The Gazette from Cedar Rapids, Iowa on August 28, 1908 · 8
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The Gazette from Cedar Rapids, Iowa · 8

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1908
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EBONAL The fee , CJsV atSsr at Willi European trips. J. Brown, dsn writer. Phone 1974. establishes a new record for baseball. President Murphy has heretofore refused to give out the official figures on .attendance. your nome-mace ice cream ana at the Columbia. . n Mover of Lisbon; .visited rel- In the city yesterday. .f .. .. .4 white cake. 15c Saturday Wm. lMi 416 Second avenue. Jlt'V .'l IT Gulstof and family C.;JCey- Parker of ftoblna wag .ift the transacting oustness. Ren h If city yesterday r-wwwci. a two K f. OxMto rotnniMl last-MSabLi weeks' business trip to Colorado. Holub. Jr., of Central City was Ineaa visitor In the city yester- n nn the Rr Room Floor. is masterpiece. Delphus Theater and Mrs. William O. Keefer of ton were business callers here yesterday. Mm John Yelsley and little sons of tlrU$ Plain were visiting friends In the dty yesterday. Mrs. E. L. Cowan of Blddeford. Me., U visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. 8, Moulton. 8. Gay Roosevelt left this morning to Vw4t for a few daye with his parent at Ackley, Iowa. Netson's ladies' ' tallarlng parlors moved to room 40 Gruby building. New phone 1847 white. Mr. and Mrs. B. Ktamburg of Mechaniesville came on a business trip to Cedar Rapids yesterday. O. W. Winger returned home last night from a two weeles' business trip In Minnesota and Dakota. Mrs. Cornelius Merrltt and wins. John and Win. of OUn. were jm the city yesterday to attend the circus. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Rollins of Springville were visitors yesterday at the home of their uncle. A. M. Rollins. Dr. P. W. Swett und Mr. E. P. Cochran of Boston. Mass.. left this morning for u tour of Colorado and Pacific coast points. Miss MarRaret Hopson of (Irand Ran Ids. Mich., is visiting in the city fof a few days with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Hison. Pickpockets at Anamosa. r Chief of Police Carl has received a message, from the authorities at Anamosa stating that a gang of pic k pock -e$a were operating at. the fair grounds there yesterday And mat a large unm-ber of people had been relieved of their watches and pocketbooks. Defective Chimney. The fire department was called to the tMldebCe Of C. E. Allen, 1502 ave-nuw, at 2 o'clock this afternoon, where a defective chimney had set fire to the tr .Tutors ana aiuc. i ne nouse was sod to a considerable extent, as 8 re was burping fiercely when the department arrived. John Gray. Jr., of Chicago, who has, neeu spending a part of his vacation in Montana, is visiting his parents in the city Tor a few days en route home. John J. Forester, traveling passen ger agent of the Pierre Marquette line, i With headquarters in Chicago, spent yesterday m this city on business. EL A. Cousino. traveling nassenaer aajflk of the Lake Shore, line. withal neaoquarters in cnicago, was nere yesterday In the Interests of the road. Kr F.s visiting hsJBM i-hlgsrece r n Chas., H. Weetler and son of Wash., who have been visit- tfce home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. ttit, have gone to Minneapolis. Walter Ash ton of Montreal is her sister. Mrs. R. H. Snyder. accompanied Mr. Snyder from at visit to Jiis aged parents in 1. T. Wunderltch. secretary of ommercial club, returned last At n.. " mini uwm MHew, wner ne wl-a meeting of Commercial club Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Deuel and little daughter Hazel, of Woodbine, after viMtmg for a week In the city with friends returned home this morning on the Fast Mali. The new directory of the losva Telephone Company will go to press about jJept. 