The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEV1LLE, (AM.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 12, 1934 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS lUK COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS O, R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W, HA1.VE8, Advertising Bole National Advertising HcpnfcnUllves: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New Yurk, Chicago, O«, St. Louli, Dallas, Xnwoa City, McmphU. Published Every Afterr.iwn Excrnt mindly. Entered as second clcss mailer al Hie po-st oftice nt U:ylhcvil]c, Ar- kBiisus, under act ol Congress, <X> loucr 0. 1917. Ijcrvea DV tne Hinted Prexs SUnSUSU'TION UATES By carrier In me city <i: BlvUicvlllc, I5c per week or JS.60 per year In ndvanrc, By mall within a radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per year, SI.50 tor six months, 55c for D.rce nionthi; ay moil In postal zones two lo six, Incluslw, Sti.W per year, in zones seven am< eight, UO.OO pc? your, payable in advance. 77?e Fulrell Record In I lie primary campaiBii two years at'o-Waller Son-ells, Jr., editor of llic Pine Blull' Commercial, was one til' the mosl vigorous rtlilonal .-'tipporliM's of tlie caiKliclacy of .Marion Kulrell. Since FuUdl brcatnt 1 (jovcnim' Surrells lias, lo sluto it niihlly, stilVerod moments of disillusion. He lias been, in fact, one of lliu state administration's mn.-l severe critics. His views on tho present Fnlrell- Ke'i'il .campaign are not necessarily of great iinporlniice, l)iit in view of his past altitude they are at least inleresU injr. His analysis of the choice; now confronting Arkansas voters, as presented in yesterday's 1'iiiu Bluff Commercial, follows in part: I-'orlunalrly lor r.ic gcoo or the stale the campaign is nol based on iiorsonnlitie.s. IJuth candidates are conceded to be honi'st, men ruix- ious to give the ixople ol Hits .state n constructive program. Governor I'nlrcll concede:, Unit, he has made mistakes, which is nol uncommon aiming most of us. The editor ol this paiwr lias been unable to agree wilh sume o! his appoinUTS, hut I an; not infallible. No man or woman who loves. his/- Male, i .y • no man or woman who can put ilic wrllaii! of th; stale above yic".lv pn>jndlcr:; petty differences, can rcaci CioveriuH' l-'ulivli':; opening speech, which is a reUnv of Ids stewardship, and lail lo hold up his hands — mure than that thank God lor ii man who has dared to do right who has challenged the Ihrcat of self-seeker and opportunists. A calm, unprejudiced anil disnassimialc review of' whitl has teen clone for llic pcuple of Arkansas will result in inter uiiiuxeineiit to those who have not followed Governor Fulrcli's program step by .step. * * * It teems nolhini; slioit of miraculous, that within a short \U'iii:d of 18 month:;, tlie slate of Arkansas... .u .stale Ihal has .stiltcri'd from grasping, scliiili, ruthless poliliciiins, has been turned about face and lodny is ml a cash b;isis and tlic p?r capita cast of ycivernmctil in Ar. knnsns is lower limn in any oilier stale in Ihe union. * • « That Just didn't happen, my friend-;. It happened because the man whom \\c elected t:ov,- ernor two years ago had the. (outage to slash, ciit and abolish tinncciT^ary function:, oi government at the ii5l: al hccomiiiR impupular. It happened tec;ui:c the men yon elected to the ijgislalure wcnl (here wilh the serious intent of giving llic taxpayers (if Arkansas « "new deal." Thai new deal consisted of cutting Ihc automobile license in half. Ucducini; cxpens'.