Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 31, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 31, 1896
Page 6
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The hardest work that women do is work that requires the use of soap. No woman should be satisfied with anything but the very best soap— the soap that does the most work and the best work and that does it Saves ^- KVV_m GLAUS quick " clothes, saves money and the the strength of the women who use it, Santa Glaus Soap makes the women happier and the home brighter. It. affords double the satisfaction that common soaps give, yet costs no more. Sold everywhere. Mnde only by THE N. K. FAI1UJANK COMPANY, Chicago. Striking Miners Maka Good Their Threat of Vengeance, • $250, To Be Given Away this year in valuable articles to smokers of Blackwell's Genuine Durham Tobacco You will find one coupon inside each 2-ouu'ce bag, nnd two coupons inside each 4-<>u"cc bag. Bnyabng, rcndtheconpoii and sec" how to get your share. 1 SmoklngTobacco Made M VI ••^^•»" "CJ 1 __„„__ — $OQ0O««O0OeOQO«&0«Q«00O4 THEVVORL^D th. sy.t.m .n . CURES Conrtlpatlon. Act. on Stood, DI.P.IS cold. » n ^/ t ^' B I 8 Copl exior, sou, *, /U.L onuoo/sr*. ° « «* ow Tor Sale by B. F. KEB3L1NO GREAT SAVING RESULTS FROM THE USE < SUFFER FROM BERI-BERI ^ CTOW of an E»«t ln<"» U*rk In .loflpltal at Thllndolphln. Philadelphia, July 30.—Six of the nrew oi the Norwegian bark Canopus, Cant. Sinionsen, which arrived Wednes- iiay aitcrjioon from Mauritius, tast In- 5ie» with.sugar. were removed from the tesscl at Beedy Island quarantine, jJel- •warc-river, and placed in the hospital. •11. of them suffering from beri-beri. .The patients arc A. Kjeldsen, second mate, the steward and four sailors. | Eirst Mate Nielsen Jennsen was- suf- Jbi-uig only slightly from the disease, ' BD d:'h« was permitted to remain on board-' After the examination the bark proceeded! to this port. Capt. Siinoii- KD cume ashore and reported at the Bonsitl's olnee. Shot anU KllUdl* n l'olicen!»n. Sew York, July 30.-Fra.nk Vkoll- W ebcr a lad of 17, was shot in the head ~ - policeman on Pearl street early ay morning. He and two com- i had robbed a saloon and were • from the policeman v.-hen the' totter, fired. Wollweber died shortly after. .. ' • Old Ilo«ton Finn F«ll». Boston, July 30—W. B. Clarke & Co.. iae of the most prominent ol the book.- 'asHlne- ilrms oi this city, have made an aLtienment lor the benefit of creditors. [W.». Clarke organi/.ed the firm in 1S74. <Kt> figures are given. vnnnot lie Found. Hammond, Tnd., July 20,-C. Mueller, 70 years of age, a resident of this city, vent in search of cows and cannot be found. Clothing Hon«e KoliboU. j Warsaw, Ind., July 30,-The Globe Nothing.house was robbed of 20 suits r>l clothes, jnlued tit $200. Murdoroun Attack ott n Drlde. Massilion, 0., July 3P-The city is crcatly excited over a murderous as- aiilt by Je.^c Wilson, n boatman, who uttheMiront -of his bride of three vccta ago. He escaped, but was cap,,wd later. He cnme from Mansfield ,,,d married'Win G. T.lovil. of Canton. 7IIP womnn rammr n'cover / -Archimedes is censlclcred to be the founder of the science ol physics. Set Fire to the Hymera Mine Property at Sullivan, Ind.-AII the Buildings Destroyed. Sullivan. Ind., July 30. - At 2:30 Thursday morning a bociy of .striking miners) went to the Hymeru mines, fwo o- three ol them covering thf night watchmen with guns marched them to the woods-half n mile distant an-.l stoiil guard over them while the bnliuiec of the crowd set lire to the plant ami watched'it burn. H was totally de- -troyc-d. Burning timbers fell into the shaft and set ttre to the mine Wow. Their work done, the mob luftuml went cast toward Clny county,.