1. Parties desiring any changes or corrections should notify the manager's office at once. Among those who left this city last evening to attend the G. A. R. campment In Toledo, O.. are the following;: Emit Frueh. O. A. Ostrander, Miss M. A. R. Smith. Miss KatheHne AasUey. Miss Evelyn Ashley. Mrs. Xeff. Mrs. I.. O. Rider, lflss Mabel Rider. George Rider. Miss Kffie Wilson. Mrs. dough, Mrs. Gable and Mr. and Mm. Frd Rltteman. Birth Announcements. Born, to Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Cader, Nice Weather for Them. W. Turnts, E. Long, Angus Long and Clare Rank left this morning for Chicago, Angus Ung doing r the steering. Militia Will Pass Through. Vinton company of militia and ce company will pass lis city tomorrow en route Riley, where they will hold an ipment. Hfd Good Business. "Mlaokhawk Mine,- a melodrama. CejsJKl 'M large -section of the circus day crowd at Greene's last night, and they apuiauded the hero and frowned at the viliiaii to the limit the independent i ror son A 1 come to Mis, Are Important. who Hve in furnished rooms "know the town better than They move when they to bat tac themselves. The are important to them. 1st Honor of Visitors. idicile CoUcoil is to entertain trda afternoon at 5 o'clock tea the f Isfes Mary. WHagheth and ftoweno, stuekshsger. asteV KMaabeth SsaUh of Lisbon, and Margaret Blllau of this "The Through CurBaaW is the new label the Northwestern has adopted and put on the envelopes used to put -through" tickets Us,' Ash the Cedar Rapids' contingent to the state fair whether this Is good or not. EKHisiTWakaMB MtfteAMa Htra rsi his rwsnsr wrw. Roy Radabaugh. foi iaei t wirier tear the Bunnies, who Is now playing with Atlanta, Oa.. passed through this city this morning en route to his home la Rippey, where Wae) calJed on account of the critical illness of his mother. Ganweleir a Suicide. ; Not u ew of the Cedar Rapids circus goers will remember Oanweiler. the faipous bandmaster, for nine years director of the Ringling show bund. Gan-Wefler took his own life two years ago. during the winter vacation, and none of hlg professional friends have ever learned the real reason which impelled him to commit such a rash act. Alamo Gave a Matinee. Hundreds upon hundreds of the circus visitors swung around to The Alamo yesterday afternoon and enjoyed a 5 o'clock matinee by the Felch-Kldd opera company which is playing a most successful engagement this week. All the concessions were liberally patronized and scores of out-of-town people took their suppers at the park. Is Back in Form. "Aunt Jerusba." the La Porte City-mare, which made such a sensational record in 1906, Is back In form again and won the 2:11 trot at Dubuque yesterday, taking the first, fourth and fifth heats, in 2:09, 2:124 and 2:12c. - King Entertainer was sec. ond and Clare Cooper, the Allen entry, was distanced in the fifth, after winning the second and third, in II: 11' and 2:12V4. September Term, Federal Court. The September term of federal court will convene in this city n Tuesday. September 22. and September 7 will be the last day for filihff trial notices for this term. There are a number of cases tn come up for trial at the coming term, the first of which will le the ease of Margaret A. Hudson vs. the Chicago and North western lailway. Mrs. tlnilsiin having sue.l the load for damages for the death of her husband. All Ready for Fort Riley. The members of Company C will assemble tonight in tleir quarters at the Auditorium in orler to hold themselves in readiness for traveling orders, although it is not likely thi y will leave until after 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. They will gi from In re to Council liluffs over the Northwestern, where they will be transferred to the I'nion Pacific and will arrive at Fort Riley about noon Sunday Visitors at Central City. Central City News-Letter: Miss Lizzie lelth of Cedar Rapids came to Central City Monday evening for a visit the remainder of the week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Forrest, north of town. