Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 15, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1942
Page 5
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NAUGATUOK PAILY NEWS, ,iyrpNDAY, JffNE 15, 1942 Page Siren '/•'•"• me tons Grammar School Champions—1942, ' byBILLCORUM A ricsilntf Double-Play: M otoU>'^> loshon *° To Jclmno in Jig' Time. •**« '*"*,.,, l>;ii'-r <"» a it'ivonport 01 'mi now, the other ..,.,,1,1,- iiliinil lihe baltle ol ' 1NI -,,. l . a time wo found ;1 .,| mi; drowsy, as old gaff- uul 'turned on lln 1 .„• in.d Mi/' 1 ir |l.l-<"<. ,i and wo •n tin 1 next ki- wllli a start lo ad lill a triple lo nf ono brief cal- i- I'rom Vamamoto J Carter Will Be 'Classic i; If Whirly and M. Wise ! Are Among* Starters, ,. 'I' we really did have to ||» l"»'k .o I ho horse and bMlMl.v l'o>' awhile It would ho .a tii'out tlilnjl •"«'' Oll|t IHII'VOUS. S.VSlClUS, Itul .I'm still not Itnulliifl <«> »»y own knlttliifli am L,?' ' W \VHIHLAYVAV AN» UAItKICT WISH STAHT: The big sports -story of today" will he the' Handier) p at Aqueduct II' NVhlrlaway and Market Wise both accept tire <HSUO. I doubt U' bo I'll will iitul wonU be sur- „ ii,r Crimea' In Cluoln- .„,.„• ,.r wuM«'-l"K our *1 |(H '*' . ",; ,,,'iunly J^a dlx/y and rl wh,.r"'nu *"•!• u'llUlu; hoy clkl >,' iidiiK vmi'd wake up -In j,,|| I'\«M ' ". r ||j ( , n |,<hl [,|v>l.•»!""• ! ! "' /'M'II Von- 1 a thousand "... TM Vtv nutlilutf of u buttle t;,',;,-!.;^!!...- that dlslan— ,. ui' riu^e. nights Brooklyn .'1 i. ..-,.| lido "iir of 'those HH L *.ii^ In U" 1 Middle WosL 1 U'-'lv »" l-'lali^ish will KOl u ;' ,i ,,i' •*i'"'p " M iilu:h| ' |n "K' iml lust llilnk whal It 'must be , ',1,/WhJI" H»use, it wurtn ' 1 »° (l ,v UMI-S M" «' ;lt ^\ MU1 lH ,, H !, in s \\1i.-n UlnKih lii'line U|(*!'.. . ( , )|)1|l|li ,, < ||,,. n . wrre weeks (»l prep ..niion .iml d-»>s ,of formal ni"ny. WIIKN M'MJAY I \U,i;llS IHUH 1 IN: mm .Mrs, Hoosevell prolmld.s jin-i 1 otd I'rotn behind I lie lace j'nu'liiiiis ul 1 Ilir While House on u Siindiiy Hl'IrrmxHi wltlioul suylnfj '.MHiirlldiifi 'Hurry up. I'Tnnlvlln, uud put on umr cuid, I lliluK I «<'<' llto SinlUis fniiii Mtissln, (lie Sluih of imd ihr (liuullils from India drop |ilti|l hi I" '•: III J'lMTUl .VClll'.S |M'Opll< IUI\'( n In! nf InlMmi uhoul lironclrr horl /oiis. ,Nmv \vr crrlulnl.v 'nil. Tlit 1 ni'U'.s whips you I'i'oin ono side of Ihc (Jlolir lo Ilir ollu'r so •il I Inil \inii 1 ni'cK (lees I his \va.v iiutl (lull Ilkt! n MU'i-luloi' nl> u It'll tils tunlt'h, la-ltiM' Iruvr It lo tlu Indies to do HIP Knlllliiu For I he llti^slun snliUci's and ||rt oil \vitli in.v divii li-lvlid Kalltinii. II, simply .srniiH suiiieliincs tiiitl Ihi 1 world hits ()(i( ti Illllo loo Tnxl t'oi so n IVIInvv i'iin'1 help u III shnv (hnvn lo a nor mill purr ii(jiiln, lo inr dial people nri l)r[|lnnlii|i lo (inav calloused to tlu< most lirmeiulous news slur Irs, | \vnlcli Ilirin itl Hie hall parks mid (he li-iM'Ks when the (all Icriiooii edllioiis of UK; papers