The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1934 · Page 6
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July 12, 1934

The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1934
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

(AM.) COT.iRtfefc NEWS KEEP GRIP ON New York Teams Wii All ol Sluggers to Find Course Here lo Liking for Tri-Sfale Meeli ^ ^ i Kjilrn yai\1nee added lo Ihe al-ishot Is the most interesting on Hie ready lengthy local course will | course. The player wllli n gorxl j make jur figure* even more dim-:drive | n ,|, n f a [ rvl .,iy ),„_, IJI( , a ].l . cn!t for ihe eiilrants In the Tri- j terniillve of playing safe or shcoi- t Suite Oolf tournanienl to IK play-i 111!;' " bras-sle jicrn.'i.s the do^leu on icd here Saliirdny, Sunday nnd Moil- u blind K .-.ol to Ihc green. Attempts to play Mils spoily .shot have S|x>ll JULY - day. Jlntmle po-sfilelt, local has tx-en siiivrvlslni; prepaintMin of [nil, nlllmugh a loiig, cieiinly hll! '1 lie leiidhlf; .Meinphl.s Chicks ! lnc COHI-.V, .said to'luy thai, a lotnl Scores Runs | j of I Ing i lie lenijlh ol the nine ho'k Tlie Ken- York clubs, major pace rom( , lo 3 ^ 5 | .| 1]0 fxin var ^ aat sellers, settled tack into lliclr . A n; wimilni,' ways .yesterday us the big k ll( i nc | u dcs ynrdiiyc on iiiiinlier j i shows opened after a one day hull, , u . 0 ^.j,^!, ]llls i^,, | en!{ ti,eiicd 11. for the big all-star event. The f rom n., original distance lor some ! i Yn«ke.-s beat Hie Cleveland In- H,,,,, nltliongli U«- score ( -n,,| Mill I f disns !) io 4 ami the filnnls won g| V( , s ^ ||L j| S original li,<iire of 27!i i a Innllnu duel Iioni Hie Pius- y ar( i s ' j ' burgh Pirates, 3 10 2. . Bl ,. ]y pn ia Pfi ftoni .several lov.ns P.ill Dicki-y wimshed two limn- |,, Arkansas and Southeast MIs- - . , — ... .„ ed iniiiiy more I line. 1 , than Leading Chicks Beat Nashville Club. Crackers Tame Li I lie Rock Pebs the Rocks. Kngent wc.s ibe losing "HI*™'* n T » pltrlier. ulZZy Ueail I till . nry. took ! "Scarecrow Fugitive" ri b Ohio Gas Sn ,! ,1 reoi.uied and ! pounds and is 23 v.'?lghs Q 3- inehes lonr ' - linr-snniphlng nrlltsl, who hus b brassle nlirpnt tile ball In |Kv,lllr>u ! the- SoiiDieru A'-wclntlon wnii"vi- L - fnr scaring u'ilnlle four. jlerdny. dcfr-nllng Ulo NnAhtllli- Vol.'. No. 4—400 yds.—Par 4. Tills hole i w "o iiiiinngMl. However, | 0 stay n .--'-• - " ' -Ill tie witn in» |,Ili] r . Jloe" --.: - • =- « |>arllci:lnrly deceptive lo plnyers '" l>''julued mi holes nne and nine, uuciislomccl lo rolling falrMyK. It!' 1 '* ">' f.econ-1 plucr- ns th'- }'<•;,-. u f"l , „, ^., " , , ,^,™ ' H s LM nr led on he I ^.""^1,",. t ru "' •' - 1 " 11 - 0 '' Lr -i|>No. S.-lSfl jds -1'nr 3. A snort ""<• .' l|f «'lj 1 BimnlPd by Un imps lost to tin- Alhnua Cj-.nekers. Ihi: Chicks u|illn]>pd l:.e Vnlitii- tct-is in to 3 ni Nashville, n^.. anil Iliildinson, Menipnki nmn<-i<i- ers, lilt lor llic rlrnili. Dui;,. ,u-j v . lilK 111 Itirci' runs, |.;m-h irnm mnili- fOIII hits. llilyni. v[,, s t| le W | ml |,,. pllclier. Tlif W:isi.iin:icn Snuiinr.s lost .„[„•• nnvt\\, whn-wnh !!:<• Nnrlii- to (lie Dtnoll 'risers at Detroit.• east Arknn.MU' Missouri 'J'he score was 13 lo 7. Tlie Nat.s | , ollm ,, v ] as t year They in-e 11 Algot but. ISJitts roinpared io l!i |( . x , im | c Y. Orvll Minilnini, Sonny for Detroit. ;!.,,,, , ul[ | j w K | rk n r Cl| | p The Clilr:isi» Cute look l\vr> f orilll . r ln< ..,| . s liii ri )slicolf-r unil .loc games frmii the P.ostrm Braves at i Ix ,| ;lnoy v . m lv ,, rt . scllt ' ihe ,,(„,, Boston. Guy Hush and .Pat Mn- li]lllv ,. lu | )p w]li]( , c p Bl|ll) . r A , lone tumcri In Ihe victories. The ! SMbcr nnd Mel Ray -have entered scores were 3 to 1 ami 2 to l.,r, Q ,j, c ,;, w olmrdMui. Clnick Klein, henvy lulling Cuhj T:!