The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNK 27, 11)31 I W,YT]IKVIU,K. (AUK.) COUKIICU CLASSIFIED ADS Two cent* k word (or first Insertion and one cent • *ord fur etch lubcequent Imcrtlon.. No advertisement taken fur less- ihim 50c. Count (lie wortli aud telid the i»sh. Phone 300 1'OU SALE fOK SALK or TRADE-My equity ill property on Walnut St., known as "McUricic Apis." S?e me on premises, Mis. P. V. .Mi-Bride 20P-K30 NO MOKE, HEKT—1 have 4 tain-A and baili at 1218 Holly, nm'J ami ban. payment is $13.M per mcnUi and runs 122 months, have paid 30 months, leavin-j SI more payments. I liavc inure monthly payments than I can n-eel and yon may have this projw'.y by paying out Hie loan and paying me $5.00 IKI month, no Interest. 1'honc- 100. E. D. Ferguson. 27C-IC1 RENT TOE RENT—Furnished 3 room flat, L VOO West Walnut. Gc-tf WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prt- w«. any Quantity. Marilyn Hal- ihery, S10 S. Fourth 81, 9C-CT Y.'ANTED — FamlJy washings or goiirjal housework. Mrs. Dora J'izdl, 2207 13th Bt. ' TF WANTED — Hay to Dale. c. G. Smith, Phone B27 or 1502-F2. 0-OC-TF WANTED—Plain and fancy sewing. Mrs. Ira Crawford, 123ti Holly. 22C-K29 CHANCE OP LIFETIME—Rclviblc man wanted to call on farmers in Muu&siiiiii county. Wontei'u! opportunity, Make $8 to $HO cb.i'j. No experience or capital no-»(lc(! Wrile today. McNESS COMfANY. Dcpi. 1, Frccpcrt, Illinois. S380 MONTHLY .selling 10 improved patented Caller Window Washers daily. Cleans, dries, polishes -.Good Housekeeping approial. Rc- 'Mriclrd territory. Write today, Carter Products Corp., 801 Front Avc Cleveland. O. EUJOT III:IM.\ m:iii: TODAY I.IAXI: tun in-: IT, isnnu iirmi- llrul. In. i n ..... i i he i-uim-ni. Kut .« to iJtiinrr \v[tb Mnlf>- Ciontri. II IM'ltlllllt. II (Hi 111,, 1,1 .Me, llj'. I,u-Il (rlrncU. 'j-hf ni c(k ,|u^rrrl mill uiie l» »!:<ir. l.lnnc IrnnllL-:illjr kun[ u n »"I|' Hi hrr tmillii-r. CASH IIAU- III. IT. :ul.h: e l,, r („ runlL , „, 'int'r. <'n»^ ^,irj. jiinl i) k)t > (,, J :er I'li'.-iJini: MUM: Ji,-ni:iniiii, the J'llinjr [I. ill.',, ,,:,,, lu clinrsr. rc- -.- r.illicr T:nlrt] , i, >!.„.:; ,., ,,, r Br , ,„ „,, „,...„,. lir ulrl . II.T • Ill- I.. km Hijr r.i < l.l-.l-,*: . I n r XVIIImr Slrr.i .H lin* nn fli^H ,.r Murk rnmiuiu it' nr:il||,y 1III HI.SIK JIIXlT il n <• r * l.liinv quiet. ivell-b:cd ciii!J. Quite reiresh il In l':u wavin. ai:! ronm iiinli-v tJie vavrs. On r<"nl. li:ilf n city liln-l: Mtay e:ii;i ivonl Inntlliij llirmi Elu:!IM!>|--WCIltt'il lilillil, Siilnr cut Ilii-ro wlieio llu' Iliiliia lay ilo Ililn josvcl:: ill ll w:'." f-)r lltr nil iV.u dull vi'iin nibi'iTil. Ot HlP dill-! '[pin-It, sc.'vil .nl? Or inn! t.-jvln;:. (I.IVI-; • illrnolril i,, K],:,.. l.| : ,,,^ [, ,.,„. I'liiJTil In INI* mil,,,, null., "''ll lU'lUKI, I,Aim. n Kiii'lnr ttlrl. Slinn,. Mi-Ilc-iuil,] runic* Til 'I'll 1 I:.II, ll::il 11,,. „,:,„ „„,„,,!