The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1939
Page 3
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9,, ]939 Use Similar Oratorical Style ' Feud Centers On Issue Over—Neutrality .Law, Revision By.NBA Service TOLEDO, O. (OP)-Whilc uar 'ages In Europe/ ti pdlont au*llt- iiL a i r oY ai lms dcve '°Md In the united Stales—a radio battle with words; the weapons nnd two clergymen Hie contestants The subject of the connict Is the European war Ita-lf-nt, least, the American attitude toward it. It n't -L"'f . R l v - Mr ' Wan °» E. Cole of Toledos First Unitarian church squared, off'against Father Charles E. eoughhn-, the Royaroak. Mich, priest -whose Sunday, afternoon broadcasts attract a vast audience. The .Rev. Mr. Cole, vi 40-year-old minis or whose private'library vails are stacked with.volumes of reference material, has risen to challenge . Faliier Coughlin at the microphone nnd In newspaper advertisements,on his opponent's own terms. His series of talks over an Independent network is titled "The American" Way of Life." Although the-Rev. Mr. Cole's opinions are personal ones, his addresses are sponsored by the Unitarian Fellowship for Social Justice, with headquarters In Boston, Mass. .This society, organized ' in 1908, is devoted "to sustain one another in united action against social injustice and in (lie realization of religious ideas in present day .society." ' Executives of the fellowship this year authorized an enlarged program to combat growing Fascist 'and . anil-Semitic propaganda in -A- „.... ,, ^ ._ ., ^V v _ Cole, foicciounu, and Coughlin in composite photo- opponents, tart they have similar styles of attack lion, history, biographies, mafcu- zmes, almanacs; .encyclopedias. When in doubL about a certain point, he doesn't hesitate to telegraph a New York library or call " Chicago colleague to check. r t ^ ~-..,.,.ij pt wf(tg<u<uu in the United Stales. The tip-off was F a public,meeting at Detroit, Mich on July 24. More than 0000 at the conference heard n stirring key-note by the Rev. -Mr. Cole on ji/'HUIer .Over America.". %-. Outbreak of aetual'war has add^-,ed new angles to the fight. •$: COLLIDE HEADOfi | OVER ARMS EMBARGO While Father Coughlin • campaigns against the administra- .: lion's proposed neutrality revision, I the Toledo, committee of the fel- jj lowship .. runs advertisements in newspapers, asking the public to ^write letters to congressmen urg- ||ing repeal of the arms embargo fThey believe that aid to the allies MS the only way to stop the Nazi jjmenace. . ':'•.. j Eight years ago when the Rev. j Mr. Cole was minister of the Third Unitarian-., ehureli;. iii, Chicago,.-he lectured on "psychology and everyday lite" over Station WON. He heard-about.'Father. Coughing lis heat t tene Micl jmics JM; May Threaten 'Hopes Of Peace In Union Movement WASHINGTON, Oct. 8. — What happens behind the scenes at the C. I. O. convention in San Francisco will have a. profound bearing on the future of the labor movement in the United States. Reports reaching Washington in the week preceding the convention were that ,a , final break between John L. Lewis and Sidney Hillman, head of the powerful Amalgamated Clothing Workers, was imminent. If it came, according to these reporls, Hillman would take his union out of the C. I. O., the prospects for peace between the C. I. O. antl._.th_ej. A. ers who nre spending sleepless nights in worry over the situation iu Europe. ' much better In every way, how , -. it would be if the same statesmen would spend n few sleepless nights in devising a . way for one-fourth of '-America's workers to get a job at a wage that would keep them alive." " , Hillman, on the other hand, ha strongly supported the Robsevel program for repeal of the embargo LEWIS DISLIKES NI.RB SHUFFLE Another factor making for 'coolness on: Lewis' part toward thi administration .lias been (lie re shiimihg of clVc National Labor Relations Board. Since Donald Wakefield Smitl was leplated on the