-s of slale government filty ]HT cent rclimtliiuj Jiighway bonds thus litlini; Ihc menacing cloud of foreclosures from the landowners of the state paying 5000,000 in just and due claims, held by the de.icrri.iE creditors ot Ihe state saving 5500,000 credited to the slale hospital making it Impossible for any stale olllcor lo crciile mi indebtedness against llic stale or (nx- payers—forcing cliilnu the stale lo be prc-audllcd..,.|icrmlttliig the redemption of (luce years taxes for ons And last, but not in uny «ay least, lelerrlns lo llic people of Arkansas l\vo constlliilloual amendments which will, if adopled, prohibit (hi: Issuance of any moiu .slate bon<ls, wiilirjiit the consent of Ihe people, and prohibit nn in- cieasc in the present rate of taxallun, tinl' ; .s> approved by hie voters, the latter amendment also providing Hint lu> more than $1.250,000 per year to curry on stale tiovermneiit pro]>er tan be appropriated. • * * J realize this editorial will not plfirie .some of my Iricnds who were unsuccessful In nhtaln- !li|! job:; or favois with the administration. And they have my deepest sympathy, but feel that I would be a IruUor lo those liiteicstcd anil cnlitled to ijooil governmenl .should 1 i>er- mll that sympathy lo Ijccloml the real Issues involved. I Imve nothing aualnst Howard. 1 merely feel that 11 would lie taking nn nniu'CL'ssary ehaiie 1 . 1 lo change admi[jl:i(rat!ou, .since there is no logical or praettt-al iva.snn for ehanuliio', 1. for one, have nol foryoucn the long and blltrr fi^ht lo rid llie .slate of ixilitical .s|»Hcrs ....if II would nol apf.ear too imtnodcsl lo say it, Ibis pajicr had a .share in Ihal lluhl, and II doe:; nol Intend u, as; ii.s resouriT.s In dcslruyin;; Ihe i;oixi thai has been accomplished Ihus fur, merely because we inliihl have dillercd over some of Governor FulreH's actions Involving i>etty mailers. I have never tried to tell any man I'.nw lo 'vole and I never .shall, but It is the duly of this pajwr lo ask the voters lo consider what has been nmmipiisiii'i], then drriclr wheth- IT they jirefL'r lo preserve those achievements or take the risk of rendering tht'in null and void. How The Rest of Us Feel Clcnerally ,s|x-aking, a .state's choice of a Unilcd Slulrs .sciwlor Is its own concern. Voters In Idaho nnd those in Vermont arc entitled to the kind of senators Ihey want. Then; .nv. hmvi'Vcr. occasions when onl.^ido opinifin Ls u factor that warrants consideration. In 19:111, for inslancc, the cause of t;ood government nationally reiinircil that Nebraska rclinn CU-oiyc W. Norm lo (he senate, jusl n.s II ubli&icd Soul Ii Ciuulina lo defeat Colu TliLs year, MisflsiltJpi oller.