The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE TOUR 1J1,YTIIKV1U,K, (AUK.) COUK1HU NKWS THE BLYTHEVIUiK COUR1KK NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., VUBL.15HEK8 C. R, BABCOCK, Editor H. W, HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole Natlontl Advertising Representatives: tlie Thomas P. Clark Co. inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Baa Antonio, Ban Francisco, ChJcago, SI. "Louis. Published Every Afternoon nxcept Sunday. Entered as ECCODO tints maucr at me po6t ofllce at Dlylliovlllc, Arkansas, under acl of Congress Octolwr 9. 1917. Served by the United Press SBBSCUirTION ItiVTER By carrier In the cily of Ulylhcvlllc, 150 per week or »6.60 per year in n<ivnnce. . By mail within a radius ol 50 mllrr, >3.00 per yc»r, $1.51) (or six months, B5c (or three months; by mall In postitl zones two to six, Incljslvc, $0,50 per year, In zones icvcn and cl^Ut, $10,00 per year, payable In advance. A Matter oj $97,000,000 The reluctance of the French to accept thu \vnr (Icljls-ropimiliiins mornlctv- iuiu without first tii'.cinjr plenty ol 1 time to think it over is not very h;ml to iimlorstuml. Under the existing set-up, Ki;un-e pays' $104,000,000 :i year to, Kinfhiwl and the United States on its war debts, and receives §201,000,000 n year iii reparations. Obviously, n continuation of this system is to Franco's benefit—to the tune of ?07,000,000 a year. But there is little chance that France will ultimately refuse, to agn:o to the suspension of payments. After all, the French cannot afford to have a revolution just across the Hliiue. 11 i-:ty irritate the thrifty Fraichman to have to give up that §97,000,000, but the alternative, possibilities are so much worse that there is not, in reality, any choice. whose identity so far has nut been made public, tire said to be "public: officials, racketeers and gangster;;." That last phrase explains a great deal, and many a city liuside.s Detroit could profitably ponder over it for a little while, Detroit, btinjj cursed by defiant gang*, louiicil into the matltr and found an unholy alliance ol' "public; oll'icials, racketeers and ;;aii};.slers" responsible for its troubles; and that, in the loiitf run, is the way it always is. Whenever a city's underworld become.;; bold and more than usually menaciiiK, it is a pi'rf'jftly safe bet thai some such alliance as that exi.-ts. Tint presom-t! in any city of well-organized ^an^s is an uiil'ailinj; si«n that somewhere in the city i, r (!\'crniiic)il liieio is some rather extensive crookedness. Spoiling the Machinery t .As American engineers return from l\us;ji<l\'i\id tell of conditions over there, ciic is led to wonder if the Communist regime may not eventually founder because of the fact that Russia does not have, a large class of skilled mechanics. Over and over again the returning engineers have remarked on the Russian workman's inability to get along .with machinery. Complicated machines are allowed to run unlubricatcd. Workers wiio think they know more about mechanics than they do take machines to picccM and are unable to put theni together again. Roller hearings wear out with abnormal .speed. Sonic observers predict that the live- year plan will collapse as soon a.< the •- foreign engineers leave. Whether or not it works out that way, it is clear that Russia labors under a tremendous handicap in trying to mechanize a country that had always been predominantly agricultural. Saving Deposits Go Up One in 1 the most c'liciniraji'iiijT .signs in the lather disi-ouni^inj; economic situation Unlay is the fact that -savings bank deposits are rising again. A bulletin from the Alexander Hamilton Institute points out that the years of prosperity did not do these deposits as much ijood aa might liiwo been expected. From 1020, to 1925, the dcposiu made an average gain of 8 per cent a year. During the three following j ears the gain dropped to 'I piT cent anil in Ji)2!), with prosperity at its peak, there was actually a loss. Commenting on the prevalence of the advice from all cjuarters to spend money