The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 5, 1945
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAKCI1 5, 1945 COUUlttll NKWS IVdS Get First |Compere Explains Regulations On Classification Of Farmers pance At Jobs ! Government Official Says Government To Help Ex-Serviccmen WASHINGTON, Mm 1 . 5 (UP) — iTlic men OH our flRhtlni; fronts will Ibc given first clinncc at government (fobs when they conic home. Civil Service Commissioner Ar- •»lir Flcminliii; promises (here will loe amulc room In government work llor veterans. And. lie artels, that Isoe- lor disabled men too. I In a broadcast yesterday the civil I Service Commissioner sain some f>50. 1300 federal employes linve left Ipcrmancnt covonimpiit positions for t'.tic Arme;! forces. 1 ' They are guaranteed thplr old I lobs, or jobs of equal seniority, rltitits and pay. I Ami veterans who never have held hovmimcnl jote will be given all [possible help in uclting them. ..In fact, Commissioner The Slate Selective Service System recognizes the importance of retaining on (urms producers wlio live csscntitil and who cannot be replaced, Brig. General E. b. Compere, state director, said here today. "In order to determine Hie essentiality of these men, local boards in Arkansas have utilized the services of County USDA War Boards for advice .and close cooperation has been the rule," he stilted in an effort to clarity the contusion that seems to have Brown out of an order directing thai all II-C registrants under 2\j be called up for physical examinations. "Considerable confusion has been created in the public mind through the erroneous belief that local boards have been deliberately violating the TydhiEs Amendment in the classification of farm registrants," General Compere slated. "A few months ago the War and 'Navy Departments decided it. was vitally Important, to know how many fighting men they could count ,, . Fit-mining. upon if it became nccessar* to rays the E ovcrnincnl is walling un- | scrape the bottom of Die manpower :1! servicemen return before making barrel to meet war needs. H was permanent appointments in federal necessary to have accurate infor- 1 ' , , million on how many would be He says federal agencies will lie available for general military serv 1.ola to (Uve veterans [op preference Ice If the need arose and how many I mil any agency head who refuses [•an be sure his actions will receiv plenty of publicity. > | were not physically qualified > such service," he explained. for So far, (lie civil Service Com-' [nfesloncr says only one "This is where the trouble start- eil," Brig. General Compere ligency has showed reluctance (o' dare "' ilUlstrali »B llk |)ut n returnin',' . veteran back to liork. Tlie president wrote a letter, line! today the serviceman has his "ild job. Returning veterans who take civil nninations will have, five to their i ,. plsabled servicemen will be given 10 ""'"' )!aced at dc- hypothetical case. "When loca b0ards ° ut n 110tlcc f ° r 'Bill Jones' lo report on a ccrtair day and certain hour, cvery- "Local Draft Boards linvc n tauiili ;ob-to do, and they are Irylnu to io it inaccordimcc with regulations o the best of their abilities," the stale director said. "Where, however, the reyistraut does not fee! hat hc has been properly classified, he or his employer has tlie right to appeal from the classification given. Such appeal inuU be filed In writing within 10 days from he time the notice of classification Is mailed to the registrant by his Local Hoard," General Compere stated. New T-26 Tank Ready To Fight U.S, Has New Armored Weapon As Answer • To Nazi King Tiger WASHINGTON, MnlV 5 (Ul'l- Uiider Secretary of War I'atter.son revenls titbit that tlie United Slates luis the answer to Hie Gern a us" crirhltig 15-ton King Tlgcl From niyUicrillc Airport Private planes from the