The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1934
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY*' 11, 1934- •LYTHEVJLLE, (AM.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Ci4Mi f i ED SECIION s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION /ally raw per ane 'or COQMCU- /ve Insertions: (Five average wm(U to a UM> One time per llnu 19 ° Two limes per lino per day .. Wo Three time* per lhi< per day .. (Ho El» time* per line per day .. 0*o i'onth r»t« per Un» W8 Mliiluium «b*rg» BOo Ads ordered io r mree or Hi ii.nFS and bloppcd before explra- l-on will be charged lor the num- be-' of Umcs the «d appeared ana idjiistnicnt of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy mibmitlcd by persons reildhig out a/de ol the city u usl be accom pulled by tash. Rates may bf easily computed from above table no responsibility will be Uien i^r Diore than one Incorrect In urtlon of any clarified ad. Adveitlsuig urdma for urtgu- *r Insertions taki 1 the one time rttt. Drug Store. F. Binion. CaU 76*. SO-ck-«. Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 Wesi Walnut. 3Q-ck-7-30 MODERN 3 rooin fiirniahed or un- p r ; n _. A t Uf-»l«c I «cl furnished apartinent over Kirby "ITCC Ot Wales LOSl CLEANERS, TAILORS Linen sills, hand Irtiwd and tailor- rd shaped >tc nice and cool these hot days. Phone 111. UN1QUB CLEANING SERVICE AUTOMOIiVE uy of PITT, whii Mis 111 Hie lionsr ] i nt Lori!.-, as I,mil Untl-r. ol llu- ci'tl'li tilli 1 .-. uinuii!: I In- MI heivdiliiiy oiu-s hr i t*Ks:.l': vr:.. aiul Wllll'll II? only list 1 :, by one hole in the fifth loinul of! \ tiu'Oiinilo. the Parllumcnlury (jolt haiulieap i Acliially the Irish isi-cr lias more ill SLinnlngdalc. I rifilil lo Hit inu-. lor Ills liiinlly One of the enrls wns (lip 1'rinri 1 1 lias hi-hl it li>v :!OU years, of Wales. He lost at the 1311) r> I Walrs. «-|:u wu.; iilii>iiii; us (In- Tourney to Irish Earl LONDON i\Ji>> — The Knrl ol i (l ',',,.|,' Carilck beat (he Earl ol Carrlc'k 1 \vv.:.v:•:- ii.i. 1 . imliirky iail l;n-n luvtiritc lo win the loiir- iiaini-nl. In which he VMS niniH't 1 up la.-t iciir. but lie hud to i'on- mtl), font '.' fiiul -were llrsl U^U-il on tin(ml Vmiikinl niilroail. 'I'hoy made of many shri-is i>l •nil' Ilii' l-::irl a slvoki 1 ill llu: ;n u-hu-li Ihry bulli look Cell- coaled \vllh Jlnur l>u'sscd cm-mom H.C.SMUC, wrllc u Miles of Jctlers nnd hijvo them ixttti'rt places to In BI-K Iroin prc-nmnigetl he was on toin 1 . -Cal fur KUJII, .inciC, Mass. IUP)—Bflj- jainln I'un'kliu, olllcbl oat la Lev- Is fjce or •--"'"K«.! ,,111,0, ICIlUlrCS lllllt Hlll, ln | rt. ti'loiiruni!,, ri i-Libli':. I iiolsoiuius niHkoi cuplui-al be !>ciu dire -si'nt frinn nny |i:irl ul llu'llo llu- Kiinkc fiinn ill BHO I'linlo. At inn. I inn-, |wpi-i- wliui-1:, wi-rvjwuild hy n 1'arls oriiinilziuioii. II Uvlirie their venom is extruded for ,-abk-:,;,,otsomms Mi r = reportedly • Lr very fond - of rum ;^; | punch nml llglu '.vines, but can- ilsk-y, stralbjhl or oilier- WlbC. R.-ad Courier News Want Ada. OUR BOA1UMNG HOUSE WHO AP,£ TH Save lime and Money using our complete block Auio Kriilacenwnt Parts llubbud Hardware Co. Automotive Uept. - - Phone 47i; 6c K8-6 KOOMT& BOAnD GOOD Meals and Rooms. Reasonable prices. Mrs. T. K. Wateon, lit East Cherry, Phone 6e2. 