The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1936
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMttKU 23, 1936 Dfl.1 FOR Will Raise Money in This County for Democratic National Organization Shcriir clarence H. Wilson, Blytheville, and A. P. Bnrhani. Osceola, have rJccoijtcd appointments •AS i-a-eliairnien for Mississippi eonnty In the drive to raise the Arkansas quota of $50,000 for the national Democratic campaign fund, the Courier News was advised today by Clifton II. Scott, Arkansas finance director for the Democratic national organization. Actual solicitation of contributions will commence about, October 1, it was announced by Mr. Scott, who pointed to the great benefits which the slate lias received thru the Roosevelt administration's farm program as a reason why this always loyally Democratic stale i-lioukt be more ready than ever to rrajxmii to an appeal in behalf of ths party. "Hugo sums are going to be spent by selfish interests who would like to displace the present administration, and have offered no precedent or tangible proof that farmers will continue on a basis of I equality with other lines of industry and endeavor," Mr. Scott declared, i Reviews Tarty Record Review-in? the Democratic record in behalf of agriculture he said-. "Tile AAA went straight to liio heart of the farm problem by paying farmers a bounty to cooperate in cutting huge surpluses or wheat, cotton, corn and other farm products for ivhleli it foreign market no longer existed. Under HID Soil Conservation Act thousands of acres of land unsuitcd for cultivation will be turned into prcfit-producinL' acres through grazing and production oi soil-building legumes. "In 1033, n-hent sold at 48 cents per bushel,—now it has passed the dollar mark. Corn, which said at 24 cents in 1933, is near Sl.OO per bushel. Fat hogs have increased in price from 3 cents in 1933 to 10 ccr/ts now. Oalton. the ;South's major crop, was a drug on the Jo- cal markets at 5 and" G cents in 1933—now it brings 12 cents and better. Tobacco prices have advanced from 0 cents to 10 cents. "Looking backward a t the record: "Farm income dropped more than a billion dollars from 1020 lo 1933. "Farm real estate values fell over .35 billions from 19^0 to '•••'•'•' i'tev-; i -., •-' <; .•-•>^n "P,irm I mortgages : reached a ' '-'•• 'peak of 10' billions under"'iKo 1 previous administration. "Between ID31 and 1033 there were 2834 country bank failures. Farm Income Is Up "Through the policies put. into operation under the present Democratic administration, farm incomes have increased over 2',i billion dollars since 1032. Less than one- third this sum is from bounty pay- incnls—Hie real jump is a GG per cent gal,, |,j f arm r ^- KK "Looking forward at the record ™.n a sound foundation upon which to build our hopes: "Far the first quarter of 1930 cash farm income «-as 101 million more than a year ago. "Farm property has incre°ascd »> value 3 billion in 3 years Total deposits in all national banks are the highest in history (March, 1036). ''Foreign tracie figures are 43 per cent, higher than in 1932 Four out of every 10 persons rectnployed in Industry owe their jobs .to farm recovery Arkansas farmers have received D2 million dollars through the AAA and Soil Conservation program' They have effected a savini apl pre.vimately 22 million through r»- fmancnig of levee and drainage dis- •Thcy have profitably slnreci in the increase in price of all commodities named above. Aid to educational institutions. throu«h cov eminent financing has help-d „ large per cent of rural school children. Products of Farm and Home Will Compete for Honors at Big Mississippi Comity Fair BLYTHKVIL1.B (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Twin cows exaclljr roses, strutllug hens alike, finest [ ncr M rs. n A a sow ana W. 