The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1941 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1941
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HEALTH DEFENSE SALE! 10for29c 25c Texas Seedless Free Shopping Hag with each Purchase of Florida Oranges Fresh Stock Sweet, Juicy 25 for Washington Faricv 5c CARROTS Texas 5 TANGERINES Sweet Doz, 12 POTATOES Red Triumphs, Washed .: 16 lb. Sack ONION SETS All Kinds 4 Ibs. 29 POTATOES Certified \ Triumphs, 100 lb. Sack I Strictly Ctry, Fresh Doz. Country Club Pints 2 for 25c, Qt. 46oz. Can 2 for Grapefruit Juice 46 2^ an 25c JUICE; c. ciub Tall Can, 4 for TftMATA JUICE IWfiHiU APPLE JUICE Morgan Tall Can, 2 for Pound '<. Kroger J s 10 oz., Ea. French lib. Bag 20c Spotlight n m* Hot-dated g a g r 49 C l.b|.,e,3 C. Club 3 large or 6 small MILK POTTED MEAT FLOUR Pan cake C. Club 5 lb. Bag Pie, C. Club No. 2 Can KOMINY C. Club jjo. 2'/ 2 Can, 2 for 15 & C. Club Ta» Can, 3 for WAFERS Tea Time 1-lb. Pku 10 1 ib * c -- CIub Gra " ham Crackers and Floral Cookies Both 25c Chicken ^^ * mash. 25 Ihs. 65c; Feed 1 LARGE LOAF CLOCK BREAD . SLICED SPICED HAM FOR . 25c 1- ^^^^ ^^^k. ^H ^^ • C. Club Hams Spanish Mackerel Red Snapper Fresh Shrimp Pound 25c Catfish Steaks lb, 30c : Jack Sahnon lb.10c Large |T< Sliced Ib. Ib. FRANKFURTERS PORK LIVER HECK BOMES , b PORK BRAINS ••**£• PORK CHOPS First ^ Its 19 C - 15 W —^^—*^*^^^m^ Chicken Livers Chicken Gizards i.35c Fancy No. 1 Sliced . S. Butts. Ib, BLY'rHEVILLB, (ARK.) COUlRIER NEWS Medical Survey Reveals Callous Attitude To fering As Result PALO ALTO, Ca movies and radio crime Tories are making American <ihildreh callous to the sufferings of others, br Mary I. Preston of the Stanford Medical School reported to the Motion Picture Council herei Dr. Preston made her report on the studies of 200 typical children. "I'm used to killing now," "I don't care when people get sawed up," are typical observations of such children. Dr. Preston reported, • "Sympathy arid consideration absolutely go, when children kfe feel such a higWy seasoned diet/' she said. , , '•They listen to exciting playi and picture -in- their "minds the scenes they recall from the movies. " crime stories start about 4 in the afternoon, and by ''mealtime the child i.? too excited and nervous to eat. They dwell on the stories they hear and then picture themselves as the criminal— then the victim. It is a sound psychological fact that the thing yo^ think about as ybil drift off;.: to sleep affects your rest. •-• .- ; Steep Is Fitful U "Children dream, .'of eyes looking at them out of the dnrkness-^bf clutching hands and' blood-suSk- ing vampires, they become 'so frightened, they crawl under, .the covers. Many said they crawl "down to the foot of the bed j and ; you can. miagine How much oxygen they get. It Is no wonder they do" hot want to eat their cereal iri the morning." Dr. Preston declared that .not only -dreams at night but day dreants at school are all affected by this movie addiction and that it is .harder to cure than acute alcoholism. Dr. .Preston submitted a number of these dreams as they had been told to her in