The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1936
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, .1936 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HEI'S 1H1I EUBOPNITTEBS Nazi Leader's Outspoken Statement of Territorial Needs Causes Worry German World War Losses "If I liad the Urals, if 1 had the Ukraine .... Germany would swim In plenty," I'liau- cenor inner lanlall/higly suj;- gesled to Ills Na/-i followers at Nuremberg In tlie last of three articles on "The Nail Quest of Colonies." Milton lironner, NEA Service Kuropean manager, dls- cussrs the close-at-lionie raniili- cations of the German luilii-hun- eer. By MH.TON BKON'NEK NEA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON.—When Adolf Hitler Not only .-allied the sword against Hiissla in I colonies. SAAR- RETURNED BY 1935 PLEBISCITE or C. \V. TipUr.i, who has been confined in'n hospital In Topokn, Knns., for five weeks, returned home Sunday, she Is reported to be Improving rnpldly. Floyd Spencer, n COC recruit stntluiu-d foi- the jmt year in Cas- tllla, Cal., relumed lo Manila Monday. He will be employed ns nil openiler In the New Theater. Miss Puullne Jollilf, who Inis silent the past three inonUis in Mint-. Mich., Inking nilrnncci) work In beauty ciiltiiru, reiurned to Mn- nila Salmxlay. siio Is to bo employed In the Wlilte Wav ISjmily Shop. Mike 'riilemc, who lias bcon employed In Oniniji', Texas, for sev- ; oral moiitlis, returned home Frl- i dny. Mr. and Mrs. Thieme will t leave for Cupo Olrardeau, Mo., where he will be employed. C. \v. Tlplon spent 'Tuesday 111 Memphis In Hie Interest of U.s UieiiU'i's. PAGE It is possible lo have a blizzard ttill:cit iicticM snou'MI. Tim s'low I In the air may be thai which li j u'l>tp]!«l up from Ihe p,rutiul by the yale. his fiery address to the annual Nazi congress nl Nuremberg the other day, he rattled the already jumps' nerves of Europe. The sudd 2 n switch in .the Nazi expansionist time from bunting the drum for the restoration of Ciermnny's Af- ilcan colonies lo a bugled mess-call for Germans to cut 'themselves n slice of Russia's richest territory £torl«l a new epidemic of Nazi jitters. It has become evident Umt Hitler not only repirds Communism as the arch enemy of Nazism, but also hungrily eyes the sparsely settled stretches of West Russia ns a safely valve lor Germany's .population congestion. Only in Western Russia can Hitler find an area where clearing out the Inhabitants and replacing Ihem with German Killers would help realize his dream of the Fatherland ns a areal inland power. This rubbing Ihe Russian bear's fur Ihe wrong way does nol look good to the lillle Bnltlc countries, Lithiianin, Bslhonla and Latvia. They fear that n German war with Russia would lind their countries turned into a devastated highroad for German troops. Lithuania already has quarreled with Germany over alleged mis-treatment of Nazis in Memel and the Hitler frown has been directed toward Latvia over (the laws she passed suppressing German trade guilds. Poland, nl- lliough she has flirted with Hitler, seems safely back in the French fold, possibly liaving in mind the- known German ambition to erase tlie Polish corridor and reunite Germany proper with war-amputated East Prussia. Even .little Denmark .trembles ft ,t.;,tlie, I la'ndhtin g ry light in mtlcr's eyes, fearing that he will gobble'up trie rlcli farmlands or North Sch leswijl Denmark's sole remaining piece of the duchies of Schlcswi? and Holstein which were grabble from her by powerful Prussia-in 1864. Martyred Belgium not. onlj remembers the horrors of the Inst German _m\asion but fears that Hitler nfay^bc hungry enough lo snatch back such tiny territoria • crumbs as i Eupcn and Maimed? bits of:.Belglan land formerly with m pre-war Germany. rira for Colonies Is I.css Diplomatic But Germany couches her dcslr for more European soil in com paratively diplomatic language About Her need of African coin nies, she is more oulspofcen. She claims she wants colonies for thre< reasons: prestige, strategic \wa\ lions, room for Germany's growlm population. The Nazis have talked a lo about, prestige; that, a great power, for Its own honor, .simply mils' have colonies and Inke up part o Ihe white man's burden, fn Eu- rops opposition writers have jioint- <d out thai Ihe United States i quite rightly considered one of tli world's greatest powers, yet it ha* never deemed it necessary for its prestige and its honor lo go into the game of colony-grabbing. European military writers, ottic nan Germans, write that the stra- swine. In Ihe other former Cier- :egtc value of Tanganyika and man colony in Africa which Ihe =oulh West Africa would lie small Germans particularly want back— o Germany. As bases for a hop | South West Africa—the most nola- o the colonial |x>ssessiotis of oilier j hie product is the metal, vanadium. European powers In Africa, they I Having a considerable stock of .