The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1941
Page 5
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, Today's Exercises Double You Up—To Straighten You Out ELYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS _,11 i u ^ w>M "^^ i "™''' i *^*»MBi^ii^iiiiafit^^«^KMB^CTB^oroBBBBBBBBBMBBLT^^.f This exercise is strenuous, but good for you. Be sure you touch . •• . the floor with your toes. By CAPT VICTOR II. KING Instructor of Physical Culture, West Point WEST POINT, N. Y.—Here are two really tough ones today. They are not particularly difficult to do but are very strenuous If: repeated enough times. They arc great for the entire body, especially the middle section, both xback and front. . , Lie on the floor on your back, legs together and arms outward along the floor, palius down. Raise your legs slowly up and overhead and touch the floor with your toes, as I am doing in the 'photograph, Lower your legs slowly back to the starting position. Your legs must be kept together and fully, straight throughout. Repeat as many times as you can. A more strenuous variation of- thLs exercise can be had by lowering the legs until about 3 inches off the floor and then bringing | them up and overhead and con' tinning; in this manner STOP OVERHEAD IN SECOM> EXERCISE Start the second exercise exactly as' the first but instead of lowering your legs 'back down, swing .them slowly around to the right feet close to the floor, then on ' around to the left and overhead and so - on for several full swings. Then stop overhead and swing •them for 'several full swings in the other direction. .In doing this exercise your feet should describe one large circle after another, the circumference of which is at all points about 3 inches off thp floor. Evading Gas Tax Brings Trucker Suspended Fine A suspended fine ' of $10 was meted out to Thomas Passatmo, owner of a Kansas City freight trucking business who was arraigned in municipal court here yesterday on a charge of evading payment of the Arkansas' gas tax. The cleverly concealed auxiliary tank was • discovered by an alert revenue department employe, Don Haley, at the -state line permit station Tuesday evening. State Po- iceman Gene Dickinson and Bob Hold Services For Infant Twin At Steele STEELE, Mo., Feb. 13.—Funeral services were held yesterday for William bttinger. infant son of -Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Otting-er, whc died at "the family-, home near Steele one day after birth. A twin brother is reported- well. Burial was .made in a cemetery near Hayti: Besides the parents, several brothers and sisters also survive. *£yst, Little Rock revenue ;'•: officer, whp made the "arrest'" sald^the 60 gallon tank was concealed- behind a hidden panel in the back of the driver's cab. Local Officer Will Take Two Weeks Rest Joh'n M. • Reinmilior. Mississippi county's chief deputy sheriff, planned to go to Hot Springs from here late today for a two-weeks rest. Sheriff Hale Jackson was to take Mr. ReinmiHer to Hot Springs. The deputy sheriff'worked at his office yesterday and today, after recovering from pneumonia that sent him to a hospital, almost Mirce weeks ago. Overwork was said to be the cause of his illness. MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS H *JP 15 Miles of Kidney Tubes Fluah Out Poisonous Waste If yoa bare an excess of acids in your blood, u ] , you f ] ? 