boird bj Di W M Leiscison, the C L O has been grieved by a number, of the noard'5 decisions. The White House lias been criticized for failing lo make n finish fight for Smith's confirmation. All of these things figure in the Lewis-HIIlnian split. The understanding here is that f this split cannot be healed while .he CIO comentiou Is on and t results in a final/definite break Hillman's 250,000 clothing workers will lenve the CIO and the Lewis-Roosevelt coolness will bo- cane positively frigid. The hope in N-CW Deal circles, of course, is that the two men can be brought to an understanding. " su , ch au ""deistnndmg does FIRST IN 'IKE Wins Feature Race At Car- ulliersvilie; Lucks Wins Legion Derby .,, u w. ,. t , would 'be- p ncc ' ll ls Sieved ' -.v-,. * "». **ui«£iiuii, jia- F *•. "ii LIU. utuLi ininu, uie. ureak tened-to 'him .with interesl.y;The : could be prevented,'and Lewis and Michigan priest was mixing eeono- Hillman should bury'their differences, the exact reverse would' be "- "?'.«.,vt£Ci-/I, I'.'Ui U VVOUIQ 'DC- i------i -- "' Mv< it IICY> ccm£niuch j dimmer, and the slowly- lnove for |)eace between CIO developing'" rift'-between 'the C I ' . A p "f L could be made O. and the Roosevelt administra- ""* ' - -"-' ' tion would become, wider. , If. on the other hand, the- break cess. , sociology, religion, and mak- mg.-nhe :,compositn;, interesting *or the -average listener. ' true. The di ! ive for labor unity pick up new speed, anc — ».«*.. u uc IIIUUD with much tetter chances for sue- , •,"- --; -•». • : - - k ' • -.—-•«. ^iui>. t( j/ new flyUtU, Hill (..Disagreement arose when the s °me. sort cf reconciliation bctwcei Rev. Mr. Cole began io challenge ; the White House and C. I. O. lead- Father Cpughlin's conclusions. But ers would lake place. the Rev. Mr. Cole says he actually admires his opponent's ability. Before the Rev. Mr. Cole began broadcasting in July,: Social -Justice NEW DEAI, FOSTERS, PEACE For some lime the New Deal has been exerting extreme pressure foi • in jiuy,, social -Justice ueen exerting extreme pressure foi ; magazine stole a march and hint- peace between the C, I O and the ed at such an attack, :he said. Pro- A r F. of,L. -posed plans "for the radio series, It has been applying this pres- " Cole had believed, were known to' sure largely' to Hillman, In the C himself and 10 members of the" fellowship board. • He opened "the offensive, regard- I. O. camp, and to Daniel Tobln head of the Teamsters' Union, lr ------- — — . — i¥ ^, iL6Illu - the A. F. of L, The understanding ..-,, driving hard along several here Is . that Hillman's activities fronts. The attack .has not been for peace contributed chiefly to the directed. at Father Coughlin alone, difficulty between himself ; and less, . , but also against agencies spreading subversive propaganda in America. • :v 1 BATTLED FOR TIME ^ AIK WAVES Lewis. Tin's ties ' in witlvihe general question of ."the relations between the New Deal' and the C. I,- b J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optometrist In BljthevnK Glum* filled Correctly NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning S«rvlc« of it with extraordinary sharpness in his Labor Day speech: "The country is being told of the statesmen and national lead- • ..<».^ - Lewis has been .cool toward the The battle -has hit a couple of White House for, some time, and snags. Station WJB, Couglilin's th e present -neutrality fight' has Detroit-outlet, canceled cole's con-(increased the coolness. tract, bur'the Toledoan has ; ap- Lewis Is. deeply suspicious of the pealed to the Federal Communica-1 arms embargo repeal, fearing that tions commission. WJAS, Pitts- 't will Jead toward war. He spoke burgh, banned the Cole program "' ' '" one v;eek, but returned it to the wave lengths the next after an P. C. C. petition had been circulated. Rev. Cole, proposes to continue his campaign in the hcme town nnd In lectures at various colleges and universities. One of his best assets is