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The Gazette from Cedar Rapids, Iowa • Page 20
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The Gazette from Cedar Rapids, Iowa • Page 20

The Gazettei
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Issue Date:

Tf mp o'Y Wednesday Major Box Scores 20 The Cedar Rapids Gasette: Anf. 2. IMS Med iPeppegs (Continued from Page 1 AMERICAN llllMrt (II NATIONAL Mlaneeefe (I) 1 Gerber's Hi fs Key as Robinson's Gains', 6-1 As RB AO RO,ll 3 II) I CMUM 111 ()) National 0 0 4 sHRbli Ab Rb Power, 10 9 I nhtwioa.rr i A HUH Ao ad aroenr.ib jorwiton-cr WMIIien.t i aer.f P5t 0 Apar 0 0 I I I Roihm.Jt) siNicnoiKfwn 4 if 6 KHiebrew, 4 0 yfttrentlt.ct 1 4.Tut1ie.c SO 4 I 4 4 AIIIon.rf 4 2 1 4 I (Continued from Page 17.) VetVrmkl.lf Arorvrl PagltaranLc Runnels lb Major Open Goodman Crendall.C 0(tt ftortt Writer 0 Smith.) 4 0 Collar Wvnn If 0 Baltey.c 4 0 6 I Powell It I 4 4 Allen.Jb 4 i 0 rrlodot. 4 4 4 4 Vertail, 0 1'S 4 Mint her 1 4 OiRoberlt.p 4 1 0 1 4 IIBrown.p 0 0 0 MellOoe.R) 0 Brettoud.ta i a 6 Mellat.rf 4 Outfielder Don Gerber 'I 01 Snew, MonDoue, le.p I 4 ReMmoift 4 lIHrVe Nordttmil 1 Koiy In Fleck' I ll empoell.c rapped out four straight hits 4 Mill M.rtmen AAMR TMtl Wtetf 0 Total 43 15 "si Total Total Total IS vlctdrlei In 14 games the latest a 5-1 conquest of the St. Louis Cardinals Wednesday night. The triumph the third-place Reds to within 7U pams of leaeue-leadinE Woodehlck, Tlir.i Noritttran) v. Rabtnaaa', 7iS imbrkht, Botton 100 000 000 000 WO 010 llMlnnnota endleton ana dick inennaus pucneu a steady four-hitter, as The Prl.i Kary v. Nordttrem, TiS p.m. kayo 000 OHO 000 601 600 000 00 CilH Baltlmoro Rohart and Adair I Nona dp wynrt. aadowtal rrl TeUttl and E-Mona. DP Crcao I. LOB Mlnnawt I unntnvnani. LOB so ton t. Robinson Co. sailed past II. ij. jo Kaat. SB AlllKW. 1J, Mm Total 31 I Total A mm irt IP i Fleck's Falstaff 6-1 for its leaders Thursday night at El lis park at 7:45 p.m. 000 000 000 O'MonMa IW. t-ini a a i mi ER BB SO 1 1 4 12 0U3 01 00 3 Mlrnn IL 111 I Los Angeles ana wunin iwm mm sixth win of the second half IP Kaat (W, 11 Robart (U4 10 0 AMIwawkaa u-McKIomV, Chylak. Umont, taw art. e-None 108 Houtton MR-Aacock. 1:14. w. IP SB Major Open softball league race. 1 HBP Bv Kaat (Horioo). PB Bartoy Soar, Smith. Rka. Paparalla. A 1123. (PIRtT 9AMI) co. The uodeers were Deueaiwood-hkj( (L. 4-ii) a iff J' 1 I 1 by Pittsburgh -l while the Km 1 I J. Shaw (W. 13-11 0 4 I 1 The win boosted Robin Cl.l..4 (I) (1) 7i Pryor. ADM Hb! AD KB Oooatalil, Mcorv. vtnion. Vlll. i xv son's into a full game bulge OiCllna.ct a halfback in 1918. And it was something in those days to make any Camp team if ou weren't an Ivy leaguer." Aiwtber "1 won't be like the fellow of the story who said, when asked how the day's game came out, Oh, we lost, but I got four hits No, I won't say that, but we did lose the series to the Yankees, tour games to two, and I had a fair series, with ten hits In 25 chances for a .40 average." Seems to us Stockton, long-time St. Louis sports writer