more freely, thu institute's bulletin remarks: "As a matter of fact, one ol' the contributing factors to the current depression is that in the years preceding it people spent too much and saved too little. Part of thij slow process of recuperation must be a building up of savings." J3ATUKDAY, JUNE 27, 19;il Ihick tvcolcn iiiiilcnvcar. Under modern conditions of transportation and with the derelopmcnt of modern types of clothing suchi imtlcnvear lias practically dlsap-' pearcd except for lumbermen and ke cullers. Ol particular importance In using any lyrre of dollilng Is Ihc frc- ncient clianelng of all tliat comes In cwilael with Hie skin. II lias been shown that Hie number of bacteria increases constantly on a mtl Ilic longer H is worn. Many mcxicrn KarmcntK nru ruined Ijy boiling in liot watei 1 , and H Ls therefore nc-ccs-^ary tu luivc ll;ctn dry cleaned frequently. Any garment thai Is so t!i,'hl lo prevent circulation tliru:ij;h iimi ['spansion of tlie organs of tile bndy is not a licallhful Rar- meut. Garters, belts, und bands which lire .so light dial th3y leave red marks on tho skin and (tails in Die flesh Interfere with the i-ir- culatlcn ol the Wend and cannot be considered suitab??. THIS CURIOUS WORLD rfgg^flflBM GKBEBifr How Long Does It Take. Tame Bear lo Go Wild? "No, I didn't enjoy my trip homi'. They'd had a )>n: boom down there and the lo'.vu has .unwii xo much (here's hanlly itnylhitii;- Icfl >.>! it:' L, WASHINGTON LETTER ..CHICAGO.—How lour; docs it take for a tame ucir to so wild? Ik'kirtcnts of the village of Scncy, Michigan, nre mizzlini; over llnsj [liu'.stiim as ll:.--y receive ntyhlly visit*; Jrom Tnl, a I>H: hlaek bear who knocks nt backdoors for clioc- olatc bars, cake, doughnuts or any other food scraps he CM act. Ted and Nellie, Ills playmate of last j'ear, were very lame and used t oentortatn visitors to Scncy wlieii they were kc"t In capl'.city In the heart of the town. TlKii Ted slipped his collar and took to the wooris. The line 'of being the •nlayboy of'tlie fores!" Is ton mu?h much lor him by day. He stays in the woods. Uut regularly eacli ht !•.» Elalks into town to teg for fooil imd llifn hu ilisplnys t'ne startling trick <if pen-ing in a front window of :> house and wool- \voofing his dcnrjncl for a snuck. Meiintimc, Bcncy residents s'.lll love Ted but lli'jy arc inclined tn uiicr their hive with suspicion until someone finds out lio\v lung It dikes a tinnc bear to ao wild. Musk-.i] powcK'i' l;uxrs are H'liortcd to Uv in ogjiic. To lone up the rmnpkxuiii, prolwbiy. What (liis cosiulry wcins lo \js iutlcrln;; train is ovcr-iirotection. H'r. 1'rclly Hard fur Scinic l-'iuus ID I'ool the I'nMic fnr liven Semi- iif the Time Whilr a \Vali-h- ful 1'fili-ral Trad is Cmnintalon BY ItODXMV DUTCHLK . Ni;.\ Service \YiiU-L- WASHINGTON.--'ihcrcsi a nice Ihhii; about the Fcderul Trade Commission, in case you don't il'.OW. It, iH'o'.i'ds you and me from a lot of slickers who are cnnstnuUy try- iiiB tu L'S'P us by lalse prclensr-s. piMiu'.omii-nfii (if cemeteries in uon- diicllng a c:nn|M!i;n against, compelno: 5 prod nets. .M.ikini; Wild Claims Other .similar 5tipulal:c:i5 lately have ecvcred such bad adois In business as have been; I'l-odiicin; a compound designated .as "an inliltratlne; o.xygen reducing Most movie critics, i;clii.L' Hit lilms un iu' says Hie ollice /\ Knnsivg woman has ]MZ her cow;, lo increase their Hay! Iluv! c ])layed to production. If you think that nothint; can I;: 1 uccoru- plishcd by slitins still, then, liov: else is a chicken lo ha'rh au csii? The new emiicror of ElhiO[>ia ivatits to try out prohibition in his couiUiy. As Urnu^'li thln^M v.cJX'n'L dark cnoiuih thi'rc a:; it is. A Sign oj Corruption A DeUoil. {fraud jury, ending a 10- moiUhs' invcsliuaUon of gnn^land activities, has imlictcil 50 pcr.