^ u slrlkinn! ot tliLs soil In Ihc cundiilacy ot'.' Gov. Bilbo, who lias opciii'd his campaign with llic promise lo "uiisc more hell than Hucy Long rvcr tlinii!;IH of rai.sini!." Indeed, he told his audience at Tunica: "Yon folks don'L know whtii li?ll is. Let me yd Inlo Ihc setinle nnd I'll strike a match thai will dim every hlnzc." Thai dcnuuiogic internmv is cmiugli In itself lo disqualify Ihis nolnrlous siralls politician lor llic high ollicc which he seeks. If Mlssissippinns lliink of Ihc rc.sL of us us ui'll wlii-.i Ihc-y select, a Uemwralii: senaloriiil nominee from a fi:'ld of three Candida Irs next inotilli. (he would-be clilef "hell- raiser" of Ihe senate will run thhd, nnd a poor Ihird nl thai. — St. IJinls Post-Dispatch. •^^^S^^^^m^yj^-^:^^ ( • •">•-"; i '*;i| •f'lfa*" ". x . --.; • J .' '-,;" '" " t" -"(-".5V '" /^V^ijfc Tl W' ; v'."' \M1 ^' "Thai loaves twelve dollars u nionlh. Shall (hat Iju foi K.v Ann's lue (lancing or for Kin?" Tongue No Certain Index To Owner's Internal Condition r.V 1)11. MOUItlS 1--IS11II1-:JN ftclcd by organisms and growtlif rililur, .lournul «r the American ai:d not infiei[iicnlly tumors ma Mrdirnl AHOIi:iti.,n. : imt I: f i|y- jiievelop Hint are merely disturb Kcia, the Urallh Magazine IMICCS of tji'dwth, a.s well as tumor In the old days, if you were sick, like cancel 1 lhat are malignant. CHURCH EXCUSES By tic*. W. BwftM HURCH EXCUSES (Vnln Mother says she Is disappointed xjyond all expectations became lie was unable to get to the place vhcrc all those congress-man had Vintcr, Spring and Summer q;tr- ors as she confidentially exacted o get them to settle the Baptis- mieoion as she had heard it said liiey could settle any ques- :on that might be asked them. She said that If they had not set- led it right away they could have !eft it with a lot of other unset- led questions. She feels that would ,iave been much bitter than having it where Joe can be arguing iVonl it. She says It is her in- fonnatlon that a lot of them are jack home claiming they should Iw sent back as they left their fcli.les and everything in their disks, and loo. if they og buck Llicy will be able to find out just, where they left off, and if new ones arc sent it will take months fo uliem to lind out anything Joe .says he has heard of one fellow who says It they will send him liu wilt close the whole ".shbanR 1 or whatever it is and let the teacher or whatever liu ii callci run it to suit himself. I THIS CURIOUS WORLD B Cr ^ ii i • .I ii ........ GOLF BALLS HAVE AN INTERNAL PRESSURE OF ABOUT HALF 7O/VS/ Hie doctor ;il yum- lu llsins else. would tome and look l>cf()re doing auy- Tho .'.o-rallccl lirollievlinort n! iKUioiis is slill :i lunu way from Ix-inj; inloviiJiiloTinl niLiiduil unil in consequpure worlil ix'ni-f Is by no inr-ans in sl;;]il. —Hriir Chirk II. Wooilwnril. * * • Criticism, hmvcvn- nrcrs^u'.v, is ;i]\v;iys ;in 1111- Kuciuiis arl. —I'rol. Itiiyiiwiid Molcy. Tlio Innlitloiul mock-.s o[ si-i:inlnR n liviuc, shol through with iiufiur piactiCL's and imbvicHetl innloiiiiiip. linve broken <ln«n. —The Rev. Andrew S. Ciill of Cleveland. It col £0 tint iKtipli' would take H i.s, of course, of Ihe greatest iinixirlancc to find whether any swelling or change in the tonyue is cancerous. If detected early, it Alabama Revives Art Of Cow Calling MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UP)— The ancient ait of "tow-calling" is bc- iiiB revived In Alabama since so many steers have been purchased for the Rural Rehabilitation program. Louis Atkins, Butter County farmer, is said to be the slate's unofficial champion. Tn purchasing several steers for the program work director, Herman W. Simon visited Atkins' farm. Atkins, instead of sending someone down to round up his herd for inspection, stepped