'itarha,,?. M . . M is. J. w. Miller. The best <lls- roses, dahlias, chi-ysanll>c- her II pigs, appetizing chicken In glass containers, quilts _f I, * I i i j i * •" -"•••«-•>, mvmmo, \,m ) ft\Hli\W of ntr catc patterns, a chicken , mlms , zllmlns nMgolas aml f clinic, healthy bablei-lhese ami j will receive prizes. Cash prl^s will housands of other things just as be given for the best, landscape Interim,, ,,.i» !*. shown m lhc I clmcoal „,.„„, carloo , d ' "'" '"'" """ '"'- -— pencil skotcb, poster ppl county fair opening Ink work, next Tuesday. Members of the home mad< Heine Demonstration and basket, BflPIISTIIL! Urs. Gladys Stone 1 . Miilllns. Holland News Notes Ciiuill of Memphis were (linnet liiicsls ot ; Ihe former's ijriiudpiir- 1'iil.s, Mr. and Mrs. M. i(. llallcy Sunday, Mrs. Denny Lester mid (jrahil- .son ami daughter and Lcoimn. Hii-hnrd niul son, Clmrlcs Howard, were In Henoll. Miss., over the weekend, visiting Mr. and Mrs liobic Weeks. Mrs. Mulllo Slroiles of limgga- Tlie wedding anniversary of Mr j and Mrs. Sam lusher was cele- «,• • ,, . , linilcd Monday at llielr home by (Missionary UlllOllS o! (0 A ^uprise illnner by (licli- chll- C i~i i 'hen, Mi's. Mngcle Rti'lumknii OIIMIIPS KfMM'nCPnl fvl L M I t T tl, Kl li '"^''Ulluull, - ,v ui*wly.-> Ul DIlLKUIl- C-limiCS KCp CbClHCrl.Mi.-. Lily Nori d. and Sinn Fish- dodo, who Is 111 nt Ilio home of al Dist ^^ ^ n j^ n £ I ft W'Su^ I)rlc ° 1MWl •Hie amma, Strict meeting off [^ f^K^ .rf,^ '<^'™ ^7 "^ ' """ &ch,S'oT S no= £\ »%£- ^^«Z\^^-<&& kansas came to a close lals yes- 1 children an all day they and huve two 17 graml-j her homc'al Clmffcc! fiumluy groal-grund- -- _ f AI'I'UCATION V OII I'KHMI'rS FOll mill.OINCiS, AI.TKHA- TIOXS AND Ulil'.VlHS, SICiNS Oil STHIICTIIKKS IN TIIU m,VTni:viu,i:, AUK, No. 1 nule II - 2-1. — — —„.„. ,.!,* ul ,t^ mjj a juiu l^ins. ' *"'•> iiuiu Ulc 10 COllllLles WllH'll , ItOUei'l Flip 1 hut . I r,i "ik o * ** \i v/1 11 jv t?> ||\' IJJI', here. In addition bits and pigeons will be judged. | lstcr«l from' Oscooln, WeTVem-l fished' Mr "mul'lM^Tm,, M"!"" !>e "" H ' N '°' ' ' nall> " - n'Wu in .-outheast Mis- Premiums will be awarded for Ihe 1'his. I'aragonld, Joi.e.sboro. Marion, i TiKlay a d s",m ,v • ' V ' SUm Nl '"'• - 019 W. Vine; have displays. test in any standard breed, of: "wlon. Manila, Wilson, Elowal, ] Mia p'lulhio i ±i ,«,), „ ' N "" ll)l ' 1 ' ° r s(orlt ' Si " 1*1, '->: of agriculture In chickens, for the best eggs and for: Annorcl, Lopanto. Walnut lllrt> Iwlil, „, „"dmote- ? " ' U ' OS ""'<*. * Addition C. M. & L. 5 ; *!?"??. '"«;- «he hlghMt rankto, pciw, made,, p;'J}™'^- WMOII, Corning, LHt'o'Hoo.l, l, L ,,-e. ""T ' "'* ls ;, C ° r ' %•** A*}.: Value . of Work. fair ever held to in esc, clubs iiouri will nlso 1 f " • ~ "—*— J~- • ••• *>IL> .ikiin\itti\] ui CLtl OI ' •**"' ivit, iviiinilit, \V11SO11 lhc future of agriculture in chickens, for the best eggs nnd for: Annorcl, Lopanto, Walnut lllrt> iwlih her "uiaiidiimlhw'' : M!'" /V"'" J<1 " MlKiraippi county depends large- the highest ranking pens, made up: 'I'yronza. IMgijotl, cornliiff Lltt'cMlool ,,-e k tb ' *'"- c ? ri1 Co - 3"! Add.; Value . of ly upon the 1.00 boys and girls of four hens and°one rcosler, for »ock. Gasnell, ixswlsburg rcmi Ualher Doyle Il«» I n n °' 'n' $20n - 00; Blllll! '"B ur >"lek ,„• who arc members of (lie 30 4-H an old pen and u yours hen, four ' Enflo, Half Moon, Dell Newport'I Ark fur a few ttwk« ' m ' ns °" lli ' Fr n"«!, Frame; Material for ll'flf. "'"'" " "-"•- -' "- " 1 -- -" '-- cockerel for a Pocahontas, Marked •ftee, 1^ Kb obi s who ?1 \ceii In n, ' ""'"^ ' N "" n ''" 1 °' KxMor Wnlls •well. Moart Helena, West HeleLi. j Ihblta Zs t il Mem Is ' r Elaine, Mnrmadukc, Mnrlnnnnj Iwo weeks bclnr treii e for hi- clubs and women of the 43 home pullets "and one demonstration clubs in the county young pen. who arc eager to .show Ihe world j For the first time there wilt be Just what they are doing toward a poultry clinic on Wednesday improving farm conditions. j -when Dr. 