mmilct- pal airport joined In a search Fri day for a missing plane and It. pilot who became separated carl; Thursday night from two other fliers who were with him In a fllgh of three planes from St. Louis It Talullah. La. M. K. Timbertake, piloting one o: the two Navy training ships whicl had been sold to private owner in Louisiana, appealed for help li locating Pilot Louis Casst-ll, alsi one thought it was his induction order instead ol just a physical '' c examination only. The (act, that "• 'Bill Jones' was sent up lor a physical examination did not mean he Not onlv will the government sive I hem preference, but it will trv to I'lace them in jobs suitable (o their the Armed Forces; it only established whether or not he would be avjiliable for service if the need came. 'Bill Jones' was in II-C when he went for his physic; men look for widesnread cuts bv ,1,^00 noaid i it fe t he in government employment when VJ^ertto B u°h a claLifiJation under the strict interpretation of miLnn t) lc Tydings Amendment that applied to men in his age group." "Registrant's under 2G. agriculturally deferred, have been considered under such strict interpretation ,,y committee, hopes the .over,- ^^XlLed. 19 '''" "* al » te of SI. Louis, three-place Rearwln. was flying PAGE THREE three I edern] workers in the country rl»ht lio'.v, but in penceliine there were «lv OOC-,000. Senator Byrd of Virginia, who Leads the ioint- congressional econ- "Arkansas been instructed classifications in Boards have to consider such keeping with tlie Tydings Amendment, and have been advised that the Tydings Amcnd- I'nciit. will i]e able to whittle down ts enormous pay-roll to pre-war |i/e. Ue is drawing his own reconver- I ion plan, which calls for the 1m- u jnediate di-missal or 3QO;oOO surplus ment has not been changed or mail- ledernl workers and a lay-off of ified in any way mid is still In 1:00,000 mmorc when the European full force and effect," he declared. par ends. -The local boards were advised , by the State Selective Service to i call every II-C registrant in the I 18 through "E> year group for these i prcinduction physical examinations to determine his physical fitness,' General Compere stated. "The State R Qsceola Soldier ecovering From Shrapnel Wound 'Wounded in both legs by enemy I lorlar shrapnel as his "infantry lompany battled to take <i heavily efended crossroads in Belgium, |;vt. Glen A. Largcnt, 33, of Osceola, li recovering at a United States rrny general hospital in England. I te has been awarded the Purple | [cart. "Tlie Jerrie* were sending up a Itiff barraue," Pvt. Largent said. ind I wns hit when a mortar shell indcd near me." - .' f Hsi wife,,'Myrtle., and ' two.^jiil- I fen, Glcnd.1, five, arid 1 : Glen AVJrv IircB; j.ive . In Osceola. He- .is. the J : )'n of 'Mrsi-Ahnio:.'Ijnrgent.j)f : 'Cpii-. prdia. Kans. He was employed 'by ne Missisiii Valley Canning Com- 1 ny before entering the Army in Luril, 19-1-1. Private Lnrgcnt has a 1 rather, Richard, 28, with the In- intry in Italy. The three planes were to land at the West Memphis air port for an overnight stop, but dc layed .by unfavorable weather the were in the vicinity of Wilson when darkness came. Timberlakc and the third flier, whose mime was not learned here, lauded near Joiner. Casselt's ship was not lo be seen, As-uming that Cassell had landed somewhere near, tlie two fliers lidn't worry, but the next morning vlien they Hew into Blythevllle ami 'otind he ha ( j not reported cither icre or at West Memphis they decided they had better search for Mm. Failing to sight the missing ship anywhere in tlie vicinity of where hc last wns seen, they enlisted the aid of military flier? at Ulythevllle Army Air Field and local prival'; planes. After considerable .searching one of the nrmy pilots spotted the blue monoplane near a beacon -light at tlie