- It wiis rumored on the strupt Thursday mcrninsr that the whole town of Hyinc-rn w:is burning, but-messengers who urriye-1 about eight o'clock said liuthing burned except the buildings immcuiaU" h- connected with the shal't. The mir.?s belong to the OKI Pittsburgh Coal company of Chiong-o, imd were |:roba- l,h- the best cqnipl>cfl of : '».v '>" ; > e - s >" this county. .The loss is estimated at nearly #.">o]oOU. Great cxcilenx-nt prc- vnils, and the sheriff is piviiiiriiit,' to make u thorough investis-aliuii of th mutter. Sume niincrs. it is yaiil. inarii- tlu-L-.-iS-s to ,'lohn S. linys, nUurury for li,u i-lanlcr & 1-lafcr Coul M,i::ng company, Wednesday nightth-.i '.(thumine was" not shift ilown ir. woi:::l be burn to and on'being told that it would not bt shut down t'hev said they would burn it and hang !lr. "Harder. As yet no attempt: lias been made njjaiiwt Mr- Har dcr's life. WORK OF THE CAMPAIGN. IU-l)uU:ici:n MinmftlTS Will liUE'll If- " .Kui-niV.1 Nuxt W«>lc. New York, -Inly ::o.—The republican national eoniiiiiua- 1 Took possession •Phursday moritins of their new headquarters, Xo. 1 Madison avemi-. Mr. Hiiiina was not :it ln>udi]ii:irt«rs .luYiiig the morning- Me !v ™sc- early and received-a'host of callers in. the corridors of thi \Valilorf hotel, but he had nothing to say to reporters. The work of ilie campaign will commence ui cariii-st next week when Mr. ,lo«.-i>li H. Manic*', of Maine-, ' s expected to ,-in'ivc in'lliii'c.ity. The vice presidential candidate, .Mf.Hobart, of New Jersey, will also h«vi> n room of his-own in the hcnrt- qunvit'i-suite. After Friday the executive committee will be in'cfiiitinuoiis session until the doM'of tin* campaign- 'MISSOURI POPULISTS. ...lllllrtlB-of-the-Roilil" Men Capturo tlic Scdalia. Mo., July 30.—The people's party state convention, with between 000 mid 000 delegates laid alternates, M |is failed to order by Chairman Ilosei/i: Thursday afternoon: The state committee named T, J."Poison,, of I.Um county, temporary.chairman, iiml M. v. Can-oil, of Barton county, . temporary n-cretury. The "middle-of-the-road" faction are in.the majority. They will advocate the noniijmtion of n full party ticket aiifl'fusion with.the democrats on presidential-electors aTid congressional nnd" legislative nominees. Chairman Koselle thinks they should be given four of the seventeen electors and three of the fifteen congressmen. A nmnbcr^of prominent democrats are here in the interest of fusion, WILL HAVE TO WORK. Dr. Jiimenon i""l Fellow.-IUIdoni to Be Treiitod »« Orrtlimry rrlp>oner». London, July no.—The unofficial report circulated .Wednesday evening to the effed't that Sir'Mattlievv White Eiflff- k-y, the home secretary, has ordered that Dr. Jameson und the other prison; crs who were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment for the part they tool.- in the Transvaal raid should be treated as. first-elnws. misdemeanants. Sir Matthew said that the court-alone had the power to orflur the prisoners to be treated as first-class misdemeanants. Xo such order has been issued by the court, and hence the convicted men would be treated as ordinary prisoners. • ' ItKlllui War Hb'lp ; noma'»ot Flrfi To l>f Lightning. Borne, July 30.