The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1941
Page 7
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^THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1941 College football as it will Played next fall will be just about as good as it could be made. Rule makers should,- henceforth, leave the game alone. TO NEARBY POINTS MEMPHIS . .. . ...SL45 HELENA FORREST CITY BR1NKLEY CAIRO . ST. LOUIS TO DISTANT POINTS LITTLE ROCK HOT SPRINGS GULF PORT MIAMI . NEW YORK . LOS ANGELES ...$2.79 ...$2.05 ..-.52.50 | ..-.§2.35 .. .$4.20 ... $3.50 ; ..S4.55 ..S15.20, ..$31.25 One Way Fares Shown Greyhound Bus Terminal 109 No. 5th St. Phone There is one suggestion, however, that srould be adopted everywhere come autumn. The id«a of Aldo T. Donelli. progressive coach of Duquesne University, and forwarded to Asa Bushriell, commissioner of the Eastern Intercollegiate 'Assocla- tion, for approval, provides for more significant .symbols' 0*1 jerseys than plain numbers. Combatants would wear combination letter-numbers indicating positions. * « * A first-string end would be designated by "El," the "EV showing where he performs, the "1" that he is a first-stringer on the left side of the line. Positions on the left side of the line would cany odd numbers, those to the right side of center even. Trie right end would wear "E2. 1 ' the left tackle "Ti" the right tackle "E2", the left guard "Gl." the right guard "G2" and the center "Cl." "Hi" and "H2," would mark the halfbacks, "Ql" the quarter and "Fl" the full. Reserves would be listed similarly, the reserve left ends, for exam- pie, "E3" and "E5." Extra right ends would be "E4" and "EC." The other posts would be similarly marked. * * * Addicts now have to check programs to know who's who, and some coaches- make digits on the backs of key men so much alike that .scouts are confused. The rule permitting the handing: forward of the ball at any point behind the line of scrimmage may be a slight aid to deception, but will make no fundamental difference. •Hie regulation that brings a fourth down incomplete pass in the end zone back to where the play started instead of'the 20-yard line will, force the defending team to get out of its own jam.. If the rule permitting- players to be substituted as many times as desired is not- abused—by constant sending of information' into the game through substitutes—it will reduce injuries and help schools with small squads. The Canadian Confederation was formed in 1867. By DON SANDERS NBA Service staff Correspoudeiit NEW YORK, Feb. JS.-Basket- bali seems to be headed in two widely divergent directions. One i-> the free-scoring fire- horse school as demonstrated by Frank Keaney's Rhode island State aggregation; the other, the slow', deliberate offensive developed by John tawther at Penn [ State! Neither type of play is new except in the lengths to which it lias been carried. Critics Skeptical New. York coacries and critics remain skeptical, despite Penn .State's upset victory over New York University and Rhode Island's defeat of St. Francis. Rhode 'Island,, the t\vb-point-a- minute team which has dominated New England for five years, breaks faster and shoots more than any team seen in these parts, in years. Big, genial Frank keaney nas two pet theories around which his system revolves: 1. The more one shoots, the more points he'll make, since the percentage of successful shots made will remain approximately the same. . , 2. A long pass is superior to a lot of short ones because, with the latter, one error curtails the play. With the former, with a 50-50 chance of succeeding, a completed play is enough to demoralize an opponent. •...._: Thi-aw Lang Passes In practice, Keaney puts-his 260- pound son, Warner, under the basket to get the ball after, a score or missed shot. Warner Keaney, a baseball pitcher of some abiiity, rifles the ball the length of the court to Stutz Modzeiewski or Bud Conley, and the Rams have a good chance to score. At the opposite side of the picture is Lawtner. During" his highly successful regime at little Westminster, the scholarly Penn., State coach was one of the originators of the sliding zone defense, in which the defensive areas change as the offensive threat shifts-. JACKSONVILLE, Dl,—Art Cox, well-known basketball referee of Central Illinois, has... .worked 2200 games since 1917. BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ' *• British Sports Stais Fall; Sprinter Tops Death List LONDON ruP)~-As fe to be expected, the war is taking its toll cJ some cf Britain's greatest figures in the world of sports ' Men who have upheld the name of Britain In the "empire and m foreign countries no longer will be listed on competitive Their names henceforth will bcseenou Britain's Sporting Ro Recently the names of Wine-*— ,_ __ Commander A. W. Sweeney, the " " British Olympic sprinter, andCapt.'