The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1934
Page 3
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sums 5N1K_SIIEIIT Value o{ Arkansas Securities Has Advanced Substantially BV TED ,lf. MALOY llnJtrd Press SUM Correspondent LiTTLE ROCK. Ark. (UP)—Arkansas Is regaining Its face in Uie bond market 1 ! of I'w nation. A year ago the state's credit had all bill vanished because of defaulted paym*nts. Road Improvemen district, bonds were bought at 25 to 35 cents on tile dollar with but Jew reluctant bidders. Highway bonds sold at firo'.mii CO ccm.s. Stair TKirranLs wer>> raslifd only at hlo) premiums if at alt. . .Mow the road district bonds sef on tl» open' market at fll to K? cents on thn dollar, highway Irani; are'up ten points io II rents am state warrank are cashed ;it fnco raliie hy the state treasury. The refunding act passed at the special session of the legislature called by Oov. J. M. P,itrell early this year Is responsible. In 1932 Arkansas defaulted on all road dUtrict Ixmds. In March 1933 It defaulted on all highway and toll bridge bonds. With ihe stale refusing to p-j.y ILS debts Us credit dropped and Arkansas was plarrd In the Im-cstor.-v black, list. The financial jounials now are saying better things of Arkansas, speaking highly of the state's balanced budget, r.i:il Its bond refunding act. Actually tlie stale advanced maturity on the bonds 10 years but insured Interest, payments with a half-cent a. gallon uiisollne uix, in- PAG* The President Welcomed in Puerto Rico creawd. license Irr-s for certain clasbes of tnicks and trailers, and diverting half or the county turn- back, to the lx>nd retirement program. Already tl:c state lios received *30,000,000 worth of Uie $144,flOO,000 In old bonds to be traded for the new issues, according to J. Frank Beasley. supervisor of the bond refunding board. New York. ha*; J32- 000,000 more in UK old bonds ready to send when Wank forms are received. That acceptance of more tha: the popularity n a the refunding Willie Puerto menus crowd ilic steps of the City Hull to v.ali'1:. Mi!.', was tlir- scene ns President Roosevelt was welcomed to Mayneucz by Senator Valdf-y Uc-rti. leader ol ilic islaiufs majority party. Tin- president, is shown ludcliiif; a scroll nf welcome pvenr-ntcil to him by a local society beauty. plan, . Beasley said. He is certain the remaining boiuds loutstanding will come in as soon as. proper pi- pern can be sent the holders. There is $4,000,000 in the state treasury now to begin paying Interest due this year under the new- pun. Payment -will begin as soon as the new bonds are printed. ha.? and .small cars listed in handling > logs are l>eing junked, and other equipment, including [lie extensive curing sheds, arc being dismantled >!nd resold. Possibly 1.000 truck loads of scrap lumber, not suitable for re-sale, will tie hauled to town for sale as firewood. TV.e plant, constructed seven years ago, cost $150,000. The ccm- pany had the largest single payroll here outside of government projects. A settlement, of approximately SO Iwjuses was built to ncconimodat" ihe employes. It Is known locally as Jacksonville. While the new le- othcr properties of the scttemenl will be undisturbed. It is understood that extensive timber rights bought by the Wunderlich interests in this section and north of here will be retained. It is planned to float the logs on barges, to the sawmill at Memphis, from where the best of the lumber will go ultimately into the mtmu- all expectations. June . collections- set a new monthly record. • • •..Teleprinters 4111 finish their first Issue of -. the new series of bonds within : the next 30 days, Beasley believes, and will have ail the issues printed.. within 30 days, - . ' Difference between the $144,000,000 .'worth 'of OUT bonds and (he 1155.000,000 issue authorized. for (he refunding 'is for the defaulted interest paynienis aiid for the additional interest for advancing the I maturity date. ' National Funeral Home, at Memphis, whicia |s also a Wunderllch investment. The St. Francis Levee District, it Ls understood, paid $25,000'for th< mill site for levee right of way. Arkansas Centennial Half Dollars Described LITTLE UOCK, Alk., July 12 tup) —Arkansas' centennial ' half dollars will bear the heads of "Liberty" nncl an Indian on one BILL NEXT ] !U tlie i-inl of ilii! fl^al yr-ar, sluitl ; lie ir.msrfiTOd to the cuiiinioi] sclinn! . fund mid bi' n]>;x>rtloned mid (Us' tiihutcd nmoi)|r the various .school ! districts nf llw county ns similar 1 funds are n]>r>oi tloned and dlslrilj- | i.ted. and. ll)e other half rfiall be j transferred to the county ^enr- j ruiHl." Fnr Kites When (Continned from Page 1) the proposal reads, "shall employ | any deputy or assistant who is re- i lated to said officer, or to any oilier officer herein nntncd, either by affinity or consanguinily within the fourth dssree; and no person so related shall be entitled to serve or to draw pay for, serving ns such deputy or assistant." All officers receiving fees nre required by the proposed act to flic monthly reports and make monthly settlements vrit-i the treasurer."In ihe event," the bill provides, "any officer whose duty it Is to fill such report and pay Into the treas- ury'the receipts and revcnuc-s of his office for the preceding mouth, as defined in this act. shall fail or refuse io do so. it shall be the duly of the treasurer, within five days, jo. report such fact, ill writing Io the county Judge, clrcull court, and prosecuting attorney." All purchases or i-mmiy «|iilp- menl and supplies are 10 l>c from the lowest bidder. "Any- n»d all purchases or con- trac-ls for supplies or equipment company, Walnut and Wednesday after- side ontl the Arkansas stale flag | necessary for conduct of tie sct- and an other. American eugle on The design, made by Edward Everett Bun- of Paragonld. was se- county offlcr-s and insllluTiorrC the bill reads, "shall ItH'^nttor lif made by the county court In the open market, upon inviinl bids, anil MILL itpioop Luxora Cooperage Com- I f\ • rtl T >nU W •! "IHIVUL. IllVil-llJg U1U3. pany S Usceola Plan! Is ,;, e Wl " bc 500 ' 000 of the coins -After all salaries and exiwnse n • W/ 1 I ' a P 1 '™ 1 ' 111 " 1° lii'lp pay claims have been paid, as provided DCIllg Wrecked expenses or the centennial celebra- in this act." another section reads. I Drunken Driver Crushes Garage "Sambo" Finct'.or caiiscd plenty a! excitement at the Shou.w-LitlSc Chevrolet Railroad t noon when he drove his truck Into two cars, crashed through a glass paneled door of the company's buildings, and battled employes and Police chief Ed Rice before being subdued. Finchr-r, willi several relatives in the truck, drove briskly from a dirt driveway leading out of n yin lot south into Walnut street but failed to make ihe [urn. striking l\\ r a cars iincl plunging his truck into the door, scattering glass in even' direction. Wlwn employe.*; of the company objected (o hh nclivilics Pincher, whii officers said \v:i.s Ihoroughly iii- Uixicalecl. .