who covered the old Gas House Gang, could have said these words himself Jo make it less painful for "The Old as Frlsch constantly refers to himself. Hart Wows Dublin, Ca. DICK HART, the strapping young Pennsylvanlan who couldn't make it as a catcher for Cedar Rapids this spring, had a terrific home start for the Braves' farm club at Dublin, Ga. He hit three homers and a double, batting in five runs as Dublin swept a twin bill, 10-3 and 3-2. The next night he added another two-run homer. Hart was shifted to first base before leaving here and is playing that position at Dublin. Archie White, who starred as a relief pitcher for C.R. in 1961, -has been called up to Austin in the Texas league from Yakima in the class Northwest circuit. Joe Trenary, that long-time Cedar Rapids favorite, is hitting only ".181 since being sent down from Louisville to Austin. And Phil Roof is batting the same figure for Louisville. 10.17?. 2 73. A The scheduled first game between MyVee Food stores and Kory Inn was declared a forfeit as neither team had nine players In uniform. It goes Into the record book as a defeat for each team. iTwo Win 2nd Spot over second place Nordstrom Mor an. 2b Wavnar.M ilLuplow.lf llRomano.c Cubs 3-2 in 10 innings. Elsewhere in the NL, Mil 4 4 0 In Marion Kids Play (5 (It I ClKlnaaN Lavlt Hi and set the stage for a showdown battle between the two Ab Rb Torr.3b OiKubluyn. Rbl Ab 3 waukee shut out Houston 3-0 rknax, otKawko.m Thomabrt 4 0 0 Groan ii Koopa.M "JO oorant ill 6 0 PirtKxil Two teams clinched second ace spots in Wednesday I'pi Chanca.o 4 0 priimp.Jb-Fowlar.p 0 4 0 Klndall.Tb 4 0 4 I 10 0 Coleman, ID Itlard Marion Kids league baseball. After Robinson's spotted jil 14 0 1 I IE tfwarin, SiThe Marion Police topped tKia "Tnuren in win' second 0 6 0 Card 4 4 irdenal.U Tooit.e To latmen.o Eaian Fwnfc.R Total behind Bob Shaw and delphia outslugged the New York Mets 11-9. iZtfx iMinota lOMvar.c The Cardinals got to Jim OToole (il-11) for their run in the fourth inning oni totaii 4 4 Fleck's a 1-0 lead in the second, the loop leaders, started their comeback with a run in the fourth inning and pushed 32 71 Total Tatum Fails To Show for C.R. Game By Dave Novotny Lot Aneala 100 010 0007 0M Cleveland ooo ooo ooi in the Intermediate league, 5-3. and Farmers State Bank took second In the Major division with a 17-4 win over 1 None. LOB to Ansele It Cleve ij 1 I Totalt across four in the fifth. Julian Javier a trinlft and st Louit 000 100 OOO 1 000 731 00- Gerber scored the first run Jack ton DP Colaman anq single vy oian iviusiai, uui after his second hit in the land 4. JB Waonar, Pearton, Locknr. MR Romano. SB Pearton. IP ER BB SO I i PB Romano. Salerno, Berry, Hono-CMUl, ichwartt. 