come nlinif/, They tnl\e one (pdck look ul the 4 uhoul .Midway, or UMS ol' Hie l,e\lii(|(on, and (|o on rouUufj I'or the home team, <"' li'ylnii IK pick Ihe \vlnner or (In 1 slxlh, Tln-y dun 1 ! even slop lo mention ulud Ims huppeoed lo Ilieli Ahiyhe i| Is a kind ol' natural e ineeliniilsiii, I oCle.ti woiuler If niudeni srlernce mul oiih-iia miinklnd's nhUilv l'> ii.Hslmlliiic I hem, it could ho that Fiiiwiiiriwiiiiiii'wiiwiwiiSnSnii'ii Chrysler and Plymouth I !•» G.M.O, Trucks the Cartnr 'Is forly- yeans old 11 Is trot a- II .has a value of only n.JiOO and :idded money. Mu-l llia.t won't dolor Ti-alivers Ue.njamln A, .lo.nes and (ieorge NVashlnKtou Gai-rcdl -a-s mue,h as Ihe. faet Lhal II, is only a seven- I'urloiiK aprln-l., Urat it has drawn a big field -of- M and thai, ncltbe/r NVblrley jioi' Markol Wise IHU quick Irorso. Will i llio long-.lailod chestnut, as- •dgived l.'JO pounds and Uie Cinderella liorso only two. loss, -It would, Iiherol'ure, lui \\ tough race for ulMi- or to win. And without greait In- :>oiillvi\ Still, thoy may laUo u w-hirl ;it IL In propara.tion for Pie Rrook- lyn Handicap the following Salur- clay. If Ihey do start, I believe Whirl- •iway stands <l.ho holl.or e^hamie of \vlanlng. He -broke smartly In Uio Suburban and is not. really u bad post, horse, I'hough far from a gun out of -llio stalls. Slil 11, I Mi Iuk h'O e,.'in slay closer lo the IKIUU Ihan Are-aro permiUed him i|-o do In Wie Suburban, and I kiurw Jie can put in that til/'/.y ((iiarlor mile of his at any sla^o of IJhu raoo In whloh he ks asked for M.. Once Holll'ocl In -stride, lie ean "'tii'i'ii on" In the S(x:ond quarter as wo.ll as the las.I. S\VJiN«l AMI SWAY HI'IAI.I.Y MAY: U' ho dooMM't shtrl, I liku Svvinn and Sway, Don't i'ornol («m:ulr,<'<) I.s n.s hoi as a dry plue iu a 1' I'ln 1 . And amoni; my other IODJI- slu>|, speelals I have cluM'ke<l off Loti||li!e(>u, roinlcryin and Little Dnofla, Ahdrru, At Which, Jirilun, Allesandro and Miss Di.seover.v. And they i aro loii||sholK, so thai/ you .shouldn't expect all of 'urn lo win. I hope at least one or two will, Ji owe VIM*, TED HARRISON OF YALE WON NINE IETTERS Smiled (litfl. (o I'ifllJl-) Vonio'n MaNwell, mnmiijiM'; D oiifjlas Vaujjlian, Doiniub N5,m!uccf, captain; Sluarl w foil MnhalIVy, I'Y.iiloii .Morion, Ku.mefh SlanMnr, M1fih««l Horsos. "... .. . . y. »•• ..- ' . Lupien Of Boston Red Sox Makes , C. Raytkwich Jr, ACCESSORIES Repairing' 101! SOUTH MAIM ST. Telephone. 40IW New Haven, ,luno lf>— (UP)—C.ol- litge. days ai-e over I'or Ted Harrison of Vale, but Ills record of alhlelin ae.hleveme.nls at oh I 1011 Is going to furnivsh campus talk for genera- lions to come. DurliiK bis four years at- Yale, Harrison piled up an ull-tirne mark iu major sports. He won ninn let- tors In foollmll, baseball and hook- py—mi'diiUm" mulntaiidng. high scholaslle grades and earning Ills hoard by wa.lllng on training table.