The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVF—NO, 172, BUTHEVIimCOURIER NEWS jn-E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS A*n «n,m™ t « ™,_ ^ ^ ^^ f f ^ Bljrthcvllio courier Blythcvllle Herald BlythevWIu Dally Mississippi Valley OP KORTST ARKANSAS AND SOUT^ST MI8SOU BI _BLYTnBVlT,LE. ARKANSAS, ..-MONDAY, OCTOBER 9, IMS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS FindWreckedArmyPl BALE COTTON CROP Garuthersville Boys Locate Missing U. S. Ship, Pilot's Body field 15 miles of teen ,„ a urt neat- the Shortly „..„„,..„., Tenn. airport officials announced that the wreckage was that of an army, plane piloted by Major D D Watson of Randolph Field Tex Which had been missing since Friday nnd had been the object of nn extensive search by army and civil-1 lan pilots. His body was reported' m the plane. .Watson had been nnreported since leaving Nashville for Mem- Seventy-five members -of the Dud ftr!T™v * f ?m » la ' s were ™ able to ' CasCn post of tlle American Lc»l6i account for the fact that. Watson I « - ere included in Ihe 350 Legion- was so far off his course. His ship I " tt 'res or the Fifth district who was equipped with a two-way radio, attended the district meetliV " t Manila Is Host To 350 Legion Members Sunday , were thuhdershoivers , ..-_„ *m.ui MlUi4UV4allUlVCl. 7 and electrical storms.over parts ci .Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee late Friday afternoon and night and Watson may have encountered storms after being forced off his course earlier in the day it was indicated. The youths who found the plane, Manila yesterday. Posts at .Tonesljaro, West Hidge Monette, Blylheville, and Manila were represented. The program for the day was opened with services at the Methodist church following which a barbecued dinner was served at the communinty house. i.,10 iviiu luunu me plane *- uj "jm'uiuuy nuiise. with Major Watson's body pinned'! Dr ' Robln son, ccmmander of the mslde it, were Bob Funk nnd| ManUa Post, made the ••welcoming Keglnald 'Gerhardt. The boys went I address to which Neill Reed re- to Cai-uthersville recently f rom I spondcd, E. A. Rice, district corn---- ' rom Cape Girardeau, Mo. to work and young Gerhardl is employed by his father, contractor on a "shoe factory building. The boys were nyin their plane near Ihe wreck..age, made identification ..pcsUive "-^L-^K toefc" to - Caruthersvllle They left shortly afterwards" I)'} automobile for the scene after notifying officials of their find Seven i army planes from Barsdale: Held, La. ; took off from the Memphis airport shortly after dawn today in search cf Wntson's plane At, least one of the army planes was -sighted over Blytheville yes- terdaj-. • Several private planes from the Memphis airport and ships of-the 105th Tennessee observation squadron had also joined in the search -.flying<over most-of SVesl Tennessee and as-far as this city, Jones- bpro, and ^Forrest City in East Arkansas. CCC emollees hod also searched for the plane in tiie vicinity of Trenton, Tenn. after a .report that n plane had been seen -.falling in that area. State Supreme Couil Reverses Decree Of . Chancery Court LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 9 (UP) — The right of the state of Arkansas to levy an export liquor tax was "phcid today by the state supreme court. Reversing n. Pulaski county chancery court ruling the tribunal dismissed a permanent Injunction under which the Clyde Collins, Inc., ns, nc., rccttfylng plant at West Memphis withheld export taxes due the' mander, presided over the regular routine of business. ' '.. Dud Cason post -led in'the membership, drive, reporting 228 members. Also .during the business ses- sioii,' the various .posts agreed to gtvejlheir support, 'in'retiring' the