—During the prevalence of a thunderstorm, lightning struck the coast defense warship IRoma and «et fire to her. The flames spread rapidly in spite of the efforts of the crew to subdue them and her commander,'seeing that they were approaching the powder magazine, gave orders to attach a torpedo to the hull of the vessel nnd. then for all hands to abandon the ship. When the small boats containing .the crew were at a safe distance, the torpedo was discharged, tearing a great hole in the hull and causing the Roma to quickly sink. Nobody was hurt. The Roma was a central -battery, wooden, sing-h-screw, bnrk-rigffcd vessel of 5,370 tons. She was 201 feet 4 inches long, 157 feet 4 irichcs beam and 24 feet 1 inch mean draught of water. She was built nt Genoa in 1SGS. Her engines were of 2,819 indicated horsepower and she had a speed of 13 knots. Her armament consisted of 31 large and magazine guns, HARRISON FOR THE SENATE. Movement on root to Son«l tlio Ex-Preitl- dent to Conj;r«Nii. New York, July '30.—A special to the Herald from I,a Porte, Ind., says: A canvass of 30 republican candidates for the legislature in northern Indiana counties shows the existence of a well- defined movement to elect Gen. Benjamin Harrison to the United States senate, to succeed Senator Voorhccs, in the event that the next legislature is republican. Mr. Harrison has disavowed senatorial aspirations, but notwithstanding the repeated do'claratfons, significance is attached to the avowed purpose of legislative candidates to give him their support. C. W. Fairbanks, who was temporary chairman of the St. Louis convention, and Eilcy McKcan, of Terrc Haute, axa avowed aspirants. It Arrived Unexpectedly at Central Park Zoo. the jnnt One Ilora Tbcro Since 1888-Tbe Mother's 1'rlde In Jler omprlng— Chlld Had to Ho S«ti»r»tcd from It. Father. "Uncle Dick, what is n delusion T "Well, Bobby, it is thinking your expenses next month will cot be as heavy as they on- (his month."—Detroit Fre« Press. • THE MARKETS. Gniln, 1'rovlnloil*. -Kte. Chicago. July 30, -TVim quiet, but nrm. Price;* Winter - Patents, J3.JOSa.CO; its, $2.Ci:Sf3.M: clears, ?_.ooijj'2.OT: sec- ti'<)0(jT"00; low erades, Sl.75ffi-.OQ. -Patants $335^375; stralRhts, f2.00 «a"o; bahor.-.', s' 2 - 1 ;^;- 3: . 1 °p'.f "^Q"^® Hvj-lEAT-Mod'-ratcly active and unsettle- July, E7W«c: September, K/.O Wie- December, Cu%®Cl%c. roRN—Weak early, now steadier. No. „ ,rT.£,V*s, c - No. 2 Yellow, StWWJic: Sop- ^ml-;,.r. 'wVlffiMTic; December. ^3V»c; May. There is a buby morkey at Central park, New York. It came in the nature of a great surprise, to everyone concerned except its fond mother. The mother is called Jennie, and the father goes by the appellation of Max. They have been keeping house together for some little time in a cage on the right of the monkey room us one. enters from the soui.h. Mother and child are both doing well, and the little fellow is pronounced by some of those who sec him to be the "sweetest thing alive." The parents belong to the tribe of monkeys know!iasthc.1iivaM.-!Oqua,havingrather long gray hair, nnd are of about medium sine as monkeys go. This is the first baby monkey born alive at the Zoo in- the park since 1SSS, and from what "Jake," the monkey man, said to a New York Tribune, reporter, the little fellow will eclipse the baby hippopotamus in the attention he is bound to receive from t-ho public. When the reporter wen. into the monkey house he found "Jake" wreathed in smiles and as happy us a clam at. nigh tide. -Why," said he, ."when I come clown here Monday morningand was told that the little baby monkey had been found 'in the cage I was completely lal«ivort my fuct- " « r