an ability to mimic the voice of his opponents. He has the Coughlin' clyle down pat—and use: It frequently for emphasis. Outside of .his "warring," the Toledo minister lives the simple life of a family'man. He is the father of two sous, one daughter. r ^His favorite recreation is going to f the corner drug store for a choco- " late milk shake. Thorough, exact, he reads fie BABY'S COLD USED BY 1 OUT OF S MOTHE1S Easy to relieve misery d.Ujmt— without "dosing".' Rub throat, chest nnS back with .. . VVAPORUB FOR SALE! 51 HEAD 2 Vr. Old Steers READY FOR FEED W. H. Minyard HOLLAND,, MO. MILWAUKEE, Wis. (UP) —It's no news for poker chips to bo causing trouble, only in this case the tiouble come? e\cn before they are put into,play. The Paper Mill Workers Union, Local 215 '(AFL) has scut a lettei of protest to Washington asking tint each Japanese-made chip be r«iuued to carry the label "AIndc in Japan the Morning AfferTaking Carters Little Liver Pills NOW IS THE TIME! Attend to Your Tire Needs Now While These New Low Prices Exist. TH rest on* STANDARD TIRES , Mo., Oct. 0 'Die feature, race 1 of Sunday's inclng meet, )ho flnn) dnlo of Die American Legion Fair here, was won by "Fnlr Seoul", owned' and ridden by Karl Robert, Senator Hurry S. Triiiiian presented Hie large floral wreath, ami the $2(K purse which the race olTcred, vja.s sponsored by L. j. HUM) O r t),t s city. . ' . ;• In the nflli race today. 'i Lamnrne", owned by Dr J V Mcore of Hayil, placed;' second' Tills was (lie only Pemlscot Coiin- ly horse to place today. Sunday's- results: ' • Race 1, half mile, $75 )»irsc-l'mil Jr., first, with Craig up- nisli Color, second; Morley .Firth third- Finn Guy, fourth. Time: 495 Seconds. > ,.'.''.•' Hnce 2, five-eighths mile, $15 purse-Billy Dee Orr, first, with Manifold up; Lady Convention, sec- oixl; King Double, third; Tcss-Mc- Cann, fourth. Time: 58 seconds Race 3, five-eighths mile, $75 purse— Won't Lie, first, with Roberts vip; Dull Frog, : .second; Clodfelter, third; Keenest; fourth. Time- 59 seconds. Race -I, tliioe-fonitlis mile, $80 purse— Deflcr. first, with Colclnsure up; Young Bob, second; Ole Pal third; Fair Delight, fourth. Time: Race 5, Ihree-fourths mile, $80 purse— Amnsln, first, with Miuil- Jolcl up; Lady . Lamarne, second owned In Dr J V Moore, of Hny. ti Mo, Loup River, third, Gold Thur, fourth Time- 1 18 Mule Race — Won by Clifford Sherwood, Cottonwood Point. Race G, mile open, $100 piiiae— Negligence, fhst, with Penmits up, King Today, second; Prohibition thlid, Gallant Buddy, fouith Time 1 43 v Race 7, mile Goldblume Deibj $200 purse— Fair Scout, first, with Earl Roberts up, Deceive, second, luck, Ihlid, It's Keen, fourth Tune- 1 43 Luck', owned by Finney and wiillo.sltie, of irnrrlsotir'ir, III., won «ie A- • • , ore Satijrdny tvfternoon, with a- purse of $.'50, which pdld sixty percent TO: the winner, '>. : -^ . -In the tlilnl.Micp of'liic ufioiv '' > . Rlwnnls of Can Uiifi-,<vJllp, ctfftW Iri iirsl, Rime ohotlier of Ijls entiles won roiirth fii'the foiirlh m« n O r the «>• JERKY BRrt,NI)>-|Kl,D M--A Swvlce. Spori* Writer „.-„" '" ^'fOPc w)i«> they crtn- a)J ' '," ey - lfl>(0 " ll11 •«"» «>»' i,,, nt sunrise, If not sooner, n, the t - ™". e tnoy Invite him «„ into a c.zy press Ijoss, out of the In the press box. CHUCKING V'EKn,,,,*,,, MAY CHUCK DIVIDENDS 'Clood .scouting I'epoits me Invat* liable," jjjyjj fjaydo!] "An doesn't ••" , mistaches mul pussy-lo-tetl Ito encw ciunp w,to stray bits of Infornintloti. ', .3Com iij- was looked upon , ls „ * , nt • Sll " (i) ' tllece or 1)iiste « , Uydcn rccnlls. "It's iH-ottv inuoh of „ KC11 (i c , nnn . s ng ,. cei ,S '<! «Hh,the Bnmc ns com- u , " 10St tMms »'°"W fl'«l t "Hl n s I B) , Io , )rcl)! , rc f wuhout . EVERYONE SCOUTS FIGHTING IRISH Dn >'"> prol»nbly Is the most. ie am | n UK coun( , ^ . Dere.minlly piny-u.c mast dlf- HcuU schedules. Present in the Notre Dnnie press cx nl the Pn r aue opener were espionage agents from Army, Nnvy Southern Cal, Southern