deficit oii;the ; .flo!it :Wliieh. {faa:seiit to the natiojiarcohventioh |h ciif- cago last month. '' • • - 'ouri Gas Tax And S e r v i c Statutes and Banlmiptc Law Are Involved WASJINIGTON, Oct. 0 (UP1- The supreme court today agreed l< hear arguments on an el»h(h chant court or appeals decision hold »S 'hat the Arkansas tax on K aso Ine brought into (he state is no applicable to buses passing thrai»l ihe state. • i . The court also granted the pe Iticii of a. Chicot county. Ark Iralnnge district for review of a, c ghth circuit court or appeal, de clslon holding that bond holder vlio dissented the 1935 Imnkrnptcj ecreniilzation play may collect fill ace value of |h e bonds plus Inler- •The court denied the petition 01 Missouri mnmifnclurlng compnni or review O f constitutionality of Arkansas law innklng the secre- ary of state the legal'agent of very.out of state motorist for the urprse of serving papers .in case f.accidents/ v--- , The court nlso : denied the pctl- on of an auction bidder fjr review f an eighth circuit court of appeals ccision denying his claim to own- whip of the Morgan Utilities no., an Arkansas utility, as Ihe ejtilt of his high bid at an auction ... To Hear NLRB Case WASHINGTON, Oct. -9'." (UP)-/ he supreme,-cour^iii JU f| rs t busl' ess /session " of'the "'iSMo terni need today to consider, a series new challenges of the power and aiithcrity of the National .Labor Relations Board. The new labor bdnrd cases topped a lengthy list or causes on .which the court announced it would hear arguments. ; ... .:,...The court''•/declined, however to consider nn .appeal Involving-c'on- sUtulJonamy.. cf the. capital slock ., --- . ., Ti'e'court agreed.Jo'review for a recy About Sabotase sc ™"^?.'"?<? nciiajieiigo'of.the right ni . /V ,„, , . kJCUJUU1 S c1 of .federal agents to: tup telephone wires to obtain Information • : in criminal' Investigations/: .'. I .'The court - refused to • review n Navy Maintains Strict See- About S On Wai-ship SAN PEDRO, Ctll., Oct. 0. (DP) ' i • . . . - ••«• ii-iLwi;u iu lt:viU\V t officers and sailors ~a\l - gal < !' S P UI ° '"which the receiver to the battleship Arizona the bnnl "'»Pt Missouri Pacific wore free tcday to board and leave "i 1 ™' 1 ' "" ' " it —The tached 'as usual" while unverified rcporls m -°W fro111 persisted that evidence of sabotage illlei ' cst s on hail been discovered aboard ' ° • • '"""'suctions. — -,--_..,..^ LU ivv,uvci ^J,' 700,000 from termer managemeiu ' charges of illegal stock Daladi e R ep l y To Hitler I 'Peace' Proposal Tomorrow to!t The American- embassy is rep'rc-4 senling Great Britain in the Ileleli, There has so far been no iiosl- I ve Indication of a development hat might halt hostilities, if.was mdmlood in 'government so'iirc nltlioiigh flghttng on the wratei front has died down to pair clashes and scattered artillery fir But If any proposals tiro eonsid red by the Allies it was general believed they must provide fo cstitution of Polish nnd C/nctio lovakla states and withdrawal c jerman troops from connucre errilory. . . :.-. Evacuation not only of Polls erritory but of the 'Czech prdv nces-.of Moravia and Bohenil 'ould be demanded by the' Allic •ell informed quarters predlctoil . Soviets On March "•• HELSINGFORS, Oct. 9. (UP)- ovlct. Russian troops tonight bcga o : march Into • Estonia in accord nee with the. 