her clinical research. A few of them follow. . "I dreamed I was' kidnaped and put in cement and thrown iri the river." "I dreamed I run into a buzz saw." "I dreamed the lady next door opened the closet door and found her husband with a fcnife in him-" .Children picture themselves as victims, Dr. Preston reported; ; Parents Do Not Know >fVThey don't* tell their, mothers of these dreams—for mothers then,' wouldn't let- them go to the movies. And there is definite social prestige to frequent movie going. The children exchange experiences at school the next day." Dr. Preston declared it was virtually impossible for a teacher to" make school work: fascinating when: the pupils are day dreaming about what they have seen at the movies the night before. . "Love movies and radio stories are also making the children sex conscious," Dr. Preston said. "They face love stories almost every time they turn {around.'' Dr. Preston submitted the remark of oiie 9-year-old girl: She said: /""-.' •'Oh, lore, is so interesting." Dr. Preston pat much . of the blame.for movie addiction on failure of the families to provide,other forms of recreation. Her clinical research also showed that those-children who have not been permitted to see movies in- discriminatingly are better balanced, less nervous and more respectful to their parents. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1941 SALT LAK-E CITY,. Utah (UP) — The Utah Chronicle, student' newspaper at the University bi" Utah, has been judged the outstanding ecliegc • journalistic effort in the Rocky Mouniain intercollegiate Press- -.Association-, the paper won the honor at the annual convention in Bczeman, Mont. A C N E EXTERNALLY CAUSED •• ?«arm*.up. help aided bv germi- •Jidal actiorr of; Black and WWte Dmtraent ; Soothes out burn and oi- c eansing: is good oap > >gei Black and White Skin & a LIBERTY CASH GROCERS PRICES FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 'Canova or Rose Hud, lb. 111 • ^^^^^^^^m^^^^^^m* Juice Chase & Sanborn lb. Val-Vita No. W Can Wheaties or Corn 19jc 3for23!c lOlc HFSM7 iifciilfc 1202. can, 3 for CUSTARD CUP FREE! witti, each ONE POUND URKEE'S MARGARINE AT YO'JR UEAUR5 .:''". Distributed by ;NUNN .'PROVISION CO. Cberry' and; RR Phone 613 ','-.. 'BIytheville. Ark. SNOWDRIFT RELI! or 17 Combination 24 cz. Jar McCormick Orange Pekoe «•«< '/, ib. can LI SWIFT'S 3 Large Cans or 6 Small Cans SPAGHETTI 22 02. Can 2 for 18 POTTED MEAT Can BLACK PEPPER TTI E!;HOW or Sea 1 ?• Shell.2 lb box I ROYAL GELATINE TOMATO PASTE ,Spring Valley, 5 Cans for 13 3 ROLLS 10 Victory, Guaranteed 24 lb. Sack OOiFOOD m TAMALES No. 303 fA Can I* PILLSBURY Pancake _ 22 oz. Box ? O 0 DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK IF WE MAKE AN ERROR! . • :* I i' i * i i.. WE BUY'. AND SELiHFARM PRODUCE POULTRY, EGGS, VEGETABLES, etc.' T 7j- c D. S. Boiling Meat . lb. 6>/>c Veribest Sliced Bacon lb. 23c HENS Alive 16c, Dressed 2Xc PIG BRAINS lb . 