^y afeeflnld so distinguished, his Michael G. Hartigati, the mcc Ktren 2lli. entliuslasm' and ftthejw horse owner, were added to the " T ' a " K ~' Ki ' list. Countless people have Admired Sweeney, who died in an air-crash. On the running track lie stood out for his magnificent build and fruitless sprint style. Unofficially he was one of the two fastest British amateur ruii- j lien; over the 100 yards—unofficially because his 9.0 effort in 1937 was rejected by ihc Amateur. Ath- lotic Association because or a teen- i nicah'ty. •Rivalled Only by Scot The fact remains thnt Sweeney ran the distance in this time und thni the only other British tima- teur to equal that jxu-fonmmce was Eric LIddcll. who is known'as the Plying Scot, Sweeney was a member of the R.A.P. long before the outbreak of the war. in 1937, when he was a fiight-lieutenam, he equalled the English native record of 9.8 for the century at the R.A.F. Championships. He first came into prominence at the- Empire Games in 1934 in London, when he won both "the sprints. Sweeney won the A.A.A. ICO in 1935 and 1939; and the A.A.A. 320 in 193G and 1937. Net Star Dies Another great British sporting PAGE him for ru)y company, .Ho was first picked for England against Scotland, without playing in any C f the preliminary trials and \vn.s capped on ten occasions. Rew played in the front row and toured New Zealand in 1930. He was injured in France, p.hd after recovering went out to the East. Soccer Star Killed The death of Jack Lambert in a read accident has robbed soccer of an outstanding personality. He was admired by hundreds of thousands of fnrus throughout the etnntry. particularly in London, where he pained popularity as center-reward for the Arsenal. He played the game because he lovec *L , iimm iMEitiitfi^* 1 "(VVHisil«ii • v'.- :,- - . • ' >•"•....-,:•,.* •*-.•-• 100 PROOF figure who has died in an uir crash fE is Ronald A- Shayes. British Davis Cup Lawn tennis international, and No. 3- in the British lawn tennis ranking. He was killed in: an air " crash in Rhodesia. Shayes served as a member of an A.R.P. near his home in southern' .Eng! [and. Later he joined the R.A.F., in : which he became a .sergeant. News has been received that Henry Rew, a major in the Royal Straight Tank Corps ~r»nd'the' old Exeter.. Bo " r bon Df-vcn. Blacfcheath, Army, Barbarians and England Rugby forward. has died of wounds: in the Middle f East.' -ftX Although not a great forward in .the sense that mad'e m^n like Sam J Tucker.'Tod Stanbury and W. W. ^n .- *&m t -g '" "^ r 'sT'S^W^^-^^:-^:^^ co&jlete line of LOW-PRICED-Kix AT,-- Addmon of Metropolitan " increases Six Fonr-Door Sedan, $921* (ivblte stitwali tt res fxfra ) Luxe f Torp«do" Sfx Business Conpc. $828 * (white sfd cs extra) also available m De £uxe "Torpedo" Six S Coupe, $864* Sedan DC Luxe "Torpedo" Six Two-Door Sedan, $874* (white sidewall tires extra) ONIY $25 MORE FOR AN EIGHT IN ANY MODEL WITH THE INTRODUCTION '''of its glamorous new Metropolitan Torpedo Sedan, Pontiac rounds out the most complete line of low- P "?lf? S 'I lts . e , atirc hi5 ^r>--r»ix b«g ? handsome De tuxe modds vnth bodies by F.sher, every one available with either a six-cylinder or an eight-cylinder engine. The new Metropolitan Sedan takes its pbce among the moc^r car style hits of all time. Patterned after a high«.priced and sensationally successful Pomiac model, it/combines unuSOT t rear-compartment spaciousness with the privacy possible 6nly in -i-door, 4-window design. 'In addition to the n ew Metropolitan, Pomiac's DC Luxe series now ? j ' i ,f *:*<*>*, 6 -™*°" ^ s ^an; the Sedan Coupe; the 2-door Sedan; the Husmcss Coupe and the very smart Convertible Sedan Coupe. AH six of these lowest-pnccd Pontiacs offer the sound, time-tried engine^mg principles which have WO n Pontiac such an excellent reputation Or ndiog comfort, handling ease and Jong, trouble-free scrrice. And all of them arc exceptionally economical to own and drive. Plan to sec the Metropolitan Sedan -«' well as the Pontiac ^Torpedoes -which . are offend in a-widc range of prices. And remember. . . ,j you can afiordany new car, yo « can afforti a Pontiac. Tb/fffae DC Luxe v-hJic^idcw^rSc, 5 ^ 3 " Coupc * $! ° 23 * E>t Luxe "Torpedo" Six Four-Door Sedan, $92t * (*hitc tide- wan ores c*tra) CA* tow FOR THJ- DP . "TORPEDO" .SIX- BUSINESS COUPI; tf/ rotrffac, Michigan. State tax, optr'otiot equipment and acccuoncs—extra. Pricei subject .to change without notice. Phone 100J-5 LANGSTON-WROTEN CO -Says Catcher SPRINGFIELD. Mo., Feb. 13. (NBA)—Arnold Mickey Owea b> digging a ditch at his farm hotae . . . sty* he'll just keep on • digging rather than slyn at the salary Brooklyn offers him for 1941, The aggressive catcher, who became Dodger property in a deal with the St. Louis Curdi- naLs, Is reported to be askina $10,000. 