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Saturday, July 9, 1966
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MONDAY thru FRIDAY DAYTIMES SULTRY GRACE LEE WHITNEY Grace Lee Whitney Golnn Into Orbit OnTVNextfall By ERSKINE JOHNSON HOLLYWOOD -- .Grace Lee Whitney's sultry appearance -blonde hair, bedroom eyes, lots of curves -- win her the oddest role?. Remember all th^se .dolls climbing into the upper train berth with Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe in the movie, "Some Like It Hot"? HEARING AID actual size lauiinc, picUiinf lh« no tital life ofa burmc »xj ui Ihii tiny on« inch "1. I£« MOULTON HEARING AID CO. 28 Eagle St, 663-9726 Grace was one of them. Remember the movie "Irma La Douce"? Grace was booted, whip-cracking Kiki the · Cossack, Remember the TV series Valentine's Day? Grace was one of its distinguished guest stars, playing a foreign spy who was a Judo expert. Now what? Going Inlo Orbit Well, television is s e n d i n g Grace into orbit this fall in still another out of this world series about future discovery of alien civilizations in outer space. The show is Star Trek, coming to NBC-TV every Thursday night · this fall. Grace will be the executive office of a space snip commanded by William Shatner in the year 2090. But take it from Grace; Star Trek will not be another Batman or even another Lost in Space. "It's terribly believable, more like Twilight Zone," report s Grace, a former band singer from Detroit who crashed show business in New York as Janis Paige's understudy in "Fajama Game." The costume and makeup departments have gone all out, naturally, to give Grace even more of an exotic look for her role of a feminine astronaut of the future^ Basket Weave She describes her hairdo as "sort of a basket weave, high and slick. But it is no problem for me in our space ship. I just stick my head into a machine with a computer for an instant hairdress. · "Women viewers," adds Grace,, "will be green with envy." The show will be in color so Grace will be wearing "basic red," she laughs. She'll also carry a ray gun, making Janice Band -- the role she plays -- a pistol-packin* mama of the future. . While impressed with the , show's realism Grace admits-. "It's pretty far out. Ten year* Channel 3-- WTIC 6:25 -- Town Crier 6:30-- Sunrise Semester 7:00-- News 7:05 -- News with Mike Wallace . T.30-- To Be Announced 7:45 -- Accent on Uvlng 8:00 -- Captain Kangaroo 9:00 -- Hap Richards Show 9:15 -- Deputy Dawg __ 9:30 -- Leave it to Beaver 10:00 -- I Love Lucy · 10:30-- Homemaiers' Movta: 12:00-- Love of Life 12:25-- News 12:30 -- Search xor Tomorrow 12:45-- Guiding Light 1:00-- Best Seller 1:30 -- At the World Turns 2 : 00 -- Password 2:30 -- Art Linkletter's House S=rty 3:00-- To Tell the Truth 3:25-- News - Dowlas Edward* 3:30-- The Dick Van Dyke Show 4:00 -- Ranger Andy Show -4:30-- Movie Channel 5-- WHDH 5:50 -- Sign-on ana Prayer 5:55-- News 6:00 -- Sunrise Semester 6:30 -- Ray Dovey 7:00-- Weather 7:05 -- News 7:30-- Capt. Bob Show 1:00 -- Captain Kangaroo 9:00 -- Romper Room 9:30-- For Women Only 9:45-- We Believe 10:00 -- I Love Lucy 10:30 -- The McCoys 11:00 -- Andy or Mayberry 11:30-- The pick Van Dyke Daytime Show 12:00-- Love of Life 12:30 -- Search for Tomorrow 1:OO-- PJXS. - Host Dennis James 1:30-- As The World Turns 2:00 -- Password 2:30-- Art Linfcletter's KOUM ' Party 3:00-- To Tell the Truth 3:25 -- News with Douglas Edwards 3:30 -- Edge of Night- 4:00-- The Secret Storm 4:30 -- Joe Kelly's Almanac 5:M -- Bozo the Clown Channel 6-- WRGB 6:S5-- Dally Word 7:00-- Today 1:00-- Pick a, Show 9:30 -- Gypsy Rose Lee Show 10:08 -- Eye Guess 10:30 -- Concentration 11:00-- Mornlne «*,. 11:30-- Paradise Bay AfternMK 12:00 -- Jeopardy 12:30-- Let's Play Post OIHc« 12:55-- News 1:00-- Movie Tues.) Hennessey '66 AH Star Baseball ago I suppose people would have found it kind of crazy. But today, with all the tilings that are happening in space, I don't think we will be criticized for looking into tbe future. 