Mississippi River levee near Noclena. The heavy Army ship could not land on the rough ground and in the small field, but the pilot reported that it would lie easy enough for one of the little Cubs to go in there. As n remit, two of tlie small craft took off late Friday from the inuny air[mrl in an effort lo team And about lira of these answers already have been .shlp]X'd lo the western front. Patterson Idenl Ified t-he new American weapon us the T-2(i lank which Is beln;; produced by the Fisher Body company. He says it Is equipped with 00- millimclcr cans and vpeelally ti ed wide treads. In fact, I'nt'tcr- yon says, there has never been an armored vehicle like It. The Cicnnnr King Tltsor has been qilile a tlion in the side of the American troop* who have had to battle it with the much lighter General Sherman which has only a 75-nillUinelcr gun The King riser is armed with tin fame,) German 88-mllllmctcr sun. The SeiTi'lary of War release! the ncv.s of the fccrcl panzer ex terminator during the course of n rudlo talk to striking war worker in Detroit. I'altprson'ji remarks regarding idleness in wartime were blisterini and he warned Hint the paralysis o Detroit production lines soon wl be felt on the fields of battle. Tin; Secretary said, "No man no; idle can have u clear conscience, i tank is no good to n dead soldlei l!-2!)'s cannot fly without Octroi production. Only one thing milllcrs that is to keep un unlnterruplc flow of goods going to our fight!, fronts." I'ury /nvesf/gafes | )eof/i Of Bus Driver •LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 5. (UP) I he Pulaski Grand Jury met this I lorning to hear 35 witnesses to tlie 1 ttal shooting of a Levy bus driv- by Levy Police Chief L. L. Al| n lust. Wednesday. Ewell Slnnlcy was fiiot and killed the police chief after he had [rerkcd the interior of a Levy li- jnr store and an adjoining cafe. •Allen, at liberty on bond on a i-clinical charge of manslaughter, liys he fired in self-defense. Read Courier News Want Ads. Sea-Bee Solon To learn firsthand the problems of enlisted men which "Ion often :ire lost In the cliuin ot commmuls," Hep. John K. Fo- (Snrly, above, of llnrmony, 11. I., enlisted incognito in the Sca- llces. was ruled n Carpenter's Male, and served a month as u cement finisher. Former prcs- idciil of Hie Providence, li. I., Bricklayers' Union, he will start liis third term in Congress on 1-cb. 1. badly damaged, propcllor splintere and one wing tip apparently damaged. The pilot, had gone. A negro who lived nearby said the flier appeared unhurt and that lie had taken him to Wilson where he caught a mis. It was later learned dial upois finding liis two companion.'; hnd not checked In at West Memphis and not knowing where to look for them. Mr. Cnssctt relumed to St. whether the missing pilot still was Selective Service," hc explained tiorf by Genera,^HS^ N^toST wllh Ws " ia " c Or what »»«>.'»con, 0 Se lect ve Se v cc So?' who had ° f him - Ollc of - Ul ° Cubs was &Previously been Seed & he 1r< ? tet ! b - v A '' lie Cl! "' k «*,'! °' n N " Director of the Office of War Mo- G ', ^™"° , a , ^^ e , r ; lhc , otlK?r bilization to obtain the informa- P-" ol ? cI b J' Johnlllc Flcl[!s !l "" S» m w pilot Louis. Timberlake and his fcllo left (heir ships at the mui port here and nfter contacling Gas- ' sett in St. Louis also returned there. Tliey are expected to return this week, repair the damaged ' Ream-in and no on their way. Negroes who lived near the light where cassctt landed said lie Mine in about 8 o'clock Thursday night. Apparently hc failed to see the wire fence near the light and struck it. tearing a part of it down and tlainiiehijr his craft. But for the fence Ca-sett Vrolj- ably would have made n good land-, Ing despite the darkness. Divorces Filini: and eumtlurj of divorces was a brisk business here this week