison. R. H. E. 5 10 1 353 and a credit of three months, at the front door of the Court House, be- Iween the hours prescribed by law. in Ihe City of Blyilievillc, Arkansas,] on the llthMay of July, 1931, the | following real estate, to-wit: i Lois Seven and Eight. Blo:k | Three of the Ruddle Ifetelits | Addition to Blythpville. Mississippi County, Arkansas Said sale will be hail to satisfy kansas. on the llth day of July, 1531, (he following real estate, towit: Lot, Four, Block Six, Ruddle Hei-jlils Addition to Blyllieville. Mississippi County. Arkansas. • Said sale will be had to satisfy jid decree in the sum of $1,104.72. fiih 10 per cent interest from.Nov. ist. 1030. The purchaser at said sale will "I/ 1 said decree in the sum of $1.535.45. • required to execute bond wilh ap- wilh 10 on: cent inlerest fron> May I r<roved security, to secure the p.iy- Isl. -ID31. ment of the purchase money, and a The purchaser at said sale will be Hen will be retained upon said prop- renuircd to execute bond with ap- j C rty as additional security for the proved security, to secure the pay-1 payment of such purchase money. nienl of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon said .property as additional security for Ihr payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and th; seal of said Court, on this, the I3lh day of June, 1931. R. L. GAINES, 13-20-27 Commissioner in Chancery. Witness my hand anrl the seal of sai;l Court, on this, the 13 day of June, 1031. R. L. GAINES, 13-20-27 Commissioner in Chancery. pllance w rendered Cuba Higdon Winner oi Checker Tourney Title COOTER, Mo,- Cuba M. Higdon „ of M ]93 , wherdn Amsrl . of Sleek', former columnist, ball,,,* Mo I' ,.„'.«.. nnrt w ,. COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given that tlie undersigned commissioner, m-com- ' Ipliance with the terms of n decro? COMMISSIONER'S SALE 1 render! d by the Chancery Court, for Notice is hereby given that lhe|tij c Chicka'siwbn District of liissis- undersigned commissioner, in coni- i-lth the terins of a decree *cd by the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 15th player and checker expert extraordinary, won district checker liere yesterday. tlie first annual toi^-nament title The Steele ace emerged winner over a good field of candidate with Pemiscot county well represented. His total was 5fi points. Charley Roberts of Cooler was second with 52 points and Tom sijipi County, Arkansas, on Ihe loth day of May,. 1031, wherein American Kid?. & Loan Ass'n. and W. L. Delony. Truslee. were Plaintiffs. No. •IBM. and J. J. Gilless. et al were Defendants, will sell at public auc- . lion lo the highest and best bidder, Delony, Trustee, were Plaintiffs. No. i n n a credit of three mouths, at the can BMg. A; \ana Ass'n. and W. L. liriggans of Cooler and Lou Mcore '•'•" of SleclR liedfor third place with Wlt: 48S5, and Mrs. Mary Henley, et al were Defendants, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, on a credit of three months, at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law. in the Cily of Blytheville. Arkansas, on the lllh day of July, irm, the following real eslato, to- 42 points each. The tourney was held high school gymnasium. at the I • I for Referee Donovan lo stop the 'Slaughter of a game-but helpless i man. Donovan rcspr.u'.sd by stepping between thjm and l!ftitv;! AMESBURY Mass Maxie's right, hand. Sc!<.me.i!n<: I |.;r Peabcdv di-ow'V danced happily to hli corn?- whlh | mrbiie into a brosk. Suspect Driver, Off in ! China Confiscate sclicol plans to rent to present tenants, obtaining revenue for crt- [licnlion. Yuan Sh!h-kp.i. after be- the first president o! the be hard to keen n Rorllln in there. consMerine th-> sinlnn's habit nf hr.ngliie 0:1 the ropes in a fashion to which some of our have •K Poll.-* ^rr!v 0< ^.ir^cr Frp-irJ'M>t : : 1f ' t ' : " lb 'f , l1!vno< ! J-'«!''jnary. and u»l von don't nr?d a r-V as I OllLC oCPTCn., '•>• , .. ..i.v.! i ri.-lU-V.l f m - a brief period made himself outrun. A vi-rv reasonnbU addicted. Wal- , ciKivn-r. . <UP1—T kll. fil'sl the referes euldcrl Hie samo Johnny . .to his iumflbrs. Mad;- in fplMidi:! style. Sad surrr.buuW a Iro'; ... dcus obstacle In his o.ucst for . - heavyweight championship. Courier Ness Wpnl Adii Pay. Police were sent in a 'palro!' 1 v,a?ou to invr-^isnfr. b"' n-hi'c ^ cr.i'jl '.-j (lu-y WITC i-fiirrhii::; a strip of.i"rLl;i i? t ivcc:!r, fer Prnb-fiv. he (i.-o-., 1 awayil.^iV I ill the p.itrcl w.\"o!i. He wn r . cap-, ri! 1 jturrfd atti'i 1 cinv;n:: it inln a: CI ipfl-.lclhnnV: nt Knllslinvv llench. I ini-.^ ONION DII:T MON'TnCSK. Cnb, lUP>-R!i-cp florks on Cclorado's We?toin ^';op? have b:cu put on au onicn cl-.ct to rt-<i::co Isst's Mirpluv p. D. War.-eu. warohousc owner, saidlriii-1 ^le of sacks of onions !-avc'i,r>' f^- .!>-?u Kivcn sh-cp o'.im-rs. r.s :!,oro| 'TI-I< ! ha Ivrn n:, imrk.