'terms of the, Soviet " . Jstonian "inutuai aid 1 ! dls pact, atchcs from Tallinji ..'rbporlcd Earlier' ' Ttilllmi '-illspiilches ;•- prted that members of the Otr lan minority in Estonia :'wcrc has enlng their departure before llu rrlval cf (lie Russian troop's. The Russian forces marching into .stonla tonight' will garrison So et naval, air and military buses i Estonian soil under the aeree- lent leached in Moscow '•»hcn',Es- Hilnn. leaders wcre-sununolicd to ic Kremlin; discovered aboard. Tiie navy maintained'strict se- ,, crecy and refused to comment on Steele Bov III i lire r) reports that the Federal Bureau cf -*\mjurea Investigation and' Naval Intelligence were investigating a "sabotage plot." Another report, also unconfirmed ud the big fighting ship was ' scheduled to lift nnchsr today and resume gunnery practice off San Clernente island, where it had been list prior to the time the sabotage reports started and where the re- poj-tcd tampering supposedly oc- urrcd. Amcng the asserted acts of sabotage were tampering with the oil ines, dropping of metal scraps into nachincry aboard the vessel, poison ng of drinking water and cmptvine of ell into the boilers. All these were described by imvy men as "fantastic rumors. state. The . .revenue department offlclal confirmation that ie FBI \vas investigating the reports an- WBS given b ? CWefJ. Edgar Hoover , 1,1,7 said he . —......... «^i>«. LILH;H^ <tll- nounced that tax money deposited now at ^J 1 , ou.u i, e with the Pulaski court pending (he ^" s on lne Pilclfic Coast to look supreme court ruling could not be !"'° re , porU cf ™bot»Se and viola- collected by the state. • County Audit Will Be Filed By October 25 A report of the 1938 Mississippi County audit will be filed .'in the county court clerk's office here by uct. 2a, it was announced by J a* Slms> hcnd ° r tne ™ I "' t y auditing division of the state comp- Imfl ° flce ' •" a Ielter ta ^c Mississippi county. Fam, Bureau. . . The audit, which win not be finished until certain books are rechecked by state auditors in the offices at Blytheville, was started some time ago. the Mississippi County ,*,. * ___ . . .- -"••"J - » "MO. ua.-LCU LI1UI, ine audit be made at once, in an effort p know the financial condition cf the county for the first step in sponsoring a movement to correct he situation, it was announced ,,!il 7i a f tUne for the r Wi»r audit which was made as routine work, , n voa- tion of neutrality laws He added however,, hc was out West principally to attend the nationoTco, - Navy spokesmen declined Richard B. Hcod, chief of th* Southern California FBI office ad milted "something" about the 'bat" tleshtp was being investigated but declined to elnbornlc "I can't confirm or deny any re- 3 e S ; Sl?f^ !^??*a>', ^ fW c°'Vdd d . 1 " l0 .. Los . A "g"<* harbor When Hit By Auto Charles Bixler, six-year-old :,., of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bixler o( Stcele, was injured when struck by a car near his home late Saturday The child, .who is at the Walls hospital, has skin abrasions and bruises but his condition is not believed to be serious. It is said that he dashed into Ihe path of the motorist to cause the accident. His Dad Is Idol Of China's Army sssspp Couny r , ngees harb Bureau has. asked that the Prlday aftcr s ««ral days of riring i- nwrto .. „.... , _ 'r maneuvers off the, coast. Neither Russell ncr KIdd .^.e aboard^ veS,,^ £ ~ —. . During the whoto Looking as dapper as an American collegian, Chiang Wei-Kuo, son of China's Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, is picfured as lie arrived in Ne\v York from Holland. Submersible May Be Same One Reported Near Miami Saturday WASHINGTON, Oct. 0 <UP>- Thc White House announced to day that navy patrols Simnay morning sighted a torcign sub marine about 20 miles west 'of Kev west, Fla., and two no:i-Amorlcnn oil tankers in llic..sainc vicinity. Presidential Secretary Stephen T. irly said that the submarine was of a comparatively small type. Presidential Roosevelt Saturday Had announced at Hyde Purl; that a submarine of some foreign power had been sighted about 15 milcc off Miami. Ha. Early 5 aid iv was