ns born in the night, and I never suspected such a. thing,'* ami "Jake" laughed heartily. "How do you keep it so quiet?" inquired the- reporter. "Well, you see, this having a baby monkey is such an unusual occurrence, and so' much cnrc and attention are required to see thattihe mot her is not subjected to any excitement, that we. have not said anything about it, and it will be some time before we shall place them on exhibition. We want to give him every chance to get a pood start in life. The time the last baby monkey was born in the Zoo his mother died and it affected his development. He pined ior ' ISTERESTDKJ CONCLUSIONS. Mothere Agree onOno TIUl Subject [IPKCIAL 10 OCB HDt S_1I>«15.3 Young girls, to the thinking mind, are ever subjects of ihc deepest interest. —- • Some lead lives oi luxury, while others toil for mere existence. Separate, however, as their paths in life may lie, >a- 1 ture demands ot them the same obe- dience. All arc subject to tl)C same physical laws, and suffer in proportion to their violation. r Yoimg girls are reticent through modesty, and often withhold . whatonphtiobctold. Yet they are not to blame, for mfor- ::l;i:i oii oi. such subjects has been v,ith- Hvi from them, owing to the false mtcr- Vii-'-tstion of a mother's duty. • •' M'th oases they should do a; .inou- -•»•'-.'•= rf voting ladies are doing every V. --C 10 Mrs. Pinkham. at J.yiii}, -•••'•— as nearly as pos^ble their '-':Vn<l receive her freely give^ ''piiikltomi's Vegetable Com. - -;"ihc young girl's most trusty ',-' .',.> H can be obtained of any drug-;;,'..: and speedily relieves and curwi.rrcg- - 'i-iiies suspension, retention, and all ;-cri 4ments of the womb and ovaries. It fScs promptly all pains, head- a.-hc. backache, faintness, ncn outness, sleeplessness, melancholia, etc. "iris must know that tlic first ioio of nature. Ki one? OATS— Fair t rail! n «, and lower, ^o. 2 cash. lSfflS%c: September, 17'AWSMc: May. _jii(S.lc. Samples steady. No 3, 1 •!•:!© 15V.C- No 2 NVIiltc. IS©ac: No. 2, li©^v,o; No", i: white, 20-? 4 &22c. BYF— f'ulct with the market tas..-rt on S^tJmDer delivery demand. U"* ™»$ for shipment. No. i cash. 30V.C. No. J. -K.'.fr'lc September delivery, Sic. -"' n w'l i-y— The little old Barley comingin 'i, niod-rute tale lini3 »'ea<3y. Thin Luotabe t -'*'-^: fir welfht, but oft .olor z:if3 i «- Good C0lcr - fulr l ° C °° d wc?.-ht. 2tfo2«. choice to fancy, 30®33c. PORK— JLarhPt fnlrly active and ' * n J9CH1IU^«,U **»»." «..— Take- equal quantities of hard-boiled «csrs nnd potatoes sliced. Moisten with •ream sauce, put In a baking dish in layers -with-brcad crumbs, the top and •. bottom layers being of crumbs, and fcrown in a hot oven, cooking until the poiatoen ore done. This mokes on depot dish for tea.—Cincinnati Enquirer. "MOTHERS' FRIEND" •• •"/ Shcrtons labor, lessens pain. ••-;••:-.;- almlnlshol danger to-Moot B »ys ft proml»ont midwife, Is the test remedy FOR RISING BREAST and Known and worth tho price for Ujat Endorsed and recommended by mldwtvo Makes Child-Birth Easy. BlUBFIELD BEOOLATOB CO.. ATliSM, 6A. , SOLD BT ALL EBDOOISTS Fort Smith, Ark., July 30.-George Wilson was hanged on the old, fudrrul gallows Thursday morning at 11:35 o'clock. His neck was not broken, but the drop rendered him unconscious and death was painless. He declared his innocence on the gallows. Cnrvcr, Davis and the two Noil res, sentenced to hang with Wilson for the murder-of a man named Schach, saved their .net-lie by appeals to the supreme court. Killed by Lightning stroke. Bochcster. N. *, J«ly 30.