[ Baseball was his forte. Harrison headed the, pitching staff for throe years, and turned in a new strikeout record in Uie Intercollegiate league, besides dol'ng a briMlanf Job at bat and In the Meld, hast week he pitched two memorable games— I!) Innings against Harvard find II Innings against Princeton, He Inn! the Prlneelon till through .poor field support. Harrison spent three seasons on the varsity football squad in the backJleld. But because Ihe team was so mediocre us a whole during the last two seasons, Ills llashy passing, running and pimfinK I'ulloti |o arouse much ontlniHhism. Timely Hitting of Jimmy Foxx's Successor Drives in Winning- Runs. .liinmy h'oxx's shoes aren't as roomy as Ulysses Lupien expected fhe.iii to be. Ulysses is the young Harvard man who' sfe]'l"'<l ini-f) Koxx's llrst base shO'es ^'luMi-Ihe hitting womler left the Boston Hod Sox Tor the Chicago Cubs. There was plenty -of room in the shoes when Ulysses llrsl. took over, but he's Oiling them nicely now. Ulysses became the star of Sunday baseball show when drove 'in both winning runs in dnuldehcadcr Boston won from troit. ;t to2, and 2 to i. In the opener, Ulysses tied the score in the seventh with a double,, then repeated the performance in the ninth l.o drive home Ted Williams with Urn winning -marker. In the. second game, Ulysses rnp|U'rl out a single- 'in the. mh tiding, with the bases loaded. ' r .-X< "' ; •'" ' The Yankees cnnlinuo.d their pennant pace by knocking off 'the Sf.. Louis Browns twice,- one and live to four. Cleveland split with Philadelphia to lake sole possession of third -place. Thi! Indians won the llrst eight to fliree and the second live to one, behind Lumtin Harris 1 three hit pifching. , Chicago dropped Washington info last place by winning two, ',) to U and II to .'i. Ane.ient Ted Lyons racked up his 2V,)tli victory in 20 years of major league pitching by winning the! Ilrsf game. Whitlow Wyabl, made his. first appearance In nine days to pitch a three hit, •'• Lo j victory for Brooklyn over Cincinnati in .the llrst game of a doubiehcader. Cincinnati won the second game.' 2 to 1. The St. Louis Cardinals moved up o nfhe. Dodgers by clubbing th" PITiladefpliia Phils, 9 Lo I and 0 to 5. The. riianfs clung l-o fourth place by dividing wlllf Pittsburgh. Js'ow York won flic first -i to M and lost the second, 8 to 'i. And Chicago split with -the Boston Braves, whipping them 8 to (» In the llrsl and dropping the nightcap, JO l.o L -.-:•. A M 1C III CAN y's Kesulfs New York -0; SI. Louis .! (Isl). New York 5, 'SI,. Louis -i (2d). Boston U, Dcvfcroit 2 (Is't)/ .• > Boston 2, 'Detroi-L J (2d)-r.>^-- 1 • Cleveland S, Philadelplria :t (Isl ; )>...,» Philadelplria -5, Cleveland I ,i;2d)'.. '-. Chii-ago D, VVashingLoiY. 3- (i-s-V)' 1 .-^ 1 -- Chioago -11, Wa-fcfh-ingLon 4 (icl). TIio Standing ( ' ., . ; ... W. •iL'.^.'P&iV 1 New York .......... ML' d'jV ..750 Boston .;-,;... iW- "2(1 .582 Cleveland •• JJl- 28 . .525 Detroit 3-1. M.' •• .508 St. Lull Is 28' 32 • ,'i(V7 l>h.iladf;liyjiia 2fr a7 .-iO.'] I Hi i cago .-. 22 3:i •-. .