possible that the undersccs tear, seen off Key West was the same one. in both cases the submarine was operating far within the 300 mile satcty zone proclaimed by ;lie 21 American republics at the conference at Panama last week Gover :nior Bailey Proclaims Oct. 9-14 As P..T. A. Week it Tcnchei Heek by ualley, Kovernoi of the rkansns. '" « pioctaniiKlon The nroclnmaltoii follo^fi Jp nil to whom thcbe t snail come—gieelln""; "Whereas, It is the aim 01 the Pnrcm-Tcachci Awoclntlon, to en •-•——, parent, teacher ami cltl lieiinovcmcnt 1 to (,aleguar< and promote (lie Interests or clillcl hood and;. "Whereas, it has been the cus » certalii" al iwi yC(U ' S ^ Ucs « lmt( ch special Interest Is devoid to .tins organization nnd in Increasing the membership or tin- worthwhile organization"Now, therefore, I, Carl E. Bnl- fj;' Governor of Arfennsns, ,iu hereby nroclntm - the period from OetobM- 9-u as Parent-Toacher Vccfc and ,,r gl .. every citizen of Ai- Kansas to. .assist in : making tbis 'ear an : uulslandlrig one In thn urlhernnce or this most important "In testimony whereof, I Imve icrcuiito set my hand and c.-iusci! •o be airixed the Oretil Soul u'. >«ite in the Governor's ofllw In Jttle Hock. Arkansas, Mils Urn 21) "iny or Sepicmber, 1930. "Cnrl E. Balky Covernoi FORME IIPHBILL S Lengthy Debute In Senat Over Economic Phase Still Underway WASHINGTON, Oct. 9. (UP)~ Discussion of vconomlo phases o the neutrality Issue Ihrcnteiied to any to upset plnns for u prcllmlnnr vole on Iho nilmtnlstrnllon bill, Senator Sliorldnn Downey .(Uem Ctillf.), who lold the senate Frltlu mat embargo-rcpcAl we uld bring (5,000,000 wnr Irnde boom or "ea nslrophle coiwe(jnonce.5" held th door nnd planned to talk for nn oilier Ihree hours, Senator chnilcs w. Toby (Rep N. •!!.). appeared holplcsa in hi. Broils |o obtain Immediate nctloi m his motion (o cut the noulrallt illl to permit immediate consHlcv niton of Its title and carry pro 'Istons leaving (lie cohliovcMln nrms embargo repcnl to suljsequon ilacusiiion. . :• • Meaiiwhllo Senate Leader Albcn W,. Dnrkloy (Dom,, Ky.) blockcc cmporarlly a molloii by Sennlo Mwln C. Johnson (Dem., Col.) thn he sennle recess (01 tlneo dny pending Iho outcome of Europoni once moves Baikley abHlircd Johnsoii he wolilt How the vole later on tha projxwa: Johnson Is authoi of a pending cwlutian imilor uhlch (lie icnal 'onld request President Roosevel o seek mi mmlsllce In (lie Kuro can «ai ' , is mm Harrington Explains Wai AW Not Help Employ ineht For Some Time LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 0 (UP) — ol. P. 0. Harrington, national "PA administrator, today expre.wi- the opinion Hint nny sllmulnl- IIIK cllcct on business because of Ihe Europe.!]) wnr whoujd not be felt. In unemployed ranks for nt least six ir.or.Dis. "Of course the wnr is helping some Industrial centers' but not as much a's (he average man believes," he Mid. "If Die war continues the south and other farm arens next fall will bccln to fed ho ucnells." , Harrington said that because of these facts (he state WPA rolls In Arkansas would be ..maintained at the standard set (luring the past year. "Should Uic United Stales enter the war placing four or five million men under nrms our uucmploy- .inemart Is Reported Hurt When Tree Falls Dale Miller, 22-yenr-nll cmplnve . the niglcy Electric company 'as injured when a lrc<i In whHi e was working fell laic Saturday. "hough he has a brain concus- •••-•• >«iuiii mm.-, mir imcinpioy- on and lacerations of the chin mcnt problem would be solved" he is condition Is not believed !o be said "but that would be n poor wn erloiis. He Is nt the Blylhrvillc to solve It." o<;iiif ol .... ospital. He -was erecting a line for Die e or ie Jlssisslppi County Rural Elcctn- cntion program when the treo Fire Prevention Talk Interrupted By Alarm MEiUPHfS. Tenn.. Oct. 9 (UP)- •Mcmfihls has a fine fire prevention reccrd and during Fire Prevention Week which starts today, we want to do even 1 better . : .'