8 tog». The Jirst'la th«Tcpuiity tournament at Carii'thtftvUfe Feb. 1821, in which .CaruthewvUIe, Wardell and Bragg dJty are .strongest •contenders, The ••' «ecohd toirrney will be the district Class A meet at Poplar BJuff, Feb. 26, 27, 28, and March i. Hors De Combat CHICAGO, Feb. 13 (NBA)—Ctirlv Armstrong, mdlnna'«; leadiiig scorer inst season, was declared scholastic- 'ineligible the day before 'the Hooker baafcettwll teak loifc • to Purdue. ,,.*„. , . } . i 30 ""***"* beat IlUnois, had just ,los^ Sa h tO In the east, on the ere of Syra- cjfees games with Geonetovn and Colgate, the faculty tossed Bobby Twlford and Paul McMfflerY'out of In 1897, a 34-pound lobster was caught at' Atlantic Highland*. " •• — _ CarutherivjBe Ends Season On ^ictory No. 15 CARlfTHERSVlLLE, Mo. .'Fob 13.~€«ruthemWe high school Tigers boys team ended, the. 'basketball season wit). a 35,30 vle . tor over Braggadocio here night-. Riving the Tigers 15 games won against two losses for tin- season Carnthersvnie. Rirls were downed by Braggadocio, 21 -a. Carutherjsvllle boys .scored 45 1 points wgalnst 268 this .season Caruthersville defeated each cowrity team at least twice, except Wardell and Bragg City, defeating Warden once and losing the single game to Bragg City. Wardell and f ag * Oitj ^ are the only trims to down the Tigers this year, Warden • The Tigers participate in two Important tournnmenLs before handing up their 1040 baskcleering' 10,000 NEW AVIATION JOBS IN ST. LOUIS ou*u«K W Aircraft Wont Offers PftOriTAill CARIIftS to Trailed M*n It, 1*41 h . . f N10HT . Not a Mom«nl fo Lot* - and J**. Writ., Scfcoal l«day. •ayi. .-... ^, ffy . ^ „ viilt th* f,y« , night. onW Sun. • ' iNAi '«$'!!jnox 2FRYE AIRCRAFT COMPANY AtfKMFf I0VC4HMUI ttJHSttM 5729 North Gr«n<! Btrrt., De V t. 155 jt. Lont«,VMo. Ph. Jeffurion 7000 • C/OIMI an no/ over «Q vancinjj, ii avaf/ofef. only a f fry. • Wor» ffcon J500 ~ to gooa ('obi /n F940, fry* Scnooft ar« conv*nl«nf /• tntlr ' , ;fiol!on. ROBINSON'S CASH SPECIALS $i<007etr6,SylGum V ,„ inn ii •'•'" ''"'• ' ;: • •"••"••'"*"-v>!v^-.....-.;.v..^;t:...."'O8f,C 100 Hibarf* Asperin, 5 Grains 19,. j_ ' f "•' . : ' . ''.'•. ••......., 41 »f\* Hospital Size IrradotA ..; $2 79 Mineral Oil iGaHon ( t ^ gc $l.ftO Jergrent Lotion r "'! 89c witn 50c All Purpose Crtafh MM $1.CO Cardui......;..; ; ; v 7 9c 50c Hinds Honey & Almond Cream £ 39 C Another bottle for only !<: 500K!enzo FACIAL TISSUES Soft ms down for tender skins, Stronr and very absorbent.- QUAimr Roor-britc LIQUID WAX Dries quickly to a nard lustrous finish. Try it. WXAU-OUAUTY Modern Charm (FACIAL PADS The popular way to , remove make-up. De- \IigKtfully scented. full pint Rexall Milk of Magnesia and tin of 36'Rexall' Milk of Magnesia Tablets Users; of Rexall Milk of Magnesia w jj{ want, this bi^ value. Keep the liquid at home —carry the tablets with you. 60c value BOTH FOR REXALL pUAUTY Defender WATER BOTTll or SYRINGE 2 QT. ME The dependable Dcfemkr. Full 2 qt.jtize made from fresh live rubber. Plenty good serv- 115 PADS MKALL OUAIITY Riker's PETROFOl Tasteless, odorless. Thcnon-habitform- ing; way to relieve constipation. 1 C FULL PT. QUALITY 69 Konrleek NOSE and THROAT ATOMIZER and 6 or. Mi3l Antiseptic Sol. FinequaHlyalom- ir.c'r.—- full spray. BOTH Bij? value. ' FOR OttHmr $f.23 VGjLie Squibbs Mineral Oi! L Q t 50c Drakes Glessco 25c Palmofive Shaving Cream 2 for 33 60c Drene Shampoo : .r....; 49c Pretest Cod liver Oil Pt. 98c 6Qc Syrup Pepsin ... . . 49c Woodbury Soap 1 ,.'.:...:..,.-4 cakes 28c Tek Tooth Brush 2 for 43c Guaranteed Electric Heating Pad .... $1.98 HnU Broadway Blythcvillc Valentine Candies Miss Saviors Heart Shaped Boxes 50c to $3.CO Joan Manning Chocolates 1 pound 50c 2 pounds $1.00 full pint Mi31 SOLUTION and full pint Rexall MILK Of MAGNESIA Another big- combination offer that will make many new friends for-Rexall. Get yours. SOTH -FOR , 60c Alka Seltzer . 49c 60c Murine 49c $1.00 Nervine 89c 75c Fitch Shampoo 59c $l;25Peruna 98c 60c Syrup Figs ( 49c REMEMBER THE

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