-J. E. Biu- dcn, of Pcuu Yan, a traveling agentern- ployed by the New American Harrow company, of Detroit, was killed by o shock of lightning at six o clock Wednesday evening while standing in a bam door in East Webster, Mr. Barden lived only .two 'minutes after the stroke. Two other men standing in the barn were thrown to the floor, but escaped serious injury. Montreal Ji*i>o»ltlon UnUdmg Burned. Montreal, COB,, .July 30.-The'Mon-, treal exhibition buildings were almost totally destroyed by fire Thursday; morning. The total loss .is estimated, nt ,?150,000 with an insurance of,$100,000 The work of rebuilding the ntrue-- turcs will be commenced immediately. It is-not believed the fire will retard the opening- of the exhibition,-which iv scheduled tor September'next.. Uprldlnif A_»ln»t Hpaln. New York, July 30.—A revolutionary; address to the residents of Porto Hico was r«:id in the towns of that land. Ad-. -vices-from the island state that _ the people are preparing for an uprising Uninst Spain's oppression .. am! , will join hands, with Cuba in battling tor. liberty. *• •'.'•• f 'n fm" c"!))! 1 'Jii.lW.'i'i for Seutcmber; JO.o,, ffilf-TM, (oi Onobor, and 5il.22Vi!SC.«V4 (or JAED—Market nioJc-nitcly active, and m-iV^'-'ateaiJ^ Quotuttons rnr.pod «.t SS.l^'/i ©313 for «ishi.S2.17',.;W3.20 for_SL-ptcmucr; 13 J0iif3.25 for Octobsr: ;i.3; ! »(03.3,i lor urefim- bar an-1 J3.-l7%ffi3.52Vi for January. BUTTKR-Tlx- miirkei Is ruling quiet, with quotations at 10ffiHc for creamcnol- and S4'l>12c- for Jairic-s. I TVEPOTJUTRy-Palrdcmand. Turkeys, Sifiioc' Chleltcns. SftS'.iii; Ducks, SfflSVio P«r pound; Gces^, per liozen, $ - -WHISKY—Steady on tlic basis of 51.52 for hlshwlnos. _. ' New Vorlt, July 30." FLOUR-SteacJy, unchanged. WHEAT—No. - Keel steady, clulh Sen- tcmbci', 'J4 J-tS^Ol'/ic: October, WSQ-Gjc; December, CC^'Jil-Jic. CORN-No. 2 uuiet and firm. No. 2, 31K® 8l04c: September. 30 .-I6«30i«o; October. 30lirt7);ilc. ,-x OATS—No. 2 dull, steady. Western, 2ZQ We' September, 22Vi'if'-2 1 jyC. BEEF—Steady. Extra Mess, SG.OOffi7.00. PORK-Qulet. New Mesa. S7.75fflS.2D; Old Mess, $7.20'_ I 7.75. LARD—Dull, weak. Steam Eendfred, $3.40 nominal. -BUTTER-Fair demand, steady. Western Dairy, 0612C: do. Crc-amcry. liaise; CHEESE—Quiet and nrm. Tart. Skims, EGGS—Quiet and steady. Western, Llvu Stork. • Chicago. July 30. CATTLE—Market generally lOc hltrher. Fair to Best Bt-eves. S3,50®4.55; Stockers ™ Feeders, JHOOM5; MixeJ Cow. and. Bulls, Jl.Wffl3.50; Texas, K..SO&3.10. HOGS-Market active, prlceg averaged r hi_hof Llcrht JO 05®3.35; Rough Pack- tag h f. Sei^M'Ma and Butcher,', AKg 2 ffij Heavy Poiklng and ShlpplnB. B.S00 3.15; Pigs. S2.7JQi3.3i;. ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cured l)y these tittle Pills. They also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea,- Drowst. ness Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coaled Tongue Pain in the Side, TORPID IJVER. ^They Regulate.the Bowels. - Purely Vegetable. Dmall PHI. Small Dow. Small Price. THE MOTHF.B AND BABY. her and, 'although he lived to be two years old, his death was attributed to the loss of his mother. Come in and take a peep at the little fellow," said Jake, in conclusion, as he opened 3 door at the cud of a row o£ cages. When Jake and the reporter entered Jennie was sittin- on the bottom of the cage, with, her offspring cudd.cd up iit-her Ian,, nut at the sightof a.stranger she made two or three jumps and springs, lamlinpr on an upper bar of the cage, the little baby clinging