with u regular session ol Chancery Court resulting in nniny matrimonial ties being broken. At the same time many others filed suit. These divorces have been Illed, according to Circuit Clerk Harvey Morris: Dorothy K. SehnKv. vs. Claude H. Sclnilt'/.; J. II. Smith vs. Delia Fay Smith: John Lee leoyul vs. Lnla Stccn; Lady June Cox vs. John Cecil Cox. now 111 the: Army overseas: Lavonia I'hlllips vs. Leonard Phillips; John U. Crosskno v.s Laverne II. Crosskno: Itoliulo Cald- wcll vs. C. K. Caldwell; Sidney Thompson* vs. Mildred- Thompson: Ruby Linigstou vs. Tultimdgi: Lnnfj- ston; Jesse J, Shepurd vs, Kallieryn Lewis Shepard: .1. R I teuton Sue Vnnnii llcalon: Cleorge Walkei vs, Will Walker: Helen Katherhn Owens vs. Charles Owens: Mclvli E. Alley vs. Mary Alley; Jessie Hawkins vs. Jay Hawkins: Marie Juim larrls Thonms vs. blearier C. Tlui- nns; Palmer A. Yoakniu vs. Mary •:. Yoakuin. Mi i do lllgglnsvs, Harvey Hlgglns; James Alford loiulrum vs. 1/olu Mac Landriim; Freda Lctlhclter vs, Clyde Ix'dbelter; John Dudley Neccc s. Annabelle. Nccce. In Chancery Court, presided over >y Chancellor K. I*. Westbrouke Jr., if Osceoln, n large number of dl- viiii-e eases, long on the docket, were granted. Dismissed was the suit of Gruver ItLne vs. Juaiilla Itlne. Annulment wns granted John J. Anderson Irom Mary Frances IAIW- ery Anderson. Divorces wen; granted plaln- [ItVs: Uin Newlon vs.Hessle New- tun; Carl A, l-'lsher vs. Naomi Hoi- don Fisher; Harvey Sparks vs. Ks- ther Bparks; William D. Frnnklln vs. Hulin Franklin; Kninces ficxton vs. w, L. Sexton, Charlie W. liiil- clill vs. Hue lialelllf; George 1). Kei'fiT vs. Margurel M. Keefer; Kml C. Ix'sley vs. Am I*sley. Jack Hodges vs. Nola I,, Hodges; Henry Yoimgblood ^'s. Mjivls Yonngblixul: l.ycile Word vs. Kdwan! Word; lllllle Sluughler vs. Willie JViirl Hkmhlcr U'onard Knsley vs. Hessit' Mtisley; Charles K, Huvln vs, Doris Kvelyn Davis: liiicllo Mosby vs. Andy Kiigene Mosbcy; W. 11, lingers vs. itosii Klla liogers; Margaret Smith Iniinim vs. Oscar lu- grain; (iaston Allnum vs. Lillto All- mnn; .1. Lloyd Lancaster vs, Minnie Lancaster; Durton Paul Werts vs, limn Miu> Werls; I'hlllp Freeman vs. I'Melle Freeman; John Pillows ;. Muircillne Pillows, .losepli Hedekersky vs. l-:llv;iln-lli Scdi'kcrsky; Miiggle Ales vs. Flunk Ales; Noel C. King vs. Marge King; Curl Is K. Hiiilth vs, lieryl Sinitli; 'iiri'.e I). Tnrnlxiw vs. Piiy Turn:)inv: Oni Mao Frnnklin vs. Kddle Franklin; Ina Tulley vs. Lawrence Talley; W. A. Claylon vs. OIIU) Mae Clayion; Freddie Thomas vs. A. T. riiciimi:;; llcMlc Doollttle vs. John Dunilltlc; W. N. Carter vs. U'ss'lc Curler: l-;thel Muy Kent vs. William Kent; Charles F. Davis vs. Doris Davis; Irene Alexander vs. James Alexander. Ollle Uoberlson vti. Douglas Robertson: W. C. Chapman vs. Glenda Franco Eviction Called Probable 'Big Three' May Force Spanish Dictator To Surrender Power WASHINGTON, Usually qualified Wounded On Luzon Mr. and Mrs. Roy Annaftle have received a message from the War Department, Informing them-lhar. their son, S-Sgt. Paul Eugdne-An- nable wns slightly Injured in action Feb. 3, on Luzon. Rend Courier News Want Ads, Mar. 6 sources predict CHEST COLD SORENESS milcltly soothed by PeneUo— Gnuulitm'aold-limojmiUoneuct Hint the bltj three will evict Spanish Dlctiilor Ffunclsco Franco when Hie European war Is over, force him to step out In order to remove the liml taint of Fascism from Europe. When Hitler Is destroyed, Franco will be the lust of Europe's major dictator*. And the bli; three arc expected lo mnke Spain the testing ground of the Yalta agreement, the principle that nil people must be given-(he right to choose their own form of government. Until now the United stales mid Great llrlllim Imvc round It useful to keep Franco out of the Axis camp. Franco's regime Ims held lo- Bclhi'i 1 chiefly beennsi! Ihllaln and the United siulwliiivn prevented an economic collapse within Spain. However, now that Germany Is tottering, they're lu a position to withdraw the. prop? and place Franco In a delicate position. They could force him to resign or to con- it lo a popular election which wnutd Install n liepubllcan govern- iiiKtcliuf. 