<.,! t" (In- i-ui, 11;.!,, ,ii|l |[ v ,., 1,1;,,,,. MtirirM.:^!,] Imllrv I.i:i|.p In [UT Jioliir lu n ilimicr |I,TIJ. Thi' tl-rl i-.i-i'* nn-l It oxi-ln-,1 in s,-(. ilirr,. i:ir n,.,[-rlc.,., »lr:i,.tiT. Mi- n:imr It VA\ 11(111 Mill :lli,l Mr |inni-» MI\V <:o o\ WITH THE STOIIV CHAl'TEK IV TV.jr.ANTl.MI-: Cass waj eiiEiiscd ll 111 an Iniei-rlcw v.-ltli Hie Mrs. Clc:.<-r.auKli. Ca53 bad bcei rrsllns after hclplna Mane Ihc tnipomul business nt dressing She was summoned fio!:i tier roon by n liu-.-::rcd Mrs. Siriiihc-rs. "Mi/. (Jlec.-pan^irp iiown c .lalT nslii'in for yo:i." whis;crcd ll; landlady. rou::i!-f-ycd. :it (Sic doo Ontshle ili» Iwillpht of late .Inn was ilrcrr'iiins. The pconl of How irs which liail burgeoned in the Cn heat n[ I ho ilny came ll|l from th litllc Farclen—llic swtct. hracin udor of tlir cvcrprcen trees whic hanked Mrs. Sinillicrs' froi veranda. C.iss. fcclini; lannnid an vaguely snvm-ised. simioliicd tic liair and went down to the lor." wlicro on a horsehair snl with crocheted "tidies" spread /1AS3 sr.l !;-;:;. relieved r.nil lool:- over Its arras walled Ihc Imposing, j V_j |,, g ;,,-;, tjri-d' ,\ ; < yi-t she did nol icdcnhiablo ilowr,ger, Mrs. " ' ' llic for cnon^li to fccil and elolho her- ir]'.lr-:-s a liirl hi! oxci-nUonal ,il Is (he most diliiciilt road of a!l to chose." "Yes, yes. Ouilc so. I Uiinshl "So nice r.F von to t=i:-F." s:;id .Mri Clc k'now wliat tills was all about Imtlyouy led tliat wr.y." Miv. Cl«s- non . t ] i: . t i.ianc IJPCII approvcili 1'augh nodded deciilcilly. "And nuw m down- i ?he «lit! nut PLU licniai !y care. COMMISSIONERS SALE •> 1IO1ICE is hereby given that .the undersigned commissioner, in compliance wiln the terms of a tlecrte rendered by the Chancery Court lor the CtiickasaivBa D;v Inci 01 Mississippi County, Arkansas, on tne lotn day 01 May. iD.ii,i' wherein Mary St. Auben Kiiiu, ci a!., was Plamtih', mm K L. Pittman, et al., were Defen I • ants, will sell at- public aucvi'm lo the highest and b^st bidnei, on a crc-ciu of three months, ii; Hie trout door of the CmiH H'jiijc. DetRccn Ihc hours pre.smbcd by law, In the City jr DI:-h v.-ilie, Arkansas, on the 20t:i clay cC July. I'J'il, the following real estate, luwll: Beginning at the point of intersection of the West line of tiyht of way ol the St. Louis San- Francisco Railroad Company lalso referred to as the Frisco Railroad) and the East and Wr-sl Half Section line of Section Ten (10), Township ruteen (15) North, Range Eleven ill) Easi, .said poiiu beint; Unity-five 125) feet West of (he center line of the railroad Irach of saicl SI. Louis Si=); Francisco Railroad Coinpnnj. ihcncc West on the .laid iv,:i:' section line four hundred twen- ty-cight and one tenth (423 l.i feet to an iron stake lor a corner; thence Sout'ierly psr- fillci with the center lino ot raid railroad track of said Bt Loui.s San Francisco Ituilrcad Company, five hundred Linhty- fivc and seven tonMis iji3.