Method i/t' ? r x 8 , ft ! rw1 '' c »"ieglc Tech I OK a •>nd Norilmeslern nil of whom lake >n the Ramblers this Benson Many f) ihDm hnd t«-o scouts In the lands. Some or (lie schcoh B o lo B reul engtlis lo mnkc things, easy for he scouh who mo tiding lo lenm ^ r ,ff rete 11lcy 8 |ve l"«'" ree. liekPls program? nnd , e iy often provide them with fl c i ( | glns-ses nnd assistant Undent innu- gers lo help Identify pliers Onlj |.i (He east do they attempt, o take (lie stiess off high-powered routing At mnn> schools they ie- usc lo ulve opposing Seoul's scats of ,' M r cx|>cct in certain sltimlions. «-i ii cim tc) J " s «l>l»oM«inlcly where Ihey sixit Ihelr |>nsi iccclv- ws nnd whnt sort ot defense they !.H C> M Y ° 1 ' mlut raiwwuer ilmt nil tliwe tlilnsts nrc rnthcr B encri\l «IKI t wre-.v ulwnys iho possibility Unit (hoy -were pluyiug mA ^. wraps the dny your scout «nw them In net Ion." A scout cim get n pretty fair lino on opposing' personnel, .tob , tell you where they're strain' where they're weak, yhere their reserve strength Is. "Oflcn n scout ciin delect llllle ninniioilsms in the untkllpld which nre giveaways for lliol,- ne.xl. p|«y 'When n scout CODIM bnck with his report we immediately hnve iv slnff inectlinf. We ( wre over every Wt of Infoniiudon he lms glenii^l That gives n little touiulnilijn on' which (o \vorh. "Perhaps we run moving 1 pldiirra ^_-^L !i"!li ' ' ' " ol ll1 " 1 - H'° A Three Days' Cough is YoUf Danger Signal |)liclo?rn|)li them Ix-rore VIP piny m . . mil »a . of Inst yenrs films on hand, imve some cubic feet ot water and/ sine* cubic foot of pW w»t»r *«„,„ approximately, 624 pounds, 'the amount-. of-:-lhis- water. wduld" : be' of'Coridittoh of • Fanners Bank & Tnist Comhanv * • ovcr " m ' tUi) .s, notes, mid serve ^ (|llc $ ndlll » *° mM sU5ck «X5^ ami cash items In process of collection ........... ™, ,40 o< 5l '° VV1>M ' " ... r ° w "«'""' lil « : '»'«» 'linnk 'pi'cmlVcs' V.'.V.'." ! ":'. of I.isiminec Department ........ . • n.wi s '" TOTAL ASSETS £"£ase secretion and aid n»turt t Bootho and heal raw, tende(-,lnfl»mr ' ch * 1 mw ™ em ,, te ' 'OU' >u lh« . n , or you are to h«ve your money tuck. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chnt Colds, Bronchitis GUARANTEED SATISFACTION OPl Furnace Oil Stovo Oil Diesel Furl Tra6tor Fuel R. C, FARR Fhontr Day 600, Nljhl 21 Dklrlbulnr of PIIIUJI'S "66' PRODUCTS ITES cor. capita, . Surplus . ... .• Undivided proms'",!', ...... '. ; • . ...,,,,, TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS , " iclmllnt! CAi-ITA.; ACCOUNTS ........... LI , ADILITIKS n " cl CAPITAL ACCOUNTS > cw " nl comlsts of .„ ' .,. '-':••' MEMORANDA Pledged assets (and securities loaned) (book ynlucj- ".'Sj.".? 1 '?!"'""! 1 " oW'snUo"'. '"reel and guar'snlccd, c deposlh ami other liabilities $ '20,00000 to TOTAL . Secured nnd (ircfencd • * 2a,00000 I1Ulslltl " t lo rcc > illre ..................................... 25,000.00 TOTAL , . ....... ~ ~ - tf E , Wni ' cl> ' °i"hle'i,'on"th'o' abovflliMmVd'tank'iiVreb/c the above stalement la tnio lojhe best of my Sedge and P. E. WARREN", Cnahler Correct— Attest: B. A. Lynch J. L Cherry of Arkansas. County of MtehSJSJf 5*"°' < "" 1UK1 • >lll " crllK<1 ™°™ m this Oth day of October, 1839. E. E. BRYAN, Notary Public. Mycommliilon expires March 25, 1913 ' FRED ASTAIRE has the right combination of groat acting and dancing fo give you more pleasure THEY HAVE THE •OTHER SIZES -_ PROj'OjmQNATELYjLOW./j Use Our Budget Plan! PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. Ellis Sn!p«, Budget Mer. 5th & «'alnuC p h one 810 FOR MORE PLEASURE Chesterfield blends the Right Combination ot the finest American and Turkish tobaccos to give you a milder, better-tasting smoke with a more pleasing aroma... And when you try them you'll find that these are the qualities Chesterfield has above all others in giving you More Smoking Pleasure, THEY SATISFY. S C<wri*ht l?jy, II

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