07. fifth and singled to drive a The Kansas City Mon- the Marion Home Builders. In Minor play, Nordman Jewelry walloped Sheets and Son 28-2. Cardanau Cardaoaa, Blajmoama aoo folamart LOB St. L. 4. Clnn. J. -Manvlll. Lynch JB Javlaf. Cardan. HR Rnvoo. VbB SO Jadrion (U M) I 1 archs, who featured a six- run In In the four-run fifth inning foray. In that frame run inning, raced past the 01 Anoalet Robinson's homer following a Jerry Lynch single put the Reds ahead to stay. Larry Jackson (9-9) was the loser. The Pirates backed Bob Friend (12-10) with a 14-hit i.JfcJ, 4 JlC lavaland the winners collected four of Harlem Stars who featured Frmrnni. RTubltrvn tripled to open the frame and DB-Lot An- A 11745. Klndall and Francon 1 their 11 hits off Mel Stark. Iowans Gain WICHITA, KAN. (AP) Satchell Paige 11-1 in an ex let 12. Clrvaiand 14. 2B Etteoian, 12. tieveiano 14. Dyersville Wins 5-2 hko. McDowell, Buroeu. Ettasian, otz, Koooe. Mor an Thenhaus homered for PlttttHiroh () Lot Antalet (1) Ab Rb hibition game held at -Memorial stadium Wednesday Ab KD In Maquoketa Valley DYERSVILLE Ralph Mary Mrzlak of Waterloo and Sheila Pearl of Des 5 3 the final Robinson tally In (FIRST OAM!) attack and made the most of X'oh' scored on Bob Michael single. Thenhaus walked a batter in the third and allowed a single to Arnie Green sixth, otherwise he kept the bases clean. He fanned ten. it' night. WtatMnalon (41 Maw Verk (4) i tHroa XmfmAnar srrrtri tn a I St'nnaf 5 1iGilliftm.2t I 0'W 4 0 ll JO 4 i 1 Fairlv. lb Moines, teamed for a victory CamncAn haH a cinals Anfl A AD Rbl AD KD vv iuvli viiuia iu ol'ar Stuart. ID 4M There were, a number of Trath.ta 4 out of a losing skid in which 0 0 0 Howard.rf 4 2 0iColtier.7b disappointed fans in ib-unaer aouDies at tne Junior Jaycee international me sixth. Gary Woods' triple drove in Gerber the first time. Doug Havllk also added a pair of hits for Robinson's. they had lost eight of nine I triple to lead Dyersville to a 1 1 5-2 victory over Guttenberg i 4 in a Maauoketa Vallev league 6 0 Rtnaooro.c 3 1 1 Mai i I Wllliami.o 0 0 0 Blai 0 0 0 mrrm.t. games. Six runs in the third day night, however, as the former "Clown Prince" of 1 0 Schaive.JO 1 ilkino.rt 0 0 Refer, 0 1 0 Hamlin.t 1 0: Bright 0 OIBrinkman 4 Friend, 4 0 0 Roebuck girls tennis championships Wednesday. They advanced by beating Jud Janecke and baseball game here Wednes- Hark net basketball, Goose Tatum, 0 0 0 fteed.ct 1 0 0 SkowronJb Bover.JD 4 0 0 BouloikP I 0 0, 4 4 0 tagged Stan Williams (9-7) with the loss. day night. Robin Tangemann 0 a did not show up for the con inennaus only left two runners on base after first ilder sn Judy Arndt, both of Rock 2 4 1 0 A i 0 L. Sherry uanieit.p Hamlllon.p HIcM naa iwo singles iur uic ius- test. No reason was given Island, 111., 8-1, 6-2. George Altman two-run 70t.i. oi4i 32 1 ers. Totalt 'Dad' Butler, Former Track Coach, Is Dead DETROIT (AP) Michael Butler, who crossed paths with such sports greats as Jim Corbett, Kid Lavigne and Jimmy LJghtbody in his Cheney.o by officials for Tatum's ab- 000 010 100- 2 7 homer in the Iflh innini pt- Pitttburoh Guttenberg SConnell utvna.p half champion Fleck's scored In the second. Vic Kadlec Dyertvllle 114 001 000 001 000 000 I DP-Mai 010 004 OOx I Hoanra 1 0 0 tied a pitchers' duel between w. pavit Rod Tanoemann and Petertonj Ptronj Lock Totalt 32 and uigmann. 