>.7) fl feet to the. North line o, (he ?*» i-icht of way of the Ulyir.c- ville. Leachville and Arkansas Southern Railroad Onnar.;/; thtnco. in a Norlhe.vaerly, direction, curving with tnc North line of Ihc riglit of wiy ol tlic Blythcvillc. Leachville and Arkansas Southern Hailroad Company, to tho West lino o! the risht r.r way of the St. Loins San Francisco Hailroad Company; Ihcncc along Ihc West line of the right of way of the raid si. Lotus San Francisco Railroad, lo the place of bepln- mnj, containing four and two hundrcy m.y-clgni. thousandths (4.2381 acres, moro or less. :,aid property being a part of Ihc Northwest Quarter o! tho Southwest Quarter of said Section Ten (10), Township Fifteen (I5i North, uangc Eleven nil East, together with all machinery and gin equipment In and upon said pr:mis:s, as wcli as all such machinery and equipment as may have b;en purchased by F. I,. Pittman and L. N. Malms anrl placed in or upon said premises afler June 25. !&}.!>. TJIK purchaser at raid sale will hr required to execute boiid with approved security, to .secure tho payment of Ihc purr-hase money, ant! * lien will be rrtalncd upon raid proiicrly as additional security for the payment of .such purchase money that i-lipiie-tl. assured voice C.iss tiai! come 10 associate with tho Now Ycr!: snclely Snrh ivoi:ien she had pieviousl.- found IIIIIIICIIFC- ly fornili'.sljlc. This was especially true wiicn (liny wi-rp :ibt>nl lire r,.-;e of tlse winnan before her—olil cuongli to dare lo be frumpy, ricli enough lo liy rude as a nuccn, crro- Kiint and indifferent lo lh-2 feeling of If-fser mortals. found it dirncult now. as always, to ti;at sitfli a \va:uau linu riutually suffered tlic common ills, had borne children, known hcarlhrcnlt and wept nud endured. It sc.irccly scjuied credible. Now Jlrs. Clccs- pausli. in a gracious inooil, was . more believable as a human heiii:; than iisunl. "You will be wondering what 1 came to sec you about 110 dwibt," tho lady hc.min, liavin.i; lis toiicii lo C:iS5' nun-mured protoala- lions o" plossiiro at the visit. "It's about your daughter." "About,Lianc?" 'Lines of worry deepened between f'ass' fine eyes. "Is It—nothing's the mailer, I lic|-.o: lr "\o. no.' Quite (he rontrary, in- ilecil. She's splendid. Such an In lercstin.^ e-lii!d. S> avtissic. I've nn'vc lind a tiit of a iiavd time raish'.;: her. I have no I'.iiibt." Clcc-spnufih v.-c-ul on. "Hard Mrs. IU1C3 and all tliatsort of thins." She |int •,;p a protesting Land at t'' thich. "Don't inli:d me. my dear," flic paid. "I'm an old wni::iLi>. i F iy wliat J pli-nse and I ];avc eyes lu n:y ]ieail. It's no easy matter for a woman alor.e to bring up a pretty child like that iu New York. You've done, j,,,, .i.raay I say. a imrvcloua job of it. jslijve | That's Clivo's word—'job.' Ami now ' to get down to the heart ot tin; luat- that that's !:ett]fd, lot me ma';o yo'.i i nil,!;! Ed-lcli .i;it o! ^lil.