2&c,<!ou1)]QE!io35c, f PENETRO/W MUtTOH SUET Clmpinan: Cliarles c.nnp'ocll vs, 1/Milsc Campbi^ll; Tony Siurgcs vs. Jennie May Stnrges; Dclores lllcil- soc vs .Hoy liledsue. LA*c£BOTTI.E-25» Expert Auto Body Repair * * Henry H bodes, whom we consfd er one of Die Iwst workmen in this area, Is now hi churge of our Faint & Hoi!}' repair shop . . CAM. US FOU KSTIMATKS. * * Lee Motor Sales 305 E. Main Ph. 519 EXHAUSTION/cW* lo nl |.:.!u Calru Cn line. U Hiili-klr l.ririirs »lir[,iuiuUu-.i I tici-iYi IMOTI l>r tlie i>aln. U f, [1 lliinl,! — nlr.-sily dljuolvril / — nil rmiily lo net-nil tt™l/ \H-* lii lirluit comfort. Uti imly M <lircclo-.l. lOc. 30c. COi tion." -"On February 7," he said, "a joint statement, signed by J. L. Wright, chairman of the State Norris as pa-ssengcr. The little ships bucked a stiff headwind all the way and began searching lor the plane after r>t>ss- USDXVar'Board, and b"himself; " lg ° s f° la ; S °°" il ™s "spotted, reaffirmed the need for "continued I*"*" 1 alongside a wire fence close cooperation between the or- *'".'> one wrng sticking up. The gnnlKaion.c.-and,- tcntion.. orc.air_:Selectjve':. Ser-vic'^. B oard;.'.- ineinbers ^ iili dj 'War:':, feoaril •• Cubs came in, landed in the field .. , riiernbe.i's thai' tlie' Tydings'"Araefa'd- inent 'Iiad; .;fchitngcd .fiiM that' all far'nV regisVr'ant's 1 were'••still to be classified under •ere '-•still its provisions and the regulations thereto." Fistula May Often Result from Piles FRKK HOOK—Tells facts on Possible Complications 13o you suffer pain, torture and broken health of neglected Piles, Fistula, or related rectal and colon ailments? Write today for 122-page FREE BOOK. Leam facts. The McCleary Clinic, D322 Elms Illvd., Excilsior Spiings, Missouri. iiic its; landing gear ngs There will be a regular meeting of the Hoynl Arch Masons, Tuesday night at 7:30 at which time the second and third degrees will be conferred. li. ,1. Allen, high priest, will be In charge. t The P.-59A ;was. tlie Ilrst; je'.pro- pcllcd fighter!;pl(jnc used; by; the •U; S. Ai'iiiy; Air Force./; J •'! • : i : •' -. '•• \~:~f ''_', J. LOUIS CHERRY < Repreientlnf NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. BljtheTUI«, Ark. Now Open In OSCEOLA! (.Just Norlli (if Courthouse On Old linllground) WILSON TIRE SHOP Guaranteed RECAPPING & VULCANIZING. I of 1'assciiRcr Cur, Truck anil Tniclor Tires. 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Tb«7 arc aoc bwdb( of WMW ptptc - tfa«7 wrmp •on Au 700,001 war urtkiM *u*d by out D* fMr put aloof vitfc tat* pttrlodc WMUA. G« yaw dobs «Mt cod sbwck trap kUad *k MorwMQt. Collect WMW r .p» bMilli k-M4 turn k *•:;; tod b<ly S..VKT.OIY...WASJE DRS. NIES & NIES OSTfOPATH/C PHYSICIANS Rectal Diseases a Specialty (EXCEPT CANCER; OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 5t ; 4 Main Blythevllle, Ark.., Phone for CASH PAID USED FURNITURE Any Amount—From $1 to $10,000 Worth! ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE CO. 301 K. Main "Where Lake St. Crushes Into Main SI." I'lionc 2302 SEE... CALL... or WRITE mo for your STONEVILLE COTTON SEED Swift's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers . . . Also Seed Sacks J. L TERRELL 111 S. Bdwy. BIytherille, Ark. Fh. 2031 LUBRI-GAS Expels carbon. Improves ignition. Gives more power by eliminating friction in upper cylinder walls and rings. "Up (o 2S Percent Extra Miles in Every Gallon" LUBRI-GAS IS AXTI- F. B. JOYNER Corner Second ft Ash Sts. 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