>)()() Washington . .22' 'M- .U7!) Todn.v'.s Ciamrs, : INIohrrs No games .^vliecluli'd. NATIONAL LEAGUE Yesterday's Hesulls Brooklyn /i, Cincinnati i (.1st). Cincinnati 2, Brooklyn 1 (2d). New York -'i, l^il-tsburgh il (Jst). IMMsbui'gh 8, New York 3 (2d). •St. l>6uis ',), P.liiladolphia -5 (2d),. Chicago 8, Boston (5 (Jst). Boston 1C), Chicago J. (2d). Tiie Standlnn Birooklyn SI. Louis Cincinnati Now York 32" 20 - 29 , 27 Chicago .... Boston JMiila-delphia ,L. 1'5. '20 27 : 28 :i 29 2! . Pel,:: .7.V7 .509' Today's .Games, .iMI.cliej's,.; ,. Ch'ien.uo a I, Brooldyn— Passeau -t9- :i) vs. Mead (5-2) or .Iligbe (5-'i). New York at HilLs-bur^h— Selru- mac'he.r (3-/i) vs. Buteher (-i-5). , (Only gam os scheduled.). CAPXAIN JONES.,',.. - By Jack Sprds HOW/PLAYIItO • TROPIC LOVE!; (SMASH 1 wtiAT - A PA ' R/ 3ou/h 'S'bc/a ( Adyonlure •", VICTOR McLAGLEN LAUGHTON Binnie BARNES Paul KELLY JON HALL PEGGY DRAKE '• i' ••*.!".»• i* ."in niJilcing lante we 'iiavc been 'i'oi-ped to learn it -toI/ -about ol new kind of mpl-pr It-nns-porlution. lliMi- ;i:,i'!io we prod.U'Cod only 'par's to run Sii 'ffmootij.. r'onds or -'IwaCI-ors-' to op: : efevfi2 •Qn.'^ubsl.anl.iaJly level fields. K'ow 'we fu;e. Icamlirtf-'l-o' maJce auLo- iriobJVr,s IJlU'i'l/tlon'L need roaxls, tr:-ic- •liors''..IJiali' ean min up. a mounlain- .side 'or U i rou #li • « Wilderness. We may 'be en lei-ing a np'w era of ground"—Cliar.les l*. •K'oUerin.u 1 , yiee pi'esidenl, of (!en- l.ivf; of wllial ]iaii|3^.nH win'ii •tlu! a.ul.oinoljJIo .Industry's Know- 'how is iipiilieil Lo war iiroduclion rbporl-s fn'oni I wo CJenerul Motors plantis. • One is tnak-iim' woajv OILS for Die Army/ Uvo oilier fO" l.'lic Navy; }:iol.h roporl, a 2;'3 ]vi' c.i'nl, (•.ill, in iprodjicl.ion time oris'iiwl es Ihi rates. .... "GouLinutnioo of " f t3ic. prdf'il, In- ooii'live can do niLic.ii lo "iiold dowr i,!au fina.l nel. co«(. ^IMIio war. A.^IU •(5t>sl. plus a $.1 prori'!,.-is Kjlieaper in Uie, ; I'luin. a .^J2 cost will) ,1,10 profit.".-;—13'oiKVJ'dsSon T3ro\vji v vice n.l,, of ' tuMior;ij-. Motor-s. HIGH STREET ARROWS DEFEAT The -.High Sir cc I, Arrows do Pea l- nd |.hc Struilsville Blue Sax Saturday, by the score, of '1,2 to 7, .ul'ter a hand Fought game. The features of tliV -game -was, the •p.He-'lims' of .Nelson Dini'haiiian ' and the billing of Spadoja, MoHenson and Aquavia of. the Arrow.*. The Arrows' • li-neup: Aquavia, rf:.Batch Poinl.oii, c; SpecK- Spadolu, lib; -Nelson ninihnh- ian, p; .lolinny •Monlaiiiu-i, ss; HiJIy H'litl-,- H); Duck Morl.on.son/ If; Sun .n-y Aorokian, 3b: DJ-cky' RoUvnd,-cl'; ,lurry La:brk>la, sub. Tho Arrows would like lo pjay. any team in . up- to J2 years, of nge. by gotting in -touch with JN olson. Dinihanian, US Mign street. TO JOE LOUIS Kuibysliov, Russia, Juno 15—(UP) —Tho, heavyweight Jioxinff ohrmip of Russia lias somofhins l.o say. to the heavyweight eliamp of th-e World—it's contra I ula I ions." Yes. eon«rjil.u1nl.ions lo Joe Louis on 1'iis iinlucl.ion inl-o the Ann^rioan army. The Rus.sinn