to Ills pasture lencc. He cupped his hands over his mouth, drew a deep breath, and emitted a "Tarzan" bellow that! ntcs they came into OWLS ARE 7JBV Tr/Mf? BETTER. MOUSEKS THAN 04 rs/ ALTHOUGH WEIGHING MANX TONS, ARE ABLE TO THROW THEMSELVES CLEAR, OUT OF WATER.. <O Owls have a remarkably o,uick-acting digestive- system. A young bird can cat more than its own weight in a single night. It, is I an easy matter to check up on the food kills of owls iKcatise of Ihcir curious habit of regurgHating the skull and fur of each victim. :ic apiwaiancc i>( (he ionguu :usj:< ];osslblc to bring about a cure n ii'.du-alion of their health. And without recurrence. If detected lien' siill are people who think hale, there is very lillle chance of hey can make a diagnosis of in-i^ .successful result. NEXT: U'hal yer cent muscle and what per cenl fat does (be male figure .iverage? rciiocd and re-cchced from Ihc, Thu a-cid of yiith excellent dis- I H!IS - jeipMnc ii> the hml, Atkins cx- IiistanL response crime from move ' plained, is in fcnJinrr sail to his (Imu 100 cattle feeding back in j ro\v,s. The call is an announce- sbatiy liollow.s aiiri in a few min-jmcnL llicit the salt is ready and Lo j "come nnd gcL il." SOPHIE KERR'S SUPERB S.OVK STOR Y • lyi-sllnn or infectious disease by liis simjilc olxservalion. A clean month in which the Lrclh have been regularly watched . By Sophie Kerr Hut. today aboul Ihe only lime [ m cleanliness and fur freedom he doctor will ins]x-cl your lonRUc r, ol[ , ,|ceay and unevenm-ss. Is pcr- whcn he's looking for a dlsi-ase .h : ., vs t | lc i, cst type of insurance lint relates' to that organ. a^t yol , can Bct against dcvclop- 'I'lie tongue conl;ilns on ils sur- ;.ce lit lie stiuvlureA which have he double imrjxxsc of Miiiplying he of lasle and of i>crmL'.- ing the tongue to handle the food 1ml Is on It. raenl of calicer of tongue and n:oulh. nr:<:iv MKHE TODAT ,MNF Tl'.HUY corntm to Tit*r Yi»rl> tlrtcrmlni'i tr> iikvw her humr ro»n nnd esptclnlly AMY JA(JKSO> ihnt »ke c«a Mnke • • IKCP»* of krr lire. AM? fcnJ IKT» J..r lirni frlrnd •Bill HOW AH IK .I.ICKS(»N lirnker the rngngrmriit June for era MH him nmd marrird An>7. t.'nsilitc to lic:<r ihe fcl^Kt of Amy's h rip pines a. Jnnc- ohmlm M Juli In » \evr York real cilatr ^ they'd only hwome cases of arrested development. Whatever Ainy's been through ia concerned with thnt baby. I'm sure of lhaL" "It's very cr;iUJc." Eiitcl Mr«. Lowe, "hut It's fn good condition and tlio si-ea arc high onougti for srifety. You HOUSTON. Tex. (UP» - - Ert (Str;iU[jlcr) T.pwl.s, (he grnncl old mftii of Iho \vrc5tlins; ring, who Ocrn.sionnllv llii-su nuin inlcls rn-| n j, pll - ca t 0 wc:ir ( |i C til j c 1]clt for .ai-pe \\-ilhnia puiilm-lnu nnytliin- | lhc i i[Ul ( j mCi icc ently celebrated) n the nature of a .serious dLscaM.'. hia -i^nl birlhtiuy a few ininuLcs ,Tnne l^ clrvcr and noon t>nlr»ry. In She hn» Sonu'ilinu.s Ihcy bcutnnn Mvollon \\\ ussoL'LuUon with un Infcrilon of hn tonsils or ihvniit. Usiuilly in >nch CLISOS ordinary cleanliness ivith ;i ccrlain iitnoum of H'&L jviii^s about proiniil rcliol", h(]\vcvn-. nllicr nn r.rTnlr »lili HOCKIl TIIORI'F, \iln> 1% ntnrrlcd. I.»n(er nhc lirri of lit in mitt iv hen he offers i« l>r:ir O.r r ,p,. n ^ P O f Ikelr chll* | o-lic dlsinildscs hlw* cantemiHttOUi- ' "Yea, It