• At that point in his ratl i 0 talk yesterday. Police and Fire com- 1 mlssloner Cliff Davis suddenly paused and blushed. Then he read an ;" no " nccn >ent which hnd teen C»l Rings To Knlcr House ABINGTON, Mass. (Ui')-Slm- Ply by reaching up and pulllnj n ^rlng attached to n small be!!, FimnyfaccV 7-ycar-old cat of tiie «ev. and Mr, Slanicy Knott Ictt ££ Ihe his master or mistress know he wnnls fo enter the house. He rattles n can opener when In ncod of nourishment. Stock Price? NEW YORK, Oct. 9. (UP)-Thc stock market staged an Irregular advance in dull dealings today in reflection of belief in some quarters that the allied powers will reject Adolf Hitler's peace bid T - Anaconda Cop landed t:, him: n550C 'All off-duty firemen are ordered j Beth, steel Hater"" stations Imme- Boeing Air The emergency call was ordered jecause of n blaze at Hotel Peabody which was extinguished with miner damage. . Of nil things to happen to me," id-libbed Davis into the micro"when i am waking such phone, Chicago Corn Dec. Miiy open 48 151 high « 3.4 52 3-8 low 51 t 1-2 19 1-2 54 1-11 32 7-3 33-4 38 1-1 as 1-2 Harrington wns to return to Washington lonlght. Hounds Kace Lighted Hare SYDNEY. N. S. W.' (UP) - All official of the Orange (N. S. W.) greyhound racing club overcame a problem when a heavy mist swept over the racing ground. He tied an electric torch to the tail of tho mechanical hare nnd the dogspiir- To Jail Over "please" MALDEN, Mass. (UP) — Donald W. Lovett, 23, when nskcd why ho struck and kicked Herman Dearborn, molor vehicle Inspector, replied: "He didn't stiy 'please' when ho asked to see my license and niitcmoblle registration." LoveU wns jailed. Prediction Slices 452,000 Bales From Septemberstimate ¥ Chandler Is Named Senator PIIANKPOBT, Ky, Oct. 0 (X1P —Albert Benjamin Chandler ic- signed us Kentucky novelnoi to tray nnd Immediately wnh appointed United Slates sneator mUni tiie vncimcy caused by thn dentf of Scnnlor M. M. LOBIUI lust Ti day. The appointment v,ns iiwlo »> U. Clov. Johnston, who succecdc( Chwidlcr us governor. '+ T!>e dcparlmcnt said the lii'd'l- «fltrd yield of lint cotton on "Oct. i l wns 235 7 pounds p«r acre and Iho condition of the crop 08 r,cr rait of iioinmi. j no ' f l le « c , CIL ' i " 1> bllr «a" reported '6,080712 bales had been sinned to 'ilio ( declltie In estimated production wni tv tciult of hot dry Weather dm Ing September over 'Iho wc.sleui portion of-the cotlo-i belt, (ne department said. Texas Slid Oklahoma showed the g'eatcst decline from a month ago. . c Tlio dcporlment toiccast a yield |>cr acre of 1107 pounda for Arkansas with p. total - crop ' Ihl^ year ot 1,380,000 bales, compared with 1,349,000 bales In 1838. -<' Tlio dcpaitment forecast a yield per noio of 4<$3 pounds for Ml'! : il with a total crop Ihis-yisir ot 300,000 bales compared \\Uli a tolal ciop of 330,000 bnles lust yctiv. > State Supterne Couvt Rc- veises And Remands Mai ion County Case ROOK, Oct. 0'.''UJP)_ The stale supreme court today reversed and remanded fqr new tilal he conviction of Harold l)io\u> Who wns given a 20-yeui n thd Mai Ion county oliuult court for 'the slajlng of Ills ' ?»ltfej'-t/i- , Drown ' bto\all. / sought the ueiy tilnl conc- cndlng that ndmbslon of hh con- csslon In the court 'prejudiced the ury agnlnst : hlni. TJie eoiirt upheld Jio conlDntloi). ((Albert Plckens, who wm sct\- enccil lo'oiio ytai by « oinity court for slenllng four head f. ailtle,' last '< his npiical, Pfckein •ns convicted -af'stcnllng the cattlo i Baxter, county and taking them a •• nnlesvlllo whi'ie lie 'shipped icm to. n Missouri mnrkct. Attends Meeting Of Missouri Eastern Star Mrs. J. A. SAllbn, worthy mntron HID B|ylhevllle chapter of the Hunt For Convict In Atlanta Area; Guards Susw pended ' '. ATIiANTA", .On , Oct. .8, UUP)-,' State and,local, otficers.'