5L Ucs °- f kadn °y tu t>e8 »ay be ov worked. These t.ny filters and tubes are working day and. night to help Nature rid your "^Wh 1 0 A. cxcc f 3 acids and poisonoia waste. \\ hen cisordcr of lodney function permit* poisonous matter to remain in your blood 'It nay cauaenassing backache, rheumatic pains. leg pains, Joss of pep and energy, getting up P« hte ' Bwellj) e' P"fGness under the , P« h , te 'j, Bwellj i ) e'. P."fGness under the cy headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty Wges with smarttegiaod burning aoJ n£ timos sh J;~ = u "•""""•"«""« "ua ourninz aojno- tinios sbo-n-s there is something wrong with yoiir kidnc>-3 or.bladder. luducys may need help the sam e as bowels Eo.askyourtlruRciit forDoan'g Pills uaed successfully by millions for over 40 vp«r« Tho,r |ve J»PP^Urf aad will"hdfp tUi?S^« e jf • it's here! The Spnng 1941 catalog is waiting for you HOW cf Montgomery Word! • U's alive with colorful photogrophs'of things ybu'U need this Spring and Summer! Previews of coming fashions! Huge assortments of merchandise for your home, for your car, for your sports ... for everything you can think of! Greater variety than the largest department stores carry! : • You con order from this catalog quickly and easily in the catalog order department of our store. You pay~onty our Jow catalog, prices. . , no letter-postage or money-order 'fees, and as little as % the usual shipping cost. Why pay more? Buy everything you need at... > 'MONTGOMERY WARD County To Vote (Continued from page one) clerks. LEACHVILLE Box No. 1—Walter Hipp, Louis Weinberg. Harry Bogle, judges; Jack Gibbons, Mattie Turnbow. clerks. LEACHVILLE Box No. 2.-Leroy Carter, J. C. Gibbons. W. j Fields judges; C. C. Craig, Mrs. Mjibie Swihart, clerks. LCST'CANE-A. C. Owens, Roy Lav/son, w. A. Lewis, judges; C M. TowJes. w. A. statler, clerks LUXOR A—M. c. Cookc, Russell Bowen, Ed Tedforcl, judges- E R Bogan, J. I. Mifflin, clerks. MANILA Box No. l.-H. L Kin« Cecil Reynolds, Harry Cowan* judges; Harold Walls, Perry Ballard. clerks. MANILA Box No. 2 — James Moore, W. L. Thompson, C H Ashabranner, judges; Luke Stuart Ely Childress. clerics. MILLIOAN RIDGE and MANDALAY-Bob Barker, bewcy Blake A. M. Holt, judges; H. G. Enclleolt' Ed Mitchell, clerks. NUMBER NINE—Carl Decn T F. Jackson, j. j. Moore, judges-' Aden Wrotcn, Mrs. Pay Brewer' Jerks: CSCEOLA COURTHOUSE-Rov Dillard, E. R. Smith, j. A Pi*g judges; Mrs. Bettye Nell Starr' Mrs. Ruth Hale Riley, clerks OSCEOLA LUMBER YARD—G L. Waddell, L. C. B. Young, Willie Fletcher, judges; Mrs. John Edrin»ton. Mrs. Jcttie Driver, clerks • PAWHEEN-H. E. Robbius. D. C. Julian, R. L. Edgin. judees- E C May, Glenn Matheny, clerks PROMISED LAND-Mlss Julia Reed, Houston Skclton, D. G Moore, judges; Mrs. J. S. Mrs. Jim Fowler, clerks, ROCKY—M. C. Crooms, B. B. Plnlcy, pj-ank I. Noe, judges; M. A. Archer, Paul B. Carter, clerks, ROSA—Walter Perminter, Alfred Reynolds, M. H. Rodgers. judges; Roy Perminter, s. B. ttozeHe, clerks. SHADY GROVE—A. C. Reed, B. L. Myers, Lee.Donner, judges; C. O. Shockley, John Williams, clerks. STILLMAN—Hownrd Barnes, J. B, Hcrndon, C. F. Manley, judges; Curie Enson, Wayne Eason, clerks. TOMATO—Andy Hnrshman, Sam nilman, Louis Malonc, judges; Joa Jones, S. L. Tillman, clerks. WEST RIDGE—W. E. Jones, Harve Ingram, W. C. Payne, judges; J. L. Duvall, John Wood, clerks. WHITTON—G. A. Looney, Clmrles Banks, M. H. Miihan, judges; Frank Dean, Geo. Hammock, clerks. ! WILSON-W. F. Wilson, John ! Cra)n, Lee Wesson, Judges; John I Enochs, Carl Byrd. clerks. j YARBRO-Spencer Bunch, Mose Smith, C. J. Little, judges; Mrs. Edgar Lloyd, Mrs. Let Stiles, clerks. ! ABSENTEE BOXES—OSCEOLA ! DISTRICT — prank Gwynn, Leon i Sullivan Sr.. Edna Ayres, Alene Word, Mclavcc Tale:. CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT-M. Fltzsim-I mons, Cecil Lowe, George Cross | PfttLie Davis. MM. Henry Hunt- i jrhreys. ' ; •»* a lengthy illness. The services were conducted by the Rev. Scott, Methodist' • minister of Qulin, Mo., And burial was made in the Mt. ^lon cemetery. Mrs. staggs, 37, wns born and reared at Waynesboro. Tenn., but had lived in Uil.s vlclnty for n number of years. She \v«s oj\ nct- •v« member of the Methodist church. Surviving are lier husband, three cmughim, her parents and several brothers and sisters. German Undertaking Company oi Sickle wns in charge. ond approprhitcs- $200,000 Tor the purchase of stamps from the -federal government. The third appropriates $90,000 a year for 'administration of the plan. The three bills hud the approval of Governor Adklns tmd according to Riaies will enable nil of the state's 75 counties to'co- operate wUh the federal . government, in operation. of n food stnmh .store;. ! Funeral Of Mrs. Staggs Was Held On Wednesday OGTTONWOOD IPOINT,' -MO.J Feb. 13.