33 10 5 The ageless Paige per- Bob Buhl 8-8) Of the Cubs omi and Stuart Spencer, Gilliam and ftutlnhra 000 010 100 3 Fairly LOB-Plttjburjh 7, lot Anoelet 4 Nt York SAVE nrmaA tn thraa innSnoa anH 010 004 OOx 3 12 I 2 ij wu mm a DVertvllle HulfV- uu vc iiiiuiitiii uuu HIIU Clliy UCII OI MR-Meierotkl. Roteboro 5B-wnit Wethinaton 010 000 102 Rod Tanoemann and Peterson; Robinton' (4) Fleck' (l) career, died of cancer Wed- Ab Rbl Ik AO 4 0 0 did a respectable job as the Monarchs could manage only DeBrowerf 4 0 0 jmiiij. uumi iiliuiu Lruii riivno vw. 11 iu; I i a Tier ana aiptci, oil lar ana iprei. LUD uli WHI'm (L. 1 5 7 7 1 0 -New York Washington 5 JB-Treth CardWell relief help-in the Roebuck i 2 i 0 )B dottier, Hlnton MR-Zlptel. SB- rber.rt 4 4 1 Dvorak, 2b Andrew.rf Uther.rf Clepp.lf Per 310 nesaay at me age 01 m. i New York-born "Dad" Butler was track and foot- Brown.3h one run while he was pitch bottom of the 10th. vrranotai jv i i Kiertait, a Kicnaroton, Douion. sr-: Ortega 7 0 4 4 1 Berra, Hamlin, Kin. Gallon Leads Iowans MONTREAL, Canada (AP) Duard Staples of Des I L. Sherry 110 0 13, IP ER BB SO Flock ha rt.rl Harvey, Barllck Wood, If Thenhautp Urben.c 01 jjball coach at the University I 0 0 L. eVstm 10.17 Shaw (12-8) scattered eight A-43, 0M. 2 II. ing and that came on an error. In the short stint Paige allowed only two hits while 3 2 1 4 0 0 3 1 1 3 1 0 12 0 4 0 3 1 II 3 1 0 a Sample, lb Bouton (W, S-2) Darnell 2 Hamilton 3 Cheney 2 Kutvna 7 MIcheeUf vi icuuii nuns ari uuiii Moines led Iowans scorine Havlik.u uioroxav.c 1 I I Philadelphia (ID Hi York () Ab Rh hits in posting his third shut-' out of the year while the' Flaherty. Runoa. Carrloan. Hurlav Stark, striking out four. Ab Rb Total 31 i) T-2 23. 1944, and among his products there were Lloyd Brazil and Tommy Connell. I 0 4 2 0 Taylor, 2b Total Rratroo mWantaA rri film (SECOND VAMCI Kll Mnlnoi) 24 4 1 4 I New 4 2 a uu. 000 141 0-4 York 100 010 000 01 10 0 in me ivionireai okcci viuu shoot Wednesday. He broke 95 of 100 targets in the world 20-gauge competition. Mrs. Duard Staples broke 95 targets and R. S. Fisher of As a boxing manager, he -v. 010 000 O-l 4 I I Wathington 200 000 000 00-2 1 Ford. Terry (11) and Howard; Sten-houte Hannan (11) and Schmidt, Michael. TiT' r-aatec, hits, but used them more fectively to beat Hal Woode-jCo00 shick (4-11). Milwaukee com-'oonieieLct i'otiih. un Hnn vi i handled world lightweight 2B Andrew. 4 2 2 I 0 0 ywi uer, JO wooaS, Kadlec. HR Then- Ford 1 1-51 Stenhout (10-S). Home tUP mn tlM, Vnrir ftl.iirii.rrf Mil hau. Sac. Brown. DAVIS EVER-BRIGHT HOUSE PAINT Choice of White and 1Z COLORS Famous Davis Ever -Bright Quality. WHITE is self-cleaning fume and gas resistant. COLORS made from fade -resistant pig champ Kid Lavigne. Earlier 9 Cottier. DP tilenhout. Cottier and bined two hits and three Thenhau (W, 1) 7 4 1 ui he had had bouts himself 0 KanehUb 2 JINeal.ti 2 2 0 0 Coieman.c 4 3 Herrtcher 1 liCannlnaro.e 2 0 Woodling 0 OR L. Miller 1 0 Hickman, rf 0 IDaviault.p Chrlttopher IS Mlller.p iDrake Hunter, IPignatano l'tUotBtirZ: Keokuk broke 87 of 100 The