to her for dear liie.during'her upward flight. ^ -There he is, and isn't he a 'beaut? Jake inquired, proudly. Jennie sat on her perch, holding baby so tight]v in her fond arms that at first there wassomc difficulty experienced by the reporter in getting even the peep that Jake had promised; but at last the mother, us if appreciating the fact that, some one hnd come to admire her baby, dropped oft and came down, nnd, lift- j'l- the little fellow up, kissed bun on his little pug nose and placed him in a position to be inspected and complimented. ,.,,_* The baby's head is covered with short, black hair, which shows a wide part m the middle. He has a little turned-up nose, and his eyes are wide open and ara ES black as coal.' He looks like a.regular old man, with his forehead all covered with wrinkles. He thinks his mother is just, about right, for he won't let go of her for a moment, and is strong enough in the legs to hang on all by his "lonesome" wherever she goes. "They arc mostaffrctioiir.tc with their young," explained Jake, as Jennie laid her check next the little fellow's and then hugged him with delight, justaa one sees human mothers do. Whj. even the fathers arc tickled to dcaU with a young one. I remember our last monkey baby. His father was Jacobus. \Y*'ve got him yet. He's outside in one of the cages; I'll show him to you when we go out. Well, when we had the last baby, we would let him stay in the cag.3 with his father. Jacobus would sit for Lours letting that youngster run all over him, and appeared as proud of Htm as you can imagine." "What do you feed Jennie now. Jake was asked. He replied that fresh carrots, niceJy boiled potatoes, boiled rice and sweet milk made up her daily bill of tow. Jake said he decided when he firstknew. the baby had arrived that it was best tj separate the mother and child from the father.' Thi« was no easy work, for the monkeys do not like such an arrangement and will fight. Jake had to jump right into the cage and take the baby from the mother. He handed it to an Distant outside, and then'took the mother in his arms, and put them both in a cage by themselves in the little room mentioned. Jennie, the mother, was left at the park about a year ago, and belongs to some private person, but Jake said that he doubted if she. would ever be taken away from the park. POZZONI GOMPLEX1GR POWDER The COAST LINE to MACKINAC TAKE THE-*-«-— MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY _ _ CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers tctUlacd IB i B«rt TO «n.uon-- FiirnUhlni. D«cor»UoB fn" ring lie bigbot dc*r« of • COHFORT, SPEED ANO SAFETY. 1-ouR TBIPB PCH WUK BETWECH Toledo, Detroit /Mackinac JlJ.JO. EVERY EVEN1NO ' ' ** Between Detroit and Cleveland Connwtinit «t Clf vel.nd with Earliest Train* foSS £ fit? »U South «,d Sou'ta«« «° ^ DelroiCfor ell poinu North »nd horthweit. Sundtt Ttto* Junt, Mr, Aujutt «"' Stptt"** <"» EVERY D*Y BETWEEN Cleveland, Pat-in-Bay /Toledo Send for niu«tr«ted Pamphlet Ad<lre» A. A. 4 FOR THE BLOOD, NERVES, LIVER —AND— . KIDNEYS. * 4B.B.B.B. cured us. _ J 11 C Taylor and wife, T. J. llmel, Jacob Hebel, James Braz! ior, Duvo Ball. ! L Logansport, Ind. . 4 B B B B are purely vegetable. : Put up in capsules,sixty in a bos. Thirty days' treatment in a box. Price'$l per box, or sU for »5. Manufactured by H. C. BRAOO, ConnersvHIe, Ind. , | For sale by all druggists. IOB SALB BT ..- . B. F. RF-ESUNG, Druggist. B»Jm cures.coW»,'old coughi, bronchitlB an' '

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