'Boatman, veterinarian of 14 Community Hootbs [ the Iowa University, will be in lar liliiff. Mo. Conference.'; , and featured the Wood; Material ,pf I'oiimlnjons, Concrete Piers; Dulldliig on tha Front or lieiir. Front; Distance i, 5 ft. or moris; * f --.... ^,,i, tl nnj p \tm i^j in —*,.,,.., LIILVO mlullell tJlR And they will show you—lhc c];ai-ge, ]j c will tell you wli.-U is i sswlon. Mra. c ][ Hay of Littli 14 exhibit booths already rcscrv- i wrong with your sick chickens and I R «k. state W. M. U. president cd include many more communi- | the best treatinenl for (hem. I). I lc(t " K™ip on Stewardship Miss ties, as hi a iiiniilifir nT (ncl'in^nL- K Tllavlrt,.!^ \tl.... »^i^..._.. _.. . . Mnt-r»i!.,*i IT..I_I., - ' as in a number of instances E. Blaylock, Miss Coleman au-i Joe several have combined. Tlib Ls E. Walker are making arraife- beiji;; ilone no as to display only i 'ueiits for the poultry ° ° the very Cominunily fairs 1 Most people think that only hoys are being hef, to ascertain in- are interested in livestock but this dividual winners. These will be will be proved false when Mary combined into one booth. The Frances Meal, of stillmiui, enters Manila fair was held yesterday, her twin cows. The Ilirce-ycar-oH Dycss Is having Its fair yesterday Jerseys have netted Marv Frances and today, Lcachville's will he niore than $200. besides furnishin" held Monday, Dell's on Saturday,! milk ami liiilter for her family the MISCO club Thursday, Wil- i since their birth. Their owner Is son's the last of the week ami secretary and treasurer of tl>- county council of 4-H clubs and she knows her cows. " ibstantial prizes will bs given Shawiiec's on ttie same. date. Other reservations for community i and exhibits are: Shady Grove Lone Su Oak, __ .._ . Land. Bnrdctte, West'Ridge, Kci" I horses, best nmres,"best"colts' best scr^ and Marie. | steer, best heifer and best bull. Each booth will have a general I.:irge Family or display of agricultural and home economic.'; products, 4-H club work and school exhibits, produced during 193G in the community from which the exhibit is placed. Tlic scoring will be done accord- When you visit the pi<; show you will see tlic unusual sight of a sow with 11 thriving pigs. They arc owned by a 13-ycar-okl mcnibzr Clarence Reid, of Ekron, who will vie with other owners of swine fo ing to the value of articles to 'he cash awards. The livestock for tion and 4-H clubs, be. ex- "Over 100.000 individual farmers in this slate have .shared in some form of direct government aid." Oil! V:\lc Print Found NEW HAVEN. Conn. (UPj—Yale University ha s acquired a rare print cf Ihc college by D. F. Nut-, tins of Boston, whose long career ended in 1884. Thc^mnt, an un- , colored lithograph, was found by a Yale alumnus in an old Boston i bcokslore and purchased for the university. emplified in tiic pantry store exhibit. How lo conserve food and correct budgeting' has been emphasized, as will be shown by these exhbtiis. Pickles, preserves, jams, jellies and meat will be there. Believing, like all others, that good food is "tops," prizes will be awarded for the best bread, cakes ,cookles and candies entered by girls of the 4-H clubs. That the women and boys anti girls are also interested In the cultural phases of lite will be shown in other entries. Antiques have become a hobby of the women at Manila and this exhibit will have, among other "things, several spoons made from silver paid an ancestor of Miss Martha Matthews for his services in the Revolutionary War. Mrs. N. Masters has entered a woven bedspread, made by her grandmother, 104 years ago. There will be much handwork in sewing, crocheting, tailing, knilling, dress making, quilts and lhc like. The display of quilts will be an unusual one with many designs and colors. In Ihe handcrafl department will tlic loys and Inexpensive hand made Ciirislmas gilts. There will be various cash prizes for first and second places iii these contests. Flowers ami