•ould not materially ailed nain issue in n European war. j Finally comes the claim that iermany needs colonies to which iier excess population can emigrate id fin:! a home under the German ilasr. Ecropean statesmen, who icoff at this, poinl out that if ex- :ess poiiulation Is troubling Ger- :nnny, the Nazi masters shoiild encourage smaller families. Instead. Ihey have subsidized youn^ people Into marriage and subsidized, further, [base who have many bnbii-s. It is very doubtful, even with Nazi pressure, whether there would be a heavy emigration of Germans I MY HENS ARE CEHIN IPURINA THE FEEO I THAT'S FORTIFIED defeat In the World War cost Germany several of her Germany proper, tto, was slashed by peace treaties, s is shown In the map above. Alsace and Lorraine went In Franci. lupen and Malmedy were given lo Belgium,; North Schleswl" to lenmnrk; Upper Silesia was divided between I'oliind and Checho- slovakia; West I'russia went lo Poland, forming Ihe famed 'Toltsh torrklor;" Memel was given lo Ulhuunw, and Dnnziy wa.s ptiiced ir.der control of Ihe League of Nations. 'Jims' far, Germany has regained only the Saar basin, which voted In 1B30 to return to Gc-r- many. Previously it had been under League adminl.straiion. ti n *ST.CH/TiLES A/e ew 'i h ome the sisal ami vanadiarn, if these col- lo Tanganyika and Soutli' West Africa, if they were restored to Germany. Up to tlie lime of the declaration of the world War, the grand total of Germans, who emigrated lo what is now Tanganyika was 3113. The total of Ihosc, who wen I to what is now Ihe man da IT of South West Africa, was 11.140. In each case a fair number must be ascribed lo officials and to military officers. Tlie Jungle, the wild beasts, |lie native populations, the primitive condllions—Ihese things did'not uppeal to the German contemplating emigration. And the -large and final fact is that big as are Tanganyika and South West i Africa, Ihe areas where white men can work and flourish are uol so large that they could accommodate an overflow population of millions. Haw Material I'tca Is Fallacy I Germany stresses her need for raw materials eo that she can keep her myriad factories goins. If Germany had colonies like other great powers, It \s claimed, she could get raw materials and foodstuffs fnm lands under her own flag, she would not then need to worry about nn unfavorable iforeign exchange and foreign credits. Unfortunately for this thesis German official figures completely refute- it. In 1911 Germany's total import of raw materials, excluding foodstuffs, was worth $1,350.000001)' But only $10,525,000 worlli came from all Germany's colonies A-t.l loday Ihe cold facl is lhat wV 1 Tanganyika exports some collo'i.'.t, 1 vegetable oils, she takes a J h"? •' part only in the productio-,;' which is used in mat;/,. onies were rctiinw.1, hardly justifies the German claim that "it is largely due lo the loss of her colonies tlmt Germany is so adversely affected by the present jxjsitlon In respect of foreign exchange and raw malnlals. and ,'t'teir return will materially contribute to the restoration of economic prosperity. Dr. Joseph Ciocubelg in a recent said: "The basic materials of modern Industrialism are coal, iron, oil, colton, rubber and copper.' 1 The return of Tanganyika ami South West Africa would give Germany no appreciable ([iianlity of any one of the big six. Tastefully furnished rooms Beautyresr mattresses Simmons beds Comfortable chairs Restful bed lights Well lighted bathroom] These comforts are yours whether you occupy an cx- pensivo suite or a minimum priced room. And the same, friendly and efficient service goes to EVERY guest. Direction DINKIER HOTELS CO. INCORPORATED CARLING DINKIER fflESIDENT AND GrriERAL MANAGER The flnsley ATLANTA The St.Charles NEW ORLEANS The Savannah SAVANNAH The Tutwiler BIRMINGHAM Jefferson Davis MONTGOMERY AndrewJackson NASHVILLE Society — Personal Ttlmbin Anderson and Ualley Anderson and family of Rector, Ark., were Sunday visitors of Mrs. Viola Crawford of Manila. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Parker motored to PaUcrson. Ark., Saturday and returned Sunday. They were accompanied home by their son. Orbm and daughter, Mrs. Harold Watson. Mrs. C. w. Tiplon, wife of May- SW!I m 31 if im THE ST. CHARLES, i Regular Gasoline 10 8-1 Oc .Plus 3c Tax Anti-Knock Gasoline 11 l-2c, Plus 3c Tax Special To Farmers in Barrel Lots Regular Gasoline 10 8-1 Oc, Tax Paid Kerosene in Bbl. Lots : 5 9-1 Oc, T=.x Paid Kerosene 1 to 25 Gal 08c MARTIN OIL Steele. 5RVILC In DrQ> a g e District No. 17 *£8^^&^t I wrc now in position to consider loans on ^improved farms in Drainage District No. *M wcli as in other sections of the county. ''**; PURINA OULTR CHOWS CASH FEEDS a ' 112 Kas( Mr Terms nual Interest Liberal R^ayment Privileges Wfilson aid Worthingt Authorized \ortgage Loan Solicitor on NATIONAL )G. HI.YPHBVILLE, ARK. .h H. WILSON - IKRVMY iMORUIS - RAY WOUTHINGTON SHORELAWN Lintn t'irtiih STATIONERY 24 Of) 24 £n»«lop«s. KIRBY BROS. DRUG CO. 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For picnici, oulinr*. •cnool *nd work. Keep* liquid. hoi orcotd Iotl4 hi*. LBIJ« cup *tt«cli*d. , ORLIS i ' T»«tli Pnto KitrttH Ing mntit*pttt MOUTH WASH Both t * " Economy { i Wim<l«rioft ' KOTEX *"«' MTV PEPSODENT Antiseptic • «.oo ^-«k n Size 4 ?•'' PEPSODENT i TOOTH PASTE' 2Se tOf .*(••. * 3C /Here's Quick! fSUH RELIEF for H«y F«vtrl ANEFRIN S ,CAMPHO . 'LYPTUS IrOINTMENT i/*C V ^•'WHTSIZE , ORLIS MOUTH WASH thfr>t Antiwpti ktl»iJ<ni (Vie fun mucous mem. I . r*li«v«| l nn •' 20-Mlm>t> ' DANDRUFF, TREATMENT a-»i. 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