-ion.s. T\vn arc liigh police olficials; tlic others, When the Boiler bends o sink Ihe winning pull, he coiuiucr. his nail ,o sluops ;TO THE PATHS OP ANnEAfr OFTK/rSE WSECT3 WERE WR1S7J OF THE NIGHT TRAVELER ----- TI<£ GREAT EMSUSH 7K>>Jf«PiAMTeP A ROOSteR'S (o (TS CO//&.... IS NOT A'J ANWAL, Bi)T A PMNr.. I1URCH EXCUSES = lly Gcorjjc W. Barhara Spain Plans Summer School ior Foreigners MADHID, Sp.lin. cUP) — Tlio (innual summer ?v-iiool for lor- cinncrr, will te hold al the University ct Jaca. the only illfier- "O auiirt out iliy ligiit and thy truth; Id (hem lead me; let ttiem In lug uie i:nlo thy holy hill, and lo thy label-node. 1 was Rlad when they said unto me. 1:1 us so into the house of the Lord." Tail ot -13rd I's-.ilm. ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY Committee. Survey Shows Belgian Slavia, Czccho - Slovakia, and _ ... . Spain, were the prices aiicajicr Bread filOS[ Expensive lll! '- !1 '» C ; r=al Urllain, where the •J.2 pound leal was lls'lc^ . at 8 LONDON, Emjlaiul. <U;' —Brc.-.O alleged to remove fNjcs. lut from any part of the body. Asserting that a certain tr.ins- fuiiinu- for aulomobilt-s will "I'linii- natc carbon, fire any spark-pluy n 1 - Eja^llo^s of coiulilion. elimiuiite tile False claims and mirbrnndiiv.j ol ; necessity for new piston rin^s an^ ^jits come under the general ' reboiins cylinders, ar.d save from of "unfair comiKllUon" with lh:: 15 lo 40 par cent on Basolinc.'." eomjnl-.slon, but while Ihe lsi\v thus' Promotiti:; a "coal saver" which, do:i:iic;Ky pro'.::U hu-:i::css innis jaltiicugh (.-cmposrd mostly of com- Iroin each other it also saves aimon .salt, \ represented as inak- whoie 'kit of consumers who wou!;t \ nig poor coal good ami good coal be likely to b?licve vvliatev." 1 !' th^y j better, as pi eventing and removing were told." j soot and ns increasing tile h:at ol The Federal Trade CimnsisMin.; a given quantity ol coal from 'i'l liv.U i.^i, hcup^ advenis?rs hon?s:. jto L'd per cent. Most ol them picsumauiy me hon- ! Uhiiig statcmeuls and pictures csC anyway, rjin a glance a; i . ~'- for a ]M>ultry farmiuE; correspoml- ol the cases wherein the to:nmi'- jcuce sciioo'. which Implied a larsrr slon has issued orders to "cca^e I'.n- faculty au:l more space than -jr.- dcsLsl" indicates that some o! thru: islcci. r.nce Ijcini; that since the last our>j piici-i llirou:;hu-,il the work! was held J,u-a Ins actiuiicd fame i January 1. 1331, ranged frcm Sfi for having revolted a^aintt the] cents per 2; 1 . tirmi-.d ioaf in iiiro- monarchy |:ISL neeember. } ijlnvia to '.'4 cents in Belgium, a survey shcv.-:;. Tlie courses includi* Spanis-i. Spanish Lileratiire. Spanish His- Arl and Lavr. professors om the. Universily. Ihs Normal chool. and Us; Institute of Zava- conduct the school. bays Amelia Kirhurl: "Wonicn \vh:i make gowl mechanics arc shunted into iny." l'ro:n nuts to soiip, as it. \\L-IL-. would like to gel away with murder. Testimonial SuliHtly Aljout a year ago tile L-otr.inisslon dcciiL'd il:at when companies y:n:: for trstimcinialo for their yo^ds tiicy would haw to admit, (he f.icl wlien]:;' same lur ndveriisin;; pmposes. Thur. one iimls ll-..;t r;- ictnuly tl-.c cornaiission liatl to j;c Acid opponents of the live- >ear plan: Cel- lci;e sluiiinl:, who c.iu'l- m:ik; Uu-iv liesrco in four. OUT OUR WAY By Williama Using the wolds "English" and "China" to ilesignale men's clo'.h- ing articles made elsewhere •and "iilk," "cre|je." "Ilannei" and "" to describe tilings niadc of materials. Ka!se advertising among ci;lorL-d people of "charms, sex -bocki niitl similar arlicles." Ueiiresenllng a battery solution one that would not freeze am alter a hosiery company which was n , pa}ing money to actresses and us- j would"iiis!an!ly"ciiarye"tho'''tattery ing their _ testimonials and photo-j Advertising paints as "'bcsf nnc ~ " r - n ' 'Inch fact." \\itii nu conspicuous tiun of tl'.c niOHOtnry con^!!]; fin rcfiuli'oci. Tlic f-Mr.c fui fuin, tr.c coiiiinis^Lun faiind, \vr.s u>in^ uu- nuthorucd cndorsenionts alX^cd 10 coi:;c frojn licti'c-ssoj, A ru::imou complaint is io.> rlnim to bt- m:im T.S oJ tl:e (;oni!.s liiry -vl hey aren't. TJIL- cumin;.-- i lo thai .^'.irt of th;;.:. that v.bcr. '.-S wl:cn such is ml the In- Ti» l-.o ai.^in- itcjircsrnlln- a so-cailc;J "\\iUi i 11:;-)-;'!