Poultry Tlie Floral and Art exhibits are under the direction of R. F. Kirsh- thc^ only. farm mil home maintenance,•committee Is Godfrey White c G quality of articles exhibited, ar- Smith, John Crf.TTi, L. G ' Nash rangement of exliibil, number of Joe Craig. Krai Wa/il, w. II Fra- varicties in exhibit and education- sier . •>• B. Wilson, G A Looney al value. The judges will be both ' E. S. Driver, R. s Hudson M' men and women, who will judge D - Rcc d and Joe E Walker ' separately. Tlie first prize will be ] « will be difficult to obtain judf- 550, the second, $40, the third,' "s ior the baby show, as it has S3D and all other creditable ex- ^- n cxtremaly so In Hie conuntiii hibits will ca* receive $15 " "" '" : "" ' " " '" honorable mention. Articles ... community exhibits may enter individual competition, j. E. Fuller- toii, Miss Cora Lee Corcmnn. Joe E=.-i\Va!ker and John L. Dameron are in charge of the community exhibits and 'Boys and" Girls and Womens 'departments. Kvliibiis Will Show Progress Progress hf agriculture and home demonstration work in Mississippi county has been rapid, despite the .county fair having been dispensed with for the past two years. What the rural people have done ,thcy wanted others lo know, and so community fairs have been held annually. These have been incentives for extraordinary achievements in the many phases of farm work. The "Live At Home" program Ihe goal of all home demonstra- Ms Pu ,, , ' ""' I omr .. Ln . 11K om she will assist during DID | •ration of his cotton gin this' Margaret Hutchison of Littlc'Rorh, slate young people's leader, on Mission Study, and Mrs. C. D. Crcas- ,,, m man of Lewisburg, Tcnn.; religious 1 full lCe;°^oS 0n;>ryI> '' 08l ' amSIllUl i, f V r - "'><> M». William Arnold! ^^cussion of U-elSL-r'A 1 ^ ^S.' us, Grocery Stoi : e. fy Hull the above stule- McCain, Mlhnlc McCain, M, S Gibson and T, :n. Mooic, Dc- ri'iulants. . Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned Bpcclal' Master In the above court, will, 'on Tuesday, October c, 103C, at the horn of twelve o'clock noon, sell at public vcndue lo (he highest bidder Iho following described property, Inrulcd lu Mississippi' County, Stale of Arkansas, to-wlti The Southwest Quarter mid all Ihnt part of Ihc Southeast Quarter lying West of the Frisco Railroad nnd Hard Surfaced Hoacl. All In Secllim Five {5), Township Fifteen (15) noiili, UniiBO 1 Eight (8) En si. Salt! sale will be on n credit of three months, and the pur- clmser will be required lo (jive bond wll|, approved security anil B lien win be retained upon the .PAGE FIVE ' land to secure the payment ot the purchase price. ' ' Said sale will be held at the front door ot Iho Comity Courts Homo In Blylhc-ville, Mississippi County, Arkansas. - '; F. C. : MULLINIX, i Special Master. •• 2-0-1S-23- In 1035 some 50,000,000 worth of automobile engines,, parts for assembly, accessories and' service appliances were exported from, the United States to Japan ' W ASH and S Grease Job ix, and methods for 1037 was led by Miss Hutchison, assisted by Mrs. Ray and Mrs. Creasman. Mrs. J. o. Slolts, of West Memphis, district, president, presided The visitors were served iuncli by the women of the hostess cluirch with Mrs. Leslie Moorc, president cf tlic Woman's Missionary Union as official hosle.«. wllli Ihc Swift rneklni: Co. Following ii visit, wilh Mr. and Mrs. James Perry, Mr. nml Mrs. Johnny Webb and family left Sul for their liome In Flint Miss Hazel Cohoon. sludcnl at ' Mich. 1'entiH received by: RUTH BLYT11K. City Clerk. 