( . Kennetl, Mo. cluli will lx> outfielder, sustained n le B Injury i rcpiwr-incd l>y alfiin sexton iiii.-v In iho reeond snine. •„,„! cillljerl The Gtonls ilefentccl the Plrnlcs |. nra gnn! ( | club diRiiiplon, nml at New York, lilll Terry, innnauer, j n , 1Kls tl , itl youthful slur v 1)1 en- r.nd Lefty O'lloul balleil In the (,, r j rom Umt dly thrfC runs. Terry lilum; for the Kt(f j >M Anlfc-liutfd circuit. a-hniiiMlier wns the win-1 A n ,i, n t xjr O f oilier i-nirje.s lire nlng pitcher. Terrj- scored nil three Pxn) , cU . ( i More Saturday, nnd bc- " f ,r!, ?,""!*• rlmSl 11 wen 7S and ion players will prnti- The Clneinimti Reels dioppf-il a n iily u-c on Snndny C to 2 pome to Hie Brooklyn Dfldc-1 A ], 0 i r 1)y )ln | e ascription of the PIS al Brooklyn. Flay' BOngc wns course- the winning pllclier. Imlcllnu Ihe Mo: 'l-270 yaids-1'ar 4 Drlvlnc Reds lo nine tcattered hits. ' ' o,a o f imp-, <„-due,;",,;;:;-,, ';•,:„,•: i;"';','|';;.i^; - ily played {<„• [tll . ,.„„. ' j •"' l ""' ll! - '"^ No. c-siu >.ls.-p, u - r,. A ,.,„,,] i wl<lf fiiira-ay, bin , t .•r.t^.fii ari\-t'' niny full out of |KII:III|S. '\\i;a hunk- i "™" "V,,V,"7,"7 I0( ' blJl - back ' e " ynr<Ls from ihe Tlw Philadelphia Phillies defeat-' orlp.lnnl pavilion, sunil traps and ed Ihe SI. Lonls Cnrdlnals f. lo 2 \ n ,nke.i-* lo rlghl nncl lefi of falr- al Philadelphia. Collins limited the way und rough on IjoMi'sldr* present Cardinal-; lo elp.lil hits, neloneey -'••-•-. • ' uattcd In both Caul nun wlih a ninlh-lnnlni! tjomei. He was a pinch hitler.. Terry To Ptay Paslijne; riu^hoj: Faces Builders but nol serloif. (rouble for a badly hll drive. Qieeii is guarded on rlghl by shallow .-•.aiullmp and on south side by a similar trap. No. 2--:m yds—Par 4. An lnl/-r- esilng und deceptive hole rci|iilr!ng a long litriligllt drive, and u rare- (ully ]>laced apjironch shot. A hooked tec Kiiot may fall In- rough or it baclly hooked will necessitate a "blind" approach across edge of water hfl?nrd and trees. A sliced tee. shot, will fall In roiib'h, but ——' —- ~"i-i"j player may have a fair approach and R. n. Hushes company will! although a sand trap nnd water clash in t/..u half of tonight's hazard may cause trouble doubleheader at Haley Held nnd 520 Y*rd Do{le r Paslime Billiard Parlor and Ter-; No. 3—630 yds.—Par 5 A "do"- ry's Service Station In the other, lep," with plenty of por.lbli! Irou- The games are on the regular blc. Water hazard flunked by woods schedule of tlw Commercial soft about. 30 yards ill from ol driving ball league. | tee. A sliced drive may land In The Terry-Pastime ex-'dllch and woods causing almost pi-l«l 10 provide n hard fought certain loss of a stroke. A hooked bailie. Hughes will nil« » Mlghl »| r i v «. V.HI nirc tetter, bill will ,>r<ib- favorite over East Arknitsns. , nl)ly full in the roush. Tlie .second East Arkansas Builders Supply :-rs with Imp; wl tn r |,ailly lilt oud Hlioss. 'I1ir> urtpn i s i.-ii._,, bucked hy roiiBh and n .sandirup li) tbc rlghl. Not an nnnsuiilly dim-' cult hole, hiil our rcr|iijri;i / n,y, \ W00[| sliot.s. , N"- 1-4 in j(l:i._ji RJ . 4. (-),„. „( A Ms Hancock, 11 -::e loiifhesl. iiolcs on ihr- coui-se lor Ihe uvcta|;t> pJayrr. 'fwo f^rlr-r'l I shuts, or i t loiij, ilrln- unil » ''•I'si Iron K-III get Dm piavr.f ham.. Hough on l»lh sides of lidnmy the way to the yn-eii irijiiin-j, certain nmoiml. of uii-nr.-.i'y on tlie loiifj Si'-ol. 1 :, "o. n.-3ijr, yd:,.