big inning came In the sixth as K. C. scored six times on the control trouble of Losing Pitcher George Anderson. Anderson seemed to do nothing right in the inning as he walked four, three-ln-a-row, and committed two errors. Hamilton, Bennett, Baldtchun.p oiancnari. jo-hora. Nicnardson. LOt-I 0 0 tier. wp-fhenhius. HDp-iwith Bob Fitzsimmons and Wood. Stark). U-mfc Schuii. James COrbett 0 0 0 walks for a pair of third inning runs and closed thei scoring in the fifth on Joe! Adcock's homer. (FIRST OAMi) Soflhnll Boys Church ll Xante City (S) i Detroit (t) 0 AO KD' AD KD 1 unitMn. rami t. I Totalt 42 II 10! Totalt Mil aIUSHl I LA, aa 0 tharnn FUR 304 510 1 IS 0 0 m.LrVVIII,p the Tony Gonzalez paced PhHadlphla 302 JOI 01011 Himntr.o To add to his troubles, the oo! Yatat and Powell; Zobac and Uther. llKenwood Pre 211 00- 4 4 I 2 rhrltt rhurrh 1M 2019 Phillies' 18-hit offensive with, fnnr hit. inrtiiriino a trinlo Hunter. DP-Mantllla, Kanehl and Monarchs huge first sacker, ments. Reg. 64' 99 iu 0 Buddln 0 Wood 4 3 5 I OlColavlto.lf 3 1 1 3 1 3 1 4 0 0' Brown, 7 I JiFovtack.p 0 0 1 0 Oik line. wh 'v-wMai- S' Throneberry Kanehl, Neal and Bill Matthews, blasted a I 5 9 Lemnl and Yatt; Brlos nd Far- 4 I land. a 0 0 Kenwood Methodltt 002 10-3 SiWER SERVICE For Any Drainage Failure Ihroneberrv; win and Siever rt; Phiia- and double and three runs three-run homer that cleared Cautey.t Clmoll.rt Aicue.c Del 0 Flrtt PretDyterlan 102 5x 15 19 0. worthen and Perrvi Anderl and oeipni 10. New York 2B Oonielel. 38 Gonialei. HR Demetor, Thorn at 2 SB Gonialel. Bennett. SF Mantilla 7 2 0 both fences in straight-away batted in. The victory went to Dennis Bennett (4-6) with Chandler. IP NO EXTRA CHARGE Plltter.p a Gallon tl 0 0 "Him tm ii. rat center field. 1 0 01 Morion wvaii.p Contolo Sulilvan.e Al Jackson (5-13) the I 81 Nights Sundays Holidays The Monarchs' Willie Jackton (l 5-13) 3 1 7 4 Loop Leaders American League 33 Si Total Totalt 33 Davleult 1 3 a fl 1 Hardwick, Ira Knight and Willie Harrison each collect- i i I jmo Pet. AB Hunter 5 2 Xn City 020 100 020-5 WP-Jackwn, Baldwhun PB-Cannli-i Detroit 100 020 003-4 raro. -Jackowtkl. Siidol. Fnrman. Gor. OP Lump, autey, and 123 .314 Pel torn hito anA tV. Jlmenel, Kan tat City 100 349 DIAL 365-2243 Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Lines Laundry Boom Floor Drains 101 37. 12S J34 w' WIC DU Slebern; Char lev Lump and Slebern. Runnel, Bolton man. 3:32. Chlcaeo LOB Kantat Cltv 14. Detroit 10. 2B Robinton, Stephens Paces Als To Canadian Victory MONTREAL (AP)-Rookic niar1trharle nnrlw 5Itrihono 'ii 11 Washington singled and ota Aicue. Charles. Fernandez. 3B Nltch- Power, Mlnnetoi PAINT CO. EM i-4767 wltr HRkallne. SR Famander Rnlllni. Mlnnaaota 10s 413 21 aouDled ror the nsprs 1 mm im 471 121 Chicato San Franclic (3) -Pfitter, Contolo, Clmoll. Lumpe, Kantat City IP ER BB SO Cuminoham. Chicago 1" ib I AD RD 103 7 2 104 104 Ptltter 5 3 3 3 4 Hinton. Wathlntton 3J7 102 314 tS 37 120 433 17 A NATIONWIOt SYMBOL. OF DEPENDABLE: IRVICK .303 9- Mpnarchf 100 114 02X-11 II jo, Harlem Star .000 100 00- 1 5 3LCln nd Knlpht; Paige, Anderton, MilCottlnghan and Neyland. Cain. "Anderson. 