12 Best Side Salt Meat lb. Ik Pork Shldr. Roast ..ib. l»c Smoked Bacon Plates lb. Me K. C. Baby Beef Steak Ib 33c Beef Steak Tarn. Style' I9c Brookfield Links, pkg. KJc Armour's Cottage Cheese 15 L- LAMB. Patties ....25c Pig Tails, Ears, etc. Ib. 7'/»c Nek Bonz or Bac. Skins lb oc LARD KetlTc 1>urc Steak Sauce 3/M oz. oc Pig Feet Pickled -3 PC. lOc Black Hawk Bake Ham 59c Cracklings lb. 7'/>c CHILI, Mayrose . ..'.lb. 25c CIGARETS, ks 171 Prince Albert, Velvet ... l7)e I Snuffs (5 o/,. Sizes 30c. Meat Smoke Liquid -l!)c St. Joseph Aspirin J2's ..lie Rubbing Alcohol pt. 1 De- Chick Starter Mash . .S2.85J Chick Water Founts UK-! Onion Sets. Small. 29ci POTATOES Cert. Seed, Sack.. Kraft's Parkay Olco Tissue. Ft. Howard 3 for 22c Catsup, Mustard !k- S*if(\s Lilly'Oleo -- lOc i Crackers, Fresh . .2 lb. l2'/> r Hot Tumaies. I2\s u,.- Quaker Puffed Wheat 3-21 c Chili. Cudahy's can ]0c PI AIID ^ ea ^t-c- "7Ce • LUUH Bake 2V9 *3 Shib. Best-Omesa-Ketty Jane Meal. Cream While •> ibs l;x- SUGAR Motor Oil, Valor,;2 gal. Clothes Pins ... ..2 doz 5c Wood "Flours Close Outs Spe. Welch's Jellies IGt Best Cane flfi 5 Ibs. tO Matches, Spaghet. Mac. 2 l /?e Potted Meat. Tom. Paste 2!/2C Mothers Oats ..... Box 25c Clabber Girl Bk, Powdr.. Sc Kraut,'. Cream of Crop iy 2 c Beans/ To'toes. /T>c BEANS Butter Cookie Special. . .27c POTATOES !L12i Lettuce, Celery, Lar«;e . lOc Onions, Sweet 3^Jhs. lOc Brussell Sprouts, . .pint Cauliflower, Jumbos . . . I9c Green Cabbage Firm lb Oats Table Rolled ..pkg. 5c Grapefruit. !ge. F'cy ....3c Gngfieh Walnuts .. |)kg. 20c C«mdies - Orange - Choc 7 ! / 2 c Pecans U>._8J4c; large ..19c A-1 lb. JELLO, all Flavors ..-.:..5c Max. Hou. or Cunova lb 25c Armour's Loaf T. Top lOc Peas', Sch. Day p.p. .....12c Peaches. Dclmnntc ...17 5 /2 C Butter Beans, vSlokely's Kraut Juice, Lihby's EGGS "SSL Pancake f lour, 20 ChiR-; Beans, Tall Can O.range ,Juice, Bruce Tomato Sotip T Condensed 5c Heinz Baked lieans 7'/ 2 Arm & Hammer GRANGE JUICE Wilson Certified Chops, lb. Center Cut, lb. WILSON'S OR SWIFT'S BRANDED Cl , rj J lib /|A ™ck Snldr. Roast J /A Rib 1 |iA R ! b or Brisket Stew, lb. SWIFT'S PURE LARD J STEAKS SALT MACKEREL Armours Clover- bloom, lb Snowball, Head Large Each GRAPEFRUIT SWEET POTATOES R TAKES Baby Foods 71 l"9 Hear KICX at p.m. RITE PR One :ind only * lli-jl" r \i- ~ T n BlVlUcviMr Am,^ f rom ekkcry'" ' "'" • U-S* KVKUY DAY—NEVER UNDERSOLD Ph^r CC ^ T Mcats - '.Vegetables and Gen. M'dsc. HIG.JC >,,^—Vrco D^rvcry Anywhere , lant to Bso Macaroni~ Hamburger Cr*ot« . • Prepare 1 package SKINNER'S • Tnacnroni. BreaFc sticks in half, * cook ?.s directed on box/ Fry in > bacon drinpings.i ]b. hamburger; I steak with small can mushrooms R **** tms *nn«- a (quartered) and 3 large onions | ^atsaetesTswR; sliced thin-until-all are cicely • £*L* u i?_ !>ctr ' ch browned. Add macaroni and fry *"». «&««. 5 minutes longer. Combine 3 cups strained tomatoes or 4 ripe tomatoes with I green pepper cut fine, add \$. tsp. salt, % tsp. pepper MS2 per this , simmer 10 minu. to macaroni mixture in frying p brown in oven 20 mw. Serves 8 an. MACftRONl-SPAGHCTTt F ? URE"E(JG SOGOIFS SUPER-SUDS Red Lge. i Cc Sm. flc Box Box 13 Box Blue Lgc. Box Box Sml. Box Crystal White SOAP 0- K. POWDER Med Box Uars 10 ( 2 RAISIN 11

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