must bavo been a could lake the rockers off, I sup- strugglo lo docido to' adopt a child ] pose. I hclievc--Il.'8 n(it conpltl- .without consulting Jlowarrl or any \ ered ilio tiling nowndns's lo rock |of licr friends cxcciit Ihal flyaway babies to sleep." "Tliis baby Is going lo he rocked to bleep," said Amy, firmly. "And may do it she sleeps in an old-fashioned cradle she'll i 09 unsuspicious as ho sounded. I grow up to Lc a nice ohl-faahioneii bijfore he was lo wrestle Joe Cox, of Kansas Cily. I/ewis was given several baskets of roses, lie distributed the llowers to women spectators before ho doffed his relic to defeat Cox. There are. however, oilier CLIM-S i /~\ "P\ • 1 1 • ii. which thrse ordinary lolds of[Ulie IJllll llgei" Ihr- membrane covering the (or.^ae | ,-., ,^. . "^ 1 ' ' Gang (jirl rree OUT OUR WAY \Va can't go IHty-Ilfty b:l\vrcn the New Deal nntl Ihc o!d. V/c must, either go on wilh the New l}?al or abandon it. —Kdward A. Filcr.c. Hostim merchant. By Williams r '.ALL TH' BOOKS INS THE V . HOME ARE FULL. OF I PRESSED LEAVES, FLOWERS AND BUTTERFLIES—THE" •DRAWERS ARE FULL OP <STONB COLLECTIOM-S 'EVERY JAR AMD VASE ' SORT OF COLLECTION THIS IS NO HOME IT'S A MUSEUM WHV,THEM'S MV RAGS, BOTTLES, ,.,, OLD IRON, AN 1 BONESV' 1 ' I'M COLLECTIM 1 TO SELL TO TH' JUNK KAN, SO I KIN BUY STAMPS PER MY STAMP COLLECTION. and are dii-s>laced iiv ^ort of .scar tissue. Tlii.s coi:rh- linn mosl frequently m'tair.-; amm^i lir:ny smokc'fs or persons \iitu uty bad teeth. The coudition )iirc:ifinnally bri-n rclerrcd lo as! Mi'.okcr'.s patches. It may, however. pii)cecd even- ally to Ihe .SUKC v.-ln-n (he cii- c toiwue is marked nut in Krc- ons .so that, it looks like a map. which ensc llic doctors dcscnlx) : condition ;us HCi^rapliieal ngue. In some cases use of rad- m in (realmcnl of dbMirders of ,c tonmie of this kind i.s .sncccss- .1. A rather rare rnmlilion alfcctL: the tonsiie is one in wliich the folds of membrane, known : papillae, cnlarse. This Rives the msni- a dark appearance-, .so lhat seems to be covered with hair. * » . The tongue is octjsion;illy af- lurn her ftrxpcrnte pllpht Jnne i i n Am v Inr krl p. Howard itiurfnt; (>cTinn»r and Amy .n..--. t4 \cw York. MH« miajm nlll Ihc hnhy U ktirii nitd tJirn. irrrinrrl firi'n»%c Jane lft»l*ts nn HinmtinB i but Jnne He vet «Jmn ntlMm Krr. «'hrn Amr return!* tn Mnrhnrp ivhh ihe Imhy »hr tvorrlra over Ihtnk of t^lini •the hnt ilonr. Jane." LOWK looked sharply at her husband, wandering if lie ANNOUNCEMENTS Tlic Conner Ne« tax brcn nu- to nnnounri tlw fnllowlng ' candidates lo r psbiic oni-c, snb- ct to Ihe Dci;-.ocratlc primary tut August: 1'or Kc-pr«o[il,ilhr IVY \V. CRA\VFOltf) CURTIS j. urrLi: For Ucelcciion for Srconci Term For Conntv Juiicc '-"—' 7.AL U. HARRISON GEORGB W. BARHAM for Jlcmbcr of Conjresj CLINTON L CALDWELL, Vor Slifriir and Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON For Rc-elecllon for Second Term Kor County Ttcwnrcr JOK S. niU.AHUNTY ROLAND GHIiEN lor Circiill Coutl Clcik IIUC7H CRAIG ADU1HON SMITH K. U. (SKECT) STOUT 1'ur Count; Court Clrrk FRKD FLEBMAN For Hc-F^f^tlnn for 2nd Term CAREY WOODUURN" Fnr Awf.vwr U. t,. (DIUiYV O.MNHS U. 0. UKE) HUDfiON Tot Const ihln ot ChlduM.wbi Townsliip JACK ROBERTSON CIIAI'TKH XIX If'ho was she* had better keep her own suspicions under cover, for he was