\\vimg fit. Cicorgn U'.'sinK- f.f. chic-f mc-t-hnnic, and !:ll Allrn Poscy. postolfico employe, slandlng nearby, instead. Chief Rice, who happened Io bc nt. the scene, hurried up and Finchcr socked him on tl'.e side of (lie licnrt. Fim-)u>] toon ovcr-|ynv<-r«l mill, hlfr- fi-r-cly. wjix u-d f,fr ts Jnll. H'Cted at a meeting here of the j in each Insian'ce from the lowest Arkansas Centennial Commission's j responsible bidder," exeepl lhal committee. The coins also will bear the Inscriptions. "Arkansas Centennial" and the dates "1836- emcrgeucy purchases, in amount 1 not excecdini* $10 in (he aggregate in any one month, miiv 1 ' without first inviting bids. be OSCEOUA. • Ark. — Tile Luxora Cooperage comiany's plant here, for a. number" of years Osceola's largest industry, i s being dismantled to make room for the construction of a new loop in the Mississippi river levee here, work on which is to gti underway within a few days. B. A. Cartwrlght. who lias (he contract for dismantling Ihe properties, has 35 men on the job. Such machinery and -equipment as can be used In a saw mill operated near Memphis by the Wunderlfch family, who also owned t,he Luxora nrm, will .be shipped there. The tracks WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES "one-half of the surplus. Henil Courier News Wiim Ads DELICIOUS Hoi Wciilhcr Specials Served Daily flLACR CAT COFFKI-: SHOPPE Triers RpHSflnalite COMPARE AkL OUR PRICES CASH GROCEB Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday LARD ~~~ Wta feck N , Vi f «r . . . Viul*7 f. Hat jyn M- of tiaj nwi ot ort. the IS K1LKS v . » ~t Ji fV mf *r .". pint! ev.ry <i«r V.i nl rii ot 4 pound, o « „-.,, ~H.? pur Udy T7ill lri« „,, ttei. VwSwM <ni<M ..rkia tnuMt. It m.rfa»5kS5 Sit «i3 (ty JM-U» for nu.j VwitJ; Do^»!Jr Art nir-iiraniit I,, COAN'S PILLS ..: ttxUTt Brwcripbon . . . which h»Tw« . . . ncrtnlull, b, million - «* 4. 15 * cltim *> "STANDARD" ESSOLENE •-—•— n — -!• ii «IIB^ — .• ,,.-—. — . , ^, m , i^^^i tTi—r^- • - IT — • • " NOW 18c Per Gal. Drive In Today For Complete Service Phillips Service Station Phone 777 Bernard Gooch, Mgr. 1 I lit'.sl ('(impound Pound Tc TIE IJBBYS ItOSKHAI.I-:, No. 2Y, Can • - IBc I'lCACHKS. No. a i', Can- 17c l'R\m for S:ilnil, No. •> - 2lr I'HAKS. 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Can :i!)p HAM Sliced Kml Culs I'niind Waldorf Uoll LARD 20c 4ic Wilson's Laurel l.ouf -1-1,1). Pitil t;ic S-l,li. I'iiii .... 8'k VINEGAR I'lirc Apple Cirtor (iiillon .lai 33c PORK CHOPS Lean ICncI Culs <f flf 1 ^^ Pound A i 2 C FLOUR MATCHES OlilUk. 21) Ihs 97c 1(1 Mis. - - Sj c I'ot Drand 34 c COFFEE s Sunny lirook or Cannva Can 29c PORK STEAK I.eim <f ^ 1 ^ Pound A i 2 C CLEANSER Light House .t Cans IQc CHEESE Wisconsin Nn. 1 1'omid 17ic Rlylhevillc Hi-iuul. No. 2 Can ,'f 1'iir STERLING Macaroni - Spaghetti Package BLUE BUNNY FLOOR aft: -.-.:£ IWTt 1^ ''".*' <' IfULil l.ililiv Hmull Can - - - 3c Cnn •- - - (ie COFFEE Chase & Sanborn or Maxwell House.. [,li. Can 29c PORK & BEANS Camprxll's Can Sc PIFfNTOES SAUSAGE Pniv Pork Ponnil lOc rii I A DC I'INTS, Dozon - 7,'lc J/\I\l3 (JIIAItlS. I)o/.en 81' FRUIT JAR Slic CAl'S. l)o/cn 2Jtc HINflS, Dozen 4c BAKING POWDER 2W K, in 19c GROUND BEEF Or Poinxt Package MUSTARD Marco Qtiarl Jar 17c IOC CRACKERS A " CORN l,i))!iy's Or Uriskel Pound liii 'ttanfam Nn. 2 fan cF Xjlj; Package So STEAK ]io__ Pound K. C. I.o'm Pound lie 15c PUFFED WHEAT Pnckajjc 9c CfM FLAKES CANCVA SPICFS DUCKS Post or Packajje A1MOc N.y s St Yoww - F:u - Fun 18ic VINEGAR Bulk. Bring Jug 1 QA Gallon AOC SALT Jefferson Island UVER CHEESE Mor roll's Pound 20c CHERRIE Calif. Pound 23c Seedless Poutul 12ic APPLK Delicious LETTUCE I'ancy H Sc BELL PEPPERS I'nnnil CANTALOIJPES Nice Sizt fCach BUTTER BEAMS Sliulicd Pound j*ic lOc PEAS Shelled Pound 12 : SQUASH While Pound 1C CORN Tender Ears lie LJHONS RFITTL'I? itlJ 11 TA\ Sunkist. Nice Si/e Do/on \ Qj-> A 9 C IIKOOKI-IICI.I), Priuud (M'At.ri'Y, I'otmil . . GRAPE NUT FLAKES 2 for 17c SHORTENING MILK l-Lli. Carton S-l,b. Carton or Van Camp Small 'or .'! Large Cans SCOTT TISSUE •1 Itolls for 17c 15c CORN FLAKES .Miller's Package 6ic JELLO All Flavors I'ackagc 5c EXTRACT Liberty 8-Oz. liottle <| Q _ 19 V -QLEO lOc

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