<. uiu 1 to bs richly .Mu.'lc tlir.-t:!di'.'; n.:t ii'.-.:. lino l..l;r:cs III,' It liu-an,tiij; milihu; to |-ay Itio icni. winuU-rli::; ![ [ln-ic w,uj!tl hi) fii(ni::li ti-fl to buy n ivinlur i-. Cars !,.inily Inn-w. sin! full n'.lccji. |nr::>[iily. bwrt by Iho invli'mi. me hi at Vj to l ; nd li.'i to. "Motbi'r, mollm!" t-lio r:tllul. ]<nc<llHj;. *i'licio was a nutL 1 ol I'.niiC In llio ^h-l's vnii-e. "M,ii]Li'r, inijtlie-i'!" llnw uliile :ir:! flill (\t<.i :'.-;'!!-.i;l Ivin.; tbnc f, lib her iliiii ulik-il im.k'v IKT i-lini-li. :-' I'lllti'ilLiI lit ll:t l-.C.ut of 111-.' ;:lll. l!nt Cusi t-llricd. \vokn Bir.licil dimly. "ll::d a coc:! Ihno. sweet'.'" "Oil, niarveloiiii!" Llano breathed. "Muriel said I was silly lo rush oft liko Clmlciclln but I'd promised you. And" (tills somewhat shyly i, "Mr. Hobavd drove n:o himiu. Tin rose hud none to llio i.lub ninl—" Slio stiippeil sliurt f.i CM./ slrlclicu leelt. "\Yliat-wlnt illd you r,,iy, i'.,ir llnf,'?' J her inolhi-r tnqiiiritl. 1:i ,i vfilce that r,oiinilc-:| Kli-.tincil. misc.:!. "\Vho ilnivo you?' 1 "A Mr. Van llolnvil. Awlullv tionil-lookliii;. Why?" "Ali-li-h!" C'iiii had cli'Fi-rt lici eves am! !;er checks that inul I.LCII v.hito were sinldeuly warlct. "V,'Jiv, niotSicr, you fri^hun n-.o lloiiKily yon <ln!" f.iai'o !i nl flnriped to her knees and wi'.i ;:i'u hing the cold hand v.ltli ti.Hh IIL-I warm yoii!i<;. biou-n uiu'.-. "llml Inek that wiiy. ^k';i!:e! What Is tt all a'jout? I)u yuu [:i:ow tilmT' 'Ltni'.L'!" C.vs ;:at up. pn.-l-.hit, hi-r tninlilcd bac'.; f;n;:l !:'•-,li;'. ; -'j;'.id face, "i'lomlsc- u:,'~!-i u;i- you v.nn'l havif anyl!i!i::', lc HOARDING HOUSE },-i[ -SAS suvl -<- Ai'LL -reuu'M, 0J MIS-T" KARRIS ! J~ Arl'M QUAD £ Vo 1 IS GETTlfV rftS MisiP OFF'AJ . l eOlfJ' 1 UP iM A BALl-OOf-i ! '' V'^MOVO, lie's -foo OL 1 A MAM To f BE PAMdLlMd /RQlWC" [U TH' CLOUDS —/AM 1 rlfS -Too COMES BACK, I 5AD> GoiM 1 UP IM A AS I rl/WE A v,'i;P.V IMPOl^TAM'C "DEAL, I CUT HIM le CAW CATckl ME AT-Ti-T MQOWBEAM VOOL "ROOM LlUflL MIME ^--rilEM ri-U BE llli!."PI«G rllCKS' "To RACK BRITTLE . To" 1 TALUM '} AK HAS HIM WE BIG T>ErVtS IT" f/\(<ES "Trie. r\ propoillioln. Yon don't liavo to decide! at once. Yon can take a wee!;, two -.veeSo, to think 11 over.' do v\Hh linn num. 1 crm't i-:. I'm ;i selfish old woman. 1 have fowl ii^icve mo I'd lil-.n lo 1ml 1 interests. I've been d.iWilhi!; In this; not. That's all 1 c^n :\-.y:" litllc theater to liecii ray mlnrl tinsy. I'.nt it'a sot onongh, not euou^li. Cllve'a goir.u' to India iu tho au- IUIUQ. Heaven i-;r.owa v.-hea Iie'II l.'e homo ajwifl. Wliy not lot nia Imve I.IniuT Think it ovor betora you mal;o a rteeislon. I llko tho clilld. 1 say so frankly. Sho appeals to inc. 