20c k7-20 FURNITURE PHILLIPS' ESED CARS -\-lsit Onr Used Car Lot atd See Some of Our K«.il Values. KK- MEJIBER. YOU CAN BHV ON'E- HA1F VKAR UCENSE NOW! •23 KOKD TUDOK. A Real Good lluy S 93 •29 FORD l-HAFTON. Motor A-l. Good 'lircs S 93 •29 CIIRVSI.F.H Runs Good PLYMOUTH. $ 93 •33 CHEVROLET COACH. Rubber and Motor A-l S455 •32 FOKB DELUXE TUDOR. A Bargain S 1 * 3 '32 FOKU DELUXE COUPE. Motor A-l, New Tires .. S3G5 Lawn Chain Unpaintcd $1-85 THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. ' 25C k7-25 AlTfo~ACCESSORiES Get ready for summer driving at bargain prices you probably will never see again, come In. Com-! pare our prices on auto parts.) llrcs. tubes, motor oi\, 5 gal $1.50.) WOLF ARIAN 1 We Sell Wholesale and Retail Phone 176 - - 1Z» E. Main FOR SALE OR TRADE TRUCKS 2 story hrkk bulldtnr, * rooms and ; closet upstairs; 20 hy *0 down- slairs between Main and Ash. Will wil or trade for residence or farm. See ABRAHAM, Ash & Broadway. 5-Ck-12 Good CUT-OVER LAND In soulh- east Missouri, about 7 miles from Blythevllle. Will sell cheap or swap for good second hand car. O. E. Frazer Filling Station, due north off 61 at Yarbro or Box OBP, Care Courier News. 3p k!4 '30 CMC 2-TON Real Buy TRUCK. A $189 •32 FORB 1'i TON TRUCK. Runs Gor,(l » 281 •31 FORD CLOSED CAB PICK-UP. K-ply Tires . . 51*2 '30 FORtl STAVION WAGON. New 6-ply 'fire.'; 5 138 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY ~: USED CAR LOT Corner lit * Walnut Sts. Fhom SllO - 811 PERSONAL LINCOLN HEAD P E N N I E WANTED. Will pay up to $2.00 each if over ten years old. Certain Indian Head Pennies worth $49.00 each. Send IDc for catalog. U.' S COIN CO., Milwaukee, Wis. Makinj, K«-b!ofklnf Sc. Trimming If.its We can make your old hats liki new. Steam blocked into any nei St.vle. Mrs. II. r,. Wlcaham - Bess Hal At Oar Residence Gil West Main - - Phone 280 lOc k8-l MALE HEL1' WANTED BUSINESS JrtltECTORY CALL 127 For highest quality Kentucky. Sou• Hod Ash Coal. Ihern Illinois and Lo\vcsl conienl. {"WANT 3 MEN for local Tea Coffee Router ;..iyii.g up to S6C ,1 week. No capital or expcrienc required but must be willing ?ive prompt service to approx. 20 steady consumers. Brand-ne' Fords given as bomis. Write Albcr Mills. Route Mgr., 6547 Monmoutl Cincinnuti. O. Good dry coos and heating wood and kindlii|g. Corn, hay, mixed feed, farm seed, table and stock salt. Home of high quality products and low cash prices. FARMERS CASH FEED AND SEED CO. A Home Owned Business Wholesale and Retail Keep Kool with Hunter Eleclric FANS. Unconditionally guaranteed. HTJBUAKD 1IDW. CO. FOR SALE LEGAL NOTICES \Vonilcrftil b.irsnins in good used electric refrigerators and lei boxes. WARNING OKDER IN THE CHANCERY COUB CHTCKASAWBA DISTRIC' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARK ANSAS. E. D. Ferguson, et al. Plaintiff. vs. No. 5739 1. D. Williford. et al. Defendant The defcndent.5. J. n. Wlllltor Mrs. J. D. Williford. arc warne to appear within thirty days the court named in the captio hereof and answer the complain Df the plaintiffs. E. D. Fcrguso ct al. Dated this ID dny of June. 193 R. L. GAINES. Clerk, By EllioU Bartain. D. 20-27-3- t'setl and new electric f»ns