boxei-, Nikolai Olfoi'olyov, is .Jl.ulifin.LC in a ^uevi-illa iinil- behind -the. German lines. He writes Louis: "The time lias ooine lo give Hitler a linock-oiil. blow: DKorolyov says he learned ol Louis' induction while serving a I. the. front. Says flie Russian: "We Hlled our tin niim:s and drank the health of the. liiUK o^ Hi c>; 1>in -- M Thc Soviet heavyweight champ waivts to start a regular corrcspondonco with i.hi: Brown Homber. And be tells Louis: "I'orliaps some of my ilvn months experience as a guerrilla might prove, useful 1o you. 11 One West Coast shiijyard llnished a Liberty freighter in 70 days .flat, a new construction record. Ariano LeVaillant A skater since she was four years old, Ariane LeVaillant, IS, of Switzerland, is now in the United States after a perilous trip through war-torn Europe. Many of Europe's ablest teachers have instructed Ariane some of them having been associated with Sonja Henie. Ariane's great-grandfather was decorated by Napoleon Bonaparte. , <C, KAU Shows :^ Showing Bridge-Street,.Recreation Field , ; \ ; 'Sensational 20 Big jj- Attractions ••.f. l ;V^---rr«--;j<.v: t j^H.g ''^jVXfefe ;Ain^rican Legion Narducci To D . r Receive tup He'll Be Back Meadow Street Students Won All Eight of v Their League Games of Season. r,aplain .Dominic Narducci and his Salem .'Sohool (baseball l,feam nladc it: cift-hl, slraitflit, wins In Uiclr.-10-42 grammar school: league conleHls Wednesday by defeating St. Frauds' school J>y 5 to, i In the jNnal Krtimv of tine . season. * BuH Mahaffey, was. .Wiei ..winning pitcher of. the oonlesU) .and bis team-males'.' were lil. 'hebintl bhn wit.b , excelIrtrt'j, support. Burl-was also Ui ere \yiUi Uho "stick," .bit.Ung a -lr.i|)le, ; aivi jliome run • !<>. -in/ike, victory in' the olosin-j? batlliv certain. \VuJter A r- monaHte. is co-captain of-"the Salem team. . . • • , . Captain Narducci "will be prcjcnl- nd wi til Ih e cb mil P i o n sii i n irqph y at the grammar school "'graduation exorcises tomorrow evening at,the Tuttle Jiigh school. . .;,Final league -standing: ,; W. L. Pol- Si! loin .:.........: 8 01:000 SL nod-Witt's- r> ;r '.025 Hop Brook .; ....4 4 .500 SI, Francis 3 5 .875 r.enl.rnl Ave. Prospect SI. 3 5 .375 17 .125 Barney Olsea Fleet,-fooled outfielder of the Los Angeles team of the Pacific Coast loop, Barney Olser., above, is ex* pected to be back with the Chicago Cubs before the year is out. Olsen, leading: the league in hitting, was given a trial with the Cubs this spring after playing in 24 games at the tag end of 1941. toad been with Milwaukee and Nashville before that. PLAYING TOO HARD AGAINST DODGERS, STENGEL SAYS Take ft from Manager Casey Slenu-e.l of 1Mo Hoston l^raves-~!.be Brooklyn Dodgers aro being bated info Uie National league pennant, by every other team in Ihe Joo-p. Stengel—whose Braves have, eighi, straight ibis season to the Uodgers—declares Mini. M^'! oilier National league clubs are -trying too hard to whip the. Flatbush Kloogie.s. Says