-t fi.r lhn-,1. ' infl „,..,, nble corilh June,* J931. trht h" n'ck^d mi In Chlcaen. You ni'ffht thlrk l'i»>re wcnld be dimcultv in making a cnnnl- | iicti-r^l^nd wlvjl was cxpe^te-l COMMtSSIONTR'S SALE Notice is hereby given that th: undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree by the Chancery Court for the Ctilclcasawba District or Mississippi County. Arkansas on Vlic 15lh day of May. 1031. wherein American Building ,t -Loan Ass'n. nnd W. L. j Delony, Trustee, were plaintiffs No. • 4007 and J. L. Flake. Laura Flake : ami J. P. Flake were Defendant, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, on a crcdv* of three months, al the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law. in the City of Blytheville. Arkansas, on the llth day of July. 1931, the following real estate, to-wit: Lot Nineteen, in Block "B" of the Joe P. Pride Subdivision lo Blytheville. Mississippi County, Arkansas. Said sale will be had to satisfy said decree in the sum of SM74.18, wilh 10 per cent interest from February 1st. 1931. Tlie purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and a Hen will be retained upon said property as additional security (or the payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court..on this, the 13th day of R. Ii. GAINES. 13-20-27 Commissioner In Chancery I'l IV soinrn n aUn could ''ne'er co'.ilci „., 1 rtrcK That h« overcome. i>n lo Harlem ">ry willing cinnl- o-.ight lo Rross nl le.isl COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner. In compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chlckasawba District of Missls- slonl County. Arkansas, on the 1511 Beginning at the Southeast corner of G. W. Richardson's lot ant! the South corner of W. D. Henley's store lot run llieiice South 135 1-3 feet to slake, thence East 85'i feet lo slake: thence North HO feet to stake; thence West 73 1-3 feel, to place of beg' 1 ling, same being carved out uf the Northeast quarter of Northeast quarter of Seclion seventeen. Township fifteen North. Range eleven East: Also beginnins at ths Northeast corner of CI. W. Richardson's lot and run thence South !G rods to a stake; thence East 100 feet to stake; thence Nonii 10 rcrta to slake: thence Wesl 100 feet lo place of beginning, the starling point, is on section line between Sections eight and 'seventeen, in Mississippi County. Arkansas-Blytheville. Arkansas. Snid sale will be had lo satisfy saict decree in the sum of S3U3.80. with 10 per cent interest from i\>b- niiiy 1st. 1031. The purchaser al said sale win be required to exccule bond wish approved securily. to secure (he front dcor of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, in the City of Blyiheville. Arkansas, en the llth day of July, 1031, the fcllowing real estate, to-wil: The East Twenty-five feet of Lot Three, Block One. Sunrise Addition to Blytheville. Mississippi County. Arkansas, j Said sale will lie hart to satisfy said decree in tlie sum of Sl.430.0fl. with 10 per cent interest from November 1. 1930. Tile purchaser at- said sale will b? required to execute bond with ap- I proved securily. to secure the pay- jinr-nt of the purchase money, and » iien will be 1 retained upon said prop-* erty as additional security for the payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and tlie sea! of siirl Court, on this, (he 13th day lot June. 1931. R. L. GAINES. 13-20-27 Commissioner In Chancery. COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby niven that the i::xiersi?ned commissioner, iu com- jpliance witli the terms of a decree icndercd by the Chancery Court for flic Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on the 13th day of May. IM1, wherein American Bide; it Loan Asf'n. and W. I.. Delony. Trustee, were Plaintiffs. No. 4921, ar.d N. W. Tranlham and Lois TraiKham wsrc Defendants, «H1 s^H at public auction io the highest a;id best bidder, on a crrrtit oi three months, at tlie front (icor of tlio Court House, between the hours prescribed by law. in the City of payment of the purchase money, i Blythevilie, Arkansas, on the lit!' and a lien w-111 be retaiueti upsn " " " snld property as additional security for the payment of such purchase money. Witness my hard ami the seal of said Court, on this, me 13th day of June. 1931. R. L. GAINE3, 13-20-27 Commissioner in Cliancerv. day of July. .1931, real estate, to-wit: foliowlns day of Mav. 1931, wherein Ameri-|No. 48T.3. and J. J. Ol!lr-ss Icnn Huilillne & Loan Ass'n, nnd W. were Defendant::, will soil at public COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance v.llh the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancsry Court for ISe Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 15th day of May, 1931. wherein American Building & Lian Ass'n. anc W. Djlony, Trustee, were Piaintifts. rt al Lot Nine. Block Three. Ruddle Heights Addition to Blyt'hc- ville. ilisslssippi County, Arkansas. Said scle will bo had to jntlsfy said decree In the sum of Sl.440.53. wilh 10 per cent interest from April 1st. 1931. The purchaser nt said sale will be required to execute bond with approver! security, to secure the payment sf the purchase money, niil a lion will be retained upon said property as addition securily for Ih- payment of such purchase moniney Witness, my hand and the seal r said Courl. en this, the 13th day Juno. 1931. ti. !,. GAINES. 13-30-27 Commissioner In Chancrry.

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