ciuito ahsent-mJudcd enough to blurt, tliem out at the timo and jr'^ce lliey would he most awkward. |9he herself wns absolutely sure and rcscutnieiit ot Jane's Influence over Amy iiulckcned into life. She rpcallert (hat in lier letter loll- iiifj oC tho adoption Amy had said .that !l was a child whoso mother Tin; STORK j f |j f | |lflt want j(i WOI| | { ] not j- CO p j t j"Amy will never tell me anything LOWK lonkcil down ! inorc ;. S | 10 t | lollp | lt , For ]lpr own :n the tiny huhy. "Amy, you I self-rcsr^ct s i, 0 atldctl: "And I shall Ti:itno her," he salil. "This never ask her." Ilchiinl tliem Amy was IntrryTns alKmt her house, her ( faliguc. her use ot the fciiilTiinc pro- t:oim nunnys me. •Thcti you K\m Amy prompted. "All fancy and his- j of Iwhig wilh her own agntn. The soinollilns," ' strain vanloliini; under llic inriral mines liarrcd." liahy cried witli Inmger. Stic must "Too l),itl— 1 was just Being to!' cavc llor anl1 6° ijlto hcr homely :'iii;i;cst Itoailife;! or Xenohin or ', "™ l kitchen to prepare fresh food. Cle:>|t:ilrn! Hut llirrc's still Mar- ! Everythlns seemed lo welconlo her. •;.nc; of Xiivarrc and Elizabeth nnd | Kv erytliins was In place, responded ' girl." "It doesn't exactly follow. Cut don't lot's slart tlie argument ot tiereility versus environment. Personally I've always l>el on heredity." "Olf Mother, have yon! But yon can't tic sure/" There \vaa such dismay In Amy's voico Mrs. Lowe's suspicions hec.inic a certainly. This was !t, it must he, Jane Terry's child! "is'o, silly, of course I'm not sure. Noboily's sure. Don't llic host families always have a lilack sheep, and don't soirio of tho meanest, most lowdown people imaginable have clill- dren that are perfect models? The only tiling to do witli children is to keep them licaltliy n'jfl teach llioni manners. TSuy'ri? bound to mako llinir morr4i for lliemsclvea." Mary or KOOI! Qncon Anne, Helen of Trny. r.'alplinrnla—" "t-'or heaven's sake, \\lrn was sin." "A"iy, I'm asfinmcd of yon. Cat-J r.i:i,;i:a .liiliii.; Caesar's wife. "Xa:rc ^l•r Ciithrrlnn .-mil c:ill her ; lo licr hand. Slie ilhl not need to (uiii!)lo or hunt for anything. Tlio wails of Iho taliy went on slcailily white Amy pourctl and measured land tested, anil when sbc ran bacfc l.'i upstairs with llic Ixntlo and tucked Kiry for !*>or(." Mrs. l.owe. S!:.''rt nnrc Mko a l;1tlpn wlrli Its yci in>: open tlnn nnythtns I ever They h.irl rcnrlinl the floor. Il TO Airy, cntn-inp. lhai »d never h^fn any pl.ico GO |l!ie nipple into [he monlh of tbe 'wriggling yclliiis nillo. her gurgle of surprise and hcr grucily sucklns made Amy laugh aloud. "I'll call yon Kitten." she lolil licr, liul Iho AMY did not carry the er««- -'^- nicnt fnrllicr. ]?nt In tho days hetwcon )ier own home coming ami tli at of Howard. Fin thought of hcr mother's franl; statement or nncrrtninly — when sliC had any lime to think at all. She had a sre:it deal 10 rio ami she was glad of it, for .i^ain there was a lap?o in messages frma Howard nnd IVofo^sor KJIert, nnd instead ot Ul ° suspense w.i.