.seeking , i*~>^ u i i \w'-v e aK.*Pv a frjnnil slayer/' (oday 1 - conceiStraled" - their * Hint in the Atlanta area after discovery of the car In which lie fled from his guards. ,. The milomoblle was,'found nban- loned In nn Atlanta parking lot icrois the street from Crav,ford -ong hospital, -where Gallcgly was icltl recently' pending action on a. clemency application. Inside the car was a 1938 slata Irlver's license mudc out to Galogly which Public Safety commls- " I'.iwr Inn Sullivan said was "ob- lonsly' obtained by fund. Highway ixilrolmen and Atlanta fflms InvMllentcd several 'tips"-In wnich of Gnllogly's hiding place * l)iit icported no clues had-yet been" round. ,, Meanwhile Sullivan said Hey .,-..- of the Eoslciii Slai and I Mattliews, one~of the rand representative (o Missouri, whom anllogly attending the Missouri Gi nnd • • • --...-..!..,,(, mi; mi.l.iuill ( , \Jl LIlUl inpler meeting In st. muls (his eel:. • The honor of Grand ruprcscnta- ve (o Missouri was bestowed on Irs. Snllbu at n recent meellnt'. of e locnl uroup. 'o Attend National Convention Of P.E.O. held "In custody" until he cleared ' up hh story ol (he break, Sullivan ^ said Matthew s fulled to explain' why he didn't use his phtol when Gallogly lle<l. MatlhciVs mid the other guard, Joe Freeman, remained under suspension nlong with Royal M&nri, chief Inspoelot for the state penal brnrd, who assigned the cunrds Mrs. B. P. Kirshner, member of Lonp Illni>« Falal laptcr D of Ihe P. E O sister- " K »MW,SS_ fatal oo<) and second vice president of e state chapter, left this morn- g fcr Houston, Tex., to attend e utttlonnl convention of the sis hood. She is expected to return Sat- day night from the convention which she is a stale delegate. New Rumanian Cabinet Head Livestock _,, " - ^"3 l-« Chrysler. 91 1-2 $ 3e «- Mot 54 3.3 Int. Harvest e4 Montgomery Wnrd 54 N.-Y. central 20 1-2 Packard 4 Phillips Pet 45 5-8 Radio a Schmly Dist. '.. n 1-3 Socony Vnc.",'!,"..'!!."."" li) S-B Std. Oil N. J 47 3 ..) Texas Corp 46 1-4 U. S. Smelt fj3 1-2 U. S Hogs II000. Top 720. 170-230 Ibs 703-715. 140-160 Ibs G40-G85. Bulk sows, 575-635. Cattle 7000. Steers, 8-25-1050. SI. Steers 675-1100, Mixed yearlings and hellers 950. Slaughter heifers G75-HOO Beef clws 500-000. , Cutlers & low cutters. 375-150. 750- Chlcago Wheat 737-3 Dec. To Pemiscot Child Lloyd Constant died at 1:50 o'clock this morning at his home near Carulhersvllle alter . several weeks Illness o[ a lever and complications. Tile child was almost fcur years old, , Funeral services were held this afternoon at the residence amf burls) mndfe at Little staple ceme-' tery of Caruthersville. The child Is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs; William • Constant, and three brothers. • — Holt Funeral Home was in charge. Steele Baby, III Since Birth, Dies The two-months-cld son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bobbins, or Steelei died Saturday night alter having been 111 since birth. Funeral services were held this alternoon at tiie cooler cemetery where burial was • made: Besides his parents, he Is survived by one sister. Velva. nnd tjro brothers,-.Clifton nnd Cletus Robbins. Hanna Home was lit" charge. WEATHER<!loUdy. kcal showers tonight and Tuesday; cooler Tiles--day and in northwest portion to'- night - • „;•; Memphis and vicinity—increasing cloudiness, /cl!o«red by* rtln lale today Bud tonight and" Tuesday, cooler tonight and Tuesday,

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