'She reminds ma ot—jvell, no BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES AW: r By Martin ter. I wondered if you wou!;! lie- in-j matter." Icrciled In :i plan I Live fi.j Li.ise. Ca n 3 cald wcsWy, 'T'iila—this I wondered if you would Id licr I comes P.S n complete pnrprih'e, Mvs. conic to mo next winter. Live with ! Clccsn&usli. I suppoaa you know me, 1 mean. Slio's sweet and in-'; that. I.iano has been my life, but ultoi iy unpic'r.arcd for j I have. And yet—" Sho woyid. You v.-crca'l" . \Viio was r.he lo Gland In Ihc girl':; panr:-it hero) "you weren't thiukhrj i way? After all, tho doclot- lia'l of tl:o str^e for her?" i w:irnc-d Cass. Her tricky, unreiia- Cass sighed Ehuridy. bitterly. "Ijiilc lie-ait mishl fail her any ilay C.;: n' ecrlainly hotje sho idea," she raiil iu ha; fat no voice. TUB Rirl, cuibcil \'j h-.^.^rn ur,-iuir:-i'?in-c Quietly slio saltl, "Mr.ljicr. tin i: 'n: yourt-cir. Of course I'll <b n-! y.:c fay! It dfirsn't mniitr In Hi-.- In.-i. rt!iyv.-:iy. I'll prubaljly r.. vrv s-i- !ii-i asain. Ouiy—v.vll. lie diiln'i ::i'.;i at all like a villain. I do wish >i:i coutil ti.-;l my H-/:I/ yon oiijcci lo tiiii to, but It you can't, you can't." llti troubled eyes i-acslu Ihr l!:-.::!i o p:mlc in those of her 1.: ::•. linslcnc-1 to adj. "I'll nil |L!I:I i. •:.< If 1 pass liini oa ll:u luad. II it v. ,1 mako you hripplc-r." lustamly S'M rcsreucd i!u< ivn: tVhy, it rlia liiil l!'.:,l :'!:e would such ! and I.ic-nc would bo left quite alur.e. | a (rnUor w ,,„ ow|l , ;(in , ( I sau! you \vcre net to answer how you lova your worl: yet ah.-ays •.varn yoHiigsters away from i'.!" Cass' eyes had a mawoy leek. a iirud li[c." s-'r.e fc-aul, ",-::ifl . been watching her nil liiis wcc-k.j tiinuUk-bs one. You ca:i eat your She's marvelous with (lie patrons I bcarl out 5l;irve unless lurt: is : Cut ot all tho world, why nee:) liewildcred. Cuss uonght her room. \Vai ever mother !:^?el v.-i:h s-.icli a problem? Tiro-re liian nny. tiiin?; the oii;c-r woiiian's desire to lo this itraiioC lliins hafilcd C:irs. at night. She really plays Iioslcss at the theater, shows tiicm lo tiinlr scats. So enterprising. Hcaily Cass' only answer wr..^ a si."h. "Don't woriy. i:lta:-.o." l.l.isu lirscil. Coi'iin;; to bur inn! I..;'.' shlc, she laid ht-r cool rhcvl; a^aii.s, tlie older woman's failed 01:0. "I!-.-: uolbini; in my life, yon," t-.'.n said linnly. Hill as she r:;!:l It l!ic lhi;i-;l,. (IriFhCil i;irotii.;i I.ku-.o'n iniinl iiial nothius coiihl be f;'.,tiKr f:,:iu li;f Irulh. Him cau^iil her lire;;ili. ro Mrs. Clecspaiieh beamed. "Quo t«a'l H»ID bales attracted to- her p?J«a, >cf «HHUEJ. Such a with you. Xo, you're (|u!!o ri-ilt. j have i-hoscn Liune? Hut what vis'.as incnilicrins the slirrin;; ct l:ri I should v;arn;o snvay from it. j'he prospect opened up! \Vhnt | pui t - c ~: ti ;ri t E,u,ihfr fur? ti:.'