^ hard. All ot hcr Martitir^ [rionrb cnme to see ilmby'was ton hiient mi'eating to ^ °;;^ ! ^'j. ; '^- l] ^ ^ "}* .notice the threat. When she was • Faiisficil she dropped off into in- u,M(,,l s., «-clr ft:n |n s a , H M oW , 0!15V ,,,.,_ Amy ,,,.,,1 tho iv-c. Tnc w,n.l->w s were oi'f". ] cll , I)ty boltlo and waichcd her tor l)at ' 3: ' Eolllc nf ll>I>m exceedingly curious as well. Sho their Only ono of (:ic ^iv!s ulio played proKii^rnt roles in [lie UilUngor^ (error rcig:i to remain ti'oe. Marj Kinder is fliowu here with her pet dog, at the In- home of her mother nnd filler. She disclaims knov.lctise ot Di'.liiiEer's whcrc- .ilteiiip ,T li!.^ p!.in> nnrt ha? -iv.-i 'ip i-.ope ihni Pler- |"r/. •-,--r i,.iGjt:f.r hutliaac!. v ill csc.ip" death i^ ihe Ohio clccuif tftair. 1 !;L- ^ir->Li ^^rden heyonil inokfitl • :n .1 I hem. A l^y souil. t.rcczc ' '" , Ic5g rCi| .,,„, |norc sun-cil Hie v.'iiito ciirlains aiicl i J, „ ,.„,., i>r-,. s ],t tlic linncyaurklc. "Oh!" - • f!io cMcialmtil. "I iltdn't know liow pu-cct it «M?. or how rr.uch I iMi5v=?rt il. , CC ." U1 ' b " 1 iail in pany nnd cvailo unsiinns a.i «•,'!! as she none o( [ew minutes, "cjlic's ccrlniuly! , nink tllom cvo " remotely Mii^esteil almost like a real I.W I1lat ^™ i » l , 1 , t ll<! J ™'^ ''""'--I. "ft I Jo Lone she'll be pretty. ^ e " Jllss Kos ;«' w l"> cnramenlcrt And I do liopu -<ic won't look like lhat ••"»•<>'« '•".•> 'o"h a child to 4 , .Jnne-or h« like Jnne. I .mist " lsc , ," ;ls , r , sllr ';' y1 ^ - 1 " 11 "" '° r A:ul you vc put tlow-1 sl ,, llllkl ^ a]) ., iu Janc- [ ml , st 'rouble. The baby now. erg aroiiinl —it makes im> want to r: > I'm so glail to b« homo igaln." Tliey left licr Inkln; cff lier oat. forget IKT entirely. U's heavenly to be home. If only Howard were hero it would be perfect." oj-e:i!ns lier bags. As tlicy drove away Professor Lowe said lo bl3 wile li.iltlusly: "It has lo come to a!! parents, : S up;» 5 e, but I didu't j Onc ",hin g " s i, 0 "mc.-inl"to"do, leU know bow much It was.wing t.>| IIoward ,,,,, Kho , 0 story ot the TTE11 tlirtiijlst] marched on. niln- liow.ird and (he baby. becoming active. wp = Krnwing. riiriii!; and movement nart t:iXin- on Uie pink and white curves ol a healthy, proper lain;-.;. Amy hail come home late In August and it wa.i lain In Scpiem- bcr ami liie fiiFt F.-mester of the collego year i-.arl couimcnced — with much .1! .ice. !l wasn't tlie fnllfiio of ! IMP i tip. nor tho worry ationt How. I Howard u-oultl say lhat she b.n sr.l. She's Isen througli sorccthlns j done Ihc only possihlc thing. a-.cre. son-.o lilfflcult Psperlence Downstairs Mrs. I.owo was rap- tii.ifs chancerl her and uialured ' plnp at the rtoor. "I've got tlie . rccriv.r to Her car. i no i onnrciion wns bad autt fast. cer. An^ I CST ;e!l you. my dear, 'fr.i Come ami look, Amy. '••in ri> :n a qtif or helpless wny., w:iore do ynn «-,nit It? 1 '"•~i wis »iiy | Mlkvl so nnnh ! It f»cn:rd tile brit phn tn :•. ':---::.-c .iV-u th^ in!.\nt's name." : Atny lo b.ive ihe rnhym lu-r own 'I !;^;-.v 1 Mi ssaniy wbal yiu ', bodroo^j uutil she »-3; a lutl^l r..-ua. EL-T ir ct: t !•• -!f2p. We , older. T'jirc r ."iE an unfii'.ri'iicfl (it!;i=r? a^i :;-.--h.i:« rja't «;i£!t*! • rosci r;y!i£ fcv r*?. that CUT rtildrsn t^>ve:. It v« did * do loi t^-M'-m iv.p.r. are you. jsomcono «ns talking very 1 slamuicriiip tb c woro 1 ?, and nt first Flia couliin't nuke It out. Then she heard! "D.irlins. darlln?, darling!" cayio Ihe faraway rushing voice, "hurry, spc.ik to mo, I've been nearly .crazy—" •; are you?" (To He Conlinucd.)

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