—Funerai services were i .iciii yesterday afternoon at 2:30J ^ A he M " th °dlst church for Mrs. | Mattie Staggs, wife of Ed 'SUyg.s. : , • UJC •• -«- -«er home Monday af-; Measures .Would Enable Each County In State to Operate Stamp Store .. LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 13. (UP)~ fno house today pnssed 73 to 0 three food .stamp bills y ncprr- sftnlAtlvw Rialcs of Polk and \Uscnberger of M«.-mpstcud Coun- lies. The tm;l measure creates Die i-ooc^stnmp Authority. The sec- voted down u -bill by Representative Pickering of Ashley County which would huvc prohibited public of- iiciate from exerting political pressure on relief agencies to obtain employment for friends. Pickering's bill received only 18 votes while 41 wer ccttst ngtxlnsl it. - In the sennit, m lunenciments were offered to a bill by Senator Bnkci- of Newport which provides for recodificalion of luxes from beer and whiskey. Read Courier News want ads. QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of«» Manf han STOMACH ULCERS OUETO EXCESS ACID Fr<»(«RnnLT*ll.. ~* 11 — .• *^ ^^ BUY YOUR SPRINGCOAf XOW.,v *» DOWN HOLDS IT UNTIl APRIL or AKMOKLiL: MANILA; AltMOKBI, DRUG CO I'EOI»LE'S nttlJG ST011K COMPARE THESE VALUES! Why now for a Sprino Goof ? Because now you oetlar fl e«.a55ort m enH; now; you fl ef unhurried .workmanship and derails. All-woof or wooNand- rayon fleecei, tweeds, twills fn fitted and loose stylej. Black, navy, beige and lovely Spring pastels. STURDY KITCHEN STOOL! Most stores ask 20% more! Wide steps corrugated for better footing! Alkali-acid resistant finish! W4S1IABLE FIBEK SHADES Replace faded, winter, worn shades NOW! These are perfect! ^V ^-<^<^i " And the y Iook and — «. — mX^zO^ wear like cloth.36"x6'. fiJB %f ^ OCCASIONAL CHAIR Compare at $3 more! Rayon velvet cover .. no-sag spring seat real comfort! Rocktrtomatch.. :O.H(| FINE JKI.AIII 11\<»0 Compare at 20% more! Lovely marble patterns inlaid on felt back . . . can't " .off! 6 ft .vide! •NEW-SPUING <OTTA«E SKTK Buy NOW for kitchens, dinettes! Be pre, pared to hang fresh, sunny curtains atfirst sign of Spring! SALE! fix 12 WAftnOLELM! Save on V/ardoleura! New patterns and colors! Stainpjoot . . waterproof! Easy to clean, long wearing! viti»oi 1:1 Greatly reduced! Gay 'nev/ D a.t t c r n s in Wardoleum v a r d goods! 'Easy to clean 1 6' and 9' wide! Miracle Valve! Cotnpare at $25 More! • Covered in Angora Mohair! You'll like every detail of this smart suite's styling and construction! Full carved wood base and protective knuckle arms! Lovely plain or Pinstripe Mohair cover . .. Government Standard quality! Sofa and Chair! *7 o Month Indudis Carrying Charge W/>y'pcry$20 more/ S-Pe.Moflern loom! 91 A Month > Extension table, buffet and six chairs in Modern Waterfall style! Hardwood and matched Walnut veneers. Hand-rubbed finish! 9 Pc$. with Chino. ....... I Of).fU •Includes Carrying Clw(je SIX-WAV- FLOOIt LAMP! Challenges any $7.95 lamp! Gives 6 degrees o£ light! Pleated shade. Bronze .or Ivory-Gold finish, 5 94 Each *4,MQNTHLY, Include* Carrying I Tube Mantel! Compare at 58 morel Deep," resilient 90 %: .wool ''.- pile I 'Smart new patternsi'Beauti- fully dyed for lasting beauty I • Prica slashed I Save I • Automatic •tuning'!. • • Airwave Loop Aerial Compare whh.any radio selling- up to 19.95. Has 6 tubes including, rectifier! Airwave loop aerial! Personal tone : control! 6-station atrro- matte 'tuning! Super-dynamic speaker! Approved by Underwriters! Price slashed for this sale only! Same set in ivory, $1 more. Including carrying chorgr BUY NOW...PAY MONIHIY on Wo rd s M on th\ y PO yment PJafj' Main brings you c ORDER SERVICE Pfcoae

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