- ! rcvilniizer" us imparting l-j wute >':-:hil)'{ir." I * >v imtneihion lliercin, a sped; burial vault eoncein. s it is cl:.i:'i;i-d -()ili-rm ; roiv.ivd.i lor L>:;atut. cf vaul'.s i'.or>: acriuiriii!; and |i:r,:luc!s of competitors Ui iheii' alle^e »-.i:ii: urtul..;inx p'.ctm: .ind I'.:- i jewelry and c(;tlon goods, ivillr pn. Ins (nsp.ii'ii!;iii.i; crenptin- .-.- pu:;:- . uirc.s o£ cadclj; or .snldinr.-:. wlic ai:;l Ilic vain? of liieir i;iiar- ! tlic Department h;n! I aut'.-i-s: bccurinir the co-op.-u inn in ! -ulojiteil them lor use al the U. ccn::'',:Yy a^' :noiations au;l \'.\_- >-.;-' Military Ai^.deaiy. C him go Underwear Of leu In Hot Weather Flshheiii IS 70MM<-/, ec-, I-TE x\ e BEFORE. S OP — A <5v-toP G AOOOK1D CuuBS v.MEV-1. ,1 FEEL -fl-v \-iCinrev? uii. .Miusiirs i-i-.i;;-.; JoiniMl i.-r Ihc -\i.-.i i' ialion .'ir:l nf Ilic llrallh •;w of li :o life "!:"n (thus iu\p to krc]i ' nn.-i v.i-ol. or, do net rcy.dia", \\ and >!» 'I--.1.-'.",'; l.cK'v - tcv.tlun tum:-.:cr v.-car. Cf special i:r.r-ortan;c Usiii^ t!:c word "smpo" on Jan anci jelly hibd.s withuul iidrriisslo! that nuiLiuT i>rcriutt nor liavor wa: •Jcrivo:! from the fruit itself. Publishing clothing and uiuicr wear endowments by ripiicli CJLI ! turU-rs whJL-h \\rre not ;uUhori£-.\ j iiiul roi:iTKtilli:y Ihc surn-.rnls t d by them as a the couturiers "=«H»S o f-,ili,:i • t!;c:r;ipciiliL; vaiiic. d c-o:-- ! U.SHI; !lu: l:ir- " Head c;::uiicr Ne\\:; Ads. c:nls. HATCHES ON MOVE DELTA, Colo. <UP)--The Lk')- j family recently moved ' from Nucla N'ext lo Bclsium, Sweden paid : lo lola. a ciislance which rcqulricl '.he hijjhcit price foi- L-ruiiU. - 20.B ] sevoral days. One of Ihcir hens ccnlr, a lonf. Tlie price in the.proved she was erpiiil to this fast Gnilrd States WJF listed as 18.7: moving age and remained on her ct-nts r.nd in Canutb. al 14.4 cents..'nest.• V/hen the Lifts arrived "at In only thrre of the 18 conn- j tliuir new home Iheir poultry flock tiiei included m Hie s-.invey. YUBO- i was iiu-rca.sed by four chicks. n :uir^ (if undfIclcthini:, since this v * rn n r :;t to the 5km. 6vi:r- :ai ; r,;; is .si-ri";:^ri parlicul.irly for .-Viaj.uinr- iniunts. Thc:flnrc. in Ihr swm- • ;i:at : .i:i-.<!i:p '"cr. all c-tlon. or liqhlwcisiit Mil;, I, t . o:' nilxcti .silk nucl rottnn Rai'iii'-nl.s v,.in :>: ' 1 ^ "-ore .s!:il.itj!c tiian woolen t;ar- , ,,r,'r.cnls. in 11 I; i; alsvi bocu Ir.nuO that ••; • . i tyj;^.- nf rlothir.r; |x-rn-iit nic i:':(r,i-vii->t rays nf the tun \n ixn- rtiatc i.-.ore iTndiiy than do otli- rrs. A fiiimc vvilli an o;xn mesh net only ptnnllr, Ihc circulation «! wnrni ail ;-iul the radiation r.l -•lirat. b'.it alFo ixrniits more ,stni- : . .liaiil lo p.v-a ihrmuli llian docs a fabric v.ith n closed n-.isli. The STANDARD OF LIVING For all we know, some Mongolian landowner, living miserably in a smoky felt tent, may be the richest man in the world.. . . For standards of living are not based merely on wealth. They are bused rather on the way people use wealth. The reason why American standards are considered highest in the world is because the great .majority of Americans have at their command all the things necessary to a civilized and cultured mode ol living. Any housewife in America, even oi; most moderate means, can draw upon the resources of all the world for her own private use! You may study and enjoy outright at very small expense, music.,. drama ... art in all its forms, You You may review the smartest styles each day as they appear in the pages of newspapers. You may select household furnishings, modern conveniences, heat- units, refrigeration, food in luxurious and endless variety, cosmetics, dress-goods, automobiles, any- filing in fact that is commonly looked upon as part of the American scene. may select these things leisurely and conveniently by merely studying the advertisements as they appear each day! a hc>dy ^i:ts alnns l-i->t f tcniperaiurc. I HI-IKC, rluihlni; fliouW be chosen! with that id;-a in mind. Wheu( ii:-rri to have to walk In distances to and horn work in tlw ! open air or to work a great deal outdoors, it was necessary to have

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