1 ' One of Star Trek's early episodes will have a robot falling in love with Grace Lee Whitney. Cons'^-rir'e her sultry lo^ks, even that will be pretty believable. TV Questions And Answers MYSTERY PROGRAM -- Recently we received a sb«w from a local North Dakota station 1,400 wiles away. Is this a natural phenomenon? Ii* the show bounee from a TV satellite? --W. S. Holifate, Clitskaiie. Ore. According to NBC-TV, it was a freak occurrence. Rarely can a locally produced TV show travel mope 'han 80 miles. Telecasts, unlike radio broadcasts, travel in straight lines like light rays. ITnless boosted, they diminish at the earth's curvature. Infrequently, however, something in the atmosohere will refract a program, carrying it farther than . usual. Viewers in New York at times have been able to pick up Dallas stations. It's highly unlikely such programs are bounced from a TV satellite. OLAY FOR JOAN -- When will Joan Crawford have her ·»» TV series? -- Mrs. M.T., Niagara Falls, N.Y. Probably never. She doesn't appear interested in such a project;. * M » OLD TIME BATS -- Will the original Baiman movies of tbe 1940s ever be shown on television? _ Tod K., Miami, FJa. Not if ABC-TV, which operates the current series, can help it. The. World War tt series is .currently cleaning up in ttoea- ter s around the country. 2:»-- News 2:30 -- The Doctors 3:00-- Another World S:30-- You Don* Omf *:00-- LaIf-A-Ixtcfub 4:30 -- The Rifleman ' Channel 9-- WMUIH 9:30-- rts Coffee Time 10:00-- Mjminif Report 10:30-- My LitOe Margie 10:30 -- The Ann Sothero Show 11:00-- Debut: Super Market Sweep II :30 -- Debut: The Dating Game 12:00-- The Donna Reed Show 12:30-- Father Knows Best i:00 -- Ben Casey 2:OO -- The Newlywcd Game 2:30-- A Time for us 2:54-- News 3:00 -- General Hospital 3:30 -- The Nurses 4:00 -- Never Too Young 4:30 -- Where the Action Is Chan 10-19-- WTEN 6:00- -Sign On «:05 -- Inspiration 6:10-- News, Weather 6:20-- Farm Report 6:30 -- Sunrise Semester 7:00 -- Breakfast Grimly*! 7:15 -- Buckaroo 500 7:30-- King and Odle 7:45 -- Popcye. News and Weather tf:00 -- Captain Kangaroo 8:00 -- Romper Room 9:30-- Girl Talk - Virginia Graham 10:00-- I Love Lucy 10:30-- The McCoys ^ 11:OO -- Andy of Mayberry 11:30-- Dick Van Dyke Afternoon 12:OOr-Love of Lire 12:25 -- Woman's World 12:30-- Search ror Tomorrow 12:45-- Guiding tight 1:00-- Girl Talk 1:30 -- As the world Turn* 2:00 -- Password 2:30 -- Etouseparty 3:00-- To Ten the Truth. 3:25-- News . 3:30-- Edge or Night 4:00-- The Secret storm 4:30 -- Popeye Allen in London Woody Allen, who is presently in London making "Casino Royale," the non-Sean Connery James Bond film, says, "I have suddenly realized that people expect a comedian to be funny even when be is being interviewed. So now Trn writing things Dor me to say in interviews,'' Channel 4--WBZ 6:15--sign-on Seminar 6:45--Dally Almanac 7:00--Today - Hugh Down** 7:25--New England Today 7:30--Today 8:25--New England Today 8:30--Today 9:00--Contact - Bob Kennedy, ·Host 10:00--Eye Guess 10:25--News 10:30--Concentration ll-.OO--Morning Star 11:00--Chain Letter ' 11:30--Paradise Bay' 11:30--Showdown AftcrnoMt U:OO--Eyewitness News 12:30--Mike Douglas Show 1:30--(Tues.) Pre-AJl-Star Gome Program 2:00--Day of Our Live* 2:00--(Tues.) A31-Sta r Game Televised Live from St. Louis. Mo. 2:3O--Tne Doctors 3:00--Another World 3:30--YOU Don't Say ^ 4:00--The Mutch Oanu -~5- 4:S5--wew» 4:30-^-Leave It To Beaver 5:00--Boston Movie Time " 5:00--(Tues.? Make Believe Ballroom - Ruth 'Warwick, · Ron Randall Channel 11--WPIX 8:00--The Pancake Man 8:30--Biography 8:45--Kokia and Ollie 9:00--Exercise With Jack La Lanne 9:30--Scarlet H1H 10:00--People hi Conflict 11:00--Planet Patrol 10:30--To Be Announced 11-30--The Carol Corbel* Show AfUnmn 12:15--Popeye the Sailor 12:OO--Rocky and His Friends 12:30--Dick Tracy 12:45--Guest Shot 1:00--Movie 2:00--(Tuts.) Baseball - Boston Bed Sox vs New York Yankees - (Color) 2:00--Baseball 2:30--The Millionaire 3:00--Art LInkletter 3:30--BOKO The Clown 4:00--Beachcomber BUI 4:30--The Fantastic tth Man 5:00--The Surprise Show , Channel 13--WAST 6tSO--News 13 V:00-- (Mon.) Social Security in Action 7:15--Mon.) The Living Word 7:00--Tues.) Farm Fare 7:00--(Tues., Wed.). Herald of Truth. Thurs. The Story. FH. The JSic Picture 7:00--FrU The Big Picture 7:30--(Mono Word of Life 7:30--(Tues.) British Calendar 7:30--(Wed.) The Bible Answers 7-is--(Tues./ Sacred Heart. Program 7:30--mmrs.) This is the Answer 7:30--(Fri.) Pattern for Living 8:00--To Be Announced 8:30--"8:30" with Al Cahill 9:00--Ed Alien Time S:30-The Mike Douglas Show 11:00--Supermarket Sweepstakes 11-30--The Dating Game 12:OO--The Donna Reed Show 12-So--Father Knows Best 1:30--Dork Shadows AflenuM 2:00--The Newlywod Game 2:30--A Time for TTs *:85--News With the Women'. Touch 3:00--General Hospital 3:30--The Nurses 4:00--Superman 4:3«--Cartoon .Corner Prescription Specicrifst Your Doctor's Strong "Right Arm". At His Order . , . preicria- t i o n s compounded accurately, quickly. HIRSH DRUG STORE L. A, Carlisle, Reg. Ph. 51 EagieSt. Dial 663-3341 Where your prescription i» our prime concern. ; TELEVISION-^

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