CHEAP. Also fan rcpairinj. Baricains in used Dclco light plant ami batteries. E. H. GEE SALES CO. 40V M,iin St. REPAIRING Furniture rrpaired. rcflnishcrt, up- holblcrcd. Patrick at Parkhursfs. Call 57. S-ck-8-D Farloiy aathoriicd FRIUUMIRE SERVICE Factory Trained Slechanics Day 67-Phone—Night 382 E. H. GEE SALES CO. J07 Main St. KEEP YOUR HOME IN GOOD REPAIR When 11 needs ii prescription Phonn i:. D. Ferguson, 'Thr House Doctor." Plwnc 100. Free Hnmr Loan Estimates RooMn?. Painting. Repairs THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 10c k8-10 APARTMKNTS: FURNISHED 3 room upstairs-. UNFURNISHED 4 rcom downstairs. 1013 W. Wair.«:. Phone 303. 6-30-tf Furr.ished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Kardln, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. Ic Uti ; An ; All-Americ| football hero «t-W&t Virginia Wesleyan anrt a stnr of the New Yf rV Gianls pro squad fully qualities Gip Battles ss a life guard. The above picture shows Battles dejTipnslrntinc thf.htro id In Saving a-fiir maiden al Chippewa Lakf.'a, Vkers he is a cnvs. Tlii-y WPVC would L-e Hlcluml A.lleii, I'M'J IT ( OKfW. PM. / DE DOWN >-. ^'^ ,<)()KS HAI> KOK DOOTSY! OVA MtMl T'TCUL M-: BOOliV BOBO KNOWS OOOLft SftACW:L> IK PRINCESS,AN' TiWCATENS TO SQOEAL IF Silt WOtVT . J THAT'S T»' DOPE. OCLOCK TH* PARK \N - SNtWi SIAELL CAGE, TWE-Y'TSH M.L Asm-tp, ' TH' VAT BLOKE WITH TH" CUCUMBER NOSE COULD SW "BA"RS W\T\-\ THKY . *',*> <"$,'£ OU 1 PAL, Oi.' PAL.' HE'S THROWEO A SCARE INTO, THAT CAL • x ONE O'F 'E|A WAS UPON ... v A HOUSE-5 . .. .; \- : ^:'i •VV\ x TAht)COATS WAS GON-MN6/ j; '-V, , OVfRTlV T-W GUYStLIM r:» C A. (50LO hA\Kl£ /—3US1 UNTILTtAfcY DRY OUT/ OO I NEED HELP?^ BUT .1 RUBUEU OO f HEK V001PRINVS AH' onsinovaox^— AVV. Ill' • CM i OUNCE!/ Bot or TOLD HEH NAUGHT- TtWS W.1CRE Ht'S HER CAUGIYT? THEN.VIHM'O /NOT A-, 0 WEEP MG niHHG TjAT > Cf\M now PunmfijSEn - AN',IF VA OUT* 1 . /V, NEtO HELP, JUST BUSINESS? } \_ CALL ON ME/ WERE. A Ti\T TOO BOOTS AND HER 1JUUUIBS EX'L'KA! EXTRA! Vnow--and Vwn WASH TUBBS Till'; CAi'Tinu-; ! ,'lS-•• >' ADROHl WHIRL'S, AUD OPENS Tl .1 WITH A SAWEP-OFP «:HOrC-ljM M SECOMDS, HUSH WATSCAJ IS SHOT IM Tl-16 LEG,TR'/(f.Ki TO ES«PS, TRIQGER BRADLEY FALLS. A HAIL OF BULLETS DROPS I ROW-JAW LACCON MS SHOULDER OTHXPS PPEU FISt '•Till Mjrol-^lC ir.l \<-.'i SALESMAN SAM SAM HAS COMPETITION! ,. DON'T BE ft DOMMV, CHIEF? ('U DELIiyER A WHOLE BARREU PER TH' SAME PRICE ' ) I'M COlLL^JG /UM ' ?lR'.t SAY _ CHICK, i tioriA SATiM' MCMcY. AT LEASr, IP I 1 !- 1 SOIJNA STAV CM THIS Jos! no«o AoOur ioo°.kiii' OM COMMISSION, INSTEAD OF A "5AL.PRV 7 woio, MOKE ME Of-l'i'tR. ca-'.MISGlGM '. fiELL.l'M , SWITCHIM 1 (CRIME CASE TO AM- OTHER—/VO' (UtGM CLEARIM 1 EM OP/ C.OOD, AS -to&LL .L^TS 6O OUT ' LU'-JCK ^»L> TflLK IT OK R ' FRECKLES AND HIS V.'ELLJF T".VO BffrS CAM REMEM3ER TO TAKE BRUSHES, HAVEN'T F&QGOTTEM ANYIW^JC !. You .'P. FRECKLES? GOT YOUP? CXJT- FIT NEARLY BACkED ~? ABO'JT A CAM OPEMER / HIRST-AID KIT /-. H'JIITIK'G •J> \ ^, . /" c C01MG A I.OKIC WAY, \OU litlOtli YOO CAiJT PUS 1 To A O>RHER -STORE, IF YOU FIND YOU'VE FORGOTTEM SOMETHING .'.' YEP'. jusr '*BOQf SET.' HOW ABOUT SOAP ANP YOUR -.'.'£• HAVE I EVERYTHING „

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