2-1-8-11-10H8-23-25I IN TUB DISTRICT COUIIT OP THE UNITED STATES TOK THE JONKSHORO DIVISION 0V Till-: EASTUUN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS. Chester Savings Uank, and E. H. Jenkins, Truslcc, vs. Pliilutllls, Teacher's college. Cape Clirardeau, I Cotton Exchange' Bank of Kru- am RncQnll n^i-ft^ rt «r i? _ • ...... ,,_ „" . . . Mrs. E. V. Tunstill Dies al Her Home in Colorado Wort! lias been received licrc o r the death oi Mrs. E. v. Tunstill, widely known resident of Mississippi county for'many years, who died in Denver, Colo., Sunday, September 13. Burial was made Ihen last Tuesday. Mrs. Timslill i wt | become well ' known as a leader in Baptist church work since movin^ to Den- l - ver, where she. made Ira home I with her only daughter, Mrs. B. c ' Walker. Despite having bsen lo-' ally blind for several years, she laught a Sunday school class until she died at the age of 82 : '' A school teacher for 52 years,- 30 Devorc of Elvhw, Mo., were week-end guests of Mr., and Mrs. Jim Cohoon. Mr. Cohoon' is slowly Improving from n recent Illness, to his netl, Mo., R. Irl Jones, J. W. several weeks here on busl- ] » (tc r ness. Miss Ituth Cramer and Charles i ---- -- - OIIIDERS TAKEN Wlfl "UERNAT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS FU1QS Mrs. Leslie Hooper M/s. A. C. Haley 1109 Chlckasawba I'hone 192 ity fairs already held. But •will be judge;], for health oi.ij with a standard score to be used Babies from infancy to one 5 < 5 ar " ™.™, lral ;,, e ,. i or 50 ..„,,. ,„ od «,ll b e in cte« I, child™ from of which w-ere In this county Mrs one to six years of age will Timslill watched education in ' a«e?or-sIx' l an hlWrCn betw . ccn tl:e slssl PP' co '"'ly tlevelop from 3. The baby show will to'i^es- the most'modern^yslefm 0 !! Clav. Wwjnpsffnv rt,i,l 'n...^^,i« -., -kinc,,,. c.1, ,. ^JVltms U with I Kansas. She relired In the winners to be announced Saturday, it i s planned to send the county winners to Little Rock for the state contest. Boj-s of the 4-H clubs will enter the soybean contests arranged bv Jcsse Taylor, John Bearden j P . —.... ,,ui luti^v manv cntnes. stressing th at every member of every club have an entry 11 boys of alt clubs arc plannin? o enter the corn and cotton eon- tests, according to John L Damion, assistant agent In charge of rrf W °h k - GraillS ' S ' or 8 |ll «» legumes, sheaves and grasses, pota- tces and meats nre included in *? "K horticulture contes be fruits, home grown vegeta- An automobile battery salesman n., wiiicli is fan lines, charts his batteries irftli power generated in Sumbrota. Min from transmission frcm ,. ^..^ .v.ii, Ll| ,,, j.jjy yj.f, taught at .Carson Lake; Evadale Bnssett and Leachvlllc and nt the same time taught Sunday school ; classes in Baptist, churches. Many years of her life wei in Blytheville where she was civic deVelop- D ell ...... . Announces Committees; DELL, Ark.—Mrs. Bob Nee!.' president of the Dell P.-T. A., has announced the follott-inj committee appointments: (program—yyss Wiu- recne Brownies, Mrs. Russell Greenway, Miss Mamie MageTS; membership-Mrs. M. w . Lewis, Mrs. Will Morgan, Mrs. B. G Gill- hospitality—Mrs. Noble Gill, Mrs L. M. Moody, Mrs. Smother man- nubility—Mrs. Lester Gill, Mrs. J.' H. Mullins; recreation—Ray whit home more, L. W. Sandage; study group BEAN PICKERS WANTED FORD V-8 TRUCKS We Im-ilc You (o Call Us Today for it Demonslriilion 1'hoiie 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford "Dealers I. Standard Ksso Service Sta, Mull! & Dii'lsioii , . Raymond Schmuck, Lcaseo . Correction In mir lulvci'lisumcnt of l; nit'lit we stated-the I'DollMill Coiileat wouhl slml next, week, tins. was in ci'i'oi' us it should have rwul: Two Valuable Prizes Each Week First Prize—ARROW SHIRT Second Prize—Arrow or Wilson Tie, I'V pickiii(f the winner of the football schedule each week sliu'liiijf tliis week. Get your liallnts iit our store R. D. HUGHES & CO. EYES THAT LOOK FOR LUXURY? LIPS THAT LOVE A SURPRISE? The Tmost the whiskey;world tdday^cpmes/ from old delicious "makes it doubly' welco i w 90 PROOF- KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKCTJ Races -- Fireworks ~ WLS Barn Dance - Horse Show'- Rides - Shows 4 ~ General Admission lOc and 25c -- Children Under 12 Free County Sept. 29

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