. I jrant her to !;G nonnal aurl ha;:iiy, • ricJies' ft.r (ho p.'.-.-. br.ivc riiilil i:;;z;;d ,-.t l:cr hvo irinutc-.; h. 1m.- :v I lo hiivo a i..of uvur her Iicuii, ajV.-ilh her lovc-ly, nml l:;r wist- [| u luonaiit ;:!i;h;cL-:;. t)f Hie d-. i-j hoiv.j. I (V>n't want her to liva !u j ful ycariiins for "r,i.-c thhms"! ,-„(;.(. ^ui;,^' "(i.-ji-nigiit. bWL-l !(l]ri siiecesHion of ih-er.iy. fcrnii;ii»:;i H was rua:l and ii::liiins;ib!c even! child.' 1 places, lo strusslc year K;:JJ jssi-lt-i consider it. C:;fs lossed am! I (Tn lie Ciin(f»urt!> COMMISSIONER'S SALIi NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned rnmmis-ion"r. hi compliance with th? terms of a decree raul:iod by the Cr.anct-ry Court for the Clik!;asav,b.i Di.-- : Irict of Mississippi County. A. - ! kansas. on Ihc loth Say of Mny. : 1931. therein Uiiisn Gr.vir.g3 JSinTl- i ing i: Loan Association i''as i'ir.ln- I tiiT, and L. II. Moor-. ='. a-., were ! Dclcnriants, will ;cll at juiiilic av.c- I ticn to the highc.-l and bcit hid- | der, on a credit oi ti'.v^ inj. at tile front door of Cie Court Hoii.'c. ue'.'.'.-crn th? li)"i }'••-- '• sciibcd liv law. in the C;-y cf Blv-j thcviUr. Arkansas, 0:1 i : io 20th] day of Juiy, 1B31. the !ol!oaiii;| real estate, to-^it; Lot n;:mbcr onr >!'. ;•:! I :!::' Kasl Half of Lot mira:::r" U» i2). in Bloc:-; thrrc i:ii. i.S I'.w Chicago Mill A: I.-.iinh.-i- Company's Second Artail;o;i lj City of Biyllicvil'r. ArMfi.ij. 'I UK purchaser al said '.'A? be required to exccnt: 'r.'.i-':! '.. approved sccmity. to wiir: I payment of the parch,!.-? nio: am! a lien will .ro rel-.i:!V 1 said property as <idl.'T,i-al ;i-c»r- ity for the payment o! nirti purchase money. WITNESS my hard -ui'l t;:e :c3; oi satri Court, on ti-,H. liie- '.-'i" ! h day of J:m?. 103!. it L. GAIM:S. Commi.isiono.' 1,1 Chr-.:ir:r". lie-id, Evrard >^- Hcnuer.^o'.-., Attorneys lov - Vl;nnliil. ^ S A.\D HIS FI«KN_I)S ','-5 t.--i-,r;-NT LET YC'J CO U? L- 16 TilAT S\.|JHLL PLACE C? /,'E. \ Q^ IdlKfSTOHS IU TUO."^ OL5 I _ CLoruas op YOO^S, so L A THAISS.-JE Bcusur You A li£\JJ SUIT-... / V ®^' TAL)i MUKHY UP OSCAW! Ry Blossii* \VJTSK58 my I'.tnd anrl t'.ir se.-r4,000 •1,000 Dtfcr Names for I' MEMPHIS. ("UP)—Umvarrfs \> o[ »id Court, on this, the '2'it i day of June, 1931. f R- L. GA1NES. Commissioner in Chancery Reid. Evrarrt <fc Henrlcrscn. Attonievi lor Plaintiffs. 27-3 coritcil here ontcrcd a n-v.-^p'rur. to name one of l.ic, our; ni i.K , •* '. planes lo be used iix liic CincSn-1 %£j, natl-Memphis-Fort WorMi air luie. A wninan, Mr5. J. 7,. FXry, mother of Iwo small children. »r>n when her suggestion —"Co'.lon States Mail"—was adjudged bc-i'.. L BETTER T£LL FtaScliLES T- VJAS OMiy KO'M'.B AS2OT SOIM3 Tt> TUE J OCEAN ....Wry O J1 •^, ponTiHsy AKSVJER? • k'~ ..'i -A-/, / - v ••ff'l^-'f'^W -'i •&£%•>:•:,

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