-p,u- j. n bllnp; |>oini fur iiiiiiy plnyr-rs Trp shot jimst. IH- iiii fsiiy lull., i.iii) -, lilgli lo clear iialurnl ha/'iids. dlU'h ' trees nntl rough. A diced rtrlu- ivili j ]K)s.slbly land in (iitci, v i| C |, ,.., ng . | os to right of fulrv.ay, or w ,u I,,, [ in -the.' roiith.. A hooked tec shoi Is ' usually nol, wrlous on this hole. ' No. <i,-ya yd-;—par 4. Driving ; tee. has tjeen.set Ixick 30 ycmii Sliced drive mny full oul of ixinmis <v hooked drive In bnnki-r nr irmyli. 'Hie green |. S iplardeit on i^hl. nnd left hy snud Imp.-, nnij approach shots hll loo imrd uny iKis^lWy roll out of bounds behind 'liicen nUhougli their: ii considerate fali'- behb'.d the brcen. i v,iij. lio-ie and Head lill Alabama's Ranks of Thinning Rapidly r , , r r , ', < Only -l^., vr-lpraiis leinaln in Ihe apidly ililniilni; ninks of (lie Col!- ' K-dr ;: -a»- Army in Alabama, W. K. hMr.ers. • ,,| lly ^ij 1 Mwr ^ , Tne latest Is: Klrncr, accovdl lifld li ba.vlwll I.'M ulnter—nud (UP) — won sewn nnd '" ways has been identified as Roily j Ackeirnan. Ohio Rtale Saiiiloriiim I "seiireeroiv fugitive," by one of his i victims. ears IIRO. | Chn'c-nce I'osf-y, ojirrnlor ol a ! tilling station here, reported lo the • to Diw.y. never shei-irf's office linn a man In u j his hiuiil nnill Mjinii i-onjie stonpinl at his slutlon.i ...,'rady Mlmer hn.i |iuiiked his machini' vlih gas, then lost only one fur .directed his oil ix> elmne'-d. When i ™ l<llnn - ll'osey step|x-il over lo i\v oil pit.! ••Diz/.y," it was said, even weiujiiiP driver stepped on hi-, nniir.iil-. . Ifir n.s lo preilicl Unit Kliner, • for gas nnd departed. ^ .said recently.-wall the Cardinals taking a.ieen-lot Solly Ackenimii ns the man ul i maiely j.o,,» widows of-|,,r mm next fall. n-.tx station. Ackennau, mi Akron' liaw ivnsloiis. Imwever,: The trulh is. according to Hoiis-1 l:oldup rann. escaped from the; /.)- ,° n , P ''" Pay " '"" ljl>11 fnlis ' thflt Elmpr nean.Ohlo State Sanllorlnm weM-lng ! if-.'j.ii.iu ini- ti-,,-. |, ns t rniililu't win In a CIiiss '/. league.!punk taken from a r.cnrerrow to | land never lins played In u Te.\a.-. : iild,> his prisoner 1 .-; trouspr.-;. SELL US YOUR OLD GOLD our Old GolJ S.11^, »;,(, ^j t Iliit w* et*at cui }«wiLry ilci* ,r.,l four Old GolJ .gc), „ d j.. iscttoo c( ut;r diih offer. GOODMAN & SON •15 SO. MAIN ST. • MEMPHIS, TFNN. Uc. Til N.O.-1MOM , v ven- n, er.i,ns '" , i >ii- in HI. ,11 ,L . ,< i ' ! i He Mild Urn |( UK- jiu-eiH rate l.rauiie game .rdiicuon .•nnllNii.^ rftlatonia F.l.nei- Is. howevci-, Hie ehmnploii ' i 1 v law •! ' •"ft"-?" fr ' li " w ""' 1 ' " n " Eno!;pr s » lf S""'" 1 1>y 1D4n - .'!•::: >!J Hi. . :1 H.iffnlo filadiiuu here. coNwinn. N. u. an'j -p,'iiu;ii.;; Hie bjf-gpsi tin.-.s I'vi-i- ink'-ii fi-i-.m • New Rngland wulers hn.s bi'eii ! EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Phillips Motor Co, H; Horace Wakftidd Thursday & Friday Mat. 2:30, 10-25c NH« 7:15. 10-35e R<ad Courier News Wanl. Ails. Don't Forget Caudijl's Agency General Insurance 187 12X12 Watb Cloths Khorl lengths! Dimity, voile, swiss, lawns. RONDO PERCALES Our Finttl! Musical—"The Kift Iiloa" Odility Comedy—''Littip Feller" Friday iii^ht Olrl Seoul nic;]if THE WHOLE COUNTRY GONE Tremendous welcome—huge sales—follow announcement of sensational new Goodyear tire—keeps us and factory on jump—Users say "43% more non-skid mileage" under* states It. MARYELO GOOD l-oofc \\ hat \ ou Get-No Extra Co«t! 43% Moe» MtlM of ttal non-skid safety . . . Flatter Whlw Tr««l . . . Mar* C«nter frjclion (16% more non-skid blockt) . . . Httrirr Totubtr Iread (average of 2 lb». more rubbw) . . . 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