327 SECOND AVENUE SE 0 Wvfltt ID 4 4 I 2 Slebern, Kama City Landrum.ct led the Montreal AIquettesiH(iunti' to a 29-9 victory over the I 5 i inncuevnr it i i ii Mor en, lo Aneeie 3 OlM Alou.ll 0 2 1 I Alou.rt 0 HOMI RUNS 5 7 0 namner il, -l I 1 I a Tit a si Nitchwiti i i i jeath, dj jj'Kiiiebr, mi a a 0 Kline (W, 2-3) 0 4 0 0 A. ...21 Marl, N.V Jaskatchewan Kouc hriders j- i 3RAPOPORT'S i 1 1 1 WP-Wyatt, Hamner. Steven. Bait. 741 Barragan.c RUNS BATTED IN 0 Miller, J6 0 Pagan, tt 0 McCovey 0 Bowman, ODell.p 0 0 0 namon, Drummond, Napp. 0 0 0 mrttmA fiMi. Buni.p Cardwell.p ATTENTION FOR THE SPORTSMAN iweener, L.A 74IColavlto, Dal 70 in a anuuiun ruuioau league exhibition game Tuesday night before 17,705. 4 0 0 Kontat Cltv mm OOO-! Slebern, K. C. .71 Rollln, Minn Xxl xrl Sieoern, Your Gar Deserves the Best! 434 ooblnto Robinton, 72 Klilebrew, Minn. Chi, ueiron 31 I Sullivan, 34 1 31 Totalt Total Tartabull, Cautev, Charlet. City 7, petrgll 11. SB-Bruon. SF 11 LOB Kantat LADY MOTORIST'S SAVE YOUR SHOES Chicago 000 001 000 San Francltco 010 000 000 ji Roark. HR Kaline. National League Stephens, 220-pound 1961 all-America from Minnesota, passed for two touchdowns None LOB-Chlcago I. San Francltco 3B- Haller, M. Alou. Hubbt, Pet. With Bumper-to-Frame Trailer Hitches $4.75 up Custom-Tailored Hitches $7.95 up Solid eonntetion, frdmn to bumpar. For all ears, including '62 modal. Full sixed cars and compacts. Safety Chains, reg. $3.25. Special AB 241 4 .311 Altman Cepeda, May. HR -Altman in the first nnnrlpr tn full, i Bunl 1 Combination 42t 150 34 134 Jockey Killed DECATUR, 111. (AP) ER BP SO Mutlal, SI. Loult T. Davit, Lot Angela 105 Robinton, Cincinnati 104 Aaron, Milwaukee 105 Clement, Pitttburh 101 Altman, Chicago Atltburn. New York 17 Buhl (W, I I) 3 5 WA A tardweii 0 0 1 Jockey Clyde H. "Rusty" D'll ll 12-101 10 7 1 3 4 HBP Bv Buhl IF Alou) landev 401 134 374 121 J5I 117 23 II 365 111 350 111 271 14 vitche tc. James of Collinsville, 111 Jrilr Connctor Plug. Sockats. Panel i back George Dixon and halfback Dick Cohee before leaving the game early in the second quarter. Stephens also scored a Oonialei, Philadelphia Smith. Stelner. Boggett. 2 52. A-l30. .35 .331 .333 .333 .327 .324 .323 .320 .117 ...11 .21 was killed Wednesday when CAS PIDAl CUSHION Hit! Scuff -PriventioB Pod 79' thrown off his horse during! home runs FIGHT RESULTS a race at the Macon county hdown on a 33'Mathew, Mil. 2 Thomat, N.V. 14 Cepda, I P. Ill 12-yard the.associatio prisi Bank. Chi. Check with Ue We're Open All Day Saturday! FACTORY-REBUILT fair. Mellat, Nov. yv.w sore reiiey. ivevj. inenaier, outpointed Dout Jone l4'i. New Keeper play when he re ne York, I. MANILA Carlo Ortll, 1171 RUNS BATTED IN T. Davit, L.A. 104 Robinton, Cln. H. Aaron, Mil. 2 Cepeda. S. F. May, Ml New Ile4, READ OUR WANT ADS. Torn, outpoint. Arthur Pen Red Croat, La 1. (nan-title AUTO-X turned to the game in the fourth quarter. 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