Casey: "We all are so anxious to beat Brooklyn that our players up and play a poor brand ol 1 baseball against that Leo J.HiroclUH' gan,g." Stengel declares that, tho strengl.h ol' the Dodgers lies in their ability l.o beat lln'. second division clubs. And a glance, at the records backs up this .statement,. Tin 1 ! Duroclier Dandies have l.ahen eight games out of nine from the Chicago Cubs; eight straight from the Braves; six out of eight from the Philadelphia Phils and four out oi 1 six from the Pittsburgh Pirates. That adds up to a tolal of 2(i victories as ag;iinsl only live defeats— a long step along (lie National league pennant frail. This evening, the Dodgers open a JIKgame home-stand by introducing something new to major-league baseball. J.f.'s a combination twilight- and night baseball contest with the op- posilion being offered by Mtu Oh tea- ALCAZAR TONIGHT - TUBS. (1 enei-al Motors onginoer.s o»liiimto thai it -usually -takes ai)out l-hr"oo pounds of -melxil -to make one pound of lihe. avorago gim'.' TINie two othnr pounds are hielal shavings, and chips. One Run forging staiMs- down- the line weig-Jiing 55 pounds. When the machine tools finish with it, it wei.qhs .just'-six. pounds. LEW AYRES and LIONEL BARRYMORE "No big industrial concern could produro a -truck, engine, bomber or -tank without the .help of tlmus- ;mds of small 'concerns upon \vlvl-cU it Ks depen'dxmt for supplies, skill* and pnrl/s." — Paul Garrett, 'vice president of OenetvU Mo-tors. An oirl.stain.llng example of a'ub- <;onli\u i ti'qng "is provided by-j.bnn General Motors division wh'-ju'h holds eontrarts for three guns from the 1). S. Army. The 'three $un.s havo a lol.n-1 of ^71 part/s. The division niflko-s nine of these partSi faj'm« out tho- remaining 462 among j5J sub-con tractors. • • • ' go Cu])s. . The game will sl^p|,.,aL 1 ;7 p. m. Eastern \Yar« Time, and.,.whcn it gets .dork enough, the lights in HJbbets Field will .-be; turned on, for .approximately one hour. However, 'the contest must be o'ver before 9:30'j). in. since dim-out regulations, along the Atlantic seaboard forbid night- basebaJl games. ,; This -homo'-stfind 'will lie vli*l'-to Mic Dodgers. If l.hdy duplicate the success of Micir /Irst stand again til the western clubs,. the National league race may. become a-Brooklyn landslide. On ihat Orst home stann, the Brooks won 8 out of 10 games— losing only to Cincinnati and St. Louis Cardinals. GJEM" TONIGHT STUBS. PIOUSLY with ROftEKT IINCNLEY • i COIUMM Also "HAV I'OOT" Added HOW*MWA'lf *Tt AKICTS AMMICA (&* | tie MARCH OF TIME in DR." KILDARE'S VICTORY" Also | "She's in the Army"' \ ij Thomas Bros, n || 1G!) MAPLE ST. Phone 5181 || Auto Body and '• Fender Work l( - Auto Painting : II - 24 Hour - ' II Wrecker Service >• I II (I II MURRAY'S Amoco Service 65 SOUTH MAIN STHBET Batteries Charg-ed While You Wait All Amoco Products DUFFY'S Restaurant Water 8tre«t DAILY DINNERS and LUNOHBB OF ALL PuIl

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