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Newman of Cedar Rapids' are spending a few days in Central City at the home of his mother. Mrs. Flora Newma.i. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Luenberger and children of Cedar Rapids spent Saturday and Sunday in Cen-tsal City at the J. R. -SStrui hen. home. Wandering Horse Dies. Late last night the boys who sleep In the John Pugh livery', in South Third street, were awakened by the sound of a horse trotting through the barn. Running out they found that a strange horse, a gelding weighing about pounds, a bright bay, about 12 or 14 years old, had trotted in at the front door, back through the barn, dropped under the bar at the back door without raising it out of the brackets, and dropped dead just outside the building. Who the animal belongs to or why it should have died as it did is the puzzle that the entire south end is trying to figure out today. Watched Circus Load. Hundreds of people watched Ring-ling Kros.' circus load last night preliminary to the trip to Waterloo, where they will play against .the weather today. The weather was perfectly Ideal yesterday, and scores of men and women. especially the younger people, watched with much Interest the work of loading the big wagons on the 84 cars comprising the special trains. A number of the performers stated that they hadn't enjoyed a more delightful day this season than yesterday in Cedar Rapids, and not a few commented upon the remarkable growth and Improvement of the city. Sailor Used His Fists. Charles Bekker, a teamster with the Ringling circus, left his wagon anil Went into a First street saloon while the show was being loaded last night, and before he left the place demonstrated to the satisfaction of a. half dozen men that he could use his fists to perfection. Bekker, who is a Norwegian, was formerly a sailor and claims that he was one of the beat boxers on the boat. When he entered the saloon last night a crowd of men began making remarks about him, calling him such names as "mulewhacker," "bullbeater," and other things not complimentary to his profession as a circus man, and he started In to clean out the bunch. When the police arrived Bekker had knocked down everybody that didn't run. having fought his way from the bar to the door and left a long list of black eyes and loose teeth In bis wake. He was locked up In the station over night, but was allowed to rejoin the show at Waterloo this morning. Chess Association Meeting. Chas. H. Harroer, secretary, is sending out the following notice: "The tenth annual meeting and 1 cross-board tourney of the Iowa Chess I !., 111 L. i. 11 . . - . 1 . naaut'lllliuil will ur in lu u l nutriiuu, Tuesday and Wednesday. Sept. 22 and .23. The meeting and tourney will be held in the club rooms of the Kills, -ftotel. 'The business meeting wiU be held at 10:3 a. m.. Tuesday, Sept. 22, and the tourney will start at 1 p. m., the TiSltg your chessmen; the associa-Mh has boards. "The secretary will esteem it a favor if all who expect to attend will drop him a card, so stating. The indications point to a grand meet." AH Majpgavjllesf). erator who t for The . ,i , f I he W ire this mor nine that the ac tual attendance at the Chicago-New York came yesterday was 28.856. Russ Ford to New York. It la at last authoritatively stated that Ruse Ford, the former Cedar Rapids pitcher, now with Atlanta, will go to the New York Americans, to whom he was recommended by Neal BaU, who .went to Atlanta from Cedar Rap id. Ball, who has proved the biggest. Sensation of the American league tnia rear, believes that Ford will make good. had recently told a Cedar Rapids frier that Ford's curves axe more puxsling ne Has seen in mm- mg W4i 3s- :Mpf!KK .... ., radar- Ranida fans will Also be Inter ested In knowing that Melnard Pfyl. young nrax baseman sold by Mgr. Hill to the New York Ajnerirshs last Year, has been recalled from Altoona by the Baltimore Orioles, to cover first base In place of Peter Cassldy. Aa long as Hal Chase is in the game Pfyl will hardly be used by New York, but he is bound to become big league timber. He is a faster fielder than Red Mullin, but not nearly as consistent a batsman. More Boquets for Pa. Springfield News: It is goodbye to Belden Hill. Today probably Is his last appearance In this city, as it is altogether likely that the Three-I will be made op differently next year, if there is any at all. The News can only echo the sentiments of the papers in other towns around the circuit when Belden and bis Bunnies have made their last appearance. They are gentlemen and there'is no team in the league that plays a cleaner game. It now looks like a whirlwind finish for the Rabbits and the Springfield fans are with them, as there is no danger of their overtaking the Senators. That man Carmichael. who joined the Rabbits at Decatur Monday and won his first game against the Commodores Tuesday, may bring Belden Hill a nice Plec.e of money right at the jump-off. It is said that both Cincinnati and New York had their eyes on him and it is quite likely that he will be drafted by one of the two. In Police Court. Police court was held in "relays" this mornin, the mourners' bench being entirely too small to accommodate the crowd of men who came to the city yesterday to sec the circus but could not resist the temptation to get drunk. There were twenty-three arrests made In all. but some of the visitors were allowed to take the train for home after they had sobered up. and sixteen were before Judge Rothrock this morning, all of whom were charged with drunkenness. J. A. McGill. Burt Brogan, O. H. Brown. Chas. W. Sproat. Dick Fear, ('has. Behker. Charles Lamlcy, Ernest Knaack, Chas. Imler, Jacob Roe, Martin-Alp .Will Scholtz. Frank Woodruff. Will Schwartz. Clarence Donnelly and Jim Rice all plead guilty and were lined $10 and costs each. Ake, who Is a rather peculiar character. when arrested wore a white linen duster, had a red band across his shirt front stating that he was count somebody or other and carried a lather's hatchet which he claimed was a tomahawk. He is entirely harmless and was released this mo.iiins upon his promise to keep sober. lowans at the Hotels. Montrose (I. Ainsworth. Clo-iliet; Jas. H. Kelley. Sheldon; K. A. Murphy. Vir-ton; C. .Maxwell, West lieiui; Gertrude Brown. Norway; Glenn Brown. Norway; M. A. Walsh, Clinton; John S. Vucuni and wife. Itelle Blaine; Harry Kirk. Vinton; II. P. Thomas. Mechaniesville; T. ilson. Mt. Vernon; Carrie ils,,n. Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. O. Bun. Clinton; Mrs. Sam S. Wright. Tipton; C. V. Fox, les Moines; Julius Moehl. l:i-buiue; Helen Hicks. Manchester; Mrs. K. Van Metre and son. Tipton; H. p. Thoiiuw,. &tecbajjicvil!c; c. a. Ko.-e-ihondy Independence; ;. cj. Demine, BeUe Plaine; John 11, it., Uclle Plaine; J. U. Holland. Uclle Plaint-; W. H. Latimer. Tipton: Nellie Young. WeMsburg; Henrietta .Meyer, Wells-burg. Jennie K. Young, Wellsbtirg; Howard J. Clark, lies .Moines; Mrs. K. R. Hall. Ft. Dodge; Mi. and Mrs. R. I a. Kurtz. Springville; II. I.. Kurtz, Ft. Dodge. Allison B. F. Fowler. Waterloo; J. D. Orris. Des Moines; M. B. Border, Mt. Vernon; J. J. Bocher. Monticello; E. A. Lankr'ord. Des Moines; A. J. Rowley, Clinton; M. G. Cook. Conroy; K. H.. Addison, -Nevada: J. A. Green, Stone' City; Josephine Foley. Anamosa ; H. Booth. Walker; B. Matthews. Manchester; Geo. W. Sanders, Vinton; X. J. Benson, i'rairieburg; Hurry L. Sweet. Des Moines; F. C. Nissen. Blairstown. W. S. Good hue. Vinton; M. J. Collins, Garrison; C. 1!. Reiiieh, lubuttie; U. . Cow-gill, Ollbuque; W. N. Merrltt, Ft. Bodge; K. Van Metre, Tipton; S. Yates, Tipton; otto Wettstcin, LtPorto; C. A. Sweet, Belle Flaiiv; W. H. Reed, Toledo; C. M. Littleton. Davenport: R. J. Martin, Burlington; o. W. Miller and wife. Belle Plain-.-; B D. Sisson, Marshall-town. Delavan E. G. Brems, Dixon; O. R. Ingels, Tract, C. J. Mussel", Hampton: L. F. Smith, Blairstown: J. A. Shaw, Hin; Geo. L. Lamsden, Iowa City; A. U. Tarvestad, Belle Plaine; Geo. W. Mictt, Vnamosa; Kd Schneider, Monticello; B. lkucom. Center Point; I. J. Mauriel, Tipton; R. H. Bittle, Bisbon: G. K. Gilchrist. Davenport; D. M. Denison. Washington; Joe Kolorich. Washington; F. Kiesel, Marshalltown ; I. E. Fisher. Waterloo; G. W. Sturges, Lisbon: W. P. Markland, Maquuketa; C. L. Organ. Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Smith, Oxford; J. W. Barrett, Dubuque; J. A. Wells. Independence? T. M. Boone, Tipton; Mrs. E. A. Duffy, Decorah; Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Hardy. Oxford: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith, Oxford: D. C. Graham, Belle Plaine: A. B. Torrestad. Belle Plaine; I. K. Yenter. Oxford; I'has. Parcell. Vinton. Grand J. M. Johnson and wife, Burlington; P. F. McEIllgott, Ryan; Ed Wilkinson, Springville; J. D. Row-dish, Sjiringdale; H. J. Hood, Spring - villle: t". L. Weiss,- and wife. Muscatine: A. I). HofT. ("enter Point: A. XT. Reynolds, t "enter Point: A. B. Cramer. I'rbana; jEarl Bebee. Prairieburg; R. Richards, Prairieburg; Bertha Scott, Clinton; Daisy Hunt, Clinton; R. L. Reed, Central City; Chas. J. Chesheek, Cedar Valley; F. Wall. Oasis; J. C. Bingardner. Oasis: F. Buchlin, Walker; Boyd Smith. Walker; W. T. Pen-dergast. Walker: Fred Buchanan, Norway; J. H. Kelly. Parnell; C. W. Hoover, Belle Plaine; Mr. and Mrs. J. Whalen. Tipton; W. A. Phelps. West Branch; H. A. Wilson. Mechaniesville; S. H. Coombs. Iowa City: Clifford Kettering. Bisbon; Frank Nadler, Davenport; E. G. Keller, Victor: D. D. Bab-bet, Clinton; H. A. Brink. Walker; Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Graham, Mechaniesville, CHASING THE FEDERAL COURT Attorney in Auto Seeking Touring Judge to Secure Order. New York, Aug. 28 An interesting pursuit is in progress somewhere in Connecticut, where William C. Rosenberg, of the attorneys for creditors, of the. suspended firm of A. O. Brown Company, is speeding in an automobile after Federal Judge Holt to secure the appointment of a receiver for the firm In the bankruptcy proceedings instituted yesterday. The judge is on an ante- tour, and was believed to be in Willimantic, where he was sought yesterday. BRAZILIAN MINISTER SPEAKS Senor Nabuco on "Approach of the Two Americas.'' Chicago, Aug. 28 Senor Joaquin Nabuco, Brazilian ambassador to the United States, was the principal speaker this afternoon at the sixty-eighth convocation of the University of Chl-cogo, when 185 degrees were conferred. Nabuco's subject was "The Mutual Approach of the Two Americas." A MILLIONAIRE SUtCrOCS. r SEVEN OPEN TILL 11 P. M. SATURDAY EVENING Tomorrow ni sale of odds and our And if you have found some big bargains during the regular course of the saletomorrow will make the bargains you received look small by comparison, because we are simply going to get rid of all odds and ends left in the house even if we have to give them away at half value prices We need every inch of room for incoming new fall goods and we must sell all remaining odds and ends out before the clock strikes the hour of 1 1 tomorrow night. ' mnS SpttS Odds and ends of all our $10 and $ 12. 50 suits. g gg MEN'S SUITS Odds and ends of all our $15 and $ 1 6.50 suits, last call : :iius ui an $8.88 MEN'S SUITS Odds and ends of all our $18 and $20.00 suits. CIA ftfi all last call NEGLIGEE SHIRTS Odds and ends ! of our 50c and 75c shirts Odds and ends of our 75c and $1 shirts Odds and ends of fine negligee Off shirts worth up to $ 1 .50 03l UNDERWEAR Odds and ends of our 25c lines 36c 55c OUTING TROUSERS Odds and ends of our very finest outing pants, worth up to $7.00 Sew 98 FANCY VESTS Odds and ends of this season's verv finest fancy vests. worm up to se.uu $3.65 BOY'S SUITS Odds and ends of our S4 and $5 knee pants and CO t novelty suits, last call sUj BOY'S SUITS Odds and ends of our $6 and $7.50 knee pants and novelty suits, last call NEW FALL HATS Odds and ends of our 50c and 75c lines Odds and ends of our $ 1 .50 union suits . Black sateen work shirts, extra well made '. 16c 38c 85c 29c Odds and ends of our fine 50c and 75c neckwear Odds and ends of our 25c fancy suspenders Odds and ends $1.50 umbrellas of $1.25 and 69c NEW FALL HATS EVERYTHING FOR MEN AND BOYS BUT SHOES i 2. a millionaire cattle raiser, shot and killed himself today. Ill health was the cause. ATLANTIC CITY SITUATION COMPLICATED BY POLITICS Controversy With Gov. Fort Makes Serious Outlook for Business Men of Noted Resort. Atlantic 'ity. X. J.. Aug. That Governor Fort will le compelled to utilize his authority in calling troops to enforce the excise laws Is not provable, since Hie summer season is Hearing an end, and it is more than likely the larger and more prominent places will refuse to sell liiiir the coming yabhath rather than face a chance of losing license. The situation, however, is a serious one from the standpoint of business men of the resort. That there is much politics in the whole situation is apparent to everybody familiar with conditions in the state, particularly in Atlantic county. HAINS HELP WITHOUT BAIL Brothers Must Stay in Jail is Court Decision Today. N'ew York, Aug. 28 CHptain I. C Hains. jr.. and his brother, T. Jenkins Mains, were h.-ld without ball for the action of the grand Jury today, on the charge of the murder of William K. Annis. DANISH SAILORS KILLED. Copenhagen. Aug. 2S Two men wore killed and six others dangerously wounded on board the Danish cruiser Hokla today by the premature explosion of a shell. CLEANED OUT RAiLROAD YARDS Chicago Police Make, Wholesale Arrests of Thievish Hoboes. Chicago. Aug. 2 Policemen and special officers today scoured the freight yards of the Illinois Central railroad and arrested one hundred and thirty-four men and boys found in empty box cars. For months the yards have been overrun with hoboes, whose petty depredations prompted the wholesale arrests. ATHLETES RETURN HOME. Soda Crackers that crackle as good Soda Crackers should U need a Biscuit With meals for meals between meals In dust tight, moisture proof pack of. Neeer told in bulk. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Now York. Aug. 28 Twelve members of the American contingent to the Olympian games arrived today from Europe. R. F. D. NO. S. Thxpshing is a thing of the past In this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bena Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clmprick and Mr. and Mrs. John Kerns were .among the Cedar Rapids visitors Monday. Miss Emma Urgeit entertained relatives from Cedar Rapids Sunday- Mise Grace Kenyon is visiting in Cedar Rapids. John and Patrick Jones drove to town on business Tuesday. Miss Agnes Stolga spent Sunday with Mr. Leona Stoneking. lflss frank Clmprick visited Wednesday with her mother Mrs. Pospishel. Mr. and Mrs. Jobs Kenyon and Mrs. Chas. Kenyon were called to Cedar Rapids Wednesday by the sudden illness of Bertha Kenyon. The Misses LJtts were Wednesday cauers at (jnrtsxopoereen s. Fresh Vsmsn Heights Sale. George R Alnslle has bought a lot on Fifth avenue at ernoii Heights. A Want Ad In "The Gazette" WW Bring Results GENUINE EUREKA COKE Saves 30 per cent on fuel bills. It gives as much heat as hard coal. Holds fire over night and is clean to handle. PIANO TUNING B You will save money by plartng your order now. give it a trial. Weights guaranteed. WG. BLOCK-CO. isted. voiced. leDslnd sad leeeoesble. til work guaranteed, i I Watte; Old as L-l. 'The Guest Piano Company ; i-Jx Henry Rickel. RICKEL 6 DENNIS COUNSELLORS AT LAW. had lofty-two years' experience. prices. Once a customer always customer is our policy. Also post cards and stamps. 3T--- - a' . f - Of TTa O . ?eMa wiarso"' 221 1st Avenue E. McDonnell Bros. Plumbing